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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tom: now at 11:00, commitment 2016. we're hours from polls opening for the state primary. we have complete team coverage of all the big races. shelley: the community comes together to show unity for a mosque that experienced vandalism. mike: our next chance of rain. tom: flat tire? no problem. how this hitchhike to her own ceremony. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. the now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: we head to commitment 2016 coverage tonight. we are now just hours away from the first votes in the new hampshire primary. good monday evening, i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. there's a number of races on the ballots but tonight we're going to focus on five big races across the state starting with
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sexton following the republican race for governor. adam? adam: republicans haven't held the corner office in concord in a decade but they're excited about their chances in 2016. they just have to figure out who will be running in november first. at weed family automotive in concord, jeanie forrester talked with a team that knows a thing or two about fixing things. she wants to take a similar approach she's proud of the race she's run. >> i think i've had the right attitude going into it which is i just want to serve the state and i'm having fun and listening to what's important to people. adam: at the puritan back room in manchester, chris sununu campaigned booth by booth with ray wieczorek. this is the first time in eight years the sununu name has been on a statewide ballot. >> there's no doubt that people understand the experience i bring to the table.
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successful. adam: also at the puritan, ted gatsas. political watchers are eager to see if the gatsas campaign organization can take its operation statewide. >> we've got high energy. we've got great support. we've got a lot of people calling on phones. adam: making a final campaign swing through manchester, frank edelblut consistent, conservative message. >> i'm the only candidate fighting taxes, pushing back on obamacare, welfare expansion, pushing forward conservative values. adam: republicans may feel like they have enthusiasm on their side in 2016 but one thing that is definitely not on their side is recent electoral history. they've only won one governor's race since 1996.
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shelley: thank you. on the democratic side of the race for governor, three men with political experience. executive counselor colin van ostern, former representative mark connolly and former portsmouth mayor steve marchand. jean mackin joins us live from derry. jean: they say this is an open seat but the democrats want to keep the corner office in their own party. we caught up with a few of them an early start on the campaign trail for former state representative mark connolly. he met with voters at the bridge cafe in manchester and with the media. he says he's the candidate with the experience to best represent the democratic party in the fall election. >> i know myself. i know i'm ready for this job and i ask everybody in new hampshire to consider my candidacy tomorrow. it's critical. the people we vote tomorrow could determine the next several years.
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portsmouth mayor steve marchand felt at home. the westside native stopped by chez vachon. he says he got into the race to governor late and is being outspent but says momentum is on his side. >> it's a little bit like the little engine that very much could. and every day that goes by, i get folks switching from one of the others they met very early but didn't seal the deal. jean: and executive counselor colin van ostern canvassed neigho wants to extend commuter rail service. his campaign is confident in a strong turnout and launch toward the general election. >> this is up to the voters. at 8:00, the voters will have spoken. i hope they put their trust in me. i believe we need to keep our state moving forward and i've been part of that progress. jean: our wmur granite state polls show that all these
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so no matter who win tomorrow, there's still work to be done live in derry, jean mackin. tom: republican u.s. senator kelly ayotte was out and about this morning ahead of tomorrow's primary while her challenger, jim rubens, was doing radio and making phone calls. the incumbent this morning could be found in bedford at the genesis healthcare. she met with a number of veterans and talked with them about their issues. ayotte says while it may be a primary election, she believes people are verga great energy out there. we've seen enthusiasm. i stopped by my campaign headquarters last night and there were a ton of people there engaged and excited about the election. tom: her competitor, jim rubens, was not available for an interview today. the businessman was a state senator in the 1990's. rubens is no stranger to the race for the u.s. senate. two years ago, he lost the republican nod to scott brown. shelley: in the first
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republican candidates are vying for their nomination. incumbent frank guinta and rich ashooh. wmur's mike cronin live in manchester with more on tomorrow's race. mike c.: this race features a couple of familiar faces on the g.o.p. ballot. today they tried to win over last-minute votes before tomorrow's election. incumbent congressman republican frank guinta called constituents this afternoon from his campaign headquarters in manchester. >> looking forward to a strong victory on tuesday and on to november. take it to carol shea porter and continue focusing on economic opportunity and freedom for families and moving our economy in the right direction. mike: guinta is confident voters will recognize his stances. >> people recognize the dedication i have to public
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while some people talk about what they want to do, i've done it. mike:bedford businessman rich ashooh shook hands with voters at the puritan back room today. >> everyone has the reaction you hope, they want to see things done differently. and they think i'm the guy to do it. mike: the former bae systems executive is hoping for a different outcome after losing the republican primary for this seat six years ago. >> faith has been broken and that's responsible for so much of the unusual behavior we've seen this year but in particular in my race. people are tired of things not getting done and willing to try something new to change that. mike: whoever wins tomorrow will face democrat cheryl shea porter in the general election. live in manchester, mike cronin.
