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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sean: now on "daybreak," suspect arrested. the man accused of carrying out bombing attacks in new york city and new jersey is in custody this morning. but now investigators want to know why he did it. erin: stepped up security. how officials are responding to the attacks as we weekend. kevin: low clouds and fog giving way to sunshine. the warmth and humidity remain. how long that lasts with the future cast ahead. >> our daughter, courtney, isn't coming home. we could do a lot to save others lives. sean: fight the the drug crisis. a new hampshire family takes their story to washington to push for more funding and resources.
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hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning. sean: good morning. the question is when will the fog lift and get back to sunshine? kevin: the moisture that we had and the humidity that's still lingering around will start to lessen through time. we need a few hours to sunshine to dry out the atmosphere. the low clouds and fog still lingering around in quite a few you'll notice just some high clouds. otherwise as the low clouds and the fog burns off, we'll give way to partial sunshine. temperatures off to the proverbial running start. visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile in some spots, especially near the shoreline. high temperatures today up into the low to mid 80's after the fog and the low clouds burn off. we'll talk about the warmer temperatures and the humidity and when they both start to lessen together coming up. let's look at your morning ride here in the granite state. we're joined live by deb
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deb: good morning. right now traffic is moving well throughout the granite state. it is foggy. you need to be careful out there on the roadways. especially if you do encounter that fog. 93 south we're not seeing any problems as you are getting your way down into the salem area. it is getting heavy getting across the border. the everett turnpike is up to speed from the bedford tolls to nashua. you are heading into massachusetts, 93 south is a slow ride down into boston. from the traffic davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: all right. thank you. federal invest day tours are now looking into the background of the man accused of carrying out attacks in new york city and new jersey over the weekend. sean: ahmad khan rahami was arrested after a gun battle with police. they are working on charges. he's charged with five counts of attempted murder of police officers. maggie rulli reports
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the manhunt began here, the site of the bombing in new york, and took police to a bar in new jersey where it ended in a dramatic scene. crossing two states, the search for the suspected serial bomber ends in gunfire. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired. reporter: unfolding three hours after they sent a text alert and released an image of the suspect. the owner of the bar in linden, new jersey, seeing a man sleeping in his the officer recognized the suspect. rahami flees on foot with a gun in hand, shooting randomly. the take down 48 hours afterthe first device exploded on the new jersey boardwalk. we know he's a naturalized american citizen born in afghanistan. the fbi found more bombs when they searched his apartment. they tell abc news that rahami traveled to afghanistan and pakistan.
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afghanistan, then investigators in particular the fbi, are going to have to figure out who he visited and what were the -- what was the real purpose of his trip? reporter: authorities say that rahami is refusing to answer any questions or give his name. they are digging into his life online and into the trip to afghanistan, trying to find a motive and figure out if he was really working alone, maggie rulli, abc news, new york. sean: there have been no be on alert and report anything suspicious. erin: with race weekend days away, safety is the top priority. ray brewer is live at track in lou den this morning with more on the preparations. ray: qualifying for the new england 300 isn't until friday. there are hundreds of fans gearing up in the next race in the chase for the cup and sprint
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thousands of people expected to be here. security is always a big concern. even more so in light of what just happened in new york, new jersey, and minnesota. now track officials say they can't discuss specifics for security. they say they've been getting ready for months long before the attacks to the south and the west. state emergency management officials say there are some new steps being taken to keep granite staters safe. some actions that people will see and some that we won't. >> we always suggest to the fans if you something, say something. we want to make sure that when our fans come out to the races this weekend, they are able to enjoy themselves and all of the activities that we have in new hampshire motor speedway. sean: now the bottom line, officials aren't expecting any problems. they always take safety very seriously. reporting live in louden, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: all right. thank you. just into the newsroom, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire in derry early this morning that
