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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 6, 2016 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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northbound today toe that, and jacksonville going to friday, potentially a storm surge up to 10 feet in daytona with very heavy rainfall as well, that could approach 4 to 8 inches. kendis, mara, back to you. >> all right, thanks to justin there at accuweather. stay with abc news throughout the morning. >> we'll continue to update you withhe matthew throughout the show, and, of course, on "american this morning" and "gma." we go to more headlines this morning beginning with the arrest of a man with top secret data. investigators say they found classified documents and digital data stolen from the nsa. officials say some material so sensitive it would cause, quote, exceptionally grave damage if
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stole critical computer codes nsa uses to hack foreign adversaries. presidential candidates gear up for the next debate in three days now that their running mates had their turn. hillary clinton is taking a break to prepare while donald trump gets a dress rehearsal of sorts at a town hall in new hampshire today. we are on the campaign trail where trump took a victory lap for pence's debate. >> reporter: donald trump taking cred f performance. >> mike pence did an incredible job, and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called choice, that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. >> reporter: in the v.p. debate, governor mike pence praised for his style, and both candidates arguing over which campaign deals more insults. >> he's called women slobs, pigs, dogs, disgusting. he attacked an indiana-born
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lawsuit because his parents were mexican. he went after john mccain, a p.o.w., and said he was not a hero because he had been captured. he said african-americans are living in hell. >> reporter: pence trying to turn the tables. >> did y'all just hear that? ours is an insult driven campaign. to be honest with you, if donald trump said all the things you said he said in the way you said he said them, he wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton levels when a basket of deplorables. >> reporter: trump now testing a possible new line of attack for his own debate sunday. >> bill clinton, yesterday, oh, they are so angry at him. they scolded him yesterday. he was scolded. >> reporter: he's talking about the recent clinton comments criticizing obamacare. >> so you've got this crazy system where all the sudden 25 million more people have health
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week wind up with premiums doubles and coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> so bill clinton torched president obama's signature legislation. he said it's just the crazy system. and that's the way he said it. it's the craziest thing in the whole world. >> reporter: clinton clarifying saying he supports hillary clinton flying to washington, already deep in the focus prep, trump once mocked. >> you decided to stay home, and that's okay. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate, and, yes, i did. >> reporter: we learned donald trump will host a private town hall in new hampshire likely emulating the format sunday night at that debate.
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agreement will go in effect november 4th, marking a turning point for our planet. the development came after a coalition of the world's largest polluters and small island nations threatened by rising seas pushed it over the top. the south carolina 6-year-old who was shot dead outside his school has been laid to rest. little jacob hall was dressed in a batman costume for his future ral, and the mourners os characters. they urged forgiveness for the boy charge with killing jacob opinion. a retired marine sergeant who lost all four limbs in afghanistan said a lifelong dream came true because of a gift from a stranger. >> he was a queue drupele amputee stepping on an ied six years ago, and after dozens of surgery and long wait to find the right donor, peck underwent
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he's eternally grateful to the family of the donor because now he canfiance's hand. >> jessica, my rock. without you, i wouldn't be here. i have come so far so fast. i love you, and i will continue to love you, and i hope you will stand by my side until i die. >> a touching press conference. peck says since he was old, he wanted to be a chef, and thanks to the donor, he believes he has a fighting chance to realize that dream. >> wow. talk about sacrificing everything for your country. >> absolutely. >> this man has given so much, and i'm so glad he's getting something back. >> quite an operation that took 14 hours, several doctors working on him, so -- >> wow. >> they did great work there. >> what a great guy. coming up, more, of course, on hurricane matthew's overnight path, but first, worries over samsung's phones catching fire. recent incident happening on
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hurricane matthew bearing down now on the bahamas expected to gain strength today heading towards florida's east coast. we're tracking the storm every step of the way. frightening moments playing out on a southwest airlines flight in louisville as smoke filled the cabin before the plane even taxied to the runway. >> a passenger says his samsung smart phone started rn but one of the replacements. >> reporter: what happened in this jet at the gate at louisville could mean bigger trouble for samsung. accordsing i according to a passenger, it was his smoking burning replacement note 7 phone. >> i noticed smoke pouring out of my pocket, threw that on to the ground where it continued to smoke and burn and smolder into
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>> reporter: he powered down as instructed and put it in the pocket, and suddenly -- >> popped, sizzled. i was scared i would have bits of glass in my hand. >> reporter: none of the 76 pmgs were hurt as the jet was quickly evacuated. 60% of the original note 7s sold in the u.s. have been replaced, and half the originals overheated with 26 people burned. some of the replacements that the south korea company to market were getting hot, but this would be the first case of a replacement phone smoking and burning, so serious the consumer product safety commission already has investigators on the ground in louisville. >> we are going to be working around the clock to ensure we get to the bottom of this and ensure that consumers know what they can count on or not with regards to this remedy. >> reporter: samsung is also sendi ii iing representatives t louisville and working with the government to identify the phone and cause.