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state representative jack flanagan facing off against former rep, jim lawrence. wmur's kristen carosa spoke with both candidates. kristen: we caught up with the candidates in nashua early this afternoon. both tell me they're pleased with how their campaigns have gone so far. republican candidates for the second congressional district hard at work wrapping up another busy day on the campaign trail. >> we're just trying to reach out and get more people interested in our campaign. >> it's been a wonderful been received very well, all throughout the state. kristen: businessman jim lawrence is facing off against state representative jack flanagan in tuesday's primary. flanagan is in his third term in the new hampshire house and has served as a town selectman, school board member and town finance committee member. >> when pressed, we got things done. that's really what it is. we got business tax cuts. we got workers' compensation reform.
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consulting firm in nashua and served as state rep, as well as in the air force. >> the biggest thing is my experience. i'm the only veteran in this race. i was fortunate enough to graduate from the united states air force academy. kristen: both feel they're the candidate that can beat their democratic opponent, annie custer, come november. >> the polls are reflecting that, i'm within the margin of error with annie custer. and leading her substantially with >> the wmur granite state poll shows i'm tied with custer currently and beating her amongst independents. kristen: both candidates feel confident. live in nashua, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. tom: we will have complete primary coverage throughout the
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>> the most important thing to take away was communicating that that's not who we are in nashua. we're a welcoming community and we care for our neighbors. shelley: dozens gathered to show strength in unity in nashua after a local mosque was vandalized. last night, a rock was thrown into the place of worship during prayer. right now, members of the community are urging police to investigate whether this was an act of hate as people are trying to figure out why someone would a time of prayer. in place of peace, an act of hate. it was sunday night when mohammad akbar received a call telling him someone vandalized the islamic society of greater nashua, shattering the calm of prayer time by throwing a rock through a window. >> it was lighted up in side. shelley: the mosque opened three years ago when nashua became
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refugees. the rock hit an electronic sign advertising the mosque. >> he's saying when the stone went by his ears, it was very close to his ears. he thought the light bubble fell down from the top. he had shredded glass on his shoulder. shelley:right after the rock throwing, three people were seen running away. but police say this may not be an isolated incident. 20 minutes earlier, a 9-1-1 call reported three juveniles throwing rocks at the city's mines fall park sign. >> that sign and trailhead is in the general area, almost within the parking lot area of where the mosque is. shelley: the massachusetts chapter of the council on the chapter of american-islamic relatons says the mosque vandalism should be investigated as a hate crime. >> due to it occurring on september 11, it being a mosque, that is something we will look at. >> i don't know if it is a coincidence because i've never
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this is 9/11 and those guys had something in their mind and threw it. shelley: nashua police are asking people with any information about this crime to give them a call. tom: deliver man attacked in manchester. coming up -- shelley: the search for the suspect of a stabbing and robbing of a delivery driver over the weekend. tom: what the democratic nominee for president is saying mike: how long
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forever grateful... with my husband in cancer treatment, we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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tom: right now, manchester police searching for a robbery and stabbing suspect. the delivery driver had just dropped off an order on kelley street saturday night when he was h the suspect demanded money and took off with $60. he's described as a heavy set hispanic man wearing a green bandana. manchester police also investigating multiple reports of shots fired over the past three days. shelley: most recently yesterday in the area of youville street, officers found nearly 20 nine millimeter shell chasings near rock rimmon and on friday, officers heard five gunshots on
