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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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through mid-week. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: breaking news, police think the man suspected of slashing a store clerk during a robbery has robbed a bank in another city. good evening, everyone, i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. police say the suspect who assaulted that clerk robbed a bank in goffstown this afternoon. jean: shelley walcott is here to show us why police think these cases are connected. reporter: that clerk is recovering tonight, but the man who heard him is still on the loose. take a look, this is surveillance video of the robbery in concord. it happened sunday afternoon at the concord mart on north main street. police say the suspect began taking money out of the register, and when the clerk tried to fend him off with a stick the suspect slashed his hand with a knife and took off. police say a suspect with a
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citizens bank in goffstown this afternoon. >> there appears to be some gray facial hair, wearing a dark hooded jacket. reporter: concord police and goffstown police have joined forces to solve this case. you can call either agency if you have any information. i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. tom: while the mid atlantic digs out from a major snowstorm, winter events in new hampshire are dealing with unseasonably warm temperatures. suzanne roantree is in meredith tonight where the pond hockey tournament is being moved off lake winnipesaukee. suzanne? reporter: yes, the ice out behind me here on meredith bay is just starting to be safe enough to put a bob house on. it wasn't until this last friday that many of the bays on lake winnipesaukee even had any ice on them. times was of the essence in
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hockey tournament would be held. with questions lingering about the upcoming fishing derby as well. monday crews were plowing the 4 to 6 inches of snow that's covering the ice in meredith. it's less than a mile away from where the new england pond hockey classic was scheduled to be played the first weekend of february. >> it changes the event, definitely, but we're still able to host it, which is awesome. we didn't want to have to postpone it because of all the people who have flights and take time off from work, so we're lucky that we have this lake that's smaller and able to freeze sooner. reporter: a thumbs up from the organizers of the great meredith rotary ice fishing derby schedule forward valentine's day weekend. the state white tournament which hampshire. >> everything is starting to look good. it's a little slow, but it's pleased. it's taken a little longer than we hoped. but you gotta remember, there's
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all of which if they are public lakes can be fished. reporter: organizers and long-time anglers say even though bob houses are popping up everywhere around the state, being on thin ice will likely get you in trouble. >> you just got to be careful, especially the big lakes, because they're just starting to cap over, some haven't made it. >> ice in the area is safe on the smaller ponds, and some of the bays. a lot of the lakes starting to catch now. people starting to venture out in new areas. >> just make sure that before you go on the ice you inspect it first, cut a hole using an ice auger. reporter: fish and game says for anglers to be safe on the ice they should have 4 to 6 inches of ice beneath their feet. and 6 to 8 inches for snowmobiles or atv's. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. open water on lake winnipesaukee
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let's bring in meteorologist josh judge, and what conditions are necessary to form that thick ice that's safe? josh: it's really tough, because in order for ice to form there have to be so many conditions that are just right, and there are so many variables that can change whether it freezes or not. currents keep the water moving and don't allow to it be still to freeze. sunshine can melt any ice that's beginning to form. and the wind, believe it or not, can have a huge impact because it pushes the water around. also it can blow away moisture off the top of the water. and objects in the ice can have a big effect as well. here's a look at lake winnipesaukee from weirs beach earlier today. can you see the skim coating that's there now. in a 24-hour time period under ideal conditions, here's how much ice you can form. let's say the twreur was 10 degrees. in 24 hours you could get over two inches of ice. but you need conditions to be
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down near 10 degrees for that situation and clear skies as well as light winds. whether we get those or not, mike haddad will be talking minutes. tom: new hampshire is still reeling from the effects of the nor'easter that never really snowed much here. several flights from manchester boston regional airport through new york, washington and baltimore are canceled tonight as those cities continue to dig out from the monster storm. in washington, many businesses and schools stayed closed today, including the federal government. wmur's sally kidd has a look at today's cleanup and the road ahead. reporter: tom, crews are making some progress. they're working around the clock. but as you can see, we just have so much snow on the ground here that plowing it isn't good enough. they're having to pick it up and haul it out of here. a snow emergency is still in
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where 24 inches fell over oh 36 hours. from the u.s. capitol to the white house and beyond. snow was being plowed, scooped up, and dumped by the truck load at rfk stadium. >> we know that we're going to week. reporter: d.c.'s mayor is asking people for disaster assistance money to help fay for the cleanup. federal offices are closed and sorp schools. rail and bus service are back up and running on a limited schedule. limited service. more than 2500 flights were delayed or canceled monday. >> i'm thrilled to be getting out on time, headed back to new orleans. reporter: in new york, the city says five deaths were related to snowfalling snow. to shoveling snow. >> we have to be real about the fact that the snow doesn't go away overnight.
