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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, more unrest in charlotte after police involved shooting. protests turned violent as demonstrators took to the streets injuring more officers and one protester shot by a civilian. we're live in charlotte now under a state of emergency. the violence now becoming a the candidates responding plus a new poll just days before the first debate and the slip by don king while introducing donald trump. the mystery man now connected possibly to the bombing in new york city. why police want to talk to these two and our first look inside the bombing suspect's bloodstained journal. the close call for a pilot clipped by another plane while sitting on the runway.
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good thursday morning to you all. we begin with breaking news in charlotte where north carolina's governor declared a state of emergency. >> polic in riot gear faced off with demonstrators for a second night. the sights and sounds from several hours there in charlotte. flash bangs, are, tear gas hurled back and forth. fires were set in the streets at least four officers were injured and one person was shot in the head. police say another civilian was the shooter. the situation is even getting dangerous for people covering the story. this is cnn correspondent, knocked to the ground in the middle of a live report. luckily he was not seriously injured. >> we do have team coverage on this breaking story starting with abc's maggie rulli live for us in charlotte ts morning. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: kendis and diane,
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hours ago these streets were filled with hundreds of protesters and as you saw many of them turned violent. the corner behind me is a crime scene after one of the those protesters was left in critical condition. anger and violence taking over the streets of charlotte. at least four police officers are injured. and this morning, one protester is on life support after being shot in the head, police say, by another civilian. but quickly turned chaotic. hundreds of protesters faced off against police in riot gear. some throwing fireworks. the police firing back with flash grenades and tear gas. the governor has declared a state of emergency. anger is building here in charlotte over two starkly different stories of how keith scott died. the police say they confronted scott inside an apartment complex and were forced to
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officers continued to yet at him to drop it. >> reporter: police say a gun was recovered. his family say it wasn't true. it was a book. >> pow, pow, pow, that's it. he had no gun. >> reporter: a neighbor there also says there was no gun. >> the book that fell off his lap. he didn't get out waving a gun. he didn't have a gun in his hands. he didn't get outike this. he got out like this. >> reporter: the officer involved presently vinson a white/black issue. it's what you represen the uniform you represent so we're trying to make it black or white but it's really bigger than just being black and white. >> reporter: police say there is body and dash cam footage of the shooting and refusing to release it until after the investigation which is has only angered many protesters even more. >> what's the reaction been from leadership there as well as the
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is unfolding? have we heard from them. >> reporter: yeah, the scott family has released a statement calling for peace telling people while they have every right to protest to keep it nonviolent, don't target police officers, don't turn to looting. we've also heard from the governor as well as the state attorney general calling for peace. >> well, calm has returned as you see there to the streets of charlotte, but, again, tonight, i'm sure many people expted another night of violence. what are they doing to prepare? >> repte preparing even now there are still police officers out. when we arrived on the scene there were dozens on this block. they've even began cleaning the streets and so they're trying to get back to some type of normal here in charlotte. but some of the cops we talked to have already said they're preparing for a third night of violence here as well just in case. >> the mayor of charlotte says she might look at the possibility of a possible curfew but we will see. maggie rulli there for us in charlotte, thank you. >> maggie, thanks. so far officials are
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the shooting appears to show a gun at scott's feet. now, the mayor says she and investigators will review video of the shooting this morning. abc news contributor and former fbi special agent in charge steve gomezxplains why the delay making the video public. >> they don't want to put something out there like the video that could be interpreted in many different ways. they want to try to get the investigation as tight as possible so when they release it they'll be able t almost everything which will explain what really happened. there's only so much that law enforcement can do. you get people that want to act out like this, i mean they're going to be able to do it. it's even harder when you have a lot of people doing it because now it's a matter of who are you going to go arrest. are the officers vulnerable. they almost have to create that kind of line that you see when there's that type of activity. and they have to start containing the situation as they then try to move the crowds. the biggest problem is that that
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between community and law enforcement, that's going on nationwide. >> our thanks to steve gomez there who joined us earlier and stay with abc news for the latest on the protests in charlotte. another live report later this half hour. turning to the presidentia race with hillary clinton back on top in the latest national poll. >> 43% of likely voters say they'll support clinton compared with 37% for trump. clinton's six-point lead comes as they prepare to face off in their first debate on monday. >> trump is campaigning in pennsylvania after making a pitch to african-american voters in oh. he spoke at a church in suburban cleveland but it was his introduction by don king attracting a lot of attention this morning as he blurted out the "n" word. >> if you are intelligent, intellectual you're intellectual negro. if you are dancing and sliding and gliding [ bleep ], i mean
