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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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john shaw is accused of being intoxicated when his car crossed the center line and collided head on with a car carrying a minister and his wife. reporter: andy hershberger was in court for the opening statements and joins us live from the newsroom. reporter: prosecutors told the jury today that two people died because john shaw violated some basic trusts, that we all count onto keep us safe on the roads. prosecutors say 51-year-old john shaw had a blood alcoh when he crossed the center line of route 202 in barrington on august 31, 2013 and crashed head on into a car driven by a 77-year-old minister and his wife, kill them both. >> there was an owed or of alcohol emanating from mr. shaw. >> he was inquired of and readily admits he's had a few.
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possession of a controlled drug tied to the death of joel and maxine mclean. the couple was driving back to their home in maine when the crash happened. prosecutors say shaw played golf that day, then ate dinner and drank before heading home around 11:00 at night. the county attorney told the jury today that shaw's car shot across the road like a missile before impact. but the defense lawyers suggest the mcleans' car may have drifted into on coming avoid a collision. >> no one can tell you what occurred in the micro seconds or second preceding the accident. it was a terrible accident. reporter: but prosecutors say shaw's actions were no accident. >> this was in fact something that was entirely preventible, it just took some basic common sense and care on the part of
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reporter: testimony is expected to last until the end of next week. i'm andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: i have to admit this one got me. with a you see in this picture represents a deadly dose of heroin, that one right there. when it comes to fentanyl, it's much less, it amounts to a few grains of salt will kill you. every day members of law enforcement deal with this toxic substance and in this growing taking its toll. september 14, the connecticut swat team seized 50,000 bags of heroin during a bust in hartford. but for breathing the air inside of it, 11 officer has to be hospitalized. >> a few became dizzy, nauseous, some vomited. reporter: they couldn't see the invisible particles of fentanyl. in new jersey a police role call
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overdosed by simply opening a plastic baggy. >> it was just a little bag, a little bit of powder puffed up in the air. >> you treat everything as a hazardous material until you know what it is. reporter: he's aware of the deadly potency of fentanyl. >> don't inhale it, don't get it on your skin, in your eyes or nose. reporter: it is scary stuff, but manchester is one of a has beenful of departments equipped with the technology to protect officers. >> right now it's cycleing through all the drugs. reporter: it's called tactic i.d., a light wave scanner that in seconds can identify trace substances ranging from cocaine to baby powder, and it can do it without exposing the officer to the often toxic material inside. it's a potential game changer to
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that dealers have shown no guil- >> it's a half gram of fentanyl that just became a legal dose, and they're dead. josh: these devices are not cheap, running $20,000 apiece. 25 of them are being used around the country, three by the manchester police department. a record opioid bust in new york state ising alley linked to a dg ring from arizona to massachusetts, they investigators say dealers are stretching those even further by mixing the opioids with everything from novocain to nail polish remover. 25 people have been indicted in this investigation so far. an antitrust suit is pending against the maker of -- the lawsuit claims the british company worked to keep generic
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jean: new water restrictions will take effect in merrimack next week. starting monday outside watering will be limited to once a day on odd-even days. you water only on an odd or even date depending on your street address. town officials are urging people with private wells to cut back on outdoor watering since the drought could lower well levels as we head into the winter. several areas did see some rain a little more tonight. let's check in with mike haddad. mike: the clouds are in control in many spots, but there are some breaks developing to the north. verge we'll get into clearing. up until that point we're still riding the temperature pattern at or above the average. another one today into the 70's, of course much cooler than yesterday and look at the temperatures now, already in the cool 50's north, 60's for many and still a few low 70's jaffrey and nashua.
