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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: we are following several breaking stories tonight. a former belknap county deputy has just been indicted on 10 counts of sexual assault, victims. tom: the heights have just come back on in a marlborough neighborhood where a truck driver lost control crashing just a few feet away from a house. jean: but we begin with ocean officials speaking for the first time about a deadly tent collapse at a lancaster circus, and a long list of safety violations the company's been cited for. tom: heather hamel just finished speaking with investigators, she's live in concord. reporter: from steaks not being the right size to not being anchored correctly, osha says that walker international events did not put the tent up properly the day that it clapped, and osha said there were warnings predicting everything from severe thunderstorms to winds of
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but the company didn't heed the warning, and still did not take the tent down. and it put employees at risk of being crushed or trapped by the heavy structure, and osha has already issued citations and fines and will be meeting with walker international wednesday to discuss this further. >> the company and others need to realize that it's not just a matter of paying the fines and citations, but it's important that we understand going forward how they're going to prevent this kind of thing from occurring in the future. reporter: news 9 did try to contact walker international events in florida. however, we were unable to reach them. live in concord, heather hamel, wmur news 9. jean: the problems related to that tent are just some of the violations found in walker international events. other violations include ungrounded or misused electrical equipment, including equipment
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unmarked exits, and missing fire extinguishers inside a tent flames. osha has proposed more than $33,000 in fines. tom: another breaking story, belknap county now, where a former deputy has just been indicted on charges of sexual assault. shelley walcott is live in laconia where investigators say earnest blanchette targeted prisoners under his watch. reporter: that's right, tom, this former belknap county sheriff's deputy is facing another trial for a sexual assault in a different case. 37-year-old earnest justin blanchette was indicted on nine counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and one count of felonious sexual assault. the cases involve five different alleged victims, each of whom were inmate at the time. blanchette is accused of committing the offenses while transporting the inmates to or from correctional facilities.
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more details on this case. reporter: the allegation is -- >> the allegation is that during the time he was transporting these individuals he engaged in sexual contact with two of them, specifically we're alleging that he engaged in sexual intercourse with two separate female inmates during those transports. reporter: bail for the former deputy has been set at $100,000, or $400,000 cash surety. shelley walcott, wmur news 9. jean: we have more breaking developments in marlborough, where power has just been restoried to hundreds of people after the driver of this seminar rowly missed hitting a home. andy? reporter: jean, power has been turned back onto everybody in this area. you can take a look behind me, they are still working to repair the cable service, and traffic
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this section of route 101 late this morning, but only after some major made aches and power problems for residents and businesses. police say the driver of this tractor trailer said he swerved to miss a dog in the middle of the road. when he took out two utility poles and a tree, along route 101 in marlborough. >> i heard a truck come down the road, sounded like it was coming pretty fast, i heard a boom and hit the transformer and the lights lit up the sky, and all i heard was a another boom when he hit the wall down here. >> i was asleep, it was around 4:30, 4:00 andive heard what sounded like a large crash or an explosion, there was a flash i saw through the windows. and there was a smaller crash with another kind of flash. reporter: the truck that was contracted to carry mail to a retaining wall. the road was closed for several hours, forcing long detours for morning commuters. marlene henry says she thought it was a snow plow coming down the street.
