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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 30, 2016 3:00am-4:30am EDT

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now drawing scrutiny, the daily show uncovering a 2004 interview, trump gushing over a 23-year-old female high school teacher arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old boy. >> by the way, did you see what she looked like? >> not bad. >> not bad, i'd say so. do you think the forever? might have begin him confidence, actually. >> reporter: governor christie says the conversation has not happened, but they want to emulate the format of the next debate in preparation which is the town hall format. manchester, new hampshire, abc news. mark cuban's presence at the debate unsettled donald trump, says hillary clinton.
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and shrugged off comments about her husband's impeachment saying he can run his campaign however he chooses. she's going to florida today while trump campaigns in michigan. usa took sides in a presidential race for the first time, but not in the form of an endorsement. instead, the editorial board is urging americans not to vote for trump saying he's unfit for presidency. the paper describes trump as an erratic serial liar with a he's the thing, the paper's not end d endorsing clinton either saying she has her own flaws. vice presidential one and only debate in virginia on tuesday. mike pence is in indiana, and tim kaine hunkered down in north carolina both holding practice debates. the stubborn storm that swamped the mid-atlantic is moving into the northeast. more than 10 inches of rain
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danger of collapse. over in the caribbean, hurricane matthew is taking aim at the islands. we have the latest on the storms, justin, good morning. >> diane, kendis, thanks. good morning to you as well. we have a strengthening hurricane over the south central caribbean movement here taking us west over the course of the next couple days. not completely organized just yet, which has me to believe this can become stronger down the line overhe early next week. it's curling north making its impact felt possibly over jamaica and into cuba. diane, kendis, back to you. >> all right, our thanks to justin. this weekend marks the end of an era in boston. red sox legend david ortiz playing his last regular season game. the grounds crew at fenway, well, they mowed a massive image
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celebration for him. last night, the new york yankees set aside the rivalry with the red sox to honor ortiz and for his last at bat. yanks made it easy on the 40-year-old slugger handing him a walk. >> maybe he was some of the lyft drivers, dressed in disguise and drove people around. >> you were in boston before at the time, one of the important things after the bombing there, en after the bombing, and he had colorful language, but it summed up in a lot of ways. >> people of boston, before any of that, he represents strength because of his at bat, but now he embodies that idea, so after that, he was a source of strength for the city in terms of what he represents. he got quite the send off today, well deserved. over in golf's ryder cup, it
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between the u.s. and europe, but this year, the fun started earlier than usual. >> i'd say. it's known for ruckus atmosphere, and this year, as you mentioned, it was started in the practice round. some of the europeans were on the practice green yesterday, and they were being heckled by a fan. who said he'd made it a putt. >> so they called him over and called him on it, and they put that guy, david johnson justin rose put the hundred dollar bill right next to the ball. johnson takes the swing -- >> nailed it! [ cheers and applause ] nailed it! >> bravo! >> high fives, hugs all around. some of the u.s. pros are just as accurate. match play. >> get that guy on the team. >> just imagine if you're rory
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>> and you call him on it, and he takes it. oh. >> good job there. >> the event starts today, finishes up on sunday, but here's the thing, we might need johnson's help because recent history not so friendly to the u.s. with europe winning six of the last seven times, and eight of the last ten. >> oh. so i think it's rigged. tiger woods, of course, not playing, but he's on the coaching staff this year around for it. >> all right. coming up, what chrtm >> many americans say they don't need holiday sales because their shopping is already done. >> all right. first, exclusive interview with aman that knox. she's talking about her interview with our robin roberts. >> find us on facebook, w, and on
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defending the release of a single photo in tuesday's deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man. his family wants a full video of the incident to be made public. the mayor says a picture showing him in a shooting stance illustrated what officers faced when they confronted him that day. he was holding a vape pen. for the first time, we're seeing disturbing images from a police involved shooting last
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charges for firing at an suv after a two-mile chase and killing a 6-year-old boy. >> the state police chief calls the video the most disturbing thing he's ever seen. here's abc's lindsay davis. >> reporter: the public getting a first look at the graphic video from a police body camera that captures two deputies firing at this car. killing 6-year-old jeremy and critically wounding the footage from louisiana last november is now evidence in the murder cases against the two deputies, and the first grader who was autistic was with his father when the suv they were in was shot at multiple times by officers. it's not clear why they were pursuing the car in the first place. the deputies begin shooting before the audio begins.
