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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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good evening, folks, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. as wmur was first to report in march a raid at the home of kyle tasker led to evidence that he had sold illegal drugs to fellow members of the new hampshire house. josh: now that attorney general's report is naming names. a review of evidence from tasker's ipad and facebook account led to the identification of five house members who appear to have either communicated with tasker about drug transactionsr for of the five are interviewed by the a.g. including the former deputy speaker of the house, tucker. the report says tucker bought marijuana from tasker on one occasion and vials of marijuana e lixir on another. and was with tasker while he smoked marijuana inside the stows. also joseph la chance bought drugs from tasker on multiple
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called tasker the club med of weed, according to the report. he told investigators that he needed the marijuana to help with chronic pain and other conditions. sanbornville rep ted wright told investigators he bought marijuana from tasker for his wife to ease the symptoms of her breast cancer treatment. and kellogg died of cancer this summer and was not interviewed by the a.g. no. charges will be filed against any of the state reps because the evidence was insufficient to sustain any kind tasker resigned from the house in march, he remains free on bail but still faces several felony charges involving firearms, the possession of drugs including ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms as well as a charge of solicitation of a minor via the internet. we'll have more at 6:00. jean: a soggy friday night isn't usually good news, but this is the rain that we've been waiting for, at least a little bit of
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lapoint for a look at who will get the most moisture. hayley: it's going to be a weekend long thing, but won't be raining the entire time. cloudy, cool, on and off showery type of weekend ahead of us. you can see the rain getting closer to us. i think some of the friday night football games especially in southern new hampshire might get damp. you see that band of rain approaching the boston area, and even the massachusetts and new hampshire state line. so it will likely start to rain especially when you get into in the next hour or so. look at these temperatures, it's been a cool almost raw type of day with temperatures in the 50's. we're at 59 in concord, 57 in manchester, about 59 in plymouth. here's what you can look forward to this weekend. yes we will have some beneficial rain, looks like some of us could get an inch or so of rainfall. looks like saturday will be the wetter of the two days with a few downpours moving through and sunday maybe some dryer long
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able to get outside and go to the area fairs or just be outside and do some lawn work. i'll have more on the full weekend's forecast and beyond, ahead. josh: tonight an investigation is under way in portsmouth to see if a series of three fires in three days is more than just a coincidence. all were just a few miles apart and it's not clear how any of them were started. jennifer crompton live in portsmouth tonight with concerns there. reporter: officials aren't yet calling this an arson investigation, but they do admit that three days does raise the level of concern. the most recent was a small fire at the end of one of the piers at prescott park, it was quickly put out. a day earlier crews extinguished a fire in railroad ties. the first was sunday morning when a neighbor reported flames coming from a trash bin full of scrap wood near a residence and
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taken the house and things case lated as dry as it is, it's ridiculous. >> we want to make sure we've thoroughly vetted these out and that we don't in fact have an issue in the city. reporter: officials are asking residents and businesses in the area to check their surveillance cameras and for everyone to report anything they may have seen that was suspicious or see in the future. live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton, wmur news we have new information on the police shooting death of a claremont man. the attorney general's office now says corporal iaf kibby was the sole officer on the scene when 25-year-old cody lafont was shot and killed. cherise leclerc is in claremont tonight where a vigil for lafont is just getting under way. cherise? reporter: that's right and kibby is a two and a half year veteran of the claremont police
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is under way. several people have gathered here in the center of clear month, saying they want answers about what led up to the moment those three shots hit lafont. corporal kibby arrived to lafont's home last sunday morning after a 911 call, but what led up to the shooting still remains a mystery. lafont was laid to rest today and tonight organizers say a peaceful protest and vigil will be held in his on or. >> first of all we're here to mother tracey, we're here to show support as a community to come together and show that our community is our strength. second of all we're hoping to achieve some sort of change to where this never happens again. reporter: there are no police body caps or dash cams here in claremont, so the shooting was not capture on videotape. meantime the a.g.'s office says they expect to release whether that officer was justified in
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weeks. josh: now to commitment 2016 coverage, and the first of six debates in new hampshire's high stakes high profile u.s. senate race is in the books. senator ayotte and governor hassan faced off in conway this morning, and kristen carosa was there. reporter: the debate was roughly 90 minutes and covered several key issues. with just over four weeks away until the election polls have these two women at a dead heat. in front of dozens of people at the north candidates for u.s. senate, senator ayotte and governor hassan, debated for the first time. >> at the end of the day, this race comes down to whether new hampshire is going to have a senator who always stands for new hampshire's priorities, or a senator who continues to have her agenda shaped by corporate special interests. >> i'm going to continue to fight for the people of new hampshire. i have one of the most bipartisan records because i'm focused on getting results. reporter: several issues recovered including military spending, the affordable care
