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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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task. we begin with a developing story tonight, a salem neighborhood targeted by vandals for a second time and police believe the two crime sprees are connected. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. police say they received at least a dozen reports, but they expect to hear from more victims. andy hershberger is live in salem with our top story. reporter: disappointing is the record that i heard when i spoke with one resident who was hit with vandalism for the second time in the last few months. salem police say about a dozen homes and vehicles were targeted with spray paint graffiti. some of the graffiti was on scene, while some of it was just random markings. police say it happened sometime between last night and early this morning. and was centered in the norwood road area, the same area that was targeted several months ago.
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still open and they believe the same group is responsible for this most recent vandalism spree. >> back in august the same neighborhood was hit by vandals, same specific type of graffiti, same residents for the most part were hit. so we have the same victims. there was a message left on one of the garage doors in spray paint stating we're back. reporter: police say they don't have any specific suspects, but they do believe who ever is responsible for this may live in this same general area. they are asking anyone who may have information to call the salem police department. josh: the gorman accused of kidnapping a north conway teenager and holding her captive has lost his bid to have dozens out. jean: nathaniel kibby was indicted on 205 charges
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amy could convenient otherwise live in the newsroom with why kibby tried to get the lead prosecutor thrown off this case. reporter: associate attorney general jane young is the lead prosecutor in this case, and the a.g.'s office says that in december 014 kibby was recorded from jail in a phone conversation to a friend making lewd and violent threats against jane young. kibby's defense attorneys argued in november that jane young cannot be both a victim and a prosecutor. the motion was denied. >> this this is nathaniel kibby at superior court, november 17. the day-long motions hearing tackled 55 pieces of evidence the defense wanted tossed out before trial. kibby's attorney argued the state's search of his gorham trailer wasn't legal because police seized more items than were specified in the search warrants. among the items seized, two masks, sex toys, dvd's, cd's, computers and various firearms.
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the case told investigators in a sworn affidavit that kibby used a black and gold mask and a ball gag on her during some of the assaults. all of the motions to suppress were denied, with the exception of the firearms. the only weapons that the jury will see are the ones matching the description, the victim gave police which include a long gun and a handgun. court documents reveal prosecutors went back to the grand jury recently to amend the charges against kibby. the office would not elaborate on the 10 new indictments and kibby's defense attorney jesse freed man would only say they are reviewing the new court order carefully. the trial is set to begin in june. coming up at 6:00 the defense wants to access the medical records of the victim going back to her birth. we'll explain. josh: a sunapee man is behind bars after police say he drove more than four miles through concord hitting light posts,
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the night with a struggle with police, ultimately being tased. heather hamel is live now with more on how police believe his criminal behavior started with some aggressive panhandling at a city business. reporter: so far police have only charged cameron in connection with his driving, but they believe he was responsible for threatening people when they refused to give him money. >> complete lack of regard for the law. >> concord police say he went on a wild ride, hitting curbs and cars, and they think he began his night by threatening people. >> somebody had entered the store and said someone out there threatened to shoot us or use a gun on us if we didn't give him money. reporter: similar behavior at shaw's where a woman and son encountered a man. >> he said give me $60 or i'm going to hurt you.
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started coming in that meehan was driving erratically. weather the suspect rammed his truck multiple times, drove around him. >> the vehicle was operating with no lights on. reporter: he slammed into a snow bank and the prosecutor says officers were forced to tase him to get control. >> he fought with officers in the holding area, at one point took three or four officers to restrain mr. meehan. reporter: meehan blamed his actions on a drug addiction and asked to get out of jail to get help. >> to be released on bail to be with me family. reporter: the judge see bail at $0,000 but said she would consider p.r. if he gets into treatment. concord police still need to talk with the people who may have en count ored people at wal-mart and he could face more charges in regards to that.
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a live look at the clear skies in southern new hampshire, let's check in with chief meteorologist mike haddad for when snow is on the way. mike: temperatures have fallen quite a bit from yesterday's record highs in the 50's and many parts of new hampshire. right now we're back to average for this time of year, low 20's north, near 30 manchester, nashua and along the coast. take a look at the 4 hour temperature change, a -- the 24-hour temperature change, dropping 20 to 30 degrees in many spots. there's snow in the great north woods, portions of the upper region. could be a dusting to an inch between now and 9:00 this evening. all courtesy of lake effect snows to our west. there's another system in the upper great plans, this will be moving in our direction as we advance through time.