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drove recklessly and rammed into greenhouse's car, but neither testimony from a state detective or newly released video indicate that. there's separate trials on second degree murder and attempted second degree murder charges. abc news, new york. coming up in our next half hour, the new developments in a so-called gone girl case california. it involves a woman kidnapped, her boyfriend tied up, and a ransom demand. police at one point called it a hoax, but now there's a new twist in the case. first, the murder trail that captivated the world. amanda knox, focus of a netflix documentary set to be released tonight, and what she said in an exclusive interview next.
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she was accused of murdering her college roommate in italy back in 2007, of course, convicted, freed, and then convicted again, and then found innocent once and for all by italy's highest court. >> now a true crime documentary on amanda knox set to be released on netflix tonight featuring chilling exclusive interview with robin roberts. >> the facts of the case, learning anything new because there's some people, i don't have to tell you, amanda, some people will never be convinced you're innocent, and others feel you have been wronged. there's, like, two camps here. is there anything new that's going to shed any light in this documentary? >> you know, what i really appreciate about this documentary is that they -- it's good journalism in the sense
3:20 am
the case, the reliable facts of the case, and they say, decide for yourself, and the other thing that they do is they ground the case in the criminal justice system and the people who implement it, and the people who are a part of it, and so by showing who was a part of it, not just me, not just my codefendant but the prosecutor and the media, they are shedding more light on what happened than all speculation that's been put out there combined. >> especially when you go to the prosecutor as portrayed in the documentaries, different than people think. i know that your motivation is to help. you could have sold this for a great deal of money and put it up on the big screen, but people involved in this documentary say you are not receiving a paycheck for this. you want to help people. when you think about the family, do you think about how it is for them to relive it and to have the story out here again?
3:21 am
and that's the really sad part about this tragedy is that as soon as the prosecutor made it about, like, it has to be amanda, it has to be amanda, they took away the fact that this case is about her and what the truth was about what happened to her. you know, she's been lost in all of that, and that doesn't change the fact that we have also an obligation to everyone that could potentially be innocent to, the sake of the victim and for the sake of them as well. >> so the family, the young lady that was killed, has not commented about the documentary, and it's not clear if they will as of yet. >> it's available for streaming on netflix at midnight tonight, and amanda said one year after that, she's still in the process of redeveloping her relationships and kind of getting accustomed to now being
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? it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ? ? everywhere you go ? ? take a look at the five and ten ? >> it either gets you in the mood for christmas or to sleep. a little johnny mathis. >> no time at least some people think so. did a survey and they found that a million people are done, completely done, with their christmas shopping. >> done. >> 34 million have already started. >> who are these people? >> not procrastinatoprocrastina. >> wow. >> they, yeah, they surveyed a thousand adults, by the way, 85 days left until christmas.
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this morning on "world news now", hillary clinton appeals to supporters in a key battleground state while donald trump opens new lines of attack saying she'd bring her husband's scandals back to the white house. investigation into the deadly commuter train crash in new jersey in the travelers the fright of their lives. now the search for the cause. new fears about the zika virus, pregnant women once again warned about travel overseas because of concerns of what the disease can do to their unborn children. where the concerns are centered coming up. two friends among hollywood's leading men giving each other a hard time. who is closer with their nfl favorite quarterback?
3:31 am
bromance battle with tom brady. it's in the skinny on this friday, september 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. a race to the white house is taking a personal turn, you'd say. >> donald trump said if hillary clinton wins would bring her husband's sex scandal to the white house, referred to the impeachment, but clinton says shfo with less than six weeks to go, they are zeroing in on the all-important battleground states. >> reporter: both candidates sprinting through as many must-win states as possible. >> we are starting to vote in iowa today. >> reporter: hillary clinton in iowa as the state kicks off early voting. >> we have 40 days to win an election that's going to affect the next 40 years of our country, and you, every one of you, can make the difference.
