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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sean: now on "news 9 daybreak," homicide investigation. new details about a deadly shooting in manchester that left many neighbors rattled. erin: driving while arrested. what the woman is accused of doing while crashing not once by twice. kevin: a chilly start to the day. the warming weekend ahead. erin: crop concerns. it is time to start picking pumpkins. the drought is having an effect. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak."
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sean: good morning. if you like the feel of fall, you are going to love it this morning. it was chilly. beautiful moon. it is starting to turn the seasons. kevin: a little bit. most of next week warmer than normal. this is the speed bump back into the 70's which lasts through the weekend. for the time being as cool as we've been this season in a lot of locations, that includes the coast where temperatures are in the mid to upper 40's. it is mid 30's up north with some frost and even in a fewes temperatures scattered around in the upper 30's. low to mid 40's elsewhere. fog to contend with. that will burn off rather quickly and set up highs in the 70's this afternoon. the changes that arrive with the next system over the weekend in just a bit. let's look at your friday morning ride here in the granite state. we're joined live by deb davidson. deb: good friday morning. the biggest issue seems to be the fog. as you make your way
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is pretty foggy as you make your way through the mill yard. be cautious. 1010 and 111 are looking good. we're not seeing any problems on the spaulding. brought to you by autofair, the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: topping our news, the investigation continues this morning. no arrests have been announced. erin: the state attorney was shot in the chest near the intersection of merrimack and beach streets wednesday night. ray brewer is following the case live for us in manchester this morning. good morning to you, ray. ray: good morning to you, erin. an autopsy was completed yesterday. they have ruled this case a homicide. details are still very scarce.
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identified the victims a 25-year-old jonathan vazquez ojeda. he was shot in the chest and dying later at the hospital. police were called just before 7:00 on wednesday evening. investigators focusing on a car at the scene. they will not say what connection the car has to the case. >> i've noted a lot more police volume. it seems like it has got an lot worse. especially for people with children. we have a park down the street. you have kids riding their scooters. it is absolutely horrible. ray: the investigation does remain active. they would like to hear from anyone who might be able to shed some light on the case. live in manchester, ray brewer. erin: all right. thank you. new this morning, a homeless woman is accused of attacking a police officer after driving drunk and
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list of charges. police say she hit a mailbox in dunbarton and crashed into a driveway wednesday evening. when police arrested her, they say she assaulted an officer. she was drunk and her license was suspended and she was out on bail for charges in concord. sean: a laconia man is accused of threatened to blow up the police station. 45-year-old warren bears was armed a threatened to blow up the department. bears is charged with criminal threatening with a deadly weapon and use of a moll molotov cocktail. >> it is concerning somebody was making threats to blow up the police department. to find out he had taken a substantial step was concerning. we are happy he was taken off of the vote without incident.
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police because they had ruined his life after he was arrested on a drug charge. erin: salem police say they arrested two heroin dealers after an investigation. they have received many complaints about drug deals at a home on joseph road. police finally witnessed a deal. 44-year-old christopher reinhold who lives at the house is charged with selling drugs and 27-year-old jazzmyn herrera was charged with selling and transports drugs. they seized nine grams of heroin. sean: the drought is causing problems. the soil is so dry, it is hard to absorb water. the pumpkins they have are about half of the size they should be. they have been trucking in water and lost entire patches of pumpkins. >> it is the driest i've
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sean: he says the good news is there are plenty of pumpkins. the bear hunterring season in new hampshire is over two weeks old. it seems to be average. fish and game says about 300 bears have been killed so far. despite the lack of food this summer, conditions are improving thanks to things like acorns and apples. they are ask hunters to avoid wearing radio collars. erin: still to come, stuck trucks are serious problem on a scenic road in vermont. how officials hope to prevent traffic tieups. sean: this week's hometown hero is a standup football player. his greater impact is off of the field helping classmates. erin: help is pouring in after
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kevit september 16th. for most we're up into the 70's. which is likely where we start the weekend. details on that with your forecast coming up. erin: sea smoke over the big lake there. transportation officials are trying to figure out how to keep trucks and buses from getting stuck. sean: part of 108 between stowe
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months out of the year. it is so narrow and rocky buses get stuck. it has eight times this year and 45 times since 2009. now the state is looking to improve signage. they are asking technology companies to provide alerts. erin: this week's hometown hero is hoping to lead the football team back to the division ii title game this physical. victor pizzotti is a senior captain. almost 800 yards with 13 touchdowns. he's scored four times in two game this is year. off of the field, victor is involved with the jca club which works with special needs students. >> i have a lot of fun with it. we get to interact with the kids. they like to play with us and just compete with us. they will try to beat us in certain things. it is just a good time. >> he's a leader off of the field. he's the one in school
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the lunch room or greet the new student. he's really that type of person. erin: what a great leader. he hopes to continue to play football in college. he wants to study environmental science. sean: a lot of character. right now it is 6:11 in the morning. coming up, talk about beer on tap. a unique new pipeline is open this morning. erin: plus a call for help as the new school year gets underway. the city of teachers. sean: meet buttons. it is 11-month-old boxer mix. she's friendly and gets along with other animals. sometimes they wants to play with cats more than they want to play with
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erin: brain cancer is now the deadliest childhood cancer in the u.s., moving ahead of leukemia. that's according to new government numbers released this morning. overall cancer is the fourth leading cause of death for children. about a quarter are from brain cancer. there are still more cases of leukemia each year. treatment has improved, helping patients live longer. sean: the manchester school district is putting out a plea r subs across the country, including in manchester. you do not need to have a degree. your schedule can be very flex many for though your phone may ring before sunrise. subs in manchester get $70 a day. para professional subs get $10 an hour. president obama has created the first monument in the ocean.
