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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 10, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EDT

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politics, and should matter. >> i don't think for a minute that my opponent, who's a 20-year lobbyist, is going to be a change agent in washington, dc. >> after lots of summer sizzle today, some changes move in for the weekend. how much cooler it gets plus our best chance of showers. >> when we first saw it we thought wow this is a pretty elaborate. >> and, marijuana bust in fremont. the number of plants found. now police want to know how the grow operation worked amid drought it like we do. wmur news 9 tonight. >> tonight, community members are remembering a woman found dead with a gunshot wound in her dunbarton home last week. good evening. i'm tom griffith. now family and friends are looking for answers in wendy tefft's death. wmur's cherise leclerc is live in the studio with more details about a remembrance held in tefft's honor tonight. >> right now tefft's friends tell me they really just want
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so little is known about how she died. but tonight it was all about remembering how she lived with her son at the center of her world. >> as soon she had her son, she was all about him. >> friends say she always wanted to help kids. wendy tefft was a pre-k and kindergarten teacher at glen lake school in goffstown. she was also inseparable from her young son. >> she left him, she loved teaching. she loved teaching. >> tefft was found dead last week in her home, the attorney general's office only saying it was a single gunshot that killed her. no arrest has been made or any charges filed. jennifer caron is a childhood friend of tefft's. >> we would like some answers. >> jennifer and others gathered here friday night after services for tefft at the village trestle in goffstown. it's the place tefft worked as a bartender in the early 2000's to pay her way through her master's
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>> she was wonderful. sweet girl. nobody can believe she is gone. >> while investigators continue to look into the case, tefft's friends say they'll remember the woman she was. >> we went to make sure there is justice for her. >> the attorney general's office is still investigating the manner of death and is only saying that it is suspicious. the dunbarton police department has posted on its facebook page saying the public is not in any danger. live in the studio, cherise leclerc, wmur news 9. >> we learned this afternoon that dartmouth hitchcock will be laying off as many as 460 employees. the ceo says the layoffs are needed after learning of a 12 million dollar deficit. details of the layoffs will be announced by the middle of october. governor maggie hassan released a statement saying in part, i am directing the state's rapid response team to provide all possible assistance to affected
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now to commitment 2016, we're less than one week to the new hampshire primary. tonight, we wrapped up our granite state debates with republican candidates for the first congressional district. political director josh mcleveen moderated that debate. he starts our team coverage tonight. >> tonight was our last granite state debate. republican congressman frank guinta and businessman rich ashooh. some fireworks in this wmur one. political reporter adam sexton >> these two shared a debate stage 6 years ago, and even in 2010 frank guinta was facing questions about a big chunk of his campaign cash. the issue has been in play in races guinta has won and lost. but this is the first time as an incumbent he has faced a serious primary challenge. congressman frank guinta started the night trying to get ahead of what he knew was coming. discussion of a campaign finance scandal that has dogged him
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opponent, who is a 20 year lobbyist, will try to impugn my integrity, and my character. republican challenger rich ashooh did go after guinta , saying the fec determination that guinta broke the law disqualifies him from office. >> trust and integrity matter in politics, and should matter. confronted with a history of conflicting statements about the source of $355,000 in campaign contributions, guinta tried to dismiss the scandal as yesterday's news and then he yesterday's news and then he turned his fire on ashooh's lobbyist. >> and i don't think a lobbyist will be a change agent, particularly given the fact that you are the candidate supported and endorsed by the republican establishment of our state. i'm the guy who's an outsider trying to fight for families. >> everybody's paying attention to the fact that we have a 20-year career politician here running as an outsider. you've been mayor and a state rep. i'm not even sure if you've ever had a real job.