3:32 am
speaking for himself, firing back at a campaign stop in new hampshire. >> this will be the year the american people say, finally, enough is enough. it's going to start with new hampshire. >> reporter: trump's trying to push forward, but he can't quite seem to escape the backlash from this week's debate. on o'reilly, he's still claiming victory. >> i won the debate, some by a lot. >> reporter: but a senior aide in his campaign tells abc news says it's the candidate himself that source claims trump last his nerve in the debate and any failures were due to lack of execution, not preparation, but says the campaign has plenty of time to prepare for the next two debates which we're all looking forward to. >> aren't we all, maggie, thanks. as trump drudges up bill clinton's infidelities, newt gingrich advises him not to go there.
3:33 am
clinton, but he now says trump will never beat the clintons on that front calling the clintons, quote, the best gutter fighters we've seen in our lifetime. the washington post is out with a new report that says that the trump foundation failed to attain certification required by new york state in order to solicit money from the public. if the charity's found to be in violation of the law, it may be forced to stop raising money and actually some donations. so far, no comment from the trump campaign. funeral services held for the former israeli president and prime minister, peres. president obama is one of several paying a final tribute. they shared a similar vision for a two-state solution to resolve the israel-palestinian conflict. former president clinton is also attending. peres died wednesday after suffering a stroke two weeks ago. he was 93 years old.
3:34 am
one person was killed, and at least 114 injured when a new jersey transit train barrelled into the terminal thursday morning. officials say speed played a role in that crash. investigators say the engineer has been cooperative as they try to figure out why the train was moving so fast. commuters describe the mayhem and devastation. >> all the sudden, it was a big boom like metal on metal on i hit the wall. >> i thought we were going to die. i didn't think we were going to get out. >> it was initially a horrendous exploding noise and concrete dust, wires, and a train flying into the depot. >> afraid to get back on the train, and i've been commuting to new york city for 30 years. >> investigators are looking into whether safety devices on the train activated prior to the crash. they include a system that is supposed to stop locomotives if they are moving too fast headed
3:35 am
here's that part of the story. >> reporter: the devastation, crushed rail cars, and lack of braking indicating the transit train entered the station too fast. >> the train just plowed through whatever barrier was at the end of the track. >> it was just chaos. people running every way. >> reporter: the question, why? trains approaching traverse rail lines before the final slow speed straight away into the station, but this train may have been traveling 30 miles per hour according to accounts, slamming into a bumper stop, launching it into the air, and crushing into a wall. the 40-year-old engineer is said to be cooperating. they want to know if there's a mechanical problem or distracted or a medical issue, and foul play has not been ruled out. new jersey transit rail like all
3:36 am
>> hear that alarm? i have to put the brake on. >> reporter: computers and sensors installed all the way into the station and take over a speeding or dangerous train. >> if human error happens, it takes control of the train away from the engineer and bring the train to a stop. >> reporter: amtrak installed ptc on most of the northeast corridor after the 2015 train derailment in philadelphia. eight people died. speed was a factor in 2011. a mother's day commuter train crash at another station that left dozens injured. accidents, railroads have been slowed to adopt ptc and its automatic braking. as of july, new jersey transit reported not one of its trains, none of the tracks has the system. >> if this train had positive train control all the way into the station, could this accident been avoided? >> the ntsb have been recommending ptc for 40 years, so we will look at that. >> reporter: overnight, the hope
3:37 am
cameras that are on the train, but getting into the passenger cars may be difficult. that's because when the canopy collapsed, it collapsed with asbestos so special crews have to come in and could delay the investigation. abc news, new jersey. federal health officials issued a travel advisory for 11 countries in southeast asia. pregnant women advised to postpone trips to cambodia and east timor, i understan the warning is not as severe as those advising pregnant women to avoid caribbean country overwhelmed by the virus. the storm that drenched the mid-atlantic is on the move poised to slam into the northeast just in time for the weekend. more than 10 inches of rain soaked parts of north carolina triggering widespread flooding there. crews were busy for hours rescuing people stranded by the flash floods. dozens of roads are still washed out, and some dams are in danger of collapsing. in florida, family and friends bid an emotional
3:38 am
pitcher, jose fernandez. his pregnant girlfriend, baseball commissioner, and current and former teammates attended the private service. pal bearers wore black fernandez jerseys. fernandez and two friends died sunday in a bolt crash. red, white, and blue day at the white house, but it was more so on thursday. that's because team usa was there. president obama welcoming the team. the athletes who competed in the olympics and paralympics. 600 team members there and the president saluted them for representing the country and coming home 46 gold medals. >> greeted the gymnasts, smiles when they were on the floor doing splits. the president didn't quite get his split in. >> that could be dangerous. >> that could be dangerous.
