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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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adam: "luck tin tin," take one. hey, kid! give me your money! hey, who are you? [ grunts ] luck tin tin! save me! luck tin tin, attack! oh, yeah! luck tin tin! pa-pow! pow! aah! oh, no! no! no! no! don't hurt me! [ whimpering ] hey, who are you? give me your money -- no! no, get away! aah! luck tin tin! save me! [ indistinct shouting ] luck tin tin, help me! help! lucky! shelley: now at 11:00, a state police cruiser was one of the vehicles involved in
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the scary collision that sent the cruiser flying nearly 300 feet. mike: after a snowy evening, some drier air moves in overnight in parts of new hampshire. what follows tomorrow and the rest of the week, ahead. tom: one person is dead and an historic church heavily damaged after a fire in grafton. the recent dispute involving the building. shelley: president obama delivers his final state of the union address and laid out some bipartisan goals. >> and helping people who are battling prescription drug abuse and heroin abuse . shelley: the vision the president laid out for his last year in the white house. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: the system that brought us some evening snow is moving out at this hour. you'
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where you can see the roads are a bit snow-covered. good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: i' m shelley walcott. for an update on how much snow we saw, and when it will be done falling. we start with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: on average, about a two or three inch total in many spots. the highest amounts were in our eastern ports inch -- portions of the state. isolated six inch amounts around bartlett in up toward jackson. one more batch of snow showers coaching from the west. we cannot rule out one more coding of snow in central and southern new hampshire. in the north country, snow showers will become more dominant during the overnight and tomorrow morning, more widespread than in central and southern new hampshire area that means a greater shot of an additional coding of an inch or two in the mountains of the north. what is widespread right now is
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/and snow-covered roads will lead to sleep travel in many spots relate tomorrow morning. snow chance in a little bit. shelley: as mike said, it was all about the timing of this snow. it wasn' t a lot, but it fell at a time when a lot of people were driving and caused some s adam sexton has been out all night and joins us live from pelham. adam: not much accumulation out here at all, but what did all but certainly problematic for drivers who did not adjust to the conditions. in londonderry, a three car fender bender was no injuries. police say the chain reaction started one vehicle spinning its wheels trying to get up the hill. another coming down lost control and ran into it. over and stratham, a driver slid off the road due to slippery conditions, suffering minor injuries.
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crashed on sherbet road, closing it down for a time. on i-89, near mile marker 17 a tractor-trailer lost control and ran into the back of the state police cruiser. the driver of the big rig ran from the scene and is still wanted at this hour. police and hampstead are investigating a serious crash in which a pedestrian ended up pinned underneath the vehicle. it appeared to be quite serious. all around the state, not much snow but certainly a rough time out on the roads. adam sexton, debbie him you are news 9. tom: one man has died in a fire that swept through a historic church in grafton today. fire investigators are not releasing his identity, but say the man who lives there remains unaccounted for tonight. jean mackin joins us live with what we are learning. jean: firefighters were on the
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s body inside. they were delayed because of structural concerns over this old church, built more than 200 years ago. control and the search for the cause of this deadly fire around 11:00 am tuesday, firefighters were called to the s town green. within a few hours, flames here since 1798. inside, firefighters and the s office found the body of a man. >> we are not in a position to release any details about the victim at this point. it's a male victim. that' s as far as we are willing to go. jean: neighbors say one man has been living here. the fire chief referred to him as the pastor. both his cars are still on the property. >> he would be out there in the yard all the time, messing with stuff out there. he had displays and christmas things. he was a really nice guy. jean: a town selectman says a
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building about 5 years ago and become a church called ' assembly.' the selectman says just last week, the town made the first move to take back the building because of a dispute over unpaid now fire investigators must figure out how the deadly fire started at this grafton landmark and what can be salvaged. >> the bell tower structure is intact and there is an old historic bell inside of it. i think we did a fantastic job with the mutual aid. jean: a detour around the fire scene on route 4 in grafton will remain in place as fire morning to search for a cause. live in the studio, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: president obama delivered his final state of the
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he encouraged lawmakers to find common ground to make more progress. wmur' s aixa diaz is live in washington d.c. question night the president centered his speech around four points, the economy, climate change, national security, and politics. >> the president of the united states. >> president obama entered the house chamber to deliver his final state of the union address. >> we live at a time of change that is reshaping the way we live, work, our planet, our place in the world. >> he touched on domestic issues like making college affordable and strengthening social security and medicare. >> anyone claiming that america' s economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> he talked about climate change.
