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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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news, new york. >> i mean, she's handling all that have quite well. >> now we know why she won it all. beauty and poise. >> so that's what's making news in america this morning. sean: now one daybreak, providing services for the homeless population -- just in time with cold weather settling in. there are concerns about a new shelter in concord. kevin: for a lot of folks, it is the coldest start to the winter season. erin: the guilford woman is safe after she says her former boyfriend helped her at gunpoint. sean: pleading guilty, the former girlfriend of whitey bulger is facing more jail time before she refuses to talk to a grand jury. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us. sean: good morning. if you needed a reminder it was wintertime -- step outside this morning. it is bitter cold out there. kevin: it was a matter of time. we were waiting for the cold air to get here. it eventually starts to retreat tomorrow afternoon. early, we are in single digits above and below zero. -17 is the coldest we have seen in the state -- up in berlin. notice the wind chills -- statewide, they are below zero. we will have much more on your forecast in just a bit. let'
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your traffic watch. good morning. deb: good morning, kevin. if you are starting your early morning commute on this brisk morning, all roads in new speed. i would suggest starting your car a little bit early, so it is warm when you jump in. there is going to be construction at 7:30 this morning in manchester. detours will be available and traffic control will be on-site. commuters are urged to seek an alternate route. 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson -- from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. it is hard not to notice the cold weather. the temperatures can be dangerous for people who don' t have a place to stay.
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facility is not without controversy. ray brewer joins us live outside the shelter to explain. ray: the shelter here at st. peter' s church will open tonight, providing 60 needed beds for the local homeless community. the concord city council voted last month to invest $30,000 of surplus money in the operating cost of the shelter. no one spoke up at their public meeting. neighbors say they are concerned that the location might not be the best choice. they say they had no idea that the plan for the shelter was even in the works. >> it is absolutely essential that there be a homeless shelter somewhere in concord and the facilities need to be somewhere. in that respect, this is not such a terrible choice. ray: there are other homeless
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including the friendly kitchen and the open hands resource center on north main street. the mayor of concord was not available for comment, but he has said that the city would have had to provide hotel rooms for the homeless without this shelter. reporting live, ray brewer. sean: thanks. according to the state, there are nearly 1500 homeless people living in new hampshire. that includes hundreds of families with children. manchester police are stepping up to help out. there is a collection box at the police station on valley street. the drop-off box will only be available until next friday. the cold caused a few problems for firefighters in hooksett as ice started to build up there. when crews arrived, they found a fire on a deck that has spread
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kitchen, as well. both people inside got out safely, but they do have to find another place to stay for now. erin: a man accused of handcuffing and chaining a woman to the floor and holding her and gunpoint in gilford faces a list of charges. 56-year-old russell holliday was arrested and arraigned yesterday on charges including kidnapping and criminal threatening. a woman showed up at the gilford police station on saturday morning saying she had been held against her will at a home that she shared with holliday. she was able to convince him to hours later. >> a very courageous victim. thing. resolution. erin: holliday is being held on
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sean: state police say 105 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in new hampshire last year. that is an increase compared to 2013. that includes 23 motorcycle drivers and 8 pedestrians. there were over 22,000 crashes in the granite state. these numbers do not include anything after december 13. universal recycling technologies must play $200,000 -- pay $200,000 to settle allegations of hazardous waste violations. they were accused of improperly disposing of waste lamps and cathode ray tubes. that caused problems with lead dust. the company has corrected the problems. erin: lawyers for the girlfriend of former boston mob boss whitey guilty to contempt.
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to a federal grand jury about anyone else who may have helped whitey bulger during his 16 years on the run. her sister got emotional after a yesterday. >> yeah, i miss her. the 16 years she was gone. i did not know where she was. i told myself, i' m just going to have to say she' s dead. we are very close. yeah, i miss that. i really do. >> you want her to come home? >> yes, i want her home. where she belongs. erin: whitey bulger is serving life in prison. relatives of some of his victims believe that greig could help
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sean: several students got to meet with congressman frank guinta after he nominated them for military academies. [applause] >> going to the naval academy, being able to serve afterwards, i want to be an engineer. >> i would like to be a navy seal. >> they represent the best of new hampshire. i wanted to honor them for their hard work and dedication and commitment to the united states. sean: the u.s. military academies include west point and the u.s. naval academy. erin: a boy found crying alone in a school van in massachusetts. his mom is demanding answers. aixa: debating climate change. how the two parties differ on the issue. sean: there is an urgent warning in part of new hampshire about a
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killing people in western this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. and support universal how many people before we before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton
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kevin: it is the coldest start for a lot of folks this season. well below zero in parts of coos county this morning. the recovery gets us back above normal this time of year is coming up. erin: there are a lot of issues facing our country right now. sean: democrats say climate change is one of the most important issues. republicans have a different take on the government' s role. debate. aixa: among the major issues being debated on the campaign the most polarizing. is a top issue. aixa: in august, president obama unveiled a plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants.