3:39 am
>> a surf board. >> the gymnasts? >> the entire team usa as a collective gift. >> oh. they should give him gymnastics lessons. >> and then some. >> could you imagine if he did the splits? >> he was talking to the gymnasts, athletes, and said i was going to do a floor routine, but michelle said no, not to do it. it was cute. coming up in the skinny, a mission from britney spears, talking about the passage of time. so-called "gone girl" case, and who is pleading guilty and what the woman at the center of the case is now claiming. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
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wow. may be hard to believe looking at the pictures here, but the teenage girl driving that vehicle and her brother riding with her survived that incident. this is after slamming into the back of a school bus that was filled with students. amazingly, everyone survived without major injuries. the driver was pinned in the car for nearly two hours before emergency crews finally got her ou she and her brother were hurt, although, not seriously. there's stunning new developments in the so-called "gone girl" case in california. >> last march, a woman kidnapped. her boyfriend was tied up, and ransom demanded. at one point police thought it was all a hoax. >> now there's a new twist in the case. >> reporter: the california man at the center of a case making national headlines pleading guilty to one count of
3:44 am
and harvard law grad admitted to kidnap and threatened quinn, bound and drugged, she was thrown into a car trunk. her boyfriend tied up. a ransom demand, a proof of life recording. when huskins was dropped off hundreds of miles away, police accused the couple of a hoax, a real life "gone girl." >> it is mr. quinn and huskins that owe the community an apology. >> reporter: the police department saying they dealt with the evidence they had at the time. she said she was sexually assaulted speaking through her attorney. >> right from the beginning, law enforcement screwed up the investigation. >> reporter: they filed a defamation lawsuit against the city and two police officers saying it damaged their reputation and forced them to move.
3:45 am
muller apparently is a stranger to both. it was never revealed why he targeted the couple, and he's now suspected in several similar home invasions around that san francisco bay area. >> it is expected that family members say huskins and quinn will speak in the hearing. in exchange for the guilty plea, the u.s. attorneys office will not recommend he's sentenced to a prison term longer than 40 years behind bars. >> all right. when we come back, why lady gaga may get more applause than >> that's her move. stunning admissions. the skinny's next. "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
? ? it is time for your friday's skinny, and topping the headlines this morning, it's official.
3:48 am
bowl. >> kendis is pumped. the six-time grammy award winner tweeted, it's not an illusion, the rumors are true. this year's super bowl goes gaga. >> the announcement comes three weeks after dropping her new album, "perfect illusion." second year in a row she's making a super bowl appearance. remember the last one, she sang the national anthem? chest pump. rave reviews. there's the chest bump? i think it's here. >> when shsa >> you imitate it all the time. >> there it is. there it is. >> your favorite move. it's sunday, february 5th, 2017. do you like the chest pump better or the -- >> she's the gift that keeps on giving. >> next, a stunning admission from one of the queens of '90s pop. >> speaking of british tv, reflecting back on the previous
3:49 am
my 20s. 20s were horrible. teens was fun, but i like 30. 30s are great. >> in her defense, her 20s were rough. she got divorce twice. lost custody of her children, and was put under emergency psychiatric hold. one can understand why that was not her decade. >> cut the hair off, a bad performance on the vmas, but now she's got her act together and is back at the top of her game with a las vegas residency and hi >> and now she's looking forward to? her two sons' teenage years. >> wow. >> they are 10 and 11 right now. good luck with that. >> in her 40s, like, i don't know what i was thinking, but 30s were rough. two teenage boys. okay. so they are not brothers, but they do have a little healthy sibling rivalry. >> and now they are fighting
3:50 am
>> who doesn't? >> the two actors fought for the patriots' quarterback affection in a comic bit for charity online yesterday. >> comparing notes on who is closer to the star quarterback. accused each other of sucking up to him and even cut down each other. >> let me tell you something, if your chin was anything like tom's, that batman movie of yours would have made $4 billion recognizable of you, that big ugly chin. >> can you hear yourself? >> do you want to have this argument with. >> let's ask t-bone. >> that's not his nickname. >> hey, tom! tommy! >> i wonder what jimmy kimmel thinks about this. >> he has that ongoing fight with him. but luckily, no one mentioned deflate-gate. there are limits to the friendship. >> can't talk about that one? >> no, not with the besties. >> not there yet. a hollywood icon ready to let go of her massive, massive estate in palm springs.
