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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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erin: now on "daybreak," a murder victim's sexual history will remain private. what the new ruling means for potential victims in the future. reporter: up next the latest on the deadly crash in hoboken. here where the investigation stands now coming up. chris: the upcoming weather makes for bitter medicine. we need the rain. how much do we get and how much of the weekend remains erin: frightening scheme. the latest plot to steal your identity. people here in new hampshire are being targeted. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good friday morning to you, new hampshire. thanks for ending your week with us. we appreciate that. i'm erin fehlau. we want to take a look at your forecast as we head into the weekend.
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for kevin this morning. it is so good to see you here. chris: it is awesome to be here. it is fun to fill in for kevin and see all of you guys again after so long. it is great to tell you about a weekend full of rain. wah wah. well, anyway. we really do need the rain. we are not just saying that. there's a severe drought in south eastern new hampshire. the timing could be better. temperatures in the 30's up not north country. it is mainly clear. there's se clouds. that will be mainly clear up in the north country and mainly cloudy in south eastern new hampshire. we have a batch of rain that's moving into cape cod. most of that stays out to sea. the stuff to the west will not. we are dealing with a day in the 50's in most of of southern new hampshire. in the 60's up to the north. you see most of the sun. it doesn't look like the weather is going to affect the morning commute. for a look at what does
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state, we're joined live by wzid's and my personal friend, deb davidson. hi, deb. deb: hi, chris. it is great to be here with this you morning. we're seeing some delays through durham. that's due to a crash that has the road closed in both directions. emergency vehicles are trying to get that cleaned out of the way before the rush hour really gets going this morning. 93 southbound is moving well through the state as is 293 as you make the everett turnpike is up to speed from bedford into nashua. the traffic update brought to you by autofair. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. all right. the new hampshire supreme court is upholding the rape shield law. they say the sexual history of a murder victim will remain sealed. yesterday's decision overturns a prior ruling.
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live outside of the supreme court in concord to explain the ruling. good morning, ray. ray: good morning. victim's rights advocates are calling the ruling ground breaking. they say it will help protect future victims of sexual assault. the ruling by the state supreme court means that lizzi marriott's sexual history will remain private. she was the u.n.h. student killed in 2012. attorneys for seth mazzaglia, the man convicted of killing her and sentenced to life in prison, wanted to use the history as part of his office, state leaders with and the victim's family objected to the release of the documents, saying the state's rape shield law protects victims from having their sexual histories made public. >> we believe it was the right thing for the new hampshire supreme court to stay in line with the other 49 states and protect the victim's rights. >> advocacy group, not just in new hampshire but across the country, were waiting to see what decision would come down from the supreme court in new hampshire.
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comment on the ruling. no word yet on any reaction from seth mazzaglia's attorneys. reporting live outside of the state supreme court, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: all right. thank you. new on "daybreak," the national guard helped rescue an injured hiker in franconia yesterday. fish and game officials say a man from florida suffered serious head and neck injuries when he fell yesterday afternoon. other hikers helped stabilize him. the national guard used a helicopter t him to dartmouth hitchcock. federal investigators are trying to figure out how fast the commuter train was going when it slammed into the station during rush hour yesterday morning killing one person and injuries more than 100 others. part of that station is still closed this morning as officials continue to sift through the wreckage. abc's stephanie ramos is in hoboken this morning. >> we have a row that is
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multiple ems for multiple injuries. >> they are investigating the deadly new jersey transit train crash as one of the busiest commuter hubs. >> people were running everywhere. >> it was mass chaos as the train derailed leaving debris everywhere and passengers stunned. in the images, you can see passengers scramble moments after the crash. >> reran over. there were a lot of windows. reporter: many injured were on the platform, including a woman that lost her life after being hit by flying debris. more than 100 people were hurt, including the engineer, thomas gallagher, who was later released and said to be cooperating. >> the ntsb will determine the facts and the cause and issue a report of those determinations. reporter: surveillance video shows the train heading south toward