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temperature change, 23 degrees colder in whitefield, 24 lower in plymouth and even in southern new hampshire between 5 and 15 lower than we were last evening. much cooler air builds in for the weekend and in terms of those rain chances, even though it's mainly dry right now, i want you to focus in on what's happening to our west, through central portions of new york state. this narrow line showers will build in across southern new hampshire between 7:00 and midnight tonight. so there is the full weekend forecast in a few minutes. jean: thanks, mike. don't mind all the noise in loudon, it's just race weekend kicking into high gear. josh: let's start our live team coverage from the new hampshire motor speedway with jamie staton. reporter: welcome live to loudon, u.s.a. and let's drop the green flag on our race coverage. sprint cup qualifying going on
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boy 300. let's show you video from the first and only practice session of the day from the sprint cup, that happened earlier today. it's always interesting to see which guys are the fastest, or in danica patrick's case which people are the fastest. they brought cars that were ready to go at loudon, and kyle larsen who is not one of the 16 drivers in the sprint cup, he was the other guys are looking like cars to beat. let's hear from a couple of those drivers in the chase. >> i'm ready to go. i've had a great first race which i'm so proud of. every time the chase starts, you know, it's like the second part of the season, -- >> i think it's supposed to be 25 degrees cooler sunday than it
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seems like a long way as way as far as track conditions and weather, so it changes quite a bit. >> one of the drivers that is the the chase at practice crashed, austin dylan, we'll hear from him at 5:40 tonight. i assume you made it here safely. >> of course i did. no crashes, and i got the chance today to spend time with fans. i love this event because some of them camp out a week in advance and this year there's a new friendly competition outside the track. nascar fans are packing in to new hampshire motor speedway for a weekend full of fun. >> if you haven't tailgated and come for the weekend at nascar, you should, it a blast. reporter: while fans come for the racing, they say they come back for the people, such camp out for days. and something new this year,
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>> we've been carving these for days. there's others that are over the top. >> like this one. >> i would say we want to win. reporter: cheryl and joe have been camping out for a week and started working on this since they got here. >> we have four kids so we accumulated a lot of halloween decorations over the years. reporter: john is hard at work trying to create some competition. >> this is just the beginning, we're going to blow this place up ton. his friends to help. his plan is to win. >> we're just getting warmed up here and it's going to be a hot weekend, not the weather, but we're going to have some fun. reporter: some fans say they're planning on this weekend. >> good time, good food, good friends, good racing, and we're here for the fun. reporter: if you're here and have not decorated your camp site yet, do it today because voting takes place tomorrow night. >> are you a judge? reporter: i am not.
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great. >> we'll talk a lot of races aas our news rolls on. i'm jamie staton. jean: thanks so much. let's turn to traffic, there's going to be a lot of extra traffic heading up i-93 this weekend. here are live conditions looking at the spot going through hooksett. not too bad right here. the ride home. peggy: hi, happy friday. we have plenty of volume today, that's not too bad, not too many incidents, that's the good news, on 93 forth coming up over the state line things are moving well through salem, a little slow in wind ham, then again up in londonderry approaching 293 in manchester. 293 is heavy on the north side just past the 101 split, then you get moving again.
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all the way to the hooksett tolls a good ride. you start to slow down again in bow and up to exit 14 in concord as you head forth. further north things are looking pretty good on 89 and 93. 101 west is sluggish from manchester out to bedford. heavy and slow on the everett turnpike, northbound through merrimack as well. all clear 101 to hampton. at the seacoast we have an accident that has the shoulder blockedded on route 16 north at the little bay bridge. that's just adding to the exits 1 and 6 as you make your way north on the spaulding turnpike. the report being brought to you by auto fair. i'm peggy james. jean: up next, we know the name of the man accused of opening fire inside a massachusetts pharmacy, where police are searching for him tonight. josh: and a new look at the deadly police shooting that
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>> boxes of food are already being stacked up here in nashua. i'm cherise leclerc, we'll tell you how you can get involved with new hampshire tackles hunger next. jean: at 5:30 have you seen this woman? her family is desperately searching tonight and police need your help. josh: then at 6:00 an elaborate hack netting thousands of dollars, we'll tell you how it
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jean: right now police in stoughton, massachusetts are looking for a man in connection with a shooting of a teenager. police say the victim got into an argument with three suspects inside a cvs and one of them pulled o police say they arrested two teens in connection to the shooting, but suspected gunman marcus pierre luis has not been found. for the first time tonight we are seeing video recorded by the wife of keith scott, showing tuesday's deadly shooting in charlotte, north carolina. in it you hear the wife pleading with police not to shoot. josh: the volunteer may be disturbing to watch. as heather explains, there are
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shooting. reporter: the shooting of keith lamont scott has shaken the city of charlotte. protesters continue to demand the release of police videos, and a state of emergency still remains in effect. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. reporter: this dramatic cell phone video capturing the moments just before and after the shooting death of keith lamont scott by police in charlotte, north carolina. the person who shot the video and whose voice you hear is that officers not to shoot her husband. then this, gunfire. >> did you shoot him! reporter: the charlotte mayor and police say they have body cam and dash cam video of the shooting, but say they won't release the videos until the investigation is complete. >> the intent is to get it out and release it in a package so kit be consumed and fully understood. reporter: the chief says scott had had a gun and that the on
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photo is that weapon. but in the video released by the family, that object is not seen. keith scott's family has seen some of the police videos and are call on them to be releasedded to the public. demonstrators agree, and filled the streets of charlotte for a third night in a row demanding transparency. the protests peaceful this time, some even thanking the national guard. earlier this week one protester, justin carr, died in a shooting. police today announcedn >> our violent criminal apprehension team just appear reheaded -- josh: tonight the mbta is considering body cameras for transit police, the superintendent says he supports the idea of officers wearing them but says the cameras will not be rolled out without
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jean: friday night football had extra significance this week. josh: cherise, just one spot where new hampshire is tackling hunger tonight. report that's right, it's off to a very successful start. you can see some boxes already being piled up at the stadium. after three years people say they're so excited to be involved in this wonderful movement now for the fourth year in a row. the gates open up at stadium. it's what's off the field that will really help people here in the granite state. here tonight people are accepting these donations of nonperishable food items, it will get you one dollar off of admission and will also go to local food pan troas to help people in new hampshire that are struggle with lack of food.
