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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hayley: milder air is on the way along with more clouds this weekend. when we' ll see the most sun and how warm the temps get. tom: with tax season here an important warning about scams. the dramatic increase in reports of scams, and the red flags to look for. shelley: a local woman has been awarded 31 million dollars in her lawsuit against walmart. >> i simply told my story, what happened in walmart pharmacy. shelley: the unfair factors she says walmart used when she was fired. tom: the focus is on iowa with days to go until the state' s caucuses. but for hillary clinton, there are new questions about her email. shelley: a teacher in derry has a new mission. >> it' s going to be an adventure. it' s exciting. shelley: the school-wide sendoff for this soldier. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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tom: new tonight the meredith rotary club has postponed its annual ice fishing derby. the derby will be delayed two weeks to the last weekend in february. good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: i' m shelley walcott. mild temperatures and ice conditions were the top concerns. the derby chairman says that while there are coves and bays on many lakes that are fairly solid, safety is a top priority. tom: the stretch of mild temperatures will resume this weekend, after parts of the state saw snow showers tonight. let' s go right now to meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: we had showers that caused problems, mainly north of the notches but things are improving. the snow is winding down. maybe you had lens to head out for skiing or boarding. both weekend today' s look great for that. we'
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that sunday, back. nothing compared to close to 50 degrees for the work week. in the meantime, you can see on the satellite and radar, lots of clouds and radars -- -- clouds overhead. because of the threat of re-freezing, there is a little bit of a threat for black ice. tomorrow, the butchers above freezing. clouds moving in. i will have a full breakdown coming up. shelley: irs scams are always common during tax season, but tonight the new hampshire attorney general' s office says they' re seeing a rising number of them this year. wmur' s suzanne roantree joins us live with the advice from experts on how to avoid becoming a victim. suzanne: the people behind this
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the new hampshire attorney general' s office says they' ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of reports being filed involving criminals posing as irs agents. just ths week alone they' ve received as many as 55 complaints. the scammers claim to be with the irs and demand immediate payment even threaten you with arrest if you don' t pay up, leaving many people frightened virginia grandpre works in a local tax preparers office >> at work we are getting people calling in mostly the elderly , who are very panicked because they' ve got a telephone call from someone saying that the irs is suing them. and these people are just besides themselves because they don' t want to lose their homes, or their pensions or anything. suzanne: sean doherty of bedford says he gets similar phone calls on a regular basis. >> that i have outstanding debts . i' ve misfiled my taxes and they' d like to get it resolved. they' ve never really told me what they wanted me to do, but they' ve definitely threatened to send police to arrest me or that
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involved. suzanne: in an e-mail melissa miller of manchester says she too received a phone call from a man with a foreign accent saying this was the irs and that their re is a lawsuit being filed against me for the tax years between 2008-2013. he verified my name and phone number but also wanted me to fair fee my best verify my social security number and much more personal information. instead of engaging the scammer, she hung up on him. and that' s exactly what the attorney general' s office says you should if you get a similar call. >> the first contact is not going to be from a call, from an irs agent calling your home and it' s not going to contain a threat of arrest if you don' t make payments. suzanne: if the irs thinks you of them money, the irs generally first contacts people by mail not by phone and the irs will not ask for payment using a pre-paid debit card, a money order or wire a transfer. the irs also will not ask for a
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phone. in the studio, suzanne roantree. tom: a local woman has pleaded guilty to robbing a bank in manchester and according to court documents, a romantic partner pressured her into doing it. melissa boucher gave a note to a teller at member' s first credit union on bridge street in march. she got away with thousands of dollars, and split it with her partner. authorities say she used the money to buy heroin and overdosed. when paramedics revived her, they found large amounts of cash in her clothes. a state police trooper says he had to use his taser on this man during his arrest. the trooper pulled douglas gray over on i-95 in portsmouth last night. gray is accused of trying to run during a pat-down. during a struggle, gray allegedly assaulted the trooper, who used a taser to subdue him. once gray was in custody, police say they found 25 grams of heroin on him. shelley: a local pharmacist took on wal-mart in court and won a
