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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news in america this friday morning -- deadly crash. a train packed with passengers slamming into a station, parts of the old building collapsing as crews help the injured. what we're learning about the young woman who was killed and the train's engineer. we're live at the scene. overnight, hurricane matthew islo strength. now a powerful category 2 with the u.s. in its sights. we're tracking its path. a major u.s. newspaper breaking its nonendorsement tradition, telling voters to stay away from one of the two candidates. and protests are growing violent two days after deadly police-involved shooting. overnight, demonstrators smashed windows as police used pepper spray.
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today, federal investigators excuse me, hope to gain access to a mangled commuter train that plowed into a new jersey station. >> there were safety concerns that prevented investigators from getting close to the scene. after yesterday's deadly crash. the new jersey transit train slammed into a wall at the hoboken platform during the busy morning commute. >> the crash killed one person. a 34-year-old woman who had just dropped her child off at day care. she wasn't actually on the investigators say she was killed by flying debris. >> the focus today will turn to the engineer. a 48-year-old new jersey resident. he's been released from the hospital. stephanie ramos joins us with more live from hoboken. stephanie, good morning. what are we learning? >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. here at hoboken, you can see fire crews, police. yellow tape positioned outside of the train station. there are so many questions as to why this new jersey transit train carrying hundreds of people slammed into the station
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hoboken terminal. we need multiple ems for multiple injuries. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating the deadly new jersey transit train crash at one of new york city's busiest commuter hubs. >> people are running every way. >> reporter: it was mass chaos after the train barreled through the station in hoboken, new jersey, leaving debris everywhere and passengers stunned. >> are you okay? >> reporter: in these images, you can see passengers scrambling off the mangled the crash. >> we ran over. a lot of people were kicking out windows, trying to exit the train. >> reporter: many of the injured were on the platform. including 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon. who lost her life after being hit by flying debris. more than 100 people were hurt, including the train's edge year, thomas gallagher, who was later released from the hospital and is said to be cooperating with investigators. >> the ntsb will examine the
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determinations. >> reporter: the video shows the train heading south. shortly before 9:00 a.m., the train inching closer toward the station never slows down. >> through the air. traveled about 40 feet. and the train flying into the depot. >> you heard a ka-boom. the whole place shook. >> reporter: investigators will be here on the scene for at least another week. they'll try to recover the data recorder as well as two cameras from the train. >> they're hoping those will give them a clue why the train was going so fast. stephanie, thank you. >> and, stephanie, i know that it's also, they're trying to get to that second black box. why is that so difficult? >> reporter: well, the ntsb says it's not safe for the investigators. that's because the crash caused part of the roof of the building to collapse. because this structure is very old, there's a possibility of asbestos inside.
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investigators to get in there, recover the second black box safely. >> it will be a rough commute, no doubt, for many people. thousands of people that use that station this morning. stephanie ramos, in hoboken, thank you. >> and the crash has brought positive train control, ptc, as it's known back in the headlines. >> the technology automatically slows trains when they exceed the speed limit. new jersey transit does not have ptc software locomotives or its tracks. david kerley asked the ntsb's vice chairman whether ptc could have made a difference in hoboken. >> if this train had positive train control all the way into the station, could this accident have been avoided? >> the ntsb has been recommending ptc for 40 years. so we will look at that. >> new jersey transit trains have a system inside their cabs that alerts engineers if they're
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and in jerusalem, funeral services are under way for former president and prime minister of israel shimon peres. benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas greeted each other with a hand shake. mahmoud abbas is one of dozens of world leaders attending that service. >> and president obama and former president bill clinton are also paying tribute to one of the world's greatest former statesmen. we're just now learning about what shimon his greatest accomplishment. he said an take was imminent. but the paper could only report that after he was dead. peres died after complications from a stroke. he was 93 years old. overnight, hurricane matthew strengthened into a powerful category 2 storm. the hurricane has been rolling through the caribbean, pummeling the islands. this new video shows the damage left behind in st. vincent. the hurricane is likely to
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accuweather's justin povick tracking its path. >> diane and kendis, thanks. and good morning to you, as well. we have a strengthening hurricane over the south central caribbean. movement takes this off to the west over the course of the next couple of days. not completely organized just yet. it has me to believe this could become stronger down the line. over the weekend and and early next week, it will be curling off to the north, impact felt possibly over jamaica and into cuba. diane, kendis, back to you. >> we'll continue the keep an eye on that. here at home, a nasty storm system has begun its assault in the northeast. flood waters filled the streets of old town alexandria. in northern virginia overnight. and drenched the greater d.c. area. the same storm has devastated much of north carolina, where more than ten inches of rain produced widespread flooding. the obamas welcomed this year's olympic and paralympic athletes to the white house. >> looking to show off his