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shortly before 9:00 a.m., the train inching closer toward the station and never slows down. >> right through the air and shoveled about another 40 feet and the train flying into the depot. >> these are -- you heard a kaboom. the whole place shook. reporter: investigators will be here at least another week trying to figure out why the train sped into the station the way it did. they hope to recover the data recorder as well as two cameras from the train. stephanie ramos, abc jersey. erin: a woman con viced for her role in trying to rob a 65-year-old woman in manchester will spend the next years behind bars. amanda gurley is one of four people charged. the victim pulled a gun and shot an attacker. she says she no longer feels safe, but would do the same thing again if ever faced with that situation. >> without question you are a threat and a danger to the general public and especially
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i'm a mother. i just want to get my daughter home. i want to get back to work. to get back to my normal life. erin: gurley says she's battled addiction. her life spiraled out of control after her mother died. the suspect who was shot is still awaiting trial. merrimack police arrested a man from new york who say they is part of frightening scheme. charles washington is charged with burglary and receiving stolen property. over the last several weeks, they've received reports of men going to homes and asking for mail delivered with someone else's name on it. a woman was on the phone with officers when he barged into her home and grabbed the mail. they think it is part of a larger group taking personal information and used it to get credit cards and other people's
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hampshire. what republican, donald trump, focused on during a rally in bedford. >> so many men and women have died for the country fighting for the freedoms. it would be a real slap in the face if i gave up on myself. erin: a veteran who nearly lost his life is on a mission to inspire. his story is incredible. ahead in your next half an hour, there's an important warning this morning about a new version of fentanyl that's even more deadly. it is 6:08. yo
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you. chris: welcome back, folks. it is 6:10 in the morning. we're taking a poster picture shot at portsmouth. 48 agrees. a patchwork of clouds
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the background. that sun is going to fade. we're going to have rain in the forecast. the storm watch 9 forecast coming your way in just a few minutes. erin: the elections are just over a month away. kelly ayotte and maggie hassan will face off for the first debate today. this morning's debate at the north conway grand hotel starts at 9:00. it is the first of six scheduled debates. recent polls show that ayotte and hassan are locked in a dead heat. about 850 peopl republican presidential nominee, donald trump, speech in bedford. in a one on one interview, he sounded off against political ads targets his treatment of women and any accusations he violated the embargo with cuba in the late 1990's. he started by talking about the drug crisis. >> the beautiful place. the biggest problem they have the drugs and heroin coming in.
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southern border. i made a promise to the people of new hampshire that if i win, we're gone to stop it. erin: hillary clinton, who was here on wednesday, was in another battleground state yesterday. she made a total of ten stops in iowa, where early voting kicked off. her campaign is hoping to follow the strategy of getting people in battleground states to cast their ballots before november. if you are looking for some inspiration or motivation, you have to listen to this. sergeant, travis mills, spoke to the crowd last night. the main man was serving his third tour of duty in afghanistan back in 2012 when he stepped in an i.e.d. and lost his arms and legs. mills is one of only five quadruple amputees from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. he says he's termed -- determined to live his life to the fullest. >> there's two options. you can sit here and mope about it or get up
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there. my daughter was still looking up to me. she was six months old. i was still going to be her dad. my wife said she wasn't going to leave me. i told her to take everything and go. there's no reason i should let this get me down. erin: he's not letting it get him down. he's written a book about his journey. he founded a non-profit to help wounded veterans and their families. to learn more about his efforts, you can go to the web site at erin: it is now 6:13. coming up, a ferrari for practical, everyday use. we are going to check out the newest luxury sports car. plus we're going to tell you how many people u.p.s. is looking to hire in southern new hampshire for the holidays. and this week's adopt a pet is rufus, he's a basset hound lab mix. he's never met a
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has lots of energy. for more information, go to my prescription costs keep going up.
