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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  September 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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adam: now at 5:00, a s anksville, pennsylvania. ceremonies highlighting not only the utter loss and horror of
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september 11. thanyou, welles, for the gift of your final hour. reporter: honoring the legacies etched into history, and into remember.s of those too young to >> i am 15 years and 3 months old, so i knew you for 3 months. i feel like i've known you forever. reporter: those grieving family members of all ages saying this day never gets any easier, but that it is so important to be here carrying on the vow made 15
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marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. adam: throughout the day, new hampshire has been remembering the fallen at services across the state. one of them will be getting underway shortly in boscawen. cherise: wmur's mike cronin joins us live from the new hampshire state veteran's cemetery where tonight's closing ceremony of the 100 nights of remembrance will take place. mike: it's an annual tradition. from memorial day to 9/11, "taps" is played here and in manchester every night. throughout the state today, ceremonies paid tribute to those who were killed. the tragedy as well as the bravery and sacrifice of so many 15 years ago are memorialized by a world trade center beam at the portsmouth police department which was unveiled last year. today, officers and the community came together for a moment of silence, prayer, and
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>> sometimes, when we might think we're having a bad day at work or boy, i really don't like this job, just think about what happened back then and the sacrifice that they made. >> the portsmouth police department has made the commemoration of the event and the remembrance of this day into one of the most important things that happens every year in the city. >> my worldview completely shifted in the span of one day. students and faculty read reflections, tied ribbons around trees which represent the victims, and planted american flags. >> i think it's important for us to come together today and remember those lives and not just assume that they are remembered year to year, but actually take the time to do that. as well as reflect on everyone's own experience that day, whether they're here at nec or at home for our new students who were oung at that age. , a couple of dozen people have
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ceremony tonight. live in boscawen, mike cronin, wmur news 9. cherise: thank you. tonight at 7 p.m., the town of merrimack will hold a candlelight vigil remembering the nation's darkest day with light. the ceremony will be held at abbie griffin park. you can find a list of other events happening in new hampshire by heading to our website, adam: moving now to weather. more than 20,000 people were without power this morning in cherise: heavy rain and wind gusts causing those outages and forcing trees to fall down blocking several roads. wmur's kristen carosa is live in windham with more. kristen: we are on golden brook road where a tree fell this morning knocking out power to residents here. as you can see, things are cleaned up. the good news is power was back on pretty quickly. it wasn't the same story for people living in other parts of the state.
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mount dearborn road which caused widespread outages. we are told 2600 homes were without power in weare. a person living there had a close call. a massive tree came down on his lawn. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> the silver lining is it did not hit the house. it could have. we are very was not worse than it was. >> it rained very hard for a while. we did not realize there was that much wind at the station. when we got to the area where the trains were down, there was substantial damage. kristen: there certainly was. eversource says more than 23,000 customers were without power this morning. most will be back online by the end of the day. live in windham, kristen carosa,
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over and the sun came out this afternoon. your taking a live look at hampton beach where rain tried to put a damper on the final day of the seafood festival. for a better look at the forecast and whether or not rain is expected for the work week , let's check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: there looks like they are having a grand old time. these storms are way off because line. some of the wind gusts were hour. it is so dry and the trees cannot handle the wind with the ground so dry. that is why we probably had as many ?wind damage reports as we did. the circles are where has been wind damage reported. at 9:40 this morning, there was a report of multiple trees down. here is a look at the temperatures now.
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better tomorrow. i will show you one the forecast in a few minutes. adam: thank you. there are a lot of busy politicians in new hampshire right now as the clock ticks down to the first ballots being cast in tuesday's statewide primary. but only about 20% of registered voters are expected to turn out leaving some high-profile races wide open. the freshly gilded statehouse dome is slowly being revealed as scaffolding comes down. the outcome of tuesday's state primary election, which will go happens in concord over the next two years, is not as brightly defined. >> what doou think about the upcoming election on tuesday? >> i did not know about it. adam: others say they might have paid more attention to state and local races, but they're too preoccupied trying to choose between a pair of presidential candidates who've left them feeling disenchanted. >> both of them seem like they have their flaws and we're going to be in trouble in different ways with them.
