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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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mike quiet right now, but the : next system approaches overnight with snow showers and even a squall or two. when the flakes start flying and what follows for the rest of the week. stephanie: more snow -- that' s a what some people in new hampshire are saying as the lack of flurries are posing problems for business. adam: the candidates making stops in the granite state this week. and the democratic showdown just hours away. stephanie: five americans trapped behind bars in iran are now free and heading home to the states. what we are learning about one of the prisoners ties to new
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announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. stephanie: just days after snow fell, another storm is heading our way and may affect holiday travel. adam: a quick-moving cold front is expected to impact all of the granite state with a few inches of snow possible in spots. good evening, i' m adam sexton. stephanie: and i' m stephanie woods. here to tell us if snow will fall in your area is chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike? mike: we have cold air and snow couple of weeks. the next round moves in in the next couple of hours. flurries drifting in but a lot ground. tracking. south of new hampshire. notice the squalls and snow showers through toronto and buffalo. that will be moving in here late overnight into the morning commute for monday.
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area roadways. temperatures all subfreezing across new hampshire. all it takes is a coact ting of snow to make it slick. not a lot will accumulate through midnight. after that and through the morning commute, deep blue indicate the potential for a snow squall. that means near whiteout conditions and a quick 1.5 inches in spots. what about the total from this rest of the week? we will look at that straight ahead. adam: we' re following a developing situation up at mount washington. gorham dispatch says an avalanche happened on tuckerman ravine which is on the eastern side of the mountain. gorham dispatch says at least one man was taken down off the mountain by forest service but they did not know the severity of his injuries. stephanie: meteorologists say this coming week is the coldest week of the year on average, but there' s one occurrence that has yet to happen this winter in the granite state.
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for some businesses, that is bad news. wmur' s andy hershberger has more. andy: after the warmest december on record some people are , starting to feel the impact of very little ice and snow. there is still a lot of open water on lake winnipesaukee. some of the bay have frozen enough for some ice fishing, but most of the lake has no ice at all. officials say that is very unusual for the middle of january. the tamworth dog sled race has been postponed by a month from the end of january to february 27 and 28th. the race is run on and around lake chocoura, but organizers say the conditions simply aren' t right for the event. >> just because of the safety of the dogs, the drivers, our volunteers. the public, we have to have sufficient ice and snow but it' s the ice that is the major consern at this point. andy: there are several other events and activities in the lakes region that are still on track for next month.
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should help the situaton. reporting live. andy hershberger. wmur news 9. adam: thanks. commitment 2016 now. it' s a big night for democrats. the top contenders hit the stage three in just a few hours for their final debate before the new hampshire primary. and it' s happening in the same state as last week' s gop debate. south carolina. we will give you full coverage of the debate and all the debate highlights tonight on news 9 at 11:00. a fairly quiet day on the campaign trail here in new hampshire. you are looking at live pictures of where ted cruz will be speaking in milford shortly. gaining momentum in the polls the gop hopeful is looking to keep things rolling with a 5-day bus tour here in the granite state. cruz started this afternoon in londonderry spending quality time with members of a voting bloc that has played a key role in primary politics. ted cruz stopped by american legion post 27 in londonderry sunday afternoon spending a few hours chatting with local
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>> the great thing about new hampshire is the men and women expect to look you in the eye. adam: a big topic of conversation is iran where the u.s. just made its first payment of $1.7 billion under the new nuclear deal. >> today the obama administration became the world' s largest financier of radical islamic terrorism. those billions are going to be used to kill americans. they' re going to be used to kill israelis, they' re going to be used to kill our allies. adam outside the post sits the : campaign bus, dubbed the courageous cruzer. it will log hundreds of miles over the next five days as cruz visits all 10 counties in new hampshire. >> just listening to the people. visiting, doing town halls, retail stops, and really building our grassroots team. adam: former new hampshire house speaker bill o' brien will be along for the ride. he continues to make the case for cruz over trump. >> if you are conservative, go with the proven conservative. don' t be fooled by the rhetoric. adam: and right now that , rhetoric is as harsh as ever. in just the last 48 hours the