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also digging out. and in new jersey officials began to assess beach erosion and flood damage caused by the storm. the cost of this storm to residents and businesses will be about $3 billion. in washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. jean: republican presidential candidate chris christie is back on the campaign trail in new hampshire tonight. the new jersey governor went back to his home state ahead of the storm and as amy coveno tells us, christie says there jersey. reporter: governor christie was back here in new hampshire before noon on sunday. the decision to campaign here and manage the damage in his criticism. governor christie defending that decision saying this was no hurricane sandy and that all that's left to do at this point is assess the damage and see if new jersey call files for federal aid. christie started the day in greenland at the country view
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then up to concord for an endorsement from the team who led jim mccain's run in new hampshire in 2012. governor christie is emulated the mccain town hall style of campaigning, racking up more than 50 town hall meetings so far. but today all questions led back to his decision to seemingly put new hampshire voters ahead of new jersey residents, an allegation he staunchly denies. >> i woke up sunday morning, i was told the following. the roads are all clear. new jersey transit will be ready to go back up and begin functioning around noontime on sunday. that we had no major flooding anyplace in the state that the national weather service had had characterized the flooding, even the flooding in south jersey, as minor to moderate, based upon their scales. reporter: right now governor christie is in hooksett for another town hall meeting. he heads back to new jersey tomorrow. coming up at 6:00 governor christie reveals where he hopes
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primary. jean: just a week away from the iowa caucuses, many candidates are headed to the hawkeye state. but right now ohio governor john kasich is campaigning here. because he tells wmur's andy hershberger his strategy is to focus on new hampshire. reporter: with seven campaign stops in three days including this one at the rotary club in manchester, republican presidential candidate john kasich appears to be making new hampshire the state where he wants to put up his primary fight. >> i got stuff in south carolina and nevada and we got things in iowa, but this is where we put most of our resources because this is 1.3 million people, it's like running for congress, it's doable. it's scalable. reporter: kasich stopped short of saying he's putting awful his eggs in one primary basket. but one political analyst says the ohio governor knows what's at stake. >> he's running a primary within a primary campaign right now. there is so much focused attention on donald trump, he doesn't have to come in and
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i don't think anybody expects that. but he has to do better than jeb bush or chris christie or marco rubio to make his mark here. reporter: he says the new hampshire voters traditionally make up their mind very late, suggesting the current polls may not paint an accurate picture of how this race will eventually end. kasich knows a good showing here is critical. >> it's very important, and it's how i can get exposure nationally and people can hear my message. so, and i love being here, and people do this, it's an amazing process. reporter: kasich says he will continue to talk about his record of fiscal responsibility and team work. when asked what defines a win in new hampshire, kasich says he'll wait on that until february 10th. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jean: thanks, andy. just one other candidate is in the granite state tonight, republican donald trump will
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we bring you live pictures as the crowd starts to gather, and really bringing you a live report coming up in a few minutes. former presidential candidate rick perry is endorsing republican ted cruz. he says the texas senator is the most consistent conservative in the race. perry dropped out of the presidential race back in september. tom: take a check on the traffic tonight, you're looking live at 293 north in manchester. where traffic seems to be moving along at a nice pace. dick joins us tonight with a look at the commute. >> hey, tom, great to see you. good afternoon to you at home. it's been an uneventful commute so far, no major issue others delays, just a lot of volume. 93 coming out of boston, you hit the usual slow spots when you
