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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sean: now on "daybreak," a suspicious death in danville has been ruled a homicide. what joanne boucher's neighbors are saying about her death. erin: new hampshire's drug crisis. more about the fatal overdoses in the granite state. kevin: clears skies early. a lot of changes expected for the weekend. sean: and commitment 2016. the candidates face off in the debate. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: you've made it through
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love the weather today. until you love heat and humidity. kevin: goes with a disclaimer. looks like a humid and warm start. a couple of scattered showers. a nice day. temperatures start warming up. 80's to 90's. the humidity will lessen later today and over the weekend with the next system arriving. all of the details on that coming up. let's look at your friday morning ride here joined live by deb davidson. good friday morning, deb. deb: good friday morning. right now your commute is going to start off on interstate 89, you shouldn't have any problems from concord on the northbound side. on the southbound side, things are looking good at exit one at the bow
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up to speed. it looks good on 101, 111, and on the spaulding turnpike. brought to you by autofair. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: new this morning, the first look of a woman found dead in a danville home. erin: they are investigating 51-year-old joanne boucher's death as a good morning, ray. ray: good morning, erin. they are looking into how 51-year-old was killed. she was found inside her home on monday. boucher leaves behind an
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massachusetts and many friends wondering what could have been happened. >> i came home and thought there was a fight. she had someone stays with her. i thought it was a noise complaint. it was just a comforting presence. it is weird and scary she's not there anymore. live outside of the ag's office in concord, ray brewer. sean: now to commitment 2016. last night republican candidates faced off in a debate. jean ma kin has the story. reporter: both candidates agreed they want a republican to take over the second
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annie kuster. >> it is time for us to sent support to washington. reporter: they had comments about putin being a better leader than president obama. >> i'm not going to give more support to vladmir putin at this time. i think he's a threat to national interest. >> by having a relationship going into a presidency, i think it is nothing but a good thing. >> jim lawrence served three terms. jack flanagan is serving his third now. >> my opponent has shown a tendency to say something and talk tough talk when it comes to supporting the second amendment, but when it comes to support those issues he hasn't always been there. >> the reality is he's filling out surveys. i'm introducing
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not to get treated? >> you can't have it both ways. you said you wanted to take away -- it has expanded medicaid. it is a component of the affordable care act. reporter: they touched on zika funding. >> the area is protected by the nil tear. >> as a military veteran, i'm sick and tired of non-vets saying they want to put veterans in harm's day. sean: and the debate for the candidates for the first congressional district. erin: learn about the candidates in all of the faces, watch
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>> we are following a developing international story this morning. north korea says it has successfully conducted a nuclear explosion tests. they announce the test is in part -- part of its response to the international sanctions polling earlier nuclear tests and long-range rocket launches. erin: still ahead, accused of beating an sean: and a beloved pet is found. the piece of technology that made the happy reunion possible. in the next half an hour, dozens of birds found dead in boston. a warning health officials have for pet owners.
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>> you are watching wmur "news 9 daybreak" with erin fehlau, sean mcdonald, and meteorologist kevin skarupa. now news 9 continues. kevin: friday morning, september 9th. we start out with clouds. as skies clear we are setting up am to lower 90's. a look ahead to the weekend with a lot of changes expecting coming up. sean: the man who police say robbed and assaulted the owner of a store is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. police arrested thomas ford jr. yesterday in hooksett. he is charged with armed robbery and first-degree
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the victim is going to be okay. erin: 55-year-old joseph henry was convicted of four counts of photographing or videotaping a person in a state of nudity. hennessey will be sentenced on september 26th. sean: a wolfeboro man faces a felony for robbing officers say he turned himself into ossipee police last friday. in connection to a robbery on august 31st at country goods and groceries. erin: a high-tech device designed to teach the dangers of distracted driving will be at spaulding high school today. the virtual reality car recreates real world
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driving law passed in 2015, it dropped to number six. >> we are not going to be one that is causing the crash. this helps to drive home the message that any one of us can cause or be in a crash. erin: the simulator will be at the safety fair in londonderry sean: a dog that went missing three years ago is back home safe thanks to a piece of technology. the dog was never found until this week when a concerned citizen noticed the little dog wandering and. the humane society scanned her for a