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called cruz crazy and nasty. >> a lot of people do not like ted, to put it mildly. >> for whatever reason, donald seems really rattled. i think his poll numbers are falling and he gets very upset when that happens and he seems to wake up in a frenzy and send a lot of attack tweets and personal insults. from my perspective, i have no intention of responding in kind. of adam: of course senator , cruz has called out trump for having new york values, we' ll see if that line gets used at all here in new hampshire. the cruz' in to victory tour starts up again tomorrow in keene. republican john kasich picking up some media momentum in the granite state. this morning the nashua telegraph endorsed the ohio governor, touting his executive experience and citing the fact that while he rose to power in congress in the 90' s kasich does not appear to have been infected by the culture of washington. yesterday kasich also picked up , the endorsements of the portsmouth herald and foster' s daily democrat. as we just mentioned senator , cruz is in the granite state through thursday but a lot of other candidates will be here
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republican front runner donald trump is back tomorrow for an event in concord. governor john kasich will make stops in plymouth, hanover and lebanon tomorrow as well. and on friday, jeb bush, chris christie, carly fiorina, jim gilmore, john kasich, rand paul, marco rubio and rick santorum will all speak at the new hampshire g.o.-p' s first in the nation town hall. the event will also feature former vice president dick cheney. also on friday, former secretary of state, hillary clinton will be back in the state. she will make stops in rochester, concord and manchester. for the very latest political news head to the politics , section of our website, president obama several : americans, unjustly detained by iran, are finally coming home. stephanie: tonight a stunning development in u.s. iran relations. iran has released five american prisoners and now they' re on their way home. a swiss air force plane carrying three of the men touched down in geneva earlier today. abc' s elizabeth hur has more on the prison swap, and the landmark nuclear deal reached on
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elizabeth: three americans, held for months, even years, behind bars in iran, landing first in switzerland then germany. president obama: this is a good day, when americans are freed and returned to their families, that' s something we can all celebrate. elizabeth the wife of american : pastor saeed abedini tweeting, saeed just landed in geneva. he is getting ready to leave to germany. i should talk with saeed in just a few hours. thank you for your prayers. the father of was imprisoned for two more than three years accused of threatening iran' s national security. another of the released, jason rezaian. the 39-year-old journalist detained for 18 months, charged with espionage, in a closed door trial. once he, with his wife and mother by his side, was safely out of iran, the washington post released a statement saying, we are relieved that this 545-day nightmare for jason and his family is finally over. also on board, amir hekmati, detained the longest, four years.
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grandmother. rezaian, abedini and hekmati all spent time at iran' s notorious evin prison, where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement and psychological abuse. president obama, remaining steadfast in his message, that it was diplomatic negotiations that led to their release, that deal quietly played out outside of the international nuclear deal negotiated this past july. president obama: we' ve achieved this historic progress through diplomacy without resorting to another war in the middle east. elizabeth: as for the remaining prisoners, it' s believed a fourth ex-prisoner, is still in iran. and an american student, who was released independently, has already headed home. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. stephanie: among those prisoners was a man from massachusetts. matthew trevithick, a hingham native, was released independently in the exchange. the 30-year-old went to iran in september for a four-month language program associated with
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he was held in prison for 40 days before his release but it' s unclear why he was detained. adam: the video you were seeing is video of rescuers still searching for 12 marines including one from massachusetts , who disappeared after two helicopters crashed in hawaii. search teams today been met with troubling weather. the national weather service says a high surf warning had been issued in that area today. the marine helicopters failed to return from nighttime training missions on thursday. stephanie: pope francis made his first visit to a synagogue as pontiff today. he greeted jews in rome in the main synagogue as a show of interfaith friendship. during his visit the pontiff denounced acts of violence done in the name of god. coming up, we asked candidates about a big topic on the minds of new hampshire voters jobs. adam: their thoughts ahead in our 11 question series. stephanie: after yesterday' s playoff win over the chiefs, the
