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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tt4wat^(@%d " qzh! `ri8 tom: now at 11:00, the fiancee of a secret service agent severely injured in a car crash says they' re grar alte the support they' ve received. ople wo see this and go home and hug their loved ones. tom:cohery that' s still ahead for him. shelley: president obama makes the case for his gun control proposals. a local victims advocate ex chaaie that will make the most difference. mike: after a clear and chilly night, changes move in starting tomorrow. what this meanfor the upcoming weekend, ahead. tom: presidential candidate carly fiorina explains her position on the issues to voters. the criticism she had for both hillary and bill clinton. shelley: u.s. markets made their worst drop in ree months today. why low oil pricesld sign of other problems. >> no one covers new hampshire
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now, wmur news 9 tonight.shelley: tonight the fiancee of a secret service agent crash in new hampshire is sharing his story. m shelley tom: i' m tom griffith. that secret service agent was with 3 other agents when a car crashed into them head-on in wakefield last week. the driver of the other car died. agent' s fiancee says he could have injuries that last a lifetime. jean: secret service agent garrett fitzgerald suffered a serious spinal cord injury. but tonight, speaking from massachusetts general hospital in boston, his fiancee says it' s early in his recovery, and he is a remarkable man. s just determined and s lived his whole life. s how garrett
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jean: and it' s how garrett fitzgerald faces this challenge in his life. his fiancee joan says they are in wait and nowse he' s hospitalized at mass general in boston, ready to head to a rehab facility for treatment of a spinal cord injury that for now, leaves the % 30-year-old paralyzed from the chest down. joan says it has not changed the man she loves or his spirit. >> he loves to work, his family, he loves. he' s overcome so much in his life and will continue to overcome things. jean: on december 29, 4 secret service agents traveling on rt 16 in wakefield, working a campaign detail, were hit head on by another car. garrett fitzgerald was the most seriously injured. the driver of the other car, 45-year-old bruce danforth, died on the scene. he was wanted in massachusetts on a drug char onge a suspended license. the director of the secret service visited agent fitzgerald in the icu, returning the badge he lost in the crash.
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graduated secret service training in september. garrett and joan were planning march wedding. >> it doesn' t really matter to me, any date, any venue. it's just who i' m marrying. as long as it's m at the other side of the aisle, i couldn' t be happier. we are so blessed, i' ve never been more grateful for all the supporwe' ve received. jean: you can see messages and donations of support on a gofundme page titled garrett strong. more than $175,000 has been raised as of tonight. and garrett fitzgerald' s fiancee says he is determined to return to the secreservice. live in the studio, jekin, wmur news9. tom: right now a road in manchester close because of a crash. police say a car hit a destrian near the market basket store. police are still on the scene at this hour.
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investigating a deadly fire in and over today. emergency cre called to a home when a fire started in a brhus pile. one person was killed, but investigators aren' t releasing abourmthe victim. the incident was initially reported as an elosixp, but investigators now say there wasn' t one. officials say this appears to be an accident. just over the border an explosion atplant has injured four people. crews were calle 2:30. hospital officials say the victims had shrapnel and burn injuries. the town manager says no chemicals were reld air and there' s no danger to the surrounding area. the plant develops materials used in manufacturing led lights. shelley: president obama answered questions about his latest proposals on gun control tonit in a town hall meeting. president obama: for the gun owners who are in attendance here, my suspicion is that you all had to go through a background check. and it didn'
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getting a weapon. and the notion that you shld havet th te are whole bunch of folks who are less responsible than you who don' t have to do it, doesn' th see. shelley: on tuesday, he announced executive actions intended to beef up background checks and close so-called loopholes. a new hampshire native was among his invited guests at tonight' s town hall and the white house annocement and she says one part of the president' s 10-part plan is key. clai sommers was only 13, when hestepr ather shot her with a hunting ri today, her life' s work is helping other victims recover. >> i' m a survivor of gun violence, and i along with other survivors have been working to help change gun legislation. shelley: the native of westmoreland was invited to president obama' s town hall on
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and she says one part of his plan to curb violence is key, >> you have to have a background check. you can' t just sell people guns off the internet and at gun shows anymore. shelley new hampshire state : police s they performed more than 8,000 background checks for guns last month alone, more than twice the usual amount. >> the past month has been historic in terms of volume. you n certainly attribute that to national acts of violence, international stuff as well as that' s going on with presidential action i' m sure. shelley but as a law enforcement public safety takes precedence. >> everyone who is a gun owner and is a reasonable person would wa to ntep people who are deemed to be mentally incompetent, who have been mitted to psychiatric facilities under court order, toevt those people from obtaining a firearm.
