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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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josh: all this happened on mill upon crossing. if it looks familiar, that's it because the same area where two years ago police officers steven arkell was killed. cherise leclerc is live. reporter: about 4:30 this afternoon those crews startedded clearing this area. they did allow people who live here to start returning to their homes. but the scene was much different around 1:00 this afternoon when police were calledded reports of a suicidal man. they tried to make contact with that man but had no luck. family members told police this man has attempt something similar in the past. at about 2:30 this afternoon a reverse 911 call was sent out to neighborhoods telling them to shelter in place. the man in question was later found deinside the home. police though are not releasing much information on that person at this time. they're still notifying family. they said the massive police
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you may recall the incident in the same neighborhood where brentwood police officers steven arkell was shot and killeddedded while responding to a domestic dispute two years ago. >> all incidents that we've had from then up until now have a lot to do with how we handle things. you learn all the time, so we'll learn stuff from this incident as well. >> it's scary, you don't know what's going on. but that was horrific, because it was so viole more loss of life, but the explosion too was incredible. you don't forget that kind of stuff. reporter: now once again the scene now clear, deemed safe by police here on mill pond crossing, and again a man found dead inside of his home this afternoon, to an apparent suicide. police expect to release more details on this later on tonight. for now live in brentwood,
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josh: new hampshire now getting much needed rain. jean: but today's storms are not hitting all of the state, like we need, after dropping rain across southern new hampshire this afternoon the rain is. >> starting to move out. let's check in with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: unfortunately that rain is only hitting a few spots, it's fairly isolatedded. and this cold front moving through signals a big drop in temperature across many parts of new hampshire. radar right now, downpours moving through southeastern hooksett, northern parts of rockingham county with some thunder, that line sten right over towards the pease trade port and just about to exit offshore. another half-hour to an hour in most of the rain will be gone. in terms of the heaviest, again, it's clearly lining up in places northeast of the queen city and up towards dover and durham, stretching towards portsmouth, moving to the east southeast about 30 miles per hour.
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much, much cooler. the feel of fall up north right now will affect everyone overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. we'll take a look at when some parts of of the state could see their first frost and a look into the weekend. josh: an east kingston man is behind bars charged with six counts of child sex abuse image, he was arrested after an investigation. jennifer crompton is live in east kingston with more. re say new hampshire's internet crimes against children task force tippedded them off several months ago. according to police they'd been staking out a residence in east kingston, swooping in this morning about 6:30 to make an arrest. chris murphy was taken into custody without incident. police found approximately six videos of child pornography on their initial search.
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infancy. we actually seized some computers and some other media, videos. from there we'll be looking at seeing if we can find any more image videos, anything relate to this crime. reporter: according to police, murphy is one of three people who live in the home. but the only one who had access to the area where the images were be found. murp wmur sales department and has been suspend pending the outcome of this case. live in east kingston, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jean: manchester police are searching for a man they say robbed a bank on hooksett road this morning, but they say the same man was at another bank minutes before the holdup. andy hershberger is live with what police think he was doing there. reporter: manchester police say
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road this morning may have caseddeddedded another bank first. manchester police are looking for this man who they say robbed the bank of america wednesday. but they say it appears it was his second stop this morning. these surveillance pictures were taken at the eastern bank, just a few minutes before the robbery. police say a teller report seeing the man pacing back and forth in front of the bank, acting suspicious, before removing his hood and inside. >> she turned and walk to the rear of the banking came back and asked if he needed any of assistance and he was looking to use a public restroom, one they did not have, he then asked for water and upon the teller going to get the water he exited the bank. reporter: a few minutes later, a few hundred yards away, the sale man wearing the same clothes walked into the bank of america and demandedded cash.
