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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hayley: now at 5:00, the sloppy snow and mix is out of here. dry weather for sunday then another threat of snow. the full forecast, coming up. stephanie: that weather causing dozens of crashes statewide. the efforts made throughout the day to keep you safe on the roads. >> we are going to win. adam: it' s game day at gillette. the patriots are on the field to win or go home in the playoffs. stephanie: the campaign trail is hot this weekend in the granite state as we are just weeks away from the primary.
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now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. stephanie: good evening, i' m stephanie woods. adam: i' m adam sexton. the patriots have just taken the field for a win-or-go home showdown for the afc championship game. stephanie: our jennifer crompton is live at gillette where game fans are cheering on the pats. but first, let' s check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. adam: hayley tell us about the wintry mess that' s being creating trouble all day throughout the state. hayley: between 8:00 and 10:00, we had a quick blast of snow. there was low visibility that made things tough early on in the day for travel. the highest amount by have seen across the state at four inches. 2.8 in greenland. less than one inch in concord, manchester, into nashua and salem as well. that system is long gone to the east. still a few remaining mountain
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we have cleared the skies, especially in foxborough where the pats are playing. we are holding with temperatures in the 30' s at the moment. about 33 in plymouth. overnight, we fall into the 20' s. tomorrow will be quiet. we have another round of snow showers on martin luther king day on monday. i will show you the full forecast, coming up. stephanie: thank you. continuing our storm watch coverage, we are keeping a close eye on the road conditions. adam: new hampshire dot reduced the speed on interstate 89 from new london to lebanon to 45 miles an early today because of s kria sakakeeny was on the road today and spoke to drivers about the conditions. reporter: we were on the road. tonight, it is looking better.
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pushed away. this morning, it was entirely different. let' s look at video we took this morning at 9:30 in manchester. you can see the fleshy buildup that made it dangerous for drivers. state police reduced speed limits to 45 and plow trucks were doing their best to clear major roads. state police report there were at least 45 crashes today and more than 50 cars skidding off the highways. one driver we spoke to was heading up to go skiing and said the weather made her nervous. >> the roads are getting worse and worse. there are cars already on the side of the road. it is not good and getting worse. reporter: the seacoast sauce no as well. there is an emergency parking
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people are not supposed to park on the streets so they can clear the roads. live in manchester kria , sakakeeny wmur news 9. stephanie: treacherous roads did not stop patriots fans for making it to the playoff game with kansas city. that means that the parking lots around gillette stadium were jam packed. jennifer crompton spent the afternoon in the mix. she joins us from foxborough tonight. jennifer: the parking lot is quiet now. about an hour ago, it was packed with some of the most devoted patriot fans from all of new england. it is not difficult to find granite staters in the next. they arrived early, braving the lousy driving weather this morning to set up shop for the traditional tailgating. fans from head to toe, the hats, the shirts, the everything,
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having fun with family, friends, and strangers to rev their engines for a game they know is do or die. >> i have waited a long time for this to happen, a real long time. i am happy. >> this is where we want to be. this is what we enjoy. we have been coming all season long and we hope to get another game next week. jennifer: a lot of those people brought food to cook after the game in hopes they will be celebrating. stephanie? stephanie: thanks so much. i hear there is a gentleman' s wager between the governor of massachusetts and the governor of missouri. can you tell us about that? jennifer: it is a face-off between boston cream pie cupcakes and kansas city ribs. we are hoping those ribs are making their way to new england after the game. stephanie: sounds like a delicious wager. we will continue to bring you
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jason king will be live at gillette stadium with the latest on the playoff battle. trump' s jet made it to portsmouth where he linked up with a man that knows about upsetting established political order. >> the next president of the united states, donald trump. adam: the republican front-runner touchdown in portsmouth saturday for an event hosted by former massachusetts senator scott brown. donald trump: i told him he had to do me one favor. have ever had -- adam: no problem with that. trump laid into his latest target, senator ted cruz. s a nice guy? as it turns out he finally went
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adam cruz and trump tangled in : thursday night' s republican debate. but for those who want an outsider candidate the real , estate mogul remains on top. you going to vote for him on february 9? casey: yes. adam: why is that? casey: ' cause i like what he says and i' m tired of politicians, and he' s not a politician. adam like trump senator brown : has occupied unique republican territory, drawing both tea party and mainstream support. after the event he offered a , fresh take on one of trump' s more controversial proposals. what about a ban on muslims entering the country? do you support that? scott brown: no, of course not, but i do support something i think is a little bit more interesting. we have a broken immigration system that' s no surprise, right? there' s nothing wrong with putting a hold on all immigration. adam: a bold idea, but in 2016 it won' t get the same buzz if it' s not being said by the man who is, in his own words, dominating the race for the white house. presidential candidate donald trump who wins on : security? trump. who wins at the border? trump?
