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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 14, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EDT

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let's go to suzanne roantree. what's going on? reporter: it was just after 10:30 this evening. manchester fire got the call there was a fire possibly on the ninth floor. the residents say they were alerted by an alarm and to vacate the building. dozens of firefighters were on the scene. we are waiting to talk to the supervisor on duty. we will bring you more details as they become available. live on elm street, suzanne roantree. >> there is not one regret i
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>> one thing i know, they pay attention. >> now we have two months. jennifer: passionate primary races -- campaigns refocusing right now. tom cole and -- tom: some key races still too close to call. good evening, i'm tom griffin. jennifer: the two big stories are t the first congressional district and also the republican nomination for governor. let's start with the latest results. chris sununu leading but ever so slightly. closely behind him. second place, frank edelblut. tom: frank guinta is holding
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be the democratic candidate on the governor's ballot. tom cole and jim lawrence feet jack flanagan to move on to the general election in the second congressional district. jennifer: kelly ayotte easily won her parties nomination. we have live team coverage. tom cole and first go to adam sununu campaign. going to be a story. he is the most moderate candidate nominated in years. lose, it is a defeat for one of the enduring political dynasties. it is close but very much looking like chris sununu might be able to pull this out. very few towns remaining out, in terms of big republican towns.
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as far as picking up margins. he has done well on the seacoast. he has been cleaning up in hampton falls. dublin just came in for rank -- frank edelblut but it would make a lot of -- take a lot of dublin's to make up for the bigger towns. looking pretty well for sununu. they are not yet ready to declare victory but think they have this one moving in the right direction, although nobody anticipated this would come down this way. we are live at the portsmouth country club. , and: -- reporter: the outcome is uncertain but one thing that is
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they are still going. it has been a bit of a roller coaster. who started out with them feeling optimistic. this crowd has been going wild. and then recently, chris sununu taking over with a narrow lead in the polls. a roller coaster for these folks. the party is not. a close race. he is not planning to speak until there is an outcome. we will bring you that as soon as we hear from frank edelblut. certainly a lot of emotion. his supporters are iron up, hoping for victory -- are fired up, hoping for victory. amy: this is what you would
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-- in derry field. the decorations are down, the supporters are gone. this is the first time ted gatsas has ever lost an election. mayor gatsas's concession speech was open ended noting that it's just too close to call between sununu and edelblut. he congratulated jeanie forrester on running a great race and said he will support whoever the nominee is for the republican party. no regrets from this campaign . gatsas said they left it all on the fielen voters all over the state. analysts said name recognition for gatsas was low outside the southern tier of the state and that likely hurt him. >> we have to be as tough and losses as in victories. you get up and you play the game. when it is over, you play the next one. i will be happy to be back in my new office and running the great
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unity breakfast bright at early tomorrow morning at 7:30 supporting whoever the nominee is and he has 1.5 years left as mayor of manchester. we are live here. kong: -- tom: republican state senator jeanie forrester gave her concession speech early on in the evening, well before the jennifer: forrester told supporters at her campaign headquarters in meredith that despite the loss the only woman in the race says she is proud of her campaign. >> we knew we were the underdog. we did not have the wealth or the fame. as some have said, we didn't have those connections, but we ran a very spirited campaign, i think. we had great campaign staff and great supporters and i am so very proud of where we started and where we have come and so
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jennifer: no over to the first congressional district. tom: it's a tight race between frank guinta and rich ashooh. the two have been within a few points of one another all night. wmur's shelley walcott is live in manchester where guinta's supporters are anxiously awaiting. shelley: i am standing here with frank into. this has been a barn burner. kind? >> it has been a spirited campaign. we worked hard to talk to the people we represent. we are a grassroots organization. we feel strongly about where we are and we will continue to count the numbers. it has been a wonderful campaign. i appreciate support and help. we hope to have good news in the next couple hours. shelley: i spoke to you earlier
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do you think the controversy regarding campaign finance has dog you? people want me to focus on public policy issues which is what i have focused on. i think that is why i have had such a strong showing. shelley: i know you said you did great work regarding is that on people's minds? >> people know me, they know the dedication and passion and conviction i take to public service. people see that in the public policy initiatives i undertake and the leadership i have undertaken to combat heroin and opioid use. we hope to take that into the
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>> we are not looking at that way -- shelley: what happens if you lose? will you can see quickly if the numbers do not turn out to be in your favor? >> and feel good about where we are and we will know in the next couple of hours. shelley: there you have it, guys. frank guinta not prepared to make any final decision until the numbers come in. it could be a late night here in nc this has been home to the ashooh headquarters all night long. these folks are not calling it quits and neither is the candidate. the father of five holding out hope the numbers go his way. he wanted to make sure he had a chance to speak to his
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bless you. he want to thank them no matter what the resolution is. here is some of what he had to say. >> you have given us the gift of your support and friendship. i wish i could give you the gift of clarity. [laughter] >> that i cannot. there a than 10 pounds -- towns out. it is too close to call. jen: the campaign headquarters is breaking down but the support and the hope has not. these folks know it will be a late night. hoping it goes their way. jennifer crompton, the real new our news 93 tom: the two big stories have been the republican
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jennifer: joined for some analysis on this. josh: the big story is the surge by frank at home -- frank edelblut. i don't know if i would rather be ted, or frank, coming so close. if the numbers hold, almost went. -- win. 1000-2000 votes. unknown across the state and he runs a great campaign and almost went against one of the best known political names in new hampshire. we will see him again regardless of whether he wins or loses. he has shown he is a formidable candidate and he can do a good
