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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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when they arrived. they were able to put out the fire in the trees and in the helicopter in a short time, and the pilot was taken to a local hospital for what were described as nonlife threatening injuries. >> we had a single person helicopter type aircraft that had gone down about 100 yards from the house. crashed into the trees. arrived. reporter: fire officials say the f.a.a. has been contacted and the state police are on the scene. i'm andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: tonight a driver is dead after a chase with state police ended with a crash. this was the fiery scene this morning after the truck left the highway
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from the state police barracks in bedford with more on the investigation. mike? reporter: today we still don't know the identity of the driver as police try to locate his family the truck he was driving did not have new hampshire license plates on it. this is how a police chastenedded after 4:00 this morning at the southern split of interstates 293 and 93 in manchester. a pickup truck crashed into trees, then burst into flames. car, was killed. state police say it all started in salem, where the driver was involved in another accident. >> it was reported that one vehicle had sideswiped two other vehicles. reporter: police say the man talked to other drivers, then took off north and he was spotted by a trooper in derry. >> the troopary tempted to stop this vehicle which was traveling in an erratic manner. reporter: he was -- >> he was parked on the side of
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officer chasing after him, he did increase his rate of speed. reporter: wmur employee frank o'laughlin saw part of the chase. he says the driver sped up as police pursued him. >> i saw a pickup truck swerving back and forth across the highway, had his flashers on, nearly crashed several times. reporter: after the fiery crash, it took firefighters several minutes to put out the flames, as they dealt with hornets. it appears of the firefighters were stung. none of the troopers were injured as first responders did all they could to rescue the driver. >> the troopers took immediate action, in removing the operator from the immediate area. pulling him up the embankment and administering first aid. reporter: there were no injuries in that initial accident in salem. one firefighter was taken to the
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okay. live in bedford, mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: a massachusetts state trooper accused in the beating of a chase suspect in nashua has now been indicted. trooper robert flynn allegedly punched richard simone's back and right side. simone accused of leading authorities on a chase from massachusetts into new hampshire in may. a grand jury here indicted flynn on two counts of simple assault. last month new hampshire state trooper andrew monaco guilty for his role in that incident. jennifer: autopsy results just released say the man who die in an officer involved shooting in claremont was shot three times. 25-year-old cody la possibility was shot and killed during a confrontation with officers who had responded to congress street sunday morning after receiving a 911 call. the attorney general's office and state police are still investigating what led up to that confrontation. tom: this weekend rochester
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program being called a first of its kind in new hampshire. let go to jennifer crompton who joins us from our seacoast bureau with what it all entails. reporter: the access to recovery program will be available all day every day and include several wrap around services, a new community recovery center, even a school education program. still, the rochester police chief calls this fight a marathon. >> the other day our overdoses that we respond to are but deaths are up 160%. reporter: rochester's police chief expressing the magnitude of the crisis. as they roll out a plan that launches october 1, starting with 24-7 access to recovery at the hospital e.r. and police department. >> so somebody presents to the p.d. at two in the morning,
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certified coach to help them through their trouble. we are going all out with this, we are not cutting corners. reporter: through an undertaking involving tens of thousands of dollars of hospital and city fund, grants and donations, they've created a system of services they believe hits from all angles, including health, enter size and nutrition support, mental health counseling. an educational component work force and at its heart a rochester community recovery center. >> this will be where groups and activities will be going onto support the program. reporter: that as the police department launches an education and prevention program with third, sixth and ninth graders. >> i do not know of this being in any other community in the state. this is not a blueprint model, it's not let's go build one of these. it was we've got a problem. reporter: it was over a year ago
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rochester police officers. they were the first to begin carrying it in their cruisers. the discussion and the team work to create today's extensive model started back then. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: newmarket is now adopting its own safe stations, this is modeled loosely after manchester's program. locals wanting help can go to the police and fire departments, from there they'll be taken to portsmouth reej hall hospital for assessment. then they'll be conta peer coach through the safe harbor recovery center. reporter: we saw -- >> we saw a big increase a year ago with three to four overdoses a week. so we started a process to try to help in dealing with the issues in hand. jennifer: the fire department says it's had one person come in since the program started. tom: to commitment 2016 now, while it wasn't quite super bowl
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between hillary clinton and donald trump set a presidential debate record. more than 81 million people tuned in to see the candidates sparring on issues ranging from isis to trump's taxes to clinton's e-mails. political director josh mcelveen is here, with what some of those viewers are now saying about the debate. reporter: during the debate itself, social media was buzzing about everything from hillary clinton's red outfit to donald trump's sniffling. optimism to disgust. the greeting was friendly enough. but within minute the topic of trade had the candidates off and running. >> i think my husband did a pretty good job in the 1990's, i think a lot about what worked and how we can make it work again. >> had he approved nafta which is the -- >> incomes went up. >> trump had some good ideas, which i didn't like him at all in the beginning and now i do.
