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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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morning america," everyone. have a great wednesday. sean: now on daybreak. breaking news out the stilton, flames ripped through a dunkin donuts this morning. we will have a live report straight ahead. erin: manchester police chief nick willard is set to address lawmakers on capitol hill this morning. the message he has to help fight the drug crisis across the country. kevin: changeable skies again today as we go from the milder winter temperatures, snow might come with it. sean: one person is dead after a freak accident in massachusetts. a tire flew off a moving vehicle
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oncoming car. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good wednesday morning. i' m erin fehlau. sean: good morning, i' m sean mcdonald. more on the breaking news out of tilton in a moment. it feels like march out there. kevin: these are mid-march high temperatures. temperatures are not going to move much in the afternoon. snow showers in north country through the day. winds pick up out of the west this afternoon and temperatures start to slide back as we get to even in the north country. by midafternoon, 30' s to lower 40' s and trailing off from their. more towards the weekend. let'
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we are joined live by wzid' s deb 95.7 davidson. deb: on major roads within the line up to speed. in tin lton, route three near peabody, that is due to the dunkin donuts structure fire. police on the scene and detours in place. some wet roads where the snow has been melting overnight. line. 293 ok through the millyard. lane shifts between exit five and the everett turnpike. coast. i am deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: we start with breaking news from tilton where crews are battling a two alarm fire at the dunkin donuts on route three. erin: we want to get right to wmur'
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tilton this morning. ray: it may not look like it but they are just about ready to declare this under control. you can see crews pour water on what remains of the dunkin donuts on west main street. according to the deputy fire chief it was quarter to three this morning when an employee heading to work noticed black smoke coming from the building. the employee sounded the alarm. when crews arrived, they attempted to get in to the dunkin donuts and they contacted thick black smoke and flames. there was a wooden truss structure to the roof and were worried about that collapsing. firefighters were ordered out and they mounted an exterior attack. the fire would go to 2 alarms and bring in additional crews. the deputy said they caught a break because of the warm temperatures and did not have to
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no one was inside the building. the business owner tells us he had 28 years of records there, that is all gone now. as far as the cause of the fire, that will have to wait until begin looking around. nobody was injured. in tilton, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: thank you so much. the police chief in new hampshire' s largest city is going to be on capitol hill this morning to talk about drugs. manchester chief nick willard will testify before the senate judiciary committee about what new hampshire is doing to fight opioid addiction. the chief says he will have 5 minutes to deliver his message before taking questions from lawmakers. willard says he hopes his comments will help on a national level by explaining the dangers of fentanyl and encouraging funding for treatment and recovery programs and centers. >> just how devastating fentanyl is, and i don'
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people know that, i also want to talk about the continuum of care that' s really going to be at the center of getting us through this crisis. it' s not a law enforcement issue , it is a community issue. erin: chief willard and assistant chief carlo capano arrived in in washington, d.c. last night. we will have live reports from washington, d.c. after the chief testifies starting tonight at 5:00. sean: the state has approved a marijuana. the department of health and human services yesterday issued a conditional certificate for temescal wellness to start growing therapeutic cannabis at a cultivation center on harvey road in manchester near the airport. the company has already been approved to run dispensaries in dover and lebanon, they should open this spring. another grow site was previously approved in rochester. erin: a manchester police officer is recovering this
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>> vo full. a car and suv collided on beech street yesterday afternoon taking out a utility pole. firefighters had to cut the officer from his department suv. he was taken to the hospital with what was described as a severe leg injury but he is expected to survive. no one else was seriously hurt. one person is dead after a freak accident on route 128 in lexington, massachusetts. police say a rear tire suddenly flew off of a pickup truck, bounced over the concrete median hit one car and then slammed into the windshield of a toyota camry, killing the driver. the tire was found in the woods the victim' s name has not been released. police say the driver of the truck was a 19-year-old woman on her way to school. sean: the leaders of an armed group that has occupied a national wildlife refuge in oregon for the past several weeks are under arrest this morning, and one protestor is dead after shots were fired during a traffic stop. leader ammon bundy is one of the ones in custody.
