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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. melissa: i opened the door, and they are like, "fire, fire." adam: now at noon neighbors evacuated after flames rip through a vacant building in manchester. why officials quickly called it suspicious. hayley: it feels quite brisk right now with the winds gusting. then all eyes on the system in the central u.s. will it impact us in the forecast coming up? adam: plus, millions of people are bracing for a winter storm that could bring historic amounts of snowfall to certain regions. in some areas, conditions are deteriorating. and it is another busy day on the campaign trail. a look at who is making stops in the granite state.
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. adam: right now, officials in manchester are investigating an early morning two-alarm fire on west street that they are calling suspicious. good afternoon. i' m adam sexton. neighbors were forced to evacuate before sunrise. wmur' s ray brewer has the story. ray: around 5:00 in the morning the fire at 49 west street in manchester. melissa: i opened the door, and it was like, "fire, fire," so we all -- i had to get a baby out. we had to get the baby. morning. very scary. door. she along with her fellow tenants were evacuated. firefighters say when they arrived, they had fire on all was sounded. daniel marcelle, who is in new hampshire working for ted cruz, also had to evacuate.
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was knocking on our door told us -- because we heard an alarm and we really didn' t know what it was, and he told us there' s a fire next door and we went outside. you literally couldn' t even see the house, there was so much smoke. it was all smoke. ray: west street is a congested neighborhood, and marcelle says they were worried about the fire spreading. daniel: we saw all the smoke was drifting towards our building, so we didn' t know if the fire was going to move to the next building. ray: firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to the one building, and no one was injured. as for the cause -- chief burkush: the fire right now appears to be suspicious . there' s nobody that' s living in the building. the gas was shut off. ray: and that concerns arzola. melissa: kind of worried actually being so close to it , too. adam: utilities being shut off from this building. that is something else they are looking into. ray brewer with that report. right now, salem police are looking for a man who robbed a 7-eleven overnight. police say he walked into the store wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and demanded the
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time, open the register and left with cash. officials say no weapon was shown. as you can see in the surveillance, part of his face was covered, and he was wearing a pair of gloves. three people are accused of robbing a man in somersworth. police say the victim was interacting with 22-year-old felicia smart though craigslist and backpage when they decided to meet up. once the two were together at an apartment on main street, police say two men walked in and assaulted and robbed the victim. he suffered numerous facial injuries. smart and another man, edwin dorr, were both arrested in connection with the robbery. police are still looking for a third suspect, 21-year-old joel leary. two people are awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to armed robbery. 33-year-old crystal dufault and 46-year-old joseph richards pled guilty yesterday to armed bank robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. authorities say the two robbed
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the two face up to 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each charge. two people are due in court today after a pair of attacks in claremont. police say a man reported being jumped on trinity street early sunday morning. he was treated for a knife wound to his face. then early tuesday, a man was flown to dartmouth hitchcock to be treated for apparent stab wounds. a man from new york is charged with first degree assault and a claremont man is accused of selling crack cocaine in a school zone. today, 31-year-old dawn lent of franklin is due in court, charged with possession of heroin and methamphetamine with intent to distribute after police searched a home on west bow street. a man was also arrested for possession of heroin. happening right now at the state house, governor maggie hassan is signing several bills aimed at combating new hampshire' s drug crisis. one of the measures strengthens the penalties against fentanyl insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment. another bill creates a committee
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reversal drug, narcan. a hiker is recovering after being rescued from the white mountain national forest. officials say the injured hiker slipped and fell down a gully on red ridge trail around 3:00 yesterday. that' s when the people he was with activated a personal locator beacon. around 5:30, rescuers found the group and carried the injured hiker about a half mile down the mountain to a waiting ambulance. right now, temperatures remain brisk. here is a live look at manchester where you can see traffic flowing on 293. sunny out there but still cold and breezy. meteorologist hayley lapoint joins us now with a look at what we can expect for the rest of the week, including when we might see some snow. hayley: the big story today is actually the wind. it has been cranking across the area with wind gusts upwards of 20 and 30 miles an hour. take a look at this -- we have wind gusts about 24 miles an hour in concord, 22 in
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hour in keene, so these have been very strong. temperatures are in the upper 20' s, manchester international, factored in, it feels much colder than that feared over the weekend, we have been tracking a storm system getting closer and closer to us. at this point, it looks like a mist for most of us. some of us might get a little bit of snow. i will have more the forecast coming up terry adam: -- coming up,. adam: sounds good, haley. and while we may not be hit with this big storm, millions of americans on the east coast are bracing for it. in some areas the roads are already snow covered and icy. abc' s lana zak has more on who' s going to get the worst of it. lana: d.c. is preparing for an epic blizzard with a trial run. mayor bowser: we are very sorry for inadequate response. i am also declaring a snow emergency. lana: d.c. is going to be more prepared after less than two
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evening, leading to this. >> it was pretty rough driving home. took him an hour to get four miles, then we decided to walk, and it' s pretty icy on the roads too when you' re walking. lana: even the president himself caught in the icy conditions, the presidential motorcade ping-ponging on the slick streets. while residents prepared for the impending storm, many on social media were frustrated by the preparation, or lack of it, on the roads. this person taking aim at the virginia department of transportation, writing "vdot needs to get salt on the roads." those first snowflakes snarled roads, and caused accident, after accident, 776 traffic crashes reported, nearly 400 calls from disabled vehicles. and with forecasters predicting up to two feet of snow in the mid-atlantic this weekend, grocery shelves have been picked bare, snow shovels are in short supply. >> we' ve been moving a lot of ice melt, a lot of snow shovels, sleds. lana: and the man with the snowblower -- nash: i' m the only one on my block with a snow blower.