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firefighter from several towns were called to 23h hu bbard hill road. no one was hurt. it appears the fire started on the outside of the building. a man is recovering from serious injuries after she was struck by a car in manchester. the man was hit around 7:15 last night near the shell station on hanover street. he's being treated for serious but non-life th filed against the driver. a new york man is accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in nashua. 46-year-old felix perez faces three counts of aggregated, felonious sexual assault. they say he knew the child. the alleged assaults happened between april and august and stopped when perez moved to the bronx. police call the allegations serious and disturbing. perez is due back in
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epidemic awareness week. a new hampshire family got to share their story of loss at the white house yesterday. next week marks two years since pam la and doug griffin of newton lost their daughter. they struggled to find treatment and insurance coverage for the treatment. since then they have held memorials and launched a non-profit to help others. yesterday they spoke with the national drug czar about a comprehensive addin >> congress needs to appropriate more money for treatment. it is the single biggest thing we hear from parents, law enforcement, physicians, we don't have enough treatment capacity in the united states. sean: the griffins hope to open a farm where people transitions from treatment can come and work
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is needed. we have to prevent the problem through education. sean: the department of justice is stepping up efforts. coming up in 30 memberships, you'll hear more from u.s. attorney general loretta lynch about that work and what the feds will do to help states. erin: still ahead, on "news 9 daybreak," providing thousands of meals. the amount of money one local company has donated to the new hampshire food bank. sean: and new home. a food pantry serving hundreds of families along the seacoast is the move. it can provide more help now. erin: ahead at 6:30, the goodwill store in hooksett was
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t and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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kevin: good tuesday morning, september 20th. patchy and dense fog closer to the shoreline. humidities still in the air in the 60's. a jump into the low to mid 80's for most into the afternoon with a couple of other rain chances down the line. a huge change by the time we get toward the weekend. all of the details coming up. erin: september is hunger action month in new hampshire. the new hampshire food bank is getting boost. sean: metro walls and exterior design donated yesterday. the money will help thousands of families. this manchester-based business has been supporting the food bank since 2011. it has donate the more than $80,000 in the time. >> i love the organization. i love the people here. they do a great job. what better way to help the community than to help feed people? >> the food bank with money like that, we have
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for the people that are needed in new hampshire. sean: the new hampshire food bank distributed more than $12 million pounds of food. that's a 55% increase. erin: the family food pantry in portsmouth. the pantry is moving into a new home at 210 west road this morning. until now the pantry has been at the city hall building. officials say the move will provide more storage space for food to serve their growing customer base. the family food pantry provides more than $2 -- 275,000 meals. sean: an important need. it is 12 minutes past 6:00. coming up, a warning before you make your breakfast. why thousands of waffles are being recalled. erin: and the money that
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sean: federal health officials say a neighborhood in miami is clear of zika. they are still warning pregnant women at traveling to the area. thanks to the spraying, the arts district is no longer an area of active transition. that was the first place in the u.s. mainland where mosquitoes started transmitting zika. more positive mosquitoes are turning up at nearby am burning along the big sur coast is now the most expensive firefight in u.s. history. the fire, which has been burning for two months, is 67% contained. it has cost nearly $270 million to fight. that does not include damages to property and homes. at peak, the cost to fight the fire was $8 million a day.
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7 smartphones can get new ones. the phone was recalled after reports of phone exploding and catching fire. they can pick up their free replacement tomorrow for samsung, their wireless carrier, or the store where they bought the phone. the exchange program started yesterday in other countries. many customers reported problems getting a new phone. you may want to lego your eggo. kellogg is recalling whole wheat waffles because they could be contaminated with listeria. they were sold in almost all of new england. the recalled waffled are sold in packages of ten. they have used by dates of november 21st and 22nd. sean: changing could be coming to the redline. the mbta is considering replacing 86 trains. officials say upgrading to new cars would mean
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50% more passengers. we'll see what happened. putting proceed yum gas in your car is a waste of money. that's according to research from aa. the auto club saying using premium does not increase horsepower, fuel economy, reduce emissions, or clean engines any better than regular gas. premium costs 50 cents per, drivers wasted more than $2 billion. allegedly. this is fact. erin: this is for real. sean: according to aa. as mentioned, when i bring my lambeau out, i only want to put premium. kevin: that's a fortune over the year. erin: people really think you have a lamborghini now. sean: i wish. there was a poster on my wall from when i was 16. kevin: there you go.
