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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 6, 2016 1:07am-1:43am EDT

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identified. what we are hearing about her vibrant personality. senator sanders: we are strongest when we bring our people together. sean: -- shelley: and the granite state feeling the bern. campaigning for his former rival. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. and now, shelley: and tonight at 11:00, we are watching post-tropical storm hermin and those are creatinge, some major headaches south of new england. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. tonight, a third death has been associated with the storm. warnings and watches are in place throughout new england. shelley: and here in new hampshire, a high-surf advisory
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beach? if you are, you may want to rethink that. conditions along the seacoast are considered dangerous and expected to worsen, so tomorrow, there will be no swimming allowed. now this decision happens only , once every three or four years. >> commencing tomorrow, tuesday, bathing at hampton beach will be totally restricted. not allowed. tom: but surfers are loving mother nature. the heavy surf is expected to last at least a few more days. it until it's gone. >> if you surf in new england, you wait for september. you wait for the storms to come up. and i've been tracking this storm for 18 days now. tom: lifeguards in beach buggys will patrol tomorrow to keep bathers out of the water. the beach itself will be open. right now, parts of massachusetts are under a tropical storm warning because of hermine. sean: -- shelley: and for a
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with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: this is why the beach is closed. this is still a post-tropical storm, a lot of rain building in from the north, and the west, or in that direction, up towards southeastern parts, just a few scattered showers, finally making their way into parts of rockingham county, so we will keep that in the cards the balance of the night. southern parts of the lake region and into the merrimack valley. the biggest concern is high surf and big wave action offshore, so behind surf advisory remains in effect until 6:00 tomorrow. the seas offshore, rip currents right through wednesday, possibly even into thursday. around here, a couple of
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and tomorrow, and what about more changes wednesday and beyond? that is straight ahead. shelley: tonight, we are learning the identity of the four-year-old who died after a horse-riding accident at the lancaster fair. funeral home fournier-hale released the obituary of mackennah mae caulder today. her family says that she will be remembered as a happy, little girl with a spitfire personality and that she loved horses. her family says that mackennah even taught herself to ride a bike. witnesses say mackennah was thrown from a horse while she was taking part in the white mountains riding club horse show friday. calling hours are tomorrow from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the fournier-hale funeral home in woodstock. a graveside funeral will be held the following day. tom: right now, police investigating a fatal motorcycle accident on route 25 near the country club. police say around 4:00, a motorcycle crashed with two
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motorcycle veered off of the road and struck a guard whale. the man driving the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene. a 40-year-old female passenger was taken to the hospital for serious injuries. that road has just now reopened. shelley: right now, a 47-year-old man is recovering after police say he accidentally amputated his foot with a chainshaw. it happened on highland street in newton. officials say an ambulance was sent to the scene just before 4:00 p.m. no word on the man's current condition. tom: laconia fire crews were on the scene of a fatal fire at the naswas resort earlier this evening. fire officials say that fire started in one of the secondary buildings. i said a "fatal fire. it was not fatal. it was contained to that unit, which is now uninhabitable. firefighters say bystanders were able to put most of the flames out by the time they arrived, using the appropriate fire extinguishers. tonight, and arrest has been made in connection to the theft of a tip jar from a portsmouth diner.
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misdemeanor charge for taking $60 out of the jar at gilley's diner last sunday. investigators say surveillance video shows mcphee picking up his food and then taking money from the jar. police say he turned himself in today. shelley: to commitment 2016 now. both hillary clinton and donald trump today in the same state. tom both reached out to voters : in ohio, pti groups. abc's kenneth moton has more on their message as the race to for the white house is now in the home stretch. kenneth: the sprint is on to election day. mr. trump: we are going to bring jobs back to ohio. kenneth: donald trump crisscrossed the key state of ohio, dropping in on a packed canfield county fair in youngstown surrounded by thousands. also back on the trail in the buckeye state and illinois, hillary clinton. clinton sat down with abc news in an interview that will air tuesday, hitting donald trump for questioning her stamina and saying he choked when he went to mexico last week, causing a diplomatic incident.
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kenneth: but it was clinton who was choking to get out her words during a rally in cleveland. mrs. clinton: [cough] everytime i think about trump, i get allergic. kenneth: trump's campaign manager responded, tweeting clinton must be allergic to media after she debuted a new plane allowing the press to travel with her. clinton, who has been criticized for not holding any recent press conferences, took questions about trump, her private emails, and her health. mrs. clinton: i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are so many of them, i've lost track of them. kenneth: not to be outdone, trumin for nearly the entire flight. trump talked about those upcoming debates. mr. trump: i think i'm preparing somewhat like i prepared for the other debates. i think i am preparing like -- i enjoyed the debating process. i did -- obviously, i did well in the debates. kenneth: that first presidential debate is just three weeks away. but wednesday, trump and clinton will take the stage back to back for a forum focused on national security, the military, and veterans. kenneth moton, abc news,
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tom: and a former presidental candidate took the clinton baton, rallying on her behalf in lebanon, new hampshire this , afternoon. wmur's kristen pope is here live with his message. kristen. kristen: tom, hillary clinton's former party rival, senator bernie sanders, made multiple stops throughout the granite state today, including one at lebanon high school, where he rallied his supporters to continue the movement now, behind secretary clinton. [cheers and kristen: senator bernie sanders walked out to the lebanon high school yard to cheers from many people largely still feeling the bern. >> he is not corrupt, did not do anything dirty, and i keep telling my friends, you now cannot find anything dirty on bernie. kristen: but now, senator sanders has the big task of bringing his supporters over to secretary hillary clinton's side. this afternoon he made the case for her.