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trailer truck and then i saw like an explosion, from the home and then everything went black. reporter: there were no injuries and power was knocked out to about 400 people, for most it was just an inconvenience. but there were a few businesses that were shut down for a while. >> it was hectic. i came in and found out there was no power. then had to go all over the place to find my boss, it was hectic. reporter: the road was open to one lane of traffic around 11:00 and power was restored to more than half the customers by one. officials say they expect to have this scene cleared by about 6:00 tonight, police say that they are still investigating this crash. live in marlborough, i'm andy hershberger. tom: lawmakers in concord are weighing a new approach to the heroin and fentanyl epidemic. the latest on the idea called a
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reporter: many have heard of the sex offender rent industry, this would be the same thing but simply for habitual drug dealers in new hampshire. this afternoon the house criminal justice committee took up house bill 1603, which would define a habitual drug dealer as someone who is convicted of sell drugs three times in new hampshire. after the third conviction they'd be put on a drug dealer registry maintained by the state. but that would not be published online. dealers would be able to get off the list after four years of good behavior. bills similar to this have failed before, but the idea is to make it narrowly tailored this time. >> it needs to be a two-pronged approach. what do we do about the supply chain while we're reaching out and -- reporter: there are concerns being raised by the new
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which says if the names on a drug dealer rent industry are made public, it could be much more difficult for those people to rehabilitate their lives later on. on flip side, if the list is not made public, it creating more administrative work for police officers who could otherwise be out on the street. jean: a new hampshire family says an extract from the marijuana plant could be the key to saving their 11-year-old's life. colton has a rare and potentially deadly form of epilepsy that causes severe seizures. one recent episode required him to be airlifted by emergency crews. >> my husband and i just kept looking at each other going he's 11, he's 11, you know, here he is in i.c.u. on a breathing machine and all we can say is he's 11. jean: colton just took part in a trial at dartmouth hitchcock to test whether a marijuana extract can cure his condition. tonight at 11 we'll explain how
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cure works and the procedures with that. the lack of snow is causing problems for winter events all aacross new hampshire. tom: the state has told snowmobiling clubs to stop grooming. meredith has more. reporter: this winter has been difficult for many organizations and groups and has been especially hard on new hampshire's economy. most recently the mount washington auto road had to stop the popular snow coach pause there isn't enough snow. we also spoke to the snowmobiling club, they say this winter has been more than challenging, the club's president says the slow winter has had an impact on restaurant and hotels and businesses simply because people aren't here. a bigger vebility called a snow deo has been canceled and the state has sent out a request that all grooming on trails be stopped. >> all the trails in the state
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we received notice from the bureau of trails that they weren't going to reimburse us for grooming and we had to cease all of our operations. it's really affected clubs in general, especially the smaller ones throughout the state. reporter: the lack of winter is also impacting many other activities across the state, we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. for now let's head over to hayley lapoint, she's standing by to talk about where snow totals stand right now. hayley: the problem is we've had so many warm bouts of abnormally warm air, we had that earlier this week, then a storm came along at the same time and gave us rain instead of snow. let me show you the latest numbers now. we collect data in concord, that's where we get most of our records and most of our historical data from. so this is for concord, of course it could be different across the state, but so far in year 23.4-inch eggs of snow. compare that to the average for this date, and typically we
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last year at this time we had difference. let me show you the top five least snowiest years. the number one years, 1979 to 1980, that was the winter that we had 27 inches of snow. if the winter ended today, that 25.4 inches we have in concord would easily put us at the number one least snowiest year ever in new hampshire. still, though, we can get up to 27 inches from one lone storm. so we still have some time, but it doesn't look like at least in the long term that that's going to happen, certainly not the next seven days, a few smaller storms in the forecast. mike will have more on the extended forecast in a few minutes. jean: thanks, haley. now let's check on traffic. live pictures in manchester, the view over 293 near exit 5, wow, the sun is really staying out later these days. this view from the elliott at rivers end camera.
