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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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meteorologist a.j. burnett for more on the temperatures to expect. >> as far as this evening is concerned, no weather worries as far as a precipitation standpoint. temperatures will be falling into the 20' s in most cases. 30' s as a little optimistic. we will call it 20' s to around freezing. watch for slick spots tomorrow morning. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies in store for this evening. kind of a perfect mix between cool temperatures, cool enough for the ice sculptures to survive without us suffering at their expense. temperatures right now near 40 degrees, and not a hall -- not a whole lot of whether inside. there is some cold coming up next week. that forecast in just a few minutes.
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new year' s eve revellers, especially the 10,000 or so expected to descend on the port wmur' s jennifer crompton joins us live from market square, the epicenter of action for this >> aj is right. the only people not thrilled about this weather are the ice sculptors. they tell me they wish it was about 25 degrees colder, but we will take it. you can probably hear the street party behind me. activities indoor and out already getting underway including an outdoor dance party right here that goes until the countdown to midnight. sculptors got to work early, on nearly six tons of solid ice. >> they' re going to be a lot of kids playing and a dog so its all filled with snow and it' s a big wall, its about seventeen feet long, i think it will be
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highest point. reporter: the ice sculpture is a traditional focal point, the north church behind it one of 10 venues around the city hosting live entertainment and activities for a family friendly community celebration that pro porstmouth has been organizing for 30 years. >> we have puppet shows, magic shows, story telling, face-painting, kids music, primarily at the north church and st. john' s hall. reporter the non-profit sells : first-night buttons at every venue, that serve as a ticket for the night an evening punctuated by fireworks at 7:30 p.m. >> the idea now is that more of the people attending first night, can go to the fireworks and it becomes a break point in the evening and then 8 o'clock on its primarily, music, theater. reporter first night is a draw : for dinner crowds, too, that make this a new years eve tradition. why downtown portsmouth on new year' s eve? >> why not? i mean 25,000 seats, you' ve got to find the best restaurant. >> we' re gonna have dinner at 7:00, we figure that will take 3 hours, we' ll come back, we' ll
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keep us warm, and we' ll celebrate out in market square. >> they could break a record tonight. those first night buttons will serve as a ticket on buses that will travel between venues, and the city has opened an extra lot on market street. if you park there, they will shuttle you into downtown. and there is a school bus shuttle that runs between the varied entertainment venues a first night button is your ticket for that. we' re live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton, wmur news nine. tom: there' s a similar celebration happening right now in claremont. these are live pictures tonight as the festivities get going at the community center. the fun there includes live music, magic shows and fireworks at 10:00. this is a family friendly event and all are welcome. turning now to the crimewatch
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, investigation into a string of robberies. jean: tonight police say these two men pulled off 3 robberies and 3 days. the final one at a goffstown business. wmur' s heather hamel is live in the studio tonight with more on the hold-ups. heather: unlike the first two robberies, the third one did not involve a knife, but it was unnerving come and police say drugs. most a minute. evening. two men come into forever tan on mast road demand cash and run out the back door. goffstown police believe one of those men was 25-year-old devin milliard and soon after the crime police in neighboring manchester were looking for him. >> they had advised that they had to similar robberies in the last few days with the same mo and may have had some potential suspects in mind a short time later they were able to locate the two suspects and take them into custody. heather manchester police : arrested milliard and ryan monica in connection with armed
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then a 7-11 on tuesday. in both the clerk was shown a knife and the men were caught on camera. goffstown police interviewed the suspects too. >> the motivation appears to be drugs, specifically heroine. it seems to be fueling the fire for a lot of these robberies lately. 5:26 heather according to court paper : work milliard told them he took part in the tanning salon robbery because he just wanted to get high. he also said his take from the robbery was approximately $30 >> shoe impressions from the snow we were able to cast at least one of those and they were with the suspect' heather goffstown arrested devin : milliard but more charges are >> it' s great police work great , communication between two departments and everything fell into place.
