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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sean: now on -- "daybreak," a driver exposed himself to a bus of students. the evidence that they were able to provide. reporter: new charges and new jersey. i'm maggie rulli coming up. kevin: we lose some of the warmth. when it will feel like autumn coming up. sean: running out of water. many private wells are running dry as the drought persists keeping well companies busy. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: good morning.
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with us on wednesday. sean mcdonald. beautiful day. it still felt like summertime even though fall is right around the corner. kevin: tad is the last full day of the summer season. looks like it is going to feel like it into the afternoon. for a lot of folks, it is lower half of the 80's. it is a solid ten degrees above normal. we are expecting a good deal of sunshine. the fog still out there in spots. visibilities down to a few places less than a gait of a mile. it is isn't nearly as wi temperatures in the lower 50's up north or lower 60's in southern areas. the humidity has come down some. it will more comfortable into the afternoon. much more on the autumn season and how we started off looking at the weekend coming up. let's look at the morning ride. joined here by deb davidson. deb: good morning. we're already seeing some delays from bedford give yourself a couple
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problems on pet -- 93 south. from manchester to salem, you are up to speed. no delays on 111 or the spaulding. heading into massachusetts, all major roads are up to speed. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. charges are possible say goffstown police. helped provide the key evidence in a case where a man had exdozed himself to children on a school bus. ray brewer live to explain. ray: good morning, sean. police say the man was following the school bus along 114 when the students noticed he appeared to be exposing himself. now the police say that the man, officers say the school bus rather was from a different school district and
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and that the gray nissan had been following for quite a while. the car pulled alongside the bus and the driver exposed himself to the girls on board and appeared not to be wearing any pants. that's when students jumped into action pulling out their cell phones. >> it was obviously to the people on the bus. they were able to take some pictures and some videos that allowed us and develop a suspect. ray: now the car did turn away and stop following the bus after the students were taking those pictures. so far police have not made any arrests. they expect that to change to the next couple of days. life in goffstown, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: all right. thanks. a keene man is accused of breaking an infant's leg. 24-year-old derek forcier is charged with first-degree assault.
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one. they will not say what the relationship forcier has with the child. new this morning, a homeless woman accused of stealing a car and bicycle in laconia is due in court today. 23-year-old allison wormstead faces several charges, including theft. the keys were in the car she stole. she tried to run away from officers. when they finally arrested her, they foundmo underwear. they found a manchester man driving 133 miles per how were. 35-year-old alrick barnett is charged with driving under the influence. he was caught weaving in and out of traffic. the u.s. justice department filed federal charges against the man accused of carrying out the attacks in new york and new jersey. he planned the attacks
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many of the explosive components online. the fbi first started looking at rahami two year ago. >> we know that federal officials had been warned acts suspected bomber years ago. the 28-year-old had been planning and plotting the attacks were months. in the chilling new video, we see what authorities believe is rahami. that pressure cooker bomb he set off in new powerful enough to shatter windows 400 feet away, injuring 31 people. the criminal complaint revealing a journal. in it, anti-american rants and praise for the late radical islamic. these new details come as the fbi confirms it knew about rahami, having been warned by his own father in 2014.
