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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mike: now at 11:00, the coldest air so far this season continues to move in across new hampshire. how low temps go by morning, plus, when it warms back up. tom: as the cold air moves in, a new homeless shelter will soon be opening in concord. but why people in the surrounding area say there wasn' t enough public input. shelley: we' re five weeks away from the first-in-the nation primary. we take a look at what all the campaigning these candidates did today. >> she just makes things happen. we need a change maker. tom: a special person campaigning for hillary clinton. coming up we take you inside the events of former president bill clinton. shelley: and, have you seen this coyote? fish and game are looking for the public' s help finding the animal with a jar stuck on its head. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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shelley: it is a bitterly cold night here in the granite state. right now in colebrook it is minus seven degrees. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: and i' m tom griffith. this is the coldest air we' ve seen this season. but how long will it stick around? let' s head over to chief meteorologist mike haddad to find out. mike: subzero in terms of temperature of north and windchill statewide. six below a top mount washington and only between zero and five above lakes region north and west and all through the monadnock region. factor in the winds come anywhere from 10-15 miles per hour sustained in many spots so it feels like subzero in all of new hampshire.
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teens and blow up north and right around zero or one or two below in concord north and west coast. moving quickly by midweek. end of the week as well, in a few minutes. shelley: as the cold air moves in, there is a greater need for a warm place for the homeless. tomorrow a new shelter will open its doors inside a concord church. but the new shelter isn' t coming without controversy for people who live in the area. wmur' s suzanne roantree is in concord to explain why are people upset. suzanne: some people in that area of the homeless shelter or empathetic to the group of people it' s helping, but they are concerned shelter will change their neighborhood. >> it' s really a residential neighborhood with some light commercial activity here, not really previously handling this
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david braietrman who lives and across the street from saint peter' s church, say they didn' t know about plans to use the part of building as a 60 bed shelter until after a plan had been in during it' s december meeting the concord city council held a public hearing and voted to money to the shelter' s operating costs, but no neighbors came to >> it' s absolutely essential that there is a homeless shelter somewhere in concord and the facilities need to be somewhere. so in that respect this is not such a terrible choice. suzanne: but braietrman says residents should have been better notified that a homeless shelter would be set up in their neighborhood. >> there was no meeting before hand, there was no information supplied to the community, it was just at the very last minute dropped on the community. suzanne: already the area is home to the friendly kitchen that serves three meals a day to the homeless and the homeless resource center which is an outreach program. >> because those three facilities are so close to one another, the idea is that there
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homeless people roaming around this neighborhood, essentially operating their entire day here. suzanne: with the cold weather upon us the shelter program director says she is glad to be a part of it. happy to give folks somewhere warm and safe to stay. the shelter is scheduled to open tomorrow night. concord mayor jim bouley was not available for comment. live in concord, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. shelley: to commitment 2016 coverage now, six presidential candidates spent their days right here in new hampshire. tom: everyone from democratic candidate bernie sanders to republicans john kasich, rand paul, chris christie, carly fiorina and marco rubio. but it was the person here campaigning on behalf of former secretary of state hillary clinton who grabbed all the attention today. shelley: wmur' s mike cronin is here with former president bill clinton'
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mike: it was his first day on campaign trail. former president bill clinton wanted to end his first solo day stumping for his wife at the campaign field office in dover. >> you have sort of a sacred position in my family' s political history because of the great rally we had in 1992. i will be there for you until the last dog dies. same message. yet, so here we are. s economic plan which he says will create industry. he talked about improving the
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addressing the health care crisis, both of which he said his wife would do as commander-in-chief. bill clinton: in my adult lifetime, there has never been anyone better prepared for the job that awaits the next president than hillary. mike: before that, he gave a speech in nashua and visited manchester. back in dover t and his night, he left supporters with the job to do. >> are we going to share it or fight over it? she will eat as in right direction and she will do you proud. but first, you will determine whether she does it. mike: the campaign says clinton will return to new hampshire but right now he does not have any scheduled visit. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: vermont senator bernie sanders wrapped up this trip to
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town hall at manchester community college. sanders spoke about how important it is to support unions. he also talked about the issues with campaign finance laws. shelley: five republican presidential candidate where in the granite state today. including ohio governor john kasich. kasich spent his night speaking at a town hall at the alpine club in manchester. the republican will right back -- will be right back on the campaign trail tomorrow, he has stops in manchester. fellow republican, kentucky senator rand paul spoke to a crowd in laconia tonight. earlier today paul went to two different diners in dover to visit with patrons. he will continue his trip tomorrow with stops in manchester, concord and exeter. tom: new jersey governor, republican chris christie spoke at a town hall this evening in concord. earlier today he gave a speech at saint anselms college and attended a town hall in manchester. christie will continue his new hampshire trip tomorrow in manchester and rochester. the only female republican in the field, former h.p. ceo carly