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relatively high primary turnout of 23%, with more republicans than democrats casting ballots due to more high-profile races on the gop side. >> the exciting races are going to be those governor races where we're not quite sure what's going to happen, and the 1st congressional district on the republican side, where we're waiting to see if frank guinta can hang on. adam: southern new hampshire university dean spiliotes says almost all the races are wide open. and if turnout is lower than >> there can be all kinds of surprises. maybe one particular constituency is better organized, and they show up, whereas other voters decide not to because they're focused more on november. adam: for those doing the candidate shopping in this politically rocky 2016, it seems many are being careful with their vote. >> i'm looking for a candidate
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that looks like a sure thing is kelly ayotte. other than that, it is looking highly predictable. cherise: just ahead, a live look at the granite state races from a professor. adam: and hillary clinton leaves what her campaign saying aboutt. the medical scare tonight. hayley: we are going to dry out. the next week, looking good for the full forecast ahead. adam: the new england patriots are inrizona to kick off their season tonight. we'll hear from the players in sports. cherise: before we take a break we once again are taking a , moment to remember 9/11. 14 of the victims who died had new hampshire ties. as wmur's jennifer vaughn tells s, they range from pilots and businessmen, to parents and retirees. reporter: tom mcguinness from
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which crashed into the north tower. the captain of flight 11 was john ogonowski, an air force veteran. and madeline amy sweeny was a flight attendant. the nashua high school graduate was able to call a ground supervisor by air phone to tell them about the hijackers before the crash. thelma cuccinello of wilmot was a passenger on the flight. she was on her way to visit her sister in california. also on board, 48-year-old charles veteran and the manager of space programs at bae systems. david kovalcin was on the plane. he lived in hudson with his wife and their 15-month and 4-year-old daughters. he worked at raytheon. douglas stone from dover was on the flight for business and to help his son settle in for freshman year at ucla. carol flyzik lived in plaistow with her partner of 12 years, and flew out on business that morning. carl max hammond moved to derry
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flight 175. he had a doctorate in physics. robert leblanc was also on flight 175. he was a geography professor at unh and loved to travel the world. 59-year-old louis neil mariani of derry was traveling on the plane to get to his stepdaughter's dding which wentn in his honor. kathleen and michael shearer were on flight 175 together. had built their dream home in dover. kathy bantis was in the world trade center, where she worked. she graduated from central high in manchester in 1975. oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign...
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voting for big oil. not working for us. dscc is responsible for
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adam: welcome back. in little more than 48 hours, they will start to count the votes in our statewide primary and the tickets will be set for november. here to give us a sense of how this could play out is dr. dante scala of the university of new hampshire. thanks for joining us. what happens when only a fifth of registered voters show up to vote? what goes on? >> it is a difficult challenge
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vote out. they campaign all summer when very few people are paying attention. then there is this big rush after labor day to get the job done. typically, voters who turn out for these very low turnout primaries are dedicated voters. they also tend to be more ideological, more conservative or liberal, and they are energized about politics in general. adam: congressman frank guinta is an incumbent. ho y congress, incumbents, have lost primaries this year. it is a rare thing. to have an incumbent in somewhat jeopardy is a story. he has been working hard and kept his head down after the campaign finance violations. he stands a good chance of surviving. democrats will make it a story if he is the nominee, no
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candidates will have a hard time in the final months to get people to know who they are. >> that is especially true for the candidates for governor. whoever the nominees are, their name i.d. is going to pale in comparison to hillary clinton and donald trump as well as senator ayotte and governor hassan. those will dominate so much of little left over for the gubernatorial candidates. adam: one of the biggest questions is the down ticket effect. it is up in the air. >> it is a big question whether people who would not vote for donald trump would say i'm fine with the rest of the republicans. adam: thanks for your time. we appreciate it. for this interview and many