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agreement on most policy matters. but ashooh says personal integrity is so important to him he might not back guinta if guinta wins the primary. >> if frank was to admit that he broke the law, admit that he lied about it, and apologize to the voters, then i'd consider supporting him. >> the bottom line is whoever wins this primary i will be endorsing and supporting because we cannot have carol shea-porter as the next member of the congress representing the 1st congressional district. as i said before, i'm a team player. >> we asked ashooh after the his unwillingness to promise to fully back guinta might hurt him with the republican activist base. he said that this is about trust, something bigger than party politics. adam sexton, wmur news 9. >> after the debate both candidates headed into the spin room and one thing they both agree on, each says he's very different from his opponent. >> there is a clear difference between my opponent and me in terms of our approach and in
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lobbyist for three decades. he has a problem admitting that, but that is what it is. >> there is a good contrast. my component indulged in some exaggerations. he's talking like he's not in congress, he's talking about things we need to do but he's been there since 2010 one way or the other. >> this was a lively debate. we will see the impact it has on election josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. >> thank you. north korea set off a nuclear test explosion, its largest one yet. north korea claims this latest nuclear test, announced on state-run television, demonstrates it now has the capability to put a nuclear warhead on a long range missile, once again defying international sanctions. in an emergency meeting, the un security council strongly condemned the test and says it is considering significant
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>> every neighbor of his in the region and outside the region , near neighbors, are opposed to what he is doing. he stands alone and he invites in even greater isolation. >> president obama has condemned the nuclear test and says the us will never accept north korea as a nuclear state. dozens of marijuana plants found in fremont. coming up on news 9 tonight how police located the plants and why they are calling this an elaborate operation. >> and, cheers from the salem hs blue devils as we roll in to week number 2 off friday night football. >> a couple of fronts move through this weekend and that means a couple of shower chances
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>> the u.s. has halted all construction of the dakota access pipeline on u.s. army land. the departments of justice, army and the interior says work will stop pending a review. this came only minutes after a judge denied the request from standing rock sioux tribe to halt construction. the departments are requ voluntarily pause all work within 20 miles of lake oahe in north dakota. tonight, fremont police are sharing the photos of a big marijuana grow bust. police say it was almost harvest time for more than 30 plants hidden in the woods but they got there first. they carted away an estimated $80,000 worth of marijuana. wmur's jean mackin has the clues police say could lead to an arrest.
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they found what they were looking for. more than 30 full grown marijuana plants carefully cultivated, likely grown from seeds. police say the harvest is worth about $80,000 on the street. >> when we first saw it we thought wow this is a pretty elaborate set up. the plants were all tied off real well to the trees so the plants would grow upright the . the plants were all marked with different lettering to indicate that was growing. >> police say they received a tip from a property owner who discovered someone else using the land deep in the woods of fremont near the raymond town line. police are still looking for the grower or growers who they say might have been surprised when they showed up to care for their crops. police say it must've taken a lot of effort to grow those plants out in these woods during a drought and that might provide some clues. >> it's been real dry so they'd
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to be a key to see if anyone been driving a 4 wheeler or side by side with large water jugs. >> police say the plants are being saved as evidence for now and will one day be destroyed . >> now, your storm watch nine forecast. >> many are starting to see the clouds parting in washington, overcast skies. you can see a few people on the observatory deck, and a little more clear and late in the afternoon. dry conditions after this, 94's the official high. the record is 95 degrees, just
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87 in jaffrey and in keene. we are one shy of the record in concord and at the coast in portsmouth. still in the lower 70's, but pleasantly mild since it has cooled down quite a bit in the last few hours. a full chill in the north. that will be the case for your saturday. as we jump into saturday night, a cold front approaches and that will try that -- drive that dew point into the mid-60's. but a cold front braces through with rapid clearing in the afternoon and much drier air as we go through sunday afternoon into a good part of early next week.
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today due to clouds building in from the west along to fronts -- two fronts. a cold front stretching from the western great lakes, all the way down west of chicago. each of these have to move through over the weekend. the first one is on saturday, with a chance of a couple widely scattered showers. as we think the clock in time we have a couple shower not a whole lot of rain. don't cancel any plans there will be son as well. sunday morning scattered showers maybe even a passing thunderstorm and rapid clearing that builds in during the afternoon stretch. that is a look at your weekend. on monday, back into the 70's to the south. 60's far north and then warm-up tuesday and wednesday into the
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thursday and friday. >> arrestee steam engine taking
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>> you sign up to play high school foot. all the stuff you talked about with your coach. fast, physical, go out and have fun. >> coach kevin fitzgerald and his timberlane owls. celebrating 50 years of the high school as they took on top ranked bedford high school. >> hello.
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>> thank you tessa. congrats on that gold medal. welcome everyone to week two of the friday night football . a lot to get to tonight, so let's jump right in with a pair of teams in division one that combined to score 108 points last week, south and bishop guertin. a couple of undefeated teams coming out of week one. stellos stadium. first quarter, sam raitt to dylan fagan. 43 yard t.d. catch makes it 7-0 cardinals. still in the first, 3rd down play fagan again, 11 yards to make it 14 to nothing. start of the second quarter, on a third and 17 raitt goes to fagan again it's 21-nothing. nashua fans trying to rally their team.