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trump by so much. adam: senator brown says he will be endorsing in this race but it won' t be until after next weekend' s nh-gop presidential town hall event. fellow republican jeb bush speaking this morning in amherst about the capture and release of u.s. sailors in iran earlier this week. jeb bush this is a violation of : the geneva accords. you know what the state department' s answer to that is? well, we' re not at war so the geneva accords don' t apply. you cannot parade out captives, cause that' s what they were in that situation. it is a total violation of the standards of war-fighting. adam: bush also spoke about how his is happy that winter has finally arrived in new hampshire to help boost tourism. ohio governor, republican john kasich making a campaign stop in the north country this morning. kasich spoke at a town hall up at the balsams where the first votes in the nation primary votes are cast. it was a packed room with people braving the snow to listen to the governor. kasich will be back in new hampshire for a town hall in
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tomorrow is the final democratic debate before the new hampshire primary and it' s happening in , the same state as this week' s g.o.p. debate south carolina. , we will give you full coverage of the debate and all the debate highlights tomorrow night. stephanie: we are learning new details about a water rescue that happened yesterday afternoon in lebanon. police say a springfield man was found in the woods after he nine hours crashed his car along interstate 89. state police responded to the initial crash around 6:30 last night but could not find the driver who they identified as 49-year-old james borneman. around 3:30 this morning, a k-9 unit found borneman down an embankment near the crash site. police say he was unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. he was taken to the hospital. the lebanon fire department is investigating a suspicious fire. the fire broke out in a two-story building on hanover street extension.
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fortunately, no one was hurt. adam: there is more news ahead at 5:00. the new hampshire primary weeks away. there is something that affects all voters. stephanie: the candidates weigh in on her plans to create jobs. jamie wilburn is up-to-date on the patriots and check in with the hawks. hayley: the storm system this morning long gone. we have more snow in the forecast. i will show you the latest forecast, coming up. adam: details on the desperate search effort for survivors in
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adam: now to commitment 2016, and we continue with our series of questions for the presidential candidates. stephanie: tonight, we ask -- what would your administration do to create jobs in this country? bernie sanders: well, the first thing we have to recognize is that we have a very serious jobs program, problem. and that is that while real, official unemployment is 5%, real unemployment is close to 10%.
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that we have, is that we would invest a trillion dollars over five years to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, water systems, our waste water plants, rail, airports, and when you do that, you create 13 million jobs. the other area that concerns me very much is the very high rate of youth unemployment, and i don' t want to see kids in vermont, in new hampshire, all over this country, hanging out on street corners. i want to see them in school, i want to see them working, and we have to invest in our young people. so i will invest in education and jobs, not more jails, not more incarceration. hillary clinton: i' ve laid out an infrastructure agenda that would create a lot of new jobs. and it would be in part fueled by a national infrastructure bank. that would partner public and private funding. and it would be on top of what the congress has just passed because we are woefully behind. there' s a lot of work for us to do. roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports, our rails systems, and continuing to make sure every part of america has
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internet connectivity. i also believe fighting climate change, moving toward clean renewable energy, provides a lot of economic opportunities, and i' ve laid out an agenda to do that. i want to do more for small business. i said i want to be the small business president. and i do because my dad was a small businessman. this is where 60% of the jobs will come from, and there' s more we can do to streamline regulations and licensing requirements and simplify the tax system. i want to emphasize manufacturing. that' s why i have a manufacturing renaissance tax credit that would really invest in the advance manufacturing, that we can develop here and keep here. martin o' malley: the vast majority of all jobs are created by small businesses, family owned businesses. and in order to create an environment where businesses, large, medium and small, want to grow, want to add employment, want to create jobs, we have to fix the problem that has risen
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-- inequality where people are working harder and earning less. so first and foremost, we need to get wages to go back up. because the more our people earn, the more the workers spend, and the more economy grows, and the more employers will want to add jobs and produce the things that an economy where workers getting that is first and foremost. the most important thing we need to remember as a nation is that our economy is it money. it' s people. and if our people our earning the same or less than they were 10 years ago then they can' t , make the economy grow. conversely, if we adopt wage and labor policies to get wages to go up, our economy can grow, we can create more jobs, and make the investments that we have to in our own country. adam: we' ll hear from more of the candidates in our next half hour. you can read more on where all the candidates stand on these and other issues at from town halls to backyards to diner stops, campaigning in new hampshire for the primary is
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stephanie: but that tradition is at stake as some try to bump new hampshire out of the first in the nation spot. tomorrow at 4:00 wmur will air , an encore presentation of our special look at primaries past and future, and what the political event means to the granite state and the candidates. announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your forecast. hayley: it looks like we have sloppy and slick roads in downtown portsmouth. be careful of that. it seems like the seacoast and communities into farmington got hit the worst with a couple of today. we have seen improvement over the past couple of hours now that the snow has stopped. in claremont, a nice evening. it has quieted down. it looks like the roads are in good condition. here are more snow totals. newport, 2.75. just under two inches in new boston.