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the new developments. >> honestly, there are things more important than your life, and freedom is one of them. reid: oregon protester lavoy finicum telling nbc news that he would rather die than be arrested. tuesday night, finicum was killed as authorities arrested protest leader ammon bundy and several members of the armed group occupying the malheur national wildlife refuge. officials say it started with a traffic stop, and that finicum and bundy' s brother ryan refused to surrender. the bundy ranch claimed on facebook that finicum "had his hands up and was shot 3 times." officials haven' t commented much beyond saying it' s not clear who fired first. ryan bundy suffered minor injuries, finicum died at the scene. he had been one of the most outspoken members of the armed group that took over the refuge earlier this month to protest federal land policies. >> hello america, this is lavoy finicum. we are not going anywhere. we' re here to do a job. reid: tuesday' s incident ended with ammon and ryan bundy and 3 followers in federal custody on felony conspiracy charges.
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arrested separately. i' m reid binion, reporting. erin: state lawmakers are considering a bill that would create the process needed for registered sex offenders to get their names removed from the sex offender registry. last march, the state supreme court ruled that the lifetime registry requirement for crimes committed before 1994 was overly punitive but the court left it up to the legislature to determine the process. under the new proposal, that process would include a risk assessment require the court to notify the prosecutor, victim, or victim' s family and allow those parties to address the petition. at least five tier 3 sex offenders have petitioned to be removed from the registry since the court ruling. sean: burnout is a huge problem for child protection service workers in new hampshire. that' s according to a dcyf report obtained by news 9. according to that report, there are currently 176 child protection service workers, but the turnover rate over the last
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the study also shows that reports of child abuse are up nearly 15% over the last 4 years. between october 2014 and september 2015, a typical case worker was assigned 125 to 186 new investigations. dcyf says in order to provide a round-the-clock support system, they would need to hire 41 new case workers and add $4 million in funding. erin: still ahead on news 9 daybreak surviving a plane , crash. >> he says are we going down? and i said yup. erin: two men describe how they escaped when their plane went down in north hampton last summer and then burst into flames. sean: a government task force says all adults should be screened for depression as part of normal health care. and it is especially important for one group. erin: ahead at police are 5:30, stepping up patrols around central high school in
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kevin: wednesday, january 27. mild temperatures in the 30' s to lower 40' s. a brady' s picks up at of the west and as the front crosses, cooler air sets up a cool stretch of weather with a couple weak systems which are tracking, details coming up. erin: two men who survived a fiery plane crash in new hampshire last summer are now describing the frightening moments inside the cockpit. sean: ronald gagnon and roger cross suffered serious injuries when their plane went down right after taking off from the hampton airfield last june. yesterday they got to thank the doctors and first responders who cared for them. the men believe the wind shifted and say because they were so low to the ground, there was nothing they could do. the plane caught fire and they had to break through the windows to escape. >> the only door on our plane was on the right side of the plane, tried to open the door but it was jammed in the ground so at that point, the fire started to come in the plane, caught his arm on fire. his arm was bubbling.
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goes on and on. i was very humbled by the support and the treatment that i i just can' t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. so thank you very much. sean: gagnon was actually stuck in the plane and cross went back into the fire to save him. gagnon was treated for burns and 18 broken bones. cross suffered burns on more than 10% of his upper body. both men say they plan to fly again. erin: it was a space shuttle launch that people all over the country tuned in to watch, tomorrow marks 30 years since the shuttle challenger was lost just seconds after takeoff. on board with the crew of astronauts was christa mcauliffe, a 37-year-old concord high school teacher who had been selected from thousands of applicants to be the teacher in space. the widow of the shuttle commander, who was also a teacher, remembers how excited christa was as she trained for the mission. >> she was forever whispering oh
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my kids back in concord new , hampshire with love this. erin: today, the mission of the teacher in space program continues at challenger learning centers all over the country. you are going to see how they' re inspiring a new generation of explorers tomorrow night at 7:00 on a special new hampshire p.m. chronicle, touching the future, the challenger legacy, sean: so many of us remember when that happened. coming up, a rare virus is spreading across parts of central and south america. now several governments are taking dramatic action. erin: a woman who survived the boston marathon bombings is getting ready to return to the course, but this time she plans
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america all come
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all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. erin: a government health task force is encouraging all adults to get screened for depression as a routine part of health care. nearly 7% of all u.s. adults experience some kind of depressive episode every year. the guidelines say it is especially important for
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to get screened because about 10% will experience postpartum depression. president obama is calling for more research to help prevent and treat the zika virus. the mosquito-borne illness has been linked to birth defects of the brain and outbreaks have been reported in parts of central america and the caribbean. pregnant women are being urged to not travel to those areas and both united airlines and american airlines are offering refunds on planned travel. women in at least three countries are being told to avoid getting pregnant for the next two years. the professional dancer who lost part of her leg in the boston marathon bombing is returning to the race as a competitor. adrienne haslet davis says she has started training for this april' s marathon. she was standing near the finish line 3 years ago when the bombs went off and then later danced across the finish line. this year, she will run to raise money for the limbs for life foundation which helps provide
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sean: state lawmakers are considering a bill to set the minimum wage in new hampshire at $12 per hour. the proposal is still in committee right now. currently new hampshire goes by , the federal wage standard. enjoying some above normal temperatures this week. a year ago, we were dealing with different weather. this was the scene when the first major snowstorm of 2015 slant the granite state. concord picked up 22 inches and parts of the state cut over 2 feet. many schools were closed for a couple days and a parade of storms was getting underway. different seem a year ago. perhaps we used up to years of snow. kevin: we happy thanksgiving snow and only 3 inches of snow in december. quiet in january and then shazam. sean: when is shazam?