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and what are the positions of the candidates on those issues? if you look at a campaign on that basis, the answer is 100% clear that on every issue, hillary clinton is the superior candidate, hands down. kristen: some people are not yet convinced. >> he is a politician, and he is trying to build as much progress as he can. i respect people who are going to vote for hillary clinton. i have not made up my mind, and i understand why. the candidates. it's not about trump. it's not about clinton. it's not about bernie sanders. the campaign is about you and your needs and the needs of the american people. kristen: closing his remarks with a sanders' tone towards a clinton presidency. senator sanders: we have got to continue the pressure. we have got to continue the grass-roots mobilization to make sure that this country and our government works for all of us
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was also at the event in lebanon. senator sanders urged his supporters to vote democrat down the ballot. live in the studio, kristen pope, wmur news 9. tom: and wmur is once again partnering with the "new hampshire union leader" to bring you the granite state debates. tomorrow, candidates in the gop race for governor will face off at 7:00 p.m., followed by the democrats at 8:00 p.m. then on wednesday, it's the republican candidates for senate. thursday, the second congressional distri for the first congressional district. you can watch the debates right here on wmur, or streaming live on our website and mobile app. you can also submit your questions for the candidates on the wmur facebook page. shelley: well, switching gears now to talk about the holiday,
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is the last hurrah. and lots of people choose to enjoy that milestone here in the granite state. that added up to a profitable weekend for people in the local tourism industry, things were hopping at the andthings were hopping at the highway rest stop in hooksett as thousands of tourists made their way home after spending the holiday weekend in the granite state, it may have been the busiest day in the labor state -- the granite state ever. an estimated 620,000 visitors are believed to have passed through new hampshire over the people enjoying the best new hampshire has to offer. >> the scenery, the nature, the possibility of seeing a bear, hopefully, the regular stuff. relaxing. shelley: it was also very profitable. officials say visitors are believed to have spent an estimated 80 it million dollars during their stay. that is up 5% over last year.
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they are booked way in advance with travelers from all 50 states and across the globe. so whether it's the mountains, the beach, tax free shopping or camping at state parks, there's always something to do in new hampshire that keeps visitors coming back. >> the lake is just an incredible place. we had a great time. shelley: and, by the way the , busiest tourism weekend in tom: assaulting an officer, all while high on mushrooms. shelley: and we hear from the woman who came to the officer'sadi. --officer's aid.
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tom: and to our ulocal shot. you can cement your pictures and
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shelley: presidential tensions. right now, president obama is calling off a planned meeting with the new president of the philippines. the president said he had planned to raise issue of the killings of more than 2,000 suspected drug dealers since the philippine leader took office. but today in a news conference, that country's president cursed president obama and warned him not to challenge him over those
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>> who is he? i am a president of a sovereign state, and we have long ceased to be a colony. shelley: both leaders were scheduled to meet tomorrow. tom: well a massachusetts man is , just hours away from facing a judge after police say he tried to enter a home high on mushrooms. shelley: once police arrived that landed in him major trouble. morgan sturdivant from our sister station wtmw spoke to a woman who witnessed the entire ordeal. morgan: authorities say 19-year-old trevor cox was high on hallucinogenic mushrooms when he fled from his friend's car and ran to a home near rock haven lake, where he started banging on the door and yelling for help. x appeared to be hallucinating, saying that he thinks somebody was after him. morgan: york county sheriff bill
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opened the door, cox grabbed her wrist. then the family dog got in between them, growly, and then he let go. that's when she slammed the door and called 911 while his friends pulled in the driveway which king says agitated him. >> lacerating his arm. morgan: king says his friends left and when the first deputy arrived on scene and was attacked by him. >> the have the desired effect. morgan maureen curtin, who lives : nearby, heard something going on and went to see what was happening and saw the struggle. >> he was just trying to body hold the kid and he just kept getting away and then he'd go back and just keep punching the sheriff in the face and the net, and you know, i just could not sit there and watch it happen. the sheriff said no, just stay there, just stay there. so, i mean, it was amazing, he was getting beat up and he was worried about me.
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morgan sturdivant, wmur news 9. tom moving now to weather. : we continue to monitor tropical storm hermine it has been slamming the atlantic. this is video from new jersey royal caribbean's anthem of the seas, which was heading to bermuda. one passenger says the winds gusts caused swells 40 to 50 feet high. many passengers reportedly got seasick. luckily no one seriously , injured. leave port? mike: a, leave port. b, just go somewhere else. the storms out here. tom: not my idea of a vacation. mike: you have to watch it, and people plan it months and months out. but would you like to delay it or be sick on the boat?
