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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 24, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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charlotte, north carolina. why the family is demanding the release of police video. >> an autumn chill for the first weekend offal. how cool it gets and when some could see their first frost. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. >> right now, the search is on for two suspect who is racked up $10,000 worth of fraudulent purchases and what police are calling the most elaborate fraudulent case ever. tom: mike cronin spoke to the man who was robbed. mike? mike: the victim says a similar situation happened to his neighbor just about a week ago. lee police are looking for these two suspects, a white woman and
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in just a span of 48 hours, block says the damage was done. >> what amazes me is the speed at which they were able to move and make these purchases. mike: block was traveling. he couldn't reset his password. then an amazon delivery sent -- came to house. she says it's she said did you order this? i said no, i didn't order this. he said we show you signing for it. i said that's impossible. i wasn't there. >> block says the fraudsters used about $10,000 of his money through a papal account.
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preferences. so e-mailed got forwarded to an unknown e-mail. >> the same thing has happened to other people within the state, other communities. we just want to get out there and make people aware this is happening. mike: block recommends individual lens and to use a credit monitoring service. meanwhile anyone with information on this particular case is asked to call police. mike cronin, wmur news 9. >> a manchester man will spend 20 to 40 years in prison. david chase rondon was sentenced in hillsborough county court today. back in august, a jury found him guilty of first degree assault and criminal threatening with a firearm and reckless conduct with a firearm. he shot a man in the ankle back in october o 2015. >> tonight, demonstrators are back on the streets of
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police video of the deadly shooting. we are seeing cell phone video of the confrontation recorded by keith scott's wife. and we want to warn you, what you see and hear on the video can be disturbing. wmur, jean mackin joins us. >> keith's wife he was waiting for his son after school. she started recording when officers surrounded his s.u.v. >> he h keith scott's wife says don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! >> her cell phone video doesn't show if her husband was armed. police say he was. others say he was holding a book. on the recording his wife tells police he has a traumatic brain injury. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a t.b.i.
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>> drop the gun! >> she pleads with her husband before shots are fired. >> keith, get out the car! keith, don't you do it! don't you do it! keith! keith, don't you do it! [beep] >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> police say these images show the gun they recovered while keith scott's family say it's not clear protestors have called for police to release the video. the police says the video doesn't answer all the questions and should not be released during the investigation. >> if i were to put it out indiscriminately and it doesn't give you good context it can inflame the situation and make it even worse. >> and within the past hour, hillary clinton postponed her planned visit to charlotte on sunday at the mayor's request
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race relations are center stage for the community meeting. citizens of all backgrounds were invited to take part in a discussion series called "we are all human." the organizers says he feels hopeful when a diverse city can talk about embracing different cultures. >> it's a way for us to be >> it's a way for us to be preventive, right? tackle the issue differently. >> that's why we're different in manchester because we're willing to have the dialogue and kind of move past any potential conflict. >> this community series will likely hold more discussions in the future. >> nascar fans are packing into new hampshire motor speedway for a full weekend of fun.
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but there is a full weekend of activities for fans. there's food, a fan zone, plus activities like co-caing. something new this year is a contest for the best decorated camp site. this year's theme is halloween. >> we've been covering these for days. [laughter] >> we just want to decorate a little bit. there are others, i'm sure that are over the top. >> we're getting warmed up here and it's going to be a hot, hot weekend. not the weather but we're going to make it warm here. we're going to haveom camp site will be announce tomorrow. looking forward to a fun weekend. >> thousands of canned and boxed goods can go to needy families in the state. coming up on news 9 tonight -- >> we take you to some of the schools taking part in new hampshire tackles hunger. >> and cheers for the blue devils being hosted its first
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those highlights and more later. >> a little bit damp on the field but a bright breezy cooler start to the weekend is on the way tomorrow. how much lower temperatures go
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>> well, schools from across the state are taking part in the forth annual new hampshire tackles hunger drive. thousands of cans and boxed goods were collected at games all over new hampshire. >> the giving does not end tonight. >> it may have been the biggest night for high school rifleries but here at nashua north a
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differences all to generate all of this food. this will go to their local communities as we continue to tackle hunger here in new hampshire. >> you're welcome. >> it came in boxes, cans, and bags. >> it's nice to be able to help them right then and there. >> nashua north and nashua south put aside their rivalry to come together as one community. >> it is so awesome. but i don't think the public truly pressures the difference that this makes for the students that this makes for the students that we have in our schools. through drives like this donors hope to change that. >> 15 locations tonight, that's great. and tomorrow too, awesome. >> nashua was one of many schools getting involved. sprawling high school gave donors free admission into the game. >> we thought it would get some of our elementary kids par of -- part of our process.