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we are on shazam watch. we will let you know when there is an advisory or warning. a quiet similar circumstances. some melting going on. normally the issue would be re-freeze but a lot of areas are above freezing. lower 40' s and southern areas, which are highs for mid-march. we won' t see them move up much. we hover around the 30' s and lower 40' s as clouds give way to partial sunshine. the brace this afternoon will be cooler air. a couple passing snow showers a possibility friday and a few flurries this weekend. cloudy this morning, that a serving to keep temperatures up. to the west, a couple snow showers a possibility once the front comes through.
5:18 am a breeze picks up out of the west, skies clear downwind of the mountains and we see temperatures fall off. by mid afternoon, temperatures sliding back in the north country into the lower 30' s. upper 30' s to near 40' s and southern areas. temperatures anywhere between 10 to 25 degrees above yesterday. winds light out of the west, there could be gusts this afternoon over 20 miles an hour. you can see a trend going west to the great lakes and northern plains. by mid afternoon, you are freezing up north, lower 40' sa in southern areas and cooling into the teens later tonight. some single numbers up north. even snow showers this evening
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to add clouds in the afternoon. two systems, one through the great lakes and the other offshore. the combination could lead to snow showers friday and maybe another system over the weekend. that could mean a couple flurries saturday or sunday. a huge area of high pressure in control. any system we see will be moisture starved and not have a lot to give as far as shazam is concerned. temperatures at or above the lower 30' s. another bound in temperature sunday, monday and tuesday. should be a friend coming through next wednesday. behind that, true winter temperatures coming back the second half of next week and in time for the penguin plunge. sean: a week from saturday. kevin: we are going to earn that. erin: i am looking forward to the first shazam storm. kevin: i am not looking forward
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sean: let' s check out our top stories with ray brewer. ray: fire destroyed a dunkin' donuts in tilton. an employee heading to work at quarter to 3:00 this morning spotted black smoke and sounded the alarm. when firefighters arrived, there was black smoke inside the building. they attempted to mount an anterior attack but worried about the building collapsing on top of them. no one was inside and nobody was injured. investigation. sean: the state has approved a second growing site for medical marijuana, giving temescal wellness permission to grow therapeutic cannabis at a cultivation center on harvey road in manchester near the airport. a manchester police officer is recovering after a serious crash in the queen city. a car and suv collided on beech taking out a utility pole. firefighters had to cut the officer from his department suv.
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they are a cult classic and now the car made popular by "back to the future" is coming back.
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announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz!
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in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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erin: it will soon to be easy to go "back to the future" again. sean: the delorean motor company in humble, texas is going to start producing the cars again for the first time in nearly 35 years. they will make replica 1982 deloreans. there are enough supplies to build about 300 cars and they aren' t cheap. the owner of the company hopes to sell them for under $100,000 . the first delorean should roll off the line early next year.
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flying one. erin: parking the way the doors open is tough. we will be right back. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us.
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so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning. it is wednesday, january 27. a live look outside. 41 degrees out there. not the normal late january temperature. erin: we will get to your forecast after our top stories. we are following breaking news in tilton. right now crews are on the scene , of a fire that broke out overnight at the dunkin' donuts on west main street. we'
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a 19-year-old man is facing charges after police say he sexually assaulted three teenage girls as they were walking to school in manchester. and 5 new yorkers were arrested in salem yesterday after police say they used stolen credit card information to buy gift cards at a local store. sean: seems like i can take my mittens and scarves and store them for next winter. kevin: you can do whatever you want. it is america. february 2 is the halfway point of winter. we are coming up on that. quite a few clouds this morning. actual snowflake activity to our north and west. a couple will be wondering if northern areas. a mild start. if anything, temperatures cool as the breeze picks up. sean: let' s check out the roads. we start with a look at i-93 from our hooksett camera.