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that could mean a second recall for samsung. abc news, reagan national airport. coming up in the next half hour, the hospital bill sticker shock new parents welcoming their son into the world, but then the surprise charge on the invoice, and why they were charged just for holding their newborn baby boy. first in the wake of the kim kardashian armed robbery, selfies potential thieves. you're watching world news now. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. meatball on white! next! you want mustard on that or not! come on, come on. i haven't got all day here! it doesn't come with peppers! they're extra! hurry the lady! next! the chicken's fresh. i killed it myself. so that's what you want? next! while we're still young! you know you told me you wanted mustard. get outta here! time's up! back of the line!
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what! great sandwich. thanks. ?you didn't have to be so nice? get outta here. ?i would have liked you anyway? whistling a birthday song train whistling trumpet blows bell ringing ice chipping grunting buzzing chirping motor hums croaking dripping casting revving zipping whale call fog horn elk call owl hoot
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people want a share of it. >> reporter: something the family talked about on their reality show. >> kylie is snap chatting and not concerned about our location being known. >> reporter: security experts say it's not just stars who might be inadvertently sharing too much as this man was
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bars to find addresses of 33 women stealing jewelry and laptops using ips gram. >> openly browsed the platform and found photographs and placed them on a map and drove to the victims' locations. >> reporter: how do protect yourself? >> taking a picture, the picture doesn't say, this is taken in new york city, but it carries that information behind it. >> reporter: some of the biggest dangers? geotagging posts with locations, and keeping on. >> control on individual access, which app has access to the data. >> reporter: delay a post saying where you were rather than where you are. abc news, new york. >> this is like her business is being on social media, i understand the importance of warnings, but there's a fine line between that and victim blaming. >> just because she shows bling
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your thursday morning mix starts can wwith cool pictures the other side of america. >> america. >> hawaii. this is why america's great. this is high definition video of lava there, just bubbling through what's called a crusted m mantel, lava lake, cool footage. you don't always get this high def footage of the lava flow there. >> i don't know how much we can say about it other than it's pretty. >> it's pretty. it's hot. >> speaking of hot stuff. like that segue? speaking of hot stuff, check this bride out, my kind of girl. this is the wedding dance she
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beyonce all the way, and now kendis and i aficionados we are, she took liberty because she never did that. these are, you know, makes it up a little bit, but i'm not mad about it. this woman is a professional singer, dancer, actress, everything, a reality tv star. she killed it. it's crazy because braids maids already have to buy the ugly dress and shoes and now perform for the groom? >> if you do your dance routine, >> i wouldn't do it to upgrade -- >> what would it be? >> crazy in love. you want me to perform? obvious is put a ring on it, right? >> single ladies, that's it. >> yeah. >> come on. >> you liked and you did put a ring on. >> that's it? no, like -- >> yes, kendis, yes! i'm so working this. yes! you just made this officially my
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>> she got me into it. >> yes. i didn't know you had it in you. new respect for you. >> i want to see your moves. oh. moving on to talk -- >> how do we top that? we should have closed with that. >> a couple days ago, we had national taco day. >> right. and vodka day. i celebrated that. >> exactly. well, here's how a lot of people could have celebrated. taco bell merges with air giving someone the opportunity to actually stay in a taco bell. this is in canada in ontario, canada, and you can stay there for a couple days. >> comes with food, right? >> it does come with food. >> a bong? because, you know, who wants to sit at taco bell and have unlimited -- >> the munchies. >> all right. that's all for this half hour.
