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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 22, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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important for everyone to see. the charges they want against a salem mother, after this apparent overdose, in front of her child. also, commitment 2016. tonight, the candidates for governor face off in their first debate. the topic that had the republican and democrat going back and forth. plus, blue ribbons. tonight, the communities police wives placed ribbons to show support for those in blue. mike: fall is less than 12 hours away but the start of the autumn when that changes and it really cools down. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. shelley: we begin with breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina. the city of charlotte just tweeted tonight that the civilian shot during protests is actually on life support. earlier, the police chief had reported that that person had
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or that person is on life support. we are looking at live pictures from charlotte where additional troopers are being deployed after another night of violent protest there on the sheet -- on the street. this happened just feet away from people protesting the deadly police shooting of keith lamont scott, an african american man. a very busy night tonight. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. police in riot gear have also deployed tear gas to try to control crowds. these breaking developments. >> the worst case scenario replaying in charlotte. violent protestors taking to the streets for a second straight night, crowds blocking traffic, throwing items toward police, even standing on vehicles stuck on the road. the day had started peacefully , community leaders engaging
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community. we need ya'll to understand our faces, so when you see us, we ain't strangers. >> we feel the same way. we want you to see us as people too. that we are people, that this uniform, these are just clothes. >> but by nightfall, chaos. police dressed in riot gear. tear gas and flash bangs sending protestors running. >> i do not want my son to see this because my son loves cops. >> all this outrage began tuesday after police shot and killed keith lamont scott. officers had gone to serve a warrant, but not for him. however, they eventually confronted scott and say they were forced to shoot. mr. scott exited his vehicle, armed with a handgun, as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. officer brentley vinson, who is also african american, pulled the trigger and is now on paid leave. police say a gun was recovered, his family says those allegations are false. >> pow, pow, pow, pow. that's it.
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ray: police confirm one person was shot and killed in the area where this is all happening. they say officers did not fire the shot but did respond to the scene. ray raimundi, abc news, new york. shelley: and recapping tonight's breaking news, the city of charlotte, north carolina just announcing that is civilian shot during protests night has not died. that person is actually in the hospital on lives of orton. cities had announced earlier that the victim had died. these are live pictures from charlotte where there are road tests in the street. we'll bring you new details as they come in. in other news, we have unsettling video of a two-year-old trying to wake her mother after the woman apparently overdosed on the floor of a store. while these images are hard to
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the opioid crisis is. jean mackin joins us. jean: we are told the child in the video has been removed from her mother's care. police are not releasing the mother's name because she has not been charged yet. someone inside the family dollar store in lawrence, massachusetts recorded the scene in the toy aisle sunday morning, while bystanders called 911. police say a mother from salem her 2-year-old daughter, dressed in footie pajamas tugs on her arm and cries out, trying to wake up her mother. >> i mean, it's heartbreaking, obviously, to watch that video, the child's not being taken care of. jean: the lawrence police chief says he's disturbed no one comforted the child, or checked on the mother. first responders got there in time to administer two doses of narcan the mother survived.
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paraphernalia in the diaper bag. the chief says while he doesn't believe in shaming addicts, he believes this video could save lives. >> i could see that there's value in the fact that people can see firsthand how debilitating and what this addiction causes. maybe it's a message to stay away from these narcotics. help people who are addicted to these narcotics because it not only affects them, there's a lot of collateral damage. >> think about it from a place struggling with something. jean: stephanie bergeron with the non-profit treatment facility serenity place in manchester says the video offers a limited view of addiction and says there is hope for this mother. >> absolutely there is hope for that mother and hope for that child. there's resources out there for when that woman's ready that will help her and her whole entire family. jean: lawrence police say the mother will likely be charged
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police stress that 2-year-old girl is in a safe place tonight. live in the newsroom, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: very disturbing. new tonight no one was hurt after a school bus hit a moose. this happened just after 9:00 tonight just before exit 23. state police are not saying if anyone on board was a student or what district the bus was from. t truck took the bus away. a 16-year-old hooksett girl who was hit by a car last week has passed away. jillian nelson, a junior at pinkerton academy had been medflighted to a boston hospital with serious injuries and spent a week on life support prior to her death. members of her church where she was an active member have set up a go fund me account in her name to help pay the families expenses and the cost of her funeral. they say she will be sorely
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sweetest girls i have ever known. she always thought of others first. truly service oriented, and i've really never seen someone as a teenager truly love their family as much as she did. shelley: counselors at pinkerton academy will be on hand for students. we have posted a link on our website, the recent police involved shootings have sparked tensions between police and tir of law enforcement officers asking people to understand the life-threatening duties of a police officer's job. a group of state trooper wives from massachusetts are working to show people the other side of the badge. wmur's cherise leclerc reports from hollis where blue ribbons adorn the town square. >> the police wives who organize this have spent countless hours since march crafting these ribbons and then hanging them up in cities and towns across massachusetts. now the initiative has moved
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state, and it hopes to promote one simple message. >> your love, supported, appreciated. that is our message for the officers when they drive by and see a blue ribbon tied to a tree. >> they walked in a group from tree to tree across two different towns, police wives, their kids, people who support the initiative, and even those wearing the badges. >> you don't come out and do this job for public praise or >> the blue ribbons are part of a nationwide initiative sparked by a deadly ambush on police officers in new york city. but since the death of trooper thomas clardy on the mass pike in massachusetts in march, a group of massachusetts state police wives has vowed to adorn towns in blue. like sharon mayer, she's just one of many who watches a loved one go out into the field, never knowing what could happen. >> you give them a kiss and you
