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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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p good morning, america. pstate of emergency. p53 tornadoes touch down from ptexas to virginia. pat least eight dead as the poutbreak rips apart homes. pwinds hit 83 miles an hour and a pcoast guard ship overturns ptrying to rescue a fishing boat. p last chance, marco rubio and pted cruz fighting to stop donald ptrump's momentum ahead of ptonight's big debate. p>> if the donald wins the pgeneral election, who the heck pknows what he'd do as president. p>> as mitt romney goes after ptrump hinting a bombshell may be pcoming. p abc news exclusive, david pmuir one-on-one with tim cook, pthe apple ceo answers questions pfor the first time about why he
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pthe san bernardino shooter's hone. p>> this case is not about the hone. pthis case is about the future. p>> his message for victims' pfamilies and this morning, new preports isis supporters may be pthreatening facebook's mark pzuckerberg. p and charge. pthe elephants caught on camera pheading straight for a u.s. psenator. pwhat happens next, an epic close pcall. p and good morning, america. retty scary moment for senator pjeff flake. pyou kept the elephants calm. psflt slowest elephant can poutfast the fastest man. pthankfully they can't outrun the psafari jeeps. pgreat trip. p a lot of news to get to pincluding this rescue unfolding pright now. pa live look at rockaway beach. pa fishing boat got in trouble pand a coast guard went in to get pit.
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poverturned. pso far everyone is okay but the prescue is going on right now. pwe'll stay on top of in this pmorning. p>> take a look now at waverly, pvirginia, where a state of pemergency was declared. p53 reported tornadoes in just pthe last 48 hours stretching pfrom texas up to virginia and at pleast eight weather-related pdeaths and more than 70,000 eople without power this pmorning. pwe have full team coverage ptracking it all and we begin pwith abc's gio benitez in plancaster, pennsylvania. pgood morning to you, gio. p>> reporter: amy, good morning pto you. pthe rain is still coming down pand there is just so much debris pall over the place. pthis house and barn just pcompletely destroyed. pand we're seeing damage like pthis all across the east. povernight, a tornado emergency. ptwisters touching down along the peast coast, state of emergency pissued in virginia after a ptornado went tearing through the pfarming town of waverly. p>> everything on main street is
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pone house was caught on fire. p>> reporter: four people were pkilled including a toddler. pthe search continues this pmorning for more victims. pin north carolina, this twister pcaught on camera. p>> it was pretty, pretty pterrifying. pshaking. p>> reporter: seven houses ripped pmajor damage. p>> it's amazing that no one is phurt with all the damage we had. p>> reporter: in the midwest pwhiteout conditions creating phavoc for drivers. phighways littered with cars in pillinois after nearly a foot of pwet snow fell. povernight torrential rains pslamming the northeast, blinding pconditions forcing drivers to ull off roads. pwinds packing such a powerful unch, this semi tractor trailer pgetting knocked to its side on pthe heavily traveled george pwashington bridge. ower lines down and igniting pacross new jersey and in hiladelphia, winds dropping
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pthe storm forcing nearly 3,000 pflight cancellations, 1,200 pflights into and out of chicago palone. pand back here in lancaster, ennsylvania, we can tell you pthe national weather service pwill be coming out to look at pthis damage to see if that was pcaused by a tornado or not but pthe good news right now, perhaps pa miracle, no injuries and no pdeaths reported, sam. p>> unbelievable, gio and the pdamage there so what they'll plook for is whether the straight pline wins was such a pushing pdamage or they'll to see if pthere was a twist. pif there is a twist, pow, ptornado. pnow, if you think that february pstorms aren't powerful look at pthe size of that tornado. pthis is just one of them we were ptalking about. pthat one in evergreen, virginia. pnow to waverly, virginia, a town pwaking up this morning pdestroyed. pa town that's looking around and prealizing that at least three pmembers of their community are pdead this morning. hillip mena is there live. phey, phillip, just tell us what pyou see around there. pagain, monster storm. p>> reporter: absolutely, sam. pgood morning. pthe devastation in this town is
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pmentioned, right here is where pthose three people were killed pincluding that toddler but there pare no signs of the trailer they pwere in when the storm hit, all pthat's left are these piles of plumber and twisted metal and pover there, the remnants of what pwas just yesterday a functioning plaundromat and right now you can pjust see the washing machines pjust lined up there in the open pair. pauthorities here are still passessing the damage, we are ptold. peverybody has been accounted for pbut it's going to take months to prebuild, so, sam, just as you pmentioned just a devastating pblow to this community. p>> i got to tell you when people pwalk out the door and they can't prealize where their streets are por where the markers that they pknew every day in in their pneighborhood it's unbelievable. pthis storm isn't done. pwe have power behind it. pwe've got a big blast of cold pair, some areas will still get psnow. psnow wrapping around the great plakes and in it was a big snow psystem as well, 15 inches in pindiana. p10 near flint, michigan.
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pthese are the storm warnings pstill out for that. pso watch that low pull away then pknow we've got some big changes pin the northeast all the way in pthe great lakes coming. pwatch these temperatures from pthe 50s today, pow, to the 20s pfriday morning. psaturday morning, just 12 pdegrees in burlington, sunday, p31 degree. pcold air in new york city, it pbounces back by the end of the pweekend but right now it's cold pand windy coming in behind all pthat storm damage. p>> okay, sam, thanks very much. p we move on to the race for pthe white house. pit's "your voice, your vote" and pwith super tuesday just five pdays away, donald trump has lots pwins. ptonight's gop debate may be the plast best chance for his rivals pto shake things up. pjon karl has all the latest. p>> reporter: we're down to just pfive candidates on the stage ptonight. pif the others can't find a way pto slow trump down, it won't be plong until we're down to one. pat a predebate rally in houston, pmarco rubio showed a new ptrump.
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pto be commander in chief. p>> you can't just say when i get pthere i'll hire the smartest eople and they'll tell me what pto do. p>> reporter: in a fox news forum plast night both rubio and ted pcruz questioned trump's pconservative credentials. p>> we are not going to allow the pconservative movement to be pdefined by a nominee who isn't a pconservative. p>> donald wins the general pelection, who the heck nows what phe'd do as president. pi mean, you know, we need a resident we can trust. p>> reporter: trump is also ptaking fire from the last gop pnominee, mitt romney, over his punreleased tax returns. p>> i think we have good reason pto believe that there's a pbombshell in donald trump's ptaxes. pwhen people decide they don't pwant to give you their taxes pit's usually because there's psomething they don't want you to psee. p>> reporter: trump fired back ptweeting that romney, quote, pblew an election that should phave been won and is now playing pthe tough guy. pcoming off three straight wins, ptrump now seems confident he's pon his way to the nomination.
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pamazing two months. p[ cheers and applause ] pwe might not even need the two pmonths, folks, to be honest, all pright. p>> reporter: he's even musing pabout his potential vice residential pick. pthe outsider saying he may go pwith a washington insider. p>> i do want somebody that's olitical because i want to get plots of great legislation that pwe all want passed that's just psitting there for years and pyears and years. p>> reporter: trump is also pgetting his first insider psupport. pjust yesterday, george, he was pendorsed by two junior members pof congress, his very first pcongressional endorsements but pas he told you just yesterday, pendorsements are a, quote, waste pof time. p>> he did say that. pyou're in front of that board. plet's give everyone a sense of pwhy we call it super tuesday. pwhat's at stake? p>> this is the single biggest pday of the entire primary. pnearly 600 delegates at stake, pabout half you would need to pclinch the nomination. pyou've got most of the big pstates in the south, a little pbit of new england, a little bit
7:09 am
pis also where you can continue pto get delegates even with a psecond or third place finish. p>> donald trump ahead in most of pthe polls in most of those pstates right now so both rubio pand cruz have to find somewhere pto get a win. pcruz. phis home state votes, he has to pwin texas and his entire pcampaign has been based on pwinning in the south. pif he can't find a way to win pthere it's lights out for that pcampaign. pas for marco rubio it's unclear pwhere he can win but you can plook at where he's spending his ptime. pa lot of time in minnesota, pvirginia, tennessee, oklahoma, punclear which of those states he pcan win but he's got to show he pcan win somewhere. p>> okay, jon, to matt dowd in ptexas where the republican pdebate will be held tonight. pthis debate is maybe the last pbest chance for cruz and rubio pto shake things up. pup until now they've been going pat each other more than they phave at trump. p>> we've seen evidence that ted pcruz is willing to take on pdonald trump but i think the preal question mark is on the psame stage can marco rubio pwilling to get into it with pdonald trump?