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slippery going for many. we'll break down the timeline on that straight ahead. josh: republican frontrunner donald trump was in the granite state today and still riding high in the polls, the spoke to a crowd of a few hundred people in windham. adam sexton is live with details about how trump was once again on the aattack. reporter: as usual there were a number of targets and a lot of talk about poll numbers in what is becoming trump's version of a stump speech. mr. trump spoke for about hand hour, he continues to raise questions about the senator cruz and whether he should be a nominee because he was born in canada. he also turned had his fire on democratic frontrunner hillary clinton saying he's hoping that bernie sanders can pull off the upset, setting up what he
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for him in the general election. >> please, f.b.i., please, go after hillary, i want to run against bernie. >> i want to run against bernie, that's my dream. that's my dream. report he made a stop at the red arrow diner, ordering the newton burker for lunch, beef patty topped with mac and cheese in sandwiches. trump also fired off some verbal vools at former governor sununu, we'll bring you his response at 6:00. josh: on wednesday chris christie will hold a town hall in goffstown. jeb bush, carly fiorina and john kasich are also scheduled to visit the granite state later this week. you can get all the latest
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jean: right now police are only looking for one of the women wanted in connection to an attempted robbery in manchester. 21-year-old julie lambert turned herself in yesterday and she appeared in court this morning. detectives are still trying to find 26-year-old amanda gurley, she's wanted for conspiracy to commit robbery. the incident happened on porter street last week, the 65-year-old vot 23-year-old michael bontaites. josh: police say the victim of thursday night's crash is 26-year-old cat -- cat arena simmons. she died from her injuries the next day. jean: let's see how things are looking tonight. we'll start with live pictures of 293 near exit 5.
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with a live look at the road home. >> we're off to a pretty good start. no problems on 93, a good raid all the way up to manchester. 293 is busy but going well. one accident, route 3 southbound at hooksett, route 3 and post road, a void that area if you can. further north, 93 is busy in both directions between manchester and concord, with some slight slowdowns at the exits in concord. 101 west congested through the 114 intersection. and the everett turnpike northbound starting to fill in between exits 10 and 11. hassle-free both ways between tolls. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. josh: coming up next, we have video of a fire fight that
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for a mexican drug lord to an en, and what sean penn is saying about his visit with him. jean: an american artist in italy is now involved in a murder investigation, after her apartment. returned. if it sticks around all week. >> it's a small church and we try to keep it running, so this is going to set, back big time. josh: a driver is facing charges after police say he crashed right through the wall a hudson church, causing all this damage. jean: now at 6:00, the secret service agent seriously injured in a crash that killed another driver is a married man tonight, why the and his fiancee decided
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josh: a couple of window washers are okay after the scaffolding they were working on brook loose from a high rise in texas. the two were rescued by firefighter this afternoon. fortunately neither of them were hurt. you're watching newly released video of the police raid at el chapo's hideout.
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jean: police say he was in the house during the raid but managed to escape and was later captured. today mexico began the process of extraditing the drug lord to the u.s. reporter: the daring attempt to recapture el chapo. this newly released video shows mexican marines going after the blazing. at other times crouched down taking cover. el chapo, joaquin guzman, is now back inside mexico's highest security prison, the same one he managed to escape from six months ago. but this time he's being held in solitary confinement. the mexican attorney general now says it could take at least a year to extradite el chapo to the u.s. this interview is what led to his recapture according to officials. sean penn questioned the drug lord for rolling stone magazine
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el chapo was trying to land a movie deal about his life, shopping the idea around to hollywood producers and actors, recording this video. but mexican authorities were tracking penn during his visit with el chapo. at the golden globes, celebrities said it is not uncommon for actors to have meetings like this one. >> i know a lot serious actors and filmmakers who have been having meetings like this forever. >> incredibly fascinating as an artist. reporter: sean penn defended his interview, telling the associated press he has nothing to hide. toes the white house commended mects can authorties for bravery in the attempt to capture el chapo. it's been a high priority for both governments. jean: new developments in the death of an american artist in italy. it is now a murder investigation.