3:51 am
? come and knock on our door ? >> remember "three's company," suzanne somers. >> i know her best. she's put her home on and off the market for nearly nine years, but the tenth time is apparently the charm for a cool $14.5 million. >> the south of france inspired main house was built in 1920 clinging to the mountain side and accessible only by a mechanic incline. >> the compound consists of five buildings spread out across 73 acres, ten bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and there's also a wine cellar, outdoor bath, and an amphitheater where barry manilow and others have performed. >> she bought the home with her husband in 1977, she was 31 at
3:52 am
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? ? all right. topping headlines this week, of course, we had the train crash in new jersey with followed with what many are calling a political train crash for donald trump on the debate stage. >> and the touching tributes for a major league baseball star taken far too early. rewind. >> we have a train that's gone into the station. >> we have multiple walking wounded. >> they went through the air, traveled about another 40 feet with a train flying into the depot. >> not complying, walking all over the parking lot. >> you killed my brother. >> our fathers and mothers are killed, and we can't see them
3:56 am
it's a shame we have to go through that graveyard and bury them. >> he was really rude with me. >> she was the worst we ever had. she was the winner, and, you know, she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. >> i have a feeling that by the end of this evening, i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i have a winning temperament. >> did anybody see that debate last night? he made it very clear that he didn't prepare for that debate. >> no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency, not barack, not bill, not anybody, and, yes, she happens to be a woman. >> any continent, mexico, canada, asia, south america, name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. >> i was calling out to my mom, and i didn't know that we were sinking until we sank.
3:57 am
league or something like that, that's the joy that jose played with, and in the passion he felt about playing. that's what i think about. >> hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you. >> life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> i had never seen so many in my life. >> tom hanks had a busy week. here in new york, he crashed a wedding in central park with this couple that was taking photos. >> he asked them for a photo and took a selfie with them, the ring bearer, and flower girl. next month, adopt a shelter dog month. kendis? >> hint. this is abc's world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here's the top headlines we're following for you on "world news now." the attacks in the presidential race are getting nastier by the day. donald trump is dredging up bill clinton's past against the advice of key allies, and meanwhile, trump and clinton are hitting the road in the battle ground states. the white oklahoma police officer who shot an unarmed black man is due in court today faced with first degree manslaughter in the death of crutcher. this is her first court appearance. relatives of a black man want full video of the incident released. they claim the single image of his encounter with officers misinformed the public. and legendary baseball announcer retires on sunday at
4:01 am
he's been the voice of the brooklyn and los angeles dodgers since 1950. those are some of our top stories we're following on this friday, september 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, we start this half hour with donald trump spinning off a new batch of allegations that he skirted the law. >> trump is denying a report that he violated embargo in the '90s, and he's also under fire for his foundation, this time accused of failing to get certification to solicit public donations. trump now saying the debate was rigged and he's taking aim at hillary clinton as a political insider. >> she had her financial backers, will say anything, do anything, lie about anything to keep the power, to keep their control over this country. the american people have had it
4:02 am
>> clinton took a dig at trump campaigning in iowa saying he was unsettled by mark cuban's presence at the debate and dismissed trump's attacks on her husband saying she plans to stick to the issues. >> he can run his campaign however he chooses. that's up to him. i'm going to keep talking about the stakes in this election. my agenda that will, i believe, increase growth, make it fairer, have it be lasting, deal with the real problems that families are confronting. >> clinton and trump have been criss crossing battleground states. she's headed to florida today, he's holding rallies in michigan. >> turning to ohio, a state playing a critical role in past presidential elections and gearing up to carry the same weight this november. it's your voice, your vote. more now from abc's marcy gonzalez. >> reporter: a historically key battleground state, and this