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pi think there's an an internal pdebate in the campaign whether pthey confront donald trump on pthe stage tonight or leave him palone and continue on the way. pso i think that's the million pdollar question. pwill marco rubio take on donald ptrump on stage tonight? p>> will anyone pick up on this pmitt romney weighing in on the pcampaign yesterday saying there pmight be a bombshell in donald ptrump's tax returns. pof course, he faced questions, pas well. pyou think anyone will pick up pthat attack? p>> i don't think so. pit seems a bizarre line of pattack by mitt romney who as you psay was attacked on his taxes by pharry reid in the course of pthis. pmy advice to mitt romney, pthere's a lot of vulnerabilities pdonald trump has but don't go pafter donald trump on tax preturns, wealth or car pelevators. p>> okay, matt dowd, thanks very pmuch. pyou'll join us on super tuesday. pyou all can stay with us on psuper tuesday. pi'll be here with our whole olitical time plus full pcoverage on "gma" and "world pnews tonight." p now to another battle, this
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pgovernment over national psecurity and privacy. pin an abc news exclusive "world pnews tonight" anchor david muir psat down one-on-one with apple pceo tim cook to find out why the pcompany is refusing the pgovernment's request to unlock pthe san antonio killer's iphone. p>> as we sit here you know some pof the families of the victims pin san bernardino have now come pout in support of the judge's porder that apple help the fbi punlock that iphone. pone family reportedly saying pwe're angry and confused as to pwhy apple is refusing to do pthis. pwhat would you say to those pfamilies tonight. p>> david, they have our deepest psympathy. pwhat they've been through, no pone should have to go through. papple has cooperated with the pfbi fully in this case. pthey came to us and asked us for pall the information we had on pthis phone and we gave peverything that we had. pbut this case is not about one hone, this case is about the pfuture.
7:12 am
pgovernment compel apple to write psoftware that we believe would pmake hundreds of millions of pcustomers vulnerable around the pworld including the u.s. p>> you'd have to write that psystem in order to unlock that hone. p>> yes. pyes, this is -- we have no more pinformation about this phone. pthe only way to get information pat least currently the only way pwe know would be to write a iece of software that we view pas sort of the software pequivalent of cancer. pwe think it's bad news to write. pwe would never write it. pwe have never written it. pand that is what is at stake phere. p>> the fbi says it believes syed pfarook used that phone to pcommunicate with his wife, his paccomplice and i'm curious, do pyou struggle at all with the ossibility there could be pinformation on that phone that pcould reveal other plots, other eople who were involved in lanning the san bernardino pattack? p>> david, if we knew a way to pget the information on the phone pthat we haven't already given,
7:13 am
pwould not expose hundreds of pmillions of other people to pissues, we would obviously do pit. p>> but in your quiet moments do pyou have any concern that you pmight be able to prevent a pterrorist attack by breaking pinto that phone? p>> david, some things are hard, pand some things are right, and psome things are both. pthis is one of those things. p>> and in this case, you believe pthere are some things that just pshould never be created. p>> correct. p>> as we walked across the apple pcampus, it was not lost on us pthat this would have been steve pjobs' 61st birthday, cook says pnot a day goes by he doesn't pthink about his iconic redecessor. p>> i did think about what he pwould do and i am so convinced pknowing steve, steve always did pwhat he thought was right and it pis so clear to me that he loved pwhat america was founded on so pmuch and would do nothing to put pall these customers at risk.
7:14 am
p>> and joining me now abc's psenior justice correspondent ierre thomas and abc's chief plegal analyst dan abrams. pgood morning to both of you. p>> good morning. p>> good morning. p>> pierre, one of the points pcook makes if apple grants this prequest they may ask again it pwill set precedent. pwhat are the feds saying about pthat. p>> amy, i spoke to a number of psenior government officials and pthey're just not buying cook's parguments. pthey say this is not about mass psurveillance at all. pone official told me the fbi psimply wants apple to develop a pway into that phone that will be pknown only to them. phe admitted that the fbi and pother police agencies will plikely come to apple with new prequests in the future but each ptime each agency must convince a pcourt to approve a search pwarrant and emphasized the san pbernardino investigation remains purgent because the killer couple pswore allegiance to isis and psaid they need to know if others pwere involved and if anything pelse is out there. p>> publicly we're talking about pnational security versus privacy pbut legally it's more defined pthan that. p>> refer, phone company, pcomputer companies have been
7:15 am
pinvestigations and thereby pviolating people's privacy pforever and the supreme court phas upheld it. pthe legal question here is peffectively is in that much pdifferent? pis this what's called an undue pburden on apple? pand that's as much a ptechnological question as it is plegal. p>> the federal response, what pare they saying about these pthreats reportedly made by isis pagainst mark zuckerberg? p>> the leaders of facebook and ptwitter have been the subject of ponline threats because they popenly have stated plans to try pto block the broad social media pcampaign from isis. pbut a number of security panalysts are skeptical of the pvideo's credibility and whether pthis group really has the means pto carry out that attack. p>> thank you so much. pgeorge, over to you. p>> we'll get the latest on that pdeadly rampage in michigan and plearning what jason dalton was pin the days before he did that. pabc's alex perez has an pexclusive interview. p>> reporter: this morning, the
7:16 am
pdalton's wife and parents pspeaking out exclusively to abc pnews. p>> what's important to them is premembering the people who were phurt. p>> reporter: the attorney prevealing new details about pdalton's behavior in the days pleading up to the shooting prampage that took the lives of psix people. p>> he was acting different in pthe last couple of days, his pwife asked him and he said he pwas tired. p>> what made him think he was pacting differently. p>> he seemed to be depressed and pdown which was not his normal pcharacter. p>> reporter: he only began pdriving for uber in the weeks pleading up to it facing six pcounts of murder. pwhat were they thinking? p>> they were thinking like peverybody else, why. p>> reporter: the motive for now premaining a mystery to even his pfamily. p>> jason by all accounts was a pfairly gregarious character, a pgood father, well known in the pcommunity. pwell liked. pand there was nothing to pindicate that something like pthis would occur.
7:17 am
preveal that dalton went to his arents' house after the first pshooting occurred at this presidential complex telling his pfamily that his chevy equinox phad been sideswiped and he pneeded to switch cars eventually ptaking his parents' chevy hhr pbefore heading back out. pand then a few hours after that olice arrived. p>> that's correct. olice told carol what happened. p>> reporter: at that moment was pshe in disbelief? p>> i can only imagine. pshe's still in disbelief. pamerica," alex perez, abc news, pkalamazoo, michigan. p>> thanks to alex for that. pamy, you have startling new pvideo. p>> this shows just how dangerous pe-cigarette batteries can be. pa man was putting change in his ocket. plook at that. pit happened at a gas station pwhen his e-cigarette battery pexploded lighting his pants on pfire. pthe clerk ran after him with a pfire extinguisher. pthe man suffered second-degree pburns and as e-cigarette pbatteries become more popular
7:18 am
pthat is certainly a warning for peveryone and talking about some preally incredible video, you've pgot the elephant video. p>> another warning, if you see pway. pwe have another dramatic video pthat comes from africa. pnot from amy's safari this week pwhich was amazing itself but pfrom a u.s. senator learning pabout poaching on a fact-finding pmission when he was charged by pthese elephants protecting their pyoung. phe got too close. pthey wanted to protect pthemselves. pand arizona senator jeff flake pgot a little too close and he is pthere sponsoring a bill to crack pdown on poaching which helps pfund terrorist groups in africa pout there for a good cause. p>> i got to tell you when you psee those elephants up close, pthose tusks are incredibly plarge. pyou do not want to be anywhere pnear that. p>> every animal in africa is a plot bigger than on tv. pi found that out firsthand. p>> we got to get to sam. pmore on those wins.
7:19 am
pafter all these storms, got a plot of trees down and power poutages, the winds are still pstrong during the day. p35, 40-mile-per-hour wind ace plot better than the p80-mile-per-hour winds. p p pkevin: heaviest of the lane to pmimic diploma, but still more pshowers back to the west. pthe milder temperatures for psouthern parts of the state pwhere we are in the 52 lower p60' s.