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breaking news now on "world news now," hurricane matthews picking up steam on the way to the u.s., millions urged to take cover with massive e evacuations underway, the latest on what americans can expect as the storm moves closer. feared stolen. a national security agency contractor arrested for alleged spy activity. see why so many are comparing this case to edward snowden. and new this half hour, the hospital bill sticker shock for one couple in utah. >> it was not necessarily the total amount of the bill, but one item they were billed for, and why the hospital charged them $40 to hold their son in the first moments of his life.
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natalie portman like never seen before, transforming herself into one. most beloved first ladies of all time. that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, october 6th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm in for diane macedo. >> great to have you with us, mara, as always. i'm kendis gibson. starting with the serious breaking news, hurricane matthew, which is continuing t some power overnight as it moves through the caribbean. >> and here's a view of the massive category 3 system from about 250 miles above the earth. this shot coming from the international space station. here's the latest on mat matthew. as many as 2 million people in the southeastern u.s. are being urged to evacuate their homes. states of emergency have been declared in four states. >> reporter: more than 1500 flights have been cancelled with
3:32 am
school has been can semcelled f million students, and in florida, schools shut until next week. here's images of the damage on haiti's southwest peninsula. more than 3100 homes have been destroyed, at least ten deaths blamed on the storm, and united states has acceptabisent experti to assess the damage and $1 million in food and other disaster relief. in the united states, massive evac people are as far north as the carolinas being told to leave their homes as matthew moves north. we are in charleston area right now where the roads have been packed. >> reporter: evacuations underway. the south carolina coast, more than a million people told to get out immediately and the number could grow as the number gets closer. >> we want you to evacuate. we do not want you to stay.
3:33 am
up and sandbagging, gassing up, and now headed to safer ground. those without cars, a fleet of busses offering rides for people like samir. >> it's going to be super flooded, so we decided to leave. >> reporter: traffic already bumper to bumper on interstate 26, the main artery out of charleston, and then the highway patrol blocking eastbound traffic. >> absolutely no one on the roads, that is what troopers are looking for. >> reporter: soon making the major highwa highway helping more people get out faster. this map showing the state's evacuation routes and where the interstate 26 traffic is now going in a single direction, away from the coast. it's the first time they had contra flow on interstate 26. so far, so good. gas up and be ready to go all the way to columbia. the last time they had an evacuation for a major hurricane was in 1999, floyd, turning a
3:34 am
nightm nightmare. they don't want that happening again. charleston, south carolina, abc news. accuweather's tracking the latest movement. >> a look at what to expect in the coming hours, good morning, justin. >> thanks, good morning to you as well. we have major hurricane matthew with the potential to strengthen even more today, churning its way north and west. the impacts will be felt later on today just off the coastline here of florida, more palm beach and projected path taking it along the space coast here later on friday, and also into friday night. potential for hurricane force winds from jacksonville southbound towards port st. luce, and in terms of rainfall, we could see over 8 inches of precipitation over the course of the next couple days, and a dangerous storm surge here as well around daytona beach, upwards of 10 feet.