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the time. reporter: police say the man left the bank and walked toward oak street where he may have gotten into a silver car. authorities are looking for your help in this case. if you have any information about this suspect, you are asked to call the manchester police. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: commitment 2016 coverage f. the primary election for several campaigns into the waiting game with two key races too close to call, at least until this morning. and that includeddedded the but at this hour, chris sununu has claimedded the nomination after frank edelblut conceded the race this afternoon on the state house steps. adam sexton was there. reporter: this was a quick burying of the hatchet, now turning to his democratic challenger, something he works with on a bi weekly basis. on election day e el blue and
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24 hours later they'd be together again, resolving the race for governor. >> i am happy, happy that i will have the opportunity to vote for chris sununu for governor. reporter: sununu lavished praise on the first-term state rep who nearly pulled off an epic upset, losing by just 804 votes out more than 100,000 cast. >> frank and his team made an incredible race, they so to stand here with frank ed el blut and sketch his support means the world to me. reporter: colin van ostern says he's ready for the general election. >> this race is not about me, if chris sneu you thinks the race is about chris sneu you he's mistaken. reporter: >> one of the reasons i want for
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first place, i helped get the economic feasibility study done. reporter: both van ostern and sununu serve on the executive council and anyone who has watched a meeting or two knows they are not the best of friends. another angle on this race is the relative youth of the candidates. sununu is 41, van ostern is 37. it's possible both could be running for office in new hampshire for the next 30 years. josh: good chance we'll hear from frank edelblut again too. another race that kept everyone congressional district, rich ashooh concededded to incumbent frank guinta this morning. but a very narrow margin, after what was a somewhat contentious primary race between the two. the day after the election, republicans in new hampshire held their traditional unity breakfast. the goal was to smooth over any hard feelings that may linker from primary battles, but this year might have had extra
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scandal came to a head last year, many leading republicans calling than him to resign. he ignored those calls and pulledded out a narrow victory. >> we are a unified party, i'm looking forward to making sure that everyone on this ticket wins in new hampshire, starting with kelly ayotte. >> elections are about the people, they make the decisions, and it's the party's josh: guinta will now face democrat carol shea porter for a fourth time in the first district congressional election, going for the congressional seat there. the keynote speaker at the breakfast a familiar face, new jersey governor chris christie, he beliefs my political will relate to congressman guinta will fade fast. >> the voters made a choice, i've known frank for a long
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voters made a choice, now let's get behind the person they chose. josh: christie finished fifth in the new hampshire presidential primary this year, but since dropping out of race he has stayed active campaigning on behalf of donald trump who, by the way, will be in new hampshire tomorrow. and in the second congressional district, republican jim lawrence will face incumbent democrat annie kuster this fall. he beat flanagan by more than 10% of the total vote. and it took just minutes to call last night's senate primary, not a bigur defeted her republican opponent. that sets up the matchup that a lot of people are watching, governor maggie hassan, her challenger this november. we heard from both candidates today and jennifer vaughn is here with more. jennifer: this race is already heated and about to get hotter. the general election campaign officially kicked off with both kelly ayotte and maggie hassan taking shots.
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hassan's liberal connections in washington, while hassan then took some time during a business leaders event in manchester to draw a sharp contrast between the two. >> make no mistake who recruited governor maggie hassan for this race. chuck schumer, harry reid, all of the liberal interests in washington who are funding those ads on your tv that are false, they don't represent new hampshir hampshire. >> my opponent senator ayotte has really stood with big corporate special interests at the expense of new hampshire businesses and innovators and families. and that's what the choice in this campaign will be about, that's what i'll be focusing on moving forward. >> both candidates are already pushing voters to show up on election day. this race is so close, turnout will likely play an enormous role in determining whether ayotte or hassan will pull out
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vaughn, wmur news 9. josh: national eyes on this one, 55 million already spent on that senate race. democrats are also looking ahead to november by drawing a clear line between their candidates and that of the g.o.p. the chair of new hampshire democratic party ray buckley and d.n.c. committee woman kathy sullivan held a news conference in manchester today and they took aim at gubernatorial nominee chris sununu just hours before that race was called. although he did run as a moderate, democrats >> he's going to try to pretend that he is not the extreme right wing candidate that he is. he is going to try to run like he's charlie baker of massachusetts, but if he's ever elected governor of new hampshire he will govern like paul le page of maine. josh: democrats will have to work hard to make their candidate recognizable. although van ostern did win the primary election, our last poll
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know enough about him to form an opinion. but the general election matchups are now set. and it could be a very interesting conclusion to this election cycle. jean: you said it right there. thanks, josh. we have much more ahead at 5:00, including another cyber attack, this time targeting american olympians. josh: and another tropical storm makes landfall. what screul yeah means for the mid atlantic. mike: after summer some, a fall feel will take over soon. jean: a corn husk heist under investigation, at 5:30, 700 ears of corn hand picked and stolen overnight. and the farmers say they were not the only ones targeted. josh: then at 6:00, tough talk on capitol hill as part of a new
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narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. ayotte claims she's independent, then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers 90% of the time. she takes millions from wall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda . higher drug prices and cutbacks to our medicare. so, think about it: new hampshire can choose the special interests' senator with kelly ayotte... or a people's senator, for a change. i'm maggie hassan
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jean: let's get a quick check on traffic, see how things are looking out there. this is over 293 in manchester, a backup outside exit 5 in the southbound lanes of 293, the view from our elliott at rivers edge camera. josh: peggy james joins us as always with a live look at the road home mid-week.