7:20 am
pto go north as the day moves palong. phigh temperatures for most will pbe in the 50' s before starting pto cool off and the 20' s and p30' s letter on. pany rancheros go over to snow pshowers. pa cooler reality p>> coming up next on "gma" pemotional testimony in erin pandrews' $75 million lawsuit. pher father breaking down on the p a warning about what you ost online. pa dozen students targeted after pthey shared pictures on social pmedia. hort, talk is cheap. still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that kind of brain? you're gonna want someone like me. but only if you have a brain. is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... pfarmers committed to responsibly
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psean: cleanup efforts are punderway in several parts of the pstate right now after powerful pstorms rolled through early this pmorning. ptrees and branches came down all pover londonderry. pthe south side due to debris in pthe roadway. pthe northbound side is getting pby right now. pseveral other roads have been pclosed, but crews are getting a phandle on conditions out there pfor the meantime, all available pservice this morning. pright now, there are still 1200 plet' s take the outside it looks plike the calm after the storm. s pearly this morning while that psuddenly brees gets going and pwill send a warmer air
7:27 am
pmore showers to get to come more pthe scattered variety than panything we saw during evening pand overnight hours. pdouble switch over to snow pshowers earlier. pthere is the forecast for right pnow. pit because the jump at 10-50 pdegrees in just an hour' s time pwas that when he gets going. plook what temperatures into the p22 lower 30' s later tonight. psome rain showers the evening pgoing over to snow showers. pmuch cooler conditions for pfriday and saturday. p2010 30' s for highs than jumping pback from there. pby now the next system could be pon monday. psean: we'
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p welcome back to "gma." pyou are looking live at that prescue unfolding right now. pthis is just off the coast of pnew york. pa coast guard vessel overturned ptrying to save a fishing ship pstuck in rough surf and severe pweather is spread out across the pcountry. p53 tornadoes reported in just pthe last 48 hours. pwe are covering all the latest pthis morning. p>> also right now, the last five pgop candidates face off in a pdebate tonight in houston. pjust five days away from super ptuesday as hillary clinton and pbernie sanders prepare for votes pin south carolina on saturday. p new headline about the zika pvirus. pthree pregnant women in florida phave tested positive. pnow florida governor rick scott pis asking the cdc for support.
7:31 am
pthe oscars and "gma's" big ost-oscars show monday and pmichael has more coming up. p>> i sure do. pthe academy's votes are in and poddsmakers are sharing their pbets. pwho do you think is a shoo-in pfor oscar gold. p>> right now the latest on erin pandrews and her blockbuster $75 pmillion lawsuit against the photel where a stalker secretly precorded a nude video of her and pcried in court yesterday as her pfather testified she is a shell pof her former self. peva pilgrim is covering the ptrial in nashville. pgood morning, eva. p>> reporter: good morning, erin pandrews fighting back after psuffering through an unthinkable pcrime, a stalker videotaping her pchanging in her hotel room. pthis morning she returns to pcourt. pher lawyer blaming the hotel for pthat video. pan emotional day in court filled pwith painful memories. pthe internet. pi'm on the internet. pi'm naked. p>> reporter: erin andrews wiping
7:32 am
precounted her horror at being pfilmed through a peephole at a ptennessee marriott by michael pdavid barrett. p>> i feared for her life. pshe wouldn't eat. pshe wouldn't bathe. pshe wouldn't talk. pall she would do is cry. p>> reporter: andrews now suing pbarrett as well as the owners pand managers of that marriott pfor $75 million claiming the pshow tension intentionally laced barrett next door to the ptv star. pher lawyer saying they failed to pnotice he removed and altered 9 eephole using a hacksaw to make pthe hole bigger. p>> stands there for 4 1/2 pminutes and videos her. p>> reporter: andrews told "gma" pin 2010 about how her father had preacted to the news. p>> i remember my dad saying to pme, you may have a stalker and pi -- i just -- dad, don't say pthat don't say that word. p>> reporter: the hotel claims pbarrett is a criminal who ptricked them into gaining paccess. p>> he deceived. phe connived, he stalked. p>> reporter: the hotel's lawyer
7:33 am
pby calling from an employee hone to ask which room andrews pwas staying in and booking the proom next to her and posting the pvideos online pleading guilty to pstalking in 2010 and sentenced pto 30 months in prison. p>> she just went into her room pand closed the doors and put pblankets up over the windows, peven in her own home she didn't pfeel safe. p>> reporter: andrews' father psays the job she once loved. p>> i am happy to report. p>> reporter: games became pterrifying returning her return pto espn in september 2009. p>> we had spoken just seconds pbefore she went on the air and pshe was in tears. p>> reporter: it's been eight pyears and he says his daughter pstill isn't the same. p>> she's full of anxiety. pshe's a very, very changed erson. pshe's not the girl that we used
7:34 am
p>> reporter: now, more witnesses pare expected to be called pincluding that stalker. pthis case is expected to last as plong as two weeks. pgeorge. p>> okay, eva, thanks. pdan abrams back to talk about pthis. pthe newest member of our legal p>> thank you. p>> nice to see you. pthank you. p>> that means you get the first pquestion. ptell us about the impact of the pfather's testimony. p>> i think it could be very psignificant because this case is pabout what effect did this have pon erin andrews, what effect pdoes it have on a woman when she pis surreptitiously videotaped pwhile naked and that videotape pis all over the internet for the pworld to see and he says she is pa shell of a person. pi think the seven women and five pmen on that jury will listen to pthat and that will be really psignificant to them. p>> $75 million worth? p>> typically this sort of ptestimony would be viewed as pemotional kind of character but pin this case it's actually
7:35 am
pof damages when trying to assess phow much is this worth and the pfather is saying she is no plonger the person she was. phere is how she has suffered. pnow you're not just talking pabout the emotional side. pyou're talking dollars. pyou're talking about the amount pshe has suffered, therefore, the laintiff's hope it can ptransition into a big verdict phere. p>> sunny, as dan pointed out pyesterday 75 $75 million is pmultiples of what people get in pway wrongful death lawsuit. p>> it's a big number, sure, but phow do you put a price tag on pemotional distress? phow do you put a price tag on pwhat i think is every woman's pnightmare, again, naked pictures pof you taken and posted all over pthe internet. pi think the jury will likely psend a message, sometimes these pjudgments are symbolic and the pjury may send a message that psays, listen, you can't do this pto women. pyou can't do this to erin pandrews and you're going to pay pfor it. p>> they could send a powerful pmessage. p>> if they do who pays it?
7:36 am
pwho did this is the one who is rimarily responsible. pthere's also no question he pdoesn't have real money so the pbig legal question is going to pbe how much does the hotel pay pin connection with that ruling. p>> if anything. p>> do you think we'll see erin pandrews on the stand. p>> absolutely. p>> no question. p>> thanks very much. pback to amy. p>> we have another legal pbombshell regarding singer pkesha. pa battle to get out of her precording contract. pkesha has accused her longtime roducer of abusing her, a pcharge he denied. pnow a new video surfaced and pkesha's own words are raising pany questions about those pallegations and reena is here pwith more on that. p>> it's a growing case of he psaid, she said holding firm to paccusations her producer abused pher, accusations he's denying. pkesha's own words raising pquestions about that pirhigh-profile battle. pshe's the "ticktock" singer at pthe center of a legal battle procking the music industry.
7:37 am
pabc news of pop sensation kesha pappearing in a 2011 deposition. p>> never made sexual advances at pme. p>> swearing under oath that she pwas not sexually involved with pher producer, lucas gottwald pknown as dr. luke. p>> did you ever have an intimate prelationship with lucas pgottwald. p>> no. p>> reporter: in a lawsuit filed pin 2014 he alleges for the past pten years dr. luke has sexually, hysically, verbally and pemotionally abused her. pin the 2011 clip both kesha and pher mother deny any pinappropriate sexual behavior. p>> were you ever told at any ptime that luke had had a sexual prelationship with any kind with pyour daughter? p>> no. p>> reporter: on monday dr. luke preferring to this deposition ptweeting i didn't rape kesha and pi never had sex with her. pa representative from dr. luke psaying the video of their ptestimony speaks a thousand pwords telling abc news, dr. luke
7:38 am
ponly after going to rehab and pundergoing intense therapy was pkesha strong enough to stand up p p your love your love is my pdrug p>> reporter: taking to facebook pto thank fans for their support. pthis case has never been about a prenegotiation of my record pcontract. pthis is about being free from my p hello from the other side p>> reporter: last night's brit pawards adele joining the long plist of celebrities -- p>> i'd like to support concern pthat. pthank you very much. p>> a judge ruled friday kesha phas to stick with this contract. ptomorrow free kesha supporters pwill head to sony's new york pheadquarters to push for change. pnot just the music industry pwatching this one. p>> all right, reena, thank you pvery much. pcoming up next here on "gma," on pthe lookout with a warning about pwhat you post online. pdozens of college students ptargeted. pwhat they shared that led a pthief right to their doors.
