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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 16, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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plus which areas see rain and snow. tom: parents say a town administrator went too far. >> it is not funny. is not a joke. it makes me sick. tom cole in the discussion that led him to graphically described a school shooting. jeff bush returns to the granite state. the comparison he is drawing between himself and donald trump. he season picking up. how skiers and boarders are crossing their fingers for snow. flex no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news nine tonight. tom: at 11:00, we are a few hours away from a storm that will make for a messy saturday morning. you' re looking live at a quiet manchester right now where it is 32 degrees. good evening, i' m tom griffith. there' s a mix of rain and snow on the way for tomorrow. let'
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meteorologist mike haddad for a look at when it starts and what it will bring. mike: a real wintry mess. some parts snow. other parts, rain. the radar scopes are nice and quiet but not to our down to the south. new york city, philadelphia. down towards the capital. steady rain. primarily rain right now. once it part -- once it b umps, the brunt of the storm moves in tomorrow morning. by 7:00 a.m., this is basically how the radar should look with rain south and east. a few pockets of freezing rain. temperatures near 32. the mix, further north and west. snow in the mountains. as precipitation increases, it will drag down cold air and change things to snow, all the
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how much to expect much more in a few minutes. tom: there' s controversy tonight over comments made at a public meeting by the chair of the hampstead budget committee where he talked about shooting school children. it was in the context of school safety but some are saying it was offensive and unnecessary. wmur' s kristen carosa reports from hampstead. kristen: these comments were made on thursday night so people are still trying to process what was said, but according to the school' s superintendent, right now, it' s pure outrage. >> i would hide behind them and have a field day. >> anytime someone talks about a school shooting, any time you talk about violence towards our kids, it is not funny, it is not a joke and it makes me sick. kristin
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s advisory committee was having a discussion about eliminating mobile classrooms behind the hampstead central school to increase student safety. during that time, advisory budget committee chairman jorge mesa-tejada said renovations would not make the school any safer and described how he would commit a mass murder at the school. >> based on my marine core training, if i' m to do harm i , wouldn' t do it as they go from the main building, i would wait until recess, i would hide in behind them and i would have a field day. >> i couldn' t even begin to explain how someone goes from a discussion about a bond article to detailing how he would commit a mass shooting at our elementary school, so i can' t speak to him and his mentality as to how he got there. i can only say i was very disturbed. kristen: mesa-tejada has been banned from school property, fields and playgrounds.
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outraged, those are some emotions that come to mind, both as a parent of children in the school district and as the superintendent. kristen: the superintendent says mesa-tejada has worked as an elected official for decades and has been warned before about certain comments he has made but the superintendent says he has never taken it to this level. >> anybody that puts our children' s safety at risk i don' t think is fit to serve in any public capacity. kristen: news 9 did the spec to speak with him. he didn' t answer his door or phone. tom: the state' s drug czar announced his resignation this afternoon. jack wozmak was appointed to the job more than a year ago to help fight the heroin crisis in new hampshire. today, he told the governor that his last day will be february first. wozmak was criticized for taking too long to reach out to police and not doing enough to discuss the opioid crisis with doctors. the governor' s spokesperson says she plans to fill the position
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the white house is also taking on the nation' s heroin and opioid abuse problem. agriculture secretary tom vilsack will head an effort looking into issues facing small towns. he' ll also address increasing suicide rates, declining physical and mental health, and heightened financial stress. several candidates are in new hampshire as the days dwindle to the new hampshire primary. as february 9 approaches, the campaigns heat up. wmur' s jean mackin begins our commitment 2016 coverage on the trail with jeb bush. mr. bush: i appreciate, this is my 21st visit to new hampshire. i' m coming back. jean: fresh off the debate stage, jeb bush headed back to new hampshire. earlier friday he accepted the endorsement of former contender senator lindsey graham. and tried to win over new
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mr. bush: if i am the antitru mp, if you will, that tries to restore dignity, leadership, i would love that role. jean: he assured voters he' d work across the aisle to get things done in washington intent on building the military, and targeting terrorists. in an exclusive interview with wmur, bush said his strategy is to outwork everybody, with his his daughter noelle is on this family at his side. trip. how important is your finish. mr. bush: it is important for everybody because this is the one place where every candidate gets tested. jean: jeb bush has 2 town halls saturday in amherst and hampstead and a four-day blitz starting wednesday.