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we use the phrase patchy fog. there are a lot of areas that have better visibility, like you are seeing here play out. then you get into the lower lying valleys and the normal areas and closer to the shoreline. there's a lot of extra moisture in the air. you have a tendency to see some thick fog. visibility can go town very quickly down to less than a quarter of a mile. the low clouds and fog should be give weigh to partial sunshine. should be another warm day. temperatures jumping into the 80's. the 60's. it means it will be a humidity afternoon with the humidity starting to lessen later today. partial clearing tonight sets up fair skies tomorrow and thursday before the next front arrives on friday. that brings in the completely different air mass by the time we get toward the weekend. for the time being, you'll notice once the low clouds and fog burn off, a few high clouds. we'll call it partial sunshine into the afternoon. there's a broken line of showers along the weak front to the west. this is the dividing
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which fall back into the 50's. temperatures right now are in the 60's. again virginia accounts pretty tough as you get closer to the shoreline. visibility in manchester down to a mile and a half. it has approved out of the keene airport. this is just the local airport. you get in between and the visibility can go down very quickly. dewpoints still high this morning. still very noticeable. i think it lessen a touch through the afternoon. certainly by later tonight with lows in the 50's to lower range of the 60's. much cooler air building in across the northern tier of the united states that eventually a roll in the forecast by the end of the week. for the time being, it is temperatures up and above 80 degrees just about statewide through the afternoon. with it, the humidity in place. that will start to lessen later today with increasing sunshine. temperatures themselves drop back between 50 and 62 overnight tonight. 70's to lower 80's tomorrow.
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first day of autumn. temperatures will be from the mid 70's to mid 80's. still well above the averages. bear in mind the normal high for this time of year right around 70 degrees. we're above that through the end of the workweek. this front will change that by the time we get toward the weekend with much cooler air coming out of canada and with that a pretty good breeze for both days over the weekend. humidity in place. fog early this morning. low clouds giving way to sunshine. into the low to mid 80's. when we'll be anywhere from the 70's to lower range of the 80's through the first day of fall on thursday and 70's friday with a chance of a shower in the morning up north. a passing shower or thundershower for central and southern areas through friday night. very early saturday morning. then as you'll notice, cooler, drier air builds in. it will be a good breeze both days. temperatures as highs only mt. 50's up north. 60's for southern areas.
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sunshine. sean: okay. as you head out, you may want to bring an extra layer. kevin: you may want to look around. yes. sean: let's check out the top stories with ray brewer. ray: they aren't anticipating any problems. there are new security measures being put in place. especially following what happened in new york, new jersey, and minnesota. the qualifying for the new england 300 isn't until friday. hundreds of fans are already here at track. track officials say for the security plans for the weekend. they said they have been getting ready for months. sean: a man is recovering from serious injuries this morning after he was struck by a car in manchester. police say the man was hit around 7:15 last night near the shell station. a new york man is accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl over the course of several months in nashua. 46-year-old felix perez
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sexually salt. they say he knew the child. erin: harry houdini was one of
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vo: kelly ayotte s, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. senate majority pac
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sean: there's rather unique new professor at the university of southern california. he's quickly becoming a campus favorite. >> look at him. beau regard tire biter. he's the therapy dog and first time faculty fog in the country helping students handle anxiety and stress. many other students bring in therapy dogs during the exams and finals. so he's doing something