3:35 am
>> mentioned 10 feet there, but it's hard to understand the numbers in the forecast. >> absolutely. this shows the winds at the bahamas, that's 107 miles per hour to the northwest with gusts of 131 miles per hour. remember to stay with us for more storm coverage tlouhrougho the morning. we'll continue to bring you the latest developments on matthew as soon as we get them, but we move on now to a contractor working national security agency underarrest charged with stealing top secret information. >> reporter: this is the home where harold martin iii is accused of illegally keeping some of the nation's top secrets, stolen from the agency with the nation's most cutting edge technology, the nsa, and neighbors stunned. >> a shock to everybody. >> next thing you knew, i seen fbi jackets, police, state police. >> reporter: martin a contractor
3:36 am
snowden worked for held in an undisclosed location after the august raid that recovered classified documents and digital media, material so sensitive, quote, could caution exceptionally grave damage to the security of united states. >> once it's out of nsa, anyone can get it. >> reporter: sources tell abc news they suspect he stole critical computer codes nsa uses to hack foreign they're not accusing martin of espionage, but telling us the probe is far from over. when confronted, martin admitted to taking the classified information, but his lawyers say he loves his country and would never betray it, pierre thomas, west virginia. the vice presidential candidates are campaigning for the second straight day following their showdown, and both acknowledged the debate
3:37 am
trump joined other republicans in heaping praise on pence and then promptly took credit for the performance himself. >> mike pence did an incredible job, and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called choice. >> meanwhile, pence laughs off reports that trump was jealous of his performance dismissing allegations as standard operating procedure with the media. >> hillary clinton prepares for th congratulated her running mate on a job well done. tim kaine claims he ron the debate but admits his wife gave him a hard time for interrupting so often. he call pence a good debater, but claimed he could not stand up for trump, and clinton agreed. >> well, pence refused to defend the statements because they are indefensible. and so when your own running
3:38 am
ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know about who's qualified and temperamentally fit to be president. >> clinton is off the trail today keeping a light schedule ahead of sunday's debate, and tru trump prepared by holding an inviation town hall in new hampshire tonight. a commercial space flight took another big step forward. blue origin, the company owned by the crew escape system. it detaches after 45 seconds after launch. the parachutes open, and capsules float safely to earth. he hopes to be carrying paying passengers into space by 2018. >> that's a little early. >> i don't want to be the early adopter on space travel. >> exactly. those hoping to start holiday shopping on thanksgiving at the mall of america may have
3:39 am
>> america's largest mall announced they will be closed on thanks giving giving the day back to its employees. the mall will reopen at 5:00 a.m. on black friday. >> that said, for those who can't wait, king of prussia mall, country's second largest in the suburb of philadelphia, will be open on thanksgiving from 6:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. so the time you're tired of your uncle mookie, and -- >> mookie? >> to shopping. it is nice to give the employees the day off. it's really about them, you know, they don't necessarily want to be at work as much as you may want to shop. >> nice to get away from the kinfolks too. >> well, i can agree with that. we all got that uncle mookie. >> and aunt naynay. coming up, sticker shock for a couple in utah, amount charged for the delivery of their son,
3:40 am
hold the baby in the delivery room. >> wow. >> actor daniel radcliffe worth $100 million from harry potter earnings, and how much has he spent so far? the answer in "the skinny," but first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
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video posted to social media sh video posted to social media shows effects of hurricane matthew as it began to slam into the bahamas. >> sustained winds at 120 miles
3:44 am
its eye is expected to be close to florida's east coast by thursday evening. the u.s. has not seen a storm this powerful in more than a decade. >> wow. >> in the meantime, a storm of another kind brewing online over a charge of a bill the father of a newborn is calling outrageous. >> you got to see this. >> yeah. >> the utah couple charged $13,000 for the birth of their son, but one item in particular that really set them off. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: a utah mother and father share their newborn's first few minutes of life, priceless, right? ryan grassley thought so until he got the bill from the hospital. that charge right there, $39.35. >> the bill called it skip skin-to-skin contact, and i'm pretty sure you can't blame
3:45 am
on "the view" and social media with reddit after grassley shared the bill. the hospital insists the charge is not for holding the baby, but for the additional care giver needed to maintain the highest levels of patient safety. they say they only bring in that extra nurse when it's a c-section. grassley says in this case the nurse borrowed the camera to take pictures as he held the baby on his wife's chest. he had no idea they'd charge him for it. he has a sense of humor about it launching a go fund me campaign. the goal? $40. david wright, abc news, new york. >> okay. can i tell you, first of all how important it is to look at your bills. >> yeah. >> when i i gave birth to my daughter, i had a $1,000 charge because i had to walk through the emergency room to get to the elevator to go to the delivery floor. >> well, how nice was the emergency room? >> well, very friendly, they pointed me in the direction of the elevator, clearly, a thousand dollar service. hospitals charge for anything. >> any weird charges with your son, cruz? >> i have not got the bill yet. about that time.
3:46 am
holding your kid. >> unbelievable. unbelieverble. >> all right. when we come back, natalie portman steps back in time into camelot. daniel radcliffe said to be worth $100 million, and what he's not spending money on."
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? >> my favorite part of the show. >> the song? >> favorite. >> the amazing transformation of natalie portman. >> the star of "black swan" steps back in time to be the beloved first lady, the one and only, jackie kennedy. >> this morning, a look at the newly releed "jackie." >> people like to believe in fairy tales. don't let it be forgot that for one brief, shining moment, there was a camelot.