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from both de and to work on this issue together. shelley: about 100 people were invi d to the president' s town hall. the national rifle association decided not to take part, calling it a public relations spectacle organized by the white house. tom: warner police have identified a woman found dead on a road. police eight appears her car got stuck on a road that is not maintained by a town d she fell and hurt herself are going to try to get help. a group of people driving in the area last night found her body in thenow. >> turned around and got the was an old lady. our hearts go out to her family. i would like to get in contact with them and give them are wishes and let her know we are
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>> it is a rough road, nrly impossible to navigate without four-wheel-drive. shelley: carly fiorina will wrap up a five-day campaign to the granite state tomorrow. this evening she held a townhall meeting in meredith. stephanie woods was there as she waited on bill clinton, saying any former president is fair game. stephanie:. she tackled all the issues from isis to obamacare, including one avorite op clinton. citizens, it is time to take our future back, it is time to take our politics back, time to take our government back, citizens, it is time to takeur country back. >> at the wicwas lake grange in meredith thursday night. carly fiorina not only questioned democratic frontrunner hillary clinton' s credibility. >> so the way to beat hillary clinton is to point out that she doesn' t have a tra r
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s been wrong on every foreign policy challenge. that she lied to the american people. not just about emails and servers, but about ter attack in benghazi. and she lied over and over again. >> she also went after former president bill clinton. fiorina said that if she were in hillary' s shoes when bill admitted to having sexual relations with monica lewinsky. >> if my husband were doing those things i would leave him. and yes a lth of evidence that bill clinton behaved in a predato manner in some cases. >> but the former ceo of hewlett-packard also criticized republicans. >> donald trump is having a bromance with vladimir putin. but in any eve >> fiorina outlined her blueprint to the more the 250 people at the town hall meeting. the gop hopeful says she wants to cut jobs at the irs repeal and replace obamacare. and defund planned parenthood. a sa she opposes abortion because of her husband. >> i learned from his mother that she had been told to abort
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she chose not to, she was a woman of courage and faith. she spent a year in the hospital after his birth. but her son, my husband, became the joy of her life, and has been the rock of mine for over 30 years. stephanie: if there is a president fiorina you may want to upgrade your flip phone to a smart phone. she says that she will create a new app that will allow people to weigh in . p all you have to do is press 1 for yes and 2 for no. in meredith, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: fellow republican, former florida jeb bush spoke at a town hall in peterborough tonight. about a week after he had to call off an event there. >> is great to be here. i apologize we had to cancel the last time we were coming here. but it was snowing and there was eyes, it was dangerous, so we didn'
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tom: he talked about rebuilding the military and h views on america' s place as a world leader. it was the end of a three-day bush. john kasich spoke to thehamber of commerce for greater londonderry and salem. campaign stop tomorrow with eventsn exeter and hampton. shelley: a rubio returned to the granite state today. the republican presidential candidate will be in concord tomorrow for another townhall meeting. jim gilmore addressed legislators at the new hampshire statehouse today, a tradition foresidential candidates. the republican presidential candidate is a former governor of tom: this year marks the 100-th anniversary of the new hampshire primar so torrow night, we' re taking an in-depth look at the future of the process, as well as a
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and what has made it so special. first in the nation, 100 years of tradition airs tomorrow night at 7:00, heron. shelley comip on news 9 : tonight. the new year is off ta start for markets. the change in oil pricesex srts think signals that there could be other problems. tom: new guidelines on what we should be eating. mi: after a couple of nice, sunny days, clouds take over starting tomorrow. when light mixed showeivrr
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s economy. shelley: trading has resumed in china this morning and it appears it could be another volatile day. abc' s marcy gonzales reports. >> wall street stocks took a nose, plunging 392 ntficially putting the market into correction territor >> it' s a weird start to 2016. >> the worst day for the dow and 23 months. china'
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about 7% thursday after its currency fell to its lowest level against the dollarce march 2011. trading in china was automatically halted, setting off another slump in asian and european stocks. >> it' s a good bet that the chinese market is going to resume the losses the next time trading resumes. that will probably translate into further problems here in the u.s. market. >> oil prices hit their lowest level in 12 years. >> people are just not buying commodities. that suggests there are big problems in the global economy that we may not know about it. >> experts say don' t panic. >> just go out tie or something and don' t worry too much about this. >> the sve is we can take a step back. it' s only the beginning of january. we have a long way to go.
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find $2.7 million for violating rules to protect disabled passengers. the u.s. department of transportation said there was an increase in disability related complaints in 2014, saying the airline failed to quickly help disabled passengers get on and off lanes. the airlineas fine for five delays were passengers waited in planes on the tarmac. shelley: i isrn the leading cause of in new hampshire. nationwide, heart disease still kills more people. s annual report shows the cancer 1991. it predicts nearly 600,000 people will die from cancer this year. sugar is the new target of recommendations on how we should all be eating. the usda relea itspdated dietary guidelines today.
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guidelines are aimed to take -- if the focus to overall healthy eating patterns. the agency is urging americans to limit added sugars to less than 10% of total daily calories. >> one of the things we are learning is that added sugar is really bad for us. it' s linked to an increase in diabetes, it' s linked to obesity. the fda has proposed changes to the labels to make it easier to see the sugar that is inherently in that food and what is added. shelley: the usda mention caffeine for the f ir its report noting that moderate caffeine consumption is ok. i' m glad we got that all figured out. everything in moderation. tom: moderation as far as the weather is concerned.