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rubio' s first stop after last night' s republican debate. he wrapped up today' s campaigning with a town hall meeting in claremont. earlier, he toured gun manufacturer sturm ruger and company in newport where he criticized the views of gun control advocates. mr. rubio: buy a taser. buy a can of mace. that' s the attitude they give off when they talk about this. so they come up with these rules that would never prevent any of these attacks. tom: this morning, rubio held a post-debate rally in derry and a town hall at new england college. ohio governor john kasich was endorsed today by foster' s daily democrat and the portsmouth herald. he held a town hall this afternoon in conway. the republican presidential candidate says he hopes his grassroots approach to this campaign pays off. kasich will hold a town hall in dixville notch tomorrow. and republican presidential candidate carly fiorina thanked new hampshire voters tonight at her town hall in hollis saying they gave her a chance when the
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t. ms. fiorina: but you see, the people of new hampshire you take , your first in the nation primary responsibilites very seriously, and you showed up. in living rooms and dining rooms and diners. and you listened. tom: fiorina has events planned for tomorrow in derry, raymond, and bow. also in hollis tonight kentucky senator rand paul. the republican presidential candidate held a town hall meeting at the lawrence barn. his campaign says it was standing-room only. paul has a full agenda for tomorrow, with stops planned in londonderry, manchester, newport, hanover, and concord. this year marks the 100th anniversary for the first in the nation primary. this sunday at 4:00, join us for an encore presentation of our special look at the history of the primary in the granite state. you can also stream it on
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app. ski resorts say this long weekend is a perfect time to head to the slopes. after a disappointing december, both pats peak and crotched mountain are hoping for snow tonight and a busy holiday weekend. let' s go to stephanie woods who is live in bennington tonight where midnight madness is in full effect. stephanie: thank you so much. i don' t know if you can see it. closing -- frozen rain starting to fall. the lists are still going up and. people hitting the slopes. open until 3:00 this morning. the skiers might want to get some sleep. this could be the start to a long holiday weekend. >> i love to do jumps. >> that was amazing. >> there wasn' t much skiing after warm weather melted snow in december. >> it has been rough. wanting to come up here and not
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>> i am kind of bummed it has been a warm winter. stephanie: friday night, skiers and boarders hitting the slopes and hoping for snow. >> we need more snow. it' s not enough. let' s get more of that. >> we can build forts in our backyard and snowmen. stephanie: they have 26 out of 28 trails open. weekend. the weather looking nice. it is time to get out there. >> i am so excited. i am so pumped to have snow. so we can just ski. stephanie: late-night skiers were praying for snow but thankful for the cold. >> i was kind of assuming there there'
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stephanie: they have 21 of 25 trails open and they say it will be a big holiday weekend. >> for snow is great. but the bottom line is, we do have great snowmaking here. we do a good job. stephanie: tomorrow, admission is free. you can get a discounted discount -- ticket monday. stephanie woods, wmur. tom cole and still skiing -- tom: still skiing in bennington. x-box-360 is the focus of a case that the supreme court has agreed to hear. the problem some gamers say the system has that' s prompted them to sue. we' re meeting one of the winners of this week' s record powerball jackpot. how this couple from tennessee plans to spend their share of the money. mike: a messy start to the weekend. what changes fol she's always stood strong...
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hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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tom: laconia firefighters say an elderly woman had to be taken to the hospital after a fire tonight. the flames broke out at the home on blueberry lane around 9:30. firefighters say the woman' s seven-year-old granddaughter was missing for a little while during the fire but she was found. crews were able to put the fire out quickly. it' s the worst two weeks of the year ever on wall street. dow jones fell nearly 400 points. all 3 major stock indexes are now in what' s known as a
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more from their recent peaks. the recent slide was prompted by alarm over a slowdown in china and oil hitting its lowest level in 12 years. a possible design defect in the x-box-360 is at the center of a lawsuit that the supreme court has agreed to hear. some x-box-360 owners say the console has a design defect that scratches game disks. the justices will decide whether microsoft, which makes the x-box, must face a class action lawsuit. microsoft argues that individual claims by the plaintiffs have already been thrown out. one of three winning powerball jackpot tickets has surfaced. lottery officials confirm that a couple from tennessee have a winning ticket, and say they' ll but we still don' t know who had the other two tickets sold in california and florida, who can also claim part of the $1.6 billion record jackpot. here' s abc'
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lauren: today, this tennessee family claiming their share of the near $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. >> i' m a little overwhelmed, and excited. >> we just wanted a little piece of the high. lauren: they bought the winning ticket at this neighborhood store near their home in the small town of munford. described as hard working and dependable. today, they can be described as multimillionaires. the couple, saying they plan to continue working, and pay off their daughter' s student loans . >> somebody won the lotto. lauren: in southern california, one powerball player not as lucky today. at this nursing home, employees believing a colleague hit the jackpot, a nurse there and mother of seven. apparently, it was a prank, her family says, instigated by her son. her daughter telling the l.a. times this is one big misunderstanding. the owner of the nursing home
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tickets to staff and residents. sending her on a vacation to a destination of her choice. lauren: the third winning jackpot ticket in melbourne beach florida, still a mystery. the mystery winners have a year california, less time in florida. and in both cases, they cannot remain anonymous. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. tom: i love to seeing those skiers. midnight madness, they call it. >> you' ve still got time. they have seen cold air, things turning around. here we go. take a look. the coast, clouds on the increase. a nice midwinter day. temperatures close to the norm. upper 20' s. mid-30'
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coming down the road, the next 12-14 hours or so, the next system swinging through. right on out of here. in between now and then, a couple of spotty mixed showers. potential freezing rain and snow. any untreated surface could turn slick. blockbuster. the brunt of it moves in predawn tomorrow through about 1:00. rain, ice, snow. up until the early afternoon. 3-6 inches possible. the emphasis on the middle part of the range. a lot of threes and fours adding up i all is said and done. a miss to kick off the weekend. all is quiet. with the radar is not detecting rain.