3:49 am
assassination, and it is set to hit theaters friday, december 2nd, already getting a lot of of oscar buzz and people saying she might be a big contender for best actress. i have to sit down with her in a week for an interview about this. >> aren't you lucky. >> just a humble brag. >> aren't you special. >> i can't wait. it will be at the peninsula. just had to throw that out there. >> admitting it. next, he has not won an oscar yet, but he's already amassed quite a fortune. >> that's daniel radcliffe making nearly $96 million from the "harry potter" movies at 27 years old, famous, and he's loaded. >> single? >> i think he's single. so what do you think he spends money on? >> well, would you believe nothing? he tells the british newspaper, the telegraph, quote, i don't really do anything with my money, so what does he do?
3:50 am
nothing? so the grownup boy wizard told the newspaper having money means you don't have to worry about it, which he says is, quote, a very lovely freedom to have. >> he says he's using what he called this immense freedom to take risks and make broader choices in film, and money gives you freedom. >> it does. >> but it can get you a nice grill. >> oh, my gosh, yes, a pumped out car. >> a house. >> a wife. >> have a little fun. >> exactly. spend it. five months after his death, the home and recording studio of prince paisley park is opening to the public. >> no one is going crazy yet because it's welcoming guests only for a limited time, just three days, today, saturday, and next friday, october 14th, and that's it for now. >> wow. limited schedule is thanks to a temporary agreement with the city there in minnesota where the site is located.
3:51 am
>> but that rezoning request is on hold until studies can be done on the attraction's impact on the community like traffic and utilities. the counsel will consider paisley park's application in december. happening shortly after the holidays, a major event for fans of bon jovi. so the entire state of new jersey. >> the garden state will be empty after the holidays. the band showcasing its upcoming lp, "this house is not for sale" on a winter tour kicking off in february. >> the tour packs 20 dates in greenville, south carolina and circling the country before concluding march 22 in minneapolis. >> this house is not for sale is bon jovi's 14th studio out, lp, set for release on friday, october 21st. >> i thought they were like the rolling stones and always toured anyway. >> i thought they did. i don't know -- >> shock you that i'm not a bon jovi fan?
3:52 am
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and clear your worst cold symptoms. let's end this. as three high schools have opted
3:56 am
reasons, our seattle station has the story. >> reporter: the friday night lights will be dark this week for football players at granite falls high school. they were set to play arch bishop-murphy, a private school power house who outscored their first three opponents this year, 170-0. players and coaches in granite falls decided to forfeit, they say, after concerns about safety. much larger, faster players. >> it's a physical game, and our kids and parents are concerned about getting hurt, so bottom line -- >> the latest of three schools to cancel their matchups, raising questions about sportsmanship and a level playing field. with a public school confined to drawing players from nearby in the same league as a private school without those limits. >> it's not only a state problem, but it's a national problem too.
3:57 am
athletes. >> as a team, we miss football. >> reporter: a response from the opponents who say they were stunned with three competitors backing out at the last minute, three weeks in a row, and how that impacts their team on and off the field. >> there's no replacement. our kids have lost three games now of their senior season for some of them, three weeks of competition for others, so you're not going to e replace that. >> at the end of the day, we want to play football. that's what we're here for. that's why we practice. that's why we put the time in the offseason. >> our thanks to lindsey from the seattle station for that report. well, don't miss our updates on facebook at coming up, more news from abc. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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good morning, i'm in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here's the headlines we're following this morning on "world news now". hurricane matthew makes its way towards the bahamas right now after cutting a deadly path through haiti. meanwh meanwhile, in the united states. people as far as north as the carolinas leaving their homes, full coverage ahead. a contractor working for the nsa's under arrest, charged with stealing government secrets. the justice department says some of the information so sensitive it could have caused, quote, exceptionally grave damage. paisley park, prince's former studio, opens for tours today, but the future of the museum is urn clear after neighbors raise concerns over traffic and public safety.