4:03 am
>> i think you have to go back to the civil war to find an event that equals this in polarization with the american population. >> reporter: this food and spirits in ohio, the owner gets a taste of it all from the arguments to the election exasperation. >> i'm naturally passionate and disappointed. i don't want either one. >> reporter: hoping to win over undecided voters, volunteers are working the phones in this critical swing state where 18 electoral votes are at stake. >> there's no state that's more important historically to republican chances. no republican ever won the presidency without winning ohio. >> reporter: polls show donald trump with a slight lead over hillary clinton here, though some believe the true indicator of which way the election will go lies here along lake eerie where the voters accurately
4:04 am
>> i think that ottawa county is a good indicator for the rest of the country. >> reporter: the program manager at the local radio station -- >> good morning, i'm bert fall, and you're listening to wcpr. >> reporter: hears a common theme from both sides of the aisle. >> i think a lot of people are unsure in this election. >> reporter: raising concerns about turnout in a state that's key in choosing the next president. >> get out and vote, heaven's sakes. the voters, the trump campaign is reportedly spending more on tv ads here in ohio than in any other state, and there are reports that clinton campaign has set aside more than $20 million for tv ads to run here between now and november. marcy gonzalez, abc news, marble head, ohio. jeb bush already said he's not voting for trump nor clinton, and now he's playing down reports that gary johnson is his man.
4:05 am
considering the libertarian candidate. a state funeral held in jerusalem for former israeli president and nobel laureate, peres, and president obama is among scores paying tribute to peres. he's speaking at the service as well as bill clinton. it's israel's largest state funeral, and peres, partner in peace, died from complications following a stroke, and he was investigators hope to get access to a train that slammed into a station in new jersey and recover the black box. the ntsb plans to speak with the engineer as investigators hope to piece together the moments before that tragedy. >> reporter: these are terrifying first images of the mangled mess inside the train station. the packed commuter train speeding through the barriers and crashing into the station.
4:06 am
8:05 a.m., surveillance video shows it headed south to the hoboken station where thousands of commuters pass through every morning. as it approached the busy station at 8:45 a.m., the train never slowed down. >> approaching the station, everybody's thinking the train is going to slow down, and it just collided. >> it went through the air, traveled about another 40 feet -- >> train flew into the depot. >> all the sudden, i just hear this wicked gnarly metal sound like nails on a chalk board. >> a few bleeding, some people couldn't walk, the conductor with blood all over his face and clothing. >> reporter: first responders arriving on scene, peering into windows looking for survivors. some still stuck inside. right outside, the chaos. police racing into the terminal as firefighters triage the
4:07 am
paramedics with stretchers and wheelchairs loading dozens in, treating a hundred injured, some critically. the engineer among those rushed to the hospital, he's been treated and released. many of those injured were on the platform including one woman who lost her life after being struck by flying debris they've been in and out of surgery all day long. the good nights right now is all of them are expected to survive. abc news, hoboken, new jersey. in western massachusetts, people at the fair had to be rescued after a ride malfunctioned. it stalled leaving riders stuck several feet off the ground. emergency crews removed dozens of kids one at a time as nervous parents watched from below. no injuries reported. it's unclear what caused that ride to stall. wells fargo's ceo wrapped up
4:08 am
john stumpf appeared before a very angry house financial services committee. he attempted to explain what management knew about the 2 million bogus deposit and credit card accounts opened by employees. stumpf apologized, but one lawmaker who happens to be a customer wasn't having it. >> i am deeply sorry that we've failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, to our team members, and to the american public. >> fraud is d. what happened at wells fargo over the course of many years cannot be described any other way. mr. stumpf, i regrettably have a mortgage with your bank. i wish i didn't. >> lawmakers say they may have violated federal racketeering and other laws. regulators are not saying whether the case has been referred to the department of justice. cleanup underway in the mid-atlantic after a vicious rainstorm.
