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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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his estimate, predicting that 2300 voters would cast a ballot in this primary. turnout is reported to be fairly steady all day long. gardner expects the majority of the turnout to be on the republican side of things since there is only one contested primary on the democratic side, and that is in the governor's race where there is a wide open seat in the corner office in concord. a lot of people are watching this race closely. turning our an early morning for many as they voted in their home towns. they hit the campaign trail one final time making stops at polling places and popular restaurants to gather some last minute support. we do have live team coverage of their primary night headquarters as well, but we're going to begin with the governors race on the republican side of things and adam sexton who can be found at the headquarters for chris sununu. reporter: josh, this is a race and a candidate to watch.
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his home town of newfield before heading over to walk to voters and make a number of vis it's a cross the state. sununu is the form son of a former governor and brother of a former senator. but he's shying a way from all that talk saying the race isn't about family name, it's about issues. let's head over to the queen city ted gatsas' campaign headquarters. report the derly field has brought ted gatsas good luck since his first mayor old victory back in 2009, he's hoping for a repeat performance tonight. we caught up with ted gatsas at bedford high school this afternoon, his 15th stop of the day, he's wearing his huky tie and says voters are upbeat and telling him he's their candidate. gatsas says he's known for access toibility his
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people a straight answer. tonight's race is expected to than tight as well, four candidates vying for the republican nomination for governor. and for more on one of those contenders for that republican nomination, let's head up to meredith and my colleague, kristen carosa. >> we're live at church landing in meredith where state senator forester will spend the night waiting for election resultings to come in. we did catch morning at a polling location in derry where she said she was getting good feedback on had her run for governor. she's the only female in this race. senator forester has been at the state house more than six years, she's been a member of the most important committee in the legislature, the senate finance committee, which she now chairs. forester has also been a town administrator in tough on the bro and new dispeurm is a former executive director of main straight programs in meredith and plymouth and says she's
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reporter: thank you, kristen. frank edelblut is hoping for a political outsiders victory tonight at the yard restaurant in manchester. earlier today the business pan shook hand at bedford high school, he's an accountant and first-term legislator. edelblut describes himself is a staunch conservative on fiscal and social issues. over the past year he's been making a name for himself among established rep governor in the corner office, someone who will grow wages and eliminate government waste. we'll have live coverage tonight from the yard as the campaign watches the election results roll in. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: turning our attention now to the democratic race for governor. jennifer: three candidates are facing off here hoping to be on the ballot come november. we have live team coverage of those candidate showers tonight, we begin with jean mackin.
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calling this gathering inside the manchester mill yard museum a general election kickoff party. we caught up with the candidate today visiting the polls, one woman askedded him to walk her to the door so she could vote for him. he cast his own vote in his home town of concord. the executive councilor and business manager campaigned on his economic plan which includes extension of commuter rail tonight he told us he vows to be out meeting with voters until all of the polls close. one of his challengers is mark connolly. andy hershberger is covering that campaign right across town in manchester. reporter: mark connolly says there are some key issues in this campaign like the heroin crisis and education, but he says experience is what sets him apart from his challengers. connolly is the former deputy secretary of state and was the director of the securities
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student at dartmouth. connolly spent the morning voting in new castle, then campaigning in portsmouth, manchester and nashua. he says the voters he spoke to feel the state is doing well, but things could be better. connolly says a victory tonight is a unified democratic ticket with with him at the top. that's the story from connolly headquarters. let's go over to cherise leclerc who is at marchand headquarters. reporter: that's right, andy, thank you. former marchand says his experience governing this city will translate to the needs of all voters and people here in the granite state. marchand, a former portsmouth city councilor as well now boxer as the principal of s.r.m. consulting as a public relations firm after a stint at u.n.h. today he met with students and voters at the dairy barn, in durham. marchand calls himself the most progressive candidate in this race who fully supports
