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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> right now, a fire destroys an historic home in newcastle. >> it was devastating. i think it was the most important house. >> white neighbors say it is a loss for the whole community. the patriots are heading back to new england after losing a close game to the denver broncos. >> the clouds pass by tonight and then we are back to full sunshine. how mild it gets this week ahead. >> hillary clinton picking up a big endorsement ahead of the new hampshire primary. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. >> fires spread quickly and
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neighbors say the home was an historic landmark. fire crews were on the scene checking for hotspots. mike ronan tells us how many are feeling the loss tonight. mike: that pile of rubble is all that remains of a multifamily home that burned to the ground in newcastle. returned to portsmouth avenue sunday night, four hours earlier burned through the night. >> we started to see fire truck smoke. mike: phyllis lives across the street and took this video. >> it was a ferocious fire. sparks were fine -- flying, the flames were shooting out of the
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mike: witnesses say that everyone got out safely. according to neighbors, edmund tarbel lived and worked in the house which dates back to the 1800s. >> it was devastating. i think it is the most important house in newcastle from an architect and cultural perspective. really sad to see that. everyone got out safe, but i know that they lost everything. mike: she has a book with some of tarbell' s work. he made portraits inside the house. >> it was painted in the east gable. that was his family. unavailable for comment. after seeing the historical home everyday for more than 20 years, it go. >> to know it was across the street -- it gave me a thrill
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devastating. mike: neighbors say that at least one of the family' s is in a hotel for the week. this fire remains under investigation. stephanie: manchester police say that a driver accidentally crashed into a house this morning. they said the driver mistook the gas for the break, and crashed into the front porch of a house just before 9:00 this morning. there was minor damage, but no one was seriously hurt. massachusetts man was drunk driving when he hit and killed a pedestrian in lincoln. police say that the 57-year-old paul was struck from a hind on main street 5:45 last night -- from behind on main street at 5:45 last night. local business owners say that
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out of state or other parts of the state and want to go out to careful and responsible. >> we thought it was a local. our initial response was, i hope it is not who we think it is. it was a huge relief. we did -- it is unfortunate something happened like that in this town. stephanie: he was released on $25,000 bail. he will face a judge next month. congress police are looking for a man who held up a convenience store and stabbed the clerk with the knife. the clerk told police that the robber entered the store before 2:30, asked him if he wanted to die, and demented cash. the clerk attempt -- and demanded cash. the clerk attempted to fight him off with a stick, when the rubber stabbed him with a knife. if you have -- when the robber
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if you have information, call police. a store employee says this suspect showed a handgun and demanded cash. if you have any information, please call chesterfield, police. the community of hampstead is mourning the loss of one of its own. officer matthew moore passed away after a battle with cancer. moore joined the hampstead department in 2009. he was also a marine corps veteran and served in iraq. he was just 38 years old. he is survived by his wife and two children. the public is invited -- a boil order is in effect for the town of lisbon. the state department of environmental services has mandated that those in lisbon boil water for two minutes before drinking it after the
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sample from the water system. the earliest that it may be lifted is wednesday. sorry to say, there are a lot of long faces in the newsroom after the new england patriots lost the afc championship game to the broncos. the carolina panthers and the bowl 50. jason, how is the team feeling? jason: probably not very good. it was a game built as a battle of two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and it turned out to be a defensive struggle. neither team could run the ball consistently or pass the ball consistently. in the end, it was denver that ran it and threw it just a little bit better. manning looked good in the opening drive. finding boeing daniels for a
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finding owen daniels for a 21-yard touchdown pass. it came down to the final play of the game, fourth and 10. rob gronkowski comes down with a huge catch which made a 20-18 game. but the pats had to go for two because they had missed an extra point earlier and that pass is tipped and intercepted. the patriots fall in the afc championship game. denver will go on and play in the super bowl against the panthers. >> i think we all feel as coaches, players, all of us -- such a fine line between winning and losing that they all could have done a little bit more. might have had a different result. >> it was a tough day. hard fought football game. they have very good defense. they played well all season.