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jason king has details next. adam: plus coming up at 5:30, the hampstead official in hot water after making controversial
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stephanie: now to commitment 2016, and we continue with our series of questions for the presidential candidates. adam: tonight we ask, what would your administration do to create jobs in this country? rick santorum that' s number one, : i mean manufacturing. i believe we have a tremendous opportunity to help the 74% of americans 25 to who don' t have a 65 college degree, and give them an opportunity to be able work and get paid a decent wage, by teaching skills in our high schools and our votech schools, as well as in our technical schools after high school. train people for the jobs, create job opportunities by making america a much more friendly manufacturing place to do it. there' s no question, there' s a manufacturing renaissance going on in this country right now, in spite of the fact that we have a president who is trying to drive manufacturers offshore. now imagine, if we had manufacturing policies that actually encouraged manufacturers to come, we' d be employing a lot of those 90 million people on the sidelines, be able to come back into the workforce, with good paying jobs, get skills. we just need to have the
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do it. donald trump we' re going to : bring jobs back from china. we' re going to bring jobs back from japan, and india, and brazil, and so many countries. we have been absolutely taken over the cold, our jobs have just disappeared; especially if you look at this area, what, i mean the number in new hampshire, and in new england, generally, you look at the factories that have closed all over in new england. we' re bringing jobs back. they' re going to be coming back, like nobody every believed. we lost hundreds of thousands of jobs to different countries. primarily, for one reason, they manipulate their currency to such an extent that our companies are unable to compete. and you have things like nafta, where people would just float into mexico and they float into frankly other places also. we' re going to stop that, we' re going to stop corporate companies can' t get their money back and they end up moving out to get their money and to get lower taxes, because i' m going to cut taxes, very
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re going to have business come back into the we' re right now the highest-taxed nation in the that' s going to change. jeb bush: the government does not create jobs, but it can create an environment where jobs are created. and i know a little bit about this, because i was governor of the largest swing state where 1.3 million jobs were created during my eight years. seven out of those eight years, we led the nation on job growth. and the way you do that is bring certainty to regulation, and lessen the regulatory load, shift most of the regulation back to the states, create a regulatory budget where you know what the costs are for every well intended idea. because all of those ideas stifle job creation. simplifying the tax code is another part of this. embracing the energy revolution rather than trying to push it away as this administration has done. there are high-wage jobs galore in the energy sector and we are not hitting it on all cylinders if you will on that.
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discipline to washington, d.c. is a key element for , high-sustained economic growth. cause the uncertainty that comes with the budget deficits that we have, and the debt that' s growing, will destroy economic activity. adam: we' ll hear from more of the candidates in our next half hour. and read more on where all the candidates stand on these and other issues at announcer: now, chief meteorologist mike haddad with your forecast. mike: after a messy start to the weekend, not bad this sunday. there is still a lack of ice on the big lake and looks to continue tonight and tomorrow as temperatures will be falling but not that much. we have snow showers and squalls that will begin after midnight. in advance of those, there could be flurries this evening. no major issues on the roads until monday morning. roads will likely be slick due
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cold stretch will follow and windy, especially tuesday. could see gusts over 40 miles an hour adding a frigid field. it is on the way. the next storm chance after tomorrow morning not until friday night or early saturday morning. still several days to track that one. on doppler, a few flurries trying to develop. most of that is not reaching the ground. steadier snow creeping and over seven new england. another batch of snow showers to the west. the squeeze play is on through the evening. little will accumulate. the steadiest snow slides to our south. a better shot through the morning commute when we get the bulk of the snow showers and quit kidding squalls the mesh quick hitting -- quick hitting squalls. that is right around the norm