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found in her represented florence apartment after her boyfriend told police he was concerned that he hadn't heard from her. she was last seen on thursday at a florence night club. the man accused of murdering the little girl once known to the world as baby doe pleaded not guilty today. michael mccarthy is now being held without bail. mccarthy is the boyfriend to the mother of 2-year-old bella bond. her body washed up on deer island in massachusetts. rachel bond is accused of body. she's being held on a $1 million cash bail. josh: now to the weather, and your eyes are not deceiving you there. that is a car frozen in ice due to frigid temperatures in hamburg, new york. not far from buffalo. can you see the icicles extending from the rear view
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owner's reaction. mike: want an excuse out of work or anything else? there you go, just can't get there from here. take a look at the big lake, you know, you can't get there on ice because look at the open water that remains on the big lake. an amazing stretch of mild temperatures, but we have now entered a seasonably chilly pattern and that will boost our temperatures while only near freezing at the warmest over the next couple days and mark the coldest week we've seen so far this season. with temperatures again sitting very close to where they should for this time of year. flakes continue to fly up north, most of these are lake enhanced. from a band of snow just south of watertown, new york. some moisture. so some of them are enhance bid terrain and others enhanced by
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anything up north is on the light side, they'll tend to wind down in the next two or three hours after that initial dusting to maybe an inch in spots. another system back in portions of the midwest and the great lakes states, at least the western great lakes, this system will dive towards new hampshire by tomorrow afternoon. so after a dry period overnight and a dry morning commute, things will change for tomorrow afternoon. especially after 2:00 or 3:00. i think bus stops, the bus rides to and from school will be okay. but for those traveling home after three, the roads could turn a little slippery. right now it's close to the norm for this time of year, colder in the monadnock region. lake sunapee stretch between 20 and 25. we've seen a big drop compared to yesterday when some spots were in the 50's.
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region. it's been a very windy day throughout and right now the win chills are lining up in the single digits and teens in many spots, just a bit above that in downtown manchester. overnight tonight, fair skies will develop after any flakes end up north. look for temperatures to dip back to seasonably chilly levels, three or four above in the great north woods and about 10 oh to 15 elsewhere. the cold air has worked in all the way through the great lakes into the midwest, a nice mild stuff we enjoyed yesterday, maybe you didn't enjoy it because of the rain. that is squashed to our south and not coming back any time soon. so a favorable pattern not only to make snow but for it to stick around for quite some time. in terms of the next system marches in tomorrow, it's dry for the morning commute, dry through lunch time, shortly after one or two we'll start to see light snow overspreading the upper valley, and points north. shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon some light snow will
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so by the evening commute many parts of the state will be getting light to moderate snow. out of here by 10:00 tomorrow night as it scoots off to the east. a couple lighter band of snow may work through overnight. so all told by the time we get through later tomorrow night early wednesday morning it's a general light snowfall of an inch or two, could be an isolated spot of three. highest amounts to our north and northeast, with some spots getting up over a half foot in portions of central and eastern maine. so flakes will end up north, tomorrow we've got sunshine early, clouds take over, light snow in the afternoon again slippery going on the roads once we get past two or 3:00, especially in the evening and into the overnight. a few lingering flakes up north on wednesday. dry through friday, maybe a stronger storm along about the weekend, especially saturday afternoon and saturday night. jean: music fans around the world are remembering a music
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josh: magnificent superstar and genius are just some of the words being used to describe bowie.
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is the economy rigged? acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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josh: legendary singer david bowie passed away last night after a battle with cancer. >> an astronaut on board the international space station tweeted, saddened to hear david bowie has lost his battle with cancer. his music was an inspiration to many. elizabeth hur has more. reporter: for decades, legendary musician david bowie entertained audiences around the world. with favorites, including his first hit "changes." >> he was a renaissance man, he was a superstar and i truly believe that david bowie's death will be on a par with jfk's, with elvis'.