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i am sure the ski areas will take it. here are some stats to get you up to date on how the season is going for snowfall. in concord including today' s only .9, they have received 9.4 inches of snowfall. the average for this time in the season is 25.8 inches. obviously, we are well below that. last year, we had 22 inches so we are leaning on the lower and this season. that is not surprising after the summer was so mild. there is the latest on the satellite and radar. this system is long gone into northern maine. still scattered snow showers remaining in the higher elevations overnight. there is still lots of cloud cover, especially off to our south and west. we will see passing clouds through the evening. a storm system south is going to
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it will also pass to the south. but the clouds associated will come by our area during the day tomorrow. readings. 34, concord, manchester. 32 in nashua. 33 in plymouth. s overnight. higher elevations remain. maybe an initial dusting to one inch at the higher summits. overnight, those stop and the clouds will start to go away. we will have lots of sunshine sunday morning. remember the storm system i was mentioning moving to our south? it throws clouds at us. the whole day tomorrow will not be sunny except in the far northern reaches of the state. through the day, clouds will increase. overnight, we get snow. this is a quick moving clipper system that comes through right morning.
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another inch or two of quick accumulation that will make the roads slick early on. the rest of the day monday, we are back to full sunshine. it is just the morning hours on monday we are worried about travel conditions. mountain snow showers tonight. partly cloudy with temperatures falling into the 20' s. tomorrow, the northwest winds will be starting to kick up. that drives down colder air. tomorrow will be a couple of degrees cooler than today. if you are skiing for the long weekend, tomorrow probably the pick of the day because we will have sunshine all day long. s. very cold monday with high temperatures only near 20 at the ski areas. morning snow squalls and snow and across the state. look at how cold the temperatures get overnight single digits. day in the 20'
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mountain snow showers tuesday and wednesday. quite weather for the end of the week. it looks like we are watching for another storm system next weekend. still too early to call what is going on with that one. after today, it is pretty quiet. we will see what happens. stephanie: people will have to watch out for that on monday. hayley: driving, you want to be careful. adam: the weather today is nearly similar to the deflategate game.
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announcer: now, jamie staton and news 9 sports. jamie: they are in the second quarter with the pats up 7-3. they have just about everybody back. the opening drive was 80 yards. they looked good on third down conversions. in the second quarter, the patriots are leading the chiefs 7-3. this looks like it will be a good game to the finish. the nfc championship game plays out tonight starting at 8:15. the green bay packers are at the
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aaron rogers against carson palmer, two of the best quarterbacks in the nfl this season. that will be fun to watch under the lights. let' s do college basketball. saint anselm hosted a good afternoon. they were firing from deep. another three from the far side. harrison will drill one. at halftime, saint anselm was down by six points. i told you connecticut state was very good. more college basketball. saint anselm women were home against connecticut state. that is a three-pointer for the hawks. let' s see some more of the junior from northeastern mass.
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rebounds for johnson. the story of the day is the patriots. jason king is live in foxboroou ugh. we will see him at 6:00 with his live coverage. quarter. s more news ahead on news 9 at 5:30. adam: coming up, a massachusetts marine among a dozen missing after two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii the latest details ahead. stephanie: plus, with just a few weeks left until the new hampshire primary, the messages candidates are trying to tell first in the nation voters. adam: now to our u-local hot shot. check out grace and her upside down snowman. that is creative. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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hayley: most of us came away with at least one inch of wet snow this morning. i will have the latest totals and what to expect for the rest of the holiday weekend. adam: the latest on the desperate search for survivors of a marine helicopter crash. what we are learning about the massachusetts marine among the missing.