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reports of gunshots at lake avenue. tom: to the race for the white house, hillary clinton and her husband, bill, reacted to sunday's incident at the 9/11 memorial when hillary clinton was caught on video nearly collapsing. she was diagnosed with pneumonia friday and is facing questions about her health and transparency. >> a september surprise in the race for president. hillary clinton off the trail recovering her rival, donald trump, on the trail, and on the attack. mr. trump: never in history has a major party presidential candidate so viciously demonized the american voter. >> trump at a north carolina rally seizing on clinton's comments at a fundraiser friday night calling half of trump's supporters deplorables. secretary clinton: racist,
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>> clinton said she regretted the statement and trump weighed in on clinton's health scare. >> i hope she gets well soon. >> video captured the democratic nominee nearly collapsing outside of the 9/11 memorial in new york. her campaign said she was overheated and dehydrated, pneumonia. secretary clinton: it's the kind of thing that if it happens to you, and you're busy, you keep moving forward. >> rarely but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. >> clinton's campaign said she'd
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called on trump to do the same. trump's fitness will be the focus of daytime television when he appears on a talk show wednesday. >> now, mike haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. mike: photos in warner today, like across many parts of new hampshire, deep blue skies a good part of the day. the lack of haze, reaffirms the fact tha that results in quite a chill. look at how we started the day in concord, 43 degrees, coldest since may 21. 36 in parts of the great north woods in berlin, as low as 35 in whitefield, mount washington, a notch below freezing. we have to start to introduce the freezing mark from time to time now. fair and chilly tonight, a
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takes over the the next couple of days tomorrow into wednesday. once a cold front moves through, next shot of showers, showers and thunderstorms, could be strong mid afternoon, early evening. it will be mild by day and cool, refreshing by night, chilly for some up north. right now, 40's and 50's for many. a couple of low 60's, like in downtown manchester but everyone else in a comfortably cool, refreshing 40's and 50's. overnight tonight, bottoming out a few more degrees lower than we are right now in the great north woods and several lower than new hampshire. watch out for valley fog in the coming hours. wedge of warmth building and a cold front separates that from a cooler air mass. cold enough for snow in parts of the northern rockies. september snow common out that way. not here in new hampshire. we're not going to see snow any time soon. fair skies locked in tonight. sunny skies tomorrow.
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approaches but not until wednesday afternoon into the early part of the evening so we're right down the timeline. weather-wise, sunshine until early fog gives way tomorrow. more humid on said wednesday when we see more sunshine early and clouds thicken due to the cold front moving in with scattered showers and storms between around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon and 5:00 or 6:00, the most favored timeline for these storms before they exit during the early part of the evening. any storm has that potential to be accompanied by gusty winds and brief, heavy rains. heading out to vote for the primary election tomorrow, we're gov temperatures that will -- topping off in the low 80's in new hampshire. upper 70's, lots of sunshine in the great north woods and the white mountains so there you go for highs tomorrow. we're basically in the upper
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humid on wednesday. watch out for afternoon storms, any time after 2:00 or 3:00 on the coast, exiting in the evening. cooler, drier thursday, and slight warm-up later friday and especially saturday. next shot of scattered storms on sunday. tom: let's check with jamie.
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are graduating debt free, while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on? she voted to cut funding for pell grants and against letting students refinance their loans at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign.
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? power shouldn't come from money and influence. power comes from the people. i'm mark connolly, as your financial regulator, i went... after big corporations when they did wrong. as your governor, i'll stand up to the gun lobby to keep... military assault weapons off our streets. i'll take on the drug companies that caused this crisis...
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and stronger. mark connolly. governor. we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers oin our network, and start sharing your moments from the middle of anywhere.