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then it's clear saying up to 495. north of manchester -- route 3 bus friday 95 to concord road. then it opens up to the state line. the everett turnpike trouble-free so far. no major issues on 101 east and west of manchester. 89 clear from concord to lebanon. over to the seacoast, typical volume delays at the hampton tolls and on the spaulding turnpike. so far so good. but it is still early. i'm dick lutz, for 95.7, wzid. tom: thanks very much. jean: up next one patriots player is facing assault charges. what this practice squad player is accused of doing while the team was preparing for the afc championship in denver. >> i was just praying the whole time because it was very scary. tom: unexpected turbulence
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injuries, where the international flight had to be diverted to. mike: dry and cool today, but does the pattern stay dry as the week goes on? the forecast is coming up. jean: at 5:30, a verdict in the case a business owner accused of kidnapping, as we learn why charges in a similar case did not go to trial. tom: and we are hearing from the family a man burned in what's being called a very strange
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indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. jean: welcome back. a player on the patriots practice squad was arrested while the team was in denver for the afc championship game this weekend. j.j. worton is accused of assaulting a man and indecently assaulting two women. police say the incident happened outside foxborough pub 1:00 saturday morning. worton signed to the patriots practice squad two weeks ago. tom: right now several people are recovering after being injured on board that american airlines flight. turbulence forced the plane to make an emergency landing in canada yesterday. seven people were sent to the hospital with injuries. passengers say the turbulence came as a total surprise and that it was so violent, they
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landing. >> the plane dropped. >> everything went flying, people, it was pretty tense. tom: the flight was heading from miami to italy. the airline says all of the injured passengers are expected to recover. jean: a bottled water company owned in part by actor mark wahlberg is offering to help people dealing with the water cries is in michigan. they are sending 5,000 case of water and will send more until the city's water problems are fixed. flint's water has been contaminated with lead since switching to a different water source to save money. mike: fair amount of sunshine today and a nice start to the work week weather wise. of course temperatures running a little above the norm, if you've been out there today you know the nice jump. back into the upper 30's in many spots. take a look right now at warner where we do have some fair skies
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board are lining up nicely in the 30's. although a few spots have 20's. it doesn't take a whole lot of time once the sun does set, with dry air in place, to get the free fall in those temperatures. we'll bottom out tonight in the teens and low 20's in many areas. 14 atop mount washington, indicating that the air mass is really not all that chilly. overnight tonight, seasonably cool. 10 far for, lower 20's for many. couple of mid 20's in manchester and along the coast. across the country not a lot of cold air, we don't have the arctic chill anywhere in the lower 48. so temperatures are running at or slightly above the norm over the northern tier and pleasantly mild across the deep south. when ever you see the temperature pattern stretched out like so with a gradual warmup and no big change here or there, that indicates there are no big storms on the map.
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monster nor'easter over the weekend. so a couple of weak systems will track over the next 48 hours plus. a few high clouds trying the move in. on average mostly clear skies tonight with a few scattered thawdz later. tomorrow a few extra cloud roll in here, but mainly a dry day, not much more than a spot shower up north. on future cast mostly clear skies tonight. we start off with sunshine tomorrow morning, clouds will tend to build in. late morning and afternoon. could be a couple of scattered showers up north, but again the chance there about 20, 30%, that's it. good part of the day on wednesday will be breezy, and on the bright side south of the white mountains with a few extra clouds and a few flurries in the mountains and great north woods. warmest will be tomorrow. then just a little cooler, as we go into wednesday. even though we cold down more after that by the end of the week, temperatures still at or slightly above the norm.