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>> i was hoping that someone would bring her in. >> a microship is the best way we know if thing dog or cat belongs to you. we have a pet watch. sean: taz also needs $1,500 she needs health work. erin: happy to be home. 12 past 6:00, a local vfw is missing a statue. why it may be tough to track down wherever is
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are graduating debt free, while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on? cut funding for pell grants and against letting students refinance their loans at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign. kelly ayotte: working for the special interests, not on our side. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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erin: a statue was stolen from a vfw in salem. it looks just like this. a soldier kneeling a fellow soldier's grave. it wakes 70 pounds. the statue stood along the walkway to the entrance. it has surveillance cameras. the walkway is in a blind spot. there's no way of knowing who took it. >> i think it is pretty despicable that somebody would come to the and take a statue in honor of the veterans. we have our memories and momentos. it is important to these guys. erin: the statue could be released. they want to give the thief a chance to return it no questions asked. sean: this week's hometown player is one of two seniors on the roster. it say she leads by
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she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition when she was three that makes her hair fall out. she takes it all in stride. the honor student is involved in organization and volunteers countless hours in the community. >> it is rewarding seeing people how much they appreciate what you do and how much i can make a difference. you know, whether it is helping special olympians. it is just great seeing the impact that i have on their lives. erin: what a great young lady. we are happy to honor her. they will have to pay millions. they slapped wells fargo with the fine for opening unauthorized credit card and deposit accounts and charging customers without their knowledge. more than 5,000 employees have been
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than two million savings and credit accounts for opened illegally. >> it is outrageous for a bank to use a customer's personal, private information to open an unauthorized account. erin: ells fargo said while we regret every interaction that was not handled properly, it represents a small portion of sean: americans are boring more money. they are not paying back the loans. they topped $1 trillion between april 1st and june 30th. it happened in the first quarter. overdo payments are on the rise. that could mean poor resale rates at the end of the leases. if you are out looking for a car today, you may want to wear the summer
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a. yes that along with the temperatures putting us in the 80's. it doesn't look that way. we're in the time of year where the longer nights and the humidity in place creates low clouds and fog. a lot of that with clouds giving way to sunshine. it should be a bright and afternoon. with temperatures in the 80's, it begs the question this is going to be the warmest temperature in the season. this would be the 25th day we have done that this year. you'll notice we have the clearing skies back to the west. just a few wet highways. nothing heavy that's putting a dent into the conditions.
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dewpoints in the 60's to near 70. you get near 70 and it is a tropical type atmosphere. temperatures cooler this morning. not as bad to take. eventually into the afternoon with increasing sunshine we're talking temperatures going anywhere from near 80 in parts of the north country to as high as 83 or 84 north of the notches to as high as 91, 92 degree reading. that will help dry out the dewpoints. they won't be up near 70. it will be humid. tonight partly cloudy. we ease back. tomorrow an increase in clouds. notice a couple of showers trying to develop in the afternoon.
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there's the risk tomorrow of a shower or two out there. from there, we'll see the cold front arrive. i think the window of time ends and skies clear. after that, the wind picks up out of the northwest. it could gust on sunday afternoon. that's will be the beginning of the end. a much more comfortable air mass. still warmer days. of cooler air. certainly a fall feel. a cooler day by a salad ten degrees tomorrow. the humidity will be out there. that's the warm front. the cold front arrives saturday night and will leave on sunday. temperatures in the 70's to near 80 on sunday afternoon. that comes with a breeze out of
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levels. notice the push of cooler air. highs might not be out of the 60's. sean: could this be the last blast of summer heat? kevin: we'll have to see. erin: summer could be coming to an end soon. ray: the death of a danville woman has been ruled a homicide. the body of joanne boucher found insid home on monday. they have spent the past several days inside and outside of the home collecting evidence. they have not released the cause of death or the manner of death nor said anything about a possible suspect. sean: republican candidates for the second congressional district fashioned off in a debate. the new hampshire primary is tuesday,
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a store owner is due in court this morning. thomas ford jr. is charged with armed robbery and first-degree assault.
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oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks.