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ago more than 125,000 pounds of food has been collected with a lot more added on to that pile on friday. >> and the boxes were filled here in nashua tonight. but there is still time for you to help out. you can head on over to our website, or to our mobile app to see which teams are receiving donating. still plenty of time to give. wmur news 9. >> had had dad. mike: you know anybody vacationing in bermuda or live there is? tropical storm carl, 65 miles per hour. not only do they experience the heavy downpours and strong thunderstorms but also strong tropal storm force winds over the next 10 to 12 hours. now back home.
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conditions have been building on in. you notice time lapse photos showing the clouds. a bit of partial sun. most of the rain this evening has been in the line from keen to manchester and right around hampton and points south. right now, it's drifting away with a few left over sprinkles. that's basically hit over the lower part of the valley. rest of the night will feature dry weather and much cooler conditions than we've quite some time. already 39 in pittsburgh. notice the wind flow out of the north and northeast. a cool air direction for us. most of the summer early fall, the winds have been out of the southwest. we'll be dragging in cooler air for the upcoming weekend. quite chilly. mid 30's will do it up north. tomorrow, a little bit of a jump back into the mid to upper 60's.
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norm for the first time in over 30 days. that's right over 30 days. we've been talking about temperatures at or above the average. a lot of cool air in eastern canada. as it builds in tomorrow, it does kick off the chance for some frost speaking of which average date between september 10th and 20th great north woods in the mountains a good portion of south western new hamre frost in the state capital about september 23rd or 4th and in the early part of september, towards the coast in the light blue zone a possibility by early monday morning to get in on some frost and we could even see some tomorrow night in far northern part of the states. a lot of sun with a few scattered clouds tomorrow. you'll notice we're going to continue with the dry weather not only to tomorrow into
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the next rain chance moves in early tuesday. that's the only shot for precipitation over the next six, seven days. we really need the rain. watch out for early monday morning, first frost concord north and west. could be the end of the growing season. >> has got to happen some time. >> you got it. something else has >> jason king is standing by. jason: it's week four and some good rivalries across the state
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>> friday night football! friday night fooall! friday night football!
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[cheers and applause] >> the legendary cheerleaders led lead the charge. >> this is mack henseth drive to the joe gibbs racing toyota. come and watch us this weekend at new hampshire motor speedway and now night football on channel 9. >> all right, our thanks to matt kenseth. he will start in the eighth position at the sprint cup race at the magic mile. welcome to week number four of friday night high school. it's rivalry night with some great matchups. and all 15 games on the schedule participating as collection sites for new hampshire tackles
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valley. this is undefeated hanover hosting the raiders in division two. the raiders go to the air. kenton broton connections with islander. that drive would stall. it's hanover that strikes first. reed takes it out from a couple of yards out. 120 yards. a packed house. great for the food drive too as pa hunger. they matched the attendance in dollars. almost 900 fans there tonight. alexander mosenthal. he ran for 95 yards. hanover wins 34-8. their first win over the raiders since 2012. merrimack valley, the cavaliers
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kennet wins at home. the eagles hand the defending state champs their first loss since the 2014 state championship game against gwen hill. this is laconia at home tonight with pembroke. first play from scrimmage. jacob takes off on a 56-yard line. that's a 7-0 laconia lead. a good showing for new hampshire tackles hunger in the lakes region. the crowd pitching in with a great effort at bank of new hampshire stadium. check out drew muzzy for a touchdown. 85 yards. 13-0. five carries, 124 yards for muzzy. next possession, phil gate with a score. he dives for the pylon.