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re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: route three closed in fire. are asking you to avoid the area if possible. interstate 89 to the upper valley it looks good to and from concord. not seeing any delays on the junction. 93 is a good ride to the state line. the everett turnpike, 111 and shape. from the wzid traffic network, i am deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: back to breaking news we are following out of tilton. sean: right now, firefighters are on the scene of a fire at street, also known as route three. ray brewer joins us live in tilton now with the latest details. greg: even though this -- ray: he'
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even though this remains an active scene, the deputy fire chief in tilton tells me it is under control. , carter to 3:00 this morning, an employee reporting to work noticed smoke and sounded the alarm. the fire chief says when they arrived, they found black smoke coming from the building but they attempted to mount an interior attack. >> heavy black smoke throughout the building. the security of the building made it a little difficult to access. once we were able to gain access to the building, it was heavily charged with fire and smoke. rau y: you can see the fires continuing to pour water on what remains of the building. the fire chief says he got the firefighters out because he was worried about what entrances that support. the roof catching fire and giving way.
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as far as the cause, that will have to wait until the investigators can get in. this section of route three it will be closed for the morning commute. traffic is detoured at winter and clarlk streets. sean: a forum on substance abuse is being held in west lebanon tonight. experts will be on hand to talk about the heroin and opioid epidemic and discuss what can be done to combat the issue. the for them is being held from 6:00 to 8:00 at the sau 88 building on seminary hill. erin: a manchester man is accused of sexually assaulting three teenage girls as they were walking to school yesterday morning. police say the girls were walking on beech street near central high school when 19-year-old ahmed abukar approached them. he allegedly made inappropriate comments, trying to lure them to the girls went to school and immediately reported the incident.
5:32 am
the safety of our kids and making sure they feel comfortable on their way to school, in school and on their way home. erin: e-mails and alerts were sent out to parents and abukar was arrested a short time later. manchester police are now increasing patrols around the school. sean: five people from new york are accused of using stolen credit card information to make purchases at a store in salem. police were called to lowes yesterday afternoon after loss prevention reported that several people had come in and bought a significant amount of gift cards. searched the suspect' s minivan and found fraudulent credit cards. officers say the cards had the suspect' s names on the front but the information on the magnetic strips belonged to other people and were most likely skimmed. erin: embattled canterbury police chief john laroche has resigned from the department. laroche stepped down amid accusations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl more than fifteen years ago. laroche was serving as a boscawen police officer at the time of the alleged incidents.
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, canterbury board of selectmen said members voted unanimously to accept his resignation. a driver had to be revived with narcan after crashing his car in dover. the accident happened early yesterday morning on knox marsh road. officers say the driver, 23-year-old cameron kennedy, was rescued after getting trapped in the wreckage. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries and was later arrested on a charge of dwi. sean: posting embarrassing photos or video of another person without their consent could soon be illegal in new hampshire. the senate judiciary committee heard testimony yesterday on a bill that would make so called revenge porn a class-b felony. the aclu is among those raising concerns about broad language in the bill, cautioning lawmakers not to criminalize negligence. >> it is our position that for a bill like this to pass constitutional muster, the person in the image must not
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in the image does not consent. sean: class-b felonies are punishable by up to seven years in prison. erin: a volunteer firefighter in new castle had to battle a fire that broke out his own home. 19-year-old monte kozmits had only responded to medical calls during his first six months as a volunteer firefighter, but that all changed saturday night. a fire broke out at his historic apartment building. kozmits heard a smoke alarm helped get his family and neighbors out. he then got a ride to the fire station, suited up and returned home to fight the flames. >> a lot of close friends my age and then mentors that were by my side. we were holding the hose just right behind my back, that was a good support for me especially. erin: unfortunately crews were , not able to save the home. the chief says the fire started in the basement and is not considered suspicious. sean: the health and human services department is conducting a count of homeless people in the state today.
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people in a 24-hour period. last january, new hampshire reported more than 2,000 homeless people across the state including nearly 400 families. erin: coming up on daybreak, an unusual investigation in wisconsin. police say $160,000 worth of cheese was stolen in two separate heists. sean: and a unique opportunity for people visiting the big apple. three men are offering them a chance to stay in an igloo but it does not come cheap. kevin: a couple systems wandering away from us and eventually lead to cooler air.