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from the west, may trigger some snow showers, and there will be another coastal storm, but this one well off shore. this will not deck the mid atlantic states by any chance. there's a slight chance it could turn back towards new england, but outside of that a few showers on friday, and a few scattered flurries for the weekend. tonight 10 north to mid 20's south. relatively quiet stretch over the next several days. as we go through tomorrow we're well above the average, could be a scattered mixed shower up north during the mid to late morning. outside of that mostly dry on wednesday, best chance of flurries will be in the mountains and nice and quiet thursday. maybe a few snow showers friday. and relatively quiet over the weekend. tom: i was out there today, it was nice the the sunshine. mike: when you go from the wind chill to the 20's feels like a heat wave. jean: up next, presidential candidates weigh in on the issue of climate change. tom: at 5:30, here's one reason
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isn't in the super bowl. this year's game is already
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico
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that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. jean: as part of our commitment 2016 coverage, scwed every major candidate what they would do as
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of climate change. >> well, the climate is always changing, and it's constantly changing, it's either getting warmer or cooler. but president obama's clean power plan has been evaluated by the e.p.a., and they say that if we implement every aspect of it we will lower the global temperature by 0.05 degrees fahrenheit in 85 years. you gotta look at the benefit versus the cost of these programs. that program will cost us billions of dollars and millions of jobs. so even though i do absolutely believe that we have an obligation to turn the environment over to the next generation in at least as good a shape as we found it, we should not be making policies based on ideology. but we should use actual facts. >> we do what we've done in new jersey which is to make ourselves available to use all
5:25 pm
that make sense. so for instance in new jersey we don't have the regional green house gas initiative that you do in new hampshire, we pulled out of it because it increased costs and it's hurting our people who are trying to access energy. what we've done is 53% of our electricity is generated by nuclear, which does not contribute to any type of pollutants to the environment. we're the third largest solar energy producing state in america, behind arizona and california. we're proud of that. we also use natural gas and coal. but all that combined has helped us to reach our clean air goals for 2020 already in 2014. so we've been able to do it in new jersey and our energy is now more affordable because we're building pipelines to bring natural gas from pennsylvania. we need to give each state the option to do what's best for them to protect the environment and to help make sure that their economy is growing. >> here are the facts. there's more ice in the polar ice caps today than there were in past decades.
5:26 pm
proved false, proved shockingly laughingly false. in fact nay sent anant arctic expedition down to look at the melting ice caps. the expedition believed the computer models, problem is the boat got down there, got stuck in the ice because the ice is bigger than it used to be and the computer models are wrong. what this is all about is it's a bunch of big government politicians that want power in washington to drive up your electricity bill. to make it harder for working men and women to make ends meet and make it harder for single moms. the last thing a single mom who is struggling to field her kids needs is to see her electricity bill double because a bunch of politicians want more power. i believe we should follow the science and the data, and right now the science and the data do not back up global warming. jean: we will hear more from the candidates coming up in the next half-hour. also ahead, new information about the death of a navy seal from new hampshire. tom: and getting into the
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under a new law, but many people
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i
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jean: now at 5:30, a verdict has just been reached against this business owner in a kidnapping case, as we learn more about similar charges in another state. mike: pleasantly cool today and temperatures climb higher through mid-week. how mild it gets and if the pattern will stay storm-free. >> debating the future of entitlement programs, i'm aixa diaz in washington, why some say social security and medicare are in need of reform. tom: now that the patriots' season is over, the gear prepared for an afc victory will help a good cause. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: developing news, a guilty verdict for a former businessman accused of kidnapping a woman lured to his hotel under the premise of a job interview. welcome back.