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them? reporter: he never questioned and later talked to his son. while overseas, he married and had two children. the fbi is questioning his wife. >> we're trying to get a picture of him through her. >> they are pouring over the social media accounts drying to learn more. while they say they aren't actively looking for another out either. abc news, new york. sean: it is no longer public water sources facing problems because of the drought. many private wells have been responding to 10-15 calls each day along the seacoast for people with no water. in some cases they have been forced to drill a whole new well. it is tough to predict when homeowners with private wells run out of
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inside. >> if they look in the well and have three or four feet of water in the well, they are probably in better shape than most. they just need to be very conservative. sean: the fact that water use goes up during the summer doesn't help, even with many communities putting restrictions and bans in place. there's new help available for residents in plaistow. every private home in town has a well and many are running dry. so the local ymca is letting people come in to use the showers. and fill up with water for drinking and cooking. town officials have now banned all outdoor watering in plaistow until further notice. don't be alarmed if you see a lot of emergency vehicles at the airport in manchester. it is all a drill. more than 75 different agencies, including hospitals, are taking part in the exercise based on a mock incident. the drill will include
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it should last for about three hours. officials say there will be no impact on normal operations there at the airport. still to come, a new exhibit celebrating some of the local theaters that left a lasting impression. memorial vandalized. the personal meaning that is now missing. what police in salem ordered -- why police i mother -- what they ordered her to stop doing because they were
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colin van ostern: i know from my own life the difference a college education can make. narrator: colin van ostern. the son of a single mom, he went to college on student loans, became a stonyfield business manager responsible for a hundred million dollars in revenue. then, a top executive at southern new hampshire university's college for america. colin van ostern: most of our students graduate debt free. cutting student debt should be our goal for all state colleges kevin: wednesday morning, september 21st. low visibility. it isn't nearly as widespread or thick as what we saw play out the last couple ofdies. it is out there and the factor. we're looking at temperatures today to remain warm for the final day of the summer
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changes coming down the line ahead. sean: foggy out there this morning, some people are calling vandalism to a memorial in milton, massachusetts a hate crime. fred manasse's sister was just a year and a half old when she died in a concentration camp during the holocaust. he made a scripture and put it on massachusetts. but this week it disappeared. >> no one should do that to anybody's sculpture or memorial. sean: police are investigating. they haven't made any arrests. there's a special new exhibit in manchester celebrating some of the local culture. the exhibit is called its show time. a history of
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years. it showcases other iconic theaters that have made a mark on the area over the years. >> we love to celebrate the history. we just felt an exhibit on the manchester theater that is no longer with us might touch on the nostalgia cord. a night of movie going was really an event. we celebrate those movie palaces that are no longer with us. sean: a lot exhibit from now until december 17th. it is 12 past 5:00. one of the most famous couples is calling it quit. why angelina jolie wants a divorce from brad pitt. helping students
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women.
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ising. sean: health officials in canada
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the diseases are hitting aboriginal and indigenous communities hard. hiv rates are double that than the rest of the cases. 1,500 new cases and the numbers are rising. one of the biggest problems that many indigenous communities don't have enough access to medical resources. online retail giant, amazon, is offering jobs for a brick and mortar store in the boston area. amazon recently stores. the company hadn't officially announced a store in massachusetts, the job posting says the positions are in the legacy place. new hampshire is getting nearly 17,000 dollars in federal grant money to help low income students take advantaged placement tests. a total of 41 states are getting money from the department of education. with the grants, low income students will only have to pay $15 instead of $93.
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epi-pens will be on capital hill to answer questions about the price increase of the life-saving product. mylan has been slammed because the epi-pen prices went from less than $100 in 2009 to about $600 today. angelina are no more. angelina has filed for divorce siting ire reconcile differences and for the health of the family. they got married in 2014. according to court documents, they separated last week. jolie is seeking custody of their six children and asking the court to grant pitt visitation. i know you are upset about that. kevin: crushed. sean: fall starts tomorrow.
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perhaps you've noticed it. now the state's online foilage tracker is up and running. showing the best foilage is where it is based on past years. our wmur foilage reports will be starting up. some scientists believe the drought will make the season shorter and less intense in southern areas. but if you drive around, you'll notice some trees are starting to pop already. over exaggeration as to how diminished the foilage season is going to be. i think it is going to be just fine. the trees -- well. we could do that in another seg segment. we're going to need more time. let's start with the patchy fog that we have out there in spots. we'll continue to see that out there in places. not everywhere across the state. if you usually travel a good distance across the state and you normally travel through a
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going to have that. temperatures have cooled off quite a bit compared to where we've been. the dewpoints have slipped back in a lot of locations. yesterday statewide in the 60's for the dewpoints. today it will be in the 50's to lower range of the 60's. we continue to take the edge off of the humidity here going forward. with enough sunshine, we should dry things out. the westerly wind will help. we have an area of high pressure settling in through tomorrow and the next front located until the northela it will be the difference between the summer-like warmth that continues and the true autumn feel to the air that we'll have by the time we get toward the weekend. down there 50 degrees. notice the 43. that's ten degrees cooler. for southern areas of the state, temperatures in the low to mid 60's. fog in northern and western areas of the state. this is where we tend to see that.
