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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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josh now at 11:00, snow, ice, : and freezing rain all making their presence known today. a check of how much longer they stick around and when the next round arrives. tom: hundreds of crashes on the roadways across the granite state as the snow and ice fell today. how the clean up is going as the roads could refreeze overnight. cold weather and natural snow finally here for southern new hampshire ski areas. how night skiers at pats peak are enjoying the arrival of winter. plus, another republican presidential candidate is calling it quits. why former new york governor george pataki decided to suspend his campaign. democratic candidate hillary clinton braving the storm to meet with supporters today. the key points she pushed home in a short speech. also, new hampshire' s own chip kelly is now without a job.
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eagles firing their head coach. like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: needless to say, it' s been a cold, wet, snowy, and down granite state. live looks right now in portsmouth. m tom griffith. the question is when will the storm move out and how much snow did we get? let' s head right over to meteorologist josh judge to find out. s mostly over but still and snow in northern new hampshire. let' s look at some of those numbers here and see what' s left. stratham about six inches, hampton beach -- hampton beach sutton and over.
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in brentwood and concord, the state' s official number, 4.2 inches. the winter weather advisory still in effect for some parts of the state of north. it has expired in central and southern new hampshire. it can see the heaviest snow even in northern new hampshire winding down but it will be intermittent with a few snow showers at times. we are seeing freezing drizzle out there and a few more flurries but no more northern new hampshire. here are the overnight lows, and we could see more ice in the morning because it has not warmed up one iota. more eyes from the freezing drizzle that been falling in making a thin layer of ice. s eve as well. better right now. let'
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a look at some of today' problems. on the roads and not a great night to be out on the roads either. in this region but ever since then we had freezing rain, drizzle, and sleet making the first storm of the season was not much fun to deal with. road conditions improved tuesday night and the state lifted that snowy 45 mph speed limit but drivers were still taking it slow and riding their breaks, and state police were still dealing with problems on 93. by last tally around 8:00 pm they dealt with close to 250 spin-outs and crashes statewide. surface streets weren' t much better. the snow piled up in downtown derry, icy and slick, forcing walkers to go slow. >> i was in my shorts and t-shirt on saturday, out with my dog. here i am again. but it can' t be as bad as last winter, let' s just keep our
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things in perspective. >> could always be worse. adam: the cleanup was slow going, the snow water-logged and weighty. >> it' s pretty heavy, pretty dense. the snowblower' s working pretty hard. adam: most of the problems unfolded during the daytime commute. this tractor-trailer demolished 100 feet of guard rail after spinning out of control on the slippery road surface. the driver was not injured but police say he was going to fast for the conditions. those conditions were rough all day long. >> it was really sloppy. most of the side streets were total ice. adam: the state did lift that 45 mile per hour speed limit but it is still pretty dicey out here tonight, definitely worth exercising caution if you have to travel. adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: the returning winter
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new hampshire just in time for school vacation. many ski resorts opened more trails today and as jean mackin reports they say they' re getting back on track. jean this is just what the ski : resorts have been waiting for here at pat' s peak in henniker. less than week ago, this was all grass. it took some time this year, but the winter wonderland is back well, we' re really digging it, 4 >> or 5 days ago it was 62 degrees on christmas day and at pat' s peak we were skiiing 4 trails just two days ago and today we are going to be skiing 12. jean a fresh coating brought : skiers and boarders right back to the hills. some admitting they' re a little i fell. >> you fell? >> i fell. >> it was awesome, it was so much fun. i' ve been missing it a lot. >> we were so happy to finally be able to get out on our vacation.
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conditions are better than we thought they' d be. skiers are anxious to test jean mother' s nature' s holiday : helping of snow. skiers from across the east coast are taking runs at loon mountain. >> because i like snow. we don' t have any snow down there, so it's like, so great that there is snow here. jean to the south, mcintyre ski : area in manchester isn' t open yet but the snow machines are on full blast. we hope to be open at the end of >> the week and programs are supposed to start on monday. jean and the ski resorts say : even when the precipitation stops, the cold temperatures will remain and they can really rev up those snow guns. in henniker, jean mackin, wmur news 9. tom: you can get alerts about winter weather and school closings on the storm watch nine weather app. you can also track the storm using our radar and see the forecast for your location at any time, available for both apple and android devices.