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overnight with clouds, we will not see a big temperature fall so not that cold for this time of year, especially by nighttime standards. changes coming beyond the snow showers tomorrow morning as one system moves east. this one clearly catches up to us tomorrow morning through lunchtime. after that, you will notice snow showers linger north while it clears out in southern new hampshire. tonight and early tomorrow morning, snow showers and squalls. notice the deep blue off the east coast arching back through the lakes region. if anyone of those hits you, you are talking about a quick it of snow and whiteout conditions. about half an hour later, you' re into partial sunshine. tomorrow afternoon into early tuesday, more snow showers up north. we will see complete clearing statewide tuesday into wednesday
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snow accumulations, tough to call where the squalls hit so it is a generalized one to three inches across the state to additional snow up north. tomorrow morning, there could be an isolated spot that gets close to four inches of snow. tonight, a few flurries early. not talking about anything widespread three good part of the evening. after 11:00 tonight, some showers will become more widespread. especially overnight is when squalls may develop after midnight and most likely during the earlier part of tomorrow morning. temperatures fall about 12 to 16 up north and between 17 and 23 elsewhere. tomorrow, snow showers and squalls in the morning. lingering flakes up north. windy and frigid tuesday. on wednesday even though we get
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30 with flurries early thursday. friday night and saturday the next window of opportunity for another storm. if that holds, a good part of new hampshire will not crack the freezing mark all week. adam: it is about time i guess. stephanie: overnight monday into tuesday, seven degrees overnight? mike: you have wind chill to talk about, as if you need that. adam: jason king, all eyes on denver now. jason: patriots keeping their eyes on the broncos and
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announcer: now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: the patriots have joined the oakland raiders of the 1970' s, as the only team in league history to advance to 5 consecutive conference championship games, they did it with yesterday' s 27-20 win over the kansas city chiefs at gillette stadium. the gang was all together again, julian edelman playing in his first game since mid-november, caught $10 passes for 100 yards, while rob gronkowski hauled in two touchdown catches. and the defense played great, forcing the game' s only
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to just 6 first half points, . next up, either the steelers at home or the broncos in denver. >> we would love to play home but home field does not matter. last week, all the teams that play home lost. we feel confident about wherever we play. we have to continue to play good football. >> not many players or teams got this opportunity. it is an honor. it don' t mean nothing unless you win. got to be ready. jason: steelers and broncos on the field as we speak in denver. they just started the second quarter. the steelers scored a touchdown toward the end of the first quarter and lead 7-6. if the steelers win, the patriots will play the afc championship game at home. hockey now, the monarchs home with the norfolk admirals.
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two games exchange goals. devin mantha scores on the . but manchester responds, danick paquette just turns on one from the near boards, and it somehow sneaks thru the 5-hole, , 1-1 after one. he scores his 14th. made it 3-1. norfolk got the next two. power-play goal tied it at 3-3. still in the second, manchester on the power play. his sixth of the year. 4-3 manchester after two. last check, they were late in the third still leading 4-3. we will let you know how it turns out tonight at 6:00. stephanie: we' re working on more for news 9 at 5:30. adam: a hampstead official in hot water regarding comments made a school meeting issuing an apology tonight.
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stephanie: we will tell you when and where ahead. adam: now to our u-local hot shot. check out this little patriots celebrating yesterdays win. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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mike: a classic stretch of winter weather on the way this week. some of the coldest air this season. how it plays out in the next few days. adam: an official is apologizing after making controversial comments about shooting schoolchildren while discussing school safety. stephanie: plus, two suspicious deaths in massachusetts now being called a murder-suicide. what authorities say happened inside the home. adam the ice castles are opening : sooner than expected for a new season up in lincoln. when you can visit the frozen sites. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. stephanie: you' re looking at a live image from manchester.