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dollar off admission. there are 15 games tonight taking part, 12 games tomorrow that are taking part in this wonderful cause. kickoff is at 7:00 tonight. but as i said the gates open at 6:00, for more information head over to our website,, and also our mobile app. a very exciting night across the granite state as we tackle hunger for new hampshire. cherise leclerc, wmur news 9. mi evening, but tre is one more rain chance before we get to the midnight hour and flip over to the first weekend of fall. take a look at the cloudy scenario in pittsburgh where not only is it overcast, but it is chilly, the temperature right now along the canadian border only 48 degrees. that's a 5:00 reading, 48. you know where we're headed, right into the fall chill. you can see much warmer out there in parts of the monadnock region, dublin with sun and
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you are. it all in reference to this cool front slicing through new hampshire, right at the present time. right through the heart of the lakes region in portions of the upper valley. as that moves to the south we'll see the win freshen out north and drive in the cooler air in time for the weekend. it will move into southern new hampshire during the course of this evening, so be ready, even though there are some light spotty showers over the lakes up a little bit and intensify into some downpours, that is a potential, especially concord points south between 6:30 or 7:00 this evening and midnight tonight. then once we get past that time frame the front will be to our south, we'll see gradual clearing and temperatures continue to fall off. right now 50's and 60's, so it is much cooler than it was at this hour yesterday. so if you're heading to one of the fnf games especially in northern parts of the state, keep in mine it will be dry.
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downpours and showers move in. mid 60's to start and upper 50's on your way home. certainly feels the part of fall already in many spots. tonight mid to upper 30's north, 40's for many, couple of low 50's the manchester and right along the coast. a lot of summer warmth we've had the last several months, now that's being squashed off to our south. we're into this air mass, much cooler fall-like conditions, pleasantly cold to and downright chilly by night. not expecting frost tonight, but tomorrow night especially in areas north and west of concord and mainly in the great north woods a good chance of frost where the average date has already gone by. average date for the first frost somewhere between september 22 and 25th right around concord, a little earlier in the upper valley, a little later towards manchester. and the average date for the first frost from manchester to the coast between october 1 and 10. there is a chance we could see
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all the way down to concord in some of the areas just northwest of manchester. but wee we're going to have a lot of sunshine, so that's good news as we press into the weekend. if you really don't like the classic chill, we'll warm up a little during the middle of next week. but look at those temperatures, it looks the part of late september, early october, mid 60's tomorrow south. near 60, upper 50's most likely far north, even cooler on sunday, low to mid 50's north, low0' add an extra chill to the air. early sunday morning up north and all the way down to concord for the first frost early on monday. jean: thanks, mike. new hampshire history hitting the auction block. josh: up next buyers from across the country are expected to bid for pieces of the now shuttered rockingham park. year and the timing of washington d.c.'s newest museum carries extra significance for many americans.
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when i first found out that carl had been using heroin on and off for a year. i immediately thought not my son. i found him in his bathroom with a syringe still in his hand and that was the worst day of my life. annie kuster is leading the fight regarding this opioid epidemic.