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s monday and tuesday. here' time lapse in market square. temperatures have been cooling down. one spot that has not cool down is atop mount washington. first things first, the official sign cegrees after morning low of sevenere .ose to the record low 24 below setback in 1878. an interesting temperature pattern across new hampshire right now. take a look outside the coast, the warmest spot in the entire state is over 6000 feet up atop mount washington. mild air working upstairs and that will feed into it -- tracking temperatures cooling off quite a bit. skies are clear and the winds are light and near the ground the temperatures drop off white of it.
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north, teens and low 20' s elsewhere. upstairs in the atmosphere it' s not all thatd. tonight it will bottom out in the single digits in the great north woods. eight or so in the upper valley, teens for many and a few low 20' s right along the coast down through manchester nashua. surging up toward the great lakes and the ohio valleyly hat brings in warmer air by sunday and quite a bit of rain as opposed to snow. chillier back to the west but the arctic air will begin to build later in the week as temperatures will run above average through the weekend. in the middle of the coolir the real cold stuff back to the west will be an active jet stream flow for saturday morning but more impressively with some heavy rain on sunday.
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next week, no doubt about it. were getting back to where we were earlier this past week. maybe not as cold but close to it. a big ocean storm continues to move away. a light mixed showers van approaches late tomorrow night into saturday morning. ahead of that we ha o out for the morning commute tomorrow, low clouds and patchy fog may develop in concord in south. we cannot rule out a touch of ice, then the low clouds ou-i to north throughout the rest of the day in a light, spotty mix arriv later inhe day. the afternoon should be just fine on the rdsoa and ler tomorrow night into saturday morning it could be a little dicey on untreated surfaces.
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freezing drizzle and then sunday heavy rain hits. upper 40' s to maybe near 50 and then we cool down next week. the ski slopes will be able to absorb this and hopefully no more rain after that. jason: the celtics are in chicago
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jason celtics head coach brad stevens was not in chicago with the celtics tonight. stevens traveled to indiana to visit one of his former butler university players.
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cancer and was scheduled undergo a nesplant today. assistant coach jay larranaga filled in for stevens tonight agait thnsbulls. picking it up in the 1st quarter, bulls down 3, derrick rose comes off the screen, pulls up with the floater off the glass, bulls down one. 2nd quarter, cti isaiah thomas drives the lane and somehow gets the floater to fall over the big guys in the paint. he had 14 points. jae crowder finds some space and hits the step back jumhe had a team-high 17 for boston. jimmy butler had a big game for chicago. finished with the double-double, 19 points and 10 assists. the bulls pull away to win 101-92. they at memphis on top 25 hoops, sunday. michigan at number 20 purdue. michigan features duncan robinson, who is from new
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the sophomore shooting guard is the second best 3 point shooter in the nat here he pulls up in transition for his first three of the game. later in the first half, if you give him some space, he' ll make you pay. knocks down another, robinson finished with 10 points and 5 rebounds, but purdue wins it 87-70. michigan is 12-4. boys basketball, this is plymouth at merrimk valley. rm but it was the bobcats tha jumped out to the early lead.matt rossner finds connor nolan behind the defense, he lays it in. he finished with 16. merrimack valley nice look underneath to ian curtain for the easy bucket. then jake mulleavey is alone in the corner. heets the home bounce and it fas. at the oer end, rossner with another nice pass, this time to chad merrill on the baseline for a pair. plymouth wins -42. girls high school hockey this afternoon at jfk coliseum. coach jackie parker and her central little green hosting
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or the bobcats, in blue. ally marshall with a wrister that fdsinhe net a goal for the freshman. 2-0 oyster river. central comes back a nice move by mikayla nguyen to create space, then she scores on the backhand 2-1. it was 2-2 after one period. oyster river wins it 7-5. this weeks hometown hero is e sp t of curling. it's nashua' s elizabeth janiak. just 14-years-old, she is an 8th grader at presentation of mary academy. she praccetiher sport on the ice at nashua country club.abet has been curling since she was 7-years-old, but she really just began competative curling about a year ago. already she was named to compete the u.s. junior nationals later this month in minnesota. >> my ultimate guldwo be to take myelf as far in the competitive bracket as i can.
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want to continue curling for as long as i can. i would love to go to the olympics someday. >> good luck to elizabeth. you can see one of the wild-card games right here on wmur-tv. the chiefs and the texans. a big one for the patriots because they could play the winner of that game is cincinnati does not the pittsbghtom: still to come on news 9 tonight. don' t be disappointed if you didn' t win last night' s powerball jackpo shelley: you will get another
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shelley: to jackpot for saturday is already up to $700 million and it could go even higher. it' s setting a days after the paris attks, top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important and missed more total votes
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that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, e li ng wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class
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