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. welcome back, i' m stephanie woods. adam: and i' m adam sexton. for a look at the depth of tonight snow and how it will impact your commute tomorrow lets check in with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: take a look at doppler radar. not much happening. we do see snow showers over southern new hampshire. most of that is not reaching the ground. the next few hours, we will start to see a storm down to our south and east moving out to see while showers and squalls to the west approach. i would say the best timeline on those through the heart of the morning commute. notice temperatures now lining up in the low to mid 20' s across the north country. and right around 30 elsewhere. we are already subfreezing. even though not much falls for the evening and the road should be fine, we could see scattered
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overnight into tomorrow morning, notice the dark blue. they indicate potential for snow squalls. any one of those could lower visibility under one quarter of a mile for about half an hour and drop an inch or two of snow. that is in the cards. this is not a blockbuster snowstorm, but it could be tricky during that stretch. in terms of accumulation, at least a couple of inches in spots by morning. what about the rest of the week? we will look at that straight ahead. adam: thank you. new developments tonight in a controversial comments made. he is apologizing. the comments were about shooting schoolchildren while discussing school safety. in his apology letter, he said i used excessively graphic language and i apologize. he has been banned from schools,
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aron hernandez could learn this week when he is due back in court. he is accused of shooting and meeting them at a boston nightclub. hernandez pleaded not guilty. a massachusetts judge is expected to set a new trial date on tuesday. hernandez is already serving a life sentence for a different murder. stephanie: investigators are calling it a murder-suicide after two people were found dead last night. police responded to the request for a welfare check around 5:00 last night. when officers arrived, they found two dead. wcvb spoke with the restaurant where one of the people found dead worked and confirmed they were the o conners. >> i worked with him thursday night. we are devastated. we are still wondering. we don' t have answers yet.
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stephanie: the middlesex district attorney and police are investigating. claremont is taking advantage of few inches of snow on the ground with the 5th annual world snow day. these are pictures from last year' s event. winter weather lovers can tube, skii, snowboard, ice skate, and sleboggan. sleboggans or steerable toboggans were invented by bill herrick of wilmot and today they' re hoping to break the slebogganing speed record of 35 miles per hour. a popular attraction coming back to the granite state. adam: you' ll certainly want to grab a coat and escape outside this week to see an ice castle nearly an acre in size. we' ll tell you when it' s opening just ahead. stephanie: pop quiz, what was the price of gas in the early 1970' s? you have the break to jot down your answers. we' ll tell you how that price relates a snowmobile series
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she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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stephanie: in "escape outside," it' s hard to fathom this price but in the early 1970' s a snowmobile would set you back about $1000. gas was $.35 a gallon. the sleds were sleek, fast, and colorful. if you have a vintage sled and would like to take it out for a spin, here' s your chance. the great north woods vintage race series begins this week. the first race starts in
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three other races are scheduled to take place up until mid march in lisbon, errol, and pittsburg. the popular ice castles are returning to lincoln this week. the hobo scenic railroads are once again hosting the utah based ice castles. the company thought they' d have to push the opening back to february but today we' ve learned they' ll open in this friday. this is one of three ice castles in america and includes a frozen throne. if weather permits, it' ll stay open through march. you can find even more outdoors news on the "escape outside" section of our website, i think it will be cold enough to keep those frozen. mike: not only are we below freezing now, but through the week with the coldest air this season, no worries about the ice going anywhere.
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27 in lincoln. even though it will cool down more tonight, it will not be that cold. certainly below freezing. another sign of cold air coming in, even colder than we are now, that front to the west. you can see it around buffalo approaching watertown, new york. that is a line of showers and squalls that will benefit -- have an impact statewide for new hampshire and bring in colder air behind it. we will talk about the extended outlook in a few minutes. adam: coming up, we asked candidates about a big topic on the minds of new hampshire voters -- jobs. their thoughts ahead in our 11 question series. plus, remembering dr. martin luther king jr. the impact he had on one keene man now considered a civil
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we t there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president?
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i'm bernie sanders
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adam" at least two people are dead after tornadoes in florida. stephanie: neighbors spent the day cleaning up the distraction. a husband and wife were killed. >> removed the mobile home from its concrete block foundation and rolled toward the street. reporter: wilson died immediately, his wife passing away from a heart attack a short time after.