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>> this is a big difference between governor hassan and i. one of the first things she did when she got in this race was endorse this iran agreement which makes the country less safe. >> i have concluded that the iran deal is the best way to keep iran from having a nuclear weapon, something that must never happen. reporter: the two candidates also differed on balancing the budget and on gun control. >> i worked in a after the orlando shooting to introduce legislation to get funds for those who are -- >> because senator ayotte and others standing with the gun lobby voted against expanding background checks, those same people can go online and to gun shows. reporter: they did agree on a few issues such as addressing the opioid cries is in the state. >> we have worked to make sure that people on the front lines are getting the resources they need.
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efforts and making sure that they have what they need locally, but also going after that resource. reporter: they were also asked some light hearted questions during the debate such as who their favorite teacher was favorite places to hike. can you see the debate on our website, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jean: tonight the ntsb says witness reports could be crucial in figuring out what caused the deadly train crash in new with the train's engineer will provide some answers. ray is in hoboken with evidence just pulled from the train. reporter: ntsb investigators are trying to get to video recorders and the second data recorder located in the front of the train. but the terminal is so badly damaged it's making the recovery process extremely slow. one of the two data recorders from the train recovered
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attempt to get one step closer to answering why. at the center of the investigation, 48-year-old train engineer thomas gallagher. >> we'll be checking records, maintenance record, employee records. reporter: investigators also want to get that second data recorder located in the front car. two video recorders are also located there. but a destroyed canopy and mountains of debris is making it difficult for investigators to reach. that rush hour horror happening ri morning commute. the hundreds injured, that one by-stander on the platform who died. today we learn more about 34-year-old fabiola, who just dropped her baby girl at day care minutes before she rushed to catch her train. >> she said she was in a rush, she went to the train, in a way i believe myself -- i talk a lot and i could have spoke to her about other things. reporter: amid the tragedy the story of a hero comes to light. ramon perkins ran into the
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tried to escape and rushedded to her side during her last moment of life. >> i was like, miss, if you're going to die, you're not going to die by yourself. reporter: ntsb investigators will remain here at the crash site through next week. jean: now to our friday traffic watch, see around the state, we'll start in manchester 293 near exit 5. josh: peggy james has a look at the ride home. >> heading into the weekend a l. people on the roads, it's pretty busy out there, we have one road closure up in carroll on route 3 fear parker road. the northbound lane is closed due to an accident there. on 93 heading north through windham, it's slow through the
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down areas through derry and londonderry. looks good through the hooksett tolls. but once you get to bow you'll be on the brakes up to exit 12 in concord. 393 and 202 eastbound is also sluggish through chichester and busy through epsom. the usual crowding up on 101 west towards bedford and on the everett turnpike northbound, in the thick of it turnpike north is stop and go between pease boulevard and the little bay bridge. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: thanks. josh: this is a big night for news 9's effort to help out hungry families. jean: jamie day ton is live the merrimack, one of just eight spots tackling hunger tonight. jamie: yes, and how about this
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maddie from the merrimack band here at merrimack high school, bringing the band donation to riverside christian church as part of new hampshire tackles hunger's eight games tonight and six more tomorrow. so another big weekend of collecting food for new hampshire's hungry. let's talk to brad from the riverside christian church. how are things going at the pantry and what does this mean to you? >> things are going good, jamie, and this drive is very important to us because it helps resupply supplies, and gifts like this will help carry us through the thanksgiving holiday. reporter: what's the message to your community about the pantry? >> we're here to serve you, the community, and we're here to help people. if anybody is watching this show, right now, this news broadcast, and they need assistance as far as food goes, please come and visit us at riverside. jamie: awesome, good luck tonight and stay dry. >> we will, the rain is supposed to hold off. jamie: justin issued a challenge
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going to wear a dress to school, so good luck with that. are you excite it? >> yeah, i'm thrilled about it. jamie: a quick look at the other schools that are participating, including pembroke, farmington, conval, mill fielder, stevens, alford. new hampshire tackles hunger this weekend. back to you. jean: thanks, jamie. still ahead on news 9 tonight, it's the end of an international era. how world today to shimon peres. josh: and a hurricane growing stronger in the caribbean raising new concerns for areas already deal with heavy rain. hayley: and this just in at 5:00, this is hurricane matthew, is now a category 4, that's a major hurricane.