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/politics. >> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and yr stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: good sunday evening, everybody. here is the time-lapse from warner. we woke up kind of gloomy. by 10:00 this morning, you get the very heavy rainfall and sty winds. that was the cold front that moved through this morning. anything happened. bright and sunny. now barely a cloud in the sky. it is breezy. the storms were nasty in some spots. they brought down trees and power lines. over 20,000 people were without power this morning from the storms. this is a 12-hour loop o satellite and radar. you can see the line as it moved across the state. with it came the damaging winds
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of rainfall. in the southeastern part of the state where we need rain, most of us if we were lucky came away with point to five inches. we need a lot more than that. this cold front is by. we are free to cool down and allow the dry air to come in. it feels much more refreshing now. with high pressure to the west, thateans we have quiet weather in store for the start of the workweek. here are the temperatures. because of the cooler air coming down out of canada. i want to point out mount washington at the summit, 36 degrees. that gives you an indication of how cool the air is in the higher part of the atmosphere. in the southern part of the state with sunshine, we did warm-up. the winds have been strong, particularly in coos county. we still have a wind advisory
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the cooler air comes down. about 30 miles per hour the latest wind gu in concord. look at these dew points. this is refreshing. when you have dew points in the 40's, you don't notice the humidity anymore. 24 hours ago, in the 60's and uncomfortable. now it is the invigorating air. a perfect night to open the windows. you have the natural totally clear tomorrow. temperatures will climb into the 70's. it will be cooler tomorrow and a lot less humidity. here is your tuesday. we will start out the morning in the 40's and 50's. another day with bright sunshine. great for outdoor activities but not so great for the drought. every day that we don't get rain, we get deeper into this drought.
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you can see the sunny skies. temperatures in the 40's up north. look at the temperatures tomorrow. a big difference. 72 in berlin, 78 in manchester, 75 in keene with no humidity. that continues until wednesday. that is when you might notice a touch of humanity as the chance of storms returns into the forecast. friday. 42 early friday morning. that is going to start to feel more fally warm temperatures in the 70's and 80's. this is still warm stuff. adam: last hurrah. hayley: it keeps going. cherise: cool nights. adam: hopefully it is a
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waiting for the season opener. they're in arizona with garoppolo at the helm. we'll set you up for tonight's
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>> now, news 9 sports.
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enjoy the games. >> message from president obama opens the games. many stadiums paid tribute with special opening events and beautiful anthems from our military personnel. that eagle soared high above baltimore before the ravens/bills game. the 2016 season begins tonight for the patriots and arizona. there is no brady and no but let the jimmy garoppolo story begin. the quarterback is set to make his first career start in the absence of tom brady. brady is serving the four-game suspension. garoppolo will you without rob gronkowski. he is out with a hamstring injury, and they are playing a good team in the cardinals who finished runner-up last season. >> we have a lot of guys who have been here for a while.
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outside people think of as leaders, but they are a big part of our leadership. we have a group of guys to step up and do what they can do. >> patriot and cardinals meet in glendale, arizona and they are the sunday night game so it starts at 8:30 on nbc. the red sox and blue jay are giving their division rivalry some meaning. the battle is hot right now. the teams squared off against today in toronto tied 1-1 in the top of the second inning. jackie bradley fid. a three-mugshot, -- a three-run shot. that is his 24th of the season. four-to red sox in the third inning. troy tulowitzki, everybodyome home on this one. cxander bogaerts drove into the runs.
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does this against them. 41 home runs at rogers centre. boston hangs on for the win 11-8. that puts the red sox two games ahead of toronto with three weeks left in the season. that is sports. cherise: thank you. hillary clinton and donald trump in manhattan for the5t standing just feet from each other.