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she's definitely a leader. i just love annie. i'm annie kuster and i approved this message. jean: this weekend you have the chance to buy a piece of history from rockingham park. josh: memories of more than 100 years of horse racing will be auctioned off. today folks had had a chance to
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it starts tomorrow morning at 9:00 and goes through sunday. >> it's the history in new hampshire, i mean, it dates back to 1906, there's memorabilia here from the 20's, and people from the state of massachusetts, all over the country will be coming just to have the opportunity to bid on pieces of memorabilia that are important to them, their families, and generations of families. >> it's a little sadness, that it's almost over, the last five, six months have been emotionally difficult for an awful lot of people. josh: a lot of memories there. the park is expected to raise more than a after million dollars as a result of this auction. jean: a lot stuff to look through, too. straight ahead, an nhms winner sharing his good fortune with the queen city, what joey la
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to show for i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. ested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. senate majority pac is responsible for the
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jean: a missing woman and a frantic family. now at 5:30, this woman's
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josh: it seems ted cruz will vote for donald trump. the announcement comes just days before the presidential candidates face off on the debate stage for the first time. mike: after a long run with temperatures above the norm, a breezy cool weekend is on the way. how much sun we'll see with that fall chill. hayley: i'm hayley lapoint in rochester tonight at spaulding high school where the football players are getting ready to go on the field and the spectators are bringing food to help those in need. how you can help. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: right now a search is under way for a bethlehem mother who hasn't been heard from in nearly a week. welcome back. i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. according to police, tiffany bellerose told her daughter that she'd be visiting but never
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jean: now her phone is going right to voice mail. police are involved. reporter: earlier this week police put on a be on the lookout for the 42-year-old and now they have reached out to the media. tiffany was last seen on september 16, the 42-year-old had recently moved to bethlehem and that's where police are now concerned about her safety. >> she hasn't shown up to receive her paycheck. also her friends are that it's not like her that she wouldn't at least call. reporter: bellerose had planned a trip to jaffrey to see her grandchildren. >> was supposed to come on wed and she never showed up and haven't talked to her since sunday. reporter: her family says she had a rocky past and recently met a man who is abusive and are worry she may be with him. >> we tried phone numbers that were given to us of the
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haven't, it just goes straight to voice mail. reporter: police say bellerose was living at a support center and had had only been there for a short time when she disappeared. five foot two inches tall, 225 pounds with brown hair and eyes, her family says it's not like her to not call and they are desperate to find her. the family says that tiffany had had talked about going to florida with her boyfriend a few weeks they are following up on any and all leads. if you have any information about where she may be, call them. heather hamel, wmur news 9. josh: now to exitment 2016, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will be in new hampshire tomorrow campaigning for hillary clinton. he's holding events in nashua, manchester and durham, details are on donald trump's running mate will be in the granite state next
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rally at milford's town hall, town auditorium rather on monday at 1:30. trump will have the vote of one of his former rivals this november after all. ted cruz said today that he plans to vote for the republican nominee. the texas snow though stopped short of endorsing trump, but he says he did promise to support the republican nominee and that whatever his disagreement with trump is, he still considers hillary clinton, quote, wholly unacceptable. and the presidential candidates are cramming this weekend for their first debate with clinton and trump have a lot on the line. karen travers looks at what each candidate needs to focus on when they take to the stage. reporter: hillary clinton, donald trump, finally sharing the same stage. polls are tight and the first debate could be a game changer. >> i am not looking to go in and treat her with disrespect. >> get him to react, either with facial expressions or say
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reporter: and trumps focus? >> is to come across as calm, cool and collected and somebody that people could see in the oval office as commander in chief. reporter: no surprise, the candidates are approaching debate prep very differently. clinton is diving into briefing books daily, she's also watching footage of trump in past debates, and holding make debates with someone playing him. trump is also watching old debate footage and occasional meeting with a team of advisors, but sources tel really serious prep work. so what do the candidates need to avoid? >> he can't overreact in the moment, either in world or in action. she can't talk down to the audience in a way that makes them feel like oh, she's just another person out of washington d.c. that doesn't relate to our lives. reporter: unlike those wild primary debates, the audience at the presidential debates is asked to not react. no cheers, no boos, experts say
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clinton. trump won't be able to feed off a fired up crowd. and the television audience watching at home, the one that really matters, could be record breaking. we're talking super bowl levels. after a long, wild campaign season, just 90 minutes could define the final sprint to election day. karen travers, abc news, washington. josh: you can watch the debate live on wmur, coverage begins at 9:00 on monday night. the debat matter for some voters in four states, the election is under way, early voting now in minnesota, south dakota, vermont and virginia. the race is tight in minnesota and virginia, but south dakota is expected to go for donald trump while hillary clinton is expected to take bernie sanders country state of vermont. and bernie sanders is sharing his political knowledge with his brother who is running for a seat in the british parliament. larry sanders says his wrer
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he wants to inspire voters the same way that his brother has. jean: an effort is under way across new hampshire tonight to feed hungry families. in rochester, students are a big part of the push to tackle hunger. hayley: absolutely they are, they're just starting to stream in. it's more like the bands, the teams have shown up, the other team is dover tonight. so they're all just getting prepared for the g starting to set up where the donation table will be for canned goods. like my favorite here, spa gety o's. if you're coming out to the football games across new hampshire, please bring a canned good or nonperishable item to help with new hampshire tackles hunger and all the food that comes in to the different communities stays in those communities which is great. if you can't make to it a game tonight, there are plenty more on saturday.