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that has an idea about money. >> and indeed i have melt a lot of the people who were stiffed by you and your businesses, donald. i >> i think hillary clinton held herself with complete grace and dignity and had a lot of good points to make. josh: one of those points included a scuffle over donald trump's refusal to release his tax returns. >> because it must be something really important, even terrible that he's trying to high. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes that have been deleted. >> one minute they were in a faceoff and the next minute all best you buddies, didn't impress my in the least. >> i have a feel that by the end of of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> why not, yeah. >> it made me change the channel, i just thought i wish there was a better choice than either of them.
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poll shows that clinton has the edge heading into november. they both clearly value new hampshire's status as a swing state. and both will be here, clinton tomorrow, trump on thursday. tom: strange fliers posted near the campus of u.n.h. jennifer: what those fliers are advertising that has the town and university officials on alert tonight. tom: fall is here and that means big business for the granite state. how many visitors w could spend. >> certainly more of an unsettled weather pattern moving in and that means plenty of chances for rain, a look at which days have the best chance. >> in sports we'll show you the impact of the new hampshire
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e top job at the family resort. but then things went, well, downhill. over the years, chris cut jobs. chris cut workers' hours to deny them health insurance. and now he opposes the minimum wage. chris has never had to work for anything. chris sununu has no business being governor. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first
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ation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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jennifer: u.n.h. students and officials are on alert after fliers for a dating website started turning up. tom: those ads solicit 18 to 25-year-old women and say they could receive cash in exchange for going out to dinner with older men. durham police have taken down most of the fliers and some store owners have also taken them down from advertisement boards. the school says it has not received any reports of students actually using the website. students' common sense. >> the one nice thing about today's youth and the students here at u.n.h., which i think is really fantastic, is that they're smarter consumers than sometimes we think they are. >> it's a little disturbing honestly, it's kind of scary that somebody would put that flier out. tom: police say while some may fine this flyer offensive, it is not illegal. jennifer: the granite state is expecting another increase in
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this morning at gun stock resort the state's tourism department officially kicked off the fall season. tourism the second largest industry and economic driver for new hampshire and officials are projecting 9.5 million visitors this fall. >> we see this really throughout the state, and we've heard lots of positive news about the fall in terms of increased bookings, rester vase numbers, and we are expecting increase in to spend 1.4 billion this season, so come on up. tom: bring on the bright color and bring on the cash. josh j.: cool nights and warmer days we've had recently will help with that color programs. but the rest of the week things murng more unsettled, but could that be the good news for rain that we've been looking for. details coming up. jennifer: we hear that oscar
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there's a reason cnbc named new hampshire
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maggie hassan's approach to innovation and business development. controlling spending. smart investments in education. and hassan's balanced budget was a bi-partisan "compromise" the telegraph said "worked." cutting taxes for small businesses. targeting millions to fight the opioid crisis. all with no income or sales tax. working across party lines is how maggie hassan makes new hampshire work for us. i'm maggie hassan and i approved this message. josh j.: certainly was a split day today, starting off with the
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lower 70's in many spots. if you didn't get there you likely made it to the the upper 60's. we've seen temperatures fall a couple of degrees in the last hour, as that sun is getting lower much sooner this time of year. and here's your rainfall amounts at the airports around the state, on average you put them altogether you average out about a quarter of an inch of rain this morning, a little more or less depending on exactly where you were in the mille terrain, maybe seeing a little more in some spots. clouds have cleared away and it's going to be a mainly clear evening for a w. to reverse and push back in during the overnight hours and that could bring a few rain showers or sprinkles at times overnight tonight. we'll take everything we can get. there goes the rain from this morning, one last look at it, if you haven't seen a radar image from today. you can see how clear it is for the moment. but what we're watching is this, seemingly harmless system there and it is harmless, it could be very beneficial to us, but it sits there and spins, the upper part of the jet treatment, a