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>> during a town hall at that same church trump called for a nationwide policy of stop and frisk, a controversial police tactic that allows officers to stop and search anyone they deem suspicious. >> clinton is earning union workers to intervene if they know someone who plans to vote for trump. she made her pitch by video conference telling the workers that the choice for working families has never been clearer. >> make sure everyone you know understands the stakes in t race. and you know if you do know somebody who might be thinking of voting fortrump, stage an intervention. try to talk some sense into them. lay out the facts. >> clinton went on to slam trump's business record saying he hired a union busting firm to stop workers at his las vegas hotel from organizing. breaking news, the pilot of an american fighteret that crashed has been rescued off okinawa. the pilot of the marine corps
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picked up safely from the pacific about 100 nautical miles offshore. the jet went down shortly after takeoff. the mayor of sacramento a former nba all-star got into an altercation last night after he was hit in the face with a pie. kevin johnson tweeted overnight that he's fine and thanking the police. eyitnesses say johnson tackled the person who threw the pie and then punched him repeatedly in the face. that person is now in police custody. still ahead, finally ad the science that explains why going to the gym is hard. why the f wants to find two men. they're mystery men right now in connection with the new york city bombing investigation. plus a bombing suspect in custody and the new image of his journal praising osama bin laden. we're following breaking news. another violent night in charlotte, north carolina, after a police involve shooting. an update on violent protests plus how the city's nfl stars
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storm systems are bringing severe weather to the midwest. there will be heavy rain and cities to milwaukee and down into iowa, too. to new york city now where there are several new developments in the bombing investigation. the fbi looking for two men seen on surveilnce video taking one ofhe a piece of luggage and then leaving with the luggage. the agents say the two won't be arrested. they just want to speak with them. a similar pressure cooker device explode about the same time a few blocks away. a personal journal carried by the spect when he was arrested refers to isis and al qaeda. the notebook was discovered after a shoot-out with the suspect in new jersey.
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warriors. >> most of puerto rico is without power after a massive fire crippled the they're main electric plant. the head of the power authority said he expects mt of the 3.5 million residents to have their power restored today. angry lawkers have grilled a drug company ceo over theuge price hike of those life-saving epipens. heather bresch >> it is driving exorbitant profits. >> the greed is astounding. >> many people incorrectly assume we make $600 off each pen. it's simply not true. recent epipen price increases have not yielded the revenue to mylan that many assume. >> several questioned the rapid ride in her salary which increases 67% to nearly $19
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feeling fuller longer. returning to our top story violence for a second night in char injured, one civilian was shot in the head. we're told by another civilian. the protests started a prayer vigil but a group split off and marched through the city's popular uptown area in an effort to restore peace, the governor declared a state of emergency ordering the national guard and state troopers to charlotte. carolina panther quarterback cam newton is speaking out about the police shooting and racial injustice in america. newton says, quote, i'm not happy with how justice has kind
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the state of oppression in our community. he also called for accountability. for the second night in a row residents of tulsa, oklahoma, were calling for justice in the police shooting in their city. >> so they also held a vigil last night but this one was at a tulsa church. others turned out at city hall demanding charges filed against officer betsy shelby who fired that fatal shot. the family of terence crutcher says videos of the incident don't justify shelby's actions and they say those vid both presidential candidates are weighing in on the fatal shooting. dona trump called both incidents tragic and he questioned whether the tulsa officer choked. hillary clinton addressed the issue during a campaign event in orlando saying we have to do better. >> there is still much we don't know about what happened in both incidents but we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed
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it's unbearable. and iteeds to become intolerable. >> i must tell you i watched the shooting i particular in tulsa and that man was hands up, that man went to the car, hands up, put his hand on the car but to me looked like a -- >> both clinton and trump also expresse appreciation for police officers. >> now to that ke a look. he was about to take off in a plane race when there was a problem. watch carefully here helpless in the cockpit he was smashed into and spun around by a plane coming up behind him. tom richard was incredibly close to being killed but he only suffered a minor hand injury. both piles got out and immediately asked about the other's well-being. it's time to start week three in the nfl tonight, the texans visit the patriots in a
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as for last night we get the highlights from espn. good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett, neil everett talking baseball. playoffs just around the corner, dodgers look like they're going in as n.l. west champs. >> giant, mets and cardinals, only two will get a wild car. pugh gave vin scully win shoes. you heard what he said on "sportscenter." do with the shoes, all with the bat right there. so puig goes yard and made a great catch and got an awkward hug. dodgers won. the mets also involved in that triple play for the two wild card spot, cardinals in that too. mets and braves. mets had the bases loaded. strikes out swinging he. bottom of the eighth. top nine, sw roller out at
4:49 am