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kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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erin: efforts to tackle hunger in new hampshire continue tonight. you can donate non-perishable food items at the new hampshire food bank at a total of seven high schools. you can see the towns list on your screen. the campaign has collected more than 32,000 pounds with a dozen games to go. the drought is taking a serious tolls on parts of new hampshire. now state environmental officials want to find out just how bad the financial impact are. the state is asking anyone who has or is facing water supply issues to fill out an online survey about their financial challenges. you can find the survey at it is unlikely drought conditions will end
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believe. the holidays are right around the corner. u.p.s. is getting ready. the shipping giant hopes to hire more than 700 workers in the manchester nashua area this holiday season. around the country, u.p.s. plans to hire 95,000 seasonal employees. and if you feel the need for speed, ferrari has a couple of new options for you. the auto maker unveiled the convertible version of the extreme sports car. it features a engine with an output of 750 horsepower and top speed of 217 miles. per hour. the model is sold out, ferrari has announced it says it is going to put an everyday day for practical use out there on the market. the 4c has a turbo charged v8, can it do zero to 60 in under 3.85
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$250,000. chris: every day use. a good family car. child seat in the back. erin: $250,000. chris: must be nice. must be really nice. the weather forecast for the weekend, not so nice. we need the rain. we need the rain. i know it sounds like i'm speaking by rote. we really do need the rain. we heard what erin was saying a couple of stories about the drought and potential economic impacts. certainly the drought has been very severe hampshire. this is where we expect most of the rain to arrive. mainly overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. it is cooler off to the north buzz, well, it is farther north. also because it is mostly clear there. ironically, you are going to be the warm part of the state today. you are going to see most of the sun as the clouds ride in from the south. so we looing at the current satellite view, it is a patchwork of clouds. we're not picking up the fog on the satellite view. there's patchy fog where it has been partly to mostly clear. we have a line of rain that's moving into cape
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shore of boston, you may run into it. this little bit right here that's starting to form is going to move across southern new hampshire with some showers. it is the pin wheel of misfortune. it is fortunate. we need the rain. that's going to set up a constant fetch of rain moving in. what could add a lot more rain? a hurricane. this is hurricane matthew well to the south. it is to the south of cuba right now. however it is going to meander around and e possible category 3 storm. it could cross cuba and plant itself in the bahamas near floor off of the coast. at least within the cone of uncertainty. it could be near new hampshire or parts of the east coast by the end of the next week. although it looks like right at least by some the models that i favor, it is going to stay more out to sea. still very close ball. we'll have to keep a close eye on it. temperatures today only in the 50's at the shore of.
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arrives late in the day. 60's elsewhere. here's how it breaks down for you. you can see the temperatures warmest off to the north and west. you are near the ocean. the temperatures are only in the 50's across central and southern new hampshire. for overnight tonight, that's when the rain comes in. rain and drizzle. it could see one to two inches of rain in some of the worst drought-stricken areas. that would be fantastic. temperatures dropping into the 40's and 50's. here's how it breaks town. the clouds stay the thickest across the southernmost new hampshire. coolest off to the north where the clouds take the longest. you don't get any rain in the north country. it is not even going to be as heavy until early tomorrow morning. it is pretty much a damp one tomorrow. less so in the afternoon. could get some breaks of sunshine by sunday afternoon, especially forth and west. monday looks nice. a few leftover shower. we're in the mid 60's. cooler on tuesday. wednesday and thursday as long as matthews
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fantastic. upper 60's to near 70 with sun. erin: you know they would like the days will be saturday and sunday. chris: we've got to work on that. needs improvement. erin: i know; right? we want to check our top stories with ray brewer. ray: the state supreme court has reversed an earlier decision. victim rights advocates are hailing the decision calling the ruling ground breaking. the court ruling means that lizzi marriott's sexual history will remain private. the court earlier said her kil the conviction could have used it. attorneys for seth mazzaglia wanted to use the history as part of the appeal. the attorney general's office stating the families objecting to the release of the documents, saying the rape shield law protects victims. now the court agrees. erin: the national guard helped rescue an injured hiker in franconia yesterday. fish and game say a man from florida suffered serious head and neck injuries when he fell yesterday afternoon.