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pipeline. >> unchecked climate change can lead to extreme weather events. there are solutions. they are available today. if policymakers will embrace them. >> these policies won' t do anything to mitigate global temperatures. aixa: the heritage foundation argues that more regulations do little and end up hurting the economy. >> because energy is a necessary component for everything we do, you will be hit when you go to the grocery store, the home depot. aixa: some say a candidate' s position on climate change could be a double-edged sword. >> if you get too far to the left, it could be overwhelming in the general election. the republicans could sound like they are not talking about science or dealing with the issue empirically.
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approved an accord to reduce greenhouse emissions. erin: we are taking an in-depth look at a different issue every week. you will find all those stories in the politics section of sean: is it a month away now? erin: just about. sean: most people have smartphones. now, you could have a smart fridge. we will check out some of its features. erin: general motors is getting
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some (donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic feedback) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. erin: a high school track team put their running skills to the test after the school bus they were sitting in burst into flames. the coach spotted the fire before they were set to leave in a -- for a race.
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an angry mother in massachusetts is demanding answers after her son was left alone in an unlocked van. >> i think a mother saw him. she saw him in the car crying and got a teacher to come out and get him. the door was unlocked and the engine was not on. erin: caryn mohan hartley says the driver was running 40 minutes late and left her son in the van alone in order to escort another child inside. she said her son has a health problem and needs constant supervision. the school is working with the bus company to figure out what went wrong. sean: paul isa run on wall street after a rough start to the new year. -- all eyes are on wall street after a rough start to the new year. the dow lost more than 275 points. markets in asia and europe
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china even stopped trading altogether at one point. general motors is invest thing -- investing half $1 billion in lyft. for now, the companies plan to open locations were lyft drivers can rent gm vehicles that will give people who don' t own cars a way to drive for lyft. erin: the former hilltop steakhouse in saugus, mass closed two years ago, but now the owners of the tuck away tavern want to buy the property and open up a second venue. right now, there is no actual offer on the table. it seems that everything is going high-tech. that includes your fridge. samsung just introduced this four door smart fridge. the family hub includes a nearly
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it is included with internet connective cameras, so you can see what is inside without opening the door. do you need that? i don' t know. there are also speakers for playing music and you can search web on the door of the fridge. sean: so you have to restrict the kids' screen time on the fridge now, too? go outside and play. stop staring at the fridge. kevin: does it work with the magnets? sean: they are virtual now. erin: if you buy that fridge, you are not putting anything else on it. [laughter] kevin: we have the clear skies and a little bit of a breeze out of the north. that does not help the windchill at all. it is the coldest air of the winter so far. tonight, single digits above and below zero again. the next system does not arrive
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the first of those two disturbances looks to be a fairly weal k one. snow showers in cape cod. fairly weak one and does not arrive until sometime on saturday. head of that, -- ahead of that, we have lower and single digits. a few areas at or below zero. in the north country, single digits above and below zero. we could still drop several additional degrees. in some places, we could drop below zero early this morning. notice the wind chills. in most locations, they are at or below zero early this morning. we start to get back to the
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morning. all of the cold air is extending all the way down through the florida panhandle. we are now truly in the heart of the winter season. we get up to 16 degrees in northern areas, which is a good recovery considering where we are starting. clear skies and lighter winds later tonight means single digits above and below zero later tonight. most areas should be into the 30' s tomorrow afternoon. 30' s to near 40 for thursday and friday. we get all the way through the moderating trend. after that should be a fairly weak one. there could be light mixed snow showers on saturday. the next larger system would approach later on on sunday.