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he opposes the death penalty and calls himself fiscally responsible. he'll be meeting with his supporters tonight here at the art space, they're expected to fill in room about 7:30 tonight. tom: we apologize for that audio, we'll get that straightened out for you. and it will be a busy night ahead as the results start to come in. jennifer: josh mcelveen is monitoring all the races tonight and continues our coverage with a closer look at the race for in and out of here all night long, including possibly senator kelly ayotte. the senate race is about the closest thing to a sure thing as the incumbent ayotte is the heavy favorite over her primary challenger jim rubens. no doubt she would like a convincing victory tonight to propel her into the general election matchup against hagy hassan. that is a race with a lot eyes on it nationally and could swing the balance of nawr the u.s. senate. it will also be the most expensive race in the history of
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on behalf of the two candidates. new hampshire is also a swing state, by the way, which is why on thursday donald trump will be back in the granite state to try and defend the turf that he won during the presidential primary. and hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine will also be in the granite state thursday as well. so if you thought things were going to quiet down after tonight, buckle up to. a large degree things are just getting starteddedded. back to you. tom: thank you. we check in with the our commitment 2016 coverage continues, plus residents rattled by low flying fighter jets. what we're learning about the situation. jennifer: while it's still official i summer, this group is getting a head start on planning for winter and keeping the roads, sidewalks and parking latest safe. mike: the plows, the salt, the snow. after a toasty tuesday, a warm wednesday follows. the changes and when it cools back down.
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hampshire, we'll matter from
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oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; voting for big oil. not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. maggie hassan's priorities are working for new hampshire. new hampshire froze tuition. she understands that we need good highway systems. hassan is an advocate for public safety. she's kept spending under control.
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get without an income or sales tax. creating a surplus... and by working with anyone and everyone to create a better environment for business innovation. a new senator making fiscal responsibility work for you. i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. tom: our commitment 2016 new hampshire votes coverage picks back up now with the congressional races. jennifer: there are republican second districts. we have live team coverage at all of their campaign headquarters tonight. we begin with shelley walcott who is covering the guinta campaign. shelley: well, jen, i'm actually here at murphy's tap room in manchester, they're setting up for what looks like will be a party tonight. this is campaign headquarters for frank guinta and he was looking pretty confident when i caught up with with with him earlier today. he was getting voters at hood middle school in derry. guinta is defending his seat representing new hampshire's
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last year the federal election commission found that he illegally accepted a $355,000 donation from his parents during his 2010 campaign. but guinta says he's been good working in congress and supported bipartisan legislation to fight the drug crisis and says he knows that voters will remember that this evening. for more on the man who is running against congressman guinta tonight, i'm going to send it over to my colleague, jennifer crompton who is live in manchester. reer feeling great and feels invigorated by getting out and seeing so many voters today. in fact, he started at 7:00 this morning, hitting the polls, the father of five from bedford is challenging incumbent frank guinta, running on a promise of trust and integrity. ashooh says guinta has not delivered results on important issues like balancing the budget, veterans affairs and immigration. he spent 20 years as a senior executive at b.a.e. systems and
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results. we're here at fratello's in man cheers, we'll be here throughout the evening as the results come in. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. back to the studio. tom: there's also a head to head matchup in the republican race for the second congressional district. jennifer: we're covering both of their campaign headquarters tonight, we begin with heather hamel who is covering the jack flanagan campaign. reporter: flanagan has been out straight all day long, in fact he couldn't find time to vote until late this afternoon, he says whether it be in concord or more locally as a brookline selectman, school board member, he feels that he can get things done. the three-term house representative says he has helped to do everything from balancing the state budget to working to pass legislation to improve the economy in the north country. he is encouraged by polls that show him gaining some grubled on congresswoman kuster.