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with a look at the evening commute. >> good evening. we're having a pretty good ride so far coming up from the border of massachusetts, slight slowdowns through salem, then a good ride all the way up to the queen city. 293 is busy but moving well, and further north no problems through hooksett on up to concord. minor delays through the exits 12 through 15 in concord. further north there is a problem in madison, route 113 at loony -- mooney hill road is closed due to an earlier crash. in bedford slight delays as you make your way through the lights at 114. everett turnpike northbound has building volume, but no issues there, and a good ride to and from the seacoast. heavy traffic starting toed by on route 16 north in newington. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. jean: thanks, peggy. straight ahead, surprising word from pope francis as he departs the americas, he's opening the door to contraception for women dealing with a certain health
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tom: and an historic trip in the works for president obama, but his plans to visit cuba are also generating a lot of criticism. mike: quite a chill tonight. >> over 5,000 are waiting in north korea in some way for us to find them. jean: at 5:30, quick action on capitol hill protects the work to recover fallen veterans. tom: then a traffic stop leads to hand cuffs for this man who police say was carrying a bullet
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jean: pope francis is suggesting contraception could be used to prevent the spread of the zika virus, despite the catholic church's long-time ban on most forms of birth control. reporters asked the pontiff about the issue on his flight from mexico. he said contraception could be considered since the virus has been linked to birth defects. but the pope says there is a clear line between preventing pregnancy with contraception and having an abortion.
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has declared a global health emergency because of the zika virus. tom: there's a fierce debate tonight over the decision by a california hospital to pay ransom to the hackers who took over its computer network. >> the patient care has not been compromised. tom: the c.e.o. says paying the ransom was the most efficient way to restore access to its patient records. the hospital fefer shut down -- never shut down, but it was unnerving for some patients. >> the sign said do not use the computers, i'm like what's going on with the computers and they said we got hacked. tom: it took 10 days to get the systems fully restored. hacking for ransom is becoming a more common crime, as software for companies and criminals get more sophisticated. jean: we're now hearing from the florida teen accused of impersonating a doctor, an
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18-year-old mal iki love robinson giving medical examines, he claims he has a doctors degree and did not go to medical school. an elderly woman paid him nearly $500 for stomach pains. >> accusations are merely accusations, and services, you have to define that. whether she paid for me to just show up, that's up to her. >> you're not denying the fact that she paid you $3,500 or so, correct? >> no, i am denying that. jean: love robinson is accused of fraud and grand theft, he's out of jail on $21,000 bail. tom: tonight some cuban american lawmakers say now is not the right time for president obama to visit cuba. today the white house officially announced the trip, which would make him the first sitting u.s. president to visit the island in decades. wmur's sally kidd has more from our washington bureau. reporter: tom, the white house
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human rights issues and other concerns during the trip, which is scheduled for march 21. president obama will spend two days in cuba, meeting with cuban president raul castro and interacting with cuban activists and entrepreneurs. >> what we'll be focusing on with respect to the visit is how can we take the changes we made in our policies and regulations and try to connect them to changes and reforms that the cubans are making. reporter: secretary of state kerry visited havana for the opening of the u.s. embassy last summer. since then travel restrictions and barriers for conducting business have been eased. the cuban government still pushing for the u.s. to meet two major conditions. >> the blockade has to be lifted and the territory occupied by the naval base in guantanamo has to be returned. >> we're keeping guantanamo, you're not getting it back.
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presidential candidates say the president's visit will reward a dictatorship that continues to engage in human rights abuses. >> they are vicious murderers, communist dictators, they hate america. reporter: analysts say a lifting of sanctions isn't likely, especially in an election year. >> i think that instead it will be chipped away at, sort of creating loopholes and allowances for certain kinds of trade and travel and that over time we will see it effect actually gutted. reporter: a republican congresswoman calls the trip absolutely shameful, and senator menendez says it's totally unacceptable. from washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. mike: that winter chill returning yesterday in some parts of the state, all across new hampshire today. take a look right now at our live web cam network up in rye
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down, we start to see that off in the distance, even though of course we're waiting for another 13 hours or so for sunup. temperatures on the chilly side, a little below the norm, but not unseasonably cold. down into the low 20's in the great north woods. upper 20's, very low 30's lakes region points south and southeast. about five, six, seven degrees colder than it was last night. five below on arrange in the great north woods. single digits for many, around 10 in rochester, low teens at the coast and about 10, 11, 12 in nashua and downtown manchester. cold air working in from the north and west, those wind will gradually subside as we go through the night. notice how much warmer it is in the plains states, central and southern plains and into the southeast.