7:39 am
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p 7:42 back with "gma on the plookout." pand a warning about what you pshare online. pwhat you post could lead thieves pright to your door. pit happened to a group of pcollege students in california. pabc's matt gutman has the story ponline. p>> reporter: this man allegedly psnuck into the rooms of 33 pfemale college students swiping ptheir laptops, jewelry and even punderwear is disturbing. pwhat's more disturbing how olice say the california pcollege maintenance worker ptargeted them. pfrom their open public posts on psocial media. p>> he was able to just openly pbrowse the different social pmedia platforms and find hotographs. phe would then collect the gps
7:44 am
hotographs and he would place pthem onto a map and drive to the pvictim's locations. p>> reporter: he is accused of pstealing a quarter of a million pdollars in electronics since plast year. olice say we open ourselves up pto this by advertising our plocation online, which i'm about pto do. pstaples center, this place hosts pmore than 4 million people a pyear and like me lots of us here pin. pbig mistake. p>> so, it shows that your actual presidence whether it's a house por apartment, you're not at that plocation. p>> shows someone elsewhere i'm pnot. p>> what i would recommend is pdelay your posting so you kind pof break the timing and break pthat pattern of showing that pyou're not at that location. p>> reporter: cyberexperts also precommend not posting pictures pof your home or landmarks that pcould lead to your house. palso saying you shouldn't reveal ptoo much about your daily proutine.
7:45 am
palleged methods were high tech, phis capture was old school. phe was arrested after a pcomplaint about a man peeping pinto a campus window. pthe father of three has pleaded pnot guilty and is currently in pjail where there's no access to psocial media. pfor "good morning america," matt pgutman, abc news, los angeles. p>> that's a great tip. pjust delay. pso, sam, next time you're in the pspeedo, we know you're not at pyour apartment. p>> only i save pictures of me in pthe tub and post them when i'm pon vacation like i'm at home. pis that wrong? pis that a different story? p>> that's so great to have you pback. p>> sam right now could actually pbe worse than posting it. p>> all right. pcoming up, the oscars are three pdays away. pwho are the favorites to bring phome the gold? pwe are breaking down the odds pnext. p a hollywood star's personal pconfession. pthe secret addiction that almost pended his marriage. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously?
7:46 am
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p all right. pwe're counting down to the poscars which is just three days paway now and the members of the pacademy may have already voted. pbut what about the online poddsmakers? pthey have compiled their current podds of who could take home the
7:50 am
pfor best picture the odds are in pthe "the revenant's" favor, 4-9. pthey say leonardo dicaprio is pthe odds on favorite to grab the pstatue -- p>> 1 - 1-50. p>> it would be about time and pbrie larson tops the list for pbest actress for her turn in the pmovie "room." p>> big favorites they have. p>> a grow with all of that. p>> so far so good but saoirse, pwow. pso many great performance, not peasy either. p and the bravado odds project rojects a second win for palejandro gonzalez inarritu for p"the revenant." pand inn won pand he won last year. p>> the first to do a twofer. p>> he did it "back to the pfuture" like the lakers back in pthe day. p>> we'll see. p>> all right. pwell, there are, of course, pother fun odd, one might happen pto see them during the show. pcheck it out.
7:51 am
pspeech, as well. p>> we'll be right back. nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes with no sticky feel. i quickly rinse off. and i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion
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7:55 am
pkick of snow, also the
7:56 am
pbrought to you by lyrica. p p pto a mess this morning after pstate overnight. pcheck out this lightning on the pmorning. pthere was plenty of that out pthere. ptrees came down over londonderry pbringing down power lines. pat one point thousands of putility customers were without ower. pthey are making progress. pat this time, there were no preports of any storm related pinjuries. pthe heavy rain also caused pissues and western parts of the pstate. pright now, one lane in hinsdale pis closed due to flooding on the proadway. pthe southbound side to shut down pfor massachusetts -- from the
7:57 am
plot of fog. pmorning. pif you brakes of sunshine pstart to move in. pthe suddenly winded gets going pwith a push temperatures up into pcentral and northern areas. pshowers will make their way west pthan a changeover to a little pevening. ptemperatures right now in the p50' s to near 60. palready a record high for ortsmouth this morning. pas you continue to navigate by pthe north, that suddenly winded pgets above 10 miles per hour to pstart mixing that air for the pnorthward and should be psuccessful in most locations but plater on this afternoon. p52 lower 60' s will be our highs. pthose will eventually switch to pthe west. pthat will eventually send any psort of rain showers over to
7:58 am
pa much cooler reality, 20 two plow 30' s tomorrow with brisk pwind and saturday with a letter pwind and a good deal of psunshine. pwe start adding more clouds by pthe time we get towards sunday. pthat is a head of the next psystem by monday. pthe couple of rancheros by the ptime we get there. psean: a mess of another povernight. p the new caramel macchiato r from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers r of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl r uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. r america runs on dunkin'.
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heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. r america runs on dunkin'. x p good morning, america. pit's 8:00 a.m. pflu hits a fever pitch, cases pspiking across the country. pnew numbers out reveal how peffective your flu shot really pis. pdr. besser here with the latest. p secret addiction, what palmost broke up terry crews' pmarriage. pthe former nfl star turned actor popening up in stunning pconfessions. p>> it really, really messed up pmy life in a lot of ways. p>> reporter: the personal battle pthat sent him to rehab. pnow the father of five share ing phis struggle. p oscar sunday just three days paway from your face to your pdiet, the secrets you can steal pfrom the stars and time to plan pthat oscar party.