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drivers may be don'ting some downpours on the roads, that's the only major issue happening right now. coming up on 93 north over the state line a lot of volume, but moving well from salem up to manchester. 293 busy, but incident-free. a little slow through the hooksett tolls. up in concord on 393 eastbound it is crowded between concord and chichester. 101 west has you on and off the preaks approaching 114 and continuing into bedford, meetinghouse road. everett turnpike no reported incidents, just a lot of company north through merrimack. 101 is all clear between manchester out to 95 and the seacoast. the spaulding turnpike north heavy moving through newington and portsmouth. i'm peggy james for wzid. josh: tonight russian hackers back in the news, this time being blamed for leaking the private health records of olympic athletes. the world anti-doping agency
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olympic good medalists, that indicate they used banned substances, but in each case they had exemptions for medical reasons. biles tweeted i have adhd and have taken medicine for it since i was a kid. >> these documents front of that these u.s. athletes played by the book and did everything they were supposed to do. the complete russian. josh: russia is denying any involvement in this hacking case. jean: tropical storm julia is hitting florida and georgia, this time lapse shows the tropical storm forming over florida, this storm is moving slowly, and it's bringing strong winds and causing power outages. julia is expected to jump four to eight inches of rain when it reaches the south carolina coast.
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40 miles per hour. but it is stuck in places jean just mentioned, that means the rain continues to fall that way and winds continue to drive the wave action and tropical storm warnings up for the southeastern coast of the united states. the storm, however, because it is crawling and the jet stream not going to drive it anywhere means that it just stays put in and around that same area for the next two or even three days before it starts to fall apart. around here, not all that tropical, but it was a built more humid than it a better chance of showers and storms, notice the time lapse photos over new found lake around 3:00. we did get a quick downpour, some thunder, now the clouds are breaking as the cold front has moved through. it is not clear at the coast right now, that's where is there a heavy downpour, in and around the newfield area towards portsmouth. if you live in those areas as you can see by doppler radar, you are getting some beneficial rain. but unfortunately notice the back edge of this line is
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manchester points south and southwest. do notice a couple of downpours trying to pop up around derry and salem, so can't rule out one or two in southeastern new hampshire up until about 6:00 or 6 much 15 this evening. but most of the action right now confined to the coast. moving off to the east southeast, generally about 30, 35 miles per hour. then more scattered storms down to the south of the boston area, and all of it moves out again as for the temperatures, they have come down considerably where the rain has moved in. concord was in the mid 80's a couple hours now, now we'll flip it around to a 68-degree temperature. 60 in berlin, but still summer warmth hanging on for now in manchester, nashua and portsmouth. but that portsmouth temperature ready to tumble as the rain moves in. dew points already down to 50 in the great north woods. but in southeastern zones you notice a bit more humidity,
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fallen we've seen that dew point creep up to around 60. but it dips quite a bit later tonight and especially tomorrow and sits in the very dry comfortable range for quite some time, even into the first half of the upcoming weekend. overnight tonight, clear skies develop, down to near 40 far north, on average upper 40's or lower 50's elsewhere, and tomorrow night colder than this night, could lead to the first frost of the season in northern parts of the state, as we go into early, early on friday morning. for now summer that means more seasonable air builds in for tomorrow, tomorrow night early friday. and we're going to start to see temperatures rebounding above the average by friday afternoon, lasting right through a good part of next week. so even though we are highlighting a bit of a cooldown and maybe the first frost up north early friday, most of those temperatures from friday afternoon through wednesday of next week are above average yet again.