5:30 pm
tom: and i'm tom griffith. jurors took just part of the afternoon to reach that verdict. jean: wmur's jennifer crompton is live from the county courthouse in dover tonight. reporter: the verdicts came quickly. the jury deliberated for about an hour before announcing their verdict, just before 5:00 tonight. 63-year-old thomas minacello was expressionless as the verdict was read. the jury believing the state's version of this case, that the once prominent massachusetts businessman who used a false name when he met his victim also fabricated owning a company and offering a job interview to gain her trust and lure her into his dover hotel room. the then 23-year-old told police she was scared when he locked the door and asked her to shower and change. then he conducted a physical exam using a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff and had her do what were referred to as bizarre poses. the encounter ended sometime
5:31 pm
the defense agreed to those facts, but denied that he threatened her and claimed she could have left at any time. >> placing responsibility on this young woman for trusting someone to maintain the representations that he made to her in the first place, i think the jury saw through that argument. i'm glad they saw through that argument. and i think it was clear that mr. minacello felt the need to deceive someone in order to engage in the actions that he attempted to or did engage in that night. reporter: the jury convicted minacello without hearing about a similar incident in his past. wmur has obtained court documents out of the massachusetts that show that minacello was arrested in 2008 in a case with allegations similar to this one. a criminal complaint filed at marlborough district court says a woman accused him of touching
5:32 pm
hotel room conducting a physical exam on her for the company he worked for. the criminal docket shows that three of the five charges against him were not prosecuted and that he admitted to sufficient facts for an assault and battery charge and a witness tampering charge, but that those charges were dismissed a year later. minacello will be sentenced in about 45 days and could face up to seven years in prison. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: a new report says a navy seal from bedford who died in a parachute accident likely passed out during the jump. a newspaper in virginia says the investigation into blake marston's death last year also found he should have never been on that plane because of a discrepancy over whether one of his certifications was up to date. that report says marston was supposed to open his chute five second into the jump. that didn't happen. he became unconscious after 15 seconds.
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2016 coverage we've been using the eight weeks leading up to the primary to look at eight key issues in this campaign. this week wmur's aixa diaz looks at the question of shoring up the nation's safety nets. reporter: tens of millions of mens benefit from entitlement programs including social security and medicare. >> entitlement programs are very popular programs, which is why politicians tend to shy away from making any changes. reporter: the future of these entitlements is a topic of debate on the campaign trail. some candidates are proposing cuts, while others are vowing to expand benefits. >> it's a major divide within the republican party. paul ryan has call forward reforming these programs. democrats largely are resist tab to significant changes. reporter: aarp whose members are 50 and older says social security is one federal program that has succeeded over the years and deserves to be saved for future generations.
5:34 pm
everybody's benefits get caught up to $10,000 a year. reporter: the heritage foundation says one proposal for reforming social security is to raise the retirement age. another is to lower benefits for wealthier americans. >> it has become an income replacement program and a subsidy for many retirees that don't need that assistance from the government. reporter: but aarp says social security isn't as generous as some may think. >> the fact is we're in an economy where most people have to rely on social security as their sole source of retirement. reporter: medicare is another program some say is also in need of an overhaul. >> this is not a sustainable scenario that can go on forever. congress needs to make entitlement reform a priority. >> we are most successful when we can bring both parties together, have an honest debate and come up with a solution that's bipartisan in nature. reporter: according to the social security administration,
5:35 pm
little more than $1300. aixa diaz. jean: we want to know how you think the country should handle the programs known as safety nets. head to the wmur facebook page now to share your answer, and don't forget you can find all eight weeks worth of issues on and in the politics section of our mobile app. tom: there's a new plan to put more lobster boats on the water, but it's not going over so well with veteran lobster men. that story coming up next. jean: finding an affordable hotel room could be easier thanks to the latest venture from one hotel chain. tom: guests at this hotel said good-bye to the blizzard in style, where they sculpted a snowy champagne bar. mike: after a bright pleasant one today, will we see sunshine
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tom: the market did open despite all the winter weather down in the new york area today, and the dow was down about 50 points for most of the day, and then bottomed out, dropping some 208 points. the s&p 500 dropping 29.