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a split as 4 of the final 5 watched. they gave the president a perfect 10. >> i don't know if he earned it for that split. >> i don't know if that was a split or whatever, he was just kneeling down. he congratulated all the athletes for making the country proud. >> certainly, they did. still ahead, one of the country's most read newspapers is weighing in on a presidential race for the first time with a warning about one candidate. police made several arrests overnight as people protest the in el cajon. we have details about multiple attempts to deport the man who was shot. and passengers rescued on a fairground ride after getting
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so the "usa today" has broken tradition, taking sides in a presidential race for the first time. not in the form of an endorsement. >> instead, the editorial board is urging americans not to vote for donald trump, saying he's unfit for the presidency. the paper describes trump as an erratic serial liar. with a checkered business career. but here's the thing. the paper is not endorsing clinton either. it trump's family charity is again under scrutiny. "the washington post" reports the trump foundation failed to attain the certification from new york state to solicit money from the public. if the charity is found to be in violation of that law, it may be forced to not only stop raising money but also return donations. so far, there's no comment from the trump campaign. the republican nominee is dredging up bill clinton's past. saying a hillary clinton victory would bring her husband's sex
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about the former president's impeachment. trump is saying the debate was rigged. yet he's denying that hillary clinton got the best of him. >> i don't think i took the bait. you know, every online poll had me winning the debate. so every single one of them, many of them. i found it to be an amazing experience, actually. we had 88 million people or something around that number. and i just found it to be an amazing experience. >> well, in that new interview, trump reacted to the "newsweek" article that he violated the u.s.-cuba embargo. he denies he ever did business with cuba. clinton criticized trump for his alleged ties to cuba. when asked about trump bringing up her husband's past, she says she's not going to comment on how he runs his campaign. clinton, by the way, today is in florida. trump is in michigan. wells fargo's ceo wraps up a brutal week on capitol hill. john stumpf was grilled by a
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he attempted to explain what management new about the 2 million bogus accounts opened by employees. stumpf apologized. one lawmaker who happens to be a customer wasn't having it. >> i'm deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, our team members, and the american public. >> fraud is fraud. theft is theft. and what happened at wells fargo over the course of many years mr. stumpf, i regrettably have a mortgage with your bank. i wish i didn't. >> lawmakers say wells fargo may have violated federal racketeering and other laws. regulators are not saying whether the case has been referred to the department of justice. when we come back, a murder mystery halfway around the world. investigators are searching for answers after two americans were found dead at a luxury resort.
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a wildfire moving across the santa cruz mountains threatens more than 300 structures. fire crews hope to have it fully contained by monday. rain is a big problem for millions of commute frers detroit to d.c. and from be on the lookout for showers and possible flash floods from montana to new mexico. if you're plix airport delays most likely in detroit, d.c., philadelphia, and new york. police and demonstrators squared off in el cajon california overnight. >> at least two people were arrested on the third night of demonstrations. meanwhile, relatives of alfred olongo want video of his shooting made public.
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u.s. from uganda and escaped the dangers of war. >> we wanted protection. that's why we're here. but now, i ask the question, where should we go? >> olango came to the u.s. as a refugee in 1991. he was ordered to be deported twice after pair of felony convictions. immigration authorities were not able to get the prope two sisters found dead after the african coast. members of their grieving family heading to the paradise to bring them home for burial. >> reporter: two sisters' dream vacation turned into one family's nightmare. 42-year-old rob frn chicago and her sister, 37-year-old annie from denver, found dead in their room. mysteriously passing away during
4:47 am
$2000 a night resort in the seychelles, a chain of islands in the indian ocean. the trip was part of nearly month-long vacation in africa. days after posting these pictures, a terrible end. the hotel saying the pair was discovered when an employee of the hotel tried to wake them in their villa. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. reports, the day before the pair had been seen drinking at the resort and later were helped to their rooms by staff. police say when they were discovered the next morning there were no visible science of injuries that were found on the bodies. in western massachusetts, people at the big "e" fair had to be rescued after a ride sfamd emergency crews had to remover dozens of kids one at a time as nervous parents watched from
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that to happen. and a controversy ending a baseball game. >> here's our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. we had the idea of kenny doing the whole segment while i watched. greg said only if i had a smile on my face. i deferred. >> too esoteric. this game was tied. molina at the plate. bottom of the ninth. in st. watch what happens. it bounces. that went into the stands. >> so it should be a ground rule double. >> should be runners at second and third. the cardinals have woint. oh, i guess we're not going to show all the other stuff. any way, it's weird. read a newspaper. >> the reds didn't challenge in time to sum it up. which kenny couldn't do. here's the thing. the giants were up a game on the cardinals. >> and had to be mad.