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re watching you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead.
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kevin: starting early with mostly cloudy skies. notice the temperatures, 37 early this morning. not going up much through the day. if anything, we will start to slide back. in the teen this time tomorrow morning. a look towards the weekend is coming up. sean: in commitment 2016, two major shakeups in the race for the white house. donald trump says he' s boycotting tomorrow night' s republican debate.
5:39 am
with president obama. nikole killion is in washington this morning with all the campaign developments. nikole: trump' s campaign says not only is trump not participating, he plans to hold an event raising money for vets to rival the debate. dumped by trump. >> fox is playing games. fox is going to make a fortune. nikole: donald trump backing out of a fox news republican debate tomorrow night the last one , before the iowa caucus. his reason moderator megyn kelly , who tweeted out the news. >> i' s a third rate reporter. at what she does and i think megyn kelly. nikole: in a statement, fox news can' t dictate the moderators or the questions. >> i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me. nikole: ted cruz among several gop candidates weighing in.
5:40 am
nikole: meantime democrats , facing a big shakeup of their own with bernie sanders meeting today with president obama in the oval office, giving a nod to his 2008 campaign. >> obama in 2008 ran a campaign which is really going to stay in the history books. it was an unbelievable campaign. nikole: the white house says today' s meeting will be private and there' s no formal agenda. in washington nikole killion, , wmur news 9. erin: a new abc news-washington post poll finds that a growing number of republicans believe donald trump will win the party' s nomination. 64% say they believe trump will be the gop nominee. that is up 25 percentage points since november. trump' s support among republicans nationwide has not changed since last month. ted cruz gained a few points to 21%. marco rubio is the only other candidate with double-digit support. sean: key court documents will be unsealed today in the case of the boston marathon bomber. among the items expected to be released is the fbi interview with dzokhar tsarnaev.
5:41 am
documents, including search warrants, photos and dna reports. some of the information was used in court, but material that was never introduced will likely unsealed. erin: an elementary school principal was killed yesterday when she was hit by a school bus in indiana. two 10-year-old children were seriously injured in the accident. the bus driver says the principal, susan jordan, pushed several students out of the way before she was hit. she told firefighters that the bus suddenly lurched forward and jumped a curb but she was not sure what caused it to accelerate. all schools in that district are closed today. sean: a new app is stirring up a bit of controversy over the information it' s sending out. the app called archives and absences informs users whenever a police officer kills someone in the u.s. the app only gives the name of the victim and the location. while many officers are not happy with the idea one civil , rights lawyer says it is a step toward more transparency, but he agrees more background
5:42 am
d like to see one that provides real details so that people can get an idea on their own what patterns exist and what really occurs. the more we know, the more we learn, the better off as s what america' >> it' s going to allow for more social rumors, more social widespread anger and discontent with law enforcement. and so you' re going to have people making comments and re-tweeting and posting and all this stuff before they even know what happened. sean: another app, which alerts people when an officer is killed, is now in development. erin: police in wisconsin are investigating a pair of major cheese heists. in the most recent case, authorities say a trailer filled with $70,000 worth of cheese was stolen from a milwaukee trucking company. the cheese was later recovered, but so far no arrests have been made. a week earlier, police say $20,000 worth of cash $90,000 in
5:43 am
-- a week earlier, police say $90,000 in parmesan cheese was stolen from a storage facility. they are now trying to determine if both cases are connected. sean: i love cheese. erin: do you like it that much? sean: i don' that they. erin: in sports, anaheim ducks at t.d. garden last night. sean: this was their last game before the all-star break. the bruins were the first to light up the lamp. just 40 seconds into the game of the season. but the ducks scored the next two goals and went on to win it 6-2. erin: the 2016 summer olympics in brazil begin on august 5. and the olympic marathons will be held on the final day of competition, sunday the 21st. the 3 men and 3 women that will be on team usa for the marathon will be chosen at the olympic trials on february 13 in los angeles. seven of the runners who qualified for the olympic marathon trials are from new hampshire, including this runner , amherst native alexandra varanka.
