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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 17, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EDT

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move through. >> 40 animals, rescued in just one day. we will tie you how they got here. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. news nine tonight. anchor: an epidemic gripping the nation is causing deadly effects here in the granite state. now the president has declared next week prescription opioid and heroin awareness week. good evening, i'm jeac wmur's cherise leclerc is live in the studio with how state leaders are using the national exposure to curb the effects of the drug on our streets. reporter: that is right. we spoke with the attorney general, us attorney and dea agent about the far-reaching effects of this crisis. they say not only is heroin one of the most dangerous drugs, it's being made far deadlier by fentanyl a powerful opioid
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mass distraction. reporter: powerful words from dea agent jon delena describing a drug whose own power seems to be taking over the nation. >> it is ravishing new hampshire, the whole country. reporter: attorney general joseph foster, us attorney emily rice and agent delena were in the news 9 studios to shoot a public service announcement as president obama has declared next week prescription opioid >> what the legislature has , we will see increased treatment. recovery travis is -- services. reporter: data from american medical response shows that overdoses and deaths in the state's largest city are down from july and august and so far september has seen a dramatic decrease from this time last year. in manchester in july amr responded to 73 overdoses, 8 -- 81 overdoses, 8 people died. august was deadlier but with
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nine deadly overdoses. meantime in nashua this month there have been 4 overdose deaths. that is up from zero last month. rice says they'll prosecute suppliers behind overdose deaths to the fullest extent. >> the penalties are very heavy in federal court. the minimum mandato for causing a drug through the sale of illicit drugs is 20 years. reporter: and according to the us attorney general's office, about 78 people die in this country every day to an opioid-related overdose. jean: hundreds are without power in salem tonight after a crash left a utility pole in pieces. salem police say it happened on cross street near the city line market. liberty utilities says power won't be restored until about
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the crash, or any injuries new hampshire's health officials are now confirming that a batch of mosquitoes in nashua tested positive for the west nile virus. there have not been any cases of the virus in people or animals. the state regularly tests for west nile, triple-e and, as of this year, the zika virus. this is the state's first positive test for west nile this year. the state is now urging granite staters to conserve water. this comes after extreme droug the des says all residents need to limit their water use and prepare for the affects of the drought which could last until next year. in exeter, there is a mandatory water restriction in place right now and they are working on implementing fines for those who don't comply. >> we haven't had to put these kinds of ordinances in place the four.
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tips to conserve. jean: today bedford town officials asked residents and business owners to voluntarily stop all outdoor watering. looks like we will have a chance for some rain over the weekend . certainly not a washout. let's get an update from chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: good news and bad news. saturday, no trouble whatsoever. if you want a 40's, 50's, even a couple of low 60's. a pleasant evening. feels like fall. take a look. a few high clouds from the west. well in advance of the next front. when will those showers get in to new hampshire? we will take a look straight ahead.
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after they were taken in yesterday. of them were rescued from apartment. several more were surrendered or strays. as wmur's mike cronin shows us, the shelter needs help to care for all of them. it began as a normal day at pope memorial spca in concord. but thursday ended with 40 new animals. lori taylor says they took in 2 dogs and 38 cats. some of them pregnant. just two days ago. the overflow of animals forcing staff to use the bathrooms as temporary homes. >> it's a little overwhelming but i give complete kudos to the staff. everybody was on hand, ready to go. mike c: five of the animals were surrendered. several others were strays and 22 were taken from an apartment in the greater concord area where the shelter says they were living in sub par conditions. >> they thought there were only
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mike c: this little baby is hayley. at just 6 weeks old, she is adorable and in good health, as are most of the animals who were rescued. >> relatively good health, little things here and there, ear mites. right now, our biggest concern is making sure the adjustment period goes well. mike c: the rescue comes at a busy time for the shelter which is hosting one of its biggest fundraisers of the year on saturday. fundraising for are the animals that you see behind me and the different animals that we take in every single day. mike c: the animals can be adopted within a couple weeks. in the meantime help is welcome. >> anyone interested in helping are welcome to drop off any kind of supplies that you would need to either clean a home or help take care of an animal. food particularly is purina 1. jean: we love that little kitten hayley. for more information on how you can help, visit this story on coming up on news 9 tonight
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taxpayer money was used in the boston bomber trial. why a federal judge made the ruling. >> we are the cheerleaders. get a -- ready for friday night
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jean: we will not find out how much taxpayer money was used for marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense. a federal judge ruled today the release of the defense costs should not be made public yet.