4-3. bottom nine, two out, cespedes at the plate. off johnson, looks like it's going. ready to party in new york. he says, give me that. what a catch. ended the ball game and the cardinals lost too so in the national league who wants a wild card spot? apparently nobody. >> nobody wanted one on wednesday. they'll come back and someone will do it on thursday so will we. >> well, up next in "the pulse," mark zuckerberg bro facebook, wait till you hear what he wants to do next. finally we are going back to the future. the release date is set for nike's self-lacing shoes. pizza! peanut butter. -tacos! i love ramen. anything chocolate. chicken tacos, pork tacos. and now that i've learned to manage what i eat, i can still eat the foods i love. every. single. day. members have lost 15% more weight in the
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ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife dr. priscilla chan. the couple has already pledged to donate 99%f their wealth. >> well, now they're committing $3 billion over the next decade in an effort aimed at ending all diseases. that money will go toward establishing a new research center in san francisco. >> the project may sound ambitious but the couple points out that all the medical advances in recent decades will help and their plan so to continue that progress. life is again imitating art in this case we' the future" movie. remember those self-lacing sneakers in the second movie of the trilogy. well, nike is putting its version on sale in late november, cyber monday to be exact. >> the hyper adapt 1 sneaker will only be available in the united states. >> look at that. look at it go. so they haven't reel leased pricin yet but it's expected to be high. >> quote high price tag. whatever that means. there's good news this
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the couch and maybe tying those sneakers to head to the gym. >> exactly. according to science, it's not your fault. really, we're simply wired that way. harvard researcher says humans evolved to rest as much as possible to conserve energy. our an ses torres got plenty of exercise hunting for food and escaping predator. >> they ha no choice back then today we do and usually when we have that choice we choose the couch but if you want to ward off disease you will have force yourself to get moving. doctors are still stressing that sitting on the couch is not the answer. >> but you might be able to skip the soul cycle session. an 89-year-old -- >> fast in they are. an 89-year-old popsicle vendor from chicago can finally retire thanks to donations from thousands of strangers. have he got a check for more than $380,000 from a go fund me campaign started by customers. >> he tried to retire once before but his only daughter
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an update from charlotte in just a moment but first the other top stories we're following. hillary clinton has pulled ahead in the latest national poll. she's now leading donald trump 43% to 37% as they prepare, of course, for the debate on monday. the fbi is looking for two men seen on surveillance video taking one of the manhattan bombs out of a piece of luggage and then leaving with the luggage. agents say they just want to question them. this quick note about weather. record-setting rain in the norfolk, virginia, area. more than 10 inches have fallen in the past three days. some roads are still flooded and many schools are closed yet again today. checking today's weather, some showers along the southeast coast. it's a steamy first day of fall along the gulf. heavy rain and thunderstorms in the midwest and across the rockies, showers in the northwest. but back to our story we were talking about, the second night of violent protests in the country's 17th largest city in charlotte. >> abc's maggie rulli is in charlotte now with some new video, we understand.
4:58 am
it going? yeah, we're still here in charlotte, and as you can see there are more police officers on the scene. they expect the rest of the night to remain relatively quiet but are prepared just in case. dozens have arrived still in riot gear. this street where we are on now, it is quiet but overnight protests did break out as we saw before. hundreds of protesters were on the street. many of them turning violent throwing fireworks and other objects at police officers. police officers fired back with tear gas, trying to disperse the take place. we were walking up and down a bit earlier. there were windows smashed in. a lot of the businesses have closed up earl bars and restaurants are shut down, locked up, boarded up trying to protect themselves. there is a street cleaner that just is going by me right now trying to clean up after these protests trying to get back -- get everyone back to work tomorrow morning, and we're told that they don't expect it to be incredibly violent, a third night in a row, but they're
4:59 am
many people still angry tonight and going into tomorrow. >> maggie, we should note as you were talking, the video that was playing as you were talking, it is noteworthy because i believe that is the video of the moments right after there was a shooting last night. one person was hit in the head and you can see the chaos that took place. and you hear that. shots fired in the downtown charlotte area after that happened. this video just coming in from our affiliate there in charlotte. >> that's right. police are saying this is a that person who was shot now we're told is on life support and we're watching just these gripping videos coming in of the aftermath directly from that. again, a developing story in charlotte. we will continue to stay on top of it. maggie rulli is there for us. maggie, thank you. >> of course, we'll have the very latest on "gma" this morning, but that's what's making news in america this morning. >> now, stay with us for "good morning america." of course, have a great thursday, everyone.
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sean: now on "daybreak," chaos in charlotte. violent protests erupt for a second night. this morning the national guard has been called to the city to help restore peace. erin: a hooksett teenager passed away more was struck by a car. how can you help her family. kevin: one last warm day with sunshine. all of the latest ahead. sean: far from home, animal rescue groups are desperately trying to find a manatee spotted off of the new england coast. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak."


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