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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shelley: documents filed in u.s. district court say the f.b.i. arrested the man who owns that property. that man is 52-year-old daniel musto. this is video of him during a confrontation he was involved in in concord in 2013. the affidavit in the case says the f.b.i. was tipped off last august when musso went to a firearms deemer to ask about buying $16,000 worth of ammunition, including grenades, a gas mask and rockets. and last week musso met with an undercover agent posing as a weapons dealer. the paperwork also says musso told the agent he was part of a group who wanted to bring forth, quote, the original constitution, unquote. he was arrested yesterday and charged with violating a federal firearms law. i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight a judge is considering whether or not to reduce a convicted sex offender's sentence.
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in 2014 the judge said it was too harsh. now new hampshire's supreme court says the judge has the authority to make an adjustment if he wants. wmur's kristen carosa was in court today, she's live tonight at our lakes region bureau. reporter: a review hearing was held this afternoon, the victim's mother tells us this has been a painful process to go through as they wait for this decision. judge david garfunkel is considering reducing the sentence of joshua baud, a man who was convicted of sexually girl. >> i'm kind of wondering why, and everybody is wondering why, because it makes no sense. we all thought it was over and done with. reporter: that was the victim's mother who was in court for the hearing, a long with her judge. >> it hurts. forget. reporter: within a week after garfunkel sentenced baud in 2014, he said the sentence was too harsh. at the time it wasn't clear if
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the defense in the case filed an appeal with the supreme court that said he k. >> i just feel this is very unjust, and i feel bad for my this. reporter: baud faced 10 to 30 years in prison for each charge, but will be eligible for release in seven and a half. his defense attorney says the judge overlooked key factors in his case, and the sentence should be reduced to six years. the assistant county attorney argued the judge did everything right. >> from what we can see, these arguments were all raised at sentencing and considered at length by the judge. reporter: victim advocates who were at the hearing say this process is harming not only the victim in this case but other potential victims. >> we had all never seen anything like this before, so it's definitely a shocker. >> i feel like it's a failure in the justice system. i feel like they're supposed to protect victims and kids and it's not being done. it's making it worse for her than it already is.
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says she just wants this to be over. the judge is retiring in 10 days and must make a decision before that time. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. tom: 30 years after the "challenger" disaster, granite staters are honoring the woman who was set to become the first teacher in space. this afternoon the center that bears christa mcauliffe's name recognized her legacy. stephanie woods joins us now live from concord. reporter: well, tom, 30 years ago today an exciting opportunity for one concord high school teacher became a national tragedy. but today's ceremony here in concord was as much about looking forward as it was about honoring the past. on january 28, 1986, as part of the teacher in space project, christa mcauliffe boarded the "challenger," but just 73 seconds into its flight the shuttle exploded, kill everyone on board. today at the mcauliffe shepherd
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gather to honor her. he was the principal of the school where mcauliffe's children went to school. he had a third grade class with apart. >> we were there when the launch went off, and everybody was excited and we all clapped. and then all of a sudden something happened in the sky and we looked around and nobody was quite sure what it was. so when we all figured out what had happened, we had to kind of explain it to the the kids. and then we had to figure out, because most of the students i had with me did not have their parents there. and in such a tragic event the first thing i thought of is i want to get these students to their parents. reporter: the kimball school has been since been renamed the christa mcauliffe school. coming up at 11:00 we'll hear from more people who knew christa as well as governor
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stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: tonight at 7:00 we have a special edition of "new hampshire chronicle," touching the future, the challenger legacy, how challenger's mission to inspire students continues all around the world 30 years later. jennifer: family, friends and colleagues are remembering a long-time member of new hampshire's political and legal communities. martin gross died on tuesday, days after suffering a stroke on a cruise ship traveling to antarctica. gross was mayor of concord for three terms and also served as legal counsel to three new hampshire governors. tonight republican candidates for the white house will debate in iowa. but it will likely be a lineup that does not feature donald trump in it. and there is debate controversy on the democratic side of things too. josh mcelveen is here to break it all down for us. josh: the democratic candidates may be headed back to the debate stage in new hampshire before the primary, and in defiance of
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committee. there is donald trump's feud with the fox network continues and appears it will follow through on his threat to boycott the debate tonight of. >> my temperament is very good, very cold. reporter: the donald will be sitting this one out. in the way jeb bush sees it, the only thing miss willing be the hot air. >> it's all about him, he's a far -- narcissit. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> totally false. >> you wanted it and you would have got it. josh: bush hopes without trump in the mix the focus will change. there are simple fact is it's not about him. it's about 63% of americans that can't afford a $500 car repair. >> i think you're going to get a lot more policy and have a lot under interaction between these other candidates that normally wouldn't happen. so voters may have a real chance to see what this field would be like without donald trump. josh: meanwhile on the
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as if there may be a last minute debate in new hampshire before the primary. hillary clinton says she'll do it and bernie sanders says he will too, but with conditions of. >> our view is i love debates, always from day one wanted more debates. so if the clinton people are prepared to have at least three more debates in the months to come, yeah, i'll go outside of the rules and we'll do a debate in new hampshire. josh: the clinton campaign says they are open to more debates in april and may, but if they take part in those without permission of the d. n. c. they all face the possibility of losing delegates at the convention. so the debate drama is playing out on both sides. josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. tom: thank you very much. a campaign trail incident ended up in court today. the agreement reached between prosecutors and the flower guy over his actions at a donald trump event.