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morning, the air is drying out. how long the humidity stays low, coming up. president obama: we will never forget. cherise: honoring the thousands killed this september day 15 years ago. the president's message to a nation still healing. adam: as the nation remembers 9/11, candidates for the race for the white house are taking a day off for reflection. but new questions are emerging
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reasons. cherise: then, a new hampshire man dead after three boats collide. what we know about the speeds involved before the accident. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. adam: somber moments of silence and reflection honoring the nearly 3,000 peoplkilled 15 years ago today in new york city, washington d.c., and shanksville, pennsylvania. good afternoon. i'm adam sexton. leclerc. today, loved ones read out the names of those that were lost in the september 11 terrorist attacks, the pain still frh. >> we know the shock and grief and anger that follows, the heart ache that will not heal. adam: president obama marked the anniversary at a ceremony at the pentagon, calling on americans
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president obama: out of many, we are one. for we know that our diversity, our patchwork heritage is not a weakss. it is still and always will be one of our greatest strengths. adam: 14 people with ties to the granite state were killed on 9/11. log on about who we lost on that fateful day. cherise: we have just learned hillary clinton was diagnosed friday with pneumonia and put on antibiotics. she had to make an early exit from a gund zero ceremony today. reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump took a break from the campaign trail sunday, attending the september 11 memorial ceremony in new york city.
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soon after her departure. hillary clinton: it is a beautiful day in new york. reporter: sunday marks the 15-year anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. commemorating the moment hijackers steered airplanes into each of the towers. a moment of silence at the pentagon where the president placed a wreath. president obama: in the end, the most enduring memorial to those we lost is ensuring the america that we will continue to be.
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crowds in new york paused again at times the towers collapsed. the freedom tower now stands taller than the twin towers did. a glittering monument of resilience and memory of lives lost. cherise: we are just learning hillary clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. confusion today. adam: a story to watch and more at 11:00. cherise: cleanup is underway after damaging wind and rain slammed parts of new hampshire this morning. adam: more than 20,000 people were without pow. several trees falling onto power lines contributed to those outages. let's check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. it looks like drought conditions played a role.
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the trees are stressed now. today, we saw wind gusts near 50 miles an hour. that can make them more likely toopple. this is the 12-hour loop of satellite and radar. that line swept across the entire state. some areas hit harder than others. that may be because of the drought. the circled areas are the spots that headwind damage had wind damage reported. it is still breezy. 60's up north. 70's in the southern part of the state. near 80 and nashua. cooler temperatures on the way. i will show you the new seven-day forecast, coming up. cherise: thank you. right now, an investigation is underway in massachusetts after three speed boats collided yesterday. a 39-year-old new hampshire man
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taunton. first responders say three hydroplanes were going about 65 miles per hour when they collided. all three drivers were thrown from their boats. adam: in less than 24 hours, a danville man will face a judge in connection with the death of joanne boucher. police have charged 37-year-old richard moore with second degree murder in the case. investigators say moore repeatedly stabbed her in her danville home. the attorney general's office from over. cherise: as you may remember, the winner of the $487 million powerball jackpot in july bought their ticket in new hampshire. well, now the mystery millionaire is close to being revealed. the new hampshire lottery says that person is expected to come forward monday, and we'll learn of the winner's philanthropic plans for the money. that ticket was sold at a hannaford supermarket in raymond on july 30. adam: i cannot believe it is one person.
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actual person will be showing up. a representative at least. adam: a woman has been arrested for stealing french fries. >> it is wrong. [laughter] cherise: it is who she stole them from that hazd facing charges. -- has her facing charges. fries.: don't steal my french we had thunderstorms this morning. humidity. i will show you more on the reporter: 52 contestants all vying for the coveted title of miss america.
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cherise: happening now, the hillsborough county agricultural fair is wrapping up.
