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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 6, 2016 11:03pm-11:35pm EDT

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hermine stuck south of new england. not going anywhere in the next 12-18 hours. there is nothing in the jet stream anywhere close by to drive it anywhere in any direction, so it just sits there. every once in a while, we got a little sour -- shower. muddy conditions billion from the onshore direction. high surf advisory for the next two hours. as the system clears, take a look at the summer heat. hot does it get at the end of the week? all of that, straight ahead. shelley: now to commitment 2016 coverage. we are one week away from the new hampshire primary. tonight, we kicked off our granite state debates. tom: tonight, democratic and republican candidates for governor faced off in two different debates here in our studios. shelley: political director josh mcleveen joins us live to start off our team coverage. josh? reporter: we started things off with the republican candidates for governor. manchester mayor ted gatsas, executive councilor chris
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wmur's jean mackin joins us with a recap of tonight's fireworks. republican candidates hold political office right now. tonight, they tried to solidify name recognition and where they stand on state issues. the republican candidates for governor agreed on a few key topics, like supporting donald trump for president, and not supporting a state minimum wage. >> should new hampshire have a minimum wage? >> no. >> no. reporter: differences were drawn on issues like the death penalty, and common core, and mental health background checks to buy a gun. >> the problem we have with this arbitrary mental health list is it opens a whole world of confusion and privacy issues when it comes to who's classified as being mentally ill. >> if they've been adjuticated in a court of law, they should be put on that list. we had somebody here in the city of manchester that shot two police officers.
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would not have been able to buy a gun. >> i have actually been endorsed every time that i served by the nra. i believe that we have to be very careful about what we do with mental health records. >> mental illness is not a crime. as such, individuals should not be forfeiting their constitutional rights because of that mental illness. reporter: handling the drug crisis sparked a debate. >> quite honestly, i'm surprised you would not want to use all the tools available as governor >> we've used every took in the toolbox. >> i don't think so. >> i think when we talk about what are we going to do -- >> what are we going to do? >> senator, i know that you are much more respectful than that. reporter: immigration is another hot topic. >> as governor, i say yes to immigration, but i say also we need to make sure we have a proper vetting process.
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counsel and you were there, and i asked for a moratorium on refugees you voted against it. , that is perception and reality. >> the moratorium on refugees in 2011 had nothing to do with the 10,000 syrian refugees president obama was reporting to bring in. reporter: lots of other topics tackled. the republicans were divided on repealing or amending the state's new hands free law while driving, and if they think the governor's two-year term should be longer. live in the studio, jean mackin, wmur news 9. re the republican candidates spoke more about using of the national guard to fight the state's drug crisis, including senator forrester mentioning members working already in manchester. >> we can't afford ted gatsas. clearly, he doesn't know what's going on in his city, when he doesn't understand or know that the national guard is working now, right now, to help support the drug crisis.
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office as statisticians, not martial law. they aren't running around in the streets fighting the problems we have with the opiate epidemic. they are in the office as statisticians. >> we all acknowledge you cannot arrest your way out of this problem. we have got to provide all three legs of the three lead in stool -- the three lead it -- stool to solve the problem, including education, treatment, and law enforcement. >> the concept of militarizing the border between new hampshire and massachusetts is a terrible idea. this opioid crisis need a lot of different solutions. it is not just going to happen overnight. reporter: we can go back to back with the debates. following republicans, the democratic candidates moved in. executive counselor, former state rep and former securities chief mark connolly, and former portsmouth mayor steve martian.
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adam sexton is here with a look at that debate. reporter: the granite state debates could be make or break for candidates seeking higher office in new hampshire, particularly when most of the state has no idea who they are. with three democratic candidates for governor almost entirely unknown to voters, this is a critical debate for making first impressions. former portsmouth mayor steve marchand calling himself the progressive candidate in this race. >> i am the progressive choice for governor. i'm the only one here voted for bernie in the spring. i'm the only one 100% that voted against northern pass and the death pelt -- and only one with a plan for paid family leave. reporter: colin positioned himself as the democrat of the establishment, touting his endorsements. >> i have been endorsed by all democratic state lawmakers in this state. reporter: on the opioid crisis, mark connolly favors a more aggressive tempo. >> my>> plan is to get the drug
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legalize and tax marijuana to play -- pay for more state services. >> and the only candidate talking candidate -- candidly about the need for more money. if you want things, you have to pay. reporter: when it comes to the states rapidly graying and aging population connolly wants more , immigration. >> we are the second oldest state in america. the fastest-growing oldest state in america. the only meaningful job and population growth will be 65 and older. and we have the lowest birthrate in america. when i look at immigration, immigrants into our state and country. reporter: he continues to make a $300 million -- colin van ostern continues to make a $300 million commuter rail project the centerpiece of his campaign, saying it will help grow new businensses. >> i know a startup ceo who is desperate for rail, because he wants to be able to higher ss as he can to help his company grow as fast as it can. reporter: this could be a very low turnout primary. while the counselor is viewed as the front runner, connelly and
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confidence that the race is in play. adam sexton, wmur. reporter: thank you. in the room after the debate, the democratic candidates ss to their own performance and that of their opponents tonight. >> we talked about a lot of issues where we are making progress as a. medicaid expansion. but we have to make it permanent. investing more in clean and renewable energy projects. those are the things that will be decided based on the next governor. >> i think any one of us with , th things like minimum wage, paid family leave, passenger rail, education, it is a much different viewpoint of what we need to grow the economy and stay. -- state. >> one thing we did not touch on that much tonight, but i'm also proud of my record of fiscal responsibility. up one of my missions is people to start using the word and between those two sets of values. you could be the most fiscally responsible, and have the most progressive values. i think i demonstrated that
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election one week from tonight, only two of those candidates will be heading onto the general election. it will be an interesting final six days. the granite state debates a republican candidates for senate race. on thursday, the second congressional district contenders. and on friday the gop first congressional district candidates. there is certainly a large bowl of undecided voters out there. these debates could be especially important for these primary candidates. tom: we encourage everyone to watch. thank you. dozens of new hampshire schools can now get much needed funding. shelley: coming up on newsnight tonight. the lawsuit that lead to a state judge ruling the cap on education funding, unconstitutional. and a child that now set. -- a trial date now set. coming up, when comedian bill cosby will face a judge in a sex assault case against him.
