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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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three got out, one may have gone back inside. his body found upstairs where it's believed the fire started. >> we can confirm that one person was trapped inside the building and succumbed to the fire. reporter: according to the farmington fire chief, the call came in about 9:27 tuesday morning of heavy smoke and flames showing from the second floor of a home at 495 ten rod road. the police chief was first on the scene encountering three people outside including at least one child. >> when i arrived at the residence, someone had gone back inside, and i cleared the first floor, didn't find anyone. reporter: his deputy checked the basement while he headed up to the second floor and was stopped, by intense smoke and heat. >> we were yelling and trying to get someone to come to us if they were able, but unfortunately we didn't get any response and were driven back by
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reporter: meantime, a passer-by had stopped, grabbing blankets from his car to help what and to be a family outside, in a single layer of clothing. >> we wrapped wrapped the blankets around the kids, trying to get warm. it was near zero. reporter: the chief says both the setting in a rural area combined with the extreme cold did affect firefighting efforts. >> hose lines freeze, driveways freeze, so it did hamper our initial response to the fire. reporter: the three people who did get out were checked at the hospital as a precaution, their identities and that of the victim are not yet being released. the chief sees this as a reminder for people to have their heating appartus and their smoke and car carbon monoxide detectors checked regularly and to get out of a fire and stay out. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: thanks. another very chilly day in the
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20's, and up north in the teens. right now in berlin, what's the temperature up there, it's dark we know that much, it's very chilly -- two degrees, that's right. the question now is when will it start to warm up. mike haddad is here with a quick look at the forecast. mike: yes, sometimes when it's that cold it takes a while for the numbers to pop up there. take a look at where we started the day, 10 below in whitefield, 22 below in berlin. that four above in concord much colder than any point so far this season. the lowest temperature prior to this morning was 16, back in mid-november. highs today teens north, there they are, mid to upper 20's central and southern new hampshire, about six or seven below average, but seasonably cold for mid winter standards. notice right now down to two in berlin, to that 17 in nashua, a little above that in manchester, and overnight tonight another night in the single digits, below zero north, and above elsewhere.
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heading in our direction, we'll take a look at that. tom: there were wild moments this morning for workers at a nashua dental office as a car crashed into the side of their building. police say an 88-year-old woman hit the gas instead of the brake and rammed into the outside of the reception area. three women working inside heard the collision and had to scramble out of the way. there were no injuries and police say the crash is simply an accident. >> it was a big bang, and we didn't really know what was going on, we thought it was an earthquake or something, and then i started to see the wall falling. tom: police say city officials checked the building and there is no structural damage. repair work started today and the dental office is open for business. jennifer: commitment 2016 now, tonight presidential con the tenders are campaigning in new hampshire, after many were in manchester for a forum on addiction and the heroin crisis. to listen and offer solutions on
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kriek cronin has reaction. reporter: presidential hopefuls, the state's top elected leaders and those on the front lines brought their ideas to manchester tonight in hopes of making a difference. curbing addiction was front and center along the campaign trail in new hampshire tuesday, as almost a half dozen candidates spoke in manchester. the new hampshire forum on addiction and the hair epidemic also brought state and local leaders and former addicts to university. >> i lost hope, and i went on this last bender, and woke up in a police barracks. reporter: dean is in long-term recovery from alcohol and heroin addiction. he advocates for the rights of people battling addiction. >> so many of the people i went to high school with, you know, in wealthy exeter, new hampshire are dying from this disease. reporter: among the presidential hopefuls who spoke, republican carly fiorina took the stage. >> if we continue to criminalize
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treating it. and the system we have today is part of the problem. reporter: former florida governor jeb bush laid out what he says is a comprehensive approach to reducing drug abuse. >> i believe we can solve this, but it has to be from a bottom up approach. my personal belief is that america does best from the bottom up, and that the federal government should be a partner for successful programs rather than telling which line you're supposed to get in ask which form you're supposed to fill out. reporter: according to the attorney general, the state was on track to reach 400 deaths in 2015 related to opioids, event organizers say a collaborative effort will be needed to reduce that number. this forum lasted all day long speakers. we'll have a full recap tonight on wmur. mike cronin, wmur news 9. jennifer: republican presidential candidate donald trump is also back in the granite state tonight, he's holding a rally at stevens high school in claremont.