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embracing fair season by enjoying the amusement rides and live music. the fair is off route 13 in new boston. it ends at 6:00 p.m. a unique 9/11 tradition went on today despite the rain and wind. teams of volunteer hikers climbed all 48 4,000 footers and raised an american flag in honor of the victims who died on 9/11. our "chronicle" crew joined this group on mount pierce. it's called flags on the 48. it started with one flag days after 9/11 on mount liberty and has grown every year. and you can find even more outdoors news on the escape outside section of our website ,adam: these images were taken this week with cadets in whitefield. many of the nonprofit's members young cadets up to the age of 21 have just learned how to fly and hope to help their communities with search&rescue missions. the civil air patrol started a
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in may, new hampshire re-established a squadron, its ninth. miss new hampshire caroline carter will take the stage in atlant city in just a few hours. she hopes to bring the miss america crown back to the granite state. carter and the other 52 contestants have been participating in preliminary events all week. abc's rai raimundi is at the boardwalk hall with a preview on tonight's competition. reporter: 52 territories all vying and , dreaming for this very moment. >> miss georgia. reporter: the sparkling crown, the sash, and the coveted title of miss america 2017. for the last two weeks, the autiful and sophisticated young women have put forward
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the crown is the first opey lesbia and contestant. miss missouri erin o'flaherty . along with the glitz and glamour is the honor that comes with the miss america telecast being held on america's darkest day. the same day the country memorializes those lost during the 9/11 terror attacks. tonight's pageant is promising toe an entertaining spectacle. as far as scholarship for the ma raised more than $14 million. adam: miss new hampshire is running on a platform to end diabetes. she hopes to raise awareness through education. you can cheer her on tonight right here on wmur. the pageant begins at 9:00. in a few days, we will know which new hampshire candidates will land on the same alex as hillary clinton and donald
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oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; voting for big oil.
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the content of this advertising. >> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: good evening, everybody. did you wake up to thunder and heavy rainfall? those storms are gone. in its wake, a beautiful evening. compare that to the seacoast at 81. those are cirrus clouds made of ice. cool to see. look at the rain totals today. unfortunately, it was not a lot. we need a lot more to help with the drought. any little bit helps. belmont over one inch -- half an inch.
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it just is not a lot. the ground is so dry it only temporarily gets soaked and cannot saturate the ground because it is so dry. we need days of rain. that is not coming anytime soon. here is the latest on the satellite and radar. that cold front is long gone in the canadian maritimes now. behind it, the winds have shifted out of the northwest. that is why it is get dragged down. it is drier air. humidity levels much reduced. look at temperatures now, in the 60's in the north country. that is a real september feel. 68 in plymouth. 78 in concord. it was steamy in southern portions of the state, easily in the low 80's after the sun came out. out. the wind gusts have been strong.
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concord. stronger in coos county. it will still be breezy as the colder air is coming down. look at the dew points. 24 hours ago, they were flirting with 70 degrees. now that they are in the 40's, it is refreshing air in place. along with the actual air temperatures going down, tonight you don't need the a.c. temperatures in the 40's. a to the 30's in the north country tonight. 48 in laconia. 45 in concord. 51 in manchester overnight tonight. let me break down the forecast for monday. tomorrow, it will be bright and sunny. low humidity. temperatures in the 70's at the coastline. inland areas a little bit warmer. concord more like the mid to upper 70's.
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in the northern part of the state, lower 70's. watching the tropics closely. no actual storms have formed yet but watching this one close that may come in over the next couple of days. it will not pose any threat to us this week. there is not much rain in the forecast either. the only chance for rain will be wednesday with storms possible. the rest of the sunny, wh comfortable temperatures, and low humidity. we will take that. my electric bill has been double all summer. adam: thanks so much. commitment 2016. we are less than 48 hours away from the state primary. candidates for governor, senate, and the first and second congressional district faced off this week. there was no shortage of issues to discuss.