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way in concord ahead of a weekend of hockey. will our current winter warm spell affect the black ice pond hockey tournament? mike: what changes do we see over the weekend, the forecast is coming up. >> we'll check in with the
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they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. fingerprint police are investigating threats made against students and staff in peterborough. in a note sent to parents, the superintendent says those responsible have been identified. and are not now attending school in the district. he says that precauses are in
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broader threat. no presidential candidates in new hampshire today. but a familiar face on the campaign trail ended up in court today with possible jail time on the line. jennifer: political reporter adam sexton is here tonight to explain more. reporter: this bearded man you see in the picture behind me has gained atension and a measure of internet fame by showing up at primary events and offering prayers and bouquets of wild flowers to candidates. however, the run-in at a trump event had him worrying today about getting locked up. rod webber, also known as the flower guy, is a free man, walking out of court in manchester thursday with criminal charges dropped after an incident at a donald trump speech back in october. >> my intention was to stand up against donald trump and not take a plea bargain, and you know, yesterday sounded like the consequences of doing so would meantime in jail. and i had come to peace with that. reporter: this is video recorded
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it shows webber trying to shout out questions to donald trump, and being escorted from the venue. police charged webber with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. >> the reaction was not equal to the fact that i raised my voice a little. reporter: thursday afternoon prosecutors dropped the criminal charges and webber pleaded no contest to an ordinance violation called conduct in a public place that carried a $62 fine and no threat of jail time. >> i'm pleased. i believe it's a favorable result and i believe my clients are pleased as well. reporter: last year webber has tried to light ten mood on the campaign trail. just a few days ago he and john kasich did an impromptu david bowie jam. and they struck up a prayer based friendship with jeb bush.
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involved in the process. >> we're going to have some laughs, go out there and enjoy life. because if we're not enjoying life, then all this politicking and everything is for naught. reporter: mr. webber may have spent a lot of time here voluming the race, but will not be voting in the primary. he lives in massachusetts. jennifer: he just likes to visit a lot. tom: it is the primary season in that. mike: might not feel like it weather wise. here we are with another day with 40 plus degree temperatures.
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jennifer: we have seen some mild stretches this winter, and that's created problems for many ice. tom: sure has, but the puck will drop on the black ice pond hockey tournament in concord tomorrow as scheduled. that's where we find meteorologist hayley lapoint tonight. hayley: yes, i was just talking with some of the folks and they're saying there are some spots where it's a little wet, a little slimy. but if you look behind me, it's frozen up solid in most spots. so they're ready to go for the festivities that kick off tomorrow. here's the forecast if you plan to come and check it out. this is definitely one of the coolest winter events, even just to come and watch.
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people out here playing. tomorrow looks like a mostly cloudy day. we do have the cans of a few light flurries that pass through especially after the noon hour for up here in concord. then on saturday, another day where we'll see some clouds, a little sunshine, and then also a small chance of flurries in the evening. sunday looks like the best day, at least for spectators. but look at the temperatures, they go up into the 40's. so it gets much more mild again as we get into the latter part of the weekend. back here at white park in concord, tomorrow they kick things off, they've got fireworks tomorrow night, and they'll have bonfires tomorrow and saturday. you. mike: sounds like a lot of fun up there. weather should cooperate, no major storms to contend with. temperatures today another run to 40 plus in concord. 31 is the average. so 10 above that and no snow out there, although we could see just a little bit tomorrow in the form of snow showers.