4:09 am
long time residents say the flooding damage is the worst they've seen in more than a decade. that storm is now on the move where it's poised to unload from the detroit to d.c. all weekend long. accuweather has more on that and the status of hurricane matthew, justin, good morning. >> kendis, diane, thanks, good morning to you as well. >> a very soggy day for today, and believe it or not, we're still talking abo r this is not good news at all, especially given the very soggy situation we've been in with the recent flooding throughout virginia and southbound. notice the green covering the bulk of the northeast headed into saturday and also into sunday, so best advice is have the rain gear handy. out towards the west coast, a dramatic change. rain is in the forecast with even the potential for high mountain snow as we venture into sunday.
4:10 am
and then we have matthew churning in the west as this bends north to cuba this weekend. diane, kendis, back to you. it turns out that children of royalty are not all that different from commoners, especially when balloons and bubbles are involved. >> so this super cute prince george and princess charlotte could barely decide where to start because there was so much to do at a children's party in british columbia. >> they made a beeline to the balloon sculpture and then bubbles. do kept calling them back. >> even i like balloons and bubbles. everyone likes balloons and bubbles. >> yes. i know how devastated you were about the bubble wrap, no bubbles anymore. >> it doesn't pop. i'm outraged. i don't know about everybody else. >> the royals had their fun week there in british columbia, and
4:11 am
away with their nanny to a petting zoo the other day. >> that's right. this is their first public appearance, first time we're seeing them since they arrived, and since george snubbed the prime minister of canada. >> yes. the petting zoo was a secret little thing that wasn't supposed to be public, but there's been social media posts of him just petting -- 17-year-old goat there in b.c. cute. >> so cute. >> yeah. well, coming up, a look at what it takes to make your way through veterinary school. an emotional reunion decades in the making, a mother and daughter back together after spending most of their lives apart. first here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather
4:12 am
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pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. a fire in northern california santa cruz mountains spread to six and a half square miles. so far flames destroyed eight
4:15 am
structures. new details surfaces in the south carolina shooting. police say a teenager first killed his father before going to the elementary school and opening fire. >> we are learning there were warning signs about that boy years ago. >> move that patient towards the helicopter. >> reporter: cell phones in the pockets of frightened parents burning up at 1:45 p.m. just before the end of classes in townville elementary. >> we have report of a third patient. >> reporter: police say a local teenager armed with a handgun appeared at a playground behind the school and started shooting at teachers and children. >> i think there were some students out in the recess area, and the shooting may have occurred there and the teacher got the students in the classroom. >> reporter: a young boy shot in the leg, another boy in the foot, a teacher trying to keep the kids safe shot in the shoulder, one flown to a hospital in greenville, south
4:16 am
police got here fast, and seven minutes, they had the teen in custody. snipers went to the roof to clear the building while this all too familiar scene of moving children by school bus to a nearby church played out. >> everybody stay in your lines, please. >> reporter: parents couldn't get to their children fast enough. >> worst phone call you're going to get. got here fast as i could. >> reporter: two miles from the school, another crime scene, police say it's the father of osborne. he's been shot dead. the son was home schooled, and they're not sure why he targeted the elementary school. school is cancelled for the rest of the week. in a statement of her own, the teen's mother says she's shocked and saddened by the senseless actions of her son. abc news, townville, south carolina. a mother and child reunion, some 60 years in the making at the age of 17, she was forced to give her child up for adoption. she says she begged the social
4:17 am
>> 60 years later, a cousin asked jenna if she wanted to locate her birth mother. they found her who said her prayers were answered and had first reunion over the summer. if you love animals, what better job than a veterinarian? >> hold on. we'll tell you about it. we'll be right back.