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unlawfully fired her from their seabrook store after she reported safety concerns about her co-workers. after five days of testimony, a jury awarded her $31 million. wmur' s mike cronin spoke with her. he joins us live. mike: maureen mcpadden and her lawyers say this case is important because it shows the issues of gender discrimination and public safety were taken seriously. but walmart denies any isn' t supported by fact or law. >> i told the facts. mike: 51-year-old maureen mcpadden told a federal jury her story and jurors agreed with her version. wednesday they ordered mcpadden' s former employer walmart to award her more than $31 million. >> i' m just coming down from a 3.5 year roller coaster ride of emotion actually so i' m just so
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mike: in 2012 mcpadden was working at the pharmacy inside this walmart in seabrook. she says she told management about safety concerns she had as described by one of her attorneys. deplorable. they were inexperienced, untrained, and insufficient support staff which created a public safety concern. reporter: a month later she lost her pharmacy key and says walmart used that as an excuse to fire her. mcpadden also accuses the company of discriminating s a woman. her lawyers say male pharmacists were better treated. >> the jury clearly determined that walmart had either willfully or recklessly disregarded both federal and state anti-discrimination laws. mike: walmart says we do not tolerate discrimination of any type and neither that nor any concerns ms. mcpadden raised about her store' s pharmacy played a role in her dismissal. it says she had been disciplined
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the final offense. , pleased with the jury' s decision. >> they came back with a verdict that really means an awful lot to me and i believe it' s going to help others in the future. i really do. mike: walmart says it will appeal, asking the judge to throw out the verdict or reduce the reward money. mcpadden lives on the seacoast and still works as a pharmacist at a different company. live in the studio, mike cronin. shelley: two of the people accused of blocking traffic on i-93 in massachusetts last january have entered guilty pleas. they won' t face jail time, despite the requests of prosecutors. instead, they were sentenced to probation and community service. the group claimed to be part of the black lives matter movement when they chained themselves to barrels filled with concrete in milton. tom: moving on to commitment 2016, we are just 3 days until the
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official read of how the candidates are doing on the campaign trail. donald trump used a rally in nashua to throw a new attack at ted cruz while hillary clinton' s email controversy is resurfacing with some new problems. abc' s brandi hitt is in des moines. reporter: it is all hands on deck here in iowa. nearly all the candidates are criss-crossing this state, doing whatever they can to secure votes. and once again, donald trump isn' t holding any punches. in the final push for votes ahead of monday' s iowa caucuses , donald trump throws another blow at ted cruz. >> he' s an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. reporter: but this time, cruz isn' t firing back. >> he' s welcome to say whatever he likes. i like and respect him. reporter: cruz, now pushing ahead, after thursday' s trumpless fox news debate and this des moines register headline. rough night for cruz. mr. clinton: the next president
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reporter: on the democratic side as hillary clinton pounds the pavement for votes. the state department delivered a bombshell, declaring 22 emails she sent from her private server while secretary of state top secret. mr. cruz: this is getting more and more serious. reporter: and her republican opponents are pouncing. mr. rubio: this is unacceptable. this is a disqualifier. reporter: but clinton' s campaign is pushing back because the emails were not marked classified at the time. she' s in a tight race with bernie sanders who' s urging volunteers to do everything necessary to increase voter turnout on caucus night. mr. sanders: beg, borrow, kidnap, do whatever you have to do. kidnapping illegal here in iowa? reporter: and hillary is bringing out the big guns. bill clinton is here in iowa campaigning for his wife. their daughter chelsea joins mom weekend. brandi hitt, abc news, des loins iowa -- des moines iowa. tom: while most of the focus is on iowa right now, republican presidential candidate john kasich will campaign in new
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he has town hall meetings planned for merrimack, keene, and peterborough. marco rubio will get support in new hampshire tomorrow from a man who was once his competitor. george pataki will campaign on rubio' s behalf in nashua. shelley: on the campaign trail , candidates talk about their positions on the issues and it doesn' t leave much time to find out about the real person behind the candidate. with that in mind, wmur held candidate cafes, a chance for undecided voters to get to know those running for the highest office. please do join us this sunday at 1:00 p.m., for an encore presentation of candidate cafe, that will be right here on wmur. tom: coming up, after an awful start to 2016, markets ended january on a positive note. the sector driving the gains today. shelley: a teacher in derry preparing to take on a new role. hayley: showers pretty much
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tom: stocks soared on the last trading day of january with the dow up nearly 400 points at close.