8:01 am
p100 bucks. pall that and rob talking to hugh pand taron rolling out the red pcarpet this morning as we're psaying -- p>> both: good morning, america. p p that's not all counting down pto oscar sunday right here. pour audience in the spirit of pthings, some selfies with the pstars. pa lot coming up on our oscar pcountdown. p>> that's right, lara, michael, probin and i will be on the red pcarpet sunday night. ptake a look. pthere is the academy right pthere. pthey are literally rolling out pthe red carpet. pthis happened just a few hours pago. pwe're all very excited about the poscars preshow. p>> yeah, that's going to be preally fun. pso excited. pyou made it from africa, now new pyork then to l.a. pyou win. p>> my brain function. p>> could make for some great tv, pamerica. pwhat's an award season without
8:02 am
pone of "gma's" favorite ways to pcelebrate the oscars every year. pthis morning we have a special, pwell, let's call it a throwback pthursday edition. pthese are some of sam's greatest phits. pand all of his years, that was p"life of pi" and sam was a very pangry tiger. p>> you had a lot of hits, sam. pour oscars countdown is just pgetting started. pgreat "deals & steals" to help pall of you get red carpet ready. p>> i like that. p>> all these start at just $3 pand are up to 53% off. pcan't get any better than that. p>> $3? pwe got to talk about it more pbecause amy is still making her pway over to the desk. p>> all right, thank you, guys. pthe big story, of course, we're ptalking about those deadly pstorms hammering the east coast pkilling at least eight people. pvirginia is under a state of pemergency after severe pthunderstorms and tornadoes pdestroyed homes and left tevens pof thousands without power. pa tornado that hit the town of pwaverly left three people dead
8:03 am
pa similar scene unfortunately pacross pennsylvania where the pheavy rain and winds tore pthrough buildings and downed ower lines. pthose winds were so intense, a pcoast guard boat overturned on pits way to rescue this disabled pnew york this morning. pcrew members thankfully made it psafely to the beach. p meanwhile, the problem in pchicago is all this snow. pthere are reports of up to 40 pjackknifed trucks this morning pand dozens of vehicles stranded pin the snow with people inside pthem. p crews on the scene of a plarge brush fire burning in pmalibu, california. psome hopes evacuated. pthankfully this is a remote area pand flames moved away from pnearby homes. p the father of an american pbusinessman has been detained in piran. p80-year-old na naasz i held in pthe same prison as his son pdetained four months ago. punclear why either man was parrested. p in the race for president
8:04 am
ptonight for the final time pbefore super tuesday primaries. pit could be the last chance for pcandidates like marco rubio and pted cruz to stop donald trump's pmomentum. prubio has suggested trump is pwinning only because the other pcandidates are splitting up the pmajority votes. p apple has until tomorrow to pfile a legal response in its phigh-staking showdown with the pgovernment. pduring an exclusive interview pwith david muir apple ceo tim pcook said if his company is pforced to unlock the san pbernardino shooter's iphone, it pwould be, quote, the software pequivalent of cancer that could pjeopardize the personal data of piphone users everywhere but the pgovernment rejects that. pthey say the fbi wants apple to pdevelop a way to unlock the hone that only apple would pknow. p and royal caribbean is pfacing a class action lawsuit pnow accused of deliberately psailing into the path of a pstorm. pthe ship was battered by phurricane-force winds while psailing from new jersey to the pbahamas this month. pterrified passengers confined pthat their cabins and it seeks
8:05 am
pline said it was much worse than redict redicted. p finally, police are calling phim the rogaine robber. ptake a look at the surveillance ictures. phe has been stealing the hair pgrowing drug from stores all pacross ohio. erhaps this is obvious but olice think he's stealing it to presell it because his bald head pwould indicate he is not using pthe product himself. p>> poor fellow. p>> he really, really, really pneeds it. p>> yeah, taking longer to work pthan expected. p>> i'm staying out of this one. p>> we will move on to something pa little more serious. pa health alert about this pwinter's flu virus. p13 states seeing a spike in pcases and cdc released new pnumbers on the effectiveness of pthis year's vaccine. pdr. richard besser is here and pthe flu season pretty late this pyear. p>> yeah, i mean the only thing pyou can predict about the flu pseason that it's going to be punpredictable. pwe have seasons that start as pearly as okay. pthe past few years it's been pdecember, january with the big pspike. pit used to be that late
8:06 am
pflu season and it looks like pthat's what's happening now. p>> too late to get the vaccine. p>> it really isn't. p40 states have seen the spike. p13 states that are so there's lenty of time and really good pnews from the cdc yesterday. pthe vaccine this year, 59% peffective. pthat means it reduces the pchances you'll have to see your pdoctor by 59%. ptakes one to two weeks to kick pin so now is the time if you phaven't gotten it to go a head. p>> what other things can we do? p>> we talk about these all the ptime. pcoughs and sneezes, you want to pcover them with a tissue or with pyour elbow. pwash your hands often or use palcohol sanitizer, avoid ptouching your face if you can. pavoid sick people, if possible pand if you're sick, please stay phome. pthat is something good for peverybody. p>> i'm going home in 20 minutes, pi promise. p>> i had to chuckle on that one. p>> okay, thank you. p you'll be taking questions
8:07 am
p>> thanks very much. p let's go over to michael. p>> thank you, george. phere's a look at what's coming pup on the "gma morning menu." pformer nfl star and actor terry pcrews makes a startling pconfession. pthe secret addiction that almost pkilled his marriage. p we're counting down to oscar psunday. ptory is here with "deals & psteals" to get you red carpet pready. p and rachel smith is at the psamsung 837 building getting the re-party started and big psurprises for some of those pfans, tickets to a vip oscar pviewing party. p we're celebrating the oscars pright here in times square. pi got my date, lupita nyong'o. pyou look a little stiff. ploosen up. pright here on "gma" in times psquare. pwhat's up with the people? p "gma's morning menu" is pbrought to you by advil. pfast, powerful and proven relief pthat makes pain a distant pmemory. p this is the joy for me. t i love bread! t
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8:12 am
vo: ...takes sometgetting used to. tjoin the nation. nationwide is on your side representative. p p good song and welcome back pto "good morning america." pyou are looking at some of the pbeautiful oscar gowns worn by pfamous winners and stars, as you pknow we're counting down to pafter-party monday. pwe have the best beauty trick, pwe got deal, we got steals, sam pis handling that coming up but pfirst we got to get to amy p>> that's right. pwe want to get to that big pheadline we've been telling you pabout about terry crews opening pup on facebook about his battle pwith a secret addiction and how pit nearly destroyed his pmarriage. pabc's deborah roberts is here pwith his story. pgood morning, deborah. p>> reporter: good morning, amy. pit's a stunning confession. pterry crews detailing on his pfacebook page his addiction to ornography.
8:13 am
ponce before but now reaching out pin a bigger way on social media. pfans know him as the tough teddy pbear sergeant terry in the show p"brooklyn nine-nine." p>> anything to harm this recinct would i destroy them? p>> reporter: but this morning pformer nfl player turned actor pterry crews has the internet pabuzz with a personal struggle. p>> for years, years, years, my pdirty little secret was that i pwas addicted to pornography. p>> reporter: his stunningly pcandid confession about ornography going viral with pmore than 3 million views. p>> it really, really messed up pmy life in a lot of ways. pit was my secret. pnobody knew. pand that allowed it to grow. p>> reporter: crews said it began pwhen he was 12 years old. pturing to pornography when he pwas sad, depressed and lonely. p>> every time you look at ornography is a desire for
8:14 am
palone. p>> you'd be surprised how many eople think it's an innocent pbehavior until they become paddicted to it and try to stop. p>> reporter: clinical sychologist karen stuart says pthe fascination happens more poften than you know. p>> nine out of ten college males pand a third of females are plooking at pornography on a pregular basis. p>> reporter: as for crews some pfans are praising his honesty. pgod bless you, terry, one pcommenter wrote, i'm 100% sure pyou're breaking many obstacles pin so many minds. pcrews' wife rebecca and mother pof his five children is standing pby her husband last week posting pon instagram, love my boo. pthe couple is apparently prehab. p>> i've been free of this thing robably going on six, seven pyears now, thank goodness, but pnow it's become my battle to phelp other people who are going pthrough the same thing. p>> reporter: crews using his plesson to warn others as you pheard him say in a powerful way. pexperts say it is a true
8:15 am
pand the advice, of course, is pthe same, first you've got to packnowledge the problem and talk pabout it and, secondly, it's pimperative that you get help pwhich in his case and so many pothers includes therapy. pguy, just as if you were paddicted to any other substance. p>> makes sense. pabout it. p>> especially in such a viral ublic way. pdeborah, thank you so much. p we are now going to talk pabout the stars as we count down pto oscar sunday and our giant p"gma" after-party. pwe've got the top red carpet psecrets, these are diet secrets, pabbie boudreau trying them out. p>> we all jumped in on that one. p>> reporter: with just three pdays to go hollywood's biggest pstars going to the extremes for pthat picture perfect red carpet pglow. phaley pomeroy says kirsten dunst pand j. lo swear by her cleanse. p>> there are very specific precipes as well as shake, psmoothies, tea, i tell you
8:16 am
pit and what to do to get that pincredible look. p>> reporter: a plant based rotein mix coupled with un punlimited vegetables and healthy pdinner. p>> it's easy, effective. pa lot of our clients can lose pthe ten pounds in ten day, five ounds in five days but it's pmore about just looking pincredible. p>> reporter: and for that photo pready face, stars like gwyneth altrow and drew barrymore seek pout sonia jakar using crushed pice spiked with stem cells. poh, my, gosh, i'm eating it. p>> reporter: sonia says it helps lump the skin. p>> that is he the secret of the pstars. p>> reporter: and to get that to pdie for victoria beckham or pangelina jaw line and ageless pneck kat rado says many are pgoing high tech. pusing radio frequency to enetrate the deep layers of the pskin. p>> feels like a hot stone pmirage.
8:17 am
pnoninvasive way to smooth out pthe neck. pfor that emma watson look, it's pthe brow bar to the stars. p>> they're similar to phair. p>> reporter: but it's this psculpting mask that has pa-listers lining up for which pcould end up costing thousands. ptime for my big red carpet preveal. poh. pabbie boudreau, abc news, los pangeles. p>> abbie's skin is glowing. pyou can get more red carpet pbeauty tips and tricks at on yahoo! poutside to the other beauty, sam pchampion. p>> lara, thank you very much. phey, with tory. pso if it's time to get on the pred carpet, we want to do it pwith the best "deals & steals" pyou can possibly pull out, so ptory has them for you.