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings.
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because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. jean: world leaders today gathered in israel to say a final good-bye to the country's former president, shimon peres. josh: the nobel peace prize winner died on tuesday. president obama and former president clinton spoke at his service, touting his believe in peace and optimism that the future could be better.
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became its best teacher, and ended up its biggest dreamer. josh: both israeli and palestinian realers shook hands at this funeral, showing that even in death peres could bring sides together. jean: the police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man in tulsa, oklahoma faced a judge today. in court officer betty shelby pleaded not guilty to first degree manslaughter in the shooting death of terrence crutcher. prosecutors allegeha acted unreasonably when she shot crutcher september 16 outside his vehicle. in south carolina the 14-year-old boy accused of opening fire at an elementary school has been charged as a juvenile with murder and three counts of attempted murder. authority say he killed his father before shooting two students and a teacher. a judge ordered him held in a juvenile holding facility. josh: hurricane matthew is gaining strength over the
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hurricane with winds now up to 120 miles per hour, and it does have the potential to hit the u.s. at one point. right now coastal flood warnings and advisories are in place from a separate system from virginia to new york. parts of north carolina are under a state of emergency, and heavy winds and rain, even caused one road to collapse. >> people were still trying to drive through this mess. >> please don't put first responders lives and your own lives at risk. : people, no reports of any severe
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hayley: you can make out a very distinct eye in the last few frames of the sat right. this is over the last six hours. here are the latest data from hurricane matthew, and it has winds of 140 miles per hour. so that means that it is officially a category 4 hurricane. it's moving to the west southwest about 9 miles per hour. but it is expected to make a turn up toward the north. and that's where places like a jamaica and getting into the eastern half of cuba. and then of course it does look like it's going to possibly ride up toward the either coast of the united states -- the east coast. looks like the timing of this, by the time it gets to the bahamas would be wednesday of next week, so we still have many days ahead of us to be tracking this thing, to see exactly where it may go. we will of course keep a watch on it. in the meantime we do have some rainfall coming our way. this is good, beneficial rain,
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already fill in across the state that's been happening all day long. here's the band of some heavier rain showers, just getting into boston now and eventually into the southern communities of new hampshire, i'm expecting some of these lighter showers to overspread into the southern community of the state and then try to work its way northward, but there's a lot of dry air on top of us and that's going to impede that line from getting as far north as we would hope, but that will change overnight tonight. gh you're going tie football game or a fair, you need a jacket, hot cocoa or coffee with temperatures in the 50's across the state right now. overnight is going to be cool, about 40 degrees in berlin, 43 in littleton, 48 in concord. so here's the timing of the showers. this is probably what you're looking at to make all of your plans with over the weekend here. so overnight tonight, scattered showers will start to overspread across the state.
