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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  December 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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lt. duffy: it was a massive response, and it was quick. sean: now at noon, four secret service agents injured when a car crossed the center line in wakefield, crashing into their vehicle. the new details we are learning about the deadly crash. kevin: still a lot of lingering clouds and not done with the slick spots yet. we will have the latest on how we ring in the new year ahead. kevin steele: after an examination of all the evidence , we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim. sean: plus breaking news, bill cosby has been charged with sexual assault and will face a judge this afternoon connected to an alleged assault at his pennsylvania mansion more than a decade ago.
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happened inside the steeplegate mall on christmas night that drew this response from state and local police. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. sean: we begin this noon with a head-on crash in wakefield that left one driver dead and injured four on-duty secret service agents. good afternoon. i' m sean mcdonald. the crash happened just after 7:00 last night on route 16. investigators say a car heading north with three people inside crossed the center line. wmur' s amy coveno joins us live in wakefield now. amy, do we know if the agents were here on a political detail? amy: we are still working to confirm that, swb 00 -- sean. we do know that hillary clinton
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berlin town hall last night the . snow made for slow travel. news 9 has confirmed that the clinton motorcade passed through the accident scene here in wakefield five hours after the crash. scott bramer: we knew it was pretty severe because of the amount of emergency vehicles. there were lots of them. lots of fire trucks, ambulances, state troopers, sheriffs, local police officers. amy: first responders call it a mass casualty. the collision backed up traffic on route 16 for hours tuesday night. six injured transported to area hospitals, including four on -duty secret service agents. lt. duffy: preliminary investigation indicated that a vehicle travelling northbound on route 16 in wakefield, crossed the center line, and struck and oncoming vehicle. they took care of business, you know, they took care of those who needed assistance. therefore we were able to , mitigate the situation, clear up the road, and take care of it as quickly as possible. amy: investigators say the
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going south when a mercury sable with 45-year-old bruce danforth, jr. behind the wheel struck them head-on. danforth died at the scene. his two passengers, 21-year-old kristina buswell and 35-year-old natasha meroski, were injured as well. s important to thank all of those responded as quickly as they did. campaign staffers were en route when the wakefield crash happened. officials confirm her motorcade passed through the accident scene some five hours later. officials declining to confirm whether or not the injured agents were on a clinton detail. lt. duffy: we are saddened to see anyone injured in an accident, whether it' s a law-enforcement officer, a secret service agent, or a citizen. amy: all four secret service agents were taken to frisbee memorial hospital last night with injures.
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transferred to mass. general hospital, indicating more severe injuries. the identities of the agents are not being released. the two women who were injured in this crash were taken to local hospitals with injuries as well. their conditions are not known at this hour. live in wakefield, amy coveno, wmur news 9. stephanie: -- ssean: all right, amy, thanks. we expect to learn more about the secret service agents involved in this crash at a news conference scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon in wakefield. you can watch it live on more than a handful of people were injured in a crash this morning on interstate 89 state police say all the injuries appear to be minor, but the right lane was closed while the victims were treated. no word on what caused this crash, but road conditions were icy in the area. speaking of which, turning now to the weather, the cleanup continues after the first storm of the season, and untreated side-roads were still slippery this morning.