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they've discovered a new scheme to steal people's identities and open credit cards. thieves are showing up at homes to get mail addressed to someone else. coming up on "daybreak" this friday, taking down the pros. how a heckler at the ryder cup managed to get praise from the golfers
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there's a reason cnbc named new hampshire the most business friendly state in the nation: maggie hassan's approach to innovation and business development. controlling spending. smart investments in education. and hassan's balanced budget was a bi-partisan "compromise" the telegraph said "worked." cutting taxes for small businesses. targeting millions to fight the opioid crisis. all with no income or sales tax. working across party lines is how maggie hassan makes new hampshire work for us. i'm maggie hassan
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erin: if you are going to heckle be able to back up your talk; right? apparently this fan here can back up his talk. a fan started ribbing golfer, rory mcilroy, during practice for the ryder cup after several members for the team europe missed the same shot. chris: professional golfer, justin rose, placed $100 and challenged the fan to make the putt himself. look at it.
6:26 am
walked away with the cash and bragging rights. erin: you know everyone in the crowd is like this guy is not going to make it. no way. he's not going to get it. he did. wow. that's amazing. going to back-to-back super bowls is tough, unless you are lady gaga. she will headline the show in houston. chris: i'm just learning about this. she earns at super bowl l. erin: you know her show is going to be interesting. i can't wait to see what she puts together and what she wears. chris: incredible talent too. erin: i know. she's a great singer. how you could get the chance to hang out with tom brady, matt damon, and ben affleck at the same time.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning to you. it is friday, and as we look out on to the big lake there in mer death, we're seeing temperatures in the 40's. it is a cooler morning. looks lik that in the forecast. first the top stories. the details of murder victim lizzi marriott's sexual history will remain sealed after the new hampshire supreme court decided to uphold the rape shield law. first responders are being warned about a new version of fentanyl that can be deadly if it is inhaled or absorbed through the skin. a man convicted of a
6:31 am
years from prison. chris joins us this morning. we're in for a rainy forecast. the other guys didn't want to give the bad news? >> i guess not. i picked the short straw. i picked the long straw. i get to, with you even if i have to talk about rain. we need the rain in southeast new hampshire. we're going to get it. it is going to be pretty significant rain by tonight. temperatures starting off in the 30's north. there's some patchy fog. we have some rain. it is not so much here eventually it will make its way north as we move through the afternoon. first arriving in southern new hampshire by late afternoon, early evening, and it could affect parts of the evening commute. but the morning commute itself looks okay with the temperatures in the 50's and 60's. coolest weather in southern new hampshire. the warmest weather thereby up north. erin: any rain we get, we need it. we check the roads right now. here's a live look at
6:32 am
hooksett. chris: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. how is it looking out there? deb: it is looking pretty decent. we're not seeing any problems through the state. everything is up to speed with no delays. we're not seeing any delays on interstate 89 from concord to lebanon and back down into concord. 101, 111, and 95 are up to speed to friday morning commute. this report is brought to you by autofair from the traffic network. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: new hampshire supreme court has decided to uphold the state's rape shield law. that means that the sexual history of murdered u.n.h. student, lizzi marriott, will remain sealed. ray brewer live now. he's at the state supreme court in concord to tell us how this ruling is going to impact the future cases as well.