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well into the 40's, as we go into the weekend. these clouds signal the change to warmer air, and they move in for tomorrow night. and verge we'll start to see some light precipitation developing, painly in the form of snow later in the evening, so here's a look at the timeline. a good part of your friday, high clouds filtering the sunlight. snow will break out for a few hours as the warm front comes through and a few mixed showers in northern parts of the state as we go into saturday. snowfall projections, a coating from an inch lakes region south and southeast and on average an inch or two in the higher terrain of northern new hampshire. again this is from mid to late
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early on saturday. once we get beyond that the focus is on the warmer air building on in, but for tomorrow it's seasonably chilly, low to mid 30's north, upper 30's to near 40 south. then the 40's build in for many, not all, as we go into and through the weekend. very cold tonight, down to about six, seven, eight below. wind will diminish. after a cold start tomorrow we're back into the seasonably cool range. saturday morning any snow that fell friday night will taper off very quickly. breaks of sun south, maybe a mixed shower north. even milder on sunday and maybe a touch of light snow anywhere sunday night. right now that big coastal storm for wednesday starting to scoop farther off shore, so we'll see if that trend does hold. tom: starting to feel like we're turning the corner but -- jean: if you ever wanted to kick
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kid, there's a new option for you. tom: up next we take you inside a new business that lets you relieve stress by throwing a tantrum. jean: and does prince really
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jean: a school district in delaware is apologizing after accidentally including a sarcastic attachment in an
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tom: the forum paid up as a joke was to report hurt feelings and asked whether the whiner needed a tissue or if they were a wimp. the paper was accidentally attached to an e-mail with school news, the principal sent a recorded message to every parent apologizing for the mistake. jean: a woman in texas has created a new way for adults to relieve stress, opening a company called tantrums llc. shawn baker says in a special room you find a solution for adult sized tantrums with sledge hammers, bats and golf clubs, clients can go to town on their frustrations. >> do whatever you want. beat it up, smash it, trash it, any possible way you can think of, you can step on it or whatever, i don't care. jean: all the props that were destroyed were either reclaimed or donated. tom: straight ahead, a driver
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what led up to the crash.
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>> it was all just an oversight. jean: politics get personal. now at 5:30, the quick cooperation to help the families of fallen americans as the government tightens sanctions against north korea. tom: the captain of a sunken cargo ship was warned about an approaching storm by a crew member who wasn't even on board. mike: a classic chill tonight, weekend. jean: one auto maker says it can protect your car from pothole damage, we'll explain how it works. jean: welcome back, i'm jean mackin. tom: i'm tom griffith. tonight in the midst of political actions taken against north korea, a humanitarian effort with a local connection has renewed hope of making a difference. jean: we are now learning that a coalition of veterans families from new hampshire helped push for a change in congressional
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tom: jennifer crompton live now with the details. reporter: the north korea sanctions enforcement act was on its way from the u.s. house to the senate when rick downs noticed something that hit home. that humanitarian efforts to account for thousands of missing p.o.w.'s and m.i.a.'s wasn't protected, so he brought it to senator shaheen's attention, and just in the nick of time. lieutenant harold hall downs was 26 when his b26 went down over north korea. it was january, 1952. he's been listed as missing in action ever since. to this day, his family, like so many others, are looking for closure. son rick was just three and a half when his father disappeared. daughter donna born two months later. >> she has a different kind of wound that she's working on. so we are with an organization
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reporter: rick downs lives in portsmouth and is both a son and president of the coalition of families of korean and cold war veterans, to promote the fullest possible accounting of all the missing. >> 7800 guys, and over 5,000 are waiting in north korea in some way for us to find them. reporter: there were some recovery missions between the late 90's and 2005, but political tensions with north korea shut a door he is trying to push back open. as tensions reescalate he contacted senator shaheen about exempting p.o.w. m.i.a. missions from sanctions. >> we included that amendment, it passed, the bill has passed and it's on its way to the president's desk. reporter: now if an opportunity arises, he can take it. >> i want to know where my father's plane went down, i want to talk to the villager and say yes he was buried over there or
