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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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in after 1:00. authorities telling us it was the 81-year-old store owner hurt when they got to the scene at maple street. they found that man suffering from significant injuries. he is expected to survive. police tell us the suspect is a white man, 20 to 30 years old, about 170 pounds. he was wearing a dark gray sweatshirt. he showed a semi automatic handgun before making off wit i live halfway down the street. when i saw this, i was lik it cannot be mr. han's. reporter: police are still interviewing the victim at the hospital to learn more about what happened today. police have not told us how the store owner was hurt. in manchester, cherise leclerc, wmur news 9.
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superintendent has confirmed a student died of a drug overdose. the student was a junior at timberlane regional high school. the district was made aware of the death around midnight. counselors are being made available to students. the school is sharing resources with parents about how to talk to kids about drugs. tom: firefighters are wrapping up a three-day battle against the brush fire in acworth. the job ma kristen carosa has the details tonight. reporter: we are at the acworth fire department, about four miles from where the fire broke out. crews used 16,000 gallons of water over three days. thankfully, this is all over. 60 firefighters battled a brush fire off of globe road
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reporter: charles schroeder owns the property where the fire broke out. >> you could see it after dark. it started really glowing. reporter: the fire burned roughly two acres. of forest rangers say it was started by a campfire left behind. >> there is a rough upcrop at the top of the hill with a steep drop-off. reporter: this tough fire. crews used portable pumps to fight the fire, which burned deep into the ground. there were other challenges to go along with that. crews ran into several beehives. one firefighter was stung several times but will be ok. firefighters are asking everyone to use caution during the fall season.
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about introducing fire into the woods without any means to it extinguish. reporter: firefighters will head back out tomorrow to make sure the fire stays out. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. tom: moving on to commitment 2016, in less than an hour, the two republican candidates for senate will debate at our studios. josh mcelveen and john distaso josh: in 60 minutes, kelly ayotte and jim rubens, her primary challenger, a long shot, will take to the debate stage. joining me now, john distaso. obviously, plenty to talk about tonight. especially when you talk about the record kelly ayotte has. >> one of the maine issues people are going to be listening for is what is the federal
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we have the zika virus being talked about. the list goes on. josh: supreme court. >> supreme court is ray much in the news and has been for several months. kelly ayotte, you are going to hear the phrase "i reach across the aisle" a lot. josh: and stay focused on the general election matchup? >> absolutely. she will try to ignore jim rubens as much as possible. for those of our viewers who have seen jim in the past, it is difficult to do. she will really be talking about maggie hassan. josh: interesting night, indeed. back to you. jennifer: new hampshire's drug crisis was a hot topic during
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gene forrester proposed having the national guard patrol the border to stop the flow of drugs. amy coveno has more on the role the national guard is playing and why border patrol is not an option. reporter: for more than 20 years , new hampshire national guard has augmented local law enforcement in drug interdiction efforts. as you will hear, the role is limited and behind-the-scenes. national guard to address the crisis here. we are using that in manchester. reporter: jeannie forrester's claim is new hampshire , and in every other state since the 1990's. >> there is a task force of guardsmen that provide
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law-enforcement. reporter: concord has one unit assigned to the drug unit. >> flowcharts, intelligence. able to tap into certain resources. reporter: manchester has two. officials say they are never on the streets or armed. they work behind the scenes. >> the role of the national guard continues to be a support role. usually analytics. reporter: guardsmen assigned. the program is federally funded. this year's line budget is $750,000. what about an expanded role? >> that is a silly idea. it is not going to work. how do you stop tourism from coming in? it does not make sense. >> you would never see us out there in what we would call full
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set. reporter: since its inception, each national guard in every state has had to apply for federal funding. earlier this year, senator shaheen teamed up with a lawmaker from west virginia to extendundi f three years at a time. new hampshire national guard is hopeful the bill will pass. amy coveno, wmur news 9. tom: the state executive council unanimously approved a $36 services to the state. the ceo of dartmouth released a statement saying in part, i would like to personally thank all the caregivers and other personnel who have been working selflessly on behalf of so many mental health patients in need. still to come on tonight's news 9 at 6:00, precious remnants pulled from the wreckage of september 11. why this damaged beam was escorted through new hampshire today and where it's headed
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jennifer: and coming up in weather wednesday, we're live at the tarbin gardens in west franklin. we'll show you what will soon be featured. josh: will they be getting any rain to water the gardens? reporter: w oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent wh the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil;
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. dscc is responsible for
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jennifer: the new york fire department is hoping to gift a piece of the world trade center to a tiny canadian town by sunday, the 15th anniversary of 9/11. their convoy passed through new
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tom: wmur's jennifer crompton with their pledge to never forget. reporter: a convoy of motorcycle-riding firefighters escorted a piece of the world trade center up 95 wednesday on its way to canada in time to mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11 on sunday. >> 343 firefighters were lost that day doing their job. either we knewomebody or new a civilian working that day. covered shifts. >> 15 years ago, i was not a firefighter. that is why i became a firefighter. reporter: new hampshire firefighters joining those from new york and massachusetts with very little notice. >> it is a brotherhood. it is what you do. reporter: this is a personal journey for george shea. >> when we saw the first plane hit the tower, we responded to ground zero.
