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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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investigators remain on a very busy scene four days after the call came in. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. the woman's death is now considered a homicide and we are officially learning her name. wmur's cherise leclerc is live at the scene where this investigation is active and ongoing. reporter: that's right. 51-year-old joe an boucher has been identified as the victim, neighbor d still in disbelief that this is happening right across the street. investigators are still on the scene, continuing to process it. nearly four days after boucher was found dead. the attorney general's office confirming to us today that this was in fact a homicide. news 9 spoke to the victim's ex-husband on the phone, the day boucher's body was found. he says he and boucher built this home roughly 20 years ago but they've been separated for self years.
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neighbors we spoke with today say it still hasn't quite sunk in that boucher is gone. >> she's been a good influence in any life, very sunshiny and bright. reporter: those neighbors also telling us that a man was living here with boucher at the time of her death, but the attorney generals office has not commented on that yet, and have not told us the cause of h investigate. josh: a man is behind bars after a robbery and assault that sent an 81-year-old store owner to the hospital. manchester police arrested 20-year-old thomas ford jr. this morning, they say he had a hand gun during the robbery. wmur's andy hershberger is live at the store with more on how officers tracked him down. reporter: josh, the man who police say robbed and assaulted the owner of this market on maple street is in custody
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as he went to work this morning in hooksett. he is charged with armed robbery and first degree assault. manchester police say they were called to hans food mart yesterday afternoon, there they found an 81-year-old who appeared to have been beaten, police say the victim was pistol whipped before money was taken, and the victim's injuries were nonlife threatening. >> this morning he was taken into custody by the of elo any weather change is a d for us. mike: you know you're going to be out of the drought when you see the steady rain falling. if not minutes. jean: with the extreme drought spreading, so are the problems the drought is causing and like many farmers the long-time owners of la valle farm are working day and night to get produce to their farm stand. that's where we find suzanne roantree tonight. reporter: crystal valley along
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combined they've probably pumped about a million gallons of water for local rivers to irrigate their fields. this year alone, they have pumped altogether 3.7 million gallons of water already to get what is in the field to their farm stand. in the 10 years that danielle and chris la valle have owned the farm stand and the land that supports it, they say they've never had so many expenses
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for it. >> to pick corn it normal a licks two or three hours, now it six six or seven, also irrigation expense, we've had to buy fuel for that, we've had to buy new irrigation equipment. reporter: this summer's drought is taking a toll on them physically as well. >> all summer chris has been up every three or four hours at the field, moving the irrigation, refueling it. it's been brutal for him, because he also h day. reporter: the farm's onion crop usually yields between 12 to 15,000 pounds. >> so that would be two to 300 of these bins. reporter: this year the same field yielded just three bins of onion, many of them sub sad in quality. for 12 weeks straight they planted cucumber plants to assure a steady harvest throughout the season. the drought squashed that. >> we got boo the really dry spells, the transplants weren't able to survive when we planted them.
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the rows, so that's decreased our yield substantially. reporter: not only has it affected the amount of produce but also the taste. >> they're not the flavors that you get in the local cucumbers, because the soils that make our keuks and corn and tomatoes all really taste good. reporter: chris says while the farmers in the state are very close knit and they've been working throughout the summer to brin stores and to farm stands, but he says that he hopes that when it does come time for a new hampshire shoppers to buy their produce that they do think local farmers. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. josh: now to commitment 2016 coverage and tonight is night number three of the granite state debates, the republican candidates in the second congressional district going head to head here in the studio b of our wmur studios. it will be state representative
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rep jim lawrence. these two have been in the game for a while, but their name i.d. isn't very high. i'm joined by john distaso who will be paying close attention to this debate. for these two guys, largely this is their introduction to a statewide audience. >> yes. they have very low name recognition, they're nonl known only in concord and the southern tier where they're from, and it's time for them to get the voters to get to know them a little bit. they are striking distance of the incumbent, democrat annie kuster who is going for a third they went. she has no primary opposition. josh: there's no frontrunner, this might be the tightest primary race in the field. >> yes, this is the one that's really truly not callable, if you will at this point in time a few days out. and tonight is going to be so important for both of them.