5:48 pm
the granite state debates started on tuesday with a doubleheader, the republican and democratic candidates for governor. on the g.o.p. side, state senator jeannie forrester attacked manchester mayor ted gatsas on the heroin epidemic. >> quiteonestly, i'm surprised that you would not want to use all the tools as governor to end this crisis. >> we've used every tool in the tool box. >> i don't think so. >> senator, i know you are much more respectful than that. adam: on the issue of bringing mental health into gun background checks, representative frank edelblut and executive councilor chris sununu expressed skepticism. >> the problem we have with this arbitrary mental health list is it opens a whole world of confusion and privacy issues when it comes to who's classified as mentally ill. >> mental illness is not a crime and as such, individuals should
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that mental illness. adam: up next, the democrats. all three candidates struggling to gain name recognition with new hampshire voters. executive councilor colin van ostern is making a $300 million commuter rail line a centerpiece of his campaign. >> i know a startup c.e.o. who is desperate for rail because he wants to hire as fast as he can to help his company grow as fast as it can. adam: on the opioid crisis, former state securities chief aggressive tempo. >> my plan is to basically get the drug czar and the emergency management head, get them meeting every week. adam: former portsmouth mayor steve marchand calling himself the progressive candidate in this race. >> i am the progressive choice for governor. i'm the only one here that voted for bernie this spring. i'm the only one 100% against northern pass and the death penalty. i'm the only one with a plan for paid family leave. adam: on wednesday night, it was the republican primary debate in
5:50 pm
incumbent senator kelly ayotte versus challenger jim rubens, who repeatedly tried to paint ayotte as too liberal. >> bipartisan capitulation doesn't work. she's got an 'f' from conservative review. she's got a 27 she votes like annie kuster, a liberal democrat in the 2nd cd. adam: for her part, senator ayotte already looking ahead to november didn't seem to mind being called bipartisan. >> let me go back to my time as attorney general. first appointed by a republican governor, twice re-appointed by a democratic governor, and i worked across the aisle then on getting things dto this is part of my dna. adam: thursday night, the republican primary in the 2nd congressional district, state rep jack flanagan agnst jim lawrence. both said they have no qualms supporting donald trump as their party's presidential nominee but had different reactions to his comment about russian president vladimir putin being a better leader than president obama. >> i'm not going to give more
5:51 pm
national interest. >> by having a relationship going into a presidency i think , its nothing but a good thing . adam: on friday, a testy primary debate between the 1st congressional district republicans, incumbent representative frank guinta and challenger rich ashooh. confronted with a history of conflicting statements about his campaign finance scandal, guinta tried to dismiss the federal election commission finding that he broke the law as yesterday's news and then he turned to ashooh's record as a defense industry lobbyist. >> and i don't think a lobbyist, particularly given the fact that you are the candidate supported and endorsed by the republican establishment of our state. i'm the guy who's an outsider trying to fight for families. >> everybody's paying attention to the fact that we have a 20-year career politician here running as an outsider? you've been mayor and a state
5:52 pm
a primary eve special commitment 2016: election countdown. and then tuesday night for commitment 2016: new hampshire votes. a french fry theft in washington, d.c. cherise: sounds like not a true story, but it is. adc woman now facing charges. adam: a look at the cleanup and
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adam: a d.c. woman now facing charges after police say she tried to take a french fry from an officer's plate. cherise: they can be tempting. police say the officer was eating dinner at a restaurant when two women sat down next to him and tried to start a
5:56 pm
he asked her to stop, and after a second attempt, the woman allegedly told the officer quote -- "you might as well take me to jail." >> i don't know if she was hitting on him, but if anyone took mine i would be upset. cherise: i would be upset. adam: it depends. are those the garlic fries?
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cherise: now at 6:00, storms tear down trees and knock out power across the state. >> i looked out the dining room window and saw the tree down that has been here over 40 years. cherise: the cleanup underway hayley: much cooler and less humid air moving in right now. the updated workweek forecast to help you plan ahead is coming up. adam: honoring the victims of 9/11 on the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack. >> it reminds me of how we came together during those days. adam: communities and law enforcement unite to remember the lives lost and the heroes who saved so many. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.


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