5:37 pm
the wreckage helping his four children to safety. >> woke up this morning and lost a family friend and neighbor. reporter: these deaths in florida the only ones attributed to the three confirmed tornadoes overnight as a line of threatening storms and having winds pushed through the state. >> reports of three people trapped upstairs in a home. reporter: another twister damaged this home trapping to the victims inside. one easily pulled from the wreckage although a special operations unit had to lift the roof to reach the second, a woman trapped in her bedroom. it is a barrier island known for pricey homes and wide beaches. >> i grew up on island. i will take hurricanes all day long. this was bad. reporter: by daybreak, those who survived were surveying the damage. the cost is estimated in the millions.
5:38 pm
have been in and 43 years. but you move on. reporter: officials are telling residents with storm damage to stay away from their homes until they are told the structures have been cleared. abc news, sarasota, florida. announcer: now, meteorologist mike haddad with your forecast. mike: much quieter around these parts. around the coast, a fair amount of sunshine. the clouds filled in over the afternoon. a dry sunday and temperatures pleasantly on the cool side. that is about to change. today, 36 degrees. that is six above the average of 30. the overnight low 28, well above close to the record low of 20 below zero in 1971. look at your sunrise and sunset time.
5:39 pm
4:38. we had a sunset as early as 4:11 in december. we have seen a gain already. on radar, quite a few changes. it is quiet now. most of what you see over southern new hampshire not reaching the ground. there could be flurries south of tonight. a storm to our south continues to move east. that means most of the snow from this system tries to move away. at the same time, this front to the west will swing through with scattered snow showers around 11:00. then they become more widespread. as the front moves in, it may capture moisture and throw it back at new hampshire. a general light snowfall. there could be scattered snow squalls beginning early tomorrow
5:40 pm
temperatures close to 30 degrees over towards the coast. a little cooler any monadnock region around 28 or 29. coolest in the higher terrain. upper 20' s in the upper valley. similar temperatures through the lakes region. all of these temperatures running very close to the norm for this time of year. overnight tonight with cloud cover moving in, we will not see a big temperature fall. i' m going with mid-to-upper teens north. southern new hampshire in the low to mid 20' s. not that cold. but it will be the warmest between now and early wednesday morning as frigid air builds in behind this arctic front to our west. looks storming out. most of the heavy snow moves offshore.
5:41 pm
to create slick road conditions. scattered showers early. snow becomes more widespread overnight into tomorrow morning through the morning commute. notice this band of heavy snow offshore. a piece of that may get captured and work toward the coast. one-three inches will fall but we could see higher amounts at the coast and across the mountains where the terrain brings out moisture about 3000 feet. one to three between now and midnight tomorrow. not tons of snow but enough to make it tricky on the roadways. flurries early this evening. later tonight, more snow showers. overnight, steadier snow with squalls and cold air behind it. the winds pick up tomorrow afternoon. could gust over 40 on tuesday.