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they put a lot of pressure on you. jason: that is the key to beating the patriots, to pressure tom brady. don' t give him time to throw the football and that is what denver did. he spent a lot of the day on his back. he was sacked four times. the patriots and the season one super bowl. stephanie: still a very good record. despite the loss, some fans are staying optimistic. we caught up with some fans in manchester already looking forward. >> hopefully next year it will go well, knock on wood. they don' t have any injuries. they are a young team overall. stephanie: moore highlights and game analysis coming up in sports. it was a beautiful day here in new hampshire. the snowstorm left us alone but
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tides. 5 we had -- we even had a couple of flurries going on across the state at this hour. most of this is very light if anything hitting the ground. in the mountains there could be a quick dusting. in denver we have been watching the weather out there with the pats playing and losing. temperatures in the 20' s, 26 and plymouth. 30 still in manchester. most of us will fall into the teens and lo w 20' s. mostly sunny skies monday. we have some even milder air. we will likely crack 40 degrees as we push forward to the work week. i will talk more about the forecast coming up.
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coverage, the boston globe endorsed hillary clinton for the democratic nomination in the new hampshire primary. they' ve demonstrated strength and experience and says she is more seasoned, grounded and more forward-looking than 2008. the ohio governor and republican white house hopeful held his 75th the hampshire town hall this afternoon. kasich is pitching himself as the positive candidate saying the others are mired in negativity. >> most things in life are really about balance. extremes, most of the time they do not work. the only time i can think of an destroying isis.
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hits the first of the campaign trail tomorrow in kingston. weekend' chris christie is back in new hampshire. he held a town hall meeting at the portsmouth vfw hall. the gop hopeful capped off the and hampton falls. tomorrow am a christie has stops planned in greenland, merrimack and elsewhere. donald trump is hosting a campaign rally at 7:00. you can follow all the candidates on the campaign trail. coming up tonight at 11:00, the blizzard of 2016 left a mess on the roads. the plowing accident in massachusetts that left one person dead. a popular attraction has returned to lincoln. the new feature you can see at the ice castle this year. hayley: maybe a little bit of
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next couple of days. we will talk about how warm it
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stephanie: new details tonight in the earthquake that rocked southern alaska this morning.
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buildings sway and items topple off of shelves around 1:30 a.m. two aftershocks have followed. there have been no reported injuries but two homes were destroyed after a natural gas leak caused them to explode. 30 homes have been evacuated because of the gas leak. a man died after he was struck by a plow in dorchester. the victim is believed to have been shoveling when it' s on truck hit him. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. >> it is unclear what happened. >> police say that the driver of that plow has been cooperative. no charges have been filed at this time. also in massachusetts, a driver has been accused of firing shots at a plow driver. plymouth police say that bruce o' briant was driving under the influence when he aimed a gun at the plow driver.
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there appears to be no damage. police are still investigating. the blizzard is over but it left the carolinas to massachusetts covered in snow. a live look at the nation' s capital where there is a foot and a half to two feet of snow. i aixa diaz tells us how washington is spying out -- thawing out. >> the airports hope to resume some flights. the subway will begin running in the mornings and service will be free tomorrow. over the weekend,' s letters replaced lawmakers. the house has postponed votes that it had scheduled this week. tomorrow, federal offices will be shut down. the national zoo with
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stephanie: a popular winter attraction is back open in lincoln. this year' s castle features waterfalls, amaze and thrown said one of the longest ice slides in the world. this is one of three ice capsules in america and its more than an acre in size. >> it was a slow start to the winner, it was very warm but we have a great team. now we are open. we are not as big and good as we have ever been. stephanie: if weather permits, the attraction will stay open through mid-march. hayley: that looks super cool and the cold temperatures have been helping them a bit. here is a live look at markets where in portsmouth. it is quiet this evening. nothing falling out of the sky tonight. up north there might be a few
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temperature in concord today. 39 in manchester, 39 in portsmouth. the average height for this time in january is about already one degrees. we were well above that in most locations. even up north we were close to that. we have fallen into the 20' s, but coney at about 30 degrees. we have temperatures in the 20' s right now and you can see the wind continuing to move around out of the northwest. six miles per hour and concord and eight miles per hour in manchester. look at the temperatures as we push forward in time. tomorrow and beyond will be well above the average high of 31 degrees and we will probably crack 40 degrees tuesday. that will start things thawing out a little bit. each night we go below freezing so there is the risk of black
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tonight, we have all pre-much fallen below freezing. so that has already occurred. you can see that there are a few snow showers. then in conway there are light snow showers. maybe a little dusting. as much as an inch and some of the higher elevations but that is all these snow showers are going to muster as they pass silently through the overnight hours. off to the west, more clouds but they will break apart through the day. tomorrow we are back to a beautiful sunny january day. tuesday is the next time that we see changes in the weather and that is winter pitchers warm-up. we will start with the sunshine tuesday and watch what happens when it is to the afternoon.