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12-25 with a lighter breeze. we will see temperatures drop back into the single digits only to get back into the 30' s tomorrow. those numbers through the end of the work week and the weekend are 5-10 degrees above the average for this time of year. we get beyond a 48-hour stretch, we had back above normal. saturday looks to be a fairly weak system. sean: mother nature does not like normal anymore. kevin: the averages seem to be the averages of the extremes. sean: let' s check our top stories. ray: a new shelter for the homeless is set to open in concord. last month, the concord city council voted to invest money into the operating cost of the shelter at st. peter' s church. neighbors are concerned it might change the character of their neighborhood, as there are several services for the
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sean: a man accused of handcuffing and chaining a woman to a floor and holding her at gunpoint faces a list of charges. 56-year-old russell holliday was arraigned yesterday on charges including kidnapping and criminal threatening. lawyers for the girlfriend of former mob boss whitey bulger say she will plead guilty to contempt. catherine greig would not talk to a federal grand jury about whether anyone else helped whitey bulger during his 16 years on the run. erin: coming up, the unbreakable world record has fallen.
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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sean: a man from arkansas just broke a world record that many
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sean: ultra endurance cycle list kurt searvogel spent the last year writing up to -- riding up to 200 miles per day. he says he set out to break the record simply because so many people said it was impossible. 200 miles per day. erin: he just said, take that, i can do it. sean: he is probably in pretty good shape. erin: was he just cycling all day long? [laughter] erin: patriots fans are breathing a sigh of relief this morning.
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, january 5. you didn' [laughter] erin: we are not used to those single digits -- not yet, at least. a new shelter for the homeless is opening in concord today, but some people living in the area are not pleased with the idea. fire officials in gorham say an overnight fire was caused by materials. warning about a particularly potent batch of harrell and blame -- heroin blamed for several deaths in massachusetts. sean: it is one of those mornings that getting out of the
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kevin: these temperatures are much close to the averages than records. sean: so, we have been spoiled? kevin: it just takes the body time to get used to this. the highest we will be today is the teens up north and the lower half of the 20' s in southern areas. sean: bundle up. you will need the heat on in the car today. a live look at 93. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. tuesday morning. deb: good tuesday morning. 93 is moving well through the entire state. if you are beginning your commute on 293, we are not seeing any delays through the mill yard or near exit 5 at the everett turnpike.
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morning in manchester. motorists are strongly encouraged to take an alternate route. if you are commuting south of the border in massachusetts, the from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. now that the cold weather has arrived, there are growing concerns for the homeless. erin: today, a new shelter is opening inside a church in concord. some people living in the era -- area are not happy about it. ray: most people are happy that the homeless will have a warm place to stay at st. peter' s church. there are concerns about how this might change their neighborhood. >> it is really a residential neighborhood with a little bit of light commercial activity here. not really previously handling
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ray: most residents say they did not know about the plans to use part of the building as a 60-bed shelter until after the plan was in place. during its december meeting, the concord city council held a public hearing and voted to contribute $30,000 of surplus money to the shelter somewhere in concord. the facilities need to be somewhere. in that respect, this is not such a terrible choice. ray: but he adds that residence should have been -- residents should have been better notified. >> there was no meeting before hand or information supplied to the community. at the very last minute, it was dropped on the community. ray: the area is already home to the friendly kitchen and the homeless resource center, which is an outreach program. >> because those facilities a
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idea is that there might be a congregation of homeless people roaming around this neighborhood, essentially during the entire day here. ray: we tried to talk to concord' s mayor last night, but he said he was unavailable -- but he was unavailable for comment. in the past, he has said that without the shelter, they would have to put the homeless up in hotel rooms, which would be very costly. sean: fire officials say improper disposal of wood stove material was responsible for a flame -- for a fire overnight. firefighters saw flames coming from a vent in the roof and managed to quickly put out the fire. the house sustained a lot of smoke damage. the gorham fire chief said the family had just replaced the batteries in their smoke detectors and were able to
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erin: several republican presidential candidates continue to stump in new hampshire ahead of the first in the nation primary. here is a look at which gop today. they include jim gilmore, donald trump, john kasich, jeb bush, carly fiorina, chris christie, and rand paul. you can check out their events by heading to sean: we know know the name of the driver killed in a crash on i-93 in sugar hill last week. 64-year-old ervin powell of littleton. he was driving south when he crossed the median and hit an suv on the other side. the other driver suffered nonlife threatening injuries. a noise complaint at a hotel led
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31-year-old richard acker was arrested on two counts of possession of a controlled drug with the desire to distribute. his girlfriend was also charged with possession of a controlled drug. erin: keene police are issuing an urgent warning about an extra-posted batch of heroin that has already killed people. it is called "hollywood heroin." it has killed five people in 48 hours. over the weekend, police in springfield seized 9000 bags of heroin with the hollywood stamp. drug overdoses reached record numbers in two of new hampshire' s biggest cities last year. most of the overdoses were attributed to heroin and other
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emergency crews responded to 722 overdoses in manchester last year. in nashua, crews responded to 246 overdoses. officials estimate that 400 people died from overdoses in 2015 in new hampshire. sean: top elected officials are gathering in manchester to discuss the drug crisis. the addiction policy forum is being held at southern new hampshire university. governor maggie hassan, senator jeanne shaheen, and senator kelly ayotte will also be get the event. asking people to be on the lookout for a coyote with a jar stuck on its head. conservation officers received calls saturday and sunday about the coyote. officials are not sure if the coyote managed to get the jar off of its head or if it went deeper into the woods.