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we had some sunshine poking through the cloud cover and a very nice labor day in many parts of new hampshire, overall a pleasant three-date stretch for this labor day weekend. there are some signs of change coming in on doppler radar. we have got some showers scooting into rockingham county, not much in the way of steady rain, nothing beneficial to help the drought situation, that there are a couple of blips of from hermine are trying to come in. the steadiest rain has been just off to our south and southeast. in terms of the temperatures, generally in the 70's, a few 60's back to the west, and you will notice plymouth down to 56, heading to the mid to upper 40's by tomorrow. a bird -- good part of the state
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still some breaks at times, and mainly clear and part of the state. after a mild tuesday, look at all of this summer warmth. 84 degrees, indicating summer is not giving up, by any stretch, and we still have a ways to go over the next several days, and temperatures will be heading much higher. the wind is at 5 to 15 miles browser, some gusts at 25 near the particular storm, as it is beginning to weaken just a bit. this is from the center of post tropical storm hermine, now down. this front back to the west finally goes to the east, it gives it the boot out to sea. top wind down to 65. it slowly wobbled off to the west/north west, and it finally makes that turn as the front desk closer.
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you will notice the timestamp. after that, there is no more projected track on hermine? why? the circulation tends to fall apart, and there will only be remnants from that store. this is still kicking up the surf, so we have that high-surf warning. -- advisory print it will be very active at the beaches mo tomorrow. you will notice, you may want to hit the beach. by the end of the week. scattered showers, then by thursday, partly sunny and warm. the humidity creeps up. it will be sticky all week long, and temperatures approach 90. saturday, maybe a storm. if those storms hold off to the evening, we could be up near 90 again for the start of the weekend.
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announcer: now, news 9 sports. mike: this is really unbelievable. the red sox began their west coast road trip, scoring 27 runs in two games. in the two games since they've scored 1, just 1 r. dustin pedroia leaps and steals and rbi hit away from will myers to end the third. amazing. sox starter drew pomeranz back at petco park for the first time since san diego traded him to boston in july. and in the fourth, adam rose-ahlis goes deep off pomeranz for a 2-run blast. padres up by 2. top of the eighth, chris young gets ahold of one, a solo shot, his seventh of the year, gets boston back to within 1. but that's all the offense they would get. san diego's edwin jackson had 11 strikeouts, a season high for him. boston loses, 2-1, to the last-place padres and have just a one-game lead in the wildcard
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the series continues with san diego at 10:00 tomorrow night. they could've gained some ground on toronto, who opened a series with the yankees. new york did boston a favor. jacoby ellsbury crushes a two-run homer, his seventh of the season. the blue jays fall 5-3, red sox remaining a game behind toronto for first place in the a.l. east. the orioles though, they are gaining ground, fighting tampa bay. down 3-0, baltimore's chris davis. you know right away when 34th blast of the year. baltimore wins this 1, 7-three, and is just a game behind boston. in the fisher cats season finale the team said thank you to ollie today. happy retirement to new hampshire's best bat dog who's been fetching bats for more than six seasons. he is eight years old now and ready for some rest and naps. congratulations, ollie.
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as for the sea dogs, picking it up in the fifth, down new 1-0. hampshire's emilio guerrero changes that with his fifth homer of the season ties the game up. next inning with a runner on dwight smith jr. smacks a single to right bringing home one to give the fisher cats a 2-1 lead. they would get another run in the 7th on a base hit by rainel rosario and new hampshire wins their last game by a final of 3-1. the fisher cats finish the season with 69 wins 73 losses and forth in their division. practiced yesterday. no number 12 though. tom brady is now serving his 4 game suspension. so for everyone else, it is do your job, because this is game week. no more preseason. the patriots open the regular season sunday night in arizona against a very good cardinals team. jimmy garoppolo will have his hands full in his first career start, and his receivers know it.
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situation where whatever jimmy, whenever he calls were number, you are there. >> we kind of kick it up a notch, and it goes up, and this is the regular season. discounts. there is no preseason anymore. these games mean everything. we are going to be ready to prepare and get ready for this game. mike: the final round of the deutsche bank championship day on the links. a nice shot on the 18 from the bunker. sets up an easy birdie putt to finish at 15 under par he shot a 65 today. paul casey had a chance to tie with a long eagle putt on the last hole. and mcilroy wins the tournament by two strokes. and that is a look at sports. tom: they get underway. and hitting the road for a good
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tom: well a sandown fireman is , embarking on a ride 2 recovery across multiple state lines. fireman jerry lachance tomorrow will cycle to massachusetts for the veteran's program.
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nearly $11,000, surpassing his initial goal. his trip started saturday near the canadian border. local fire houses have hosted him throughout the night. his final destination? key west florida. wishing him luck. and one woman is trying to bring back a swimming tradition. tom cole and she was swimming in the waters of puget sound. she wants to make popular, where it was common in the 1950's. she is only the second to complete these swim, the first back in 1959. shelley: good luck to her. i hope she accomplishes it. tom: how are we doing weather-wise? mike: you will notice temperatures are heading higher. summer is holding on in a big way, especially the end of the weekend.
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