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some stress. sean: it is a good idea. should i ask the question of why he got the time professor tirebiter? a magician wants to replicate one of harry houdini's most famous stunts. erin: he is going to hang 50 feet upside down and escape. it is fanned 100 years to the day since houdini did the same thing in the same place. he suspects it is going to take him ten sean: ten minutes. i'm looking forward to that. coming up, rick porcello is making quite a case. he brought his a game against the orioles last night. erin: find out how hundreds of immigrants who were supposed to be deported instead are now u.s.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmr "news 9 daybreak." sean: welcome back. tuesday, september 20th. this is what it looks like outside in some parts of the state. heavy dog. i can't see anything. erin: it is thick. visibility is awful lift after the top stories. new hampshire motor speedway put up a safety plan. nearly 100,000 fans are expected to arrive this week. a manchester man accused of setting off after taking off into the woods is scheduled to face a judge today. state police are investigating a deadly accident. a bicyclist died after
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comments from the facebook friends. stop, enough with the summer warmth. time for fall. somebody else saying, yay, bring back the warmth. different opinions. that's what you have to deal with; right? some of that locally dense in temperature climb into the 80's. a lot of comments there. join the conversation there. sean: here's a look after the fog. you can see the visibility is down. kevin: we're joined by deb
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delays. as you are making your way through the merrimack outlet area. just be careful. interstate 89 is foggy. we're not seeing any problems. the southbound is moving volume. 93 south is moving okay. you'll hit the breaks in salem getting across the state line. that's due to a serious crash in methuen. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 sean: the afghan immigrant accused of planting bombs remains in the hospital this morning after being shot by police. erin: he is now facing attempted murder charges. he is being held on $5.2 million bail. he was sleeping in the hallway of a bar yesterday when the owner called police believing he was homeless. when an officer tried to wake him up, rahami pulled out a gun and
6:33 am
could just imagine he's going here to wake up the sleeping vagrant. he comes face to face with somebody who was hell brent on causing injury to him and who knows else. erin: one officer was hit by a vest and another by a window that the shattered. rahami is charged with five counts of attempted murder of law enforcement charges for the bombings haven't been filed. sean: they are urging people to report anything suspicious. erin: safety is the top priority. ray brewer to tell us how the racetrack is preparing for the big crowds. sean: several hundred fans are
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tens of thousands of fans will be heading here in the next few days. steps are being taken to make sure they are safe. >> plans for safety and security is a year long process. we work to develop the safety plan. sean: a tax over the weekend have cast a focus on safety at large events across america. the new hampshire motor speedway relies on guidance. they have determined there's no known connection. they are asking people to be vigilant. >> the governor has been in contact to talk about the steps. with that being said, there's a lot of
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with increased law enforcement and some you won't see. sean: the speedway is looking toward to another fun. >> we want to make sure the fans are able to enjoy themselves and all of the activities that we have. sean: the speedway says that fans started arrive on saturday. now the qualifying is on friday. once aga on sunday. reporting live in louden, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: all right. thanks. new on "daybreak," a manchester man is facing charges after police say he held them at bay during an overnight standoff in hooksett. it all started shortly before 9:30 last night when officers were called to the area of campus drive for a report of a 23-year-old man armed with a semiautomatic rifle. when officers arrived, they say they heard several shots coming
6:36 am
and s.w.a.t. team called in. around 2:30, the suspect, christopher garin, was arrested without incident. erin: troopers say 50-year-old lawrence tori was riding his bike when he veered into the path of it does not appear that any criminal charges will be filed. sean: investigation into a bomb scare. someone found a grenade in a bag of clothing. they say there was no danger to the public. >> given the -- you know, the events of the past few days around the country, i think it was very poor to do that.
6:37 am
correct thing. they made sure their staff was safe, they evacuated the store, they called the authorities. sean: anyone who knows where the grenade came from is oftenned to call hooksett police. erin: a pair of drug stings landed two people behind bars. 22-year-old david bolton is accused of conspiring to sell $3,000 worth of company to a person that was cooperating with the new hampshire drug task force. and 24-year-old accused of conspiring. the case remains under investigation. sean: dismis home is opening its first residents for people coming out of prison. the facility located will house seven formerly incarcerated women. the focus is to provide with a safety and supportive environment. a ribbon cutting ceremony is being held at 2:30 this afternoon.