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until the first in the nation primary. how the campaign trail is heating up this weekend. adam: big development out of iran, details on the freeing of american prisoners. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. adam: it was a snowy start to the weekend in the north country. welcome back. i am adam sexton. stephanie: i am stephanie woods. what can we expect for the rest of the weekend? hayley lapoint is here with your forecast. hayley: sunday will be quieter. we won' t have to deal with messy road conditions. this system well out to see now. we will have clouds sunday as a storm system passes us to the south. that is about it. maybe a couple of snow flurries of the great lakes, but those don' t make it to us. what you can expect this evening, a few mountain snow showers.
5:26 pm
at 9:00, partly cloudy falling into the 20' s with clearing skies overnight. we will have some sunshine to start the day sunday, but it does not last all day. sunday night into monday, another quick round of snow showers. i will talk about who gets how much and the timing, coming up. stephanie: thanks so much. a heavy search is underway off the coast of hawaii for survivors of a marine helicopter crash. the accident happened late thursday. this evening, a community in massachusetts is holding out hope that a marine with ties to the state is ok. reporter: the community remains hopeful that their friend and neighbor is still alive. orlando and 11 other marines were on a routine training mission when their helicopters went down late thursday. the coast guard initially reported they may have collided. witnesses said it lit up the dark sky.
5:27 pm
booms. it shook the house. reporter: three teams are working through challenging weather as they continue their search of the shoreline. >> our crews are using all of their skill to search in these conditions because of the large waves, because of the extreme conditions especially at night. reporter: the marine corps flag now weighs in support of the family at the police station. those who know and love chris are also showing support on social media. "if anyone is coming out of this alive, it is chris orlando. he is mentally and physically strong with the ocean experience and skills needed to survive at him." the area where the search is as the seven-mile miracle. people in this community are hoping it is a miracle that will bring him home to them.
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adam: senator rand paul spent last night and today meeting with voters across the state. this afternoon, senator paul spoke with supporters at a pizza shop in newport. this week, he chose not to take part in the g.o.p. undercard debate. his campaign says he reached at least 7 million voters through national tv appearances and online forums. paul said today there is no place for donald trump in the g.o.p. senator paul: the rhetoric coming from donald trump is not good for the party or country. i have been saying for two years we need a bigger, better, boulder republican party. we should not give up on what we believe. adam: senator paul made a brief stop in concord and a -- at a right to life rally in his wrapping up' s day and the patriots watch party in concord. fellow republican, carly fiorina also campaigning in new
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this picture is from a town hall this morning. she also made stops in raymond and bow this afternoon. marty walsh joined the state senator campaigning for hillary clinton. they spent the day knocking on doors and talking about secretary clinton' s vision for the country. stephanie: five americans have been freed by iran as part of , four the prisoner swap deal with the u.s. government officials say it is the result of more than a year of top secret negotiations. reporter john lorinc has the latest details. reporter: following secret negotiations for more than a year, u.s. officials have confirmed iran has freed five u.s. prisoners. four of the prisoners were part of an exchange involving seven iranians held by the united states on sanctions charges. one of the characters included
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"washington post" journalist held on spy charges for almost 18 months. a marine veteran was detained in 2011 accused of espionage and other charges in 2012. christian pastor was arrested in 2012 on charges of attending to undermine the iranian government. details of the fourth prisoner are not immediately known. if this american, not part of the negotiated swap, was also freed. the news of the release a major topic on the campaign trail saturday. donald trump: i' m happy they are coming back, but it is a disgrace they have been there so long. >> we don' t know the details of the deal bringing them home. it may be there are some problematic aspects to this deal. at this point, we are giving prayers of thanksgiving that they are coming home. reporter: some candidates took the opportunity to denounce the iranian regime. >> we are happy for them and
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this tells us all when you to know about the iranian regime. they take people hostage to gain concessions. adam: new details about a hotel attack overseas. government officials say at least 23 people are dead after four people ambushed a hotel in the west african nation taking dozens hostage. national and french forces freed at least 126 hostages from that hotel. stephanie: the cdc has issued a travel warning urging pregnant women not to travel to mexico, puerto rico and parts of central , america and south america. is being blamed for thousands of birth defects. the virus is transmitted by mosquitos and it can be deadly when it is passed on to babies in the womb. there have been thousands of cases in other countries and now people are concerned it could spread here.