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fade through the day. not completely refreshing through the afternoon and certainly better than the higher humidity we've had recently. temperatures running five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time as well. we'll continue to see temperatures above the average. above high is 70. getting into the lower 80's may not seem like much considering where we have been most of the summer. still that's way above average. with temperatures starting in the lower 60's this morning in southern areas of the state, that says something through the afternoon. between 73 and 83 from north to south. good deal of sunshine. more fog forming. again in the normal fog-prone areas. sunshine tomorrow. temperatures from the mid 70's to mid 80's tomorrow. increasing clouds. a couple of showers and a front coming through on friday. a lot of this activity should be to our south and east by the time we get toward saturday morning. it opens the door to much cooler air. no one across the state
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either day over the weekend. it will come with a northerly breeze. for the time being, it start to return back in a little bit more warmth by the middle of next week. high temperatures today besting 80 degrees in southern parts of the state. 70's up north as we go from fog to sunshine. it will be a lot less humid. then temperatures tonight ease back in a lot of locations into the 50's to lower 60's. there's your extended forecast. again feeling like fall for the weekend. first day of fall will be at 10:21 tomorrow. lows. i think frost is a possibility farther south even into central parts of the state by the time we get to monday morning. sean: that sun goes down, it gets chilly. kevin: longer nights. ray: goffstown police identified the man that exposed himself on a school bus. say say the man was driving a gray nissan
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quite a while. the car pulled alongside the bus. the driver exposed himself to the girls on board. they were able to get some cell phone fete toes and turn them over to police. sean: a keene man is accused of breaking an infant's leg. 20-year-old derek forcier is charged with assault. a homeless woman is due alex -- alice wormstead faces several charges.
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when i first found out that carl had been using heroin on and off for a year. i immediately thought not my son. i found him in his bathroom with a syringe still in his hand and that was the worst day of my life. annie kuster is leading the fight regarding this opioid epidemic. she's trying to do everything she can to get laws changed. so this doesn't happen again.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures.
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sean: welcome back. we've all dialed the wrong number. one recent created quite a bit of confusion. >> you called the police department in barnstable, massachusetts. >> massachusetts! >> yes, massachusetts. >> well, there's no way you can help me then is there? sean: the accent is key. england was trying to call for help. she called barnstable, massachusetts. kevin: it took a while to realize they were on the wrong continent. they made plans to stay in touch. sean: the owner is hoping to start a movement by helping people in the community. frank hemani has started
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doesn't have a job or money. kevin: he gives out about half a dozen each week. he's happy to help anyone. he hopes other people and businesses start doing things similar. sean: sometimes giving a gift is the greatest thing in life. violent protests erupt overnight leaving nearly a dozen police officers injured. we'll have the latest on that. plus a new effort to create a new national holiday, honoring first responders and the family of a local fallen
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my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore... she begged... she begged for help, saying mom - please help me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. doug griffin: she came to my family to learn more. pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us.
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doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: welcome back. good morning. a little foggy. it was muggy yesterday. when will it break? we'll talk with kevin in a moment. first the top stories. the goffstown police are investigating a man who exposed himself to a group of high school citizens were drunk at the mall with their babies. and they are deciding if the sexual past of lizzie marriott should remain private. it got muggy. it feels like july. kevin: we'll be lessening that. by the time we get to the weekend, it is going to feel like the season.
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visibilities out west and up north down to less than a third of a mile. it is temperatures from the mid 70's to lower 80's today. less humid as the day wears on. less humidity this morning. sean: is there some sadness for the last day of summertime? kevin: it depends on the individual. we hear from both ends. sean: here's a live look at i-93 in windham. kevin: did i mention all time? we're joined live by deb davidson. deb: good morning. it is wrapping up on the everett turnpike. any delays should be moving smoothly here shortly. 293 is moving well from the upper split in hooksett down to the lower split in manchester. 101 smooth sailing. no problems in
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from the terrific network, i'm deb davidson. sean: an investigation after a man exposed themselves on a bus. students helped them crack the case; right? sean: that's correct. thanks to the quick chug they have the man that expose captured on video. ray: a man exposed himself monday afternoon at intersection of route 114 and shirley hill road. the man was following the bus in his car. >> the girls on the bus said they were able to see a male driving a gray nissan, pull alongside, and he appeared to purposely expose himself in a lewd manner. sean: it is what happened next that helped police find the car and identify the driver.