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nashua tonight. fiorina started her day in salem before heading to a nashua rotary club meeting. she continues her trip tomorrow in belmont, manchester and hooksett. shelley: marco rubio held a town hall at 7:30 this morning. he focused on national security, with some harsh words for his republican rivals. he says they will weaken u.s. intelligence and military programs. even more candidates are heading into the granite state tomorrow. republican frontrunner donald trump will hold a rally at stevens high school in claremont tomorrow night. fellow republican and former florida governor jeb bush will attend events in derry and manchester. and republican jim gilmore will speak at the new hampshire primary student convention in manchester before heading to center harbor for a visit. and you can find the latest political news clicking on to the politics section of our
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tom: state police say at least 105 people were killed in car crashes in new hampshire last year. the numbers are for january 1 2015 through december 13. troopers say there was 94 total crashes, in those crashes 51 drivers were killed. and 23 motorcyclists were killed in 2015 crashes and 8 pedestrians involved in crashes were killed. now these numbers do not include any crashes after december 13. state police say 64-year-old ervin powell of littleton was the driver killed on i-93 in sugar hill last week. powell was driving south when he lost control, crossing the centerline and hitting an suv on the northbound side. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the other driver was treated for non-life threatening injuries. shelley: a rocky day on wall street marks the first day of trading in 2016. the dow plunged more than 350 points after the opening bell. and closed, down more than 276
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the nasdaq and s&p 500 also fell. the drop is thanks to volatility in china' s markets. experts say the stocks that plunged on the chinese market monday are called a shares primarily traded by local citizens. >> so you can' t look at what happened with the a shares as an indication that international money is coming out of china -it' s not it' s simply what' s happening with domestic investors in china. shelley: experts say context is important. the dip in the dow monday, was just 2%, during the black monday crash in 1987, the market shelley: the final heroin and opioid overdose numbers for 2015 have been released. how many overdoses two of the state' s biggest cities had last year. tom: and, a group of high school seniors receive a special nomination from congressman frank guinta. re waiting to be accepted to.
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tom: the father and son ranchers convicted of setting fire to public lands were in court today. dwight and steven hammond said
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reduce the growth of evasive plants and protect the property, right prosecutorse sai they set the fire to try to cover up coaching. president obama moving begin head with plans to require background checks for more gun sales. shelley: the checks will include if they' re bought online or at a gun show. the president is coming out with a number of executive steps to curb gun violence despite opposition in congress to new gun laws. tom: the heroin crisis being amplified tonight by numbers out for the states two largest cities. overdoses, most attributed to heroin and other opioids, reached record numbers in nashua and manchester in manchester had 2015. more than 600 overdoses, 69 of them were deadly. its a trend that started at the end of 2014. the spike due to prescription drug abuse and the deadly opioid fentanyl. trouble too in nashua officals say they responded to 246
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with 15 of those being deadly. >> it' s staggering, because one death every five or six days, based on the numbers, depending on how you divvy it up, that' s an outstanding number. that' s one person a week that is dying from an addiction that can be preventable. >> we saw a significant increase particularly in the second half of the year in nashua. september, october, november and december some big spikes in the numbers that almost brought us up to the numbers we were experiencing in manchester. tom: the legislature even held a special session to deal with the opioid crisis. law enforcement says it' s important to remove the stigma of addiction. new hampshire fish and game officials looking for a coyote with the jar on its head. conservation officers received a call saturday and sunday about that call -- about that coyote. someone sent this picture in from pembroke. they don' t know if the coyote managed to get the jar off its
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shelley: it' s the time of year when high school seniors are waiting anxiously for college acceptance letters. >> going to the naval academy and being able to serve afterwards. >> he set his sights on the air force academy. and lucas hopes his time at the naval academy will help him achieve his life goal. >> i would like to be a navy seal. shelley: these three were part of a group of 35 new hampshire students nominated by congressman frank guinta to serve at west point, the naval or air force academies. >> they represent the best of new hampshire and i wanted to have them here, honor them, not just for their hard work and dedication, but their commitment to the united states. shelley: if accepted, the students will receive a full 4-year scholarship. in return, they must spend a
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duty as a military officer. it is a commitment not lost on their parents. >> you know it' scholarship for us, but not for she' s paying it back with 5 shelley: still, every parent here is hoping their child gets accepted. these students among a group of over-achievers and future >> he' s a junior ski patrolman emergency services, and he' s soloing airplanes at 17. >> academically, athletically, he' s done some community service and just the way he he' s a self starter. shelley: the u.s. military academies include west point, the u.s. naval academy, the u.s. air force academy, and the u.s. merchant marine academy. so good luck to all of the new hampshire students nominated to attend one of those schools. tom: lots of proud moms and dads there.
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mike: it' s been a long time coming, december 2 degrees above average. then here comes winter. one thing you notice, the time lapse, where is the ice? it will be a struggle to get the ice sheet to form up there in the weirs overnight tonight. we may start to see a little glaze over of ice up there. we will see how it goes. temperatures are mighty low right now, between 7-14 from manchester towards auburn. a little colder north and west. down near zero, a good part of the lakes region four or five above and that' s it.