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their vote, lawrence is more of a conservative, flanagan is more of a moderate and has is currently in concord and they both have a base. josh: there's plenty of issues that are important to talk about tonight and get their positions. we'll talk more about that at 6:00 tonight. of course you can watch all the previous debates any time you'd like on our website and mobile app. we've broken them down by question so you can getht most, and that can be found at jean: it's attack and counterattack in the presidential campaign trail. hillary clinton and donald trump today offering fiery criticism of each other after both were in the hot seat at a town hall last night. and as wmur's sally kidd tells us, hillary clinton just held her first news conference in nine months. reporter: jean, the democratic nominee took questions for about 15 minutes and she spent most of
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opponent. in a rare news conference, hillary clinton blasted donald trump's comments during last night's nbc news commander in chief forum. >> he trash talked american generals. he attacked dozens of former flag officers. bizarrely, once again, he praised russia's strong man, vladimir putin. reporter: later driving home the point at a rally in north carolina. >> it is scary, it is dangerous. reporter: the trump camp cd unhinged and dishonest. >> she's got to get her act together. reporter: in ohio the republican nominee hammered clinton over her e-mail scandal. >> her staff destroyed some of her 13 different phones, but this time with a hammer. reporter: and he slammed her record as secretary of state. >> trigger happy hillary, and her failed career, produce ruin in libya, iraq and syria.
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quinnipiac swing state poll has the race tied in florida and very close in ohio and north carolina. >> north carolina is somewhat of a bell weather. trump needs to win north carolina for him told have a chance at winning the election. reporter: national polls also showing a tight race with just 60 days to go. the candidates will face one another on the debate stage for the first time on september 26 in new york. in washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. josh: now to new hampshire's crisis of addiction, the new deadly overdose numbers, so far this year there have been 241 drug deaths. more than half of them are fentanyl related. there are an additional 91 cases still awaiting toks cold results. meanwhile, senator shaheen is introducing a new bill to fight the state's opioid crisis, carl's law would require medication to include a warning label if a prescription drug does contain opiates. it's named in honor of carl messinger, he was battling
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causing him to relapse and ultimately overdose. jean: traffic watch time, let's see how things are moving tonight. we'll start with live pictures in manchester looking over 293 near exit 5. looks pretty good here. josh: peggy james joins us with a live look at the road home. peggy: good evening. overall it is a pretty good ride so far coming up from the massachusetts border. you have your usual slowdown through the windham constructn pretty well once you get up to derry and all the way up to 293 in manchester which checks out okay north and south through the city. easy ride up to 93 through hooksett and to concord, but you'll be on the brakes between exits 12 and 13 in concord. also seeing heavy traffic on 202 eastbound between chichester and epsom. 101 west is sluggish. the everett turnpike volume is picking up through merrimack on the northbound side between
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the beach. there is some paving going on, route 33 between stratham and greenland that's had things backed up in both directions throughout the day. and it's stop and go on the spaulding turnpike north through newington and portsmouth. i'm peggy james. josh: next at 5:00, a horrible act of violence caught on surveillance, an elderly man shot while watering his lawn. now a reward is being jean: there is relief in one part of the country tonight, a man who police say targeted drivers in a shooting spree is behind bars. mike: the latest front to move on there does mean a shower or storm for some as we go through tonight. a timeline ahead. >> a statue sitting outside this v.f.w. in salem has been stolen, we'll show you what it looks like and how you can help get it
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are graduating debt free, while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on? she voted to cut funding for pell grants and all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign. kelly ayotte: working for the special interests, not on our side. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. josh: right now a texas high school freshman is dead after allegedly shooting a fellow student this morning on school
