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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 8, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EDT

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off in our latest granite state debate. the hot topics less than one week before the primary. >> this will give an opportunity for the people of the country to weigh in. >> we've got to reject hillary clinton and senator ayotte. mike: quite muggy right now and the humidity sticks around as temps head higher the next couple of days. how warm it could get. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. news tonight, plaistow police confirm to news9 they are investigating the death of a student from timberlane regional high school. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. the principal says the junior died from a drug overdose around midnight. her name has not been released. jean mackin is joining us from the high school in plaistow with the latest developments.
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tell the students a member of their junior class died . the principal of timberlane regional high school sent a letter home to parents, telling them he had to share some sad news. the death of a female student in the junior class here. in the letter, donald woodworth wrote, the death was the result of a drug overdose. the school counselors and administrators are providing support for those who express a need. should your student exhibit any signs or difficulty or if you we should know about, please call administration or guidance. while the school superintendent also tells news9 the student died of a drug overdose, not mentioning any specific drug or location. plaistow police will only confirm they are investigating. they are not releasing the circumstances surrounding the student's death yet and on the high school's website, advice is posted on how to cope with loss, along with
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the principal here says classes and activities will go on as planned. police tell us we can expect more information from them, tomorrow. live in plaistow jean mackin wmur news9. shelley new tonight, : manchester police have just identified a suspect in connection with an armed robbery that sent an 81-year-old man to the hospital. they are now looking for 20-year-old thomas ford junior. investigators say he robbed the han's food mart on maptr wmur's cherise leclerc is live at the store tonight. >> he is recovering after being badly hurt, as you mentioned. he is a focal point of the community. they are now just hoping for a speedy recovery. disbelief that a well-known and
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his own business. >> the first thing that went through my mind was, i hope he is ok. he is in our prayers. >> han's food mart was a crime scene wednesday afternoon. investigators sticking around for more than 5 hours after the initial call came in collecting evidence. the store owner was sent to the hospital with seriouin the entire ordeal has people here wondering who could be behind the violent robbery. >> it's a little nerve-racking, to be honest. i hope they catch him. >> within the last hour, manchester police identified their suspect. he is 5'10", 145 pounds, with lack hair and hazel eyes. police say he was armed with a semiautomatic weapon and got
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i hope he is ok. i really do. >> police were interviewing han at the hospital earlier this evening. they hope to get more answers to piece this altogether. in the meantime, if anyone has information on the suspect, they are urged to call police. live in manchester, cherise leclerc, wmur news 9. tom: two manchester police officers who were shot in the line of duty in may are fully recovered and returned to work two weeks ago. officers ryan hardy and matt pursuit of a suspect on second and ferry streets. the incident closed several schools and prompted shelter in place order for several streets. hardy was shot in the face and shoulder and o'conner was shot in the leg. they both work the midnight shift and requested no fanfare. >> i do know that the community is emotionally invested in their recovery and it's meant a lot to me and the department so i was hoping to offer the community
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humble officers they are they just wanted to come in quietly and that's what they've done. tom: the alleged gunman ian macpherson is being held pending trial on capital attempted murder charges. now to commitment 2016, just under a week for the state primary here in new hampshire. shelley: tonight, we hosted our right here on wmur, the republican candidates for u.s. senate faced off. tom: political director josh mcleveen just moderated tonight's debate. but first political reporter adam sexton joins us now with a recap of tonight's debate. >> a lot of different dynamics in play in this debate, as you have an outspoken climate change activist trying to unseat an incumbent senator who would rather spend her time and resources battling someone else. >> i started life on the bottom, and i've learned a lot from the school of hard knocks. >> jim rubens spent wednesday night's granite state debate
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kelly ayotte into his rough and tumble classroom. ayotte did her best to sidestep rubens and pivot to her likely opponent in november. >> when we look at things like the disastrous iran deal that, unfortunately, governor maggie hassan supports. >> ayotte and rubens say the iran deal is proof democrats shouldn't have the white house, or new hampshire's other u.s. senate seat. >> you give hostage payments to the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and guess what? they took 3 more american hostages. by the obama administration have been abysmal. probably the worst negotiations we've seen in many, many years. >> rubens repeatedly tied ayotte to hillary clinton, and even stretched to compare her to elected democrats in new hampshire. >> bipartisan capitulation doesn't work. she's got an 'f' from conservative review. she's got a 27 she votes like annie kuster, a liberal democrat in the 2nd cd. >> for her part, ayotte didn't seem to mind being called bipartisan.