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the singer was magnificent. >> today we're mourning the loss of an immense british talent. genius is an overused word, but i think creatively, artistic list he was a genius. reporter: born david jones in london, his unique sound and musicians. from singing to acting, he did it all. starring in movies like the hunger and the man who fell to earth. just last friday, on his 69th birthday, he released his 25th and final album. the album reportedly a carefully planned finale, a parting gift to his fans. bowie is survived by his wife and two children. in a statement his family said he died peacefully late last
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18-month battle with cancer. josh: a couple in new hampshire is stepping forward to help a philadelphia police officer who was ambushed in his patrol car. up next, their connection to the officer and how you can help in his long road to recovery. jean: and an issue important to voters that isn't being talked about much, why incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week
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you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> we're going to need some help to get this taken care of. josh: a driver is charged with d.w.i. after his jeep ends up inside this hudson church. jean: new developments in the battle over the gun used to kill greg smart. the state's response after the owner asked the judge to reconsider. mike: flakes are falling in some spots right now, light snow will fall for many tomorrow. a look at the timeline ahead. josh: oh, what a prize it will be, more than a billion dollars and till growing, we'll have a look at the powerball jackpot
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off the top tonight, a driver is facing a drunk driving charge after crashing into this exphuch causing -- crashing into this church and causing a lot of damage. jean: it crashed into the community room, which no one was in at the time. parishioners. >> this is a small church with only about 20 members and they hall. >> we're going to need some help to get this taken care of. reporter: this was the scene that greeted parishioners of the hudson community church. according to police, 47-year-old eddy garcia of nashua crashed his jeep through the window around five in the morning. >> i just prayed to god that nobody got hurt. reporter: that prayer was answered. however, garcia was arrested and charged with suspicion of driving while intoxicated, and leaving parishioners with a huge mess to clean up. >> discouraging.
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we try to keep it running, so this is going to set everything back big time. reporter: in be the community hall there was food in boxes for those in need. one of the church's outreach programs. >> tuesday, wednesday and thursday we have a hot lunch program for free for homeless or anyone who wants to drop by. reporter: the crash has put those programs in jeopardy. >> right now i got my car full of pastries. we're going to have to do a different way of getting people some food. reporter: and parishioners aren't sure if there was any structural damage to the hall. cracked. so i imagine there's going to be some. reporter: the church does have insurance, but parishioners are worried about what a claim will do that their rates, and they're concerned with the building exposed to the elements that there will be additional problems such as bursting pipes. desight all the damage, parishioners say they feel
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if this had happened a few hours later, there would have been people by that window. ray brewer, wmur news 9. jean: we're hearing from the state in a gun owner's efforts to get back the weapon used to murder gregg smart in 1990. in response to the most recent motion asking a judge to reconsider the decision not to return the firearm, the state argues the gun should remain held as evidence to ensure the conviction of gregg smart's wife pam smart is upheld. latime claims his firearm is lawfully his. the judge has yet to rule on this latest objection. josh: tonight police in philadelphia and the f.b.i. continue to investigate the shooting of an officer by a man who authorities say told them he was following a law and pledged allegiance to isis. they say he shot officer hartnett three times in his patrol car last week. jean: now hartnett is getting a helping has been from two friends in new hampshire.
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the couple in berlin, raising money to help pay medical costs. >> he's a really good guy. i have so many wonderful memories of him when we were younger. reporter: mike met jet e hartnett when he first served in the coast guard in 2002. jesse was far from home. >> he had a little bit of, i guess, fear of being away from home and just a new thing, and i did too, so we really hit it off, kind of being able to mentor each other and support each other. we became really good friends. reporter: mike and kirsten live here in berlin, but they get down to pennsylvania to visit jesse when ever they k. but on friday they got some terrible news. thursday night in philadelphia a gunman ran up to officer hartnett and fired at least 13 bullets into his patrol car at point blank range. kirsten was working at the
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>> you hear of these stories of police officers and firemen and service members and the things they go through, and they're, in their regular line of work and you never expect it to happen to someone that you know. reporter: jesse was reportedly shot three times in the arm, but surveillance video shows him chasing after the suspect. >> he's a superhero in disguise. he's always been that way. reporter: mike talked to jesse monday and says he's in high spirits, but seriously injured. they started a gofundme page for him and have seen a big response. >> just people around the country, it's been overwhelming. reporter: stephanie woods, wmur news 9. josh: commitment 2016, in the eight weeks leading up to the presidential primary we're focusing on the eight biggest issues facing the country. jean: so far education hasn't been a big talker in the race for president. nikole killion explains why.