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the incident happened in alpine which is just south of el paso. police say the injured 14-year-old who was shot was able to run and get help. investigators now are still trying to determine a motive. jean: we have new information this evening on the disturbing attack of a 71-year-old chicago man who was shot while watering his lawn. josh: officials say fred -- was shot when over his wallet. two men riding bikes shove him to the ground and fires at him before rifling through his pockets looking for his wallet. >> it's absolutely ridiculous, you're not even safe in your own yard. josh: the man was able to stagger to a neighbor's door for help. he's listed in fair condition. neighbors and police are going door to door looking for information regarding this shooting and a $1,000 reward has been offered for tips. josh: there is relief at this
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man they believe was behind a random string of roadway shootings. josh: dan yeah bacchus has more. reporter: in san jose, california, the fear has subsided. >> it's been really nerve wracking, all of our friends, our family live close by. we have our kids in the car, just not knowing what was going on. reporter: police saying this m targets drivers along this stretch of blossom hill road. out of 10 shootings, four drivers were hit. it was lewis' arrest for another crime that led police to him. >> being thorough they got a search warrant, searched his house, found a weapon, and then matched that weapon to shell casings found at their scenes. >> we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to catch this suspect. reporter: in phoenix the search
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wounded in nine shootings between march and july. police there released a sketch of had they are calling a serial street shooter. his youngest victim, a 12-year-old girl murdered while sitting in a car with her mother and another woman who also died. >> no one the this community deserves to live in fear, and this is an entire community issue. reporter: in phoenix law enforcement has upped the reward for information leading to an arrest to $75,000. they are knows the killer will come forward. josh: victims of a tornado in indiana are not getting any help from the federal government. officials say the damage does not meet the criteria for federal assistance, although homes were destroyed, there's not enough damage or people without insurance that need the help. fema says there are several local organizations ready to provide support to those who do need it. mike: quite a few low clouds,
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back into partial sunshine this afternoon and temperatures really responding nicely. one spot that did not see the bright skies, right at the coast, take a look at this scene out there, locked in with the overcast skies, a little bit of drizzle, the fog, and temperatures nowhere close to the 80's like we're seeing inland. it stuck in the upper 60's right now at the beaches. bright skies, yes, in manchester but also here from our live web cam network in dublin with a few scattered clouds and temperatures nice and warm. the northeast, at least in new england. there are some showers and storms back to the west, we'll track that and ahead of that front 84, the official high so far in concord, the average 76. the report 96, set way back in 1872. in terms of shower and storm chances, here we go, we've got a few of them lined up from burlington, vermont stretching through central and southern new york state. as that line approaches, new
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a thunderstorm especially northern and western locales. so from the upper valley, great north woods and monadnock region. first to move in about 7:30 to 8:00 and later than that elsewhere in new hampshire. some severe storms back to the west a couple of hours ago, but these are showing signs of weakening. having said that, can't rule out an isolated strong storm, especially in the monadnock region, somewhere right around the 8:00 time frame. here's a look att notice how they approach future cast here, painting a complete dissipation of the storms. but as we go through the rest of the evening, a couple of scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm can't be ruled out anywhere. tomorrow we start off with low clouds and fog, similar to what we had today, even a little warmer, and then right into full sunshine for the afternoon. even at the coastline where you'll have a lot of low clouds in the morning and then plenty of sun the the afternoon. with that sun temperatures will