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presence at the firebird motel. police tell our crew on the scene it is an ongoing investigation. stick with us and for the latest information as it becomes available. the race for the republican nomination just got a little bit smaller. former new york governor george pataki has dropped out. question i does my into the journey for the white house as isis been my campaign for president. i' m confident we can elect the right person, someone who will bring us together and who understands that politicians, including the president, must be the people serving, and not their master. tom: he said we need to elect a president who can defeat isis. he received less than 1% support
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that leave -- leaves 12 candidates running for the republican nomination. democrat hillary clinton was in the north country tonight. she spoke to hundreds at a high school there. mike cronin shows us her speech was delayed because of the weather. mike: the snow also playing a factor along the campaign trail today. hillary clinton was about an hour and a half late getting up to berlin high school tonight but once she got here it was all about the issues. >> there' s only one candidate that' s going to look out for our interests, and that' s hillary. from the berlin' s mayor democrat hillary clinton says driving through the elements from wasn' t easy. >> thank you for your patience. here, and i' m so glad because i wanted to be in berlin tonight. mike: her campaign says this was her 20th town hall event in new hampshire and second visit to berlin. among the issues she covered clinton talked about lowering
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medicine, vetting refugees but not closing our borders, and using force to defeat isis without american boots on the ground. >> i will go anywhere to find common ground with anybody, but i will also stand my ground for you. mike: clinton' s speech lasted less than 10 minutes. then she fielded questions from the audience. one person asked her if a different democrat is elected president would she would serve in that cabinet. >> obviously i served the last time. and i have to say, i was very, very surprised when i was asked to serve. first of all, i do think i will be raising my hand with your help on the capitol steps. mike: clinton says she is ready to take on all of the challenges that will face the next president. >> i really believe that i' m running to represent all of you. and i feel especially as strongly as the mayor said in making sure no one or no part of
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mike: clinton will be back in the granite state on sunday. she' ll be speaking in keene, concord and derry. and the next day, her husband former president bill clinton will be in new hampshire. he is scheduled to speak in exeter and nashua. in berlin, mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: ohio governor john kasich wrapped up a two day trip through new hampshire with a town hall in nashua. despite the weather, the republican drew a good size crowd to the event. as he has throughout the race, kasich pointed to a record of economic success as governor and as the architect of a balanced national budget while in congress. the 63-year-old says while he understands frustration with the big money in politics, he isn' t selling anything. >> the special interests don' t matter to me. i mean they can have an opinion. i want to respect you rich people. i respect them, but they dont people give me money, god bless them. but you are hiring me as a ceo. not get hired im a ceo, my job
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tom: kasich wraps up his trip with town hall number 48 in keene tonight. he will return to new hampshire on monday. the storm forced republican jeb bush to cancel a town hall in the former florida governor' s flight to new hampshire was cancelled, because of the bad weather. and you can find the latest political news by heading over to the politics page of our website, police are searching for two suspects who robbed the 7-eleven on webster street this afternoon. and chester police say two men walked into the store, and pulled knives at the counter. they ordered the clerk to open the register and made off with the cash. they are both white males. when asked if this could be connected to last nights robbery on hanover street with similar suspects, police said there isn' t enough information to link the two. coming up, a small plane crashes into a building in alaska, killing one.
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and, flooding in the midwest claims the lives of more than a dozen people. >> one storm pulls away and a
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>> protesters gathered today in cleveland to voice their opposition to a jury' s decision not to indict police officers tamir rice. federal prosecutors are looking into possible civil rights charges against the two officers. what was carrying a bb gun when he was shot and killed in november 2014. a former glee actor is accused of child pornography possession tonight. he was taken into custody at his home in the city. salling played noah puck puckerman on " glee" from 2009 until the show' s cancellation earlier this year. police say salling was being
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internet crimes against children task force. a small plane crashed into a building in alaska. authorities say the pilot was not authorized to fly that small plane. the pilot died in the crash. but nobody else was hurt. the plane hit two buildings including the attorney general' s office in anchorage. the national transportation safety board is investigating. deadly storms creating chaos across the country tonight. tens of millions of america' s trapped in this post holiday misery. at least 18 people have been killed in flooding in the midwest alone. abc' s elizabeth hur with the story. >> the race is on in missouri. i' m convinced that we' re doing >>i' m convinced that we' re doing the right thing. elizabeth in the shadow of the : famous arch, the mississippi river is rising. an army of volunteers is struggling to fill sand bags to hold back the muddy river and countless others nearby. >> we come together as a family, and work to get everything done, pretty much. in some places it' s already too elizabeth late. : the city of union underwater. whole neighborhoods swallowed, businesses swamped, roads cut off.