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is over. but the judge says the case will not be over until tsarnaev's appeal is decided. a deadly crash in danville is under investigation state troopers responding to a call about a crash on g.h. carter drive found this pickup truck off the road. they say 55-year-old donald leathers over-corrected after drifting off the road, hitting a telephone pole. he died at the scene. more than a dozen dolphins are safe tonight after being rescued in wellfleet, massachusetts. 16 dolphins were rescued rescued near the herring river just today. the international fund for animal welfare says because of the number and size of the atlantic white-sided dolphins , they had to call in bystanders to help with the heavy lifting. >> we knew they were going to be in a lot of trouble if we could not get them out of the area. jean: after being rescued the dolphins were loaded onto
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>> and now mike haddad. mike: let's take a stop down in the tropics. julia, ill-defined at this hour. thunderstorms to the east. that is the one we will be tracking. coming in, 2:00. what that means, is making a turn. there is not a defined answer whether it will work along the northerly track.
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another system that could steer it up the east coast. we have to watch carl over the next several days. no worry about that weather. you see the clear skies. we end up bottoming out near 40 north. here we go. sunshine with a few high clouds. scattered showers. anticipating they waash out for sunday. temperatures, nice and mild. strong thunderstorm line putting to the west saturday. becomes more ill-defined and
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downpours could set up shop around southern new hampshire where we need the rain. there is a chance. beautiful sunn's. if you are headed up north to the highland games, nice tomorrow. just have your umbrella handy. how about greek food at the festival in manchester? showers sunday. that on top of us monday. occasional bouts of rain between sunday and monday. we will see if that happens. enjoy saturday and hope we get a little rain. jean: jason king is getting ready for friday night football.
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>> are you going to dominate on defense question -- defense? will we dominate for four quarters? are we going to win? eyes up. lock and load. jason: head coach bill raycraft in full control of his jaguars as they get ready for a blackout -- windham. jason: the salem blue devils one of 40 teams and action. we start week 3 on the seacoast, where the portsmouth clippers were hosting the warriors of winnacunnet. the 1981 team honored at halftime.
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half, codt graham, the clippers junior qb connects with hunter adams for a portsmouth touchdown. 16-6 and second half, the warriors go to the air, patrick mcdougall rolls left and finds evan welch, who makes a great grab. portsmouth keeps the pressure on. graham running the option with christian peete, peete breaks a couple tackles and he's in for another clippers touchdown. late in the fourth, how about this deflected. big win for the clippers, 22-6. this is nashua north. this team entered the night a sone of the unbeaten teams in division i. touchdown 7-0 green wave.