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and looks like most of the state will likely have some light to moderate, maybe some pockets of heavier downpours moving through. tomorrow during the morning looks wetter. in the afternoon there will be more scattered showers moving through. but really the name of the game throughout the weekend is at any time a scattered shower or downpour can move through and then there will be dry times in there. sunday does look like a dryer day where we'll have more spotty showers, maybe some drizzle. and then at other times we're drying out. so maybe sunday the better day backup plan for the rainfall that may come down. this is going to be beneficial rain. you see some places of getting upwards with of a half to full inch of rainfall. this is going to be good, we need it. temperatures in the 50's tomorrow, a cool raw day with the showers moving through. a big weekend at the deerfield fair of course and there's the big old pumpkin that they weighed yesterday, there's a look at the forecast, so some
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temperatures into the 50's. this wet pattern does continue into monday, then finally clearing out, tuesday, wednesday with with sunshine, temperatures go back up into the 60's. the timing of these showers not great, but we desperately need this rain. >> thanks, haley. a major discovery in an art heist more than a decade old. josh: and coming up at 5:30. >> a twitter back a between donald trump and hillary clinton. why a former miss universe is at
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josh: welcome back. two van gogh paintings stolen from a dutch museum 14 years ago have been found in an italian farmhouse. jean: a mob investigation led detectives to the farmhouse. it's not clear if the gangsters or somehow picked up the paintings later. a museum says the paintings do show some damage, but they are still in good condition. josh: the new hampshire childhood home of actress and comedian sarah silver silverman is on the market for 319,000. they moved into this bedford home when she was 9 and lived there until she got a big break on "saturday night live." silverman and her sister now live in expavment felt that now
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called the magical place, a place where everybody gathered with the family, kind of commune, it was fun and creative and they just made a lot of memories here and are really excited to pass that opportunity onto other people. despite the renovations they did leave a spot on the ceiling of sarah's room here. josh: at 5:30, why people are sofas naited by jean: and many people are just starting to think about holiday shopping, but wait until you hear how many people already finished. now to our u local hot shot, it's a blue heron flying across the water. can you join thousands of u
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during vietnam i served on an aircraft carrier in the gulf of tonkin. after i lost my job, i slept out here with other vets. you never think you'll end up here, until you do. annie kuster is working hard to get veterans off the streets with affordable housing. and she's helped connect vets with jobs so they can get back on track. that means a lot to me. and i want to say, "thank you, annie."
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. you can go online and read our plan to create good jobs and keep young families in new hampshire. first, we should cut inefficient state spending, just like a business. no sales tax, no income tax. we need to help small businesses and startups grow with less red tape. lower college costs and cut student debt. and expand clean energy.
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jean: police say this man took dramatic steps the to hide his identity, now at 5:30, how they discovered the alleged fraud. josh: he told police he killed his nephew, but the boy is still alive what we're learning about this strange attempted murder. hayley: here comes some rain, how long it sticks around this
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line? how you can help the state figure out the cost. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:0. jean: a man who police say gave a false name and mutilated his own body to conceal his true identity is facing criminal charges tonight. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. according to police this case tarted with a traffic jean: andy hershberger joins us now live with the story. reporter: police say the suspect in this case took some extreme measures to hide his true identity. authorities say it all started here in an alley behind the 100 brock of cedar street. a nearby manchester police officer says he heard a loud crash and saw a maroon s.u.v. speeding north on union street with serious front end damage.
5:31 pm
it over, with this man behind the wheel. >> as you're aware, your honor, this defendant was arrested for conduct after an accident during the course of the investigation. his arrest and the booking process he provided a false i.d. reporter: police say this man, who is really 38-year-old wilson dislosot from the dominican republic claimed to be gino from puerto rico. but the officer in charge last night at the department had recently taken a course called identifying the imposter, and noticed that several things about the man in the holding cell didn't add up. >> he contacted some officials in puerto rico, he obtained a photo of the real gino, and the photo didn't match, he also ran the social security number and learned that that belonged to a
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was -- >> beyond assuming this false identity, he's taken other steps to conceal his true identity to include mutilating his firms. we are obviously very concerned with this type of behavior, and concerned for public safety. reporter: bail was set at 20,000 cash. immigration and customs enforcement agents are also involved in 9. josh: tonight a massachusetts man has didn't denied bail after police say he called 911 to say he killed his 3-year-old nephew. mcdonald appeared in court on attempted murder, strangulation and indecent assault charges. officers found the toddler conscious but with injuries to his face and neck area. police say mcdonald was baby-sitting the victim at the time of this assault. jean: federal money is now
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massachusetts compounding center. at least 76 people died, more than 700 got sick, from steroids contaminated with fungus. victims and their families can apply for up to $50,000 to make up for the cost of treatment and lost income. more than 1,000 motorcyclists have already signed up for an event memory of andy blacksmith. blacksmith's ride for life begins at 11:30, runs for two hours, starting and finishing at seacoast harmley davidson. he was a star of the morning buzz 101 and passed away a year ago of a heart condition but not before five of his organs were donated to save lives. >> immediately after he passed away last year, i knew that this is what we wanted to do.