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interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; voting for big oil. not working for us. dscc is responsible for
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kevin: friday morning, september 9th. a beautiful sunrise a couple of light showers. even before we get to the weekend, there are a lot of changes. all of the details coming up. sean: a hot summer day. tailgating may get easier. erin: they just announced a new partnership with amazon. it is called prime now. fans will be able to order food drinks and
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they will be deliver the to the parking lot in an hour or less. the service is only available to amazon prime members. who knows, maybe we'll see that at foxboro. sean: electronics and food. a nearby baby was awarded a lifetime of free flights after his mother gave birth to him while on an airplane. the flights grew cabin helped her deliver a the mother even named him abdul bassett after the plane's captain. this isn't the first in a month, a baby girl was born on august 14th on a flight to dubai. erin: i love that she named it after the captain of the plane. sean: what neighbors are saying about a homicide victim. erin: and a new product that
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
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america runs on dunkin'. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: finally fridayn shortened week. let's just stay on this for a while. erin: what a gorgeous start to the day. sean: it is gorgeous. erin: more weather after the top stories. a suspicious death in danville. they identified the victim of 51-year-old joanne boucher. they are not saying how she died. the republican candidates for the second congressional district faced off in
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addressing topics, including second amendment rights. and a dover man accused of attacking another man with a baseball bat is set to be arraigned today on a charge of first-degree assault. kevin: you doubt your port city. i would hope so. temperatures at the coast. we have partial sunshine. the humidity is still in place this morning. highs today in the 80's to lower range of the 90's. we cool off. the humidity there through sunday morning. sean: you are messing with the winds of all of the kids that have gone back to school. kevin: for a look at the morning
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moving well. no major problems through the morning commute. 293 is getting busy. the everett turnpike is low. 95 north at the 101 interchange. the traffic update brought to you by autofare. erin: thank you. a suspicious death in a homicide. we're seeing a picture of the victim for the first time. sean: joanne boucher was found dead. live to tell us about neighbors are saying about the homicide, ray? ray: the neighbors have a lot of questions as the circumstances surrounding this incident remain
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joanne was known as being aboving and nurturing. the news still sinking in for the people that knew her. >> i say her sunday morning. nothing out of place. >> i came home and saw police cars. i just thought it was a noise complaint. i didn't think it would be this ray: they determined the death was a homicide. they say a man was living with boucher at time of death. crime scene investigators were back at the home, collecting evidence if inside and
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it is such a comforting presence. >> it hasn't hit me yet. it seems unreal for the most part. ray: boucher leaves behind an ex-husband and son. erin: the candidates got the chance to go head to head. former state state rep, jack flanagan, are in a tight race. they are discussing which candidate is a stronger support of the second amendment. >> my opponent has shown a tendency to say something and talk tough talk when it comes to supporting the second amendment.
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always been there. >> the realty is he's filling out surveys. i'm introducing legislation. erin: the republican candidates for the first congressional district. if you want to watch the previous debates any time on the web site, go to and the mobile state released his voter predictions. he expects 126,000 republicans and 86,000 democrats. he says the numbers are on the higher end compared to the state primary of the last two to three decades. erin: another man accused of beating a man with a baseball bat is scheduled to face a judge today.
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assault. connelly and another man turned himself in. connelly is set to be arraigned today. sean: people in north haverhill are being told to boil their water. crews have increase to help remove the bacteria. until it isar boil their water two minutes before using it. erin: the opioid crisis continues to pose a major crisis. it released new numbers regarding the deadly overdoses. there have been 241 drug-related deaths.
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anniversary. memorials are being held across the state. students at trinity high school will be placing more than 2,900 flags on dam pus to represent the people killed. maggie hassan will speak at a 9/11 remembrance ceremony, and navy personnel at portsmouth naval ship yard are planning to run from at 9:00 a.m. >> for the first time, the state house will be open to tours on the weekend. the idea is being tested out on three saturdays, starting on september 24th. on that day, the state house will open after a ceremony. doors will be offered on october 1st and october 8th. sean: police officers from pelham will planning to take part in the reach the beach in order to raise money for a fellow officer. the officer are trying
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family of officer ronald tarantino. he was hot in a traffic stop in may. they are teaming up to run more than 200 miles. find more information on the web site at overnight relay running. tough stuff. erin: it is. a massachusetts. >> we got complaints about birds falling out of the sky. erin: what caused birds to suddenly fall ill. sean: would you wear a helmet made out of paper? kevin: warmth and humidity back. peaking this afternoon before cooler air arrives with a couple of rain chances.