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holiday weekend, we have you covered ahead. adam: can you guess where this flower is from? a hint, it is out of this world. we will tell you, ahead. stephanie: we will tell you the interesting way one family managed to get tickets from the singer herself. hayley: all of a sudden -- said hello to snow earlier today. we might see more by the end of
5:33 pm
9. the pond hockey classic is just 19 days away. organizers are hoping they won' t be left on thin ice. it is one of the largest pond u.s. organizers are hoping that lake winnipesaukee will start to freeze for the competition. this is it' s seventh year. the game schedule will be released at the end of the month. granite gorge is kicking off a new cosmic tubing park today. get ready to tube ' fast and furious.' you must be at least five years old to ride. over 200 pro tubes are available at granite gorge. and you can find even more outdoors news on the "escape outside" section of our website, if you are currently wondering what the conditions are like at granite gorge meteorologist , hayley point has us covered. what are the conditions like in roxbury?
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inches. all of the resort areas do, which is good news. if you are planning to do some skiing, here is what you can expect. sunday morning, sunny skies pretty it will be chilly in the 20' s. we will climb throughout the day. by lunch, temperatures will be in the 20' s. there are more snow showers. i will have more on the forecast and a couple of minutes. adam: we' ll give you more details on the holiday forecast ahead.
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stephanie: a spacewalk was cut space station yesterday. adam: the walk by european space agency astronaut tim peake and u.s. astronaut tim kopra was supposed to last about six hours. nasa said the walk had to be cut water in kopra' s helmet. however, they did have enough time to complete their main task to unbolt the station' s failed regulator and install its replacement. take a look at this image tweeted from astronaut scott kelly today. you are looking at the first ever flower grown in space. it is a part of his "year in space" collection. hayley: this is how the day was
5:36 pm
we started with clouds and freezing fog even drizzle. then rain and snow. you can see it piling up. in new england style, we breakout and see sunshine in the afternoon. we thought everything today in the portsmouth area, including a couple of inches of snowfall to the north of portsmouth. in barrington, you got four inches. greenland, 2.8. concord a measly .9 inches. the same thing was true in manchester, national, and salem. anything we got melted. barely a dusting in most locations. up north, there are still snow showers in the higher elevations. the heaviest snow is working east, long gone away from us. clouds still overhead, especially in northern portions of the state.
5:37 pm
the seacoast, in portsmouth, and it is clear for the patriots game now. a couple of systems are at play. that will mean increased clouds. it does not look like we will have snow showers tomorrow. but tomorrow night into monday, we will. that storm system by houston moving into louisiana is going to be a miss for us but will bring in next a cloud cover during the day tomorrow. 30' s across the map. 32 in rochester and portsmouth and nashua. tonight, we will all fall into the 20' s. 22 in concord. portsmouth, partly cloudy. north, we will have mostly cloudy skies with a few mountain snow showers ongoing through the evening and overnight. 8:00 tonight, you can see some clearing in central and southern new hampshire.
5:38 pm
morning with bright sunshine with the exception of far northern reaches. once we get to the afternoon, clouds are going to increase across the entire state as that storm system moves closer. it will give us a glancing blow. it will not be rain or snow but clouds will be overhead. it will become gray by afternoon on sunday. a very sharp arctic cold front and clipper system moves through overnight sunday into monday. right about the time of the morning commute, although most people will be off on monday, but between 6:00 and 8:00, there will be snow showers moving through and snow squalls which can quickly reduce visibility. it could be dangerous early on monday for travel. later in the day on monday, it looks good. we will get some sunshine. here is your sunday forecast.
5:39 pm
in the afternoon and evening, clouds increase. temperatures will be cooler tomorrow. this game forecast -- the skiing forecast looks great. sunshine, temperatures in the 20' s. it will be chilly with highs in the 20' s, but no big storms until next weekend we have a chance of that. so far, so good with the snow showers today. it was kind of a measly storm. adam: it was treacherous on 95. hayley: smaller storms are sometimes the worst on the roads. stephanie: overnight temperatures tuesday and wednesday getting very cold. adam: we continue with our series of questions for the presidential candidates. stephanie: tonight we ask, what would your administration do to create jobs in this country? >> this is the most important signature issue, we just don' t have a robust growth of jobs in this country. and it' s deliberate. there have been policies put
5:40 pm
investment to make it very, very difficult for community banks to be able to lend, because of dodd-frank, because of environmental regulations that prevent businesses from starting, because of obamacare that stifles the ability to start businesses and create greater, and greater costs on small businesses. this is a real problem. so what would i do? i would reform the personal tax system to 10, 15, and 25% and give people a tax cut. secondly, i would combine all commercial activity into one code provision and charge it 15%, which, suddenly, would make us competitive with the rest of the world. i would eliminate the estate tax, and with a few more tweaks, we know we can grow the economy at that point to over 4%. and that' s what we have to do in order to create more robust opportunities for the people of this country. mike huckabee the most important : thing we can do is to pass the fair tax, which will eliminate the punitive nature of our tax code and the complexity of it. we would pay taxes when we bought something, not when we' ve produced something.