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pembroke. they take it 48-16 over the spartans. big win for windham. 41-7. they knock off shegan on the road. in division three, newmark joins the party. the blue devils rented lights. the blue devils get on the board first as cody betterhoff takes the opening ef f-ing. in the second quarter, campbell now up 7-6. and adam britain finds spencer for 25 yards. the next play, ryan yenyazuski scores. he carried 32 times for 214 yards and three touchdowns. made it 14-6 cougars. harrison scored twice.
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tillton hosting bishop brady. they were down 20-0. hunter to brandon vaughn for the goal line for the touchdown. and nearly intercepted by malevy able to make the catch. brady was good on the road. four interceptions for brady by defense. one of them for a 65-yard score. a bond fire for the fans. but they didn't get the win. summers worth wins 42-7. nate with four touchdown runs. nate scored the touchdown for the rams. now to division one, spawlding always a huge sight for new hampshire tackles hunger.
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1500 pounds of food. mcnutty takes it deep. -- mcnulty takes is deep. craig recovers for the red raiders. no points this time spawlding fumbles in the backfield. pineda to recover for dover. dover goes on to win 62-21. >> go, baby! >> a good rivalry. he keeps it on the ground. john farrelli with a nice down. and the crowd is fired up. but exiter would begin to take control. touchdown for the blue hawks. made it 21-14. fourth quarter now. how about the run by braden lowery around the right side?
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the sideline, make a couple of guys miss. takes it inside the 10. and that would set up a cam flanagan touchdown. exiter wins a close one 31-28. th blue hawks are 4-0. port smith hosting auburn. theyin on the field 42-30 over the broncos. christian pete had 214 all purpose yardsnd while cody graham through for four scores and also ran for another. at the gate city rivalry at tello stadium, nashua north and nashua south. north in white. jeffery baldesari with a pass. big wide receiver entrout a 67-yard touchdown. titans are up 6-0. this is always a great collection sight.
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so these donations helping some students. a 25-yard touchdown pass. tied at 6-6. the north won 27-16. teague knocking down d.g. 23 p 32-14. >> central at home against winless memorial. all tied up at 16 apiece. 22-16 memorial. two-point conversion was no good. central looking to answer. alex haw kin hooks up with jeremy chandler down at the two-yard line. next play jeremiah rivera he ran for 1 of 078 yards and two
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go. tyler batista trying to find a wide receiver. but he'll be picked up by chandler. central pulls out a tough one, 30-22 over the crusaders. pinkerton wins 21-14 over lancers. buccieri a win for the astros. you can watch all our friday night football games on our it for week four of the friday night football rereport. congrats to all the winners and the schools with new hampshire tackles hunger. good luck to the 28 teams on saturday. 12 of tomorrow's team participating. jamie staton in to talk about
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>> and let's get to the red sox right away. started a series at the tampa bay rays. david ortiz another home run. a two-run shot off chris archer. 37th of the year. 124 r.b.i.'s. those are the only scores the red sox made all game. and that's all they needed. the red sox pitching took it
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zeigler getting the sav and the red sox win it 2-1. their magic number to clinch a playoff spot is down to two. the number to clinch the a.l. east division is four. now to the day at new hampshire motor speedway highlighted by coors lite pole day, the sprint cup guys on the magic mile to determine who will start from position number one for sunday's race. the race is the bad boy off road 300. it is the second race in nascar's playoff system the chase for the nascar's sprint cup they and when the dust cleared it was karl edward who won the poll position making two straight for him. he's won six pole positions. he won a $25,000 coors lite qualifying award to the charities of his choice. he gave some to the nascar
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$25,000 in honor of the sixth pole. that's just cool. we've got a fast race car. now we've got to turn this into a fast race. now it would be the time to get it done. >> mark trouks junior. and the rest of the top 10 look like thatown to rookie chase elliott. college football, all four new hampshire teams are in action. unh needs t get a win. cross team. the fighting mike haddad at 3:30 taking on number four michigan. >> that's a good one. >> good challenge for mike penn state team. >> that's a challenge. >> a lot. >> thank you, sir, very much. >> jimmy kimmel is next. have a great night and a good
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