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tv   News 9 at Seven  ABC  September 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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every time you play stanford, that's the question you have to ask. >> dave: tough running but in the end, the football pops out. a fumble scooped up by the wolverines. so even when penn state does something mildly positive, it goes wrong. >> brian: that is true freshman miles sanders. who they are trying to bring along as a compliment to barkley and fighting for extra yards. i like the fight at the end of the game. you got to know that being held up, the second guy in is taught to strip. >> dave: this is a kid with a lot of talent. a highly recruited player. and you can tell, that one hurts. second week in a row he has put the ball on the ground. and now, michigan can just end this game. well, for the wolverines, a week to get ready. wisconsin coming in and i think
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was. >> brian: certainly wisconsin's defense will be night and day from this defense. obviously, you will look at the numbers. michigan came in and wanted to run the football with john harbaugh and they ended up with 327 yards on the ground. it's not going to be as easy next week. they're going to put the game in wilton speight's hands and make him beat them. it will be a al tough for the wolverines, who look every bit the part of a top five team today. big ten opener and this is a team that is ready to make a run. they got lots and lots of talent. but their quarterback has continued to get better and better. >> brian: we have seen it year in and year out. the teams after the the end are the ones that get better every week. they don't plateau and the michigan team from the hawaii
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they give up a bunch of passes, they were better today than the last few weeks. >> dave: jim harbaugh and company, a lot to be proud of today. he found barkley for a hand shake before heading to the locker room. wolverine fans thrilled. 49-10, the final score. tune in to abc tonight, the game we're talking about, stanford on the road to take on ucla. for brian griese and todd mcshay, dave flemming
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cherise: now on news 9, unrest in charlotte. the announcement from officers that could answer questions about whether the shooting was justified. authorities at new hampshire
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security in the wake of recent violence across the country. hayley: get ready for a couple of cold nights ahead. who has to worry about frost tonight? >> it is important to show the families what their sacrifice meant to as. cherise: the names of the fallen firefighters added to the memorial in concord today. >> like we do. news nine at 6:00. cherise: right now, a massive manhunt underway in washington after a gunman killed five people at a mall. yesterday evening, a man opened fire in the makeup department in macy's. police are still trying to identify the gunmen. they believe he is in his late teens or mid-20's. authorities do not know where he
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i don't know what his motivations were to continue or to stop. what i certainly plan to find out. cherise: the gunmen left the scene before police arrived. authorities say there is no indication that this was a terrorist attack. some breaking news out of charlotte where police have released body cam and dash cam video of the deadly shooting at the heart of unrest in north carolina. abc video from the police department but it has not been cleared to be shown on all stations. the police chief shows that keith scott was in possession of a handgun. he believes no officer will be charged in connection to that shooting. in loudon, police are investigating a stabbing at new hampshire motor speedway. two men were stabbed in a fight involving four people.
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have been made. now, there is heightened security at the track this weekend. suzanne is live in loudon with what authorities are doing to keep fans safe. reporter: security detail here at new hampshire motor speedway has been stepped up slightly in light of some of the violence and the possible terrorist attacks across the country. the police chief from loudon says his department works state police, homeland security, and the fbi to prepare for this weekend's races, throughout the year, there are meetings and briefings to bring everyone up to speed about what to look for and how to keep the fans attending the races safe. track officials say fan safety is their number one priority. >> we are in constant contact with law enforcement. we have law enforcement here on
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they are here the entire weekend. we take all of their thoughts and suggestions. we rely on what they tell us to keep our fans safe. we monitor the situations around the world. we want to our fans to know they will be safe here. cherise: pleading not guilty to multiple sexual assault charges. police say roger ward was arrested in early september after two young girls told investigators he had been assaulted in their home. he was arraigned on 12 charges including multiple counts of polonius sexual assault. the cases will go to merrimack county superior court for trial.
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new hampshire's fallen firefighters are recognized each september to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. reporter: the memorial here in concord is at the fire academy. it was created 10 years ago to remember the fallen firefighters . 85 names have been at into the memorial in concord. flower was laid for each one. >> the fire service is steeped in tradition. reporter: six names were added this year. william whitney, francis driscoll senior. philip pike. and charles water very.
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line of duty deaths that were not on the memorial. family and friends rather to remember their loved ones. >> this is an amazing memorial. i have traveled across the country and this memorial is unique in its commitment and its connection to the community. reporter: retired fire chief says the days of honoring fallen firefighters are important. >> as this memorial testifies, some pay the ultimate tech replaced. reporter: heidi packard lost her husband 10 years ago. >> in 2006, he suffered a heart attack after a call. reporter: he remembers that it is important to honor the firefighter and to look back at what happened.
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if we could prevent the fire, we could prevent the death. reporter: the six names here will be placed on the national memorial next year. cherise: in commitment 2016 news, hillary clinton is planning her next visit to new hampshire. she will be in the state on wednesday. the campaign has not provided this will be her first visit to the state since the democratic national convention. acid to system -- that the juices senator -- senator elizabeth warren campaign on behalf of of hillary clinton. she spoke at clinton campaign offices. the senator urged grass roots supporters to continue to volunteer their time.