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of southern new hampshire. as for the here and now, notice at the pease trade port 76, only but 6 at hampton beach. on average 70's and lower 80's elsewhere. dew points are up, so it certainly feels the part of summer with the muggy feel lingering over new hampshire. and those dew points actually rise tonight into tomorrow morning, before dipping later tomorrow afternoon. overnight tonight not a big temperature fall, 60's and 70's. tomorrow all of this summer heat but still remain quite warm and slightly unsettled. we're talking about a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm coming in for saturday and possibly another one sunday morning. but many dry hours for both saturday and especially sunday afternoon, nice fall feel for monday. slightly milder on tuesday and wednesday. after a storm comes through on wednesday afternoon. it looks like a classic fall feel builds in for thursday and
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josh: it is back to school time. so next some tips for parents on how to keep your kid healthy as they return to the germ filled classroom. jean: then the fight against zika is at a critical point with new cases and a battle over
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means more visits to the doctor. children get the cold or flu an average of eight to 12 times per school year. some of the worst hot zones for germs are water fountains. they're germier than toilet seats and don't get disinfected as often. cafeteria trays also breed germ meals and food often comes into direct contact. anything shared among students, desks, art supplies, sports equipment, spreads germs. but there are a few things parents can do to stave off diseas make sure children get enough rest. sleep deprivation lowers the immune system appears billity to fight off infection. a good dieet and exercise also word off disease. hand washing using soap and
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jean: this picture is going viral, nothing is going to stop this 5-year-old named royce from saying the pledge of allegiance. he was late for school in santa fe, texas when he stopped outside the front door to put his hand on his heart for the plenty and bowed his head for a silent prayer. his mom snapped this photo and posted it on facebook and now the whole world is seeing it. josh: pretty cool indeed. stay right there for another half-hour of damagers of distracted driving and how looking away for a second can be deadly. josh: and the extra security at disneyworld to cut down on ticket fraud. jean: check out this chum church mung at a bird feeder. chipmunk at a bird feeder. oil wells in new hampshire?
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ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; voting for big oil. not working for us. dscc is responsible for
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> to me it just broke my heart, i thought that was so low to do to veterans. jean: now at 5:30, the message to the thief who made off with a
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salem's v.f.w. and looked just like this. josh: tonight health experts are calling it a critical time in the fight against zika, new cases prompting fresh concerns. mike: temperatures really take off, a look at the weekend and some changes heading our way. jean: plus the iconic flag that was raised at ground zero on september 11 is returned, after disappearing for more than a decade. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9t josh: seems a statue has been stolen from a v.f.w. in salem, looks just like this one, a southern kneeling at a fellow soldier's grave. welcome back. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. as kristen carosa tells us, the v.f.w. was to give the thief a chance to return it, no questions asked. reporter: the statue was placed here two years ago and means a lot to the veterans that come to
5:30 pm
they're hoping the person who stole it brings it back. >> a soldier in uniform, wearing his helmet. report george mcclain was the one who fought to buy the statue to honor their fallen brothers and sisters and he picked the perfect location to place it. >> i thought that would be perfect for the v.f.w., it's a soldier on one knee in front of a crucifix. reporter: it stood on a pedestal on the walkway to the building's entrance so as people passed buy they could pay their respects. >> it all of a sudden last friday the statue is gone. reporter: the building does have surveillance cameras but the walkway is in a blind spot so there's no way of knowing who did it. now veterans belonging to the v.f.w. are confused as to why someone would steal it. >> how can anybody be that low to take something that's that valuable to us? >> we have our memories and mementos, and something like that being the symbol that it was is important to these guys.