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terror to the economy dominating headlines, education is still at the head of the class for many voters. >> historically education has been a really important issue. reporter: policy expert milk -- rick hess. >> people care about social security, health care, road and bridges and they care a lot about schools and colleges. but how much they focus on these things depends on how the election plays out. >> when we look at data on how satisfied people are with the public schools, they tend to assign quite favorable ratings to the schools in atheir local community, even if nay express concern with school nationally. reporter: topping the list, the cost of higher education, charter schools and controversial academic standards like common core. >> republicans are hugely concerned about obamaer row overreach. democrats have generally been luke warm on it or split over it. reporter: something tomorrows
5:33 pm
left behind, signed into law by president obama this past winter. >> that really should be why the conversation about education policy is taking place in the 2016 election cycle. reporter: another issue, standardized testing, president obama has already recommended limits, while an annual survey find both democrats and republicans agree there's too much emphasis on it. in washington, nikole killion reporting. josh: we want to know what you think the federal government's role should be in public education. head over to our facebook page right now to answer our eight weeks eight issues question, and also share it with your friends. plus you can go to or under the politics section of our mobile app to see where all the presidential candidates stand on this issue as well as other important issues. jean: new hampshire voters had the chance to interact with presidential hopefuls from the both sides of the ail today. the group no labels hosted a
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nonprofit led by former utah governor huntsman and senator lieberman. christie and o'malley both spoke by satellite. o'malley criticized the group forgiving donald trump a problem solver award. he says trump's ideas are divisive and fascist and go against the pledge the group asked candidates to make. >> within the first 30 days of bringing together both parties, leaders from both parties in congress, to get to work on at least one of these goals, which have to do with the budget, social security and medicare, energy security, and jobs. jean: so far republicans christie, carson, kasich, trump and paul along with democrat oh solver pledge. still ahead tonight at 5:00, prices at the pumps continue to drop. how low experts say they could go before bottoming out. josh: you're in the market for an iconic mansion?
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there is a catch that could make it a deal breaker for some. mike: the feel of winter sticking around this week. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. jean: let's check today's
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up, picking up 52 points. the s&p picked up just one point. and the nasdaq down by five. as the national price for gas continues to drop below $2, experts say it is very likely we will see gas prices fall to a dollar a gallon, that hasn't happened since 1999. according to triple a, gas prices in eleven states are now below 1.80 a gallon. missouri has the lowest price at 1.65. josh: in an attempt to drum up business, uber is offering discounts to riders starting this weekend. january is a slow month, so a lot of people are staying in and as a result that means fewer drivers. up next at 5:30, soaring off the charts, right? my head is spinning.
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heights every day. jean: also, another local runner will be competing at the olympic trials coming up next month and you'll hear from her later in
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but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. josh: a test for cancer getting financial backing from two of the world's richest people.
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giving money to a company called grail, which is developing a blood test that can detect many types of cancer that uses a technique which scans the blood for signs of cancer d.n.a. which can indicate a tumor is forming. it hopes to have this test available by 2019. mike: those temperatures way up there yesterday, into the 50's in many spots, record highs, broke a record along the coast. market square we've seen a fair amount of sunshine a good part of the day, but deceiving sun at that. gusty winds adding an extra bite to the air today, putting the feel-like read things the teens and 20's. certainly feels the part of winter, and in some spots it looks the part because snow showers continue to fly from the lee of the great lakes with those strong winds and some of that moisture surviving into new hampshire, very rare, but it does happen on occasion when the
5:41 pm
some of the snow guns make their way into parts of new hampshire. but as the wind go lighter later tonight, those snow showers will diminish after an additional dusting to an inch in some spots. right now most of them hitting the great north woods, scattered in nature. down through the heart of the white mountains and after that it really dries up with just a lone flurry or two possible elsewhere through the heart of the lakes region. dries out in the central great lakes, but then another system with a lot of energy in the atmosphere beginning to build towards minneapolis. this will be over new hampshire by the mid to late afternoon commute tomorrow. so it should be dry in central and southern areas tonight through lunch time, early afternoon tomorrow. right now we're in the mid to upper 20's. factor in the winds it feels colder. tonight temperatures will fall back to seasonably cold levels, three, four, five in the great
5:42 pm