8:18 am
pgross, skin care is part of peveryone's routine. pthis is an incredible steamer, pmen and women can use this. pit is incredible technology that pdecongests pores, hydrates skin pand get that instant flow which pis what everybody wants. pin just three to five minutes. p>> how long do i stay like this. p>> three to five minutes. p>> normally $139 for this pmachine. ptoday only it is slashed in phalf, $69.50 plus free shipping pfrom dr. dennis gross. p>> like you're congested, right. pif you have a head cold the best pthing to do. p>> red carpet or head cold. p>> no one will know what you phave on underneath. p>> and this is for you to know pevery single day what you've got pon underneath. p>> she means you, not me. p>> incredible mix. pyou get to mix and match so many pcolors, patterns, assorted pstyles, something really for peverybody. pbig discounts on these from an palready incredible price, pnormally $6 to $28 depending on
8:19 am
phalf $3 to 4 14 bucks from under pheadbands. pso a little -- these are like preally beautiful headbands, so pbecause they're little hair paccessories are fun. p>> i'll try it out. p>> you will? p>> why not. p>> i mean, there you go. p>> nice. p>> sold, right? p>> but is this the way you wear pit or like you do -- p>> you can wear it any way you pwant. pthis is the sam style. pthe style of champions. pbig discount on these, as rell. pnormally $32 slashed by 5 3%, 15 pbucks. p>> this glimmers like real. pthis is so beautiful on screen. prun for this one. p>> statement jewelry. pall are great whether wearing a pt-shirt or gown. pone piece changes your look and psuch an easy way to sort of poutfit.
8:20 am
pjust a small sampling. pnormally only $28 to $50, pincredible price, regularly, peverything today slashed by at pleast 50%, $14 to $4. p>> tory, big jewelry in like big pjewelry, it's got to be big, pyeah, yeah, yeah. p>> ring guard. pmy favorite is bling guard for pears but for rings. prings, make sure you don't -- pyour ring doesn't fall off. pearrings. p>> i hate that. p>> red carpet or any day. p90 in a pack. pnormally $15 for a pack slashed pin half, $7.50. p>> it really takes the pressure poff the earlobe so you don't phave that big gaping hole in pyour ear. pi think that's genius. pi do, i do. ptory has all the deals. pby the way, "deals & steals," if pyou want to do that go to "good pmorning america." pit's on dotcom. p>> on pyahoo! pall the links and codes.
8:21 am
p>> love you. p>> i'm running late. plet's get to weather. pgood morning, everybody. phow are you? pi want to show video coming in pfor us. pwe've had real problems in grant ark, illinois, all going on psouth of chicago. pno, squeeze in. pi'm clean. pi bathe. pwe've got 40 jackknifed trucks, p40 cars tuck in the snow. eople are i inside those cars. pthis has been a real problem and pwind behind it. psnow behind this low. pthis has been a monster storm pand there's cleanup all over the peastern seaboard and evening in pthe deep south from those ptornadoes and from just trees pdown. pthis has been a rough day in pthose areas but it is gorgeous pout west. pkevin: he rough night, and a lot pof that now to our east leaving pus with patchy fog and a warmer pstart to the day. pa couple of more showers will be pmoving into the day. pit is cold enough behind that to pgo over to some snow showers plater on tonight. pthe southern wind will push ptemperatures from the current
8:22 am
s up one or two pdegrees higher. pup north, temperatures in the p30' s to low 40' s. pcooler air starting to make p>> we're live in times square. pcome say hi. pback in to -- p[ yelling ] p>> it was working all week so pwell. p>> three more days before we pfind out who takes home the poscar gold. pjennifer lawrence has emerged as pthe highest paid nominee for her prole in "joy." pshe made an estimated $52 pmillion last year. p>> how much? p>> 5-2. p>> wow. p>> a lot more than the highest aid actor nominee, that's leo pdicaprio who reportedly took phome $29 million which he's had pthis whole big conversation pabout equality and pay. p>> speaking up. p>> good for her. pif j. lo wins this sunday she
8:23 am
ptime ever that the world's phighest paid actress is also an poscar winner in the same year. p>> all these fun facts. p>> i am just filled. pwe learned why the water was pgreen in africa. ptwo-for directors. p>> jennifer lawrence, at least ptake the sting away if she pdoesn't win the oscar. p>> yes. p>> 52 million. pthat's okay. p>> sam, come on in. lease enter. p>> thank you. p so, we were talking about in pthis morning, big likes this pmorning for facebook right now. pthe social 234e9 work has added pfive new emoji moods if you pwill -- p>> i saw it yesterday. pi used them. pi love wow. p>> yeah. p>> so instead of liking like the p15th photo of your co-worker's pcat you can express wow, ha, ha, psad. p>> angry headache shake. p>> or angry. phow do you find these many are pwondering. p>> the angry head shake. p>> he shakes his head. p>> yeah, also unapproving.
8:24 am
pif you want to find these hold pdown the button, the like button pon your phone or hover over it pon your desktop and they appear. pyour facebook emotions are not pset in stone. pyou can change them. pyeah, so like for example, if i pwas to post like this photo, psam, take a -- just getting pclose there, go ahead. pkeep that up. pyeah. p>> take it all in. ptake that in. p>> would it be like wow -- p>> at dinner last night. pwe weren't doing anything pspecial. p>> dinner on a wednesday. pno, but -- mine would be like, pwow, why is sam dressed like pburger king? p>> it would be the angry shake. pdisapproving. p>> unapproving. p>> it does. pand then william shakespeare ponce asked what's in a name but pthat thought never crossed the
8:25 am
pchanged his name to bacon double pcheeseburger. pthere he is, it was sam smith. pi guess he knew that the singer phad that covered so he has total ptotally committed to the idea pand signs e-mails as b.d. pcheeseburger. pno regrets because, i quote, peveryone loves bacon, one of psam's favorite sayings. pthat is everyone except his psoon-to-be wife who is less than phappy about her fiance's new pmoniker. p>> he did not check with her. p>> unless she changes her name pto double oreo milk shake which pisn't going to happen. p>> just thinking of the kids, pright? p>> right. p>> legal name -- p>> patty, her second name could pbe melt. p>> nice. p>> got to make it work. p>> you do, you do. pthat's true love, a compromise. p then finally just a quickie, pthey're telling me i can do pthis, 15 seconds. pwhy don't i save it. pshall we do the teases? pi'll do the baby. pdo the baby. pif you're struggling to make it
8:26 am
p p>> watch. p>> oh, i i'm glad you did the p>> oh. p>> there you go. i'm glad you did the p>> oh. p>> there you go. pbaby. p>> oh. p>> there you go. tt2wlr=[ik@%o f# ;m( tt2wlr=[ik@%!!&n km@ tt2wlr=[ik@%4!f# =[4 tt2wlr=[ik@%x#*& 0b.p tt2wlr=[ik@%t#j' 0v.4
8:27 am
p p psean: welcome back, good pmorning, a man accused of psetting his home on fire claims phe did it get rid of bed bugs. pan affidavit released said he padmitted to investigators that phe set the fire because of the pinfestation of bedbugs. phe said his wife was suffering pfrom bites and he was worried pthe bugs cannot be destroyed any pother way. psome people are waking up a mess pthis morning after severe pweather came to last line. ptrees down all over londonderry pand hudson. pthis is a look at some of the pcleanup. pone point thousands of utility pcustomers were without power.
8:28 am
s have been working to prestore that. pno reports of any storm related pinjuries. pthe other they can' t lightly ptemperatures out there almost 60 pdegrees in goffstown. pkevin: you get below 500 feet pwere have to state lives and ptemperatures are still in the p30' s this morning. pthere will be a building psoutherly wind which will mix up pthe atmosphere. pthe area seeing temperatures in pthe 50' s, everyone will peventually realize into the day pa couple of the central valleys plike plymouth, franklin, those pare the areas that tend to hang ponto the coldest at the longest. pyou will notice whitefield at a phigh elevation already back up pto the 50' s. pit will be 50' s for most out pthere today. pmore showers will be pulling pthrough during the day today as pwe have a couple of breaks of psunshine. pthat will changeover to snow pshowers later on tonight. pthe cool air builds and from
8:29 am
pwith a good deal of sunshine. pit warming trend sunday. pso much show the next system is robably rain showers. psean: doesn'
8:30 am
p p jessica chastain looks like pjulia roberts' ghost. pi like that one. p>> seth rogen is really just pdustin diamond with 150 extra ounds on him. poh, man. p>> eddie redmayne looks like pdenis leary wearing the skin of pjustin bieber. p>> there it is. plittle sneak peek of jimmy pkimmel. pmakes you think in they do. p>> you can see it all tonight on p"jimmy kimmel live." p>> doing that takes the steam
8:31 am
p>> if you can laugh about it it ptakes the power out of it pcounting down to oscar sunday. prachel smith is actually getting pthe party started at samsung's p837 building with chef josh pkapaun and have tips to throw an pamazing oscar party for 100 pbucks or less. p>> wow. pgreat to see josh out there with prachel. p we are counting down. pif we hadn't mentioned it before pto oscar sunday. phold on, breaking news, the poscars are this sunday. pso, this is a great "gma" ptradition as you may know, we pall take turns in front of the pgreen screen to star if you will pin oscar nominated flips. pwe have a special thursday throw psam's best. p>> action. p>> take 70. p>> milk, please. pi don't want to ask twice.