6:33 am
ray: good morning, erin. legal analyst that we spoke with said that the state supreme court's decision honoring the rape shield law will protect future victims of sexual assault. victim's rights advocates are calling the ruling ground breaking. the state's highest court ruled to keep the sexual history of murder victim lizzi marriott private reversing the earlier decision that would have unsealed document to be used in the killers appeal. >> we believe it washe other 49 states and protect the victim's rights. ray: marriott was murdered in 2012. her killer, convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. his attorneys requested that information about marriott's past be released for the appeal. but her family, the attorney general's office, state leaderrers, and victim's groups argued that the rape shield law is
6:34 am
reveal their sexual histories. >> advocacy groups not just in new hampshire but across the country. we're waiting to see the decision. that's why there was such outcry around the nation. it would have set back victim's rights and really set a precedent that would terrify victims from coming forward. ray: the attorney general's office told us it has no comment on the ruling. so far there's no word on any reaction from seth mazzaglia's attorneys. live outside of the state em concord, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: all right. thank you. state officials are issuing warning to first responders about a new deadlier version of fentanyl. it comes from china. the powder is so fine it can become airborne or dissolved as a nasal spray. they are sending a bulletin warning the drug can be deadly if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. >> it was concerning to me that it has changed
6:35 am
affecting our could affect our first responders. to me that was the more concerning part. erin: so far this new form of fentanyl has not been found in new hampshire. first responders we spoke with say they want to be ready just in case it does. a man is facing chargeses this morning following a drug bust in thornton. they found a substantial amount of heroin, meth, and cash during a search of the residents. the man living there, justin henley, was arrested. he's due in court week. the man who was caught on surveillance beating a manchester store clerk with a baseball bat has been sentenced to more than two decades behind bars. he was convicted of several charges in connection with a february attack, including attempted murder. prosecutors say he went to rob the store, but ended up beating the clerk so badly the victim nearly lost his life. >> this one of the most
6:36 am
ever seen. it was repeated. it was -- i believe the state's theory was correct. you didn't enter that store with the intent to murder him. the evidence clearly established that your intend changed. erin: prosecutors asked he be sentenced to 30 years to life in prison. the judge sentenced him to a minimum of 25 years. new on "daybreak," the division of liquor enforcement is asking for your help in identifying a man suspected of stealing booze. walked into the liquor store on bicentennial drive and put two bottles of high endite quail la in his shorts. the bottles are worth about $220. produce was taken from the stand around 8:20 monday night. these kinds of thefts
6:37 am
erin: if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, a number of events are taking place across the state. the second annual white mountains jeep invasion will be held tomorrow at attitash mountain resort in bartlett. plenty of jeeps will be on display. in the afternoon, a convoy will head up the mt. washington auto road. proceeds from the event will be donated to ability plus adaptive sports. the salvation army is holding its seventh annual chili chowder cook-off tomorrow. 11:00 until 4:00. tickets are $5 each. sherman farm in conway is offering a special deal to first responders tomorrow and sunday. they will get to walk through the corn maze for pree. and the 140th annual deerfield fair runs through sunday. coming up on "daybreak," a cat in waterville valley has become quite the celebrity.
6:38 am
worldwide attention. and a troubling situation for a man in detroit. we're going to explain how he ended up hanging upsidedown for 13 hour. chris: it is hard to say this coming up on the weekend, but we need it. send in the rain. how many rain falls and how much of the weekend stays wet? one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. senate majority pac is responsible
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during vietnam i served on an aircraft carrier t here with other vets. you never think you'll end up here, until you do. annie kuster is working hard to get veterans off the streets with affordable housing. and she's helped connect vets with jobs so they can get back on track. that means a lot to me. and i want to say, "thank you, annie."