4:01 am
seven inning dual between pitching aces, one swing of the bat changed everything in the national league wild card game. that three-run homer was enough for a san francisco giants win over the new york mets. those are some of the top stories on this thursday, october 6th. from abc news, this is "world news now." off to a great start so far. >> taking your word for it. >> indeed. we start with hurricane matthew, and it's bearing down on the bahamas. >> the leading edge bringing rain to the capital city of nassau, and hundreds already moved into shelters. at the massive atlantis resort, people are spending the night in the ballroom. more than 2,000 people there evacuated from the room's towers. >> not the dream vacation there. that's a look at the satellite, matthew headed into the most populated places, and inching closer to the u.s. where
4:02 am
>> reporter: millions ordered to evacuate in the next 48 hours. >> i continue to ask the citizens of south carolina to pray for each other. >> reporter: florida, georgia, and the carolinas have already declared a state of emergency. people are scrambling for supplies, food, and bottled water. >> waiting about 30, 40 minutes for plywood. >> we wanted batteries. >> they are out of flashlights, and we pulled up to a pump, and there was absolutely no gas. >> reporter: it's claimed over a dozen lives so far. >> this is serious. having a plan in place means the difference between life and death when it comes to a storm of this magnitude. >> reporter: in haiti, disaster teams assess the damage caused by flash flooding and 145 miles per hour winds.
4:03 am
>> translator: everything in my house is wet. i lost everything. the water took it. i won't have a chance to get it back. >> reporter: now the storm is pounding the bahamas. next move is to florida's east coast. fema warning residents in the affected areas to leave before it's too late. >> it's going to be super flooded, so we decided to leave this today. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott says thousands and thousands of national guardsmen are standing by to help confront what could be the largest hurricane evacuation in the kendis, mara? >> thanks there. matthew's creating a nightmare for air travelers with more than 1500 u.s. flights have been cancelled. >> about 1500, and more than half scheduled to go into or out of miami and ft. lauderdale, and american airlines took the biggest hit with nearly 500 flights just wiped out. 400 cancellations are already in place for friday, and the number
4:04 am
accuweather has been tracking matthew's moments. >> a look at what to expect in the coming hours, justin, good morning. >> kendis, mara, thanks. good morning to you as well. matthew remains powerful, potentially becoming stronger as the day wears on. defined movement to the north and west, and impacts start later on today. miami, i know later on tonight, and west palm beach, potentially from daytona to jacksonville as we get into friday and friday night. impacts wind-wise, potential for over 100 miles per hour wind gusts in the darker shaded purple areas from interstate 95 out towards the coast and moves north as we go into the weekend. heavy rainfall, 8 inches at the florida coast, and potentially over a foot near the south carolina coast along with storm surge at daytona beach with 6-10 feet.
4:05 am
and east, potentially meandering over the open water this weekend so it bears watching the next several days. kendis, mara, back to you. >> thanks to justin. other stories this morning, the presidential candidates are preparing for round two, the next debate set for sunday night in st. louis, and they are both praising the debate performances of their running mates. one of them, senator tim kaine, interruptions a bit. here's more. >> reporter: donald trump riding high on his running mate's performance at the vice presidential debate. >> mike pence did an incredible job, and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called choice. >> reporter: trump called pence's performance the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates. in a fundraiser in d.c., hillary
4:06 am
hit pence for failing to defend trump's words and proposals. >> and so when your own running mate won't defend the top of the ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know about who's qualified and temperamentally fit to be president, even mike pence doesn't think donald trump is. >> reporter: but kaine reacted wednesday to criticism he interrupted mike pence during the 90-minute debate. >> the american people know -- >> i'll -- >> this is -- >> senator, please. >> i got dinged a little bit by my wife for interrupting too much. he's a good debater. he's pretty smooth, but there is one thing he can't do, and that is defend donald trump on anything. >> reporter: meanwhile on the campaign trail in battleground nevada, trump tested out a new attack line on bill clinton, not -- the former president. >> you have a crazy system where 25 million people have health
4:07 am
wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> can you imagine when he walked home to that beautiful home in westchester, and he said, oh, hillary, how was your day? oh, did he suffer. bill called it a system, a crazy system, and said that it's the r >> reporter: hoping to turn nevada red, trump pronounced the state's name wrong, then tried to tell the crowd the right way to pronounce it. >> nevada, and you know what i said? you know what i said? i said when i came out here, i said, nobody says it the other way. it has to be nevada. >> reporter: hillary clinton spent wednesday in debate prep with no public events scheduled until sunday's debate. donald trump heads to new hampshire this evening for an invitation only town hall event similar to the format of
4:08 am
kendis, mara? >> josh, thank you for the report. now to the murder trial of a georgia man being postponed because of the hurricane matthew. testimony resumes monday in the case of justin ross harris charged with leaving his son in a hot car. a prosecution witness testified yesterday that harris shed tears after the discovery of his son's body, but the witness did not feel the tears were sincere. a los angeles sheriff's sergeant kild to a burglary. steve owen who had been with the department for 29 years died in the hospital in lancaster after being shot in the face. other deputies chased down the suspect. well, traffic fatalities are climbing again this year, up about 10% in the first half of the year. federal officials say nearly 18,000 people die from accidents from january to june, and some of the increases due to more people driving because of the improving economy.