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transition away from old, dirty or energy sources. >> he called on congress to take action in the fight against terror. >> if you want to send a message to our troops and the world on the rise in military force against isis. take them out. place in rational, constructive debates and fix our policies. >> when even basic facts are contested, or when we listen only to those who agree with us. >> the president ended the speech with an optimistic tone, asking people to vote, speak out , and stand up for those who are weak and vulnerable. shelley: did he put forward any new proposals are talk about new effective actions? >> he did mention briefly the plan to protect more children from gun violence. he touched on that and still wanting to fix a broken
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not put forth anything new. however, he did say he' s putting the vice president in charge of a national effort to find a cure for cancer. tom cole in south carolina governor nikki haley deliver the republican party' s response. she said while democrats shoulder the most on stability for the country' s problems, both parties played a role. >> there is more than enough blame to go around. we need to accept that we' ve played a role in how and why our government is broken, and then we need to fix it. tom: senator kelly ayotte said she is encouraged that the president mentioned the heroin
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>> he has -- they have tested to ballistic missiles and fired a rocket at one of our aircraft carriers, yet he is still touting his success in this agreement. i do not think sanctions should be lifted and certainly my prayers remain with the sailors right now that iran is holding. we want them brought safely home. tom: senator jeanne shaheen says she' s pleased president obama spoke directly to congress about the need to work together to change the political system, and she' s glad he started his speech by addressing the nation' s drug problem. >> i was particularly pleased as someone from new hampshire where we are dealing with the prescription drug and heroin epidemic to hear him start with that and talk about the importance of addressing that at the national level, which i think we got to do. shelley: frank guinta says the president' s speech shows he did not live up to voters expectations over the last seven
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in a statement, he said the broken promises and poor results can point us in a better direction to renewed commitment to policies of economic read him and international leadership, and we are still waiting on reaction from democratic representative annie kuster. tom: 10 navy sailors are being held in iran tonight. iranian authorities accused the sailors of trespassing after two small boats drifted into iranian waters. u.s. officials say the boats had a mechanical failure near farsi island, where iranian crews took them into custody. tomorrow morning, the crew is expected to be allowed to transfer to a u.s. boat. shelley: new presidential primary polls are giving us a snapshot of where new hampshire voters stand. coming up on news 9 tonight. the divide between how many republican voters have already decided on their candidate and tom: it' s the biggest lottery prize ever in the u.s. and
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the challenge stores are facing with so many people taking a chance at the jackpot. mike: a windy and cold wednesday
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shelley: in commitment 2016, the latest poll of the new hampshire democratic primary shows senator bernie sanders with a 14-point lead over hillary clinton. in the the monmonth university poll, 52% of likely democratic voters voters say they' ve made up their minds on who to support - up from 35% two months ago. on the republican side, only a third of voters have definitively decided who they' ll support when they vote. the monmouth university poll shows donald trump leading the field at 32%. three candidates are fighting for second place senator ted cruz, governor john kasich, and senator marco rubio. no other candidates had double-digit support. republican presidential candidate ted cruz campaigned in new hampshire today. tom: tonight in londonderry, he held a town hall that he billed as his state of the union looking ahead to what he' d do if elected. >> in 2018, let me tell you how i hope the state of the union goes.
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of the union is strong. earlier today, cruz held a rally in support of the second amendment. shelley: former first daughter chelsea clinton was in new hampshire today to campaign on behalf of her mom, hillary clinton. while visiting clinton headquarters in salem, chelsea mentioned the issues that are most important to her this election, including a woman' s right to choose, the chance for everyone to go to college and early childhood education. tom: police in massachusetts are warning people about a dating app scam after two men were attacked. in two different cases, a man was planning to meet a woman for a date in worcester. instead, they were confronted by two men and robbed. one of the victims was stabbed and is expected to be o.k.. officers say both instances happened on the meet-me app. bedford police are looking for a man who tried to burglarize a home today. officers say a homeowner on donald street reported a man
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off. anyone who has information is asked to call bedford police. shelley: all across the country, the lines are long for people playing powerball. but this had let to an unexpected problem for retailers and the rush is on to get the issue fixed. at some convenience stores powerball fever, has had an unexpected complication, a shortage of play slip tickets. new hampshire lottery told us through a spokesman that the dramatic increase of powerball players, has led to stores running out of the forms used by people who like to pick their own numbers. it happened at klemm' s mobil in windham, >> we were out all day yesterday just manually doing it for the people that had their numbers already that. shelley: new hampshire lottery says they ordered a half million play slip set will he delivered
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drawing. retailers say they cannot come soon enough. >> it gets worrisome because you going to have to put it in manually and it gets so big. >> the vast majority of powerball players are not affected. lottery officials tell us 75% of players let the machine pick their numbers. and now that klemm' s mobil has replenished their place slips, they are more than ready to roll, with this historic powerball. are you going to be happy when this lottery is won? >> yes, i' ll be relieved. i think we will all be relieved. and of course, you can watch the powerball drawing live right here on wmur tomorrow at 11:00. we are excited. hopefully someone wins.