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town. a total of 20 states are now under winter watch. lana zak, abc news, washington. adam: makes you thankful that we know how to handle it here, right? in commitment 2016 news this noon, despite the fact that new jersey is facing the brunt of this storm, governor chris christie says he will stay on the campaign trail here in new hampshire while his lieutenant governor handles things back at home. gov. christie: we' re preparing for the worst, like we always do, and you can always scale back. so, like i said, we' ve been through this dance a bunch of times before, so from my perspective, we' re doing the things we need to do, in terms of getting the roadways ready, dealing with potential coastal flooding, and all the rest of that. to say everyone had their assignments last night and he will be back on the phone with them tonight, and that his leaders know how to do it. also on the campaign trail this
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he has stops planned in manchester, nashua, and wolfeboro today. republican presidential hopeful marco rubio continues his trip through the state today. this morning, he spoke at an americans for peace prosperity and security forum at there he told voters national security is by far the most important issue in this election. sen. rubio: it is one of the things that motivates me in this race because i know the world is a safer and a better place when america is the strongest military and the strongest power on the planet, and i will work every day as president to ensure that we remain that and more. adam: senator rubio also spoke with employees at decco incorporated in brookline. tomorrow night, he holds a town hall meeting at the merrimack american legion post 98. that starts at 6:30. today, several other candidates will be in new hampshire. democrat martin o' malley and republican contenders john kasich, jeb bush, chris christie, and ted cruz all have stops planned, over the last few
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chance to see a more personal side of the candidates in small gatherings we call candidate cafes. that' s where they talk about everything from fashion to family and life on the campaign trail. tune in to "candidate cafe " tonight at 9:00. wall street feeling a little relief as stocks open slightly higher today. coming up, we' ll look at the current numbers and see what was to blame for a sharp decline. plus, new visa waiver rules set to be announced. what that would mean for european travelers. hayley: gusty winds, cold temperatures, but otherwise pretty quiet weather for us as we round out the work week here. watching the storm system just
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"enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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adam: right now, stocks are slightly higher on wall street. this coming just a day after a sharp decline, which was triggered by a slump in oil prices. energy stocks recovered some ground early this morning as the price of crude oil stabilized. dow' s average has edged up about five points. here' s a look at the current numbers. doing fairly well at the moment. today, the obama administration could announce new visa waiver rules aiming to keep terrorists from entering the united states. the current visa waiver program allows people from dozens of countries to come to the u.s. for a short period of time without getting a visa. but the new rule will impact
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iran, iraq, sudan, or syria or those who have visited any of those countries in the last five years. and senate democrats have blocked a house bill that would have banned syrian and iraqi refugees from coming into the united states. that is after republicans refused any democratic amendments to the bill. the house legislation would require new fbi background checks and individual sign-offs from high-ranking federal officials before the admittance of any refugee from syria or president obama warned he would veto the bill if it made it to his desk. so, it looks like we will dodge a bullet in terms of the snow. everybody else will get it, and then it moves on out. hayley: i know the skiers are saying, "we wish it was us." others are celebrate. it feet down by washington, d.c. adam: that video -- they cannot even handle it down there. we need to send help i guess. hayley: not for us. adam: still ahead, we'
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s a naturally occurring radioactive gas.