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woman: the executive council voted along party lines, striking down more than $639,000 to planned parenthood locations. when republican politicians cut planned parenthood, it was devastating. birth control, cancer screenings -- they were all cut back. plunkett: it was colin van ostern
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i was raised by a single mom, and we didn't always have health insurance. that's why, as governor,
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kevin: friday morning, september 9th. 80's to even a few lower 90's as skies clear this morning. two fronts cross the state over the weekend. with that, a couple of rain chances and some
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the details on that coming up. sean: we are following some breaking news out of spain this morning. officials say at least four people were killed and 47 others injured when a passenger train derailed overnight. erin: the accident happened on a straight stretch of the track. officials say the train had three cars and the one in front went completely off of the track and hit a post. "gma" will have more coming up. sean: all right. boston. erin: dozens of birds have been falling from the sky. about 46 birds have been littering the sidewalks and lawns. some of the birds were saved, but nearly 40 of them died. the situation does not only concern the birds. one person's cat had to be euthanized after it fell ill. >> we don't know what's going on. could be a virus.
6:43 am
that was introduced that was not intentional. erin: until health officials get the mysteries solves, they are warning people to watch their pets closely and not let them eat anything on the ground. sean: the task force is asking for your help in tracking down an alleged member of the ms13 gang. it was last seen in everett, massachusetts in july. he is believed to be in the greater boston he's wanted for controversy. he is considered armed and dangerous. he has a higher status in the ms13 gang. a status in which they must commitment murder on serious injury. they are offering information leading to the arrest. 45 people were forced to spend the night in a gondola. they were among 110 people who were trapped when cable cars ground
6:44 am
stopped after the cables got tangled in high winds. 65 people were rescued boreal corporate yesterday. the operation had to be suspiciouses when night fell. efforts to free the remaining 45 people this morning are now back on the ground. erin: environmental inspectors are trying to figure out what caused a river in russia to turn bright ride. they started reporting the bizarre color on tuesday. the color change could ve nickel plant. they say any possible chemical contamination would not pose a threat to residents. look at that. sean: for thes in italy rescued the cat from a rubble of a house two weeks after it collapsed. the cat was found in good spirits. it suffered from a fractured jaw. wow. turning now to sports. it started, folkses. last night was opening night in the nfl.
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broncos. they stormed back in the second half and went on to win it 21-20. erin: the patriots are starting to finish up for their season opener which happens in two days as you know. they play at the arizona cardinals on sunday night. the big news for practice yesterday? rob gronkowski revealed he was still dealing with a hamstring injury when asked when he was at 100%. >> no,'m with a hammy thing. i'm feeling good. it falls down to the coaches decision and the medical team and myself. we'll all get together and collaborate and see where i'm at. erin: hopefully the hammy is doing well. sean: the hammy, yeah. erin: the patriots finished 3-1 in the pre-season. sean: the final touches are being added to the new wildcat stadium. playing field will be
6:46 am
the stadium itself is all brand new. it will double the capacity to 11,000. more 20 food vendors and lots of restrooms. >> we are appealing to not just hard core fans but families. >> it still hadn't hit me this is our home now. sean: it is the home now. will open tomorrow when the wildcats host holy cross. erin: sweet digs there. good news for those of you who are sick of carrying around your bike helmet, one company has invented a helmet that can be folded up. it is called the ecohelmet. it is made of paper and coated with corn-based wax. it is designed to be
6:47 am
machine. he said it is sturdy. it has withstood ten pounds of impact dropped on it. it does not meet u.s. safety standards. that could change soon. it might be able to fold it out. sean: the physics works. do they get to the 15-pound weight and the guy said that didn't work. kevin: at least in the picture she doesn't look overly enthusiastic. they are just, yno somewhere and all very happy. she looks like she's been tested on those helmets. it looks like -- erin: they test them on her? kevin: she looked questions. that's all i'm saying. temperatures in the 60's to 70's. we're expecting a breeze today around ten miles an hour to dry out the atmosphere. the humidity will be high with dewpoints in
6:48 am
temperatures work their way up. 80's to even a few lower 90's by later on this afternoon. we drop off a bit because the humidity starting to lower a touch later on tonight. 50's to lower half of the 60's. the humidity is still a factor through tomorrow with a blend of sunshine and clouds and a passing shower and as a front arrives tomorrow evening eventually a wind much stronger out of the northwest develops on sunday and that will really lower the humidity for a good portion of next week. a couple of sprin early. the back edge of the clouds continuing to make progress. once the wind gets going, and the sun comes up, it should continue to eat away. it sets up hazy sunshine, heat, and humidity for the afternoon. just a couple of wet highways. a couple of sprinkles leftover. temperatures off to a running start. we're in the 60's to lower half of the 70's this afternoon for several locations. these numbers within a couple of degrees of the normal high for this time of year.