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heather hamel, wmur news 9. tom: new details tonight about the criminal past of the driver who caused the deadly crash that injured four secret service agents. police in methuen massachusetts say they arrested bruce danforth december second. the police report says officers witnessed danforth shooting up in a shopping plaza and found a couple grams of heroin on the car floor. a warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to show up for a court date. danforth was killed when he crossed the center line of route 16 tuesday night and struck another car head-on. six people were injured in the crash including the 4 on duty agents. comittment 2016 coverage now and while it might be quiet on the campaign trail right now, presidential campaigns will be hitting a brand new gear with the turn of the calandar in just a few hours. jean: wmur political director josh mcelveen has more on the days developments including a shake-up in one campaign, and the latest on the public fued between donald trump and the states largest newspaper.
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campaign season. and candidates know the next few weeks are crucial. of course donald trump can always be counted on to do something unexpected, while ben carson decided its time for a change in his campaign. ben carson: there is history here. >> after a slip in the polls ben carson decided to start the new year with a shake up at the top. his national campaign manager is gone along with his communications director, and while his new hampshire camp says state level operation will be unaffected, carson put out a statement saying it is necessary to invigorate my campaign with a strategy that aggressively shares my vision. john kasich: we are surging in new hampshire with the best people on the field the best ground game in new hampshire. reporter: also, ohio governor with a new hampshire based video featuring a few familiar faces. >> the middle class is not going to come back in this country unless we get someone like him. t shaken off a scathing union leader editorial this week with a twitter bash of
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mcquaid who trump describes as stinky. mcquaid took a pass on a rebuttal saying voters will decide who stinks. >> i think new hampshire is going to take a first look and they are going to shake out the t believe donald trump is going to be the nominee for the republican party. >> the washington post says donald trump got richer at the banks and investors that loaned him money. reporter and the trump campaign : is waving off a new radio ad put forth by a group calling itself "make a america awesome," calling it a hack job by those seeking to make a living off the trump name. yes 2016 is just about here, and analysts say a lot of fortunes can change in the coming weeks. >> candidates who are up even on new years eve could be down by february 1. that'
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reporter: one more bit of trump news. starting next week his campaign says it will hit the airwaves with the first ads of the his campaign, pledging to spend $2 million a week in new hampshire and iowa. so if you think trump is on tv enough already, buckle up, cuz the ad blitz is gonna be huge. tom: straight ahead at 6:00 the search is on in belmont tonight as vandals armed with b.b. guns continue to shatter windows across the town. jean: plus looking for a safe , ride home tonight? the options available tonight in the city where the only official first night celebration is
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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tom: these are live pictures of times square tonight where the crowd continues to grow. there is unprecedented security in the area trying to keep this abc' s coverage begins at eight s rockin new years eve with ryan secreast. police in belmont are searching ve caused more than a thousand dollars damage in a string of incidents. jean: over the last few weeks investigators say they' ve taken 9 separate reports including cracked windows in cars, while there aren' t any leads on potential suspects so far police are asking the public to keep an eye out for suspicious activity at night. >> whether it' s something that looks out of the ordinary a slow moving vehicle, a strange noise in the neighborhood, at least call the police and let us get involved and see what we can find. jean no information yet about : who might be behind the mischief, but police say due to the distance between incidents it' s pretty clear they'
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,aj: in recent years, it has been bitterly cold on new year' s eve, but we are going to get a break this year. a 11 degrees above average all month. jean: an update coming up. and now, our u local hotshot.
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about
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for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: a group of $10 uber -- of 10 uber drivers is offering free rides in portsmouth tonight. jean: its organizer put up a registration website a few days ago, and says reservations are nearly at capacity, providing about eighteen rides, to about fifty new years eve revellers. uber drivers have been trying to get the portsmouth city council to change parts of their transportation ordinance to allow for the service. offering free rides tonight skirts the ordinance and is a way to shed light on their concerns. >> we are doing it this way because the transporation ordinance has made doing it any other way illegal, unless drivers go register and individually purchase a commercial insurance policy, the same problems that uber has been facing and that' s been a huge fight for this past year. jean the group is considering : continuing the free service,
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s transportation ordinance. aj: in the spirit of trying to find a nice segue, it has been buber warm this winter. the kickoff to 2015 will offer quiet weather as we step into the next couple of days. seasonal temperatures through saturday. on sunday, snow squall' s through the area, mostly in the northern sections of the mountains, followed by a shot of some real cold later sunday and into monday. there is a low pressure area s coming up north of hudson bay. it will pour southward. it will be pretty chilly and blustery right in time for you to head back to school. wind chill will make it feel like it is below zero.
