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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 16, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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growing more urgent in the state. the areas now facing an extreme drought and how the dry soil is hurting the pumpkin crop. hayley: we could get a little frost tonight. shelley: commitment 2016. donald trump back in the granite state hours after democratic vice presidential pick tim kaine campaign here in the state as well. what both said to voters. like we do. now, wmur nine news tonight. shelley: authorities still trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting in manchester. police responded to the intersection of mary mac and egypt street last night for a report of shots fired and that is where they found a victim
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tonight with the latest on the investigation. naoko: residents are certainly concerned as police tried to put together the facts. an autopsy was conducted today and investigators have officially ruled this a homicide. this was the scene last night at the intersection of egypt street and merrimack in manchester. please were investigating a shooting that left one man dead. investigators are confirming that this is a homicca today by dr.thomas andrew who has determined that the cause of the death was a gunshot wound to the chest and he certified the manner of the death as a homicide. naoko: police responded just before 7:00 p.m. and found jonathon vazquez-ojeda with a gunshot wound to the chest. he later died at the hospital. there was a car at the center of
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victim was inside when he was shot. this comes after several calls to police about shots being fired in the area in the last few days. it has people surprised and concerned. >> i have noticed a lot more police volume. it has gotten worse. it terrifies me as especially for people with children. there is a park down the street. naoko: the attorney general's office says the investigation is ongoing and they are asking the public for its help. contact my manchester police if you know anything. shelley: this just in to our newsroom. all 911 calls in lebanon are being transferred to handover after the police departments own minds went down.
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lines are down but protocol requires that the emergency calls continue to go to hanover dispatch. also, just in, londonderry police are looking for the driver in a hit and run that happened tonight. just after 8:00 on route 102. a dark-colored suv hit a man crossing the road. the vehicle should have front end damage. that man was taken to the hospit. anyone with information is being asked to call londonderry police. republican presidential nominee donald trump and democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine both made stops in the granite state today. donald trump campaign is now saying the republicans nominate does believe that president obama was born in the u.s. this is a reversal of an
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he held two. jean: a lot of supporters here tonight say they voted for him in the primary and came out tonight to support donald trump in the presidential election while he stressed how important it is to win this battleground state. mr. trump: just a you understand, new hampshire has a special place in my heart. this is where i won my first laconia and middle school gymnasium. thinking those that have been with his campaign since the beginning. mr. trump: is there anywhere better to be then a donald trump rally in new hampshire. jean: he touched on the economic plan unveiled earlier today. mr. trump: my economic agenda can be summed up in three words, jobs, jobs, jobs.
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clinton for calling half of his supporters deplorable. esther trump: mr. -- mr. trump: hillary clinton slanders you as deplorable. jean: he was joined on the stage by his son eric. and thanked supporters backstage asking granite state voters to turn out to the polls for him again, the presti >> new hampshire can be the state that pushes us over the top. we are going to win new hampshire. and we are going to win back the white house and we are going to make america great again. remember that. remember that. jean: donald trump also told voters here tonight that they better make sure that he wins in november or else he has wasted a
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shelley: today on an episode of dr. oz, donald trump release a note from his doctor that described him as being in excellent physical health. dr. awes listed his physical results and said if the patient had his record he would be really happy. the 70-year-old takes cholesterol dedication and a low dose aspirin. tim kaine was also in the portsmouth. senator tim kaine spoke laying out the fundamental differences between the two campaigns and he also visited exeter town hall where he held up their books, stronger together and he says it highlights the democrats upbeat vision versus donald trump's book.
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looking down and looking at a nation and seeing a crippled america. i do not recognize this picture of our country. i don't. this is not who we are. this is not who we are. shelley: senator tim kaine reminded the crowd that new hampshire is a battleground state and no one should take that for granted. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail pneumonia. she says she tried to power through the illness but she needed to rest. today, she held an event in north carolina where she delivered a speech about helping children and families. polls show the candidates as being a and. clinton says the election will be decided on voter turnout. more parts of our state are facing an extreme droughts.