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night into sunday. josh: a simple conversation with your pediatrician could make a life saving difference. jean: your doctor's role in firearms safety. josh: this small device is protecting police officers and saving taxpayers money, that's
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jrm tonight a new study is out that suggests a conversation with your child's doctor may help prevent a potentially deadly firearms accident. jean: dr. tim johnson has a closer look at the study. reporter: kids get into everything, it's their job to be curious, to explore. but too often this means that in their own homes guns and bullets are available, the result is thousands of children injured every year from accidents wh conversation with your child's pediatrician could help prevent some of these tragedies. researchers at the washington university school of medicine talkedded to more than 1200 parents in pediatricians waiting rooms, they found half of their children did spend time in homes with guns, also about one in five parents who have guns say they keep guns and ammunition in the same place, and a quarter said they keep at least one firearm in the house loaded.
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about gun safety may help keep kids safe. but that this conversation doesn't happen enough, only 13 policer of parents reportedded having this conversation even though three in four say they would be open to it. so parents, if you own a gun, tell the pediatrician to put your heads together on gun safety. it could make all the difference. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. josh: straight ahead, ben cherington, remember him, he's about toom new move just announced for this granite state baseball guru. jean: and another surprise visitor to new hampshire waters what we're learning about a swordfish found in rye. now we return to our u local hot shot, a misty filter doesn't
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. dofix the problems we face. an well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on? she voted to cut funding for pell grants and against letting students refinance their loans at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign.
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> almost like humanity fighting against itself. jean: casing the crops, now at 5:30 an unusual theft is the latest blow for this farm already struggling in our drought. josh: jury selection is under
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after his death sentence was thrown out. mike: after a quick downpour for some, it dries out quickly this evening. a look at the other changes on the way. reporter: i'm sally kidd in washington. in commitment 2016 donald trump reveals new information about his health, while hillary clinton prepares to return to the campaign trail. >> no one covers new hampshire% like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5: chard, tomatoes and cucumbers, all stolen right off the vine and one local farmer is trying to recover from the loss. welcome back. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. in the wake a devastating drought, this heist is one more blow straining our local farmers. josh: as amy coveno reports, customers are rallying to help the farm out. reporter: the valley farm stand on hooksett road in hoob set, they grow it all, pick it and
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large scale theft operation took a big chunk out of their bottom line. >> all the cut corn is us, but this has been, the ears have been taken. reporter: 700 ears, growing on fenced land with a locked gate. it's at least a day of sales to wholesalers, lost. >> we can prove that they stole at least four to $450 worth of product, we can prove they took basedded on the you one lap of corn and the one basket of swiss are carrying his crops out of state for resale. he's heard from two other local farms who say they were hit too. >> we've got to deal with the drought, all the hardships of farming, and we can take it in stride and deal with it. but stuff like this this, this is a shot in the gut. reporter: the facebook post racking up thousands of shares and garnering unprecedented good will at the register. >> people have been coming in, they just want to pay for an extra dozen even though they
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awesome. reporter: they say they know it's a long shot, but are hoping residents who live near their fields may have noticed an unusual car or activity. anyone with a tip is urge to contact pembroke police. amy coveno, wmur news 9. jean: thanks, amy. jury selection is now under way for the resentencing of gary sampson. a federal judge threw out sampson's initial death penalty sentence because a jury lied about her background. sampsonle massachusetts men during a week long crime spree in 2001. sampson has also admit to killing a man in meredith shortly after the other killings. josh: a vermont police officer will not face criminal charges for shooting and kill a pitbull that attacked his dog. the hartford officer, was reasonable to believe that kill the dog was necessary in oh order to prevent his dog from being injured.