4:49 am
cardinals. both trailing the mets. there's only 2 of the 3 getting into the wild card. johnny cueto got it done. the giants, who can't score any runs got seven. so they're still up on the cardinals. >> in football action, the bengals vanquished the dolphins. >> vanquished? >> that's a word. >> all right. up next in "the pulse," the global superstar time show. and good grief. the surprising number of people already done with their christmas shopping. ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression.
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for super bowl 51. the illusion. >> referring to her song. she performed at the super bowl already this year. the super bowl is set for sunday, february 5, 2017 in houston. it's being called a monster bowl now. >> a monster bowl. >> referring to her fans. golf's ryder cup gets under it has a raucous reputation. this year, that raucous atmosphere began in practice. >> some europeans were on the practice green yesterday. there was some guy heckling them. fan. who said he could make that putt. they called him over, david johnson, of north dakota there. putt on the spot. golfer justin rose put a $100 bill right next to the ball. and -- >> boom! >> he backs it up.
4:53 am
>> i got there and i said, well, let's live it up. i looked at the pud for about a minute, they had to have been like, somewhat this guy doing? just enjoying the moment. happened to make it. surreal moment. great expeer -- great moment. something i'll never forget. that's for sure. >> there with a golfing great. rory mcilroy was there. johnson said he's going to frame the $100 bill and hang i office. >> europe's henrik stenson calls johnson the man of the hour, the day, and the week. the u.s. team is hoping that some of that luck rubs off on them. it's not october yet. most of us have not thought about halloween. however, some are already in the christmas spirit. zblun believable. not true for everyone. about 34 million americans have already started christmas
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checking our top stories. the ntsb is preparing to speak with the engineer of the commuter train that crashed in hoboken, new jersey. one person was killed. more than 100 others injured. the train was traveling too fast. president obama spoke. this morning, the shimon peres. the storm that drenched the mid-atlantic is on the move north over the weekend. streets of alexandria were flooded. >> heavy rain from the northeast to the great leaks. thunderstorms from montana to new mexico. sunny and dry almost everywhere else. 77 in denver. well, finally, from us. the first presidential debate gave the late night comics
4:58 am
>> trump sound like he was fighting off a cold, uh, with cocaine. >> we have to renegotiate our trade deals. >> he sounded like the coked up best man in the bathroom at a wedding. no, no, you guys. i got it. i know what can fix the entire e connie. >> i'm not sure what's causing trump to sniffle. it's possible he's alernlgingic to whatever animal has gently fallen ep head. >> perhaps we'll be talking about that later. but we have to stop. companies are doing this. and why hasn't she made the agreements better? >> i prepared to be president. i think that's a good thing. >> hillary was so prepared, my new nickname for her is preparation "h." and we did not have to wait long for the first lie. >> donald, it's good to be with you.
4:59 am
the lies, hillary! >> where are the fact-checkers? where are the fact-checkers? >> even mel lan ya was in the audience like, it's never good to be with him. don't lie. >> the best moment had nothing to do with donald or hillary. it was when bill said hello to melania before the debate started. you couldn't hear what was said. pretend like we're shaking. hello, ivanka. >> still got it. still got it. bill gets an opportunity to do it again at the next debate on the 9th. >> the gifs just keep on coming. that's what's making news in
5:00 am
erin: now on "daybreak," a murder victim's sexual record shall remain private. what it means. >> i'm here in hoboken. >> the upcoming weather leads to bitter medicine. how much rain and how much of the weekend is soggy? erin: the latest plot to steal your identity. people here in new hampshire are being targeted. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9


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