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town after town. and many rivers haven' t crested yet. look at this bridge on the historic route 66, the water already touching the steel. more than 500 roads are closed across the state. parts of the mississippi river shut down to boat traffic. the governor activating the national guard. you' ve got at least 9 feet of vertical water, more coming. be safe out there. elizabeth cross country winter : storms continue wreaking havoc. from snow in the upper midwest. to ice in oklahoma. and freezing rain and sleet in the northeast. travel is nearly impossible, by road or by air. thousands of airline passengers are still stuck in cities far from home. >> we are currently stuck in boston, trying to get home. >> everything' s booked solid and my dad' s been on the phone for over 4 hours in total now. >> we got within ear shot of chicago and the pilot said we have to divert. elizabeth: this marks the third
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holiday travellers. more than one thousand flights cancelled, more than 4 thousands delayed just today. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. tom: our hearts go out to the folks in the heartland with that flooding. >> we have not seen any snow yet this season and we sure did today, finally. a look at some more snow totals. stewartstown with seven inches plus in a few locations as well. greenland almost five inches and will check a few more for you here as well as we look around our state. plymouth about a half foot, five or more inches in brentwood and madison. we never got above 32 anywhere in the state today. that means we were subfreezing
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anytime anything fell it stuck and froze, including some of the mixed precipitation, some freezing rain, sleet, and freezing drizzle that continues to fall in parts of the state. a couple of temperatures have actually gone up a couple of degrees. concord has risen to degrees in the last couple of hours. two miles visibility in concord in manchester and low visibility with low clouds, fog and mist out there. be careful driving because of the low visibility and slick roadways. the widespread showers are now pretty much done, even in northern new hampshire where the snow is still coming down. you can still see random snow showers at any time through the is for them to calm down. southern new hampshire continues to see freezing drizzle because of the temperatures below 32. that means tomorrow don' t be
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layer of ice coating on everything from that, so use a little extra caution on the untreated roadways are any have been treated as well. tomorrow we will be drying out for a while but a fast moving on the gulf coast. tonight and through the day tomorrow it makes a close call, just grazing us with a couple of mixed showers tomorrow night while a lot of us are sleeping. drying conditions over the state for tonight through tomorrow. tomorrow morning you wake up with clausen may be a leftover sprinkle and there could be fog and drizzle for a while. it dries up somewhat through the day. then that system i showed you runs in a full-service some freezing rain, sleet and some plain rain as well. by the overnight hours it is pulling away thursday morning, which is new year'
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quickly drying out once sunshine starts to develop. new year' s eve itself will be partly cloudy and temperatures by new year' s eve not too bad, in the 20' s or 30' s. not bad at all for new year' s day. when the big ball drops and you are out celebrating new year' s eve, 25-35. 25 in northern new hampshire and 30-35 in southern new hampshire. tomorrow there is a look at the temperatures to expect. well into the 30' s and the next seven days will take you through the rest of the year. here is the forecast for the rest of the year and into next year as well. starting this weekend temperatures looking really good right into next year. tom: everybody is happy, nobody had to burn any school days and
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a lot of changes going on in the nfl. >> we no longer have a new hampshire head
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jamie: it' s over for new hampshire native chip kelly in philadelphia. he was fired after three seasons. he put his neck on the line in the off-season with big trades and getting been a popular players. he made a big agent signing in running back demarco murray but never found a way to use them
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kelly has said he wants to stay in the nfl. browns and titans are potential spots where he could land next year. the bruins lost at the ottawa senators on sunday night. the front end of a home and home series. tonight the back end, played at td garden. the bruins were trying to snap a 3-game losing streak. they looked good. first period, a weird bounce of the puck off the boards, and jimmy hayes is there to capitalize. 1-0 boston. 3 goals in the game for hayes, 7 on the year. and later in the first, a great centering pass from behind the net by torey krug. patrice bergeron does his magic out front. 2-1 boston after one period. then early in the second, another power play and matt beleskey scores from brett connolly and brad marchand. 3-1 bruins. the bruins needed all they could get. early third period, bergeron scores again, on the power play. to make it 4-2. when it was all said and done. 7-3 boston wins an offensive explosion. next up, the outdoor winter classic friday against montreal at gillette stadium. the unh hockey team, in action on this thursday night against umaine.
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for unh extends the wild cat lead to 3-1. later in the period, maine on the power play, brian morgan to eric schurhamer, and maine is down 3-2 heading into the 3rd. unh would regain the 2 goal lead midway through the 3rd, rob mcgovern can' t control the puck in front of the maine net and andrew poturalski pounces on it to make it 4-2. maine was really angry after that one. unh needed all they could get. they win with a final score of 5-4. sophomore andrew poturalski scored his 17th goal of the season and added an assist. he is the top scorer in college hockey with 34 points and the 17 goals leads the country as well. unh has two wins in a tie against you maine. they will play tomorrow night at the verizon wireless arena. and don' t forget about the manchester monarchs game on new years eve, an annual tradition at the verizon wireless arena.
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greenville swamp rabbits. number 10 north carolina and number 18 baylor in the russell athletic bowl, the best college football matchup of the day. 21-10 baylor second quarter,and they get a touchdown, 27 yards. they just cap rushing 645 , rushing yards, a record for a bowl game. unh womens basketball team today at north carolina and the only a 5 point victory for the tarheels. elizabeth belanger scored 28 points with 7 rebounds for the wildcats. tom: still to calm, a delayed opening for this popular seasonal attraction. when the organizers hope to open
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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tom: the see science center is extending its dinosaurs exhibit. it was originally scheduled to close january 17. but because of the popularity of the exhibit, it will be open 7 days a week until the end of january. the exhibition includes robotic dinosaurs and hands on exhibits for kids. admission is $8 per person. the unseasonably warm december
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ice castles in lincoln. the utah based company was hoping to have the castles open by the beginning of january at the latest, but that has now been pushed back until early february. the company will be in touch with those who have purchased tickets for dates in the coming weeks. this is the third year for the ice castles now located on the hobo railroad property. at least the weather is back to normal. >> it' s amazing all the things that depend on the weather. here' s a look at the forecast. the temperatures will be heading back over to but not to the levels they previously been out through much of december. december may be the warmest on record. new year' s eve into new year' s day looking pretty sweet right now. tom: thanks for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00. jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by nightline.
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