5:39 pm
gasoline prices are pretty cheap, not a bad deal. lyft and uber cut customers a break during the storm. jean: uber reached an agreement with with new york's attorney general two years ago to cap surge pricing during any state of emergency. a law designed to help new lobster men break into the industry isn't sitting so well with many veterans, veteran lobster men that is. big catches in reason years have led to a long waiting list for lobster licenses in maine. the proposal would create a new class of license limiting people to 300 traps instead of the usual 800. and stream line the process for getting a new lobster man out on the water. but many are concerned it could lead to overfishing. tom: hilton has announced a new hotel brand design forward travelers on a budget, the company says its true brand,
5:40 pm
chains like comfort inn and fairfield inn. hilton says 40% for demand of hotel rooms falls into the price range of 75 to $90 a night. but that customer service at existing chains can be very spotty. jean: coming up in sports tonight, so close, we say so long to another year of patriots football. we'll have one less check with the guys after the tough loss last night. tom: and the rollover that shut down a busy highway involved a
5:41 pm
jean: back to commitment 2016, we're hearing from the final group of candidates on what they would do to deal with the issue of climate change. >> i would start by educating the american people about the fine print of the science. here's what the science says. all those scientist hostel us that climate change is real and man made also tell us that a single nation acting alone can make no difference at all. further, they tell us that with current technology it will take 30 years, trillions of dollars, and a coordinated global effort. that's not going to happen. it's not realistic. so i believe we need to be the global energy power house of the 21st century. we have the resources to be that, we have the technology,
5:42 pm
it will create millions of jobs, it will lower costs for power, not just for american families but for people around the world, because it takes power away from our enemies like iran or russia. removes power from places like opec. have industries that are strong enough to innovate we're never going to solve this problem. >> first of all, i don't think we can really trust the left in this country to tell us that we have to do certain things. every time we get into a discussion about the validity of climate change or wroo it's being man made or what's happening with it, the response we always get back is sit down and shut up, you idiot. and that's not an appropriate way to address an issue like this. if i were president, i would convene my own scientists and find out, legitimately now, to find out what the real reality and is at that point i would
5:43 pm
i'm not interested in creating armegeddon, but i'm not convinced. and the left wing doesn't come with this issue with the appropriate information. >> when i hear people say what does the president do about climate change, it's sort of like the old statement, everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it. i don't understand why some people who are so adamant about climate change, who also say that they believe in evolution, they believe that the world is always adapting and that it finds a way to sort of adapt to the changing conditions. well, if that's true, then it shouldn't be a big issue. but i think the bigger issue is are we going to preserve our way of life, so rather than saying we're not going to have fossil fuels, i would say let's drill explore. then let's export energy, whether it's coal, gas, oil, bio
5:44 pm
let's become the energy supplier to the entire world. let's put the russians, the iranians and the saudis out of the energy business and let's bring prosperity to americans rather than to people who are threatening to kill us. >> look, i happen to believe in climate change. i think human beings play a role, but i'm not sure what that level of impact is. i think it's important that we develop a comprehensive energy policy that includes all elements including renewables. but we have to be very careful at a time when we want to see manufacturing come back to america that we don't drive up the cost of energy so high that it actually eerlt destroys jobs or doesn't give people an opportunity to get a job. so balance is necessary in everything including in the area of the environment. jean: you can find more in the politics section of tomorrow we'll hear from the
5:45 pm
violence. mike: nice and quiet today. plenty of sunshine and temperatures a little above the average by several degrees in many spots. take a look at the time lapse at market square in portsmouth. from sunup to sundown, it's been a beautiful day out there. for that matter a good part of the granite state. once again temperatures above the average. and the warming trend that looks to continue right through mid-week. mild stretch right through wednesday, 40's for many tomorrow. a few notches lower but still well above the average for wednesday. then a little cooler by weeks end. could be a passing shower, mainly up north for tomorrow. and then as we jump toward the end of the week, another threat of a few snow showers coming in for friday. outside of that, mainly quiet a good part of this week. upper 20's and lower 30's from the lower merrimack valley toward the coast. a few mid 30's in places like