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of organ donation, so we teamed up with the new england organize began bank and our goal is to raise as much money for those organizations as we can and to get as many people to be organ donors. jean: even if you don't ride, can you show up at seacoast harmley davidson for festivities after the ride and register to be an organ donor. josh: both presidential candidates are sounding off on social media. donald trump and hillary clinton are going back former miss universe. aixa diaz is in washington with what the two candidates have to say. reporter: josh, donald trump's twitter comments came early this morning, prompting hillary clinton to respond with her own tweets. ever since monday night's debat- >> he called this woman miss piggy. reporter: we've been hearing about alicia machado, a former miss universe who says donald trump insulted her for gaining weight after winning the pageant in 1996.
5:35 pm
their looks. reporter: on twitter trump called her disgusting and accused her of having a sex tape. he tweeted wow, crooked hillary was duped and used by my worse miss u., she floated her as an angel without checking her past. clinton responded, when something gettings under donald thans thin skin he lashes out and can't let go, this is dangerous for a president. >> his supporters are not listening to essentially the back and forth that's going on. essentially saying whatever he wants, doing whatever he wants. reporter: as both candidates stump in swing states today, their campaigns released new ads, both featuring their opponents their own words. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> do you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that. reporter: new polls show clinton pull ahead post debate in new
5:36 pm
michigan. in washington, aixa diaz, wmur news 9. josh: there were some lighter moment as monk the serious issues today. president obama and former president clinton shared air force one, but clinton was late and you could hear obama yell let go. as you saw, they made it on struggling in our drought, but how much money are they losing? up next the state needs your help to figure it out. josh: and product ensuring you'll never run out of iced coffee. hayley: showers moving toward us at this hour. how much rain we could get over the weekend, coming up after the break. jean: and one teen turned his painful experiences into the
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there's a reason cnbc named new hampshire the most business friendly state in the nation: maggie hassan's approach to innovation and business development. controlling spending. smart investments in education. and hassan's balanced budget was a bi-partisan "compromise" the telegraph said "worked." cutting taxes for small businesses. targeting millions to fight the opioid crisis. all with no income or sales tax. working across party lines is how maggie hassan makes new hampshire work for us.
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my prescription costs keep going up. it's more expensive every year. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. josh: good day on wall street to end the work week. dow jones picking up 164 points, s&p 500 up over 17, while the nasdaq in positive territory, 42 points. gas prices nationally 2.22.
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so a survey is under way right now to see how much of an impact, an economic impact that new hampshire's drought is causing. jean: the department of environmental services has posted two surveys online, one is for homeowners on private wells and the other is for commercial water users, whether agriculture, commercial or industrial use. you will find links to both surveys on nearly 600 salem employees of j.p. morgan chase will have to their jobs. the company says it's closing the southern new hampshire office, one of the largest employers in town. relocations are expected to start in 2018. j.p. morgue began chase says people will likely be moved to dallas, tampa, tempe, argz or wilmington, delaware. josh: and getting to ireland will be easier thanks to a new flight from boston to dublin, i begins in may, one of three new routes to europe, the others are from new york to port balance and germany.