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we can't do that if there's a hindrance. reporter: he continues to work with both senators on getting access to korean war records and reports of american sightings that still to this day remain classified. live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: new tonight we're learning that the captain of the el faro ship was warned about the hurricane by a text message. the second attempt, he sent a message telling the captain about the storm. the captain planned to go south of hurricane joaquin. investigators are trying to figure out why the captain sailed close to the hurricane had we had had chosen safer routes in previous storms. jean: new video just in of the damage to a derry post office building. police say the car hit the post office this afternoon, the car and the building were both damaged. nobody was hurt and the post
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no word yet on what caused the crash. and amherst woman is facing charges for allegedly stealing from her workplace. nashua police say 49-year-old carol color stole $20,000 worth of clothing and electronics authority. she allegedly sold the items online for a profit over the course of three years. color was booked and released and will be back in court next month. tom: to mitment 2016 tonight, donald trump's latest verbal battle is with pope francis. this all started with the pope suggested that the presidential candidate isn't a true christian. wmur's aixa diaz with what trump had to say about that. reporter: tom, donald trump responded after pope francis said someone who thinks about building walls, not bridges, isn't christian. after his visit to the border, pope francis was asked about donald trump's plan to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico
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the gospel. can while he would give trump the benefit of the doubt, pope francis says this man is not christian if this is what he says. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. report he accused the mexican government of convincing the pope he's not a good guy. two days before the primary, a new poll shows trump in first place in south carolina with ted cruz coming in second. >> our constitutional rights are under assault every day. reporter: marco rubio picked up the endorsement of governor nicki haley. >> it's a great day in south carolina. >> 2016 is the most support election in a generation. reporter: jeb bush also stomped in south carolina. >> we need a president that tries to lift our hopes up. >> if there's a dog fight between especially marco rubio and jeb bush for third place, john kasich also trying to see if he can sneak into third there. reporter: tonight clinton and sanders are campaigning in nevada ahead of saturday's
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aixa diaz, wmur news 9. jean: the primary is over and two new hampshire sisters have completed their goal of taking a selfie with each presidential candidate. >> they're all great, they all accepted the selfie, like we'll take a selfie. jean: it started when they went to a chris christie event, the sisters say they don't have a favorite selfie that each and every one has its own story. the girls only missed one candidate that was jim webb, but they say he dropped out before they could get a selfie with him in new hampshire. tom: good thing they got all those right away because half those people aren't in the race any more. new hampshire drivers can relate to this story, up next we'll break down the technology that protects your ties from potholes. jean: also ahead, job seekers might want to consider baby-sitting, we'll tell you how child. tom: i said ties, i meant tires.
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station, how the fuel got watered down before it was pumped into the tanks. mike: dry for now, but when the next snow what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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tom: a down day on wall street with the dow jones dropping 40 points, the s&p down eight and
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points. ford is creating a new car that will protect your tires from potholes. jean: the auto maker says the shock absorber system uses sensors to detect a pothole. the car will keep the wheel elevated instead of dropping into the hole. some luxury cars have similar technology, but ford says the fusion is the first mid sized car with this new feature. toyota is recalling more than one million rav4 s.u.v.'s because the rear seat belts might not work in a crash. the recall includes rav4's from 2006 through 2012. and the electric model from 2012 through 2014. toyota says the seat belts in the second row could get cut in a crash. hannaford the bristol replacing
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hannaford says the store has been a customer for years, which has helped the transition go smoothly. the owner is the thanking customers and employees for years of loyalty. tom: the first full color high resolution flexible smart phone. reflex relies on that poavment, allowing users to flip through the pages by bending the phone, the screen is made from plastic. this is just a prototype, no word on when it might hit the market. wasn't sitting a good -- baby-sitting a good gig these days, 15.71 an hour, two children gets an average of $18 an hour and close to 20% of baby-sitters get tips in addition to those regular rates. it's i hard job. they should get paid well. a man who picked up a missing wallet sent it back to the owner minus a few pieces.