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>> now their initiative has moved north, reaching hollis and brookline tonight. tina carlson wanted to see her town support the initiative. she and others are planning a fundraiser for their local police as well. a way to remind people of the good. >> i just wanted to show our officers that we appreciate them. >> these are the first two towns in new hampshire to be part of the blue ribbon movement, but it doesn't end there. there will be a day of fundraising and raffles to raise money for these two ca departments on october 8. you can find more information on that on our website, shelley: the first debate for the two men running for new hampshire governor met at saint anselm college tonight. suzanne roantree was there and joins us live now with the big
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gubernatorial debate, touching on numerous subjects including the ongoing drought as well as the states infrastructure. gubernatorial candidates, republican chris sununu and democrat colin van ostern faced off in the first debate since the primary tonight at saint anselm college. one of the first topics the two disagreed on was medicaid expansion. >> the issue at hand is doing it the new hampshire way. once you go down the pat making it this giantly massive washington subsidized program permanent to your point you have to pay for it. >> making the successful new hampshire protection plan will help everyone, because when less people show up uninsured in the e.r., it means less costs are being passed onto the rest of us. >> on the issue of keeping the granite state safe -- >> what our law enforcement needs from us right now is not specific to law enforcement. many of others in our state do as well. we need to overcome the opioid crisis we are facing because the reality is it is stretching our
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>> those that are on the front line that are on the streets that really put themselves on the lines to protect us every day. that they have tools and resources they need. >> addressing the statewide drug crisis, both agree that aggressive education of the younger generation is essential and those who have gone through recovery deserve ongoing support. things got a little heated when they got to the topic of the state's minimum wage. >> federal minimum wage, so keep it the way it is. so when the federal minimum wage goes up, new hampshire's would go up. >> yes. >> and if it goes away, we would have no minimum wage. >> so councilor van ostern, what would the minimum wage be here if you were governor at the end of the year? >> i think it'll be a negotiation between our governor and our next legislature.
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him sponsored by aarp. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. shelley: searching for witnesses. coming up, police are searching for these two men and what potential witnesses picked up. and epipen outrage. the company ceo taking the hot seat. how much profit she says the company makes from each allergy shot. mike: and the weekend? shelley: we continue to follow breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina tonight. the city of charlotte tweeting that the civilian who was shot during protest tonight is on life support and has not died as police had originally reported.
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shelley: we are updating our breaking news from charlotte, north carolina tonight. the mayor is once again calling for comment tonight after protest over the shooting death of an african-american man at the hands of police turned deadly tonig. of charlotte. the city of charlotte just tweeted that a civilian shot during protest tonight is actually on life support and not dead, as the police chief had originally reported. we are keeping a close eye on this for you tonight and will have all the other dates for you on as well as on daybreak in the morning. tonight, investigators are looking for two men who picked
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saturday. authorities say the men are potential witnesses, not suspects. surveillance video shows them take a suitcase they found on a city street and remove the pressure cooker. also today, we're getting a look at the bloody journal found on ahmad khan rahami when he was taken into custody. >> he talked about pressure cooker bombs and pipe bombs and the streets as they plan to run a mile. he talks about 'god willing the sound of bombs will be heard in the streets. shy: rahami two years ago, but found nothing tying him to terrorism. now, he's in the hospital with gunshot wounds from a shutout with police in new jersey. tonight, a senate panel is examining the pricing of the pharmaceutical company under fire for the cost of epi-pens. mylan has raised the price of epi-pens more than 500% since 2007. it now costs $600 for a two pack. the company's ceo testified
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emergency allergy shot. on to the states drought, and tonight more bands are being put in place as the drought conditions continue. starting monday, a mandatory ban on nonessential outdoor water use in rochester begins and the restriction will want to -- applies to everyone, including private well owners. that timberlane regional school district has banned the use of irrigation systems fll staff and students are being asked to minimize water usage in all buildings. >> after some beneficial rain earlier this week, back to some dry weather. he between now in the upcoming weekend we only have one shot of a few showers. none out there for the last full day of summer today, the air much drier than yesterday. a few high clouds streaming in late tort sundown made for a
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the high in concord, 83 degrees. the record of 93 setback in 1978 . it can get that hot in late september across new hampshire. we are somewhere in between that and the average. 50's and 60's elsewhere, comfortably cool two-mile statewide right now. dew points a relatively low and it's pleasant across new hampshire. overnight we will get slowly back into but mainly upper 50's in terms of the high and overnight low temperatures. some are still holding on it big way at this late hour of the evening, still 83 in lincoln, nebraska, 70's back through good portion of the upper midwest and that continues to move in through the day tomorrow. once we get into friday, notice
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over new hampshire, keeping it warm right now. it begins to dip on friday as a cold front slips in across new hampshire. it will turn cooler, 60's north and 70 south, compared to the 80 we will have in many spots tomorrow. then even cooler for the weekend, low-pressure digs in across the northeast while summer holds on not to our away, but back in the 50's north, 60 soutn from south to north on sunday. tomorrow as we ring in the fall, sunshiny temperatures in the 80's and it will feel much more like summer during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night a few high clouds begin to roll in. the next front could trigger a couple of scattered showers and isolated downpour during the afternoon and early evening but that's to the south and that means a dry week in store.