6:38 am
location. it will be located at 20 north main street. it is set to open on monday, october 23rd. the opening coincides with the clothing of the current office op september 30th. sean: a drug that could change the life of a windham boy living with a fatal disease was finally approved by the fda. connor, who was autistic, is living with dmd. kids usually end up with a wheelchair in their teens. yesterday the fda approved a drug that could change the quality of his life. his mom hopes it will slow the disease down. >> it is amazing. it is monumental. the entire community is just in awe. we don't want him to lose the ability to hug and lose the ability to watch and run and to dance. he loves to dance. sean: they hope connor will be able to start taking treatment
6:39 am
effect. erin: let's hope so. coming up, new efforts are being announced to address the nationwide drug epidemic. find out what the u.s. attorney general says is being done to combat the crisis. sean: a school cafeteria worker says enough is enough. why she quit her job of lunch shaming. kevin: higher humidity wiped out by this front. even a bigger front later this week making it feel like autumn. my prescription costs keep going up. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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aught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment. pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore... she begged... she begged for help, saying mom - please help me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. doug griffin: she came to my family to learn more. she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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kevin: tuesday morning, september 20th. there's patchy dense fog. temperatures in the 80's. cooler times ahead and more comfortable conditions by the end of the week. more details coming up. erin: the obama administration is stepping up efforts to address the drug crisis, designating this a week of action and awareness. according to the cdc, 78 americans die every day from opioid abuse. our sally kidd sat down who will announce today new actions to address
6:43 am
reporter: too many parents are living with the consequences. the griffins lost their 20-year-old daughter to a prescription drug overdose in 2014. >> for people who have been touched by this, they are aware of the devastating impact. >> the to address treatment. >> i'm making sure we pull out the stops. >> this week the justice department will help provide funding and the attorney general is directing state prosecutors to share across state lines information on doctors
6:44 am
to one state. they will go back home and sell them or abuse them. reporter: fuels is a lack of treatment. they gathered for a round table discussion. their son died at age voice. i'm thankful i'm here to have a voice. reporter: they authorized more than $180 million to address the crisis. that money hasn't been appropriated. some of it will keep the government operating beyond september 30th. reporting from washington, i'm sally kidd. sean: the fda launched a
6:45 am
it aims at connecting people who are experiencing an overdose of the atlanta dote. -- anecdote. the winner will receive a $40,000 reward. erin: eight immigrants who were supposed to be deported become citizens. the prints were not easily accessible during the ali the u.s. citizens may be denaturalized. sean: a cafeteria worker says she quit her job over lunch shaming. instead of a hot meal, they are given a cheese sandwich. stacey says one recent incident upset her so much that she decided to resign. >> the woman that i work with, she was trying to get my attention. i didn't see it.
6:46 am
gave him the chicken that he owed money to give him the cheese. it was too late. he had his tray. his eyes welled up with tears. i'll never forget his name and look on the face. sean: do to school policy, she had to take the hot lunch and throw it away. the district says the parents were notified about the policy before the school year began. erin: a volcano eruption shut down the main airport. check out the ash. the volcano erupted four times throughout the day, creating an ash cloud up to 10,000 feet high. and moving into sport this is morning, the red sox kicked off the four-game series against the orioles in baltimore. mookie betts hit the two-run homer to put the sox up 2-0. then in the fifth, david ortiz hit a two-run homer.
6:47 am
hill by rick porcello. he struck out matt wieters in the seventh when he got michael michael bourn in the eighth. he only threw 89 pitches and moved to 21-4. boston went on to win it 5-2, taking a four-game lead. sean: nice. the patriots are not closing the door on jimmy garoppolo playing in the game against the houston texans. it does seem like a long shot at this to his right shoulder does not appear to be as bad as it looked. there's a good chance that he can return to play in week four against the buffalo bills. garoppolo was driven to the turf by miami linebacker. he sprained the a/c joint in his throwing shoulder. we'll see what happens. erin: one of the teammates says he will be fine; right, because he's italian. off to a great start friday night.
6:48 am
of food was collected for the immaculate conception. then at 12:00, more games on saturday. sean: a new overnight camp is offering the adults a chance to escape reality and enter a world of all things pizza. pizza camp is being offered in minnesota. great place to visit. the idea is to bring together grown ups who love pizza and nature. opportunity to build their own pizzas like this. there's an all you can eat pizza bar. after dinner the guests can gather around and sing songs all about -- can you guess? pizza. yeah, pizza songs. a little slice of heaven right there. erin: this is in maple plane, minnesota. what about the flap jacks? sean: add that to your pizza.