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chris: welcome back. it is 6:41. 35 degrees. looks cloudy there. that may be the fog rising. as we look at the forecast, most of the clouds and rain will be coming in from the south. even from southern new hampshire, there may be some showers, temperatures will be in the 50's. the heaviest of the rain should hold off until the evening. if we want warmth or what passes for it today, head north. nds in the low to mid 60's. more in the extended forecast in just a few minutes. erin: thank you. a funeral was held for former israeli president, shimon peres. he died on wednesday after suffering a stroke. president obama was among the world leaders who spoke at funeral. he awarded peres the presidential medal of
6:42 am
president bill clinton spoke at the service earlier on. peres shared a noble peace prize for helping negotiate an historic peace agreement with the palestinians. since then the peace process has collapsed. authorities have named the engineer in the deadly rush hour train crash in new jersey. passengers say the train failed to slow down while approaching the terminal and went airborne through a passenger concourse, killing one person and injuries more than 100 others. reid binion has the latest. >> as i said, the engineer was released from the hospital. >> new jersey governor, chris christie, referencing the engineer. >> he is cooperating with law enforcement. reporter: the engineer identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher. the train was traveled too fast when it slammed into the terminal. >> we got jolted out of the seats. there was a loud crash
6:43 am
killed a woman waiting on the platform, leaving hundreds of others injured. images on social media showing what looks like a partial roof collapse. they are working to inspect the braking system and determine how fast it was going. >> we are going to be pulling that recorder from the locomotive. there's a recorder in the cab car and controlling car. we'll be getting that as soon as we can access that. after hearing about the crash and concerned for the engineer and his family. >> when i heard it and i saw you come up, i heard that was the case, i could not believe it. it is tragic. in terms of what they are going through. or what they are going to be going through. reporter: reid binion, wmur news 9. erin: an incident at the big e in massachusetts left several people stranded. they. to be
6:44 am
everyone off safely. no word on what caused the malfunction. a detroit man is recovering after he was found hanging upsidedown. the man's head was inches away from flood water that was filling up the basement. police say he was trying to break into his own house after he lost his keys, but his foot got stuck in the window. he was hanging there for 13 hours before a neighbor finally found him and called for help. time in 2016, the red sox faced off against the yankees in new york last night. before the game, the yankees gave david orr ortiz an oil painting of himself. in the fourth inning, xander bogaerts hit a solo homer. his 21st of the year to tie the game at 1-1. then came the final at
6:45 am
taken out of the game. the yankees went on to win this one 5-1. dustin pedroia, hanley ramirez, and mookie betts all had the night off. they host the blue jays tonight with three games in the regular season left. check out the image of big papi that was mowed into the grass. the portrait depicts him in his significant pose when he crosses home of the year for elliot hospital. the 15th annual elliot health system gala takes place. items up for auction include an autographed david ortiz helmet and tom brady jersey. our story mentioned another hospital. we want to make it clear that all of the money raised tonight will benefit the cancer care and pediatric departments. a cat in waterville valley is gaining
6:46 am
named logan weighs a whopping 31 pounds. the owners of the best western silver fox in se they adopted him from a shelter six years ago. the hefty kitty started getting famous after a guest rently posted video of hip onlife. now the video has gone viral. look at the cat. chris: think they could move the dish and he might have to exercise a bit? erin: he does need a little bit of exercise, but -- and a choice that tom brady gets to make with a fundraiser. it gives you the chance to hang out with all three. one lucky person will get to have a pizza and beer night with matt, ben, and tom. the announce want came with a special twist. >> maybe we should mention we shouldn't
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i did that once. that's all you ever talk about. >> people didn't understand what you were talking about. it is a man's chin. it is a has bit -- not unlike my chin really. >> let me tell you something, if your chin was anything like tom's, that "batman" movie would have made about $4 billion. erin: maybe. you know, tom brady has promised to reveal who he likes best, matt or ben at the pizza party. the fundraiser will benefit three non-pro chosen by each one of the guys. a $10, that's it, $10 donation to put your name in to hang out with the famous trio. i think i have to get -- i'm definitely doing this. i want it to be someone from new hampshire. it has to be someone representing the granite state. wouldn't that be awful? -- awesome. chris: absolutely. erin: and invite the news 9
6:48 am