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shelley: the u.s. senate has failed again to pass a bill aimed at combating the zika virus. today, senate democrats blocked the $1.1 billion funding bill and an attached veterans affairs spending plan over restrictions that stop planned parenthood clinics in puerto rico from getting funding to treat the virus. this is the third time the zika funding bill has failed in the senate. lawmakers are now considering adding zika funding into a short-term general spending bill. dozens of new hampshire communities st money for schools after a superior court ruling today. tom: that judge says the state pot cap on education funding is unconstitutional. that judge says the state's cap -- on education funding is unconstitutional. the city of dover sued the state, saying that cap prevented it from getting all the money it was owed per student. the ruling means the state has to give dover its full funding, an additional $1.5 million. an attorney for dover says 40 other communities in the state are due a total of $11 million from the state. shelley: now to the sex assault case against comedian bill
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cosby facing a judge today, now we know that he will stand trial in june of next year. abc's danya bacchus has the latest. reporter: bill cosby back in court tuesday, learning he will go trial in june of 2017, to face charges of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his home in 2004. prosecutors saying they hope to have 13 cosby accusers testify , and use a phone call recorded by constand's mother. >> the call should come in. it's a call that was made into canada. it was legally obtained there, and we should be able to use it. reporter: cosby's lawyers are trying to keep that evidence out of the case, wanting to suppress several days of testimony cosby gave in the accuser's lawsuit a decade ago, where he acknowledged giving constand several pills and wine, before
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prejudice, saying he's already been tried in the court of public opinion. >> to accept the assumption of guilty by numbers or guilt by volume, is really the same thing as accepting the assumption of guilt before innocence. reporter: the judge did not rule tuesday on whether the other accusers could testify or if prosecutors could use cosby's deposition or that phone call. we do know, andrea constand will not have to take the stand. that is during preliminary hearings. danya bacchus, abc news los angeles. tom: attorneys for saint paul's graduate owen labrie now commenting after the victim in the case came forward. last week 17-year-old francesca , chessy prout spoke publicly on "the today show." today, labrie's attorney released this statement saying, it is important that the jury's verdict is accurately reported. owen was not convicted of rape, the jury found him not guilty of aggravated felonious sexual assault. he was convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault, conduct that but
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announcer: now, chief meteorologist mike haddad with your storm watch night -- storm watch nine forecast. mike: some clouds, little drizzle here and there today. some light showers. a fair amount of the day turned out to be dry, with even some sunshine in some spots. he's a look at the almanac data for concord today. we td certainly more humid than it was yesterday. that is reflected in the overnight low. we only got down to 64. it looks like a repeat later tonight and early tomorrow morning, as the humidity is locked in. it is not locked in, a lot of heavy rain on radar. it is very quite. diving just underneath the radar scope, there is fine mist and drizzle, and light showers above southern new hampshire, including jaffrey, through
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a couple of showers down to the south, and southwest. the northern edge of the remnants of hermine continuing to rotate down over connecticut and rhode island. as the system draws a little bit closer in the next 12-18 hours, we could see a few more light showers breaking out towards tomorrow morning.temperatures locked in the upper 50's. when they are very light onshore. that is keeping humidity up. yesterday in the 50's, they will stay put at least through friday morning. if not, midday friday. overnight and i, we only drop a leather few in the great north woods -- we only drop another few and the great north woods. the big thing tomorrow will be the steam heat moving towards us. we could make a run toward 90 degrees as early as friday, and the first half of the weekend. following that, we will cool down significantly, right back to the average on monday and
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sitting south of new england, stuck in place. there is no jet stream flow. the winds out of the west are to the north of new hampshire all the steering currents. are not affecting hermine. it is just stuck here with nowhere to go. until the front moves in from the west. , that arise thursday and finally gives hermine the booze out to sea. we can say goodbye to that stubborn storm. very little range of new hampshire. right now, heavier showers back in the midwest and great lot of these will work off to the northwest of new hampshire, but can't rule out a passing thunder shower or thunderstorm. we have to wait until sunday for another chance of a shower or storm. tonight, scattered to light showers redeveloping. a little drizzle. patchy fog. early tomorrow, same story. a chance of some sprinkles tomorrow afternoon. more of the same into early thursday. during the afternoon, skies breaking. here's a chance of a shower or
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that moves in thursday night. it is out of here by friday. temperatures really take off. upper 80's, possibly near 90 on friday. tomorrow, low to mid 70's at the coast. upper 70's and lower 80's inland. tomorrow, low clouds and fog. a little drizzle. could be a passing shower in the afternoon. better chance of brightening thursday afternoon. look at the heat in here friday and saturday. about 12-13 above the average for this time of chance for scattered showers looks to be on sunday. then, it is pleasantly mild and cooler and drier, more refreshing early next week. tom: thank you let's go to jamie and find out what's going on in sports. jamie: red sox with the chance to be in first place.