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they start to drizzle tuesday afternoon, not snow showers. we will start to be sunny but not warm enough for rain showers. overnight, 15 in concord, 20 manchester. the temperatures will drop off quickly over the next few hours, especially with the clouds clearing out. sunny skies for the day tomorrow. the wind out of the northwest at five miles per hour. centipede 36. 35 degrees and meredith and up north, temperatures are moving above freezing in many communities. a few spotty showers wednesday. thursday is when we cool back
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flurries on friday and over next weekend. stephanie: can we give the skiers and boarders any hope? >> too soon to tell that you could easily get a fresh coating in some of these rounds. point. wearing our blue. jamie is here with sports. jamie: let' s bring in jason king from denver. they had tough defense. jason: they certainly did.
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jamie: it is no doubt a tough flight home for the new england patriots. a tough denver defense and one huge missed point after touchdown kick that adds up to the broncos moving on to the super bowl. jason king his life to wrap it up >> it was a good football game overall. this place has not been very kind to the patriots as of late. the afc championship game between tom brady and peyton manning. he looked good on the opening drive. a wednesday deals for a 21 yard touchdown pass. a big break for the pats later in the first.
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lateral. that led to a stephen jackson run in the pats were on the board with a running touchdown. but next, for the first time since 2006, steven gunn kautsky misses a next her point that would turn out to be -- in the second quarter, tom brady floats one that is picked off by von miller. i great series for him. three lays later cannot manning goes 12 yards to daniels again. the broncos led 17-9 in the third -- third quarter both defenses playing gate. a big loss for denver and von miller returns the favor. a big hit on number 12. brady took a lot of them in the game.
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that was the difference. fourth and 10 from midfield and brady finds rob gronkowski for a -- down to the 10 yard line. 10 and brady will throw it in the end zone am a but guess who comes down with it? rob gronkowski with a huge catch. the pats down by two, but because of the missed point, the pats had to go for two after the touchdown and the former patriot tips the ball and it is picked off. that is it. the broncos hold on to win 20 to 18. it is a tough date when tom brady is your leading rusher. three carries for 13 yards. rob gronkowski and julian edelman got most of their catches in the second half. edelman with seven catches for
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the patriots ended the season at 13-5. they have not rot -- they have not won a road playoff game since 2006. >> we just wanted to concentrate on our ball. -- on our job. we wanted make as many plays as weekend and get the ball in the end zone. we could not get it done. >> they made more plays than us when they had to so that' s why they won. >> your 18-20 game, always just a couple of plays. >> you cannot win if you do not make plays but like i said once before, this team give it everything they got. that' s it. >> so tom brady has still to win a playoff game here and denver and for the patriots as a franchise they are 0-4 in postseason games here.
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s personal flight crew before the game on the field. he said they would stay for the first quarter and get ready to go. pats are probably back at home already and they will close things out tomorrow morning with bill belichick' s final press conference and the final locker room availability. the season ends for the patriots and the championship game loss for the broncos. jason king, wmur. jamie: you have that stadium to yourself. or something. who was the broncos play in super bowl 50? the start. carolina wins 49-15. it is the first 49 to 15 score in the history of the nfl. carolina and denver for the
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that is a wrap on football season until the super bowl. still to come tonight, the rest of the day in sports including the celtics on only playing the 76ers after the snowstorm. (donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic feedback) there's a big difference between making noise,
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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jamie: the celtics ended up playing in philly tonight one night later than usual. a are supposed to play and washington, d.c. tomorrow night. no problem getting the worst team tonight, the 76ers. 16 points off the bench for him. then issue smith with an air ball. isaiah thomas would get the fastbreak. the celtics win 112-92. echl hockey, the manchester monarchs playing the thunder. michael kirkpatrick finds the net to make it to drive-zero. the monarchs try to get on the board before the end of the period. the monarchs and up winning this one in overtime so they won all
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