let's take a look at future cast. show the unsettled weather moving in our direction, road should be in fine shape, especially south of the white mountains, overnight tonight, and into about 1:00 or 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. shortly after that time frame, that's when the next system approaches, not a whole lot of snow, but just enough to make it slick out there, anywhere from the north country right down through southern parts of the state. there may, just a 10% shot, be i little mixing along shore roads as temperatures scoot into the mid 30's. once we get past late evening that shifts to the east, we start to see lingering snow showers back to the west that may move on in. all told by later on tomorrow night, a general one to two spot three-inch amount in many spots, could be a little more. anywhere from the great north woods through the mount washington valley down to ossipee, rochester and points east into western maine and higher amounts in central and
5:43 pm
really cranks up, but a little bit too late to give us a heavy dumping of snow. having said that, again one to three enough to make it slick out there mid afternoon through later tomorrow night. then mostly dry on wednesday, lingering snow showers in the north country, dry and cold for friday. then another storm will approach on saturday, looks like snow for many, maybe some mixing in southern areas. you get the idea. things are turning around a little bit. josh: i'm looking for a secret code in those numbers. mike: i think you're going to get it. vanderpump the jackpot is ridiculous, powerball this is, now up to 1.4 billion. jean: it's the biggest prize never the entire world, so big in fact the powerball signs don't go any higher. reporter: the powerball grand monday. after no one matched all six
5:44 pm
$949 million prize. there were some million dollar winners, though, someone in massachusetts. >> hopefully it's one of our regulars. too. >> maybe me, i come here all the reporter: others still thinking about how they would spend the big winnings. >> pay off bills, live very life. >> pass the money around, you can't spend it all. reporter: but turns out winning a stash can be squandered with stunning speed. 70% of people who hit it big lose big within a few years. the odds of winning are still one in 292 million, yes, you're still more likely to get attacked by a shark or struck by lightning. but here's a virginia man whose car was struck by lightning and who is playing powerball with a message of hope. >> the reality is, people do get hit by lightning, they do get bit by sharks, all that sort of thing, so it is possible to be that one in 200 million person
5:45 pm
reporter: and don't be be fooled by signs like this. with a jackpot over a billion, the issue is the signs weren't made to display a prize that big. jean: we'll be bringing you the drawing live wednesday night at 11:00. continues in new york against the rangers tonight. boston has lost six of its last eight games. the u.s.a. olympic marathon trials are coming up february 13 in los angeles. the top three male and female finishers will make up our olympic team for this summer's games. there are six new hampshire athletes that have qualified for the trials, and this is one of them, keelie maguire qualified in florida last weekend, in l.a. she'll be running her first marathon.
5:46 pm
the radar that i might be able to do, so when you finally actually do it, it feels really good, feels like the sacrifice you made and the hard work finally paid off. it's going to be really exciting. i'm going there mainly for the experience. there's not really a possible that i would qualify for the team. just to be in that venue with those athletes is an honor in itself. >> there it is, that's what they football playoff national championship trophy, alabama against clemson. in glendale, arizona at 8:30. alabama at this point is a 6.5 point favorite. jean: big game. thanks, jason. josh: the iconic playboy mansion is up for sale. jean: but it comes with a big catch what you have to agree to money. tom: coming up tonight, vandals strike again in a salem neighborhood damaging homes and
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they did last summer. the reward now being offered to find who ever is responsible. and a decision on the evidence that will be admissible in the upcoming kidnapping trial of nathaniel kibby. the 45-page ruling just released
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new day for america is responsible for the content of who do you like in this election? not sure yet. whoever gets something done. we've gone from eight billion in the hole, to two billion in the black. we've cut taxes and we're growing from a loss of three hundred fifty thousand jobs, to a gain three hundred forty-seven thousand jobs. what do you think? kasich. kasich. kasich. that's a funny name. he brought back jobs both from china as well as mexico and i don't believe another candidate can say that. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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josh: if you win the $1.4 billion powerball jackpot, you can buy a lot of things. and that includes the iconic playboy mansion. jean: it's up for sale. the property and home to hugh hefner is listed for $200 million. one catch to the sale, hugh hefner will continue to live and work there even after it's sold. the five-acre property features 29 rooms, a game house, a home theater, and the famous swimming pool. and hugh, of course.
5:51 pm
tom: vandals strike again in a salem neighborhood, this time taunting their targets. jennifer: some of testified against a man accused of kidnapping and torturing a
5:52 pm
out, but most of it will be used against him at trial. mike: that that the winter chill is back, snow chances begin to increase, where flakes are falling right now plus when more snow moves in. tom: and donald trump singles it another new hampshire state man, but this political veteran is swinging back. >> i've watched him make a fool of himself for so long. >> donald trump is the cheapest political bye in the game. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: tonight another round of of vandalism in a salem neighborhood, and police think the people responsible probably live nearby. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. the target here, an area around norwood road, the same spot hit in a previous vandalism spree. andy hershberger has more from salem. reporter: police say that many of the victims were the same people targeted by another round
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