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listing of where the games are and where you can donate an item. peanutbutter and jelly, mac and cheese, any type of nonperishable boxed or canned or jarred item is what's good here. at 6:00 it will be a little busier as the spectators start to come in and i'll show you what they're bringing, hopefully more than just spaghetti josh: still ahead, drone delivery expanding, which company is testing the new technology in new england. jean: it's a hit with acutes, but how will mcdonald's breakfast go over with kids? mike: chance of rain for some tonight, then back to sunshine
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. colin van ostern: i know from my own life the difference a college education can make. narrator: colin van ostern. the son of a single mom, he went to college on student loans, became a stonyfield business manager responsible for a hundred million dollars in revenue. then, a top executive at southern new hampshire university's college for america. colin van ostern: most of our students graduate debt free.
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josh: how did the work weekend on wall street? not a good way, losing 131 points. s&p 500 down a dozen. u.p.s. is now testing delivery drones. jean: it launched its first test drone in marble head,
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away. u.p.s. is partnering with robot maker sky file for the tests, it's not the only company, amazon and wal-mart are also testing drone deliveries. josh: happy meal breakfasts will now be available on monday. they'll have some options, some will offer kid sized h also be available all day just like the rest of the breakfast menu. and mcdonald's customers in japan can get their fries with a seasonal twist, pumpkin spice fries will be available through october. the regular french fries drizzled in pumpkin and choco sauce. earlier this year mcdonald's japan offered fries with dark and white chocolate on top. so if there's a market for it, there's a market for it.
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>> and qualifying for sunday's big race ended about 10 second ago. we'll talk racing coming up in sports. tom: tonight at 6:00, thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases, how hackers were able to use them
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>> this morning a new hampshire motor speedway joey lagano with a big the manchester police athletic league, through his second chances foundation. l aagano will feature a manchester police decal on his car sunday and hopes to meet with some of the kids before the race. how cool is that for a driver from connecticut. qualifying just ended. carl edward will start on the pole for sunday's race. the bad boy off road 300. we'll hear from him at 6:00.
5:46 pm
so far for the sprint cup guys. one of the drivers that's in the chase for the championship, the playoff system for nascar, austin dylan with a crash. race car drivers, teams allowed to bring two cars to each speedway. his first car is trashed, it's toast, he has to go to his backup car to start the race on sunday, so he's done to one car, he'll have to be careful through practice sessions tomorrow. austin darlton i flat sided the car in practice, but we used that car. so that's the only place i had to run a car damaged going into a race, but never had a backup car that i've had to run in three years. we'll see how it goes, i'll have a better answer afterwards. >> good for him that it happened before qualifying so he could at least qualify in the car he will race in on sunday. you see lots of dark skies
5:47 pm
is done at loudon, we'll wrap it up starting at 6:00, we'll hear from that pole sitter. jamie staton, news 9 sports. josh: not just race weekend, thousands of off road enthusiasts are in the north country. jean: polaris is hosting an event in berlin, the competition and live music run through tomorrow, organizers expect close to 10,000 people, making this the largest off road event in the state. the escape outside section at have a great weekend there. after a decade the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture is about to open. >> one day we were looking out on this expanse of ground and then the next thing you know
5:48 pm
but of course what we're billion on is sacred ground. reporter: a sacred space for the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> we pinch ourselves every day because we can't believe it. reporter: it's a project that's deeply personal, especially as a woman of color. >> it means that my nieces and nephews will be able toal proudly in their lives for the rest of their lives. reporter: what makes her proud? >> the artifacting that just grab me every time are harriet tubman. when you see the shawl queen victoria gave her, you can't help but be inspired to know that you're touching history. reporter: something that is not lost on lisa who managed the construction. >> to understand that slaves helped to build this country and now i can be here to help build
5:49 pm
fulfilling. >> there's so many thins that this museum means to me. reporter: carla haul, a consultant. >> what this museum says to me is i am unapologetically saying what my contributions are. reporter: contributions may on the shoulders of an ancestors. >> we're building on ground that is part of the national story of america. reporter: a quintessential story told through the african-american expnc nikole killion reporting. mike: haven't had to talk about the tropics too much, but we'll start off there and take you down to bermuda where tropical storm karl is spinning its way right in your direction. you if you know folks down that way, take a look, the satellite imagery fairly impressive. top sustained wind with karl at 60 miles per hour. tropical storm warnings in