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that would be something else. tom: someone has to win quick. mike: bartlett near jackson, said -- six inches of snow. take a look at the coast right now and through a good part of the day. dry air giving way to some wet slowed -- wet snow during the late afternoon and early evening. parts of the road in market square, then a changeover to rain during the early part of the evening. behind that the winds background to the northwest. dan spots on the road that will tend to freeze up during the overnight. the steady snow is over. as for temperatures, all below freezing and basically this means any standing water,/or snow will stay put in frozen form during the next several hours right through early
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some cold air gets ready to build in for tomorrow. much warmer than where they are right now, upper teens more to around 30 along the coastline. of that it' s relatively dry but not completely. here is the reason why. the area of whether that triggered the storm off to the east of new hampshire now, the energy is still backed the west and as a slowly moves through it may trigger a few more widely scattered flakes, flurries, passing snow shower from the lakes on south and a better chance of accumulation of north. not a lot going on now but snow showers in southern vermont may survive the trip in here. even though the steady snow is gone, better chance of snow showers through the overnight in tomorrow morning. even through midday, we could see snow on and off maybe
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it will be unsettled up north right through good part of the day tomorrow. gusty winds cranking up for daybreak and that will bring out the available moisture and dried up completely in central southern new hampshire. most of the clouds up north with lingering flakes of snow. could see a few scattered flurries thursday afternoon, not a whole lot terms of snow but there could be another dusting in a few spots as a weak disturbance moves through and a stronger one approaches in time for the first half of the weekend. take a look at these wind gusts airing tomorrow morning, right through the lunchtime hour, possibly over 40 miles per hour. again, these are projected wind gusts. steady winds will be 50-30, some over 40. we could see a few scattered power outages and wednesday night or thursday morning those
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highs tomorrow, upper teens north, near 30 along the coast, the knowledge of a big shift in those temperatures between now and tomorrow afternoon. a couple of snow showers, a better chance in the north country and maybe a passing snow shower up until 3:00 in the morning. windy and cold, 28 will feel much lower with the wind chill. not too bad thursday into friday. another storm approaches on saturday in a blitz of snow and mixed precipitation in southern new hampshire and lighter snow farther north you go, rain ending it snow in time for the big pats playoff game in foxborough saturday afternoon. starting his reign, maybe a mix of snow. let' s take a look at what' s
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jamie: the celtics trying is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich provide living wages for working people, the middle class unless we level
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we will. (donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic feedback) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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jamie: coming in, 3 straight losses for the boston celtics the guys were out to change that and the guys were out to change that tonight for sure, as they took on the ny knicks at madison square garden. boston about to play 4 games in 5 days busy stretch and they wanted to get off to a good start. carmello anthony, who came out hot hist a 3 pointer 8-6 ny anthony with sprained his ankle and didn' t play in the second half. talking about bad defense avery bradley throws down a wide open
11:31 pm
the knicks were up by 10 at the half, 59-49 isiah thomas was on fire in this one knocks down a 3 here in the third quarter. he finished with 34. how bout this effort by jared sullinger drives in the lane and gets fouled, but scores off-glass anyway, as he falls to the court in a three-point play. but the knicks pull it out a final second dunk seals it. knicks win 120-114 4 straight boston losses they host the pacers tomorrow night top 25 college hoops number 4 maryland against duncan robinson and michigan. robinson is from new castle new hampshire. this is what he does, knocks down 3 pointers, duncan robinson. later in the first half, he scored 9 straight points for michigan. a huge win for the wolverines. right now on our website a long feature story on wenyen gabriel, written by our allen lessels. the manchester basketball star
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basketball team. learn all about him with that story there. next year we will cover all the kentucky games. tonight they hosted mississippi state. kentucky hot from 3 early. tyler ulis hits the 3. score, 22-10 uk. ulis makes a crazy free throw. watch how many times it goes around. final score, 80-74 uk. wildcats are 13-3. the number one team in the nation lost tonight. that would be kansas, playing at number 11 west virginia 2nd half, west virginia up 9. , devin williams picks off the pass on the steal and then finishes the break with a dunk. then jaysean page with a steal and the exclamation point on the win is another big slam. west virginia wins 74-63. first win by the mountaineers over a #1 team since they beat unlv in 1983. high school basketball in the granite state. this is john stark taking on the timberlane owls. timberlane in white. nice play here. cooper gorski drives the baseline and finds egan nickerson wide open. nickerson buries the 3.
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