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neck, the owes fieferred several warning dogs to try to stop the dog before shooting the pitbull. jennifer: several members of of the swat team are getting medical help after a drug bust in connecticut, they walked into a cloud that likely contained drug particles while at a hartford home, they think it was fentanyl or heroin. eleven officers were treated for symptoms ranging from headaches to nausea, they also seized 50,000 bags of materials. manchester police say a new tool in drug investigations is safer and faster than the traditional methods. tactic i.d. scanners test suspected drugs right in the field, its maker see the scanners have the largest library available for this kind of device. manchester police say the scanners are also cheaper than the old fashioned testing kits. josh: back to commitment 2016
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in the granite state today on behalf of hillary clinton. the star made a stop at it a phone bank in concord. ringwald is now mother of three who lives in new york city, she says she decidedded to hit the trail in support of clinton because she does not believe that trump is qualified to be president. >> i feel like there is nothing more important than having represent our country in a dignified intelligent way. and i feel like will really hurt our status as the great country that we are. josh: looks a little different these days, but ringwald also made stops in plymouth and manchester. hillary clinton's campaign just releaseddedded medical records, in them her doctor says she is healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states and we're also getting more details about drmp's records. sally kidd has the latest from washington. reporter: no specifics from the
5:35 pm
information includedded a reveuf his nervous system, cardiovascular health and other result prosecution a recent checkup. >> why not share your medical records? >> donald trump is sharing, providing a summary of his latest physical during a tapedded interview on the dr. oz show. >> these were all the tests that were just done last week. reporter: the disclosure comes as hillary clinton releases additional medical information, her doctor stating that she is healthy and fit to serve as presidenf and that a recent physical exam was normal and she is in ebbs lent mental condition. she continues to recover from pneumonia. >> she's feeling great and i think she'll be back out there tomorrow. reporter: her campaign is out with a new webb ad. >> she cashed the check, lockedded the case and he tried to cover up the donation. reporter: house democrats asking
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politics. the facts are damning. reporter: trump paid a fine for vile rating a federal law governing charities, his office denies me wrong doing. >> i think it democrats trying to change the story from the clinton foundation to the trump foundation. reporter: new polls give trump the end in ohio and nevada. >> these are positive signs for donald trump democrats quite anxious. the map still favors hillary clinton. reporter: a little more information for you from clinton's medical records. her doctor states that her vital signs are normal, her lab tests all came back normal including her cholesterol, and she continues to take the blood thinner medication coumadin. josh: first debates less than two weeks away, should be
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interesting looks like the future is here, self driving uber cars on the streets of one american city. josh: the vehicles come with some restrictions for riders, that story next. jean: several of the biggest brands for children have agreed to a settlement over accusations that they violated kids' privacy. mike: the feel of summer in spots today, but it's already starting to cool down in many spots. hayley: i'm hayley lapoint, it's weather wednesday and i'm coming to y the vernon family farm where they've got a really cool thing they've got a really cool thing going on at the end of the week. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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jean: here's how we did, the dow dropping 31 points today 18,034. the s&p off by one. nasdaq picked up 18. let's check our average gas prices. nationally 2.18. here in new hampshire 2.13 a gallon. the companies behind several kids websites will pay more than $# 800,000 over software that tracked children's internet activities. josh: hasbro, ma tell and viacom are among the companies investigated by new york's attorney general. investigators say several sites including ones associate with
5:41 pm
nickelodeon violated federal law over children's privacy. starting today, uber is allowing loyal customers in pittsburgh, pennsylvania to order and test self driving cars. the cars controlled by 20 cameras and a series of lasers. you order the car the same way through the app. but is there a big difference, you captain have more than two riders and you can change your destination. less chit chat too. pittsburgh is the perfect testing ground, says uber. has organic road network, has a real traffic problem, and experiences extreme weather. josh: uber says for now it's sticking to pittsburgh with no immediate plans for expansion. let's make this works before we -- jean: you try it first, let me know how that goes. if you think you've seen every corner of new hampshire, think again. josh: we'll take you down a trail that didn't exist until just this week. jean: in sports, ben cherington
5:42 pm
where the former red sox general manager is landing next. tom: coming up at 6:00 tonight, painful memories renewedded after residents of a brent woo neighborhood are told to stay in their homes due to a police situation, in the same place where officer arkell was killed. plus a unitedded front with the focus on november, but why that isn't so easy barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband,
5:43 pm
we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. when i first found out that carl had been using heroin
5:44 pm
i found him in his bathroom with a syringe still in his hand and that was the worst day of my life. annie kuster is leading the fight regarding this opioid epidemic. she's trying to do everything she can to get laws changed. so this doesn't happen again. she's definitely a leader. i just love annie.