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tokens of gratitude. this one, to gander, newfoundland, a small town that took in 38 planes and over 6,000 passengers when flights were grounded that day. >> for three days, they housed them and washed their clothes. they dropped everything. reporter: marking one of so many expressions of goodness and humanity to spring from so much darkness. the escort picking up firefighters in maine, then onto canada on thursday. >> we will not forget. reporter: in seabrook, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: i had a chance to fly into gander one time. great spot. josh: it has been cooler, but we
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woman: the executive council voted along party lines, striking down more than $639,000 to planned parenthood locations. when republican politicians cut planned parenthood, it was devastating. birth control, cancer screenings -- they were all cut back. plunkett: it was colin van ostern
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i was raised by a single mom, and we didn't always have health insurance. that's why, as governor, i'll make sure no one gets left behind. narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. ayotte claims she's independent, then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers 90% of the time. she takes millions fromall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda before everyday families. so, think about it: new hampshire can choose the special interest senator with kelly ayotte... or a people's senator, for a change. i'm maggie hassan
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jennifer: tarbin gardens in west franklin will soon feature late flowering perennials. tom: and you'll be able to check out both old and new exibits in self-guided tours with the family. chief meteorologist mike haddad is at tarbin gardens this weather wednesday. mike: we are in west franklin
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the owner. >> thanks for coming. mike: your in the english garden. tell us about the plants we are seeing. >> i thought this site would be developed into this. it has french influences with the long hedges. we are changing over from summer perennials to annuals. we are hoping for another three week you are done for the season? >> still looks like summer here. the weather is nice. we have lost the 90 degree days. we serve tea six days week on the property. mike: you also have a tropical house. >> i built the tropical house 15 years ago. it houses a collection of large tropical plants.
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a lot of color, even this time of year. mike: to mention how many variety of species you have on the site. >> you have at least a thousand. a lot of trees. very pretty in the spring. mike: thank you for joining us for weather wednesday. you have three more weeks to enjoy all that tarbin gardens will the weather cooperate? josh is standing by with a look at the seven-day forecast. josh: it is going to be a pretty warmer and muggy couple of days on the way. we had 80 degrees from concord north and west. a couple places hitting 80 and 81. to the southeast, you had more
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hermine, no longer a hurricane or a named storm. but very impressive. it is not going anywhere. what it does over the next couple of days is is all out. there is another storm is when out, hurricane newton, that is moving into arizona and dissipating into a tropical
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a look at hermine once again and how it disintegrates, it keeps sitting there tonight and tomorrow. a cold front tomorrow night sweeps through and pushes it away. that cold front could bring us a couple much-needed showers. tomorrow, a few leftover sprinkles. there could be some sun. here comes the cold front i
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there is a chance of a couple showers. tonight, we will see temperatures, muggy, in the 60's. tomorrow, another humid day and warmer. tomorrow night, the chance of much-needed downpours or a thunderstorm. a chance on saturday and sunday before beautiful but dry weather next week. jennifer: a chance is better than no chance. reporter: coming i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes?
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too.
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reporter: the red sox beat the padres 5-1 last night, moving into a tie with the blue jays for first place in the american league east division. boston did most of their damage in the fourth inning with back to back homers by jackie bradley jr. and ris young. th toronto. tonight, david price pitches against jarred cosart, who does not have a win in 10 starts this season. the red sox will be wearing throwback uniforms from 1936. if you missed it last night, this was the big play that helped the red sox claim a share of first place. brett gardner made this great sno-cone catch to end the game. if he drops that or it goes off the wall, the go-ahead run scores for the blue jays. but instead, the yankees win 7-6 and the blue jays loss left them
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patriots practice today, they are just four days away from kicking off the season. the pats traded for defensive back eric rowe of the eagles, strengthening the secondary before they go against carson palmer this week. and speaking of quarterbacks, jimmy garoppolo was asked how things are going without tom brady around. >> it is a smoother operation. it is just me and jacoby. we kind of know e question. but it is what it is. reporter: the big day is almost here. the new unh football stadium will be open for business on saturday night when the wildcats host holy cross at 7:00 p.m. until then, unh is practicing and working to improve from week to week. they are coming off a 31-0 loss to a very good san diego state team. we asked the coach what he
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>> we have kids that are going to compete. we kept the game in front of us. we tackled very well. kept a great running back under 100 yards. we have to do a better job of being more physical on the offensive line. the quarterback has to slow down a little bit. when we did the things we needed to, we did some good things. reporter: a limited number of tickets remain for saturday night. anniversary of the school team. tom: tnk you. jennifer: sounds good. right now on, we all kno the traditional glazed or frosted doughnuts. check out the 21 coolest doughnuts in the country. tom: tune in for new hampshire chronicle following world news.
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tonight, the new shooting caught on camera in a city under siege. a 71-year-old man shot while simply watering his lawn. his neighbor's camera capturing his struggle to then get help. and now the plea this evening to find the suspects. also tonight, the deadly storm. we're tracking the tropical system moving ac hours. and the severe storms now ahead. the commander in chief test. donald trump, who once said he had a secret plan to take out isis. his big reveal tonight. and after our interview, trump saying hillary clinton doesn't look presidential, tonight, chelsea clinton, center stage, firing back. the deadly mid-air collision. two planes colliding, the second time in a week. and the spoiler. what amazon posted early today


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