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cell phones. >> we're still under investigation. it was obviously to the people on the plus. they were able to take some pictures that further investigate and develop a suspect. ray: no arrests have been made. charges after they were found drunk at a mall parking lot in salem with the infants. when officers arrived on monday night, they say they found 22-year-old bailey and 22-year-old amber so drunk they could barely stand. one mother was lying in a puddle, holding her baby in the air. at one point, an officer
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to take care of themselves, let alone a baby of that age who needs care and attention. sean: the babies, one months and four months, were faced with family members. dcyf plans to follow up. the mothers are free on bail and due in court next month. the new hampshire supreme court will hear arguments on whether the sexual history of murdered u.n.h. student, lizzie marriott, should remain sealed. she was raped and killed by seth mazzaglia. twice information about her prior sex life is ruled inadmissible. they ruled that the rape shield law does not apply to appeals. the court decided to keep the information sealed until after today's hearing. the new hampshire democratic party is asking to reconsider its
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for the first congressional district. he submitted the signatures necessary. 26 of those named had signed nomination paperwork for other candidates. last week the state panel on the ballot law rejected the democratic party argument that o'connor should be disqualified for the duplication. >> everyone else used the same form that we used. it was the only form that was available at the time we started collecting attempt by the party to exclude me from the democratic process. sean: in the request for the ballot law, commission to reconsider its decision, a lawyer issued a statement saying he believes quote the ballot law commission misapprehended a key factual issue relevant to the decision. it is unclear if anyone will change. the democratic party will try to make its case once again against the eligible later today
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the ballot law commission. new on "daybreak," an inmate has pleaded guilty to possessing contraband. court documents say 32 year old charles moore was found in possession of a home made weapon. the weapon was discovered after moore failed to clear a metal detector six times. a manchester woman is facing an assault charge after she hit a man inhe glass beer mug. he was having an argument with 'less 15 thompson's roommate when thompson hit him with the mug. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for several cuts. a manchester man is accused of hitting a man head on. he saw doug driving the wrong way down franklin
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in the middle of the intersection and head right for the fire truck. sampson stopped inches from the truck. when the officers opened the door of the car, he says he had to catch him from falling on the ground. he's now charged with dwi. officials in windham are on alert this morning after a possible coyote sighting. he received a call from a parent who said they may have seen a coyote in the area. officers were at the school during dismissal as a precaution. they did not spot any coyotes. coming up, the satanic temple is moving its headquarters to massachusetts. find out what the viewers are saying about the new location near an elementary school. an unusual sight at a farm in kentucky. we'll tell you about the two-headed calf. kevin: warmer temperatures out there. a cold front arriving
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all of the details coming up. colin van ostern: i know from my own life the difference a college education can make. narrator: colin van ostern. the son of a single mom, he went to college on student loans,
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, a top executive at southern new hampshire university's college for america. colin van ostern: most of our students graduate debt free. cutting student debt should be our goal for all state colleges to create good jobs, and keep our young families here. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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kevin: it is wednesday morning, december 21st. temperatures have cooled
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this morning we're down into the 50's to lower range of the 60's. less humid through the afternoon. with partial to mostly sunny skies, a look for temperatures from the mid 70's to lower 80's. we'll look ahead at big changes in time for the weekend with the next front arriving friday coming up. sean: this here behind me was going on while you were sleeping last night. violent protests rocked charlotte, north carolina into the morning hours. 12 officers were injured when they started throwing water bottles an you can see the violent clashes here in the video. as reid binion explains, it follows the second officer-involved shooting in weeks. reporter: protests after charlotte police shot a man. while officers looked for the individual named, they encountered another man that was armed. >> make an eminent threat. because of that, at least one of the
5:42 am
is on paid administrative leave. the demonstrations following other protests in oklahoma, after the fatal shooting of an unarmed african-american man on friday. they show 40-year-old walking to the vehicle with his hands up, followed by officers. he stands for a moment besides the suv and then he lies on the pavement fatally wounded after one officer fires. he is now on paid administrative leave. her actions. >> he gets to the window and has his hands in the air. he looks down the side of the car at officer shelby and his left hand goes into the window. >> criticism over what's seen in the video and what's heard. >> that looks like a bad dude too. reporter: responding to the characterization of her brother. >> that big, bad dude was my twin brother. that big, bad dude was a father.