5:42 pm
with it was kind of an apology. you'll want to see this strange letter when we come back. tom: and a challenging week ahead for the u.n.h. hockey team. tonight on "chronicle." >> the parents say oh, i remember that, i had one of those, or i've seen those, but i
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jean: america's park service is
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with a visitor record. last near, the most popular spot was the rocky mountains, yellowstone. rocky mountains august will mark the 100th anniversary of the park service. if you're planning a trip that requires a passport, best plan way ahead, close to 49 million passports are set to expire in the next few years and that's creating longer wait times. tom: mary maloney looks at how to make sure your documents don't get held up. reporter: need a passport? the u.s. government says it could take six weeks just to get your passport renewed, that's longer than usual, here's why. within the next three years 49 million people's passports will expire. you could thank a 2007 federal law for the avalanche of renewals, it requires u.s. citizens to carry a passport when traveling to canada, mexico, the caribbean and bermuda. even if your passport is
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will not accept passports within sex months of their expiration date. to get your passport quicker, act now, photos can be taken at post offices, drugstores, even libraries. pictures are the number one reason why renewals may be held up to. make sure your passport renewal isn't placed in purgatory, be more like prince, seriously, he tweeted his epic passport pick and it meets all government regulations, it's the right size, on a plain white background with no smile. you can still, you can renew your passport by mail or in person for faster locations. then relax and plan that next vacation. mike: the sun now down, setting
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a little daylight still out there atop mount washington, kind of a grainy picture there, but you get the idea that there's still a little bit of twilight to be had. heading into the nighttime hours and a chilly start to the evening, only getting colder from here. look ahead, we've got the classic winter chill tonight. tomorrow some changes begin to move in late in the day after a sunny start and some sunshine even into the early afternoon. clouds will roll in late. light snow with the next warm front moves in friday night into early saturday morning, then milder air takes over, as we press into and through the weekend. right now that classic winter chill, upper 20's, manchester, through new london, closer to the coast low 30's. exeter, hampton falls, up through portsmouth, great bay as well, upper 20's back to the west. right now newport at 23. it's cold and only getting colder from here, as we advance
5:48 pm
good part of the lakes region around bristol, franklin, up at the weirs, mid to upper 20's and farther to the north a big temperature fall from upper teens and lower 20's around jackson and the mount washington valley to single digits in pittsburgh and startstown, heading for sub sub-zero later tonight and tomorrow morning. elsewhere single digits above zero, around 10 or 11 in nashua and manchester and low teens right at the coast. lots of sunshine tomorrow morning. then the next boundary moves on in tomorrow night. that is a cold front that signals a big change in temperature, compared to what we'll have tomorrow morning, anywhere from five to 10 below north, five to 10 above south. and add about 40 to 50 to that over the weekend as many push into the 40's. as that boundary moves through, however, a few snow showers are beginning to develop, it will become more widespread later on tonight into tomorrow morning, and by the time it arrives here later tomorrow evening, many will see at least a very light
5:49 pm
for your friday. plenty of sunshine, again clouds move in during the afternoon and early evening. then here's that bout of light snow, could border on moderate for a short period of time late evening and overnight a. general one to three-inch snow tally lakes region points north and lower amounts to the south. what about the snowfall, not all that much, but just enough to make the roads slick. that would happen after nine or 10 tomorrow evening through early on saturday morning. for tonight though, no snow to be had. it tumbling temperatures we're watching, sub-zero up north, single din it's for many, 10 to 14 from manchester towards the coast. lots of sunshine early tomorrow, high clouds roll in late. light snow develops friday evening, especially after 9:00 or 10:00, continues through daybreak saturday. then some breaks of sun and how about the mild air, into the 40's on saturday, highest temperatures over the next several on sunday, a bout of light snow late sunday night, then dry through early on
5:50 pm