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because if you recall a year ago yesterday we had quite a monster nor'easter with some spots getting over 30 inches of snow on the mass-new hampshire border. so the average snowfall to date, 33.4. so far this season, just barely over a foot. last year at this time, close to 40 inches of snow, thanks again to that monster nor'easter that occurred a year ago yesterday and wrapped up early this morning. as for the snow showers up north, they're winding down. a few scattered flurries can't be ruled out this evening. upper 20's in plymouth, but many in the 30's. as for overnight lows tonight with a few clouds moving in, gentle winds out of the south. not all that cold, well above the average. keep in mind the normal high this time of year is at 31. we're only going to be about five or six below that in concord early tomorrow morning. so not a whole lot of cold air to support a big snow event.
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weak dnls building in from the west, quite a bit of energy that will spawn an ocean storm well out to sea. but these two will get their act together and kickback a weak disturbance tomorrow for scattered snow showers, mid morning through the afternoon. tough to call exactly where they'll light up. future cast tries to payment on a dry scenario through the early part of the morning commute. right at the tail end clouds thicken and scattered snow showers can develop. any show showers wind down early tomorrow evening. a dry saturday, then a warm front approach degrees the west late in the day. that could trigger a snow shower up north, maybe a flurry south saturday evening. once that front clears, we're right back into the mild zone again. as for tonight again not all that cold with the clouds off the increase, could be a few flurries towards morning. but the better shot, as you can see by sky cast, will be late morning and early afternoon with the mainly cloudy sky there and once we get past tomorrow
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some partial sun early on saturday. temperatures all above average, even though they're slightly cooler the next couple of days with scattered snow showers late morning on for friday and up north late on saturday, notice where we go from sunday in the mid 40's, possibly near 50 on monday. a slight cooldown but still more than 10 above average on tuesday. and on wednesday. the next storm will likely start as rain or a rain-ice mix, early in the morning and then go over to all rain, then it clears out and cools down, but still above average on thursday. when you get these runs of days above average temperature, you just wonder if we will set the all-time low snowfall record. but nowhere close just yet. tom: very good, thank you. jason? >> i know you guys like skiing,
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jason: expwreuns celtics are off tonight. bruins don't play again until tuesday. the nhl will hold its all-star game this weekend. celtics have won four in a row. they host the magic tomorrow night. celtics guard isaiah thomas will find out tonight if he is an all-star. coaches voted this week on seven reserves including two back court players and two wild cards to fill out the 12-man rosters.
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thomas is one of only five flares averaging over 2 # points, six assists and a steal per game this season. the monarchs are three games and three nights in orlando. manchester beat the solar bears last night. the two face off again tonight and again on friday. a big game for the dartmouth hockey team tomorrow night. the big green host quinnipiac. the bobcats are the top ranked team in the country. dartmouth has been great hockey lately itself. the team is currently just outside the top 20. >> we play really good teams night in and night out, so our emphasis in practice to work hard to try to get better every day and chip away. we know we've got to play good hockey this weekend against two excellent teams, so we're working hard in practice. >> a looked of good forwards, a lot of speed, they're not afraid to play physical. they're good defensive team, it will be a tough game.
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hero is a true winter warrior, plymouth high school senior will johnstone. we caught up with him while he was taking ski jumps at practice. will does all of the skiing sports, alpine, cross country, and jumping. last year he won the sky meister award, he's the captain of the ski teams at plymouth high school and also captain of the golf team. he skied 95 days last year, so he loves being out there. will also volunteers at the salvation army and the mobile food pantry. he will ski for plymouth state university next year and study business administration. although he skis many disciplines, he does have a favorite. >> boy have to say the giant slalom in ski racing, you know, i've been work, at that since i was younger and it's something that i've just love the most. i've always loved the outdoors since i was little and once i started skiing, it kind of grew
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and i knew i was always going to ski. reporter: we put a go pro on him, it's pretty cool video. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow
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that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,


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