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by and large, not a lot of weather to speak of heading this way. we have had a couple of brief showers come through western maine and down through portland. we are high and dry through the remainder of this evening and tonight. a little melting going on today. i just watched for a re-freeze on some of the walkways and sidewalks. by about midnight, temperatures will cross below freezing in many locations. it might be slick on some of the untreated surfaces out there. no real major cold. 16 in minneapolis, but still not bad for this time of year. as we track temperatures throughout this evening and tonight, notice that it falls back into the 20' s by about midnight. you are not going to need to the umbrella or anything like that.
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again, watch out for some of those untreated areas. it might get a little slick toward friday, the first day of 2016, in case you haven' t heard. snow showers as we step on through this evening into tonight. way up north, maybe into carroll county, but that' s about it. as we wake up tomorrow, it looks brightest down to the south, little cloudy toward the northern reaches of the state. tomorrow, not snowing all the time, but we will get occasional snow flower -- snow showers and snow flurries from time to time. tomorrow, we are right back into the 30' s to near 40 degrees. a re-melt going on. as far as futurecast is concerned, we are a ok weather-wise. no big storms coming our way at all, but some arctic air comes our way as we head toward sunday and sunday night. let' s take you through the
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sunshine, not bad at all. it does turn quite cold as we step into monday by next week when you are headed back to work and school. teens and single digits for morning temperatures. here we go. winter had to arrive eventually, right? >> bill belichick was on the ice tonight. how about that? >> we will show you that. it'
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jamie: two championship coaches, on the ice together at gillette stadium. patriots coach bill belichick took a few turns with bruins coach claude julien not too bad at all, and he wore an nhl outdoor classic hat along with his signature hoodie. the bruins host the montreal canadiens, outdoors tomorrow pats. and by the way, check out the goalie mask for the bruins tuukka rask for the game. it features several prominent patriots tom brady, julien , edelman and gronk spiking the football. very cool. the tradition continues tonight the manchester monarchs host the greenville swamp rabbits at 7:30, with fireworks to follow. its the annual new years eve game at the verizon. >> we expect to have a solid crowd. we will provide a solid round of hockey and a fireworks show after. it' s a good way to do it. we are looking forward to it. >> time for one last hometown
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this student is managing more than just a busy schedule. >> amanda murray plays basketball, soccer, and lacrosse at bow high school, the senior has been a part of three state championship teams to date, including back to back soccer titles, and a basketball title, which she says is still her favorite falcon memory. >> my freshman year, i was on the bench when we won the state championship. the clock was counting down. at the last second, we stormed the court. that is what i will remember most, that moment of awesome, being with my team, celebrating. >> on top of being a great athlete, amanda is one of the s been her class president since the 8th grade, and is a part of the national honor society, the spanish club, and spent last summer volunteering at girls incorporated in concord, and she does all this while dealing with diabetes. >> i found at my freshman year, march 6, 20 13, i was diagnosed with type one diabetes. that'
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my body can make insulin, but i cannot control it. normally, i wear an insulin pump . it helps me control my numbers. i check my blood sugar four times a day, before games, after games, before and after practice, sometimes at halftime. >> she says it' s been difficult, but has no intention of letting the disease get the better of her. amanda plans to study psychology in college, and hopes to play lacrosse possibly at southern , connecticut state university, best of luck to amanda murray, this week' s hometown hero . >> hoping to hit the slopes this weekend? find the latest forecast on our website. jean: and check out the most viewed wmur digital stories of the year. from politics to record-breaking snow, the most clicked on stories on tom: tune in for new hampshire chronicle immediately following world news then tune in for dick clarks new and years rockin eve with ryan seacrest starting at 8. -- 8:00.
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tonight at 11:00, and then you will see the ball drop at midnight. teen: happy new year, everyone. this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton
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to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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