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the monuments come with restrictions, including bans on commercial fishing. after a transition period, they will no longer be able to catch lobster and crab. losing this much area could force some companies out of business. erin: fiat-chevrolet -- chrysler is recalling vehicles. the auto maker three deaths and five injuries are blamed on the wiring problem. they are officially recalling one million samsung galaxy 7 phones because they could catch fire. dozens of fires were reported during charging. several people have been burned. the faa is warning airline passengers to not turn on or charge the phones during flight or even put them in checked bags.
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the new iphone 7 and 7 plus hit stores today. if you are hoping to snag one, good luck. the phones will be in short supply. all of the 7 plus models were snatched up by people who pre-orders them. they will not be able to get the 7 in jet black. other retailers may have some. sean: a new pipeline is in use in belgium. it oil. instead it carries beer. a brewery built the pipeline to carry the beer from the bottling plant two miles away. for years, hundreds of trucks have been carrying beer. the project of the financed include crowd funding. if you are looking to raise the bar for your next backyard gathering, check this out.
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irish pub. there are two different sizes of crash test dummies. they can set up in a matter of minutes. demand is so high the web site has crashed twice. they are looking to franchise. very popular. if you are looking for great food, the glendi festival gets underway today, featuring all your favorite greek foods. there's a free shuttle. glendi runs through sunday. erin: you have to say opah! they serve up the best food. kevin: that tent is not inflated; right? sean: there's a structure inside of it. kevin: making sure. we're going to expect sunshine today and tomorrow. showers approaching thereafter.
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northern and western parts of the state. if you have fog, you have it again early this morning. temperatures as cool as 34 or 35 degrees. south eastern areas climbed into the mid 40's. you can see down toward the lake you've had the valley following. it will take a few hours to purpose off. especially where it is thick. visibilities down to less than a third of a mile. we'll have the sunshine through a good part of the day. most 70's. range will be 68 to as high as 76 in nashua. 70's for most with a good deal of sunshine. this is the next system here. the only real big question mark at this point is how many rain that eventually holds. there could be a little bit of a link up with what is left of the remnants of tropical storm julia well to the south. temperatures down in the mid 30's.
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jefferson. 44 in portsmouth. 48 in manchester. we are looking the pretty thick fog. places like plymouth contending with that this morning. temperatures running a few degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. that's what we're expecting. a cool morning and the coolest of the mornings on the second night the day after the clearer skies. you'll notice the area of high pressure in control of the weather. this rotates out. then warmer temperatures make their way in over the weekend. high temperatures today will be in the low to mid 70's for most. it is going to take a gad portion of the day to get to the numbers by 4:00. 40's and 50's. we'll add four or five degrees for the lows tonight. sunshine tomorrow and maybe juster a couple of degrees warmer. 70's statewide. clouds start to approach late in the day. there may be a shower
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up north. the main show will be during the daylight hours on sunday. the scattered showers and downpours. it is the kind of rain i don't think we're going to mind. i don't think we're going to see any drought busting rain. there's the potential especially if we can get the moisture from what is left julia scooped up by the front. there could be a few areas on monday. temperatures today low to mid 70's. today and tomorrow for sure and the in. a much more cloudsy day with showers sunday night and monday before pulling away. behind the system no push of autumn air. looks like we remain mild through the end of the next week. erin: cooler; right? kevin: definitely. erin: we start off with ray brewer. ray: they identified the man
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he was identified at jonathan vazquez ojeda. he was shot in the chest, dying later at the hospital. investigators have focused on a car that was at the scene of the intersection of merrimack and beach streets. they are not saying what connection the car has to the investigation. erin: a concord woman is accuse of attacking a police officer. laura for list of charges. she hit a mailbox and crashed wednesday evening. it is time to start picking pumpkins. the drought is causing serious problems. they are losing entire patches. the pumpkins they have are smaller than normal. there are penalty for people to pick. sean: coming up on "daybreak" this friday, your eyes are not deceiving you. this is a golden toilet.