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first appointed by a republican governor, twice re-appointed by a democratic governor, and i worked across the aisle then on getting things done to keep the people of new hampshire safe. this is part of my dna. >> both candidates also say they'd cap their ability to fight for their principles in the senate by imposing term limits. >> i have self-imposed a two-term limit on myself. i have actively traveled around the company promoting the term limits plan. >> i think two terms in the senate. >> that could eventually become a big story for senator ayotte if she wins this year. as she noted, she is not thinking beyond 2016 at the moment. tom: wmur political director josh mcelveen moderated tonight's debate and joins us live. shelley: what do you think was the biggest take away of the
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josh: jim rubens is a big underdog. he needed a number of things to happen, he needed a hugely memorable moment while senator ayotte had to have a monumental gaffe. that really didn't happen. while trying to paint himself as a hard-core conservative and trying to appeal to the antiestablishment voting block out there. the general election of opponent maggie hassan? josh: a lot of the time, she was fending off attacks from jim rubens. she did what she could, but again, jim rubens was very
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this race suffer any major damage? josh: i would say no, she was discipline throughout but toward the end of the debate, she seemed to have enough of the attacks and started challenging a little bit. if it had gone more than five minutes, who knows what would have happened. it is an election cycle and the unexpected seems to be the norm. tom: our granite state debates nt second congressional district. on friday, the first congressional district candidates take it on. >> find more on the politics page of our website, also we have complete information on how to vote, including finding your polling place, voter i.d. rules, and how to register on tuesday. tom: breaking news from lebanon,
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to a serious crash. state police are not releasing any details on how many vehicles or people might the involved in that crash. stay with us for the latest information as it becomes available. the driver in a deadly pizza shop restaurant now facing charges. shelley: the charges that man was indicted of just months after he killed two people. tom: and, the presidential candidates taking the stage tonight. the hot topics in tonight's commander in chief forum.
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tom: new tonight, the driver in a deadly crash into a massachusetts restaurant has been indicted. shelley: 55-year-old bradford casler is now charged with two counts of motor vehicle homicide and operating to endanger. two people were killed when the car crashed into sweet tomatoes in newton earlier this year. the victims, 32-year-old gregory morin, a derryfield school graduate and 57-year-old eleanor mee-lee. tonight, mee-lee's mother reacted to the indictment. >> i don't say, i don't even. happened. i don't feel anger. i don't know what anger is. shelley: seven people including casler were hurt in the crash. tom: the state supreme court will hear the appeal from remi gross-santos. the teenager convicted of hitting two women with his car. in his appeal, his attorneys want to re-visit whether the court made a mistake in the way it applied assault charges. and whether the judge should have allowed evidence about his marijuana use. oral arguments are set for
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facing a drunk driving charge after crashing her car in bedford last night. police say the driver was going north on hardy road when she crashed into the woods. 56-year-old deborah bullard of londonderry is charged with driving while intoxicated. officers say they found empty bottles of alcohol inside the car. bullard and a passenger were taken to a hospital and treated for their injuries. this man is facing three felony charges after hampton police say he was driving drunk and crashed. cameron of epping crashed into two cars in the area of ashworth and bragg avenue sunday night and then left the scene. police say a woman was seriously hurt in the crash. cameron was later found and charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated and conduct after an accident. tom: just in tonight, sources tell abc news that u.s. swimmer and olympic gold medalist ryan lochte is expected to be suspended. sources say it would be a 10
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32-year-old would miss the 2017 world swimming championship. this comes after the swimmer apologized for telling a exaggerated story about being held up at gunpoint in rio during the summer olympics last month. shelley: now to the race for the white house, tonight, the democratic and republican presidential nominees took the stage in an nbc news forum. hillary clinton defended her handling of classified information as secretary of state. insisting she did not jeopardize national security. military leaders and suggested he would shake up the military's top ranks if he wins. both nominees were asked about their plans to defeat isis. clinton outlined her plans. while trump remained vague about his. >> we are going to work to make sure that they have the support, they have the support, that has special forces, as you know. they have enablers. they have surveillance and
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troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> i have a very substantial chance of winning and making america great again. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plans are. shelley: the candidates took questions from audience of veterans and active-duty troops. tonight, fbi director james comey is defending the release of documents from its probe into hillary clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state. friday because the bureau promised transparency. he also says more documents will be released. the fbi opted not to recommend criminal charges against clinton. tom: apple unveiled it's latest version of the i-phone today. the i-phone 7 and iphone 7 plus come with changes, as expected, apple removed the jack for standard headphones. apple's iconic white earbuds will now connect with the phone's lightning port. but apple will include an
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people in the world who do have some analog, old devices out there. so we've also made this, it's an adaptor, lightning, to miniphono audio adaptor. and we're going to include that in the box with every iphone 7 and 7 plus as well. tom: among the other features, the new i-phones are water resistant, and come in new shades of black. they also have improved cameras. >> now, mike haddad with your storm watch nine forecast. mike: you never know when you want to take a nice photo out there. now we are seeing time lapse photos out of the coast which doesn't offer much of a change from our to our. you notice low clouds and fog, the drizzle and missed locked in their at the shore. partially due to the remnants of
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of new england and still remains there this hour. the temperatures up to 80 degrees, the record is 96 set way back in 1881. 60's and low 70's, the dew points are still up. the temperatures in dew points close to the same at the coast and in a few other spots. visibility has come down a little bit. at the shore. it will feel back in at other times. watch out for the visibility to dam in spots as we go through the overnight stretch. not a big fall from here on out because we have overcast skies. humidity is up so we only go back up a couple of degrees in many spots.