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coming up, president obama is set to give a major speech today regarding gun control. we will take a look at some of the moves he is expected to make. sean: a frightening situation for a car salesman in texas -- how he managed to escape after being kidnapped at gunpoint during a test drive. kevin: cold air rotating through. moderate temperatures behind
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kevin: tuesday morning, january 5. as cold as we have been this season in some spots. we start off in the single digits above and below zero across a good part of the state and eventually get back into the teens to lower 20' s in the afternoon. sean: later this morning, president obama will make a major announcement from the white house. he is expected to unveil a series of new executive actions on gun control. nikole killion is in washington with reaction to the plan. nikole: the president says he strongly believes that congress believes to -- needs to address
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he said that everything he is announcing today is within his executive authority. after a meeting with his attorney general, the president is moving forward with a series of gun-control measures. >> it is not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives. nikole: in an attempt to close the so-called "gun show loophole," background checks are expanded, requiring anyone in the business of selling guns to obtain a license. >> the president cannot just go own. we do see this as lawless in the courts. nikole: the white house said the president is calling for hiring 230 new fbi examiners and improve mental health care. >> i' m so proud of what the
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>> i think that the president is doing something that is wrong and unconstitutional. nikole: the president will continue to roll out his gun control initiatives this week, including a townhall on thursday. sean: abc news will issue a special report on the president' s gun-control speech starting at 11:40 this morning. erin: maine state police are investigating a deadly crash that went unnoticed for as many as five days. a passerby noticed wreckage along i-295 in gardner on saturday. investigators believe the accident happened the previous monday. that is the day the victim cup a 27-year-old ian carter -- victim, 27-year-old ian carter, was last seen. the driver of a toyota yaris
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begin to accelerate uncontrollably before it smashed into another car in california. five people died in that crash. the ntsb says there will be a special inspection of the yaris. sean: a group of armed protesters continues to occupy a wildlife refuge in oregon. they want authorities to look into the claims that local ranchers have been intimidated by authorities. ammon bundy, the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy, told reporters that two local ranchers have been treated unfairly while facing prison sentences for setting fires on federal land. the protesters are still refusing to leave. president obama said the fbi is monitoring the situation. erin: a car salesman in texas went through a terrifying ordeal after being kidnapped at
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two men shoved the salesman into the trunk of a dodge challenger. the salesman saw his opportunity to escape when the car came to a stop. >> he was able to open the trunk using the emergency latch. the suspects tried to put him back in the trunk. he did not feel like he wanted to get back in the trunk. erin: when police found the stolen car, the suspects led them on a chase. they escaped on foot and are still on the loose. sean: the massachusetts supreme court has ruled that the state child welfare agency acted legally when it denied a couple' s application to become foster parents when they spanked their kids. they say they used corporal punishment on their biological children in accordance with their christian faith, but would
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a volcano in indonesia erupted last night. witnesses reported seeing lava floating down the eastern slope. the alert level has been raised to three on a four-teir ier system. erin: new york state is offering to help recent college graduates with student loans. they have launched a loan forgiveness program called "get on your feet." to be eligible, you need to live in new york state, earn less than $50,000 per year, and have graduated after december 2014. the program covers only federal loans. sean: let' s talk about sports. the celtics were in brooklyn, where they earned a series split with the nets. last night'
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for jae crowder. he finished with 25 points. boston went on to win the game, 103-94. they host detroit tomorrow. erin: tom brady had an mri on his injured ankle yesterday and it turns out it was just a sprain. he told weei radio that he will get treatment and be ready to go in two weeks when the patriots host a divisional playoff game. he was injured during the loss against miami. it was their fourth loss in six games. >> we' ve just got to play well in two weeks. nothing over the last six weeks is going to matter. nothing over the last 16 weeks is going to matter. what is going to matter is how well we play in two weeks. erin: the westgate las vegas