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sean: a california man is setting off rob a special trip across the country this morning. erin: look at what he's going in. david gabrowski modified a hang he is paying tribute to the similar flight. sean: he's only allowed one bag. what a way to see the country. erin: that bag is a lunchbox. sean: and a toilet getting an upgrade. erin: 18 karat solid gold opens
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nay are expecting there will be a line and there low pressure a security guard. sean: you know, you are not supposed to take pictures in bathrooms. erin: people will do it. sean: you are going to see a lot of that. the red sox pulled off an incredible comeback. erin: could changes be comes to a new push to get steve irvin on the currency. golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning. look at sunrise. just gorgeous there at hampton beach. we need to get the beach chairs and get out there. it is chilly. bring a sweatshirt. we're going to look at your forecast in just a summertime. first the top stories. the attorney general's office has released the name of the man killed in a shooting in manchester wednesday night. 25-year-old jonathan south side vazquez ojeda died at hospital. len don der reare
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pedestrian was hit and the car fled the scene. erin: all reach the beach. what's the weather going to be like? kevin: another weekend with pressure? we pile them up. we start with a beautiful sunrise. as the fog burns off, everyone enjoys the sunshine into the afternoon. mid 30's and patchy frost and upper 30's. everyone levels off in the 70 erin: what a great state we live in. something going on the weekends and putting pressure on the weather guy. kevin: every weekend. erin: things are starting to get busy. kevin: we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning. 93 is moving well throughout the state as you make your way from
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it is very foggy through the stretch. traffic is traveling below the posted speed limit. the everett turnpike we're not seeing any problems. interstate 89 is up to speed. the traffic report is brought to you by autofair. i'm deb davidson. sean: the investigation continues this morning into a deadly shooting in erin: a man die after being shot at the intersection of merrimack and beach streets. so far no arrests have been made. ray brewer live at the manchester police department with the latest on the investigation. ray: people living in the area say they are on edge as police work together to figure out lead up to the homicide. it was just after 7:00 p.m. when
6:33 am
jonathan vazquez ojeda suffering from a gunshot wound. he later died at the hospital. an autopsy performed on thursday. >> the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the chest. she certified the manner as a homicide. ray: there was a car in the center of the crime scene. they aren't saying if the victim was the homicide comes after several reports of shots being fired in the area. >> i've noticed more police volume. it has gotten worse. it terrifies me. especially with people with children. you have a park down the street and kids riding their scooters. it is horrible. ray: the attorney general's office says it remains an active
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public's help in trying to figure out what happened. erin: new on "daybreak," an investigation into dover. fire officials say the driver was on route 155 when she went off of the road and crashed into an apartment building. no one inside the building was hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital. at this time, there's no word on her conti the building sustained minor damage. sean: a teen from seabrook is facing charges in connection with the stabbing. savannah raven turned herself in. she is set to be arraigned next month. manchester police are asking for your help. it all started wednesday night when shane blanchard said he
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and decided to look for the car that hit her. he fond the honda on 93 and followed it to manchester. blanchard says he was on kenberma street when the car drive straight for him. he cracked the wind shield. he win confronted the driver while holding a gun. the two got into a struggle. the suspect managed to grab the gun and fire a shot. the suspect car missing the front bumper. erin: londonderry police are on the lookout for a hit-and-run driver. a dark colored suv, possibility a ford. the victim was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. the vehicle that hit him has front end damage and a broken right headlight. anyone with information is asked to call the lone don der repolice department.