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with a preview for us. reporter: donald trump's first visit to the granite state in 2016 is also his first ever visit to sullivan county for a campaign event. we can give you a look at the setup here at stevens high school, they are expecting a fairly big crowd here, they've got the auditorium behind the stage set up, the crowd filling in in front of the stage, and then also in the grand stand as well. two things tonight, one, we're looking to see if donald trump will continue his tirade against the union leader, they had written a negative editorial against him prior to his last visit last weekend. two, will he bring up this ad that people have been talking about, it air forward the first time in new hampshire tonight at the break here on wmur. so we'll bring you a full report coming up tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: a lot of politics going on, needless to say. still to come tonight -- jennifer: president obama outlining his executive action to tighten background checks for gun purchases.
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about the president's plan. tom: a pembroke boy gets the surprise of a lifetime, the early homecoming of his soldier father. mike: bright skies today, more sun on the way for tomorrow, a look at the rest of the week and possible change foss are the weekend ahead. >> a tough stretch for the u.n.h. hockey team. on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families,
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class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before
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jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. president obama: anybody in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecution. executive actions on gun control president obama announced today. tom: the u.s. attorney for new
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been told to take a close look at potential problems involving gun shows and internet sales. as wmur's heather hamel reports, they will be cracking down on those breaking the law. reporter: if the u.s. attorney says his office is already working on 85 firearms cases and he believes this executive order will are an effect on their case load, but some gun owners say regardless of this crackdown, they don't believe it will cut down on violence. the main area of contention centers around all gun sellers being required to do background checks on buyers or face stiff penalties. president obama feels it will keep guns out of the wrong hands, but some gun owners say it won't make a difference, while still others fear this is a stepping stone to larger restrictions that will affect them. >> nothing the president has done really impacts lawful purchases of firearms. what the executive actions are intended to do and what the department of justice has directed us to do is to focus on the unlawful purchases of
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>> they buy it out of the back of a van or a stolen gun or whatever, and it isn't going to make a difference to them people. reporter: senator ayotte has come out against the executive order saying the president should work with congress on bipartisan legislation. both senator shaheen and governor hassan are in support of it. heather hamel, wmur news 9. jennifer: manchester police say a 65-year-old woman shot a man who grabbed her last night. this happened around 11:30 on south porter street. the victim told police she noticed a car following her and then as she approached her apartment building, police say 23-year-old michael bontaites grabbed her. officers say she pulled out a handgun and shot him in the chest. police found bontaites when he went to the hospital. >> the female victim was 65 years of age, roughly four foot eleven, 105 pounds, she was approached by a man a foot taller and 100-pound heavier and he attempted to, we believe, rob
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were that she had in her possession. jennifer: police add the woman was carrying a permitted concealed weapon. bontaites is charged with robbery. tom: it's going to get a little warmer, but it's still cold out there. mike: yes, we're right in the middle of that mid winter chill, but it's ready to move out quickly, so temperatures are heading higher, as early as tomorrow, how much warmer it
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that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: they are the kind of stories that just never get old, a homecoming surprise for a first grader today in pembroke that left no dry eyes in the room. jennifer: he had been counting down for eleven months for his dad's return, but he thinks he has a few more days to go. wmur's amy coveno was there for the big moment. reporter: pembroke village school was buzzing today, a big surprise, the best surprise, has been brewing here for weeks. today a first grade boy had his wish granted, his prayers answered, and in an instant all was right with the world. >> i think he's going to probably like maybe yell and hopefully hug me. reporter: dana osbornes who been back since friday, but his 6-year-old has no idea, he think there's are seven more wakeups before he gets to see dad.
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supportive of my deployment, we thought would it be a great idea to do it here. >> remember two weeks ago when mr. skarupa came and talked about the weather? reporter: the class thinks they're having a special guest reader, and that's why the news 9 camera is there. the teacher thought of everything. >> hi, want to give me a hug? i missed you. reporter: it's a hug that goes on and on and on. decklin's teachers say it's the quietest he's ever been. >> you want to come home with me today? >> do you have any words in your heart to describe how you're feeling? >> good.
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are you surprised? is this the best happy surprise ever? yeah? reporter: the moment, not lost on 6-year-olds who sat stock still, taking it all in, and getting it. >> dr. mr. osborne, thank you for saving our country. >> mr. osborne, thank you for protecting our country. reporter: they skypeed every couple of weeks, but the human touch trumps screen time every time. >> yes, much taller, much more grown up. still hand some, though. reporter: they skipped out of of class early, turns out some things are more important than school. sergeant osborne is a full-time army national guards man based in nashua.