storm closely for wednesday. jean: an unexpected effect of winter rains created a damager in pennsylvania. the goods they put in their vehicles was watered down. >> i got gas from here, i got on the highway, and it just stopped in the middle of the road. >> it shut off right in the middle of the intersection, i almost got hit by a car that was coming off from the highway. jean: the heavy rain caused water to leak into a gas storage tank. the station shut off the pumps as soon as the problem was discovered, and the owner says she will cover the cost of customers car repairs. tom: one thief may feel better about himself after a unique apology note. but we're going to let you be the judge. a new york man who lost his wallet got this letter, along with his driver's license and credit cards, but the writer admitted that he kept the cash,
5:51 pm
he kept the metro card, because, quote, well, the fare is 2.7 5. and the wallet because it's kind of cool. it was signed toodles anonymous. jamie: i think i know hoe that toodles guy is he shouldn't have signed his name. bruins skate in nashville against the predators, bruins have been solid on the road during this trip, three wins in their first four games away from boston. tonight at 6:00 we're talking u.n.h. hockey, just four games left in the regular season, it starts with a home and home series against the boston this year. they will host b.u. tomorrow night at 8:30. then they skate at b.u. on saturday night. u.n.h. currently in 8th place in the hockey standings. teams in positions 5 through 8 get home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs. this week's home town hero
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including herself, torre sipes is just a freshman but last saturday took the title in the gymnastics championship, she whron the bar and the beams, scoring 9.55 on the beam. 14-year-old is from windham. jays con king has her story, coming up at 6:00. jean: tom can do that too. tom: did it last week, it was awesome. a tough call for some, how to people from sharks without overreacting. jennifer: straight ahead, a series of violations and short comings revealed in the deadly collapse of a circus tent last some. federal investigators find multiple missed opportunities to prevent that disaster in lancaster. and disturbing allegations of
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>> you're not going to believe this, but i got a carrier that's being attacked by wild turkeys mail. jean: a flock of turkeys, a new jersey mailman had to hide his
5:56 pm
police officers arrived to scare those turkeys away. well, protecting swimmers from sharks could be easier, thanks to new technology rolling out in australia. tom: the clever buoy censors are placed on the ocean floor, when anything larger than six feet swims by, it sends a notification. >> it will provide the lifeguards with information on its size and its location. and then they'll be able to make a better informed decision about what to do. tom: it's being tested on beaches in new south wales.
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tom: breaking news, the trouble federal investigators uncovered in this deadly tent collapse in lancaster, from how the tent was
5:59 pm
jennifer: also new tonight, a former sheriff's deputy accusedded of sexually assaulting inmates, how many alleged victims have come forward. mike: milder air is on the way, but before that happens a bit of snow could fall. >> sounded almost like a snow plow coming through, but then it just continued. tom: plus a witness describes the crash of a tractor trailer truck that left hundred without power for hours. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we are following two breaking news stories tonight. the first, the findings by federal investigators about what contributed to this tent collapse that killed a young girl and her father. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. in addition to the two people injured. our live team coverage begins now with heather hamel who is in concord tonight. reporter: osha says that safety precautions immediate to be in
6:00 pm
accidents and in this case lancaster, walker international events fell short when it came to putting up the tent and heeding weather warnings. a frightening scene, winds whipping, a circus tent collapses, trapping people, killing a father and daughter and injuring dozens of others including two circus employees. now five months later the u.s. department of labor's occupational safety and held administration has completed its investigation and found the tent was not put up properly or secured during the bad weather. >> it was not properly stakes, the stakes were not the right size, design. they did not follow the professional engineer's design to specifically erect the tent. report in its report osha says there were seven warnings broadcast by the national weather service which included hazardous weather outlooks, a severe thunderstorm watch and winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. yet walker international events did not have their workers take the tent down.


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