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roughly 70 pounds and is close to 2 feet tall. the group has spread the word around town, they've also notified the police department. >> i you this it's despicable that somebody would come to the v.f.w. to take one of their statues out here, that is there in honor of our veterans. the whole thing is rather senseless any way. why would you take that statue, it belongs here with the veterans. reporter: the chief says if the person responsible is caught they will be charged with a miss defeehan mean or and could a fine. >> maybe it's a prank, maybe it's fun, but if they bring it back we're not going to ask any questions, we just want it back. reporter: the salem police chief is asking that if anyone spots the statue to call the department right away. jean: a wolfeboro man is facing a felony charge for allegedly robbing a grocery store in east wakefield. wakefield police charged 20-year-old connor mcloan with
5:32 pm
friday in connection to a robry on august 31. he's scheduled to be back in court september 15 for a hearing. josh: now to new developments in the fight against zika. we are learning tonight that new patients including pregnant women are being diagnosed. officials say it's critical to control the spread now. marci gonzalez brings us up to date. reporter: health officials confirming 80 pregnant women have now tested positive for the zika virus and they are now treating a second baby born -- >> if public health gets the job done now, then next spring or summer we're going to see far fewer babies who are affected. if they don't get the job done, next spring and summer it could
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efforts to prevent the spread of the virus which has already been contracted locally by at least 56 people in florida. protests in miami beach over plans to do aerial spraying to kill mosquitoes that carry zika. >> concern that now there's going to be considerably potential to be worse than contracting the zika. reporter: doctors insisting spraying is a safe effective method, as they wash of new virus. >> we're finding more features than just -- eye problems and other problems as these children grow. reporter: those doctors add the long-term effects still aren't known. meanwhile, despite the protests, aerial mosquito spraying in
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jean: a high tech device designed to teach the dangers of distracted driving is in the state for the next few days. the virtual reality car recreates real world situations that can distract driving. officials say distracted driving used to be the number two cause of fatal crashes in new hampshire. after the distracted driving law passed in 2015, it dropped to number six. the simulator shows looking a way for just a second can be somehow we're different, we're better, we're safer than the average driver, and we are not going to be the one to cause a crash whether we're distracted or not. and that's so wrong. and this helps to drive home that message that any one of us at any time while we're distracted can cause or be in a crash. jean: the simulator will be at spaulding high school tomorrow and in londonderry on saturday.
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on capitol hill held a moment of silence to heb those who died in the attack. the official number, 2,996 people were killed on september 11, 2001. a flag embodying the nation's perseverance in its darkest hour is now back in new york after disappearing from ground zero nearly 15 years ago. the flag went on display today at the 9/11 museum. it was turned into a police station in washington 3,000 miles away from its home. jean: two beams of light were projected into the new york city sky last night ahead of the 15th anniversary of the attacks. more than 80 search lights are placed right next to the world trade center site to create two vertical columns of light in remembrance of those killed and injured in the attacks. tonight we're getting our first look at the design of the new performing arts center at the world trade center site.
5:36 pm
$75 million for this project. the 900 square foot center will include works of dance, opera, music and theater. barbara stries an has just been announced as the new chair woman. josh: the show, matter of fact, returns for its second season on wmur with a new host, soledad o'brien. she says her goal is to examine political issues in a way that >> i think what we'll do is expand our conversations, open up the show to really elevate the different voices that maybe haven't gotten a lot of coverage. josh: that's this sunday morning at 10:30, right after closeup at 10:00. jean: a new recall tonight
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mazda owners. josh: we are spending more than we ever have on brand new cars. jean: and lines to get into disney could get longer. mike: the weekend just about here, after a hot friday will the summer linger into saturday
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are graduating debt free, while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on?
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at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign. kelly ayotte: working for the special interests, not on our side. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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josh: that is the new magiver, could use a paper clip. not a good day on wall street though. dow jones lost 46 points, s&p 500 down almost five and the nasdaq also down 24. right now americans are borrowing more than they ever have to pay for their cars. jean: but many art paying back the loans on time. outstanding car loans $1 trillion between april 1 and june 30, that also happened in the first quarter of this year. overdue payments are also on the rise, more people are leasing vehicles, but experts say that could mean poor resale rates at the end of the leases. if you own a mazda, there is a recall tonight. the car maker is recalling more than 759,000 vehicles because the rear hatches can fall on people. mazda says the corrosion protection coating applied to
5:41 pm
sufficient and can core road -- corrode and break. josh: shares of nintendo jumped 29% and the gaming company is adding several titles to apple's lineup including pokemon go reality game, that goes on the apple watch, and super mario run, an endless runner style game on the iphone. if you are a gamer, sony is show the play station 4 pro. this latest version can play games on ultra high resolution, and hdr televisions. sony says the console is designed for serious gamers and it costs about $600, and will compete with the x box score why system. jean: serious gamers only. tonight the happiest place on earth is taking new steps to cut down on ticket fraud.