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amy coveno, wmur news 9. mike: how great was that, we could sit on that hug for a while longer, but we have to get to the weather and talk about a warmup, heading back in our direction after a couple of very cold days. you know what, this cold snap was only here to remind us of the season we're in because take a look at the big lake, you wouldn't know we're in the middle of winter, because there's no ice out there just yet. when will that happen? well, there's a slight shot later tonight as the winds go very light that we could indeed see a little bit of ice beginning to form on the big lake, especially in some of the open waterways, but it's been a struggle. high temperature in concord today, 24 degrees, the morning low four. coldest it's been at any point so far this season 16, so much lower than that. eleven is the normal. the record low, 18 degrees below
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the sunset getting later and later, 4:11 in december, now about 4:25. near zero along the canadian border. by early tomorrow morning right around zero in the upper valley, single numbers for many. and a little below zero in the great north woods. so very cold, but certainly no record setting in terms of the low temperatures. but back to the west, here it comes, milder air, now it's not all that warm, but certainly above where we've been the past couple of days, mid to upper 30's, maybe near 40, that rushes in for not only tomorrow but right on through the upcoming weekend. so by the time the next system arrives, instead of a lot snow falling, it will be more of a couple of snow showers giving way to some rain. sunshine tomorrow, plenty of sun on wednesday. as we advance through thursday we'll be talking about more in the way of sun into early friday. but by later friday night into early saturday, that's when the next system will apurchase from the west. not a whole lot of cold air
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rain showers that approach may fall in the form of snow in the morning, and then a rain or snow shower in the afternoon. but not a whole lot of juice with this system, so possibly a coating to an inch or two up north. maybe a coating to an inch south. temperatures out ahead of it the next couple of days low 30's north and mid to upper 30's to near 40 in southern new hampshire. again a few extra clouds will mix in with the sunshine as we go into the day on friday. then we get to the weekend. snow showers giving way to mixed showers during the afternoon. again this is not going to be a big storm by any stretch. once we get into sunday, a stronger system will approach, but by then too much warm air. so it may start as a little freezing rain in some of the colder sheltered valleys of new hampshire. but quickly over to plain rain, that will move out followed by colder air monday and tuesday. couple of snow showers up north on monday, and very chilly late monday, tuesday and possibly wednesday of next week. so again not all that bad in the
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a little unsettled for the weekend. jamie: where do you think chip kelly might be headed? we'll talk about that and the
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jamie: the boston bruins will enjoy their home ice for one more game before nay head out on a road trip. tonight. caps are solid from top to
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7:00. u.n.h. hockey fans about to get real, as the kids say, i think that's what they say, i have no idea actually, 15 games to go in the regular season, all against hockey east times and many of them against really good teams. of the 15 games, nine are against the top four teams in the hockey east, get ready to see a lot of notre dame, providence, b.c. and b.u., it starts friday night with the number one team in the league, u. mass lowell. >> it's huge that we not only win the majority of these games for ourselves in the standings but also national standings, because we have a bunch of top 10, 15 kids in the country in our league. >> every game will be top, and we want to get home ice for the playoffs. the next few games are key. >> it's huge, we need to finish strong. jamie: mike napoli back with
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with the cleveland. napoli can play first base, catch, outfield and designated hitter. where will chip kelly coach next? he said he wants to renain in the nfl, there are five jobs open he might be considered for, most note my the cleveland browns, san francisco 49ers and tennessee titans. other candidates include mike shanahan who has won two super bowls, josh mcdaniels and matt patricia. the a.p. power rankings in the nfl, patriots in there at number five. imagine that josh mcdaniels their offensive coordinator for the pats got hired away, chip kelly with bill belichick, wouldn't that be fun. tom: we'll see happens. jennifer: right now on, have you ever worried about accidentally freezing your soda or your milk? to find out the common freezing point for some common household items, you can check out our
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tom: tune in for "new hampshire chronicle," following "world news. this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. john kasich's an impatient rascal. paces, pushes. but, unlike some, his state is now booming. unlike some, john kasich has proven he can do the job. brought back jobs from mexico and china. keep us safe, make us boom. because he's done it before. only an impatient rascal can
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john kasich. new day for america is
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