8:32 am
pkingdoms. rotector of the realm. p>> i feel like a giant petroleum pexpectant. pis that close? pwell, good morning, district 12. pthey are en fuego. p>> we are on fire, we got this. p>> fire. p>> we got this. p>> fire. p>> thank you. p>> not the hair. p>> not the hair. p>> not the hair. p>> i guess we were on fire. p>> oh, we were on fire? p>> secret. p>> america, what do you think of phawkeye's driving. p>> i don't want to say it's bad pbut i think we missed that left pturn in albuquerque. p>> i just -- i was looking for a pweather map. p>> you look like george's pbrother in that last one. p>> harry potter there.
8:33 am
psam should receive -- oh, sorry, pthe golden ham lifetime pachievement award goes to pmr. sam champion. p>> oh. p>> speech, speech. p>> i just -- i had no idea. pi didn't see this coming. pyou know, i'd like to thank pgeorge because that interview, pmy favorite one was "life of pi" pwhich was actually the one where pyou were -- p>> i was interviewing you, yes, pthat's right. pyou were very articulate. p>> george, you really pulled out phis -- p>> inner tiger. p>> inner tiger. p>> wow. pthere's something to ponder on. pmuch fun. pwhen we started doing them, has pthem already. p>> yeah, we had george -- p>> do we show them today or ptomorrow? p>> when are we showing them? psoon? plet's have a cheeseburger and pwe'll find out. p>> oh. p>> very excited. pthe green screen i'm hearing pfrom the control room is phappening tomorrow. p>> you totally stole --
8:34 am
p>> in honor of the oscars pchowing down on burgers and pfries courtesy of shake shake, pwe thank you and i think that pthere's a reason we're having psnacks because we're talking pabout oscar parties. p>> we're not talking about pfitting into our dress, right? p>> right. p>> as we party and i chew right pnow, rachel smith is partying at psamsung's 837 and we'll check in pwith her and tell you how you pcan throw an amazing oscars bash pon a budget and a full mouth. p p>> reporter: as hollywood kicks poff its biggest party of the pyear, oscar stands everywhere, ptoast to the movies like p32-year-old karishma who wants pto throw a glamorous pbudget. pwhere would you like to stay. p>> probably about $100. p>> reporter: we enlisted the phelp of style director lori pbergamotto. p>> hi, ladies. pi have four simple tips all punder $100.
8:35 am
poscar memory lane with a wide ptable runner. p>> all this is is computer paper pthen pictures we printed out of pfamous oscar nominees and we pglue sticked them together and pvoila. pthis is late rally costing under pa dollar. p>> reporter: next oscar themed psnacks for the soar ray. p>> the "the revenant" bear claws pattacking leonardo dicaprio. p>> good job. p>> and then we did the "inside pout" upside down cake from p"brooklyn's" hot dogs. p>> reporter: this diy photo pbooth brings the red carpet to pyour own home. p>> we got this very fancy gold pcurtain for 10 bucks. pyou can use old halloween pcostume props. p>> let's take a picture. p>> reporter: finally a new pstaple. pwhat is a night at the movies pwithout popcorn. p>> little popcorn canisters and pglued on a glittery bow tie and pthree different types all under p$1. p>> reporter: the grand total
8:36 am
pdo you feel like you can do plori's four tips. p>> absolutely, i think these are pgreat. p>> reporter: affordable tips for pan award-winning affair. p>> all: oscars! pwhoo! p>> oh, yummy. pgreat tips from lori. pright now we are here having our pown oscar party and we're at the psamsung's 837 building. pright now our crowd is over here pwatching an oscar nominated pmovie. pdisney's pixar's "inside out" pand getting hungry because it's psmelling delicious here and pthat's because we have executive pchef josh capon here. pyou are the man. pyou are the man. peveryone on the edge of their pseats. poscar themed party foods for us. pthis one here, though, is the pslider. plet's start with our featured -- p>> it's the big short rib burger pslider. p>> oh, gosh. p>> see what we're doing here. pwe are tagging the movies. pgo with the theme and have fun pwith it. pso we have the big short rib psliders. pshort rib meat ground up
8:37 am
psearing them off in a cast iron an. p>> i wish you could smell what's pgoing on. p>> smell-o-vision. pwe're developing it here at the psamsung 837. p>> serve up some of these psliders and the folks in the pcrowd are getting hungry. pi'm getting hungry, as well. pthis is a great oscar theme so pwhile you're serving this up, so pwe have caramelized onions here. pgoes very well. p>> throw a bun on there. p>> a little barbecue sauce. p>> got to have it. p>> nothing wrong with a little pbarbecue sauce every now and pthen. p>> may i dive in there. p>> of course. p>> we'll test it out. pwhile giving it a taste test plet's go to the potatoes. p>> one of my favorite movies was p"the martian" so we have the red lanet, get it, red planet red pbliss potatoes. p>> matt damon's character relied pon potatoes to survive. p>> baked potato bar. pbacon and cheddar.
8:38 am
pwith a melon baller, do it ahead pof time so you can enjoy the pshow. p>> you don't want to be, you pknow, spending all of your time pin the kitchen but these look pdelicious. poh, these are finished, right? p>> there we go. p>> we have to stay hydrated with pan oscar buzz mocktail. p>> maybe i'll put down the otato? pa mango fizz. p>> grab a mocktail. pcheers. p>> you want to splash a little pchampagne while the show is pgoing on, that's up to you. p>> add your buzz at home. pthis week also is a big week for pyou beyond the oscars, what else pis going on. p>> heading down to miami for the psouth beach wine and food pfestival which is like the super pbowl of chefs, some of the best pchefs in the country come out pand we do our thing. pthe customers come out and get pto enjoy it with us. pit's a lot of fun. p>> oscar viewing party. p>> yes, sunday night, our first pannual red carpet oscar viewing ost-at the bmc, come by, have pfun. p>> we go down to our crowd. pwe cannot have an oscar party
8:39 am
pso we are giving out five ptickets to join samsung a proud artner of the 88th oscars to pjoin them for an exclusive pviewing party here in new york pcity and five of our audience pwinners are going to be taking phome tickets for that big party pon the big night so can you open pup those envelopes? plet's have a drum roll while pthey do that, right? pthere we go. pso, who is going to that pexclusive viewing party? p>> winner, winner, winner, pwinner. poh, yeah. pyes. psweet. pguys, that's how we count down pto oscar sunday. pvery nice. pyou guys are going to the psweet. pamy, back to you. p>> all right, congratulations to pall of them. pthank you, rachel. pand you can get josh's short pribs recipe at on yahoo! plet's go back outside to sam. p>> okay, gang, i'm going to keep pthat oscar thing going. plet's get that weather on the pgorgeous. pas messy as it has been in the peastern half of the country it's pbeen this beautiful out west, plook at la costa, look at that pglow.
8:40 am
pthat. psurf's up and it can be high and prough along the coastline. pwatch that jet. pokay, so, yes, san francisco, pthere could be some rain but pl.a., you are glorious as we get pinto oscars weekend. plook at phoenix. plook at those numbers in the p80s, san diego in the 70s, as pwell. pquick look at the weather around pthe nation as we fly because we pcan. pamerica, please do not adjust pyour sets. pcc, come here. pthis s is jeremy maguire. phow are you? pthat's the weather aro p pkevin: southerly winds out pthere, temperatures in the 50' s. pnotice the cooler air in the pcentral valleys. pthat will continue to warm like pwe have been seeing. peveryone is u p>> so, america, you just met pjeremy. phi, jeremy. pi'm sam.