5:44 am
the chicago marathon in 2014. she said making the trials was a huge goal from a few years ago, and she is honored to be going. good luck to her. sean: a new poll finds that most voters are more familiar with the front-running presidential candidates than tom brady. the poll, conducted by morning consult and vox, surveyed more than 2,000 registered voters. 97% of respondents correctly identified a photo of hillary clinton. 69% correctly identified bernie sanders. and 96% correctly identified donald trump. however, when shown a picture of patriots quarterback tom brady only 56% of respondents were familiar with him. i did not know he was running for president. erin: what was he wearing at the time? sean: the ponytail? three men in new york are offering tourists a unique place to stay. erin: they are renting an igloo that they built with their own hands. the men say they researched how to build an igloo on youtube and it took them about six hours to
5:45 am
the men are charging 200 dollars a night to stay in the icy room. they say it has been a big hit with the ladies. >> they get pretty giddy as soon as they get inside and see how the experience and romantic it is. i think the candles are a nice touch. erin: they are tight quarters. the men listed the igloo on air bnb but their post was taken down. they say they only have a few more days to host people in it before it melts away. kevin: i thought it was love that made things mount. does not look all that safe. sean: they learned how to build it on youtube. erin: you can learn anything on youtube these days. sean: apparently. kevin: we do need snow. sean: a hit with the ladies?
5:46 am
kevin: we start off this morning, i think we have been barking up the wrong tree. some sunshine after early clouds, breezy through the afternoon and mild temperatures. highs reaching the 30' s to lower 40' s. temperatures are in the 30' s to lower 40' s, very close to mid high temperatures. we start to cool off this evening. that continues into the weekend for another warming trend to set up. at chance for a passing snow shower friday and a couple snow showers over the weekend. storm free over the next several days. we start off with clouds but you notice a southwest to northeast direction along the front that will slide through today. clouds along with temperatures being warm head of the front. behind it as winds pick up out
5:47 am
cooler air signals a chance for weaker storms making its way towards us. one early this morning with light snow activity, not expecting accumulation. temperatures either side of 40 in southern areas and mid to upper 30' s to the west. we continue to see temperatures remain mild for the afternoon. the wind picking up out of the west,: things off by later today. down near freezing up north. partial sunshine after the clouds clear away early this morning. there will be a chance of a couple snow showers early this evening up north. notice the freefall. in a lot of areas by tomorrow morning in the teens to lower 20' s. we start with sunshine tomorrow. temperatures still in the 30' s.
5:48 am
northern tier of the u.s., not linking up with moisture. this looks like a couple snow showers or flurries friday. another weak system. a chance of a passing snow shower by then. temperatures in the 30' we should be in the 30' statewide. we are over 4.5 degrees above normal for the month of january. this will be the third straight month. if you are looking for colder air, that starts to develop wednesday or thursday next week. wednesday. sean: i have been jacket free, it is almost unbelievable. erin: it is almost february. point of the winter. snow.
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the app is free and provides essential information on fishing and hunting for both novice and seasoned outdoorsmen. the app also features a built-in compass and advanced gps mapping, along with weather updates, photo sharing, and a friend finder. the app is available on both i-phone and andriod devices. sean: they' ve got a reality show coming to. still to come on news 9 daybreak. a lost story by one of the world' s most popular children' s book authors has been discovered. we' ll tell you when the story by
5:50 am
sean: a long lost story by beatrix potter has been discovered and will be published this year. potter is the british writer and illustrator who created the character peter rabbit. the lost story, the tale of kitty-in-boots, is being published more than a century after she wrote it. peter rabbit makes an appearance in the book, but he' s older, slower and portlier.
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in september. maybe he has been going back to the garden. erin: eating too many carrots. a michigan high school student is now an online sensation after someone recorded him playing piano at a mall. look at that. erin: despite his talent. 18-year-old monntel west says he has never been formally taught how to play, he does not read music and does not have a piano at home. kevin: he says he learned on an electronic keyboard and from watching videos, here we go again on youtube. ,sean: west says he is now getting plenty of offers for free piano lessons and even free pianos. he' s even been contacted by a record label in los angeles. apparently i have to be on youtube more often. you can build igloos -- erin: and learn to play the piano. he' s very talented.
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two men who survived a fiery plane crash in hampstead last year are now speaking out about their terrifying ordeal. ray: a section of route three shut down as fire destroys a business in tilton. we will let you know about the concerns firefighters had as they fought the fire. sean: new developments on the ongoing protest at a wildlife refuge in oregon. one occupier was killed last night in a shootout between protesters and police. erin: can you imagine hearing the song play over and over for weeks on end, that is what
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