5:42 pm
entering walt disney world in florida. older guests have already been scanning that are fingers to prevent people from sharing tickets. the system scan is a finger and converts the image into a numerical value that's tied to that ticket. right now this is not being used at disneyland. josh: up next, the big catch made out of a high school. josh: plus these baseball players were batting more than explain. josh: in sports, three days until the patriots open their season. tom: coming up at 6:00, new information about the death of a woman in danville, investigators are now confirming that this is a homicide case as crews spend on the day at the scene. and arrested as he showed up for work this morning, police atake this man into custody for the robbery and assault of a store
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narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers 90% of the time. she takes millions from wall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda before everyday families. higher drug prices and cutbacks to our medicare. so, think about it: new hampshire can choose the special interests' senator with kelly ayotte... or a people's senator, for a change. i'm maggie hassan
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jean: former nfl quarterback tim tebow will try his hand at professional baseball. josh: he signed a minor league deal with the new york melts, he's now 29 years old and hasn't played competitive baseball since high school. hasn't played football either since 2012 with the jets, but he announced his decision to try bail back in august. >> no red sox game today, so it's all about football.
5:46 pm
patriots' season kicks off. they will play at the arizona cardinals on sunday night football. the gronk took center stage at practice today, revealing he is still suffering from the hamstring injury he injured himself against the bears at practice. he was asked what the chances are he will play. >> i can put a personal on it, just feeling better every day. we'll all get together, collaborate and see where i'm at. >> he'll be out there, we all know that. the nfl season kicks off tonight with a super bowl rematch, the carolina panthers against the denver broncos, cam newton, against the quarterback that replaces peyton manning, trevor trevor -- carolina is the favorite in this one. tomorrow night week two of friday night football, 17 games around the great state including the little green at the lancers,
5:47 pm
st. thomas and pelham as well, should be a fun night, a lot of games to cover. josh: football is back, but baseball is still here. in fact, bugs, major problem last night for the players in the game between the astros and indians. jean: a huge swarm of buggings started fighting the players on the field and left them distracted while they were trying to swat at them. a bug even flew into the pitchers eye causing the pitcher to mess up the pitch the indians went onto defeat the astros 6-5. josh: authorities in florida were finally able to capture a huge alligator, it was wandering close to a middle school. officials were able to trap the reptile with the help from wild life conservationists. they have received callthis particular alligator before but hadn't been able to track it
5:48 pm
higher before we get to the end of this week or right at the end of the week tomorrow and there will be a few changes too for the weekend. take a look at our web cam network, where the joseph cast skies are in. it is quite sticky but warm in many spots, out there in the monadnock region from rindge, the hazy appearance, a little partial sun, quite a few clouds and a couple of showers approaching from the west, as we look ahead there is a chance of a couple of showers, maybe a spots tonight. unfortunately not enough to help out with the extreme drought. clouds to sun and hot on friday. we're making a run close to 9 # degrees in many spots south of the lakes region, even at the coast. then we get to the weekend which will offer sun, some clouds, couple of shower chances and temperatures not as hot, but still mild and warm as we go
5:49 pm
you notice how the showers break up in central areas, and then some strong storms around albany and points north and west. a good chance that one or two may survive the trip into the monadnock region, around 8:00 this evening. however, the tendency is for these storms to weaken a little. so can't promise a whole lot of rain as the front moves on through. as we advance through the evening again, that chance of a shower or thunderstorm first around 8:00 in the upper valley and the monadnock rn, tomorrow morning quite a few clouds early, but then quickly by mid to rate morning into the afternoon a lot of sunshine will develop, the winds turn around to the west northwest and that will dry us out significantly. so with a lot of sun coming in here we're looking for a very humid start, then the dew points will dip during the afternoon. right now 70's and 80's, still above the average except right at the coast where the fog is filling back in.