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wmir news 9. sean: authorities are investigating a deadly confrontation. an armed man fell from the fourth floor after being shot by a tribal police officer. the shooting happened around 11:30. koreans state police say there was an outstanding warrant for the man who has not yet been identified. it is not clear when he died from the shooting or the fall. a massachusetts city known for its witch trials will become the new home temple. the nationally recognized temple is moving its international headquarters to a mansion in salem that used to be a funeral home. it will not affect neighbors in any way. with an elementary school located just around the corner, some people are feeling unsettled. >> i think it is going to bring a lot of controversy. looks like some security cameras, you know, and other devices.
5:44 am
retaliation. sean: they are working to understand the temple's intended use. what do you think about the satanic temple's new location. roxanne writes i'm a christian and i was raised to respect others and their beliefs. jim writes i think they have a right to open their headquarters but doing it next to the school is not the greatest decision. mary writes get over it. my neighbors are much worse. i would rather this temple move in nextoo to me than what i currently have. the family of fallen m.i.t. police officer, sean collier, is spearheading an effort to create a national holiday honoring first responders. he was on duty when he was killed back in 2013. his younger brother works for nascar. together with the hooters the two companies are promoting efforts for a national holiday for first responders. >> it is just validation. i mean we go to work
5:45 am
we hope that we do. it doesn't change how we do our job. we work holidays, nights, birthdays, we miss first days of school, we do at the end of the day put ourselves in harm's way for everyone. sean: the people behind the effort are hoping to gather a million signatures on a petition between her brother and congressman re-introduce thebi sightings. some of the most recent happened in pennsylvania. clowns are apparently going around harassing kids. some people believe it is just part of the hoax. others are concerned that the clowns could do harm. one girl said she was at a playground when a clown started harassing her and her friends. >> they started chasing up here. we thought it was gone. turned around and broke a stick and threw it at us and started calling us and cursing at us.
5:46 am
>> a clown did this. >> yes. >> that's what everyone is talking about. a clown hunt in school. facebook they said there was killer clowns that were killing people. sean: police say there have been no reports of the clowns hurting anyone. similar sightings have been reported in south carolina, north carolina, and georgia. turns now to sports, the red sox played game two of the series at the orioles last night. in the fourth inning, jackie bradley jr. launch to center field helping to put boston ahead. in the fifth, the orioles had his first career hit. it was a solely home run. then in the seventh, david ortiz blew it wide open when he hit a three-run homer. the red sox went on to win 5-2. they have a five-game lead over the orioles. it is a nascar race week. now the big race on sunday has a new name and sponsor. the race is now called
5:47 am
300. it is sponsored by a company that makes specialized vehicles including atvs. we put a poll asking what you think the best name is for a race at the magic mile. the choices are the slick 5300, the farm aid on cmt300, the five-hour energy 301 or the bad boy off road. at last check the most votes 5500. the annual erica's run. >> one of her wishes was to give back to the community that helped her when she was battling cancer. it donates all of the profits pack to the families that are battling cancer right now.