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could see some much-needed rain. hayley: we need it desperately and we need a change in the weather pattern. not just a cold front. you can see now the extreme red area goes from just south of concord to portsmouth. and less of a drought as you get up to the lakes region in the up to the lakes region in the north where you have had som but where we have had none, is where the extreme drought continues. the satellite radar is totally clear meaning it will be a chilly night. look at berlin, already at 39 degrees. it is going to be a cold one. before you head to bed tonight, if you are in coax county, there is a frost advisory posted. everywhere else, we are falling
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more on when we can see some beneficial rain. shelley: it is pumpkin picking season but this year's drought is making it tough on farmers that provide that crop. the lack of rain means they are working around the clock and spending a lot of money on water to keep their business of flow. the family of daniel hicks has been growing pumpkins here for 75 is one for the history books. >> it is the most drive i have ever seen. shelley: a lack of rain has left the soil here on this london dairy farm so dry it can barely absorb water anymore. this year's drought has taken a toll on the pumpkin crop. >> they're not as big as they should be. they should be twice the size they are. shelley: it took a lot of work to grow any pumpkins for harvest.
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the firm crew had to your great the crops -- had to irrigate the crops themselves. >> we had to bring in water to replenish the ponds to get them water. he other patches of pumpkins that we had never got any water and we never had a pumpkin on that. those are gone for the year. shelley: he is not sure if he is in the red but he does know that there are still plenty of pumpkins for people who want to come pick their own. farmers like the clock this season to stay in business. >> this is our busy season and we are having a great year so far. we have to work for everything we have. shelley: such a great farm. sonny crest farm in londonderry is open every day for people to head out and pick a pumpkin. newmarket police are looking for the public's help identifying a car involved in a road rage incident. police are trying to find a
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ultima which is dark-colored with silver trim. the driver is described as white, with short dark hair. it was last seen on epping heading towards grant road. officers attacked in new york city coming up on nine news tonight. where in the bag -- where in the big apple, police say they found a man walking around with a meat cleaver. recalled after reports of exploding batteries. how you can claim your replacement. hayley: totally clear skies over us and to the west which means a
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shelley: authorities say the man who attacked officers in new york city with a meat cleaver is in double condition after being shot. nypd say the officers encountered the man near penn station. they told him to drop the meat cleaver but he refused. the man and the officers got intocu are expected to survive. a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in ohio after police they they believed was a gun. it all started after reports of an armed robber -- robbery in columbus. officers approached a group of three people and two ram. one of them pulled a bb gun from his waistband. police say officers thought it was a real gun.
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samsung tried to handle the problem on its own for two weeks. as lauren lyster reports, there is a solution for u.s. consumers. lauren: after reports of exploding batteries -- >> it burst and there was smoke everywhere. lauren: the u.s. government announcing an official recall. a serious fire hazard, i am urging all consumers to take advantage of this recall, right away. lauren: 92 reports of overheating, 26 people burned, and 55 pieces of property damaged, the recall was stated. samsung has now agreed to refunds.
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phones still out there. after warning passengers about them on airplanes -- in the wake of the recall, the federal government saying the only way one of these devices can be taken a board is if they are shut off, and disconnected from a charger. subway systems also warning against them. the president of samsung's american business saying -- i'm sorry. >> we did not meet the standard of and deserve and for that we apologize. lauren: people with recalled phones should contact the location where they purchased the advice. new galaxy note sevens should be available no later than wednesday. shelley: speaking of phones, if you were hoping to walk into an apple phone this weekend to
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you will be out of luck. and the shiny jet black cut their -- black color is sold out. not much luck if you were going to the store to look for a certain model. they are popular. hayley: they will be even more popular for the christmas season and black friday. a chilly night. into the 30's at this hour. look at how bright the sky is because of the near full moon. the full moon is official tomorrow night. but it is big and bright out there tonight. the same is true in portsmouth where temperatures are slightly warmer, 51. we have totally clear skies there. because of the clear skies, this cooler air mass and the fact
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ingredients for the cold to move in and that has shoved out all of the warmth from the day. it will be a really cold night. probably the cold as we have been since last spring. high pressure in control of our weather. with the winds going clockwise, that is why we were cooler today. high pressure is scooting off the coast line tomorrow keeping skies clear and shifting warmth. tomorrow will be slightly warmer than today. if you are looking for rainfall, you have to go back to minnesota where there are some nasty thunderstorms moving through but that frontal system will move through for us on sunday. that is our next chance for any wet weather. high temperatures today, cooler up in the north county -- north country.