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nashua north made the trip to keene. they made it worthwhile at 41-22. winnacunnet at alvirne with three touchdowns. timberlane celebrated the schools 50th anniversary tonight . members of the 1966 football progra battle of unbeatens. first quarter bedford gets on the board. robert connor hooks up with hussain shahrukh for a 52 yard touchdown pass. owls looking to answer dan hayes . brendan frezza for 35 yard gain . few plays later jacod post with a seven yard touchdown run, tight 727. bedford comes from behind in the
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pinkerton hosting the defending goffstown, \ . the grizz came out gunning . nikolas moquin with a 35 yard td pass to franklin castillo-diaz with 7-0 right off the bat. next possession, they strike moquin to jared heidenreich. the astros stop the bleeding momentarily. sophomore quarterback aiden goujon to nico buccieri for a 69 yard touchdown. this was a really good game, and close throughout. they beat pinkerton 37-33 .
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, they win 56-14. central and londonderry were both looking for their first win of the season. little green in the green uniforms. central on the move. quarterback andrew destefano completes right side to junior jeremy chandler. watch him go. junior running back jeremiah rivera for central off to the races to make it 33-7. and they hand it off to ben johnson. the junior will go around the left side and it's a 25 yard touchdown. look at the excitement at the end of this play. no quit in the home team jake , jake stevens to adam wilkinson for a 20 yard score. central wins. the concord crimson tide rolled in to grant field in salem for a
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zachary miles finds mathew burke for 28 yards, however their drive would stall. salem now on offense. mathew soldano connects with james leblond for 35 yards first down. then joshua sibanda with a nice run for 35 yards, he would go down at line. a few plays later the blue devils with score. salem portsmouth home with dover and it's the biggest win for the green wave in a few years. the jungle got a make-over in amherst. souhegan dedicated it's new turf field prior to tonight's game with trinity, now known as calvetti family field.
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sabr football. the price tag for the turf was $882,000. brody dupuis looks like he's down, but there's no call he takes it all the way down for the score. first career td for brody, who is the son of our news anchor jennifer vaughn. later in the half, palmer belowski of the sabers with the long pass to tucker aiello who had a big game. the sabers break in that new turf with a convincing win hanover looking good this year. home with merrimack valley. qb connor stafford ran for 4 touchdown. all of them from one yard.
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they win a tight one. drew muzzey with 120 all purpose yards and an interception return for a touchdown. pelham played host to the defending division two champions. the saints of st. thomas, and to their lead with this five yard run for the score. zachary koch finds devon russel who makes a nice grab for 18 saints get on the board again after the game strikes up with a 10 yard touchdown run. st. thomas wins. the couple games in division three. stevens and somersworth in the
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>> i could listen to that all night. the lakers are in white ryan . kelly with an early quarterback sneak. they quickly get back in scoring position. kelly with a long pass to collin sheehan that led to a touchdown. kelly threw for over 200 yards and two touchdowns. . moses murenzi with a 4 yard td touchdown. inter lakes moultonboro wins . a reminder, you can watch all of our friday night football shows on our website, you can also follow us on twitter, use the hashtag fnfwmur. week number 2 is in the books. the playoff picture is already taking shape. almost. good luck to the 22 teams in action on saturday, including the big milford at windham game. still to come tonight naoko funayama. she has your red sox highlights as they start a big series north
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>> it is official. the new england patriots say that rob gronkowski is out for
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he's been dealing with a hamstring injury and was limited in practice. the fight for first place in the american league east division continues in canada this weekend the red sox at the blue jays. game one of the series at rogers centre was tonight . david ortiz was honored by the jays with a canada goose-down expedition jacket and $10,000 a quick early run for the red sox mookie betts with a double and that scores dustin pedroia all the way from first base. 38 doubles on the year for mookie. rick porcello was on the mound, going for his 20th century. here he strikes out jos? batista looking. the sox kept coming. sandy leon rips a long single in the 3rd, and that scores hanley ramirez. that chased jays starter marco estrada out of the game. bogaerts and ramirez hit homers
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boston leads the division by 2 games. 1:00 p.m. in saturday game time. top 25 college football number 13 louisville at syracuse tonight. quick start for the cardinals . lamar jackson with a 72 yard touchdown run to make it 21-0 less than 5 minutes into the game. jackson had already thrown a 72 yard td pass, and had rushed for another td he was trying to win the heisman trophy in one night . three college football games for new hampshire teams tomorrow. home openers for plymouth state, saint anselm college, and unh . here are the wildcats on the matchup with holy cross. >> they really good football team.
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sense for the game. >> they are trying to set spoiler big celebration with the first wildcat stadium games. >> looks football inside are still better speedway. that is very cool -- bristol motor speedway. that is very cool. still little bit above the average. the humidity drops, a nice weekend. >> thanks for joining us for newsnine tonight at 11:00. jimmy kimmel live is next,
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ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; voting for big oil. not working for us. dscc is responsible for


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