8:41 am
pyou are a big star because i see pyou in "modern family" and in a pbrand-new song, right? p>> yeah. p>> is it lots of fun. p>> yes. p>> you have a brand-new pcommercial. pcan i show it to america? p>> yes! p>> okay, here it is. p>> this is the way i eat my pmeatballs. pdo you think it's squishy in pthere with something? pi don't know. p>> jeremy, pocket meatballs. pdo you have any meatballs in pthere now? p>> no. p>> but you will later, you pthink? p>> yes. p>>ing 0, your mom is the nicest plady too. pyou want to wave to your mom ptoo. pwant to wave to her right there. pi love it. pyou can see the tide commercial pstarting at 7:00 p.m. this psunday all right here at abc. pthank you for spending some time pwith us. p>> it's okay. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jesse.
8:42 am
pkids are the best, aren't they. pnow to other kids who are having pthe big moment with the pope in p"dear pope francis," the first pchildren's book written by a ope, the pontiff is answering pkids' questions from all around pthe world. pin his nearly three years as phead of the catholic church pope pfrancis has made no secret of phis affection for children. pand now the pontiff is putting phis pen where his heart is. pauthoring his first children's pbook "dear pope francis" or pshould we say co-authoring. pthe book is made up of exchanges pbetween the pope and kids from paround the world. p>> dear pope francis -- p>> reporter: "gma" sat down with pnot two, not four, but 12 of pthem including one pablo from pargentina, natasha from kenya pand william from chicago. p>> dear pope francis, if you pcould do one miracle, what would pit be? p>> the pope's answer? pi would heal every child.
8:43 am
poffers information to readers pfor all ages. pthe pope says he cries often. phe also reports that he loves to pdance the tango and he's passion pnaloxone national about soccer. pthe pontiff met with his kid pco-authors this week in rome pwhere they presented him with pgifts from their homelands. pmaple syrup from canada. p>> this is good. p>> reporter: a soccer ball from pthe united states and get this, pa pair of uggs. pyes, ugg boots from australia. p>> oh, thank you very much. p>> seeing the pope with the kids pwas life altering and pnerve-racking. p>> he was a little bit scared. p>> i was not scared. pthat's a lie. p>> one moment i felt exceeded pbut then i felt like, well, this pis probably my only time i'm pgoing to meet him so i don't pwant to blow this. p>> reporter: the experience penabled them not exactly to ptouch the hand of god, but to ptug at the heart of god's pright-hand man. pthis is such a beautiful book, pguys.
8:44 am
pall these deep questions these pkids get to ask and, of course, pthe pope answers all of them and pof course, "dear pope francis" pavailable right now and coming pup, i'm going to talk to hugh pand taron next about their new
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
p hugh jackman is back with a pbrand-new movie about one of the pmost improbable olympic heroes pever. pearlier this week, robin sat pdown with hugh and his co-star pto talk about "eddie the eagle." p>> "eddie the eagle" is the pheartfelt new movie inspired by pa dream come true. ptaron egerton portrays eddie ed pwards a resilient underdog pdetermined to get to the polympics no matter what it takes pand there's only one person pthat's going to help him get pthere and, of course, it's hugh pjackman. ptake a look. p>> want your moment, eddie pedwards, i ka get your moment pbut it's going to hurt like hell pfor both of us. p>> your back leg, wrong osition. pget closer. p the flame p>> it's not better. pit's crap. p>> oh, you and taron. p>> you can't say that in the pmorning. p>> i know you can't. poh, so great to see you both. pi laughed. pi knew i was going to cry.
8:48 am
pby this. pi remember eddie the eagle, p1988, big sports fan here. pi'm sure -- p>> i remember very well. pi remember watching him in the polympics and never forget him pbeing the top of the 90-meter pand the camera going, hello, pmom. pjust before almost killing phimself. pyou know, we loved him, you pknow. p>> taron, you nailed it. p>> nailed it. p>> absolutely nailed it. p>> thank you very much. p>> felt that we were on the jump pwith you. phad you been on skis before. p>> never in my life. p>> come on. p>> never in my life. pi had to learn for the film, pyeah, yeah, i didn't take to it plike a duck to water. pi have to say. p>> no? p>> but i gave it a good go just plike eddie. p>> just like eddie and i got to ptell you, hugh, your character, pyou play a former ski jumper. p>> yeah. pattitude. p>> exactly. p>> you're here to teach him but peddie really steves you. p>> he kind of brings me out. pit's sort of his redemptive ptalent, friends and how friends
8:49 am
pother and both are outsiders but pmy character had all the otential and none of the pendurance or courage or stick pability that really eddie had. pi watched this what friends and pone mum said every kid should psee this movie because it kind pof says you don't have to win in plife to be a winner and that's pwhat i love about the feeling of pthis movie, the theme of this pmoved. p>> what was the like working pwith someone like mr. jackman pover there. p>> we had such a good time. pi mean, the movie is pinspirational and uplifting but pit's just so funny. pwe just spent two months plaughing at each other. pi kind of made it my mission to ptry to put hugh off through pevery single scene. p>> did it work? p>> oh, yeah, you can watch the pmovie. p>> moments where you see me plaughing and they made the cut pbut he is hysterical. p>> the transformation was just pincredible. pdo you still find yourself pmimicking eddie a little bit. p>> two months after we finished pshooting my mother kept going, pstop doing eddie.
8:50 am
p>> brilliant. pi know. pon cue. p>> i know you posted on pcertainly media that you had panother go-around. p>> yep. p>> with your skin cancer but peverything is good. p>> everything is great. pskin cancer is out. pby the way, mine is the most pminor form of skin cancer, basal pcell carcinoma. pregardless who you are get pchecked. lease don't me as a kid and i pnever wore sunscreen and i'm aying for it. p>> you don't have to win to be a pwinner. p>> that's it. p>> that's it so "eddie the peagle" opens this friday. pthank you, gentlemen, very much. p>> lovely. p>> what a great message. pi love that. pwe were both like got to take pthe kids. pall right, coming up, everybody, pthe best moments from "gma" on psafari. p>> there's a thousand of them.
8:51 am
8:52 am
p we're back and don't go panywhere. pi want to show you cool stuff. pamy is back from that incredible padventure, "gma" on safari live pright in there and it was
8:53 am
pbut i was curious when you were pthere, all the new technology pthat you guys were using, pthere's been poaching at these arks before. pis this the time we can turn the pbe. p>> everyone is certainly hoping pso because having these rotected areas first of all pthey have a high concentration pof armed anti-poaching, you pknow, throngs of security going paround and they are helped and paided by drones, by live pcameras, they can see what's phappening in realtime and go out pand stop it and hopefully it pwill be a preventative. eople will know if i go out pthere i'll be caught. pit isn't going to pay off but pthese images are so stunning to plook at and i wanted to bring a plittle bit of africa back with pme for you guys so, sam, i hear pyou really liked my hat. pit's a little war torn here but pwell. p>> i can't wait. p>> sam has never worn a cowboy phat in his life. p>> except for every wednesday pnight. p>> beautiful necklaces for lara
8:54 am
pthe tanzanian ministry of
8:55 am
8:56 am
p go west.
8:57 am
psean: some people are waking up pa mess this morning after severe pweather passed through the state povernight. pcheck out the lightning week got pover our hooksett camera. pwe are getting a look at some of pthe damage caused last night. pthis is a tree that came down pacross a driveway. ptrees and branches came down all pacross londonderry. pat one point come more than 4000 putility customers were without ower. pat this time there are no preports of any storm related pmeantime, heading outside the pdoor, it will hit you. pit is 59 degrees if it is like pspringtime. pkevin: temperatures holding the p50' s this morning, another round pof showers back to the west. pyou can see it is cool enough pbehind that system that it has pchanged over to areas of snow pback out to the great lakes.
8:58 am
psouthern wind will continue to ush central and northern areas s. pwe are expecting more showers pbut later on today. p50' s for most out there today. pdependent. pmost of the showers wind down ptonight with clearing skies in pthe southern areas. pthe north. pthat gets us to a brisk wind. ptomorrow it is mid-20' pmid-30' s. pthe good deal of sunshine psaturday. pwarmer temperatures making the pway back and. psean: about 400 outages.
8:59 am
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