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now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: good afternoon, everyone. it is beautiful outside. if, of course, you can deal with the gusty winds and the cold air. a live look along goffstown looking down into the valley. the camera of course shaking because the winds are gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour. it is that biting wind, that cold, arctic air coming out of the northwest. it is going to be chilly stepping outside throughout the afternoon and into this evening as well. here are some live looks all across the state. we have a beautiful, bluebird type day with completely clear skies. dublin in the bottom left picture, and portsmouth, completely clear, same thing in the lakes region. then in the north country, you guys are stuck with some pesky clouds as usual. temperatures in the 20' s now from concord down into nashua, portsmouth as well in the 20'
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21 degrees in plymouth. only in the teens in whitefield and berlin. that will not even factor in these winds,, which makes it feel even colder. about 31 miles an hour in nashua. these are the type of gusts that can russell things around outside your house. you can hear it whistling around your house, too. and of course, it makes it feel so much colder. laconia, how it deals on bears in -- on bare skin with the wind, feels like 9. bottom line, bundle up heading out later on this afternoon and evening. there are the pesky clouds mainly north of the notches in this point. in watching very closely what is happening in the central u.s., this storm system really getting it going.
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thunderstorms, maybe even tornadoes in the southeastern u.s. as the storm makes its way to the coastline, it just gets so intense, it was up because it is a huge snow maker -- but not for us. down in d.c., they are looking at a foot or two of snow with wind. it is going to be an incredible storm for them. for us, sunshine today, tomorrow. great-looking forecast, perfectly good for doing some skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling. all is good. saturday is when we may have some impact from the storm as clouds start to fill in from the south. watch as we get into the overnight hours. there may briefly be a couple of snow showers in far southern new hampshire. i am thinking a coating to one inch for manchester into the southern part of the state. the remainder of the day, sunny skies, a big game coming up on sunday in denver. of course, the weather been quiet, any 40' s.
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the game. we actually warm up a little bit next week. adam: thanks, hayley. in our monthly checkup today, we are talking about radon. what it is, what it can do to our health, and what we should do about it. january is national radon action month, and rates in new hampshire tend to be higher than the usa as a whole. a recent study showed that 30% of homes tested in the state have elevated radon concentrations. new hampshire' s state epidemiologist dr. benjamin chan is here to discuss some of the problems with radon here in new hampshire. dr. chan, could you start by telling us what exactly radon is? dr. chan: well, thank you for having me. radon is a naturally occurring gas that can eat into your home. you cannot see it, taste it, smell it, see you not notice there in less you test for it. is a gas produced from the breakdown of the breakdown of oil that naturally occurs in rocks and granite, which we have a lot of in the state of new hampshire.
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through a water source. you can find radon and water, especially if it is an underground source of water like a private well. open air sources like lakes and rivers are not much of a concern . the issue with water is not even adjusted necessarily but more as you shower and bait and cook with it, the radon gas will be released into the air, and then you can breathe it in. exposure to radon depends on how long they are in the environment for, what kind of home they have, the construction -- there are a lot of factors. adam: we always hear about in the basement. what is the interaction between radon and human health? dr. chan: as i mentioned, radon is a radioactive gas, and when you breathe it in, it can deposit small, radioactive particles into your lungs, risk of cancer. the higher the radon levels in your home, the higher your risk of cancer. if people smoke tobacco, burn certain fuels like wood and coal, this could increase your lung cancer risk above what
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it is estimated that radon is the second leading cause of cancer after smoking. an estimated 20,000 cancer deaths occur every year due to radon. adam: what should people in new hampshire do to reduce their risk of health problems from radon? dr. chan: it is recommended that everybody test their home environment for radon. there are short-term tests, which involve a kid that you put into your home for a few days, -- a kit that you put into your home for a few days, and you ship it off to be tested. the water test gives you a better idea of what your year-round levels might be. radon levels can fluctuate month-to-month, season to season. typically, they tend to be higher in the winter because doors and windows are sealed up
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people can test their homes, their arctic missions to do this. there are levels above which the epa recommends you try to get rid of radon. remove it from the air and water, it is found in water, to try to reduce your health risk.
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hayley: better wind chill' s this afternoon with wind chills in the single digits and teens thanks to the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. a few showers, and that is about it. adam: they keep missing a spirit we cannot complain. -- they keep missing us.
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