5:42 pm
gradually, it will feel better midweek as we track another storm. stephanie: it is like a ferocious winter weather week ahead of us. mike: we dodged that a good part of the season. payback now. adam: back to normal. stephanie: the squalls on monday, any danger? mike: i don' t think so. we will dodge a few. squalls are interesting. they move through. half an hour later, they are gone. they hit you hard and then move out. stephanie: now to commitment 2016, and we continue with our series of questions for the presidential candidates. adam tonight we ask, what would : your administration do to create jobs in this country? dr. carson well, this country : has the most dynamic economic-engine the world has ever known. the problem is it cannot function when it' s completely
5:43 pm
regulations. so i would look at each one of these regulations, again, looking at the costs versus benefit. and if the benefit is not greater than the cost, we' re gonna get rid of it or modify it very substantially. that' s going to help to free up that economic-engine. also, i would revamp the tax policy. we have a 75,000 to 80,000 page tax code, which is absolutely absurd. and in order for that economic engine to work, you have to create an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurial risk taking and capital investment. we do not have that. chris christie well, we would : change this tax code to create jobs. this tax code is like a wet blanket on the economy because the public perceives, josh, that the taxes have been rigged for the rich. the reason that they think it
5:44 pm
, and what we would do is get rid of all of the deductions, get rid of all the special interest loopholes, except for two, the home mortgage interest deduction and the charitable contributions deductions. that' s what real citizens use every day. helps them buy a home, helps them support the charities in their community that are doing great work. we want to continue to encourage that, but we want everything else goes, we lower the rates down to 28% on the high end, where it was when ronald reagan was president in 1986, and 8% on the low end, make sure that people can do their taxes in 15 minutes. we' ll be able to fire a lot of i.r.s. agency for we do that and people will be able to feel once of their own money and spend it the way they want to spend it, that going to help to create jobs and economic activity in this country like it did when in the mid 1980' s. ted cruz every time we pursue : tax reform and regulatory reform, everytime we get the federal government off the backs of small businesses and job creators we see incredible we saw it in the 1920' calvin coolidge. we saw it in the 1960' j.f.k. we saw it in the 1980' ronald reagan. as president, i will lead the
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obamacare; to lift the regulators of the back of small businesses and to pass fundamental tax reform, a simple flat tax. for individuals, 10%. you can fill your taxes out on a postcard and we can abolish the i.r.s. that is going to unleash small businesses, job creators, we' re going to have million, of new jobs, of high paying jobs. american jobs. blue collar, american jobs. we can turn the economy around, if we just end the era of big government and get back to the free market principles that we know work and that built america. carly fiorina: for the first time in u.s. history we are now , destroying more small businesses than we are creating. small and new businesses create this country. they employ half the people and businesses. it is why we have more people
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looking for work. than has been the case since the 1970' s. we need to simplify the tax code so from 73,000 pages down to 3., by the way there' s been a plan for a three-page tax code for 20 years. we need to roll back the crushing load of regulation and we need to encourage capital to flow to entrepreneurs today; it' s not. it' s going big companies through big wall street banks and the community banks that used to be the helping hand for entrepreneurs and family owned businesses. those community banks are going out of business, 1500 and 90 of them since dodd-frank was passed. big complicated government favors the big, the powerful, the wealthy, and the well-connected, and crushes the small and the powerless, but jobs are created by entrepreneurs. stephanie: we' ll hear from candidates regarding how they break down the political wall that divides the parties tomorrow at 5:00. adam: a look back in history now, as tomorrow public observances will be held
5:47 pm
luther king junior day, fifty years ago jonathan daniels of keene was inspired by dr. kings words and call for clergy to become more actively involved in the civil rights movement. he traveled to alabama in an effort to assist with voter registration. it was there in 1965 that he made the ultimate sacrifice. when a local white man leveled a shotgun at a black teenage girl , daniels at age 27 became a human shield stepping in front of her to take the fatal shot himself. intended victim ruby sales was 17 at the time. she is now in her late 60' s and says that moment will forever be etched in her mind. >> i heard a shot, and it was jonathan. he shot jonathan. jonathan never made a sound. i think he was dead instantly. the collective grief of losing jonathan, bound us together in the county. and instead of retreating because of that, people were
5:48 pm
forward. adam sales traveled to new : hampshire earlier this year to honor reverend daniels on the 50th anniversary of his murder. in response to his death in 1965, dr. king called it bestial and said that few people in our time will know such fulfillment or meaning though they lived to be 100. stephanie: to mark in ok day governor maggie hassan and , -- to mark in ok day, governor maggie hassan and senator kelly ayotte will speak at the annual keeping the dream alive event. it' s organized and hosted by the -- . more on this special day full of visitors from all over the world coming up. adam: a child falls from a
5:49 pm
stephanie: thousands lined up for their first limps of -- first glimpse of bei bei. his twin brother passed away within a week. adam: he made his first public debut at the national zoo.
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stephanie: thanks for joining us at 5:00. adam: we will be back with more
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