6:49 am
it means 80's to near 90 degrees by later on this afternoon with the breeze out of the west and northwest. dewpoints still running high from the mid 60's to lower 70's. these numbers will come down by a couple of degrees. you are going to notice the humidity as the highs reach the 80's to near 90 degrees later on. good deal of sunshine after clouds this morning. a couple of sprinkles push away. we'll see temperatures ease back tonight. 50's up north to lower to mid 60's. we start on saturday. we'll start adding clouds as the day moves along. with that, a couple of splash and dash showers tomorrow afternoon. not widespread. not everywhere. nothing you should cancel the outdoor plans over. just be aware there could be a couple of showers moving through. then back to the west, cold front arrives saturday early sunday. could be an additional shower coming with that. the window of time for any showers likely ending by 8:00 or 9:00 a.m.
6:50 am
sunday morning into the afternoon. the wind that comes behind the front brings in lower humidity levels for a good part of next week. clouds early this morning to hazy sunshine. a hot and humid afternoon. 80's to a few spots near 90. partly cloudy skies. cooler and quiet start to the weekend as we start with sunshine. we'll be adding clouds and a couple of passing showers in the afternoon. a chance with the front coming through later tomorrow evening and early sunday. sunday will knock down the humidity. by later sunday, it is going to feel more like fall. as you can see, the temperatures for most of next week feeling the way as well. >> i don't mind the heat. it is the humidity. kevin: that's going to be around.
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getting a plane. they covered it with its skin and returned it. they hope youngsters who sit in the cockpit will get excited about aviation. >> one wing as the spin on it. one wing will be medal and wood so that kids will understand what is inside an airplane. so they will be able to climb up in it, steer it, you know, put o erin: how about that? the discovery center opens the doors at 10:30 this morning. sean: kids love hands on. erin: this creek's viewers choice we asked apple orchards are the best? sean: number five, alyson's orchard, appleview orchard, washburn's windy hill orchard,
6:52 am
first, windy ridge and wendy -- erin: coming up, a final check on the top stories, including
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erin: it is now 6:55. updating the top stories. sean: a suspicious death in danville has been ruled a homicide. ray: the body of 51-year-old joanne boucher was found inside her danville home on monday. investigators have spent the past the attorney general's office has not released how she dieded or said anything about a possible suspect. erin: a man accused of kidnapping another man and beating him with a baseball bat is scheduled to face a judge today. wendell connelly was air arrested on first-degree assault. he was one of two men to attack the victim. sean: a salem man has been found
6:56 am
to abuse women. he was convicted of four counts of video taping in a state of nudity. erin: the second congressional district faced off. jim lawrence and jack flanagan addressed topics including second amendment right. kevin: clouds drifting through. warm temperatures. we're in the 60's to lower 70's with the humidity in place. ea into the 80's to lower 90's. we'll still be from the mid 70's to lower 80's for the weekend. there maybe a shower around or a couple of showers. much cooler, drier air filtering in starting sunday afternoon. erin: all right. it is going to be a hot one today. coming up, the latest on the breaks news that we told you about this morning in spain. at least four people were killed and 47 others injured when a train derailed
6:57 am
sean: another nuclear test in north korea. erin: we'll see you back here in 25 minutes with local news and weather.
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forever grateful... with my husband in cancer treatment, we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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george, america. breaking news, nuclear palace in north korea. the regime claims they've successfully tested what could be their most powerful nuclear weapon ever. president obama just leaving asia briefed on air force one overnight. temperatures boiling. a late summer heat wave, potential record temperatures closing schools in the and the heartland on alert this morning for dangerous storms and flash floods. breaking overnight, dramatic rescue. dozens of tourists trapped in cable cars dangling thousands of feet in midair high above the french alps after the wires get tangled. helicopters forced to stop their rescue at nightfall, the moment passengers were finally lifted to safety. ? put me in coach ? and he's ready to play


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