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up for the rough start to the year, the worst beginning to a year on record. a strong quarter by microsoft drove today' s rally, which was led by technology companies. shelley: authorities in california think two inmates who are still on the run may be headed to fresno where they may have associates who can help them. tom: one of the escaped fugitives turned himself into police today. the men broke out of a maximum-security jail a week ago. one of them stole a white van a day later and police think they may still be traveling in that same van. the sheriff' s department says their top concern is keeping all citizens safe. >> will continue with those same efforts, using all resources to capture the additonal 2 escapees who are outstanding. tom: the 3 men had all been awaiting trial for separate violent crimes. shelley: facebook is cracking down on gun sales. a new policy says individuals cannot advertise or sell guns on
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licensed gun retailers can still advertise their businesses on facebook, but they aren' t allowed to accept orders or make sales on the site. a teacher in derry is getting ready to go overseas and carry on a family legacy. tom: today the derry village school held a deployment ceremony for one of their own who is also a new hampshire national guard member. our stephanie woods is live with more on how this teacher' s family prepared her for military life. stephanie: today students in derry saluted their special ed teacher lieutenant morgan lemmon. as lemmon prepares to deploy no one understands better the sacrifice she' s making than her mother. >> we' d like to say a few words about the amazing ms. lemmon. can she stand up so we can give her a round of applause. reporter: friday students and staff said goodbye, for now and good luck to their teacher, lieutenant morgan lemmon. >> it' s going to be an adventure. it' s exciting. i' m a little sad to leave this school. it' s my first year here and i' m
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i love the people i work with so it' s a little difficult. :59. reporter: the 3rd and 4th grade special education teacher is leaving on her first deployment with the 197th field artillery brigade of the new hampshire army national guard. at lieutenant lemmon' s deployment ceremony at derry village school friday not only were the little ones reluctant to part ways with their favorite teacher. >> i am going to really miss you. you are really nice to me and helped me when i needed you. i hope you are going to have a nice time when you are gone, and i hope you miss all of us too . reporter: but also her mother was sad and proud. >> it does tug at your heart a little bit and so i guess i' m a little bit unique because i' ve been on the other side of the fence. reporter: christine tebbetts storm back in 1991 when her daughter was just 2. >> it' s weird for her because she' s been and done, and she never thought she' d be sending her kid to do the same thing :31
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>> it' s just hard to detach the mom part from the military part of my brain. but i know she' s going to be ok. at 27 she' s my best friend, i' m going to miss her. stephanie: lemmon' s deployment will last about a year until she can rejoin her students next january. live in the newsroom stephanie woods wmur news 9. >> and now hayley lapoint and your storm watch nine forecast. hayley: we thank her for her service. i want to take a live look at what is happening outside and around the state. you can see the pavement shining, glimmering, temperatures close to freezing. high-level melting going on. there could be some black ice. be careful of that. statewide, that will be the case. most of the showers over and done with but in the mountains,
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whitefield, lancaster, big issues because of the east showers. most people telling me they only received like an inch of snow fall but it was right during the evening commute. that can easily show you even an inch or less can cause big issues. we have light snow falling toward the chatham area and even north conway. i wouldn' t be surprised if there are a few flurries still flying. it is part of one system moving through. we will get a second tomorrow. this one is the boundary between the cooler air and warmer air over the central u.s.. in the meantime, we will have clouds moving through and even a couple of snow showers, mainly up north. here' s how temperatures are at the moment. most of us close to freezing. a few degrees within it.