5:41 pm
for saving, for leaving something for the next generation. and what we need to be doing is making it so our economy is competitive with the world, which it isn' t now, because we tax capital and labor when other countries don' t and it means it' s more expensive to produce things here. you put people to work when they have jobs to go to, when they have jobs to go to when it' s profitable to make those jobs and to make things here in america again. that has to be one of the great priorities of the next president. john kasich we' d balance the : budget, reduce taxes, freeze regulations, at least for a year, create an energy policy that provides independence, have trade agreements that actually are balanced in terms of the need to be able to trade, but also to protect the american worker, and shift power, money, and influence, in many of the programs in washington, back to where we live, so we can run america from the bottom up. all those things together, would create economic growth, and that' s what i think we should
5:42 pm
if you look back on my record, i' ve done it twice. in the state of ohio, in turning that state around, and also balancing the federal budget, . i was one of the chief architects of getting that done. so, i know what to do. we have a plan to do it, and i will get it done if i' m president of the united states. senator paul you have to : understand where jobs are created. the government doesn' t create jobs. the private sector does. so if you want more jobs to be created, you need to leave more money in the private sector. it is as simple as the voters of new hampshire, ' i' ll leave more money in new hampshire, and more jobs will be created." you' ll send less money to washington. that means dramatically lower taxes. i would get rid of the entire 70,000 pages of the tax code, get rid of the irs, and i' ll have one single rate, 14.5% for businesses, 14.5% for individuals and i' d also get rid of the payroll tax. the payroll tax, the working class pays a large payroll tax, i' d put that on the business. the business would pay it, and everybody would get a tax cut;
5:43 pm
of new hampshire, or kentucky, or wherever, but that' s where jobs are created. marco rubio: jobs are a function of the private sector. it' s not government that create these jobs, it' s the private sector. what we need is a government that has policies that make america the single-most attractive, easiest, and best place in the world for the private sector to create millions, of not just new jobs, but better paying jobs, through tax reform, and regulatory reform, balancing our budget, fully utilizing our energy resources, and repealing and replacing obamacare, our fight, if we do those things, the american private sector is going to create millions of better paying jobs. and if we can modernize higher education, our people will have the skills they need for this better paying jobs. and if we do all of that, we' re not just going to save the american dream, we' re going to expand it to reach more people and change more lives than ever before. adam: we will hear more from the candidates tomorrow at 5:00. you can read more on where all the candidates stand on these
5:44 pm
. s a reason why the rose bowl is where it is. there' s a reason why all kinds of different cultural events and are where they are. and it' s the same reason nh has the primary. it is here because its birth was here. adam: you are going to want to tune in tomorrow here at 4:00 for first in the nation, one hundred years of tradition. and you can also stream it on, or our mobile app. still to come on news 9, it is a story trending. but at first, no one believed it. stephanie: how a family from tennessee managed to get tickets to the sold out to her. adam: a driver survives a night in the woods.
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stephanie: welcome back. "the huffington post" is getting the royal treatment. kate, the duchess of cambridge, will guest-edit "the huffington post: u.k." in mid-february. kensington palace said on friday that the wife of prince william will use the guest position to advocate for children' s mental health. duchess kate has focused on this issue in recent years according to kensington palace. a group of college students in tennessee say they were sure no
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adele. adam: here is what happened. they ran into her at a london restaurant and told her they couldn' t get the tickets to her sold out show. during an interview on the late show adele says she she' d been , having a few drinks and felt pretty generous. >> well, my mom said we' re big fans. we tried to get tickets to your show but it sold out in 10 minutes or something crazy and she said oh i hadn' t hear that yet. adele: the next day in the park i' m with my kid like, and i find this e-mail address in my pocket of another family from nashville who told me the show was sold out so i got their email address , to give them tickets to nashville. stephanie: adele made good on her word and gave the family tickets to her nashville show. very nice of her. thanks for joining us on news 9 at 5:00. adam: we will be right back with news 9 at 6:00.
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