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win super bowl 50. the new england patriots are one of those teams. the patriots, the cardinals, and the carolina panthers are 9-2 favorites to become super bowl champs. the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos are just behind at 5-1. the company says this could be one of the most unpredictable playoff mixes in years. sean: super bowl 50 is going to be fun. as a new england fan, you want to focus on the next game. erin: and the ankle. kevin: we are on to the bye week. sean: let' s go bill belichick with that right now. [laughter] kevin: we are going to talk about the coldest air moving through, all the way through tomorrow morning. single digits above and below zero. teens below zero in some spots in the north country. after a cold start tomorrow, we
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the next system does not look like a huge deal on saturday. we start off early this morning with clear skies. still a little bit of a breeze. that will be a factor early, as far as the wind chill. you take a look at temperatures from community to community and you notice that they are fairly consistent. that is about as fairly consistent -- that is about as consistent as you will see for a temperature map. you start to get elevation involved here. newbury is down below zero this morning. 2 in northfield right now. central parts of the state, you are in the mid-single digits. the north country -- you are seeing temperatures below zero
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-17 is the coldest number we are seeing early on. mount washington. is the other issue. gusty, but you eventually feel it if you are outdoors for a length of time. the wind starts to lighten up through the afternoon. the lighter wind and the clear skies means another night tonight where temperatures are going to be single digits above and below zero. there will be a pretty good warm-up tomorrow afternoon. a lot of areas will be up into the 30' s tomorrow afternoon. that is the way the end of the week wraps up on thursday and friday. from there, you are looking down the road for any approaching systems. saturday will be our next chance and that does not look like a
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s anywhere along and south of the white mountains. we will be in the teens up north today. tonight, it is single digits we will have clear skies and light winds overnight. the extended forecast shows the moderating trend starting tomorrow afternoon and continuing through the weekend. on sunday, we could have more moisture later on sunday night. just depending on exactly the precipitation type, that will be the issue. the international space station is going overhead for about six minutes starting at about 6:16 this morning going to 6:22. i give you exact minutes because every minute outside this cold is precious. [laughter] sean: maybe catch a minute of it or two and then head back inside. erin: thanks for letting us know
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four new elements will soon be added to the periodic table. sean: seanium? [laughter] erin: elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 have been formally recognized by the international union of pure and applied chemistry. the seventh row of the periodic table will thankfully now be complete. sean: i can rest tonight. erin: a lot of people have been worried about that. but finally. sean: they work really well. you could say they have good chemistry. [laughter] kevin: it was very incomplete. sean: can we still call it seaniu, m? kevin: no. sean: new advancements in tv technology. a new television can actually be rolled up like a newspaper.
5:48 am
the man found the kitty in his garage. they are now great friends. submit pictures and video by
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sean: a runaway sheep that missed seven years of haircuts finally got sheared. sheila the sheep escaped from a farm in australia and roamed the 4s four years. -- forest for years. i' m sure she was like, "thank goodness." kevin: two words i never thought i' d hear. "runaway sheep." [laughter] erin: 50 pounds of fur. tv maker lg unveiled new technology at the tech expo in las vegas this week. it showed off a high definition television you can roll up like a newspaper.
5:50 am
this year and it is possible it may never hit store shelves. would it be on a shelf or what it rolloff? it is still unclear why anyone would want to roll up their television. maybe they want to roll back savings. sean: oh. school visits. the visit. [laughter] sean: a big honor for more than students. they have been nominated to attend u.s. military academies. ray: a new homeless shelter is
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