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the coast and up north, 80-85 elsewhere. dew points low, nice and dry and all is well in a few like summer warmth in autumn. friday is a little cooler, scattered showers mostly during the afternoon stretch. we will get to a dry weekend and it will be much cooler. take a look at sunday's high, low 60 south and low-to-mid 50's now and the weekend. shelley: jamie is standing by and a big night of soccer tonight.
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jamie: we begin at camden yards, where the red sox were looking to continue their bull-rush
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played in baltimore. hitting coach chili davis and the red sox taking on the orioles. a really good start for ubaldo jimenez of the o's, 5 and a third innings, without allowing an earned run, he left after striking out travis shaw here. the red sox had the bases loaded in the 6th, looked like the o's would get out of it, but chris davis with a terrible throw at first base as they tried to get sandy leon. the error allows 2 runs to score, 2-1 boston. that kept the inning alive for andrew benintendi, and the young guy rips a 3 run homer over the right field wall. huge shot, 2nd career homer, 5-1 boston. clay buchholz pitches the sox to the win, one run over 7 innings, boston wins 5-1 for their 7th win in a row. the wild card leaders in the american league are the toronto blue jays. they played the mariners this afternoon. the jays were down to their final two outs in the game, and then jose bautista saved the game, for the moment, with a solo home run, his 19th of the
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it went to extra innings, and seattle wins it in 12 innings with this sac fly by robinson cano. mariners win 2-1. the jays fall 5 games behind boston in the standings. red sox fans should be rooting for indians losses, they hosted the royals tonight. in the fifth inning, jose ramirez hits his third double of the game off ian kennedy. while jason kipnis scores to take the lead. right now cleveland is just a half game ahead of boston as they buy for potential home field advantage. a big night of college soccer highlights, lets start with northeastern at unh. unh is in white, first half, jack dickson with a brilliant cross to chris arling, who one-times it for a goal. dickson with the goal in the second half, a freshman from england. 2-0. arling scored again, his 7th of the year.
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what a great start. now to hanover, dartmouth at home with hartford. henry stusnick started in net for the big green. first half, he makes a great initial save in the box, but andri jonasson fired in the only tally of the game in the 35th minute. only the one goal in the game, hartford wins 1-0. now to stonehill at fourth ranked snhu. yannis becker passes to rayane boukemia. he is from france. 1-0 snhu less than 2 minutes into the game. later in the half, becker with a giuliani, also from france, 2-0 snhu. that is the final score. they are 5-0 this year, they haven't allowed a goal in 11 straight games. next up, at aic saturday. we are getting closer to the race weekend at nh motor speedway. the sprint cup race on sunday is called the bad boy off road 300. and at that race, it will be 25 degrees cooler then when they
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>> it certainly changes the track a little bit, the way the rubber goes down on the track, that type of thing. it changes the track conditions which changes your balance a little. >> having good restarts at the into the race, hopefully you're in a position to succeed. >> the fan favorite arrayed friday including sprint cup qualifying at 4:45. the 4th annual nh tackles hunger food drive really heats-up this weekend. these are pictures from last year at different venues across the state. all 15 friday night games are participating in nh tackles at collection sights, and then 12 more games will collect on saturday. for a complete list of participating schools, go to a big chance statewide to really
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shelley: great initiative. still to come, a life-sized mechanical robot is now going up for auction, coming up, the
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shelley: the robert livingston, rr auction in amherst is getting ready to transport a hundred unique things for its largest live auction event this year. the biggest item being auctioned off is the life-size mechanical man robot that was designed for nasa. the hydraulically powered robot dummy is used to test space suits. >> one of the most interesting things is parts of it were made by the company right here in manchester, new hampshire, so it has a local tie-in. shelley some of the other items : being auctioned off are an autographed photo of martin luther king junior, a suit johnny cash wore on the johnny cash show and a prison letter from al capone. lots of neat stuff, they should get a lot of cash for that. thanks for joining us for news9 tonight at 11:00. jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line. have a good night. [captioning performed by the
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