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tonight. if you thought the status quo folks had gone away, it doesn't appear that way. he called himself the outsider in this race. a lot of people looking for someone on the outside. andy: there are what if's. what if jeanie forrester had not run? maybe he would have come over the top. josh: we will see how this shakes out. too close to call. he had numbers the black plague -- andy: we were seeing only 6% of republicans would definitely vote for him. he has done a good job of that by staying focused and not getting distracted. we heard in the last interview,
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voters, i think they are thinking the same way. josh: he ran a campaign, a lot of people thought he wasn't aggressive enough. came on strong late. andy: one of the criticisms i had heard is early on, rich ashooh recognition. josh: a couple other races are settled. we will send it back to you. tom: the democratic primary for governor was settled earlier. jennifer: colin van ostern easily one his party's
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earlier. jean: the party is over but 1.5 hours ago, when this room was packed, he told his supporters he is honored to win the primary but that the race is not about him. it is about the people new hampshire. he jumped into think is supported with hugs. the pledged to fight to keep nh a no sales tax state, to attract jobs with higher pay, and to try to extend commuter rail service it was a clean win for him. the 37-year-old executive councilor and former stonyfield business manager said his experience proves he's ready for the job of governor >> the decisions we make in the next two years will determine our state's economic future for a decade to come. we will leave politics at the
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partisanship. jean: is very confident campaign called this general -- a general election kickoff. tom: mark connolly gave an early concession speech. jennifer: he said he was proud of his campaign and thanked all the voters who supported him. about 21st century issues. he said he is looking forward to heading back into the private sector. he added, the most important thing for him is a united ticket. >> this is not about me. it is about you, the future of our state.
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steve marchand conceded. tom: he says he will do everything in his power to help -- >> i am 42 years old. i'm a kid in the political world. i'm going to end up with 25 percent of the vote against an outstanding yield. i will be back. tom: he says he now hopes to encourage people to vote democrat. jennifer: our coverage continues in just minutes. tom: the race for the republican nomination in the second congressional district. jennifer: a quick decision in the republican race for senate read how the nominees are now attacking each other. mike: we will talk a little weather.
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tom: welcome back to our continuing coverage of commitment to beat jack flanagan. reporter: one of the reasons jim lawrence said he decided to run again was be said -- because so many people reached out, asking him. he will be going up against annie kuster. the incumbent democrat for the district.
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tended to vote moderate, but lawrence, being a conservative republican, believes he has a good chance because kuster is more washington, less new hampshire. lawrence does feel is a platform with core issues, those things will speak not just to republicans orders but all the voters. his opponent. heather: jack flanagan said he did everything he could based on the time and resources he had, but the chips did not fall where he wanted them to. flanagan had a small gathering here at the brookline fire department. he remained optimistic. about an hour ago, he did call jim lawrence. he said he did support him.
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going forward. who said he did not have much name recognition but feels he did have a strong campaign. as for next, he says it is too soon to tell. for now, live in brookline, heather hamel. tom: the winner of that race will face annie kuster. jennifer: not expect november to be a challenge. >> i brought people together to get things done, combating the heroin epidemic. working for increased access to treatment for veterans. creating a new campus for our community colleges. fighting for seniors to maintain and protect social security.
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ayotte has now won the nomination. tom: this is a race called early in the evening. she is looking ahead to her general election matchup with maggie hassan. senator ayyote: making sure the funding comes prevention, treatment, recovery. that is where my focus is. tom cole and as for jim rubens, he said he is just pointed with the showing. he did say that he is proud of the campaign he ran. we were there when he made his phone call to kelly ayotte. jennifer: you can get all the results and all of the results right on our website, and that
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general election. tom: we are taking live pictures. we were going to go to the weather forecast but republican gubernatorial candidate chris sununu, there where it is a close race. close race. let's see what he has to say. there are a good amount of votes to be counted. i did want to come over and thanked everyone. it has been a long year, to say
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that has come out. doing the phone calls. writing checks. it has been great, absolutely great. i give them a lot of credit. numbers come in but it is getting late. primaries have a way of doing it. we feel good. thank you for coming out. stick with us. we feel confident and we will see where this goes in the
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know they are going to stay put. but we may not know what is
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>> and now mike haddad. mike: nice and mild during the course of the evening. temperatures coasting more moisture in that air. the dew point is rising. creeping into the slightly humid range. that will trigger the possibility of scattered showers and storms. the en garde. the dew point drops all the way back into the mid-40's. that could set the stage for the
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you notice, a lot of work still building in our direction. mild for late evening temperatures. turning cooler, back in the planes states. as for the cold front, scattering of light showers right now. fire up on top of us tomorrow. a few clouds by morning. scattered showers at any point in the day. and then the line of storms develops knitted day. after that, clear sailing right through the start of the weekend. sunny skies and early to cloudy
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wind and heavy rain. weekend, a nice start. tom: ok, sounds good. more commitment coverage ahead,
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jamie: the red sox and the orioles played the middle game of their series. it was exactly the opposite. five or early runs for the visitors. started with jj hardy. nine on the year, the ball bounces back. 3-0 orioles. and 2 batters later, nolan reimold with a 2 run shot the 5-0. orioles pitching walked in a few runs and then xander bagaerts hit a solo home run in the fifth. an insurance run for the orioles in the night. the orioles had to have this one and they get it. they win, 6-3. the al east division, those numbers are not going to be right. toronto and baltimore, two games


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