4:18 am
4:19 am
being a vet seems like a dream job for animal lovers. >> a reality series shines a spotlight on what we don't know on how to get there. >> you can't put out this fire, no matter what you throw at me. >> reporter: animal planet's new reality series follows students months away from graduation. >> it is alive and breathing? >> reporter: as they try to prove that they have what it takes. >> guess what? saved a life today. >> like getting into fort knox. >> reporter: rebecca, one of the students, a die hard dog lover, her passion for pets led her to her career. >> very relaxed, sleeps most of the day. >> hi, buddy. look at those eyes. >> reporter: and even helped her dating life. >> he actually introduced me to your fiance, 60 pounds of dog food i struggled to carry, and
4:20 am
kid off the elevator is single and wants to carry your dog food. we dated ever since. >> reporter: becoming a vet takes more than a love of animals, but time and labor intensive. >> do you think for the most part people have no idea of all that it takes to become a veterinarian? >> i really think most people have absolutely no idea. we have the exact same things for animals that they do for humans. we have dermatologists. we have cardiologists, >> oncologists. >> oncologists. you name it, we have it. we do everything that, if you go to the emergency room, you get done. >> reporter: and there's a lot more variety when it comes to animals. over the new bolton center, they talk about taking on challenges that comes with treating larger animals. >> we are a large animal hospital. i do a lot with horses, and we treat goats, sheep, cow, pig, llama, you name it, we've seen it. >> reporter: the past patients have been elite athletes.
4:21 am
>> reporter: and exotic animals like a zebra with arthritis. >> that one looks pretty close. >> better. >> yeah. >> that looks good. >> reporter: today, helping a horse who pulled up lame who managed to stay calm. she was one of her students. >> her temperature's 102.7. you learn about every single species. it's about taking whatever learning experiences there are and applying them ho tow it's going to help you. >> reporter: for the new vets, getting here was worth all the toil and sacrifice. do you love what you do? >> 100%. i can truly say there's not been a day that goes by that i'm not
4:22 am
>> for nightline, i'm lindsey david. >> this starts on animal planet tomorrow night. >> that's cool. >> i can't wait to see it. side. her advice? use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it's uniquely formulated with activestrength technology to strengthen teeth inside and is better at strengthening the outside than colgate total. crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my whole mouth feel amazing. advance to healthier gums
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(?) (?) when you are suffering from chest congestion try mucinex 12-hour. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands.
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time now for insomniacs theater. >> starting with the true to life thriller, deep water horizon. an oil rig engineer is battling visiting bp executives, incoming one played by john malkovich insists a drilling operation go forward despite safety risks. >> where do i start? process station 18, telephone system, pipe bracket system, antenna, direct tv system, wireless interpret, rack back system, draw control, salt weather, smoke alarms in the gally. the reason you are sweating so
4:26 am
>> yeah. >> of course, we know how it plays out, and so did the critics who are giving "deep water horizon" 38% on rotten tomatoes, saying it is a grueling disaster movie and reminder of one company's catastrophic oversights and it stands as a worthy tribute to the brave men involved. peter writes, for a movie in which you can't follow what's going on for 75% of the time, it proves remarkably thrilling. >> huh. favorite, tim burton based on the novel by ransom rigs, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children. a boy investigate's his grandfather's past, but as he meetings friends with special powers, he notices he can save them all. >> i knew you were one of us when you were born.
4:27 am
>> i'm just ordinary. >> no, you're not. you were born to protect us. >> promise me one thing, look after them, jake. >> i promise. >> the movie scoring only 60% on rotten tomatoes. the critics are giving the movie mixed reviews. writing the film adheres to the story telling template of the worst young adult format, the mythology, the tired romance, and boring, but another says has all the makings of a super franchise the call of destiny, making of hue rows and kinship and coming to terms with your inner freak. >> sounds like the perfect movie. that's the news for this half hour, everyone. >> follow us on facebook at
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
making news in america this friday morning -- deadly crash. a train packed with passengers slamming into a station, parts of the old building collapsing as crews help the injured. what we're learning about the young woman who was killed and the train's engineer. we're live at the scene. overnight, hurricane matthew islo strength. now a powerful category 2 with the u.s. in its sights. we're tracking its path. a major u.s. newspaper breaking its nonendorsement tradition, telling voters to stay away from one of the two candidates. and protests are growing violent two days after deadly police-involved shooting. overnight, demonstrators smashed windows as police used pepper spray.


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