5:41 pm
october. and we're still a month away from halloween, but more than a million americans have already finishedded their holiday shopping. three quarters of of the people who respondedded to the credit survey say they're annoyed at how early holiday decorations go up, but retailers say with so many people shopping early it only makes sense to get the displays up sooner. 52% say stores should wait until thanksgiving to put out holiday decorations. jean: it to get you through your holiday shopping, but in the new year dunkin' donuts will have bolted iced coffee. they teamed up with coca-cola and plans several flavors, all starting next year. josh: trash talking is part of sports. jean: but this heckler was challenged to put his money where his mouth is, so wait till you see what happened next. jamie: i'm jamie staton live in merrimack, where the follow ahawk high school band business
5:42 pm
us, coming up next live from merrimack. jennifer: ahead at 6:00, an explosive new report just released about the investigation into a former state rep, implicates other state legislators in buying drugs from him, plus what the report says about marijuana use at the state house. and a series of suspicious fires in portsmouth, all of them in separate locations, why the
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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>> welcome live to merrimack high school for friday night football. there are 17 games around the state including a big one here, salem at merrimack. normally this band under the leadership of patricia cunningham, but not right now. we're going to play the stars theme. here we go -- the star wars theme.
5:46 pm
>> awesome! way to go, tomahawks, 46 seconds of awesomeness right there. that's the star wars theme, may the force be with you against the sa we'll have much more from this football gameup at 6:00. i'm jamie staton. jean: they sound great. josh: the force which is them. jean: a heckler at the ryder cup proves he's more than a big mouth, turns out he can play. josh: the north dakota man was ripping mcelroy and other members of team europe for missing a 12-foot putt, the same one they whiffed on during practice, so they called him
5:47 pm
same put, so he did. the heckler took the cash and bragging rights. jean: nice celebration dance too. josh: today is margaret hagan day in the state of new hampshire. >> do proclaim september 30, 2016 as margaret hagan day in the state of new hampshire and encourage all residents to recognize the numerous contributions margaret hagan has made to the university of new hash education center and the state of new hampshire. jean: all right. ray brewer doing the honors, margaret hagan has worked at the university of new hampshire cooperative extension for more than 29 years, she's been a familiar face on wmur with her fabulous segment, grow it green, which has aired for 16 years. a good friend of all of us and we wish margaret all the best in her well deserved retirement.
5:48 pm
might try to get outside this weekend, do some last built of gardening, cleaning up around the lawn. i know a lot of the leaves are starting to fall, so it will be a little damp at times this weekend. there's no doubt about that. but it's not a washout type of weekend. take a look at these live cameras all across the state, and most of us are all sitting under the clouds as you see there. with with temperatures in the 50's. but most of us still dry. that's going to change over the next couple of temperatures, derry 56. minden 55. hudson 56, and man chers at 53. in the monadnock region everybody in the 50's as well, newbury about 53. marlborough 54. the lakes region we're all in the mid to upper 50's. tilton 59. weirs beach 58. a little warmer where the sun was out longer, so whitefield
5:49 pm
new hampshire right now. there are the rain showers, they're already starting to get into southern new hampshire and the monadnock region. nashua, you guys probably just about to start to see the rain beginning, it would be light to mod expert looks like out by jaffrey and keene some heavier rain too. but this band right through boston is shifting to the north, so all of us in southern natural will get in on this rainfall as we go through the next couple hours. eventual i northern part of the state too, very unsettled weather off toward the west of us, so that means we'll have a few rounds of showers and downpours as we pass through the weekend. this is how things go timing wise. about midnight tonight, i think this is underestimating when the showers get up to the north. we'll probably have these already overspreading the lakes region. they'll be light toed in effort and spotty. but looks like tomorrow morning we'll have heavier downpours starting to move there, so
5:50 pm
part of the day and in the afternoon more spotty showers on sunday. on sunday we'll likely have dryer periods of time, and then showers moving through. both days will be on the cool side with temperatures in the 50's. this has been official rain, we're still in a major drought, extreme drought in southeastern new hampshire. so it looks like that's where we'll get the most rain, maybe upwards of an inch tonight cloudy skies, rain moves in, temperatures in the 40's. tomorrow we don't even get out of the 50's across the state. those will be our high temperatures, all eyes are going down into the caribbean, because we have now a major hurricane, this is the strongest hurricane that we've had in the atlantic all season long so far. hurricane matthew, now a category 4, it has wind over 14.