5:50 pm
very close to a minimal hurricane by the time it reaches bermuda late tonight, early tomorrow morning. it races quickly off to the northeast by later tomorrow afternoon as a minimal hurricane, and then races even more so away from the east coast,. the winds will be freshening out of the north, squashing any summer-like weather out of the northeast and keeping that storm out to do have a cold front triggering clouds in the lakes region and points south. and a fall feel already taking over in the northern half of the state where temperatures are back in the 50's, even some upper 40's in pittsburgh. one rain chance between to you and the end of the weekend. the next shot of rain not until
5:51 pm
right now scattered showers in the lakes region down to about concord. but in areas to the south of that watch out for these downpours beginning to develop in eastern portions of new york state just north of albany. they'll be scooting in as the winds are out of the west northwest, right over southern new hampshire between 7:00 and midnight tonight. after that it dries out statewide and that means a dry saturday and sunday across new hampshire. right now cooling down, winds are freshening, bringing a lot of cool air takes over for the weekend. this is the same air mass that will squash karl and keep it out to sea, south of the new england coastline. fair skies as well by later tonight into your saturday. here's that rain chance, looks fairly ominous on this computer model, but can't rule out a few downpours, and after midnight it's all gone. full sunshine tomorrow, more
5:52 pm
saturday night and sunday night, chance of some frost. northern new hampshire saturday night, and anywhere all the way down to just about concord later sunday night and early monday morning. as can you see the overnight lows in the 30's, 20's to the north, could be a freeze in the great north woods, marking an end to the growing season by early monday morning. notice the next chance of rain monday night or tuesday, you don't see any more 80's, 90's or even upper 70's on the seven-day. josh: i just want to see rain. thanks, mike. jean: when we come back these pushups have nothing to do with gym class what inspired these students to drop and do 22. josh: and a local school district no longer on the hook for the security costs of a
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my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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josh: hundreds of new hampshire students stepped out of the classroom today and onto the beach. jean: they visited multiple beaches and picked up 190 pounds of litter, they recorded their findings in an effort to learn more about marine pollution. and how about this, nearly 15,000 cigarette butts were collected on hampton beach. wow. in londonderry, students are doing pushups to raise awareness
5:56 pm
suicide. josh: on average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. so now the school is taking part in a challenge called hash tag 22 kill which challenges social media users to do 22 pushups to raise awareness. the goal is to get others to do the challenge and post the video online. hopefully it goes viral for a very, very worthy cause. jean: great job today. well done. josh: thank you for joining narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans
5:57 pm
ces new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
5:58 pm
tom: the search for suspects in what police are calling an elaborate fraud case. how a hack allowed them to get items totaling thousands of dollars. mike: the first weekend of fall will feel the part as temperatures finally dip below normal.
5:59 pm
now. what you can see beyond the races this weekend. >> the boxes of food are already being piled high here in nashua as new hampshire tackles hunger for the fourth year in a row. we'll tell you how you can help, coming up. tom: right now police are looking for suspects in a fraud case. the victim's e-mail and opened amazon accounts. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. police say the suspects racked up $10,000 worth of fraudulent purchases. mike cronin live in lee now with the latest on this investigation. reporter: lee police call the most elaborate fraud case the town has seen, and right now they are wondering if there are any other victims. here's who police are looking for, two suspects, a white woman
6:00 pm
saying he received a panel at his house that he did not order. then he realized he was locked out of his e-mail and amazon accounts. police say the suspects used the victim's name and credit cards to buy camera equipment and gold coins totaling nearly $10,000. investigators learned the suspects picked up the camera equipment on august 26 at a u.p.s. warehouse in dover where they were caught on video surveillance. one of them packages using the victim's name. >> we just tell our residents to be vigilant, don't give out your personal information on your social media or the phone, if anything seems suspicious to them it probably is. reporter: if you suspect something like this is happening to you, police would like to hear from you. also anyone with information on


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