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opponent in the primary, that's jim lawrence. reporter: jim lawrence certainly knows the drill very well, this is his second run at congress. he's served three terms as state rep. he is an air force veteran, a father of eight, a conservative republican, those are maybe the bullet points on jim lawrence. he spent the morning going around to polling sites, he says he received positive feedback. but according to the latest wmur poll, most voters f not know enough about any of the candidates including lawrence in the second district race to have an opinion. so possibly low voter turnout combined with that, we'll see how that affects the numbers for tonight. lawrence's main platform, going after what he calls a broken washington, everything from foreign policy to national debt. we're live at sky meadow country club in nashua at jim lawrence's campaign headquarters. tom: our campaign coverage for
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candidates' headquarters throughout the night. jennifer: at the top of each hour we'll update you on what's happening right then. plus our live continuous coverage will begin at 8:00 over on me tv and on as well as our mobile app. me tv is channel 945 on comcast. tom: did you get all that? we'll see you for weather about 11:20 tonight.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. sponsible for the content of this advertising. when i first found out that carl had been using heroin on and off for a year. i immediately thought not my son. i found him in his bathroom with a syringe still in his hand and that was the worst day of my life. annie kuster is leading the fight regarding this opioid epidemic. she's trying to do everything she can to get laws changed.
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i'm annie kuster and i approved this message. tom: people in the town of hancock were shaken this morning after jarring noises. fighter jets were circling in the area and dropped flares that explodeddeddedded in the air. the massachusetts air national guard first said to news 9 that their jet weren't involved, but later claimed responsibility. the air national guard said it was doing target intercept training and dropped the flares. typically it notifies the public before flying over new hampshire, but that did not happen today.
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jennifer: and today contractors and d.o.t. workers attenit focue amount of salt used to clear snow and ice. the department of environmental services says too much salt is bad for the environment. >> we have a problem in some of our streams here in new hampshire where too much salt is entering them, and that's coming from winter salt that we why to clear the streets of snow and featured speaker, he highlighted the state's extreme weather patterns over the past 10 years. mike: some of the the most extreme weather occurs over 6,000 feet up, that's where we take to you the observation deck there at the summit of mount washington where it's crystal clear, beautiful looking fall day out there. at least it started that way, ended up sr-ke witboutack side a
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in the day, then the clouds begin to move in shortly after the lunch time hour in southern new hampshire. new hampshire. here's a look at the sky cast.
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sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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jamie: the red sox bats are heating up at just the right time with a playoff chase in full swing. they've games and look to keep it going against orioles righty dylan bundy tonight. drew pomeranz starts for the red sox. last night monday night football, against the rams it's hard to imagine it going any better, the niners won 28-0. three touchdowns rushing, their defense picked off the rams quarterback twice. rams just 185 yards in total offense. chip kelly's team plays at the panthers sunday at 1:00.
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defense and our defensive staff. i think our defensive staff did a great job, and i've thought our defense, you know, we have to go against them and we've been going against send since april. i think we have a form middable front. >> and new hampshire tackles hunger is back, high school football teams will be collecting food for their local community pan troas over the next month. the first school up is merrimack valley, they're a collection site on friday night for the game against kennett. right now 50 of 58 schools reporting they will participate. more coming in every day. tom: thank you. jennifer: it is primary day, right now on you can find detailed political coverage, primary results as they come in. voter information where the candidates stand on the issues and much, much more. tom: tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" immediately following world news. then join us for live new
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are graduating debt free, while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on? she voted to cut funding for ll grants and against letting students refinance their loans at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign. kelly ayotte: working for the special interests, not on our side. senate majority pac is responsible
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narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. ayotte claims she's independent, then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers 90% of the time. she takes millions from wall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda before everyday families. higher drug prices and cutbacks to our medicare. so, think about it: new hampshire can choose the special interests' senator with kelly ayotte... or a people's senator, for a change. i'm maggie hassan
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tonight, breaking news. police officers run down. the stunning surveillance video just released. authorities say a driver intentionally ramming into the officers as they were simply standing. also tonight, the new tropical threat at this hour, it could very well effect the east coast. the new images tonight, the investigation into that plane that nearly runway and into the water at new york's laguardia airport. and the other scare, the jet that landed without much of its landing gear. was it what the doctor ordered? with hillary clinton recovering from pneumonia, president obama hits the trail and takes aim at donald trump. and trump's physical. what his campaign now says about trump's privacy and dr. oz. and storming the dance floor. tonight, the arrests, and now, the new charges.


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