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33 in rochster. look at these temperatures. the average high temperature, about 31 degrees. the next couple of days, climbing up through the week. 50 degrees. and then close to 50 degrees. that will be problematic for the ski areas and for anybody with interest in enjoying the snow. here is what we see throughout the weekend. starting with sunshine. temperatures in the 20' s. we will lose the sunshine to clouds. there might be a few snow showers. they are very short-lived tomorrow night. sunday, back to temperatures in
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we will have a mix of sun and clouds across the area. it will be a dry day. 20' s in most locations. 28, manchester. 26, salem. s and maybe even 40. if you are looking for something fun to do, this one sounds great. they' ve got a black ice pond hockey championship going. sunday, they will see the sun. look at that. 50 degrees. of few spits of rain showers. heavy rain wednesday. then the temperatures come back down. that is not good for anybody who
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i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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jason: the celtics have an all-star this season and now they have a 5 game winning streak. boston at home to host the orlando magic. there is there all-star, i see
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marcus smart is going to bury a three. a team-high 16. boston up by 10. leading by eight at halftime. two-point game in the third quarter. fourth quarter celts kick it out , to jonas jerebko, who burries a three pointer of the his. he had a double double. 10 rebounds. jared sullinger also had a double double. celtics win 113-94. that is five straight. they play in orlando on sunday. two of the top teams in division two girls hoops. lebanon hosting souhegan. the raiders in the white. kendra macdonald aone for 3 from the corner and she hits. at the other end, caitlin watson hits the baseline jumper for the sabers. then mia len pulls up from the top of the key. she is going to knock-down 83. but the raiders were just too
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nice underhanded lay in, raiders win 57-36. lebanon improves to 9-1, just the second loss of the season for souhegan. hockey now and bedford native rand pecknold had his top ranked bobcats in the granite state to take on a red hot dartmouth team. pecknold in his 22nd season at quinnipiac. first period, great chance for their but a nice save on john and staying. -- ernsting. dartmouth led 3-1 but quinnipiac scored six goals in the third. the bobcats escape with a 7-5 win. the unh hockey team suffered it' / s 7th straight loss tonight, 3-1 at providence. the friars were led by mark jankowski who tailed a goal and an assist.
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team in the country. tyler kelleher scored the lone new hampshire goal. the two teams will play again at schneider arena saturday night. matt leitner had a goal and an assist to lead manchester past the solar bears in orlando 4-3 was the final in a shootout. the monarchs sweep the 3 game that' s 6 straight wins for manchester. the monarchs play at reading on wednesday. and how about some women' s hockey. dartmouth home with princeton this afternoon. second period no score, laura stacey scores on the backhand, a goal for the captain give dartmouth a 1-0 lead. but later in the period, karlie lund skates in and scores one for the tigers. 1-1 after two periods, but the tigers got 3 in the third, and princeton goes away with a 4-1 when. pitcher robbie ross and the boston red sox have agreed to a $1.25 million, one-year contract
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a 26-year-old left-hander was appearances last year for boston. the red sox first workout for pitchers and catchers right around the corner february to/ / 19. time to start again baseball. -- picking baseball. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. shelley: the information
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tom: the nasa space craft new pluto. this is a picture of the dwarf planet' s atmosphere. the blue ring is caused by particles in the atmosphere. horizons also shows there' s more s surface than scientists thought. ice we' pluto also has ice that' s actually frozen methane, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. from pluto. thanks for joining us for
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shelley: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line. have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning instit you know the basic bargain of america and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr
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