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announcer: now, jamie staton and news nine sports. jamie: the red sox are on the field at the san diego padres. and if boston wins, they will be tied for first place in their division. sox and padres. boston has a 3-1 lead. jackie bradley jr. and chris young with active account was in the top of the fourth hampshire fisher cat ryan schempp with a home run. the other four american league east division teams all played each other. this is the blue jays at the yankees. tyler austin, another one of those are good young yankees players. he had said to run home run. this was a close game into the eighth inning. the yankees do the red sox a favor, winning 7-6. the yankees are not out of it.
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this is the orioles at the blue jays. this was the big blow. 4th inning, manny machado with a grand slam. his 34th homer of the year chris davis also homered as the orioles win 7-2. check out how tight the race is atop the al east division. the red sox with a wink and move. the orioles are one game out. don't give up on the yankees. they are coming on strong. girls high school soccer. that is goring cardinals. first half, bg's meaghan cramb with the shot. the lancers ryann boudreau makes the save. halee hamilton is on defense too , but cramb ends up with another chance and she buries it 1-0 cardinals. for londonderry, olivia stowell with a bid after the pass from sammi leclair but the save is made. the cardinals win at home, 1-0. the patriots are in their game-week preperations, gearing up for week one at the arizona cardinals on sunday night football. as tom brady begins his suspension, the pats take on a
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>> seeing obviously a lot of work, a lot of film on the cardinals. it is a really impressive team. they did a lot of things well. they are well coached. they have a good organization. they have done a great job of building the team. a lot of strengths, a lot of things we will have to deal with. today, even if it was just for photos. the unh hockey team. a star-studded freshman class joins the rest of the wildcats as they get one step closer to another season. captains practices are going on now. >> the guys are itching to get going. we are really excited. it felt like a long off-season. we are starting to get the swing of things. starting to get things down. we are excited.
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some new faces. a lot of guys back from last year. is a lot of excitement. with us and the work we have doing all the summer. >> we get on the ice for like 40 minutes today. time to get things going here. we are in the dry land, off ice conditioning program. jamie: coach is only allowed to spend one or two hours per week with the team until the preseason. friday night football week number two is coming up. can game. they will and feel -- souhegan will show off their new turf field. those are just three of 17 games on the schedule. this friday night, a former host of the show who did it for 15 years will make a return for one week to anchor. tom: i wonder that is? [laughter]
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jamie. still to come, shelley: gold medalist tessa gobbo back in her hometown of chesterfield. tonight, how the local elementary school surprised the
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shelley: some chesterfield students got a surprise today. a chance to meet their very own olympic hero. tom: gold medal rower tessa gobbo visited the chesterfield school. it was only a few weeks ago that gobbo was in rio where the women's eight team won gold in rowing. she shared stories of rowing, she says, she just wanted to leave a message that would inspire the students. >> it's not even about rowing at this point. it's about thinking about what your dreams are and doing your best to fulfill them. tom: ro row row your boat. shelley: thank you for joining us at 11:00. tom: have a good night.
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woman: the executive council voted along party lines, striking down more than $639,000 to planned parenthood locations. when republican politicians cut planned parenthood, it was devastating. birth control, cancer screenings -- they were all cut back. plunkett: it was colin van ostern who got that funding restored and helped expand medicaid, too. i'm colin van ostern. i was raised by a single mom, and we didn't always have health insurance. that's why, as governor,
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from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, andy sam beryl. dave salomoni and animals. muse infrom desiigner. and now, prepare yourselves. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you. i'm overwhelmed. that's very kind.


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