6:36 am
is under investigation. they are asking for help in finding a public car. they are trying to locate the nissan or maxima. the driver was described as tall and slender. police have not commented on what took place during the road rage incident. the car was last seen heading toward epping. anyone who sees the vehicle matching this description is urged to call the police department. sean: donald trump held a campaign valley. it was his fourth visit since winning the new hampshire primary. >> just so you understand that new hampshire is a special place in my heart. this is where i won my first primary. sean: the reform presidential nominee addressed his economic plan that he unveiled earlier in the day. he's promising lower taxes and more jobs.
6:37 am
stressed the importance of winning new hampshire in the general election. >> new hampshire can be the state that pushes us over the top. we're going to win new hampshire, and we're going to win back the white house and we're going to make america great. remember that. sean: trump told supporters to make sure he wins in november or he's wasted a lot of time, energy, and erin: tim kaine was also in the granite state yesterday. he held a round table discussion in portsmouth with members of the non-profit group stay, work, play. kaine laid out the differences between the clinton and trump complains. he visited exeter town hall where he held up the candidate's books. kaine says "stronger together" shows the
6:38 am
and "crippled america" takes a different focus. >> this is a view out of the penthouse over the tall tower. looking down and seeing a crippled america. i do not recognize this picture of our country. i don't. this is not who we are. this is not who we are. erin: senator kaine reminded the crowd that new hampshire is a battleground state and no one should take this for granted. sean: locals are s help a farm that had a large amount of produce stolen earlier this week. sometimes on monday thieves took corn and swiss chard. since then several customer haves dropped off location donations. the owners say they are thankful for the support. >> it's been overwhelming.
6:39 am
we've had a couple of businesses some in. the tap house to prepare and sell at restaurant. sean: they are looking for the person or people responsible. the farmers are already dealing with the drought. a. we love our local farms. a mangos on the attack in new york. >> when he tried to swing the butcher knife at the cops, the shots -- they shot for five erin: what lead to the suspect going on a meat cleaver rampage that left three officers injured. kevin: chilly start. a lot of sunshine. we'll have the times details ahe. sean: the highland games will being held this weekend. we'll tell you about the
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kevin: starting off with fog. once that burns off, it is sunshine for everyone. temperatures in the 70's after the chilly start that we have for the day.
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next system arriving coming up. erin: thank you. three new york city police officers are recovering after suffers injuries when a man with a meat cleaver went on attack. the suspect was shot and is now in serious condition. abc hases details. >> everybody said what are you doing? reporter: the away. he was engaged to find his car had been booted. an off-duty detective tracked down a police. >> has the cleaver. you can see it. reporter: rush hour cops
6:44 am
>> the suspect mounted the front grill of a marked police car that was responding to the car. >> drop it. drop it. get down. >> at point an off-duty suspect attracted to subdue the suspect. he was truck in the head causing a six-inch gash. reporter: and the other officers opened fire. th was rushed to bellevue. a lucky break as bill's last night as top cop. >> i want to commend them and push back about the number of shots fired. >> there were a lot of bullets fired. 18 as they try to neutralize the suspect. truly amazing for the location where it all
6:45 am
rush hour. not one civilian was hurt. abc news, new york. sean: a little girl who was kidnapped in north carolina has been found. stephanie lopez was found chained to a trees. he was driving by the area when the officers asked him if he had a bolt cutter. he h saw. he saw the girl trained to the tree. >> thick chain and thick padlock. he was laid down on her back. they got her free. my god she must have been out there all night. the mosquitoes and ants were horrible. >> i have a granddaughter that age. it is person when this is in our community. this kind of stuff doesn't normally happen.