5:50 pm
statewide with the dew point on average in the mid 60's. but notice how it jumps tomorrow morning, up into the tropical humid range, right around 70 degrees. then the dew point will dip a little bit, later on in the afternoon, but the heat will be up near 90 plus. slightly humid over the weekend, not as tropical as we'll have out there tomorrow morning, but still a little bit sticky for the weekend. overnight tonight only 60's and lower 70's. a very warm sta clears with sun for friday, notice another system back to the west gets close and that moves in for saturday with times of sun, times of clouds and a passing shower or thundershower. another bet of a shower or storm later saturday night into sunday morning. we could use a lot more rain than we're going to get out of these, unfortunately they're more scattered in nature rather than a widespread rain, and i don't see a widespread rain event around here for some time.
5:51 pm
and of course we're going to talk much more about that at 6:00. josh: up next, we were there for the arrival. jean: as a new exhibit rolled into the mcauliffe shepherd discovery center in concord. >> a new level of excitement for u.n.h. football. i'm jennifer crompton in durham with a tour of the new wildcat
5:52 pm
woman: the executive council voted along party lines, striking down more than $639,000 to planned parenthood locations. when republican politicians cut planned parenthood, it was devastating. birth control, cancer screenings -- they were all cut back. plunkett: it was colin van ostern who got that funding restored and helped expand medicaid, too. i'm colin van ostern. health insurance. that's why, as governor,
5:53 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax.
5:54 pm
you can read the plan here. jean: scientists at nasa are trying to stop an asteroid from colliding with the earth more than a century from now. today nasa launched a space probe to chase down an asteroid they say could some day hit earth. the probe is s 2018. it will create a map of the asteroid surface, take pictures and samples and bring them all back to earth. the mcauliffe shepherd discovery center in concord will be opening a new exhibit tomorrow morning. josh: this experimental airplane was delivered this morning, it was donated by a woman whose late husband had been building
5:55 pm
officials hope the youngsters who sit in the cockpit will get excited about aviation. >> one wing has the skin on it, one wing will still be metal and wood so that kids will understand what is inside an airplane, so they'll be able to climb up in it, steer it, put on the brakes when needed. josh: the discovery center opens tomorrow morning at 10:30. once again, the asteroid >> 2135. we're okay. power shouldn't come from money and influence. power comes from the people. i'm mark connolly, as your financial regulator, i went...
5:56 pm
ault weapons off our streets. i'll take on the drug companies that caused this crisis... and protect planned parenthood to protect women's healthcare. the power is in our hands to make new hampshire safer... and stronger. mark connolly.
5:57 pm
>> she was just fine sunday morning. tom: what was a suspicious death investigation is now a homicide. the new details just released as neighbors say they're in disbelief. >> plus the man suspected of beating and robbing an 81-year-old store clerk is
5:58 pm
and arrested him. mike: a friday scorcher to end the week tomorrow. tom: tonight the two republican candidates for the second congressional district will meet here at the wmur studios, what this debate could mean for the candidates. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at jennifer: new details tonight into the suspicious death of aidanville woman. the attorney general's office now calling her death a homicide. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: i'm tom griffith. the victim's identity has also been officially released. cherise leclerc is live in danville with the new information tonight. reporter: that's right. neighbors who knew joe ann boucher are still processing all this information in this tragedy. they say they just learned the 51-year-old was the victim of a homicide. crime scene investigators are
5:59 pm
days after she was found in her home. tuesday news 9 spoke with boucher's ex-husband who says they built this home together 20 years ago but they've been separated for quite some time. boucher also leaves behind a son who lives in massachusetts. neighbors told us there was a man living here at the time of her death, but authorities have not yet commented on that. hannah goodwin who lives next-door who last saw her alive on sunday is still in because she's been such a constant, so it seems unreal for the most part. i came home and saw police cars, i just thought this was a fight or something, because she had someone staying with her and sometimes they fought. so i thought it was a noise complaint. reporter: now the attorney general's office has not yet commented on boucher's manner of death as they continue to investigate here at her home. live in danville tonight, i'm cherise leclerc, wmur news 9.


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