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in this case it will drift southward for the next couple of days. and as it gets closer and closer to us, it begins to influence our weather especially by the time we get to friday. so sitting and spinning here, and slowly pushing in our direction just in time for the weekend, it appears. bringing the chance of scattered showers. i mentioned the clouds pushing back in from the east overnight and the winds turn to the northeast as well, bringing in a cooler wind for tomorrow, meaning it will be a much tomorrow in the upper 50's and lower 60's. in the afternoon there could be breaks of sun, particularly in the northern part of the state, sprinkles or a shower or two possible through tomorrow. thursday looks to be the driest day of the next several to come. there could still be a spot shower or sprinkle in the southern part of the state, but most of us should stay dry if not seeing sunshine, and closer to friday some of the showers start to come up especially in the afternoon. thanks to that area of low
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skies clouding up and temperatures drifting down into the lower 50's, maybe a shower or two, but then tomorrow we'll see plenty of clouds, look at those temperatures hovering in the upper 50's to lower 60's for highs, and then we'll see perhaps some sunshine late in the afternoon tomorrow or as we head into thursday as well. with some dryer conditions thursday, though we stay on the cool sigh. tonight's lows in the 40's to theth mid 50's everywhere else. look for clouds and especially in southern and southeastern new hampshire, the chance for some fog, drizzle and mist. look at the high for tomorrow, they look like overnight lows compared to what we're used to, mostly cloudy, sprinkles or drizzle possible during the day tomorrow, the farther north and west you made, the better the chance of afternoon sunshine and a sneak peek to thursday, that will be the dryer of the days, some sunny breaks possible in the afternoon. that's our best chance for another dry day with almost no
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shower or sprinkle. friday afternoon, rain showers start to return. jamie loves that. and into the weekend too. we really need this rain, but the timing, well, it could be this weekend, so we'll have to wait and see. tom: friday night football. >> coming up in sports, jeff gordon, we're going to go one on one with him before we say
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. senate majority pac is responsible
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colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. you can go online and read our plan to create good jobs and keep young families in new hampshire. first, we should cut inefficient state spending, just like a business. no sales tax, no income tax. we need to help small businesses and startups grow with less red tape. lower college costs and cut student debt. and expand clean energy. let's take the next step forward,
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jamie: red sox could clifnl the a.l. east tonight which means there had could be a champagne celebration after the game. as an added bonus that celebration would be taking place at yankee stadium. sox send david price to the mound. boston will win the division with a victory or a blue jays loss to the orioles. the new hampshire tackles hunger food drive continues at 14 more the total of food and cash donations amounts to over 28,00. a look at londonderry high school this afternoon where all of their food had been out in the rain friday night for a bit, it all had to be dried, organized and repacked, a big job, over 3,400 cans of food there. good beyond to the kids who got involved with that. st. jude's in londonderry and st. thomas aquinas will be getting the food tomorrow.
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school the schools at north and south split the take from friday night which was 610 pounds of food. each pantry will have enough food to last the next two to three months. >> they brought in approximately i want to say nine or 10 full boxes of food. that based on what i've known for what we purchased, should supply us for the better part of two to three months. in our rear view mirror permanently, naoko funayama caught up with a racing legend. reporter: we're with jeff gordon, fourth time cut champion and this is a unique season for you, jeff. how has it been when you look back on how it's gone for you? >> it's been fantastic, i've really enjoyed not just stepping out of the driving responsibility as well, but just
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new perspective. i love the sport, i realized how much i love racing, by being in that position. but also what goes into putting the the race on tv. >> you do have a book coming out, your autobiography in a few weeks. >> very exciting, it was a project that has taken a lifetime. it goes all the way back to when my mom and my stepfather met and what got beginning and got me to where i am today and the whole journey. so it's been extensive. dollar book will be a good christmas present for nascar fans. i am not happy about this story, u.n.h. picked 10th out of 12 teams in the league, that's not good. they will finish better than that. tom: tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" following "world
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pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment. pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore...
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me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. doug griffin: she came to my family to learn more. pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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tonight, breaking the record. the most-watched debate ever. donald trump, hillary clinton, and the new fallout this evening. trump upset about his mic. upset about some of the questions. will he do the next two debates? and hillary clinton today, clearly relieved. >> did anybody see that debate last night? >> and the miss universe who says donald trump body shamed her. and trump tonight doubling down. also tonight, the massive and deadly house explosion in new york city after worried emergency calls about gas. the battalion chief and father of three killed in the blast, 20 injured. and tonight, word coming in now of an arrest. the fires and the floods. the emergency evacuations, flaming at least 300 feet high.


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