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is 73 degrees. we were right about there in most locations. look at the temperatures right now, we have already fallen into the 30's up north. whitefield and plymouth are close, 42 degrees. 50 in concord. this is what i am expecting overnight tonight. when you get up north of the lakes region, would likely be and the 30's. if youas including twin mountain, you may get close to freezing. there is actually a frost advisory that has been posted for the region because some of these sheltered valleys could get light frost. if you still have tomato plants or other sensitive plants, you will want to cover them tonight. for the gardener's out there,
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in manchester and points south, it is not until october that we would expect frost. overnight, clear skies. we wake up to bright sunshine in the morning. cool at the bus stop. here is the bus ride home in the afternoon, still sunny and much warmer. into the 70's. saturday is a bright day. we start out with sunshine. rain showers will move closer. sunday, we have showers, and maybe even a few thunderstorms rolling through. tomorrow come into the 70's. manchester and in nashua, mid 70's. if you are looking for something fun to do and tasty, go to the glendi greek festival.
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monday, a few more scattered showers and then back to sunshine for tuesday through thursday. we do need some heavy rain. that will really help us a lot. shelley: i love that festival. a lot of great food. let us go over to jason king with a preview of sports. jason: the red sox and yankees opened up a big series down in
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jason: houston on the ropes at cincinnati. quarterback is back to pass with all sorts of time. finally decides to talk and run for the touchdown. he had two rushing touchdowns and threw for a score.
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yankees have both gone 38-27, tied for the best in the american league. this weekend, they are playing each other. four games with the yanks at fenway. beginning tonight. the division is still wide open. rodriguez lasted just two and a third and gave up four runs. a solo home run. making it 5-2. red sox rally. two outs, two on for ramirez. a walk off three run home run for hanley and the red sox walk off with a 7-5 win.
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and the bills at new era field. this one winding down. the jets holding onto a 37-24 win. the windham high school football game is hoping to get back to the division ii title game this fall and if they do, this week's hometown hero will have a lot to do with it. victor pizzotti is ace senior captain for the jaguars. as a junior, he ran for almost 800 yards with her teen touchdowns. a this year in only two games. defensively, the middle linebacker has racked up over 200 tackles in his career. despite the statistics, victor is all about the team and that attitude shows on the field and off. he is involved with the jca club in the school which works with special needs students. >> they like to play with us and
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in school, he goes and sits with someone alone in the lunch room or greets the new students. he is that type of person. jason: the dartmouth football team is preparing for this season's weekend opener against the university of new hampshire. the wildcats ahead to hand over with two games already under their belts but dartmouth is coming off one of its best seasons in recent history and the big green statement on saturday night. >> we are not exactly sure what they are going to do. they lost a lot of good players. >> both teams are very excited. unh is a top ranked team nationally. we have had a good preseason. jason: new hampshire tackles hunger is back for its fourth year.
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local community pantries over the next month. the first school up is merrimack valley during the friday night game against kennett, they will be a collection site. the donations will benefit immaculate conception food pan -- pantry. shelley: offering a helping hand. how one coffee shop employee and a police officer made sure a
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shelley: a methuen police officer and coffee shop worker teaming up to help someone in need. officer dan o'connor was called to a strip mall where a haver hill woman was stranded. found out why the woman needed the money, she gave the money out of her own. it was a small gesture that made a big impact. very nice. hayley: a lot of colder weather rolling in. it is chilly tonight. 30's up north and maybe some frost. up to the mid-70's tomorrow.
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really seriously thought about taking these nsaids because i was in serious pain. nothing was working. and i know that there's people out there watching right now that have tried everything. nothing was working. >> right. >> and mary says, "jim, don't take it. they're about to pull it off the market because that product has been proven to kill thousands and cause hundreds of


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