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josh: these are the things you can do when you're the boss. foxborough is giving bruce springsteen an extra 15 minutes of fame. jean: the city is extending/curfew to accommodate springsteen's concert. they usually end at 11:15, but tonight that's been pushedded back to 11:30, because this is the boss. on this tour springsteen has been playing three and a half to four-hour shows. this is the last night of the jamie: red sox play their series finale with the orioles tonight at fenway park. porcello will pish -- pitch. sox have a chance to take the lead in the division with a victory. ben cherington is about to land on his feet. is reporting he will join the toronto blue jays front office as the vice president of baseball operations. he's from meredith, new
5:46 pm
school. as the general manager he led the red sox to the world series title in 2013. he left last year after dave dombrowski was hired as the president of baseball operations. patriots back on the practice field today, getting road for the dolphins on sunday. here's coach belichick with his thoughts on miami. >> it's a good football team, they've added some significant players from the last time we play them. i think they've done a talent they have down there. >> miami play tough at seattle last week, so this could be a closer game than patriots fans might be expecting. jean: tonight there's a new way to see our lakes region. josh: paula tracy took a trip down new hampshire's newest hiking trail for tonight's escape out sigh. reporter: more than 50 hikers were on hand to celebrate the
5:47 pm
in the heart of the lakes region. the fog hill conservation area in center harbor includes more than 1,000 feet of shoreline, a kettle bog, and a wide and gentle hiking trail up to one of the highest spots in center harbor. at this time of year, you'll find wild mushrooms popping out of the ground and signs of moose. the lakes region condition certain vagues trust acquired close to 200 acres of this valuable land in 2013. recently they 45 acres, offering better access and a parking lot to make this trail. volunteers spent hours of their summer cutting through the woods and marking a path with with yellow blazes. but this may just be the beginning. conservationists hope to expand the trail system in the coming years. for more information including a detailed map of the new trail, go to the escape outside section
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mike: if you like -- we're starting to see a cooldown already. and we'll get into the autumn chill later on tonight. right now out of portsmouth a cold front beginning to slice through southeastern new hampshire and that means a chance of a couple of downpours and maybe a rumble of thunder. but that chance about to go by the boards. in dublin mostly cloudy, some breaks of partial sun, but the emphasis on thou front today, we spiked up to 87 degrees, only four degrees off of the record high in concord of 91, set way back in 1931. by the way, there's our sunset, prior to 7:00 in the evening. we get an early autumn pattern ready to take over, but only in the short term. it moves in tonight and lasts through early friday, speaking of which the first frost up north is possible early on friday morning between two and
5:49 pm
of the great north woods. but quickly after that by friday afternoon and on into the weekend temperatures will jump above the average, that puts us well into the mid, maybe upper 70's for many. notice the downpours and a couple of rumbles here or there moving quickly off to the east, they'll clear the state completely by 6:00, 6:30. even the scattered light showers farther to the south and west around jaffrey and peterborough and scooting down towards nashua in the next half-hour, but that's it. in terms of rain chances between now so high and dry up until that point. notice temperatures have come down in many spots, but still on average a little milder because we didn't get the rain in manchester and nashua and salem. also much dryer air building in from the north and west, and that means it will be very pleasant, no humidity to contend with, and temperatures run very low by night when that happens.