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morning, we hear from the system. also notice how clearly defined the back edge is setting up through virginia. that is already pulling through new hampshire. as for the temperature set up, upper teens. a few 20' s. not a big temperature fall from here on out. we will hold where we are. timeline on this storm, here we go. by daybreak tomorrow, primarily rain with pockets of freezing rain. north and west, a little sleep. further north, not much happening. all that changes during the course of the morning. what snow in the white mountains. down through the northern part of the lakes region.
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some of the higher elevations spots. rain elsewhere. few hours. that will change everything to wet snow before it winds down. may struggle along the coast. if any. rhodes clearing, saturday night. sunday looking nice. snow accumulation, merrimack valley and southern portions to the coast. maybe your .5 inches. on average, could be 5-6. looks to be in the cards. 1-3 from rochester to concord. the higher totals certainly in
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hopefully looking up. fair, dry, and a breezy. a round of snow showers and squalls. frigid air, looking like the arctic.
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anchor: the bruins five-game streak came to an end tonight. number 69 from buffalo, merrimack' s own. the puck into the corner. scores on the wrap around. did not get an assist.
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in the second, ryan spooner. he will score on the rebound right there. we go to the decisive third. 29 seconds in. ryan spooner had a goal and two assists. they will host toronto tomorrow night. hockey at northeastern. first win for the huskies. they have been playing well. the top scoring line shutout for the second game in a row. playing the room. dartmouth hosted clarkson. they posed saint tomorrow night. high school hockey, the green wave against the team -- a sweet wraparound goal in the first. dover, 3-0 lead. a shot from the point. jesse frase is out front to put
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a save here. final from hooksett dover wins by a, 7-0. hoops. celtics were on their home court tonight, hosting the phoenix funds. 1st quarter, isaiah thomas gets a screen. splits two defenders. 2nd quarter, boston up 9, in . draining a wide open three. 61-45, celtics. he had a team-high 21. he will use a screen and very a three. 11 assists. seven celtics in double figures. austin winds -- boston wins. he is one of the best players in the state. muscles up in scores. they had all kinds of trouble scoring.
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30 40 after the first quarter. facing a tough team tonight. a good shot here. and will not all. they win big, 73-17. girls, grizzlies in white. she will flip it in for a nice shot there. the knights trying to hang on for defense. goffstown wins, 54-23. game day, the chiefs and the patriots. the tight end it listed as questionable. it is hard to imagine him not playing. pats favored by five bank points. >> good pass rushers. playing hard. the numbers speak for
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>> none of this stuff on defense, it doesn' t move. their work ethic. the things they bring to the table. we feed off of them. >> we will be there with live coverage. tom: thank you. still to come on news 9 tonight. take a look at this. , jamie staton, just seconds after crossing the finish line at last year' s boston marathon. he' s taking on the race again this year and he' s supporting an
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tom: snow and cold could not slow down the runners out on the track at livingston park in manchester this morning. athletes from special olympics new hampshire joined our jamie staton for the run. this is the big kick-off to jamie' s boston marathon training he will run the marathon this year to support and raise money for special olympics new hampshire. many of the special olympics athletes are currently training for the winter games in late february at waterville valley. how much do you run to prepare? jamie: if you would like to join me, i have an 18 mile run tomorrow. they are awesome. some of those guys came from
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tom: thank you for joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line. have a great w cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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