5:51 pm
and the eastern half of cuba, and then as you see there it may make a run toward the united states. of course it could go totally out to sea still, there's still a long ways to go in the forecasting of that storm, but we'll keep a watch on it. spotty showers throughout the weekend and into monday, and then we start to warm back up with sunshine mid-week next week. josh: the granite state has a new star and this one walks on four legs. jean: logan is the reigning fat cat, the best inn in waterville valley. he can barely stand up. this 31-year-old tabby has become an online hit after a guest posted a video of him. logan's owners say they try to help the cat lose weight, but he keeps sneaking into the food stash and stealing food from other cats. someone has to help that cat. josh: the newest member of the fish and gape department doesn't measure up to logan, first it's
5:52 pm
in training for the k9 team. her partner james says she's already getting used to deer and turkeys and will be going to boot camp to learn tracking and evidence detection. if you've ever seen the light flickering in providence, rhode island you might have thought there were power problems. jean: but this is actually a very special message and we will decode it after the break. josh: the fall colors are josh: the fall colors are poppin but then things went, well, downhill. over the years, chris cut jobs. chris cut workers' hours to deny them health insurance. and now he opposes the minimum wage. chris has never had to work for anything. chris sununu has no business being governor. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first
5:53 pm
cnbc named new hampshire the most business friendly state in the nation: maggie hassan's approach to innovation and business development. controlling spending. smart investments in education. and hassan's balanced budget was a bi-partisan "compromise" the telegraph said "worked." cutting taxes for small businesses. targeting millions to fight the opioid crisis. all with no income or sales tax. working across party lines is how maggie hassan makes new hampshire work for us. i'm maggie hassan
5:55 pm
josh: it seems a nightly light show in rhode island is actually a bright form of communication. jean: it's the city's way of saying good night to the kid at children's hasbro hospital. it started six years ago with an employee who blinked his like liet on his way home each night and eventually talked to other businesses about flashing their include skyscrapers, hotels, police cruisers and tugboats. the children look for those good night lights and flash their own signals right back. josh: and a bow high school senior is encouraging kindness. jack rich has struggled with as
5:56 pm
>> i hope that it spreads awareness for people to be kind to one another and just to encourage people to be friendly. josh: jack was able to raise enough money for the friendly bench toes be installed at both bow and dunbarton elementary schools. nice work for everybody who worked on and it donated money. jean: beautiful bench. jean: have a good night and a
5:57 pm
i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
5:58 pm
colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. you can go online and read our plan to create good jobs and keep young families in new hampshire. first, we should cut inefficient state spending, just like a business. no sales tax, no income tax. we need to help small businesses and startups grow with less red tape. lower college costs and cut student debt. and expand clean energy. let's take the next step forward, josh: now at 6:00, naming names, the attorney general's report involving the alleged drug sales by former rep kyle tasker. jennifer: portsmouth police investigating three fires in three days y. they think they could be suspicious. hayley: rain showers on radar
5:59 pm
this beneficial rain we get. jennifer: and we now know the name of the officer who shot and killed a claremont man last weekend. the vigil for cody lafont happening right now. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. jennifer: tonight a new report from the attorney general says it is clear former state rep kyle tasker not only used marijuana at the state house, as well. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. the report brings to an end months of respect us. back in march wmur was first to report that a raid at tasker's home had led to evidence that he had sold illegal drugs to other house members. and tonight the attorney general's report names names, even if none will be charged. the most notable name in the report is the former deputy speaker of the house, pam tucker
6:00 pm
from tasker on one occasion and an elixir on another. rep la chance called tasker the club med of weed, according to the report, and bought marijuana from him on several occasions and brought friends that did the same. also from manchester, representative amanda bolden told investigators she used pot with tasker in his car and while inside the state house and recalls tasker talking about the drug ecstasy and a big purchase he had made in lancaster. that he bought marijuana from tasker for his wife to ease the symptoms of her cancer treatment. kellogg, passioned away in june and was not interviewed. the speaker of the new hampshire house, sean jasper issued a statement saying members of the legislature take an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of our state. any member of the house who is knowingly committed a criminal offense should consider whether


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