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slippery ride home caused by freezing drizzle. for more on the timeline and what to expect, let' s bring in meteorologist kevin skarupa. kevin: the impact with this be a lot less with a lot less people on the roads. posts evening for the folks, but temperatures are respected to dip the back below the freezing mark later on this evening. you will notice quite a few lingering clouds. still a couple of snow showers as this disturbance slowly makes its way towards us. temperatures will try to work their way above the freezing mark, but you will quickly fall below as the sun goes on layer in the day, and that sets up the catchy, freezing rain or freezing drizzle. we will tie you how we ring in the new year with futurecast coming up in just a few minutes. sean: we are following some breaking news this noon, actor bill cosby has been charged with sexual assault and will face a judge this afternoon. investigators say this case involves one victim, and the alleged drugging and assault happened more than a decade ago
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breaking details. bazi: prosecutors announce for the for time since bill cosby has been accused of drugging and assaulting dozens of women over decades, he will be arrested on charges in one of those cases. kevin steele: mr. cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. this is a felony of the first degree. bazi: the decision to charge cosby comes just one month before the statute of limitations would have expired in the allegations brought by andrea constand. the former temple university employee accuses cosby of assaulting her at his pennsylvania mansion in 2004. kevin steele: on the evening in question, mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine, the effect of which made her unable to move or response to his advances. bazi: years ago, when constand first reported the alleged assault, prosecutors decided there was not enough to evidence
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court. the criminal case based on new evidence, including incriminating statements cosby made in 1000-page deposition released for the first time this summer. in it, cosby admits that he had given quaaludes to women, though insisted he did it only when consensual. -- kevin steele: our team reviewed reinterviewed witnesses, and bazi: constand' s attorneys have released a statement on her behalf. she thanks the prosecutors and investigators and says she will not comment further. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. sean: a ruling this noon in the case of a convicted sex offender against the state of new hampshire. the man, known as john doe to protect the victim' s identity, was fighting to get his name removed from the registry so he could live in public housing in manchester. this after the state supreme court ruled in february that new hampshire' s law, requiring
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convicted before 1994 to register, is unconstitutional. but a superior court judge has ruled john doe must remain on the registry until he can prove he is not a danger to society. new details this noon about the steeplegate mall. police say two teenage brothers smashed the glass exterior doors officers were called after someone said they saw them in the store stuffing clothes into bags. local and state police set up a perimeter, and a k-9 found the two hiding in a storage closet. investigators say they also stole money from the registers. next at noon, millions of americans are under flood warnings right now. plus, exclusive video of ethan couch' s life on the run in mexico with his mother, including the last images taken just minutes before the two were captured. and this rare sight off the coast of rhode island. this humpback whale was not shy
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kevin: mainly storm-free over the next several days, but you can see the endgame of colder air makes its way in. we will talk what your weekend coming up. sean: plus in today' s cook' s corner, a four-ingredient crockpot recipe perfect for your new years eve gathering that is
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josh:=== -- sean: just in this noon, exclusive new video of the so-called affluenza teen and how he and his mother spent their time on the run. the two were captured in puerto vallarta after a three week manhunt. the video shows ethan couch entering a butcher shop located across the street from where they were staying. his hair was died black, and he was wearing a hat. two days earlier, his mother visited the same place and tried to pay for food with u.s. dollars. the two first checked into another beachside resort, but a worker spotted them and tipped off authorities. the texas teen pled guilty in 2013 to driving drunk, killing four people, and was wanted for a parole violation after posting a twitter picture of himself partying. the storm may be over, but this noon more than 18 million americans in the central u.s. are dealing with historic flooding. 13 states are impacted. and this rising waters are
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to their breaking point. abc' s elizabeth hur brings us the details from one of the hardest hit areas. elizabeth: even though the rainfall has stopped, rivers in missouri are still swollen and rising. near the iconic st. louis arch, the mighty mississippi river has spilled over its banks. residents have been evacuated, and others say they haven' t seen a flooding like this in more than 20 years. >> back in 1993, we had a week' s notice that it was going to get bad, but this time it just popped up like in two days. elizabeth: throughout the show me state, nearly 600 roads and highways are closed, entire neighborhoods cut off. in union this mcdonald' s surrounded by flood waters almost to its roof. and this gas station nearly submerged, similar sights seen across the state. businesses and homes under water. >> the water has come up really fast. elizabeth: some store owners tried to save whatever they could, but they were no match for the rising waters. >> it has been brutal, we went