5:46 pm
then a little bit of a warmup to to -- a couple notches above in spots. and a couple of notches below in others. up north, near 20 along the canadian border. but overnight tonight dropping to near 10. still above tarchl for a nighttime reading anywhere in the state, especially in southern areas where the normal low is about 9 or 10 in concord. only bombs out around 20 or so. and a little above that in manchester, nashua and towards the coast. not a lot of cold air, so we don't have that frigid feel like we did the past couple of weeks. a little warmup occurring in the ohio valley and a southwesterly wind taking over the next couple days or at least through tomorrow night, we'll see some of that warmth building in, at least 40's for many during the day tomorrow. along with the warmup does come a few clouds, but mainly dry. have to go back to western ohio, indiana, good portion of the midwest to get in on a scattering of showers, most of these will lift into northern parts of the state during
5:47 pm
so it's a mainly dry, breezy and warmer tuesday. slightly cooler for wednesday. and bright and pleasant on thursday. for tonight, fair skies again, nice and cool. 10 to 25 on average from north to south. about 10 along the canadian border. upper teens and lower 20's elsewhere. the next seven days, temperatures at or above average for the next seven days. by night, by day, anywhere you slice it, not too bad if you don't like frigid temperatures. tom: looking good. we want to do one last check of the nor'easter that paralyzed the mid atlantic. jean: washington d.c.'s willard hotel celebrated the storm's departure with a champagne barmaid out of as to. the happy crowd gathered for some bubbly under now sunny skies. all that champagne kept pretty cold by the snow. jamie: what a year beginning with deflate gate and tom brady's suspension being
5:48 pm
perfection through 10 games, then all kinds of injuries, and the season finally ended with a two-point loss last night. patriots finish the year 13-5. >> there's plenty of opportunities for us to overcome that and, the two field goals keep us in, never just one play. >> even if they do anything surprising? >> no, we knew it was going to be a dog fight all the way to the wire. simple as that. jamie: they were talking about goes okay ski's missed point after in the first quarter. celtics have won all three games against the wizard this year. college hockey, look at dartmouth creeping towards the
5:49 pm
they host quinnipiac friday night. tom: carolina and denver fans are already setting report with their excitement. jean: we'll tell you how much they are already spending on tickets to the super bowl. jennifer: then straight ahead, the search going on for an armed robber who was caught on surveillance as he slashed a store clerk in concord during a scuffle. and police say that same men struck again in goffstown. jean: and plan b for the annual pond hockey tournament, we'll tell you how weather has forced the event to move to a different
5:50 pm
you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i
5:51 pm
tom: those super bowl 50 tickets are being sold for a super price. jean: not that we want any. but according to seat geek, the average resale price of a ticket to the february 7th game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos is more than $5,000. a pair of club seats near mid field have already sold for 12,000 each, that makes them the most expensive seats sold so far. tom: if you're lucky enough to score a ticket to the super
5:52 pm
but the prices aren't cheap. there's a luxury 8500 square foot home in san jose, california listed for $10,000 a night. a four bedroom apartment near san francisco is listed at nearly $15,000 a night. and if you're willing to rough it, a tree house for two will cost you $495. jean: i'll take the tree house. you may be wondering what happens to all the pats themed championship gear, dick's sporting goods plans to put it all to good use, store officials told "the boston globe" apparel will go to the nonprofit world vision and be distributed in countries in need. so the pats championship jerseys will live on. tom: they won the afc championship somewhere in the
5:53 pm
>> adrenaline and self defense kicks in, and i think he was probably trying to fend this guy off. tom: a clerk fights back when a
5:54 pm
the struggle all caught on camera. to you police say he was struck again. jennifer: no ice means no pond hockey played on the big lake in two weeks. the change in plans for the thousands of people expected. mike a quiet and milder pattern across the granite state. how long the stretch will last. tom: plus despite it being one week before the iowa caucuses, candidates are keeping their focus on new hampshire, where they continue to meet and greet voters. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we do start with breaking news tonight at 6:00. police are searching for this man who got into a struggle with a clerk before slashing him with a knife. good evening, new hampshire, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. now police say that same suspect has struck again, just this afternoon at the citizens bank in goffstown. wmur's shelley walcott is here now with our top story at 6:00. shelley: that's right, guys,
5:55 pm
goffstown are now working
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