4:09 am
apparently, humans, we come with an expiration date. >> no kidding. forever? although we hear those fantastic stories about people who live well past the age of 100, some researchers now say that human life span probably maxes out at 115 years. >> wow. >> but others disagree say life extending technology could mean there's no limit. i don't want to live forever. >> i don't either. >> give me a good 115 years, i'm happy. >> yeah, exactly. and cranky as i am right now, just imagine. >> and 80-year-old kendis. >> trouble. we do it every day, but we really don't know why. we're talking about yawning. one of the least understood behaviors, indeed. >> just hearing that makes me want to yawn. >> yeah. >> after countless youtube video showing animals yawning, scientists say yawn could be meant to cool down the brain
4:10 am
runs hot. they found bigger brains mean bigger yawns. >> so the videos show that the weight of the brain and the number of neurons in its outer layer were reliable predictors of the length of a creature's yawn regardless of the size of the body or mouth. >> just one question. >> yeah? >> how did the study get funded? a study on yawns? >> yawning. >> size of brains, no disrespect to science, but -- >> somebody looking at youtube videos and gng why. that person can do math. >> right. must know more. >> because, yeah. >> all right. anyway, coming up -- >> shortest yawns. >> i heard you yawn. coming up, the scary clown craze that's gripping much of the country. i did say a scary crown craze, threats on social threats resulted in fear and there's
4:11 am
this is a serious story. chainsmokers the biggest stars in music right now, but if you've never heard of them, you're not alone, but first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. "world news if you're approaching 65, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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some may claim some labels are green but only one has the powerful tide clean new tide purclean, 65% bio-based, 100% cleaning power of tide just hear the power right there of hurricane matthew, and here's the latest right now. it is still a category 3 storm as it spreads across the bahamas with the system packing sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. >> matthew is expected to intensify once it leaves the caribbean and moves towards the u.s. 2 million people in the southeast are being urged evacuate their homes, and the
4:15 am
atlantic coast. instilling fear inland, in the meantime, is the scary clown craze that's swept across more than two dozen states. >> authorities say it's nothing to laugh about. here's the latest. >> reporter: a scary prank sweeping the nation, creepy clown sightings sending towns into a frenzy. for the first time ever, the topic of clowns brought up in a white house press briefing. >> you know, this is a situation that local law enforcement >> reporter: from california -- >> i've just been terrified ever since. i actually got trampled by a crowd yesterday because they were all running away in terror. >> reporter: to connecticut, police investigating social media threats promising clowns are coming to school to attack students. in texas, someone using the profile of tim slaughter and a scary clown face posting a list of schools he planned to visit by halloween. so far, 22 states reporting
4:16 am
>> all in black, black gloves on, had his hood up, and he had a silver mask on. it was, like, one of those evil looking clown ones. >> reporter: in oregon, a woman claims a man in a clown mask tried to attack her, and in mental anguish, a boy claims a perp dressed as a clown cut him with a knife. back in september, residents in south carolina recording someone in a clown costume tried to lure children into the woods. there's possibly been a dozen ars sightings. in connecticut, a school district is banning clown costumes and symbols of terror this halloween. >> thank you for the report. coming up, clearing up the confusion behind the chainsmokers. >> the hottest music act around and dig into the essence of the my millennial music and what's behind the name. does it refer to pop?
4:17