5:50 pm
the summer warmth and it's also very dry as well. so as high pressure builds in, you'll notice on future cast, tough to find any big cloud deck anywhere near new hampshire for tomorrow, into tomorrow night, and even into the day on friday and possibly all through the first half of the weekend on saturday. along about saturday night into sunday, clouds begin to build in from the west and south and that's our next chance of some showers and maybe a passing thunderstorm. highs tomorrow cooler than today in southern ne quite a bit. up north very close to where you were today, upper 60's north and lower 70's in southern new hampshire. take a look at the next several days ahead, it's cooler tomorrow, but by friday we're into the mid 70's along about saturday and on into sunday, we're in the mid to upper 70's. best chance of scattered showers and storms on average saturday night and into sunday. you'll notice as we advance into early next week it warms up, we could be making a run over 80 degrees in many spots. again watch out early friday
5:51 pm
speaking of this friday, great opportunity to enjoy a nice event in newfield, the last one of the season at the vernon family farm, haley is standing by with weather wednesday. hayley: hi, mike, i'm at vernon family farm. we just got one of those heavy downpours moving through, but now it's gone and i've got something really cool to show you. i'm join by jeremiah vernon, the owner of the farm. can you tell me about the fire and ice event? friday of the month, september 16 from four to seven, we make frozen ice pops and spit roast our chickens, so there's food to enjoy. then one of our employees, james, does some fire dancing, and he's going to show you a little of that and see what it looks like. hayley: let's take a look at james, so he also works on the farm too. >> yes, he does. hayley: how did he learn to do this? >> he's a full-time employee and he started doing this -- it's a little wet, yes.
5:52 pm
for himself and then startedded doing some shows here as well. now the wind is acting up. hayley: so, there we go. >> he works here full-time and then for the fire and ice show he does three pier performances around hayrides, people enjoying the food, feeding the baby pigs. >> what are the ice pops made out of? blueberry beet, cucumber spell lon and they all include ingredients from our farm. the chicken is also grown here and raised here. we spit roast it, and it's delicious. hayley: so what's the fours, four to seven? >> four to 7:00, september 16. jean: thanks, can you do that? josh: no.
5:53 pm
hampshire's seacoast tonight. jean: what we're learning about the swordfish that washed up in
5:54 pm
narrator: fewer new hampshire students are while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. cut funding for pell grants and against letting students refinance their loans at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign. kelly ayotte: working for the special interests, not on our side. senate majority pac is responsible
5:55 pm
josh: seems another creature from the deep has washed up on the beach in rye. jean: this time a swordfish usually found in deep water miles offshore, the science
5:56 pm
visible marks or injuries, but they discovered signs of infection that may have disoriented the 300-pounder, bringing it too close to shore. >> like the 12 years i've been here i've never seen a swordfish in person, a live one or a dead one wash up. so this was very rare to see something, definitely this big and this type of fish, because it's usually found much farther off shore. josh:
5:57 pm
we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments dle of anywhere. narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. ayotte claims she's independent, then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers 90% of the time. she takes millions from wall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda before everyday families. higher drug prices and cutbacks to our medicare. so, think about it: new hampshire can choose the special interests' senator with kelly ayotte...
5:58 pm
i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. this city is it. great food, maggie hassan gorgeous scenery, friendly people. and what's better than doing something awesome in manchester? doing it for free. we hear you. that's why a-a-r-p is hosting fun, free, informative events. like wine tours and movie premieres. plus, we're offering resources to help you achieve your goals. and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp." er tom: this brentwood neighborhood on edge, when people were told to stay inside. it's bringing back painful memories of the day officer stephen arkell was killedded here. jennifer: a man held without bail, charged with six counts of
5:59 pm
images. mike: downpours and storms for some, but now an autumn feel about to take over. how much cooler it gets. tom: the focus shifts to november after a big primary night. why the unity breakfast might have meant more for one candidate. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: off the top tonight, a painful reminder for residents in one brentwood neighborhood where reports of a suicidal man sent the area into triggered memories of the shooting death of officer stephen arkell two years ago. good evening, new hampshire, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. the police returned to that same neighborhood tonight. cherise leclerc is live from the scene. reporter: that's right, obviously the events of two years ago on the top of everyone's mind tonight. the good news the scene is all clear at this hour. the bad news, a man was found dead inside of his home. authorities from multiple
6:00 pm
home on mill pond road around 1:00 this afternoon for reports of a suicidal man. that triggered a shelter in place for all people who live in this area. police tell us they tried to get to the man and talk him out of the situation but they had no luck, the man was later found dead inside his home to an apparent suicide. police are not releasing any more information on that individual while they continue to notify family members, all of this of course triggering horrific memories of when officer stephen arkell was killed. >> it's scary, you know, when you don't know what's going on. that was horrific, because it was so violent. but the explosion too was incredible. you don't forget that kind of stuff. >> honestly the guys did a fantastic job, i don't think anybody even thought about that while this was going on. they may reflect on that now.


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