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sports. jamie: cubs at the cardinals tonight. dartmouth grad kyle hendricks on the mound for the cubs. he had a no-hitter going until the bottom of the ninth inning until he gave up a home run to hazelbaker. eight innings he went, one hit, one run. the cubs won 4-1. he has the lowest earned run average in the majors. you might remember early in this baseball season the red sox were putting upe they had one of those games against the orioles tonight. sox jump out to an early lead, bases loaded for mookie betts and the first inning, lines one to left field. dustin pedroia and xander bogaerts will score. it was 2-0, red sox had the lead. next batter, hanley ramirez singles to left. david ortiz scores and betts races home and scores, 4-0,
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heads-up play. chris davis gets baltimore on the board. his home run swing, solo shot to center field, his 37th of the season, off daley david price. hanley ramirez crushes one over the monster, a solo shot made it 8-2. ortiz hit one out in the sixth. career home run number 536, tying mickey mantle for rays at the blue jays, scoreless in the sixth and jose bautista with a two-run homer for toronto, his 18th of the year. the five runs in the game were scored on four home runs. blue jays win 3-2. huge for them as they're two games behind the red sox in the standings. the chip kelly era begins in san francisco. the coach from manchester is making his debut with the 49ers against the new l.a. rams. game two of "monday night football" double-header, they're
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san francisco with a couple of rushing touchdowns. carlos hyde with one of them, an 11-yarder and the 49ers and kelly leading 14-0. in first game, steelers at the redskins, second quarter, fourth and one. ben roethlisberger finds the steelers' antonio brown for a 29-yard score. 7-6. pittsburg off and running. roethlisberger with a pass that pin balls around before it's caught by eli rogers three-yard score. steelers win 38-16. to the high schoolers. field hockey. dover green wave at the memorial crusaders. casey maas with a good bin on the backhand but emily brien makes it stay out of the net. maas gets another chance on a run in. finds the net for the goal, the only goal of the game and dover wins 1-0 over the crusaders.
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pinkerton astros hosting the bedford bulldogs. sailor clark gets off a shot that's turned away. nakiche scored on the rebound. 1-0. pinkerton scores on the corner kick but the bulldogs win 2-1. a great way to start the work week for 128 golfers in the harvest golf classic to benefit new hampshire food bank >> september is hunger action month. so we are -- it's nationally through feeding america so it's a great time to raise awareness of all the individuals throughout new hampshire and our country. there are one in five children in new hampshire who are food insecure. so there's always a need. jamie: great to be out there. jason king and i got to play. it's a long day but we do it for the food bank.
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tom: thanks. still to come tonight -- shelley: even man's best friend needs a snack. the coffee chain that shared with this police k-9.
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ls do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. maggie hassan's priorities are working for new hampshire. new hampshire froze tuition. she understands that we need
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ety. she's kept spending under control. and how does maggie hassan get these things done? by balancing the budget without an income or sales tax. creating a surplus... and by working with anyone and everyone to create a better environment for business innovation. a new senator making fiscal responsibility work for you. i'm maggie hassan
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tom: a good samaritan coming to rescue one bride's big day. shelley: this brookline woman was on her way to her own wedding in milford when the limo got a flat tire. the bride says she and her bridal party put their thumbs up and someone stopped and drove them there. the bride was 30 minutes late but says her wedding was amazing. a trip to starbucks isn't just check out twinsburg, ohio, k-9, yaso. tom: made a stop at a starbucks and the employee working the window made him a puppy chino. the officer shared this video on his facebook page and it's been shared 17,000 times. shelley: he looks it. thanks for joining us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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woman: the executive council voted along party lines, striking down more than $639,000 to planned parenthood locations. when republican politicians cut planned parenthood, it was devastating. birth control, cancer screenings -- they were all cut back. plunkett: it was colin van ostern who got that funding restored and helped expand medicaid, too. i'm colin van ostern. i was raised by a single mom, and we didn't always have health insurance. that's why, as governor,
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kaley cuoco -- from "i'll have what phil's having," phil rosenthal. and music from onerepublic. and now, after all -- here's jimmy kimmel! ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody.


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