6:46 am
sean: the girl is doing well. a registered sexual offender was arrested and charged with her kidnapping. erin: in sports this morning, the red sox opened a four-game series with the yankees at fenway park last night. the division title is still up for grabs with 17 games to do in the regular season. yankees were up 5-1 in the eighth. david ortiz hit his 34th home run of the season. in the bottom of the ninth, the yankees were leading 5-4. hanley ramirez delivered the game-winning blow. game two of the series is tonight at 7:10. sean: what a way to win. the dartmouth football team is preparing for the season opener against the university of new hampshire. the wildcats head with two games under their belts. dartmouth is coming off
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erin: some people down under are trying to immortalize their favorite australian. a petition to get his face on money. irwin was killed by a sting ray in 2006. the chief of the royal australian midnight send in a formal proposal. sean: feeling blue? take a selfie. it may lead to an overall increase in happiness and confidence. they split it into three groups. the groups that asked to take selfies was more confident and happy. the group that was asked to take daily pictures of objects was more reflective and appreciative, like my pet rock. the group that was asked
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calmer and less stressed. this is a photo as promised of the smiling selfie. erin: we wanted to lift the spirits. kevin: it is going to be friday. it is a chilly start. this is as chilly as we've been to start the season. down to low to mid 40's. mid 40's along the coast and mid 30's. patchy, dense fog. we're going to continue to see temperatures work into the upper 60's up north today. we'll be in the mid 70's. full harvest moon tonight. that will rise after sun sheath. we expect a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. increasing clouds and on and off showers for seasoned. we're going to look for
6:49 am
what is left of julia well to the south may try to get involved with the front as it moves closer. we're not talking inches of rain cosming. it would be the difference between a third of an inch versus maybe two-thirds of an inch. temperatures in the low to mid 40's along the coastal plain. mid to upper 30's in a few spots. upper 30's and lower 40's just depending on where you are in the elevation. up north as cold whitefield. chilly start to the day. patchy fog and a couple of places through the month odd knowledge region. highs today into the low to mid 70's. with that, a light breeze out of the south. not quite as chilly tonight. lows will be in the 40's. a good deal of sunshine and temperatures in the 70's for saturday. clouds will start increasing late in the day out west. we may have a couple of showers around saturday
6:50 am
hours on sunday. as you'll notice here the future cast pointing at the possible of downpours to go with it. all eyes to the south where julia is still lingering around. a couple of the maps lift it northward. some of the tropical moisture may get scooped up. that would give us hope for more rain. otherwise temperatures in the 70's through the course of the weekend. ai you can plan the day, saturday is your better day to do so. the showers linger on monday and pull away. temperatures stay in the 70's. temperatures above normal. visit number two of the season took you to good life programs and activities. this was in concord to talk to a group ant the weather history and all of the big storms we've had over the last century and the changes they created in smaller towns in which they
6:51 am
some wonderful questions. every once in a while it is nice to talk to adults. as opposed to the second and third graders. i do. every once in a while it is nice to talk to the adults. a huge gift basket, including what i will be making as apple crisp. >> we are expecting some. kevin: you are inview ited over. erin: at highland games today in loon mountain in lynn con. more than 60 scottish clans are gathered. there will be live music, dance, and youth activities. for more information, head to the escape outside section of wmur. sean: it is a great event. rating the mountain up there.
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the viewer's choice. we asked where you can find the best cupcakes. sean: the cake fairly in hooksett, four queen city cupcakes in manchester, three benson's bakery in hudson, two carina's cakes in derry, and the number one place that makes cup cakes in new hampshire is the white mountain sorry for making earn hungry. erin: a final check on your top stories, including an assaulter. a bomb is accused of
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narrator: fewer new hampshire students are graduating debt free, while wall street and oil companies get billions in tax breaks. and whose side is kelly ayotte on? she voted to cut funding for pell grants and against letting students refinance their loans at lower rates. all while voting for tax breaks for the special interests like oil companies that give millions to help her campaign. kelly ayotte: working for the special interests, not on our side. senate majority pac is responsible
6:55 am
erin: it is now 6:55. updating the top story. isn't an investigation into a deadly shooting in manchester. here's ray brewer. ray: after an autopsy was completed yesterday, they ruled the death a homicide. the ag's office identifying the victim as 25-year-old jonathan vazquez ojeda.
6:56 am
he was shot in the chest and died later at the hospital. police were first called just before 7:00 wednesday evening. they are focusing on the car at scene. they are not saying what connection that car has to be shooting. erin: a homeless woman from concord is accused of attacking a police officer after she crashed her car in dunbarton while allegedly driving drunk. laura fortin is facing including simple assault on a police officer. sean: savannah raven turned herself in in connection with a stabbing in july. erin: fire officials say the driver was on route 155 when she went off of the road and crashed into the building. no one inside was hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital.
6:57 am
volley fog. 70's today fend ere -- today and for the weekend. tomorrow is the more reliable of the two days. clouds and scattered showers or sunday. could be one or two downpours around, especially late in the day. erin: all right. thank you.
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good morning, america. donald trump refuses to say president obama's born in the u.s. again. back on the trail, hillary clinton pounces. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? the race tightening as stump goes on late night television to let his hair down. >> go ahead, with my hair spray. >> and donald trump jr. taking heat for his own comments about the gas chamber. he's responding here live this morning. state of emergency declared by two governor after a major


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