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dover score. north got on the board before the end of the jordan buckmire first. breaks free and shows some speed, the senior running back scores for the titans, north led late, but dover scored in the final minute and the green wave win it 23-21. how about keene at exeter? blue hawks win 49-6, kyle ball had a touchdown on offense and an interception on defense while zach knight had two scores. spaulding home with bishop unbeaten. 68-33. the panthers win, 34-14. two rushing touchdowns in the win. now to jake fantasia's salem blue devils, also unbeaten, but facing a tough pinkerton team on the road. salem up 20-7 in the second half, opening play of the third quarter, nico buccieri doing
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around. great run, 65 yards for the pinkerton touchdown. but on the ensuing kickoff, josh sibanda picks up the loose ball and he is fast. look at him go. it's the defense. -- splits the defense. pinkerton actually returned the next kickoff for a score, 3 touchdowns in the first 44 seconds of the second half. but salem came to play, james leblond barrels his way in to the endzone, huge win for the blue devils on the road. 41-28, salem is 3-0. merrimack and central at gill stadium. first quarter, merrimack strikes on their first offensive play, justin grassini fires one about 50 yards to justin weiser for the tomahawks touchdown. it was 20-zip in the second quarter, when central's jeremyiah rivera finds some
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central score. that made it the 20-7 game. talk about taking the wind out of your sales. is going to take it 95 yards the other way. merrimack improves to 2-1. the lancers threw four interceptions in the game and the bulldogs took advantage. connor robert threw for 284 yards and 4 touchdowns, bedford since them out, 47-0. concord and memorial both looking for their first win, tide get it 27-7. christian mcclellan threw three touchdowns passes and matt burke scored twice for concord. over the next few weeks, high school football teams will host collection sites for our 4th annual new hampshire tackles hunger campaign, merrimack
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tonight. looking up for the 15 yard touchdown pass. pride with the ball. chase keyser finds cam tillman who breaks a couple of tackles and gets 37 yards on the play and then a few plays later, it will be keyser to evan martin 3 . the eagles go on to win, 33-20. kingswood at con-vco win big at home. dan spezaferri threw for 219 yards and 3 touchdowns, he also ran for 75 yards and two td's plymouth at laconia. rest for 27 -- rushed for 207 yards. it was a blackout at windham
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first quarter, parker belsky breaks free up the middle, he scores to get the jaguars on the board, 7-0. that will always strike up the band, the redhawks trying to make something happen, caleb yianakopolos finds his big brother, henry yianakopolos over the middle. first down, but that drive would stall. cody potter hits jake aleska behind the defense, the junior runnin gback takes it down to about the 30 yard line. that would set up another jaguar and no doubt about this one, the jaguars remain unbeaten. big game in the north conference, john stark at lebanon. 2-0 in during the night. the generals make a statement at 42-6.
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29 yard touchdown run. 32-0 s indians. west will gets on the board as mac maheux finds david casey for the six yard score. the indians get another touchdown. the indians win their first game of the season. moved up a division this year, and the falcons looking as tough as ever. in the first quarter the golden eagles quarterback brendan lacroix looking for an open wr wide receiver. falcons get a nice run by justin mooney. a couple of plays later mathew
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a big game for the falcons as they win, 35-6. milford at home. zach king threw two touchdown passes. spartans win, 20 have and six. richard bell ran for 3 touchdowns, leading the cardinals to a 42-16 win, and a 3-0 record. bishop brady at raymond, joe benard threw five touchdown fall mountain and kearsrge cougars win, 57-14. justin norris had 3 rushing touchdowns and a punt return for a score. a reminder, you can watch all of our friday night football shows on our website. you can also folow us on twitter, use the hashtag . congratulations to all the players and coaches who picked up w's tonight, and good luck to
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still ahead tonight, the red sox saturday. continued their series with the yankees at fenway, jim foley will those highlights and more,
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last night's game-winning home run highlights a powerful month for the red sox first baseman. tonight against the yankees, ramirez kept it going. first inning, 1-0 socks -- sox right after john farrell wins a challenge making mookie betts safe on a stolen base, hanley ramirez drives him in, 2-0. more from hanley in the 4th, this time a solo shot deep to center field. twenty-sixth of the season, 3-0 boston. to the jackie bradley junior launches his twenty-fifth, boston goes on to beat the yankees, 7-4. orioles stay two games and the blue jays still an action. we don't see this every year, so tomorrow's granite bowl will be fun to watch. it's the interstate football showdown between unh and dartmouth. the wildcats are the favorites out of the more competitive colonial athletic conference, but never count out the
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>> it is for bragging rights. a longtime tradition in the state of new hampshire to have the opportunity to compete against each other and win. >> it is a good challenge, always good to say you are state champs and i think they probably feel the same way. good motivation. again, excited to play reputation. jim: i will look for that game tomorrow at 7:00. tomorrow, first at noon, florida state at louisville. the prime matchup is usc at stan ford -- stanford. still holding the lead. blue jays and orioles, on their tail. mike: there is nothing wrong with that.
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ends, we want to get an event update. mike: everybody has plans starting in april but this is a big one. take a look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, nice one out there. mid to upper 70's. if you are traveling to the coast, there are hundreds of runners right now the state. highland games saturday and sunday. all the great food and festivities. enjoy that. a few showers here and there. we need the rain, but not a washout. jean: thank you for joining us.
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