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we got what we could. elizabeth: and now a new concern, this waterplant in high ridge has stopped operating. it is now spilling raw sewage into streams and rivers. brian: we expect this plant will be flooded completely before this is over. elizabeth: and it' s a race haven' t crested yet. >> we are all going to get through it. work together as a community. in alton, the river there is expected to crest today 17 feet above flood stage. officials say several rivers will reach their highest level in decades today. missouri' s governor has called gov. nixon: you' ve got at least nine feet of vertical water more coming. be safe out there. news, missouri. kevin: -- sean: this happened just before noon about 15 minutes ago, we do not know about any injuries yet, but it is causing significant backups on both sides of route
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if you are heading through there, be aware. kevin: fifth warmest november on record, likely the warmest december on record going back 55 years. now we had into a colder pattern. sean: it feels like winter out there. plus next in cook' s corner, jean mackin joins us from the news 9 kitchen to share her simple recipe for hawaiian kielbasa. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate jeb will destroy isis... jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: we kind of skated along through the month of december, and now we continue to get into a pattern where we have the snow and sleet, and now i chance of and sleet, and now i chance of freezing rain later on this evening. it looks like it will be a lot less of an impact than what we had yesterday morning for the commute. this one occurring likely after the evening commute, before sunrise tomorrow, but the damage by then qatari be done with slick highways to her 20 time being, a lot of lingering clouds. on and off showers, or mixed showers in some places. an additional light coating of
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had out there over the last 24 hours. what we are left with is a lot of lingering clouds, and the system developing out to our west and moving toward us. arrival time after 7:00 or 8:00 this evening and then winding down likely during the predawn hours tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow will likely be below freezing at that moves in, so if it is i the form of actual rainfall, chances are that will be re-freezing especially on untreated surfaces, side roads, secondary surfaces, bridges, overpasses, those kinds of things. maybe even your back porch, your street steps, those kinds of things later on tonight. temperatures are now back up into the 20' s. notice lower 30' s back out to the west is milder air tries to come in. clout ai -- cloud air starting to lift. through the afternoon, again, some building to where we may get above freezing in some southern areas where they will provide a little bit of melting
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still plenty of clouds out there for the remainder of the afternoon. it is a fairly quick mover. it moves in a around mid-evening tonight, out of here during the predawn hours. what we are left is clouds giving way to sunshine tomorrow afternoon, and that is the beginning of a stretch ofer there -- of far irer skies that lasts into the middle of next week with one exception of partial sunshine friday, saturday. we will see a cold front arrive early on saturday, and that will be a push of some colder air. high temperatures by monday may not be out of the lower 20' s. that would be with sunshine and a pretty good breeze to go along with it. suppresses the storm track to our south, and leaves us week. mostly cloudy skies. the better chance after 7:00 or 8:00 this evening, looking for freezing rain or drizzle in some spots.
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lot slicker. we likely start with that tomorrow, and from there we start with the clouds and give way to partial sunshine. from there, again, partial sunshine expected. the difference sunday will be an arctic front approaching. we cannot rule out a couple of snow squalls of north. leading edge of colder air building in, and there will be single digits involved with this eventually by sunday night into early monday. let' s head to cook' s corner. jean; welcome to cook' s corner. iamb jean mackin. weather department, inviting mike haddad in josh judge. this has four ingredients, and i thought it would be good for a cold winter day. it is hawaiian kielbasa. i am a little bit polish, so i think you will like this.
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josh, you will be one cup of catch up -- ketchup. mike, one cup of brown sugar. we will add the cup ke ielbasa. half a cup of crushed pineapple. i like messy cooking. are you guys cooking a lot this holiday season? josh: christmas cookies this time of year in my kitchen. mike: holiday mix, the cereals and mixed nuts. josh: ean: i love it. the good thing about this recipe is it does not need to be exact. we like christmas cookies. i do think they do need to be exact. these not so precise. josh: we are a bunch of weather people. precise is not good for us. [laughter]
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some kielbasa. put this in the crockpot. this is really kind of just warming. this is great for holiday parties, super bowl parties -- go patriots -- football sundays, snowstorms -- though you will probably be here working, won' t you? mike: probably. jean: it is a crowd pleaser every time i serve it here ingredients your doctor say hi to geraldine and mike, and u2, linda.
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breaking news -- we are following a lane in each direction on route 101 east and west between exits 8 and 9 in exeter just before noon time. injuries, but we will keep an eye on that. this time of year captured on camera. a 50-foot humpback whale made the harbor master says the whale splashed around for about 45 minutes.
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to be lingering around new england this time of year because they usually migrate to warmer climates once the temperature starts to drop. like the snowbirds do. kevin: which would make sense. we will be the warmest december, and so will they be in rhode island. temperatures are warming up. patchy, freezing rain. sean: all right. and starting tonight at 5:00, we' re expecting new information about that wakefield crash involving secret service agents. a news conference will be held later this afternoon. you can watch on and if you' re still making new year' s eve plans, we can help.
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