5:48 am
$100,000 so far. we have donated to 28 local families battling cancer. sean: that's this saturday. for more information on this race or how to register, visit the web site at erica's run. they thought she delivered twin call callst. instead it was just one with two heads. for now lucky is healthy. >> i'm just thinking how many days do we have? we are just -- it is a blessing we get to go through this with our children and our family. it is just something unique and rare. sean: the family says that while the calf is lucky to be alive, she has some problems. when she stands up, she
5:49 am
certainly bizarre to look at. see how the health of the cow is doing. yesterday it was wet. it was humid. kevin: yes. we've taken the edge off for the time being. temperatures themselves are going to be similar. we'll be in the lower half of the 80's in southern parts of the state. we'll fall back into the 70's. the humidity still high enough we have the patchy fog this morning. as the fog burns off, you'll notice here in the lakes region. we've got the sunshine and any sort of early fog gives way to sunshine and what should be a warm afternoon. just not quite as humid as the last few days. 73 to 83 from north to south today. last full day of the summer season tomorrow morning just before 10:30 a.m. it will be with sunshine and temperatures again in the 70's up north to lower 80's in southern spots. the next front arrives on friday. it will mean a big change in temperatures and humidity levels by the time we get toward the weekend. we have the clearer
5:50 am
got 12 hours of nighttime in which to create the temperature falling into the dewpoint. that's why in august and september just with the average humidity that we have out there, you tend to get the fog. that will burn off rather readily and set up sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures starting the day about seven or eight degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. notice the mid 50's here up and down portions of the merrimack valley. we were in the 60's yesterday morning. now we have fallen into the 50's. out west and up north along with that again some patchy fog. you'll notice a couple of upper 40's here in parts of the north country and in the mid 40's on top of mt. washington. the fog and visibility is down to less than a third of a mile in spots in and around the connecticut river and the north country as well, places like franklin and plymouth seeing the fog early this morning. dewpoints have fallen back. dewpoints yesterday we were in the 60's. this morning they are
5:51 am
we are taking the edge off of that through the day. it will feel warm though. the normal high this time of year right around 70 in concord. we're going to be well above that again today and likely again tomorrow as well. you notice the temperatures this afternoon. 70's up north and lower 80's. good deal of sunshine. also bit more fog again later tonight. lows will drop back. maybe near 60 along the coast. tomorrow a good deal of sunshine ahead of the front. we're going to see a lot of 82 to 85. thursday night with a shower up north. maybe a couple of scattered showers elsewhere during the daylight hour on friday. the front should continue to slide to the south later friday evening. skies will clear on sad and set up what should be partly to mostly sunny skies for the weekend. much cooler temperatures. the air mass coming in behind that front will be right out of central canada. highs in the 60's. both days with a breeze out of the north that will provide the extra
5:52 am
of conditions to the air. you'll notice the overnight lows. either side of 40 saturday night. likely into the 30's. not necessarily statewide, but we're talking 30's to lower half of the 40's for monday morning. that's a pretty good chance there will be some areas that will see frost. sean: sounds like fall and football weather this weekend. speaking of which, u.s. cellar has launched a search. it is calling for nomination. it is the high school football coaches that made an impact on their school or community. now through october 3rd, new hampshire communities are being asked to submit by heading to the web site the most valuable coach dot-com. good luck. still to come, a company that's using robots to make pizza.
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narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
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paraguay are making the scene. it is made for recycled instruments. their story is being told in a documentary called land fill harmonic. you'd never know it. kevin: a group here in new hampshire maybe a little bit of a blending of noise two. maybe. sean: similar idea there. the start-up company is using robots to make pizzas. saving money on labor means it can use the extra cash for higher quality. hmm. conference yeah. robots are only in charge of adding cause and putting it in the oven. they plan to add more to prep the dough, cut it into slices, and planning to use a delivery truck equipped
5:57 am
pizzas en route guarantees they stay hot. sean: self-driving cars? i mean it does sound like george jetson. what about the guy up and down -- kevin: you don't see that if it is delivery. sean: fair enough. a call to the authorities sparked a lot of confusion. why a woman reported a crash in england. >> he exposed himself to some stus
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
sean: now on "daybreak," police say a driver exposed himself to students on a school bus. the evidence that students were able to provide to investigator investigators. reporter: new charges and new details about the man behind the attacks in new york and lose some of the humidity. when it truly will feel like autumn coming up. sean: running out of water. many private wells are now running dry as the drought persists keeping well companies busy. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: it is a sad day for the


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