6:49 am
pizza on a stick in front of the campfire. i will throw that out there. sean: what? how do you get it on the stick? kevin: you haven't lived. erin: okay. pizza at the campfire. forget at the s'mores. sean: we need to take some of the scripts and start a fire and try this. kevin: i'll be back in three minute. [laughter] kevin: low clouds and patchy fog. temperatures are in the 50's this morning. the higher humidity left over from the system with all of the lefr moisture yesterday manifesting itself in the way of some pretty thick fog closer to the shoreline. inland sections a little bit more of the normal fog-prone areas. notice as the low clouds and fog burn off we'll give way to partial sunshine. temperatures starting off in the 60's. a jump for most into the 80's. dewpoints are in the 60's. those will start to lessen through the afternoon and it is this front while it won't have a lot of fanfare with it as far as rainfall is concerned, will eventually bring in
6:50 am
50's starting tomorrow. that will last through the end of the week. temperatures in the 60's statewide. there are a few upper 50's the farther north you do. we have some thick fog. you can travel the distance. you know where the normal fog-prone areas are. we have the heavier rainfall in southern areas of the state locally over three inches. farther north, lesser amounts of that. you can see the visibility isn a tenth of a mile in pease. as you get inland, it is more of the patchy fog situations in the areas that usually see it. dewpoints running in the 60's early this morning. highs today low to mid 80's. humidity still noticeable through the afternoon. it will start to lessen later today from northwest to southeast. and then eventually a little bit more comfortable for the day tomorrow after lows in the 50's to lower 60's later on tonight. a couple of banner days for us tomorrow. temperatures in the 70's to lower 80's with
6:51 am
official day of the season. looks like it will be mostly sunny with temperatures from the mid 70's to lower half of the 80's. from there, clouds start to increase thursday evening. could be a couple of showers friday morning. the front sliding south won't have a lot of rain. it will have scattered shower activity. it is behind the front that it brings down colder air out of canada. highs over the weekend likely not out of the 60's across the state. overnight lows will be down into the 30's and 40's. we'll looking for into the 80's. the fog gives way to sunshine. still the warmth and humidity in place. more patchy fog. it will be a lot less widespread overnight tonight and less thick as well. your extenses forecast shows temperatures through the afternoon up into the low to mid 80's. we cool it off a touch. the real cooldown happened after the second front comes through friday or early saturday. highs in the 60's this weekend. both of those days come with clearing skies on saturday. it sets up a breeze out
6:52 am
well. lows will be chilleddier saturday night and sunday night. sean: all right. the first day of fall -- still be warm. kevin: was the fire yumny? >> we couldn't find any pizza. sean: we didn't have any matches. top stories in hooksett ended with the suspect
6:53 am
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erin: it is now 6:55. updating the top stories. sean: a manchester man is scheduled to face a judge today. 23-year-old christopher g arc -- he is now facing charges of deadly conduct.
6:56 am
lance tori was riding his bike when he veered into the path of a a car. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. sean: a man was hit around 7:15 near the shell station. they say nos have been filed against the driver. erin: a new york man is accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl over the course of several months. felix perez faces three counts of felonious sexual assault. they say he knew the child. kevin: patchy, dense fog. it is the normal fog-prone areas. all of the leftover humidity and moisture. the humidity will start to lessen a bit through the afternoon. we're talking highs in the low to mid 80's as the low clouds and fog lift. less humid with sunshine tomorrow for the last full day of the summer season and for the first day of fall on thursday. cold front comes through on friday.
6:57 am
the weekend. sean: it is going to feel like fall. erin: don't miss the emotional interview with magic johnson and his wife, cookie. they share their secret to the 25 years of marriage. sean: the latest on the investigation into the bombings in new york and new jersey. we still don't know why he did it. erin: see you in 25 minutes. take care and have a
6:58 am
when i first found out that carl had been using heroin on and off for a year. i immediately thought not my son. i found him in his bathroom with a syringe still in his hand and that was the worst day of my life. annie kuster is leading the fight regarding this opioid epidemic. she's trying to do everything she can to get laws changed. so this doesn't happen again. she's definitely a leader. i just love annie.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. terror takedown. the dramatic shoot-out with a suspected bomber in broad daylight. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired. >> taken down in a gunfight with police, the moment he is chased by two o and what we're now learning about the suspect. the new surveillance footage as he planted those bombs. his trip overseas and what authorities found in his home. terrorist front and center on the campaign trial. >> we'll have to tart profiling. >> hillary clinton call's donald trump's comments fuel for isis and his son sparks outrage comparing syrian refugees to


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