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and pittsburgh, seven below in berlin, and the mount washington valley between zero and five above. bitterly cold arctic air in here for the first time this season. the winds continue to be active out of the north and north -- northwest at about 10-50 miles for our. if they were completely calm we would see 15-25 below. nine above at the coast and everyone else below that near or below zero. slightly milder air back to the west. seasonably cold for this late hour of the evening and this time of year. that will move in our direction by wednesday through friday, bringing temperatures back to or slightly above the norms. bitterly cold air retreats later
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bringing a more pleasant pattern our way for the rest of the week into early this weekend. i saturday and sunday, a big chunk of arctic air will spill into the plains states in the midwest. right now it appears like a weak system will bring some light snow or snow showers are way. then by sunday, it could be too warm to support snow so there may be a mix of rain in some parts of the state. we will track that tomorrow through wednesday and thursday. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, more sunshine by midweek and bright skies continue on thursday. after a cold day tomorrow, temperatures start to rebound nicely for the rest of the week. tomorrow, 20-25 concord north and west. jumping ahead to wednesday, not all that bad after a cold start,
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freezing in the north country. it will continue through thursday and friday. clear skies, the coldest so far this season. breezy at times with the wind chill it will be below zero tomorrow, bright in cold. a little warmer wednesday, thursday, and friday. saturday a few snow showers likely. there could be another system sunday into sunday night but it could be too warm for snow. bundle up as you head out early tomorrow morning.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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jason let' s begin on the : hardcourt tonight, the celtics were in brooklyn to play the back half of their home and home series with the nets, brooklyn won th first game in boston on saturday. big game for jae crowder tonight. off the screen knocks down the jumper from about 18 feet. crowder had 17 points in the first half and finished with a career-high 25. johnson with a nice spin moved to the baseline makes it a five-point game. finished with 21 on the night. how about this drive, up and under.
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they will host detroit on wednesday. college hoops tonight, snhu home with concordia. penmen in white. daquaise andrews in transition, drops it to rodney sanders who knocks down the 3. he had a game-high quick outlet 26. pass to adrian oliveira. nice stutter step, and he takes it to the hoop. six. from amherst. . backs down the defender, and hits the short jumper in the paint. he had the penmen led by 16 at 23. halftime, but concordia outscored snhu 56-38. in the second half, jalen heath had 24 and the clippers win it 87-85. tough loss for a penmen team that had won 4 in a row. >> so far, i think we' ve had a couple of different stretches during the course of the season, certainly the beginning was not as great. we had one of our key people out.
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games we have come together, especially getting bj back. we are now playing as well as we' ve played all year. jason the women also played : concordia today. they had the early game at the field house. kylie lorenzen with a quick release from 15 feet, she hits. she had a team-high 13 points and 18 rebounds. jennifer shelp takes it to the hoop. nice left handed finish. she had brianna camara added 12 10. and the penmen win it 70-61. tom brady had an mri on his injured ankle today good news no breaks or fractures it' s just a sprain. brady told weei radio this morning that he will get treatment and will be ready to go in two weeks when the patriots host a divisional round playoff game. brady was injured in the first half of yesterday' s 20-10 loss to miami. it was the team' s fourth loss in its last six games, sending the pats limping into the playoffs. >> we' ve just got to play well to weeks from now. that'
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that' s what it will come down to. nothing in the last six weeks will matter. what will matter is how well we play in two weeks. we' ve got to try to play as well as we can. jason: here are the matchups for this weekend' s afc wild card playoff games, pittsburgh at cincinatti. that is the late game. kansas city at houston. you can see that game right here on channel nine on saturday. denver and new england are the top two seeds, respectively and both earned byes. the patriots will host the highest remaining seed on january 16 at 4:35, either the bengals, texans, or chiefs. espn is reporting that chip kelly has reached out to the san francisco 49ers, interested in their head coaching job. kelly was fired by the eagles on december 29 with two years remaining on his contract. in three seasons with the eagles, kelly went 26-21. the monarchs dropped two of three games to greenville over the weekend.
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two of them went to a shootout, including yesterday' s 3-2 loss. they play at adirondack on wednesday. they have three straight road games coming up, all division game so it' s a big stretch for the monarchs. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. shelley: new england is rooting for another ring for the patriots. but what are the pats' odds for winning super bowl 50? find out, coming up. this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act...
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come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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shelley: the nfl playoffs are here. tom: so let' s take a look the odds for this year' s super bowl. the westgate las vegas superbook says there are 5 teams who are co-favorites to win super bowl 50. the new england patriots, arizona cardinals and the carolina panthers are 9 to 2 favorites to become super bowl champs. the other two teams, the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos are just behind at 5 to 1. the company says it could be one of the most unpredictable playoff mixes in years. i think it' s optimistic. i hope the patriots get it all taken care of as far as the
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shelley: thanks for joining us governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week
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you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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