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rise in a big way tomorrow afternoon and into the day on friday, possibly not as hot over the weekend but still quite warm. then we get into a fall feel as we go into early next week. here are the remnants of hermine, continuing to weaken but the circulation still continuing to rotate south of new england. the front back in the great lakes gets a little closer and a subtle motion off outta here by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. the best bet for show chance will be tomorrow night, full sun on friday and a toasty day with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. possibly near 90 in a couple of areas. low clouds again for tonight, it will brighten up in the afternoon. clouds will give way to partial sunshine in northern and western
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the fog and low clouds may not part and in the shower and thunderstorm chance built-in tomorrow night. we really could use the rain, but cannot promise too much out of this front. behind it it dries out big time. look at the clearing taking over for friday. that's when temperatures go into the upper 80's. saturday, partial sunshine, and afternoon shower, possible mid 80's and sunday there could be an early morning shower or thunder shower cin a beautiful stretch next week. a little below average, refreshing fall like temperatures at night.
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they hosted post tonight at the derryfield school. a bird flew into a transformer. 1st tobias esche in front of the net gets it back to louka masset who puts it in the top right corner for a goal. 1-0 snhu. ryan reynolds has a wide open net and misses left. a hat trick for ryann bukemia, another player from france. 4-0 snhu. no word on the condition of that bird tonight but i'm guessing it is not good. now to the nightly playoff chase in the american league east division. the red sox, blue jays, and orioles are all fighting for first place. the sox are on the field at the san diego padres right now. looking good in the bottom of the seven, up by three runs with david price pitching well. travis shaw with a 2 run homer and 3 rbi. dustin pedroia with a 2 run double. this is the end of their road trip out west. the sox play at the toronto blue
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starlin castro with a solo home run to get the yankees on the board. they sweep toronto, so a red sox win moves them into sole possession of first place. red sox play at the blue jays friday night. an afternoon game for the orioles at the rays. 2-1 orioles. but tampa would takes the lead when nick franklin 2-run homers to right center. they go on to sox in first place right now. if they hold on to win, all the teams under them would add another half game. the patriots are jimmy's team now, at least for the first four games. quarterback jimmy garoppolo talked to the media today. he was asked what tom brady said to him before brady left on his suspension. >> it wasn't anything crazy, just goodbye and good luck,
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he is very supportive of us, and we appreciate that. jamie college football saturday : on wmur. michigan plays at noon, ohio state at 3:30. take against tennessee, all those games live on abc9. the big day is almost here. the new unh football stadium will until then, unh is practicing and working to improve from week to week. they are coming off a 31-0 loss to a very good san diego state team. we asked coach what he learned about his team out west. >> we have kids are going to compete. we cap ball for the most part, we tackled very well, played physical enough to keep a great running back over 100 yards. we got to do a better job of being more physical in the
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things we need to do, we did some good things out there. jamie: there are still a few remaining tickets for that. friday night football. getting ready for week #2. 17 games around the state. concord at salem should be a good game. join us friday night. david ortiz on or the padres game tonight. he uses the least for the rest of his life. he was given a surf board by the padres. tom: still to con. shelley: honesty is always the
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oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; voting for big oil. us. dscc is responsible for
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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tom: tonight, the hundred club of new hampshire celebrated 50 years. shelley: the organization offers scholarships and financial assistance to the widows and children of granite state law enforcement officers and firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
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>> you if it is hands on deck's. that is so much of who we are. and you help us come together and support each other, and you do it in a way that makes sure we are always paying tribute to our fallen heroes and their families. shelley: the hundred club has distributed over $240,000 in the past two years alone. the honesty of one rochester boy paid off in his favor. 7-year-old breyden wentworth found a 100 dollar bill earlier this year and turned it in. after trying to find the owner and waiting the required time, police gave breyden a check for $100. officers say breyden showed a high degree of moral character and integrity. shelley: good job. a lot of people trying to make plans for the weekend. mike: it is looking good. a slight chance of the shower


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