becomes clear. the altruism. maybe i could just tag along as a friend of wmur. let's look at what's going on weather-wise. i'll tell you not to spoil the end of the story, we're getting rain. we need it. we're getting it. the timing is lousy. it is going to affect part of the weekend. 30's up north. 40's south. new hampshire looks to get the bulk of the mainly overnight and tomorrow. a lot of fog. there's a patchwork and some sunshine breaking through in southernmost new hampshire. most of the sun will be up north. we have some rain lurking just to the south. it was kind of a concentrated mass of rain here. it is grown a bit of a tail here. some of that will likely slide across southern new hampshire as we work into the afternoon. the air is still pretty dry. it it will take a while. meanwhile we have a big
6:49 am
out is it is going to sit here. we can see that on future cast. as we move through the morning, the rain starts to move through areas up to around the mass turnpike around 3:00. if you are traveling from south there have for the evening commute, you are going to run into rain. during the evening commute, the rain follows you. it doesn't really get established until 7:00 or 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. waves it start to move through during the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. y in yellow and there will be a few of them moving through from time to time, could drop one to as much as two inches of rain, badly needed rain especially in the areas of the state in south eastern new hampshire that need it the most. for today, sunniest weather will be up north. you are going to be in the mid 60's there. places in the white mountains and upper valley. south of concord, you are going to be in the 50's with the clouds turning into a steady drizzle and eventually a steady rain arriving
6:50 am
drizzle with downpours. those downpours again could give us an inch or two of badly needed rain. it will be windy and a weird combination of raw and humid. it will be in the 40's and lower 50's. it won't drop much lower than the 50's south. we're going to start off with rain, especially in south eastern new hampshire through about central new hampshire and eventualy it slowly works away. that mail out for some breaks of sun getting us into the upper 50's in the 60's. the rest of us, the 50's, it is going to be a cool one. to round off the weekend on sunday, a little bit more sun for all of us. still the accent on the clouds. temperatures right around 60 degrees. here's your next five days, featuring the damper of the two weekend days tomorrow. some breaks of sunshine, especially north and west on sunday and just in time for the next workweek. what do we do? we clear out. temperatures rise in the mid 60's on monday.
6:51 am
coastal clouds on tuesday. we are going to have to watch hurricane matthew. it would be near along the east coast. it is going to be nice. erin: other than it being on the weekend, we can't complain at all. a giant gourd is breaking state records. look at the pumpkin. it beat all of the competition at deerfield fair. you might recognize the grower, steve geddes of boscawen. his current pumpkin falls 250 pounds short of the world record he has. which craft brewery is the best? there were a lot of choices. number five from the barrel brewing company,
6:52 am
company; three able ebenezer brewing company; two pipe dream brewing, and the number one according to the viewers is the flying goose brewery in new london. so many out there. it is now 6:52. still ahead, we'll have a final check on your top stories, including a warning for first responders about a new version of fentanyl
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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erin: welcome back. 6:55. new hampshire supreme court has decided to uphold the state's rape shield law. here's ray brewer. are hailing that decision, calling the ruling ground breaking. now the attorney for the man convicted of killing u.n.h. student, lizzi marriott, had wanted to use her sexual history as part of their appeal. however the supreme court ruling means that marriott's sexual history will remain private.
6:56 am
they are using the personal information to open credit cards. first responders are being warned about a new deadlier version. it can be deadly if the powder is inhaled or absorbed through the skin. it has not been found in new hampshire so far. a man who brutally beat a store clerk will spend at least 25 years from prison.he being convicted of attempted murder. chris: we look at district in manchester. rain will arrive late afternoon into the early evening in southern new hampshire where he need it most. it lingers into part if not most of the weekend. areas to the north see the sun and over the weekend, temperatures do remain cool in the 50's and 60's. erin: all right. coming up next, they are going to have the latest
6:57 am
crash in new jersey. a life report from hoboken. one person was skilled and more than 100 others injured at a train crash terminal yesterday morning. we'll have the latest on the situation will. we'll see you back here in about 25 minutes. it's been great to have you here. have a great weekend,
6:59 am
i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
7:00 am
good morning, america. deadly train crash right at rush hour. frightening new images from inside that new jersey station. >> ka-boom. the t whole place shook. >> panicked passengers flee the mangled metal. >> holy [ bleep ]. more than 100 injured. investigators trying to determine why the train didn't slow down. an exclusive interview this morning with the real-life superman. >> i was trying to help whoever i could. >> he raced into the building when so many were running out. unfit for the presidency. the stunning headline from one of the biggest newspapers in the country. as the gop nominee sounds off, now saying the e debate was fixed. >> i had to put up with the


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