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promises for what she will do as president. i believe our job as progressives is to help her get elected and then, help her an act at -- help her enact every one of those promises. cherise: donald trump will -- donald trump's running mate will also be back in the granite a. governor mike pence will hold a rally at milford town auditorium governor mike pence will hold a rally at milford town auditorium this will be his second visit to this day. first presidential debate is coming up on monday night. you can watch it live right here. hillary clinton and donald trump will go head to head at hofstra university in new york. for the first time since the early to thousands, the state house opened its doors today to provide gad -- to provide guided
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community offered the chores. tours ran every half-hour until 2:00. >> the state house is a working museum. it is accessible. many people want to come in who cannot make it during the week. cherise: additional tours will be available on october 1 and the e a seventh grader battling leukemia is getting a lot of love from the community. how john stark high school football team is honoring abe today. >> he is the driver in first place that everyone is chasing. we go one-on-one with martin truex jr. in sports. hayley: cooler temperatures today leading to a really chilly night tonight.
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. senate majority pac is responsible for the
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cherise: support is continuing to grow for a new hampshire girl diagnosed with leukemia. abby then dyke -- van dyke is a seventh grader. you may have seen the orange flamingos all over town to remind abby that she is loved. ther air at dartmouth college and it is attracting spectators. these are live pictures of the infamous corpse flower named morphy. the seven and a half foot flower is in full bloom. if you want to visit, the greenhouse will be open on sunday from 10:00 until 3:00. that makes people want to smell it i guess. hayley: that thing is huge. i don't know if i have ever seen
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it is a sensitive plants. there may even be some frost in the upper valley and in northern portions of this age. i will show you how cool it will get, coming up. cherise: ahead, in sports, we
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>> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch nine forecast. hayley: take a look at this beautiful web cam image from warner. the last light of the day, 58 degrees. winds out of the northwest at about seven miles per hour. clear skies. a recipe for cool air tonight. we call it radiation no cooling. never you have clear skies, we got today goes right back up into space and the coolness drop in. without the clouds which act like a blanket, it will be cool. 60 eight degrees, concord today. it was a little cool. but it is right around average. 69 is the average high for this time in september. you can see the temperatures
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56, laconia. 58, concord. with the clear skies and the sunset, the cold will really settle in. the winds are really moving around. plants if you live up in this region. and also in northern grafton county and northern carroll county, these areas may also see frost. but if you are in concord, nashua, salem, no problems at least with frost tonight. these are the latest advisories from the national weather service. the purple areas are where there
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hard frost. northern carroll county will have more of a spotty frost. here is how things will go overnight tonight. clear skies. in the far northern part of the state, there may be passing clouds. temperatures will be cool in the morning. we will weakly recover up into the 60's later tomorrow afternoon. look at laconia, up into plymouth. if at all tomorrow. it will definitely feel more fall like. tomorrow night, we will take the cake for the cold. the possibility for frost as far as concord monday morning. we are in for some cold nights with this pattern of clear skies and cooler, drier air mass on top of us. a cold start tomorrow but we will recover nicely tomorrow afternoon in the upper 50's a september beauty. great to get outside for apple
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the big race tomorrow up in loudoun. it looks good for it. remember in july, it was in the 90's for the race. now, it will be 60 degrees. more comfortable for all. on monday, mid 60's. a good soaking rain on tuesday. we warm-up by the end of the week with highs getting into the low 70's. >> now, jason king and news nine sp. for one more practice. they call it happy hour. they were chase drivers. carl -- kyle larson led the way. he was fastest in practice. denny hamlin in the 11 car has to new hampshire wins. he was second fastest. and then there was kasey kahne, always a favorite cap -- always a favorite in new hampshire.
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jr.. he starts in the front row tomorrow. and jamie staton caught up with him today. jamie: this is a breakout year for martin truex jr.. coming into this year, he had three career wins. he won in chicago last week. you start the race with a win in chicago. >> things are going well for us. we we are looking forward to continuing this this weekend. jamie: you kind of grew up here watching your dad race and win. then you went to the victory lane in 2000. what would it mean to you and your family? >> i talked about this yesterday, how much it would mean to me.
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june and felt we had a shot at it. we help we can finish off the deal here this weekend. it has been good so far this weekend. the car has felt great. jamie: you grew up in new jersey but is this a home away from home, racing wise? >> absolutely. i have so many memories from here. this is always a big weekend for us. this was our daytona back them. jamie: we hope to get you a championship this year. >> things are going well. we have a lot of momentum. jamie: he has been coming here for generations and maybe this trip to new hampshire will land martin truex jr. jason: right
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series race this afternoon, the you and oh --the unoh 175. this was the first ever chase race for the trucks. switching gears, the unh football team began their on the road today. 7-0, new hampshire in front. it was heaven-seven in the second quarter. after a two-point conversion. he threw for two touchdowns. and ran for another. they host william & mary next saturday. dartmouth improves with a win at
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today. and plymouth state and saint anselm also in practice -- also in play today. still to come tonight, some unbeaten teams go head to head on the gridiron.
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jason: high school football now. and bow hosted the quarterback matt harkins fires to the end zone and hits his tight end, nate alford. making great catch. 20 of time for plymouth. four guys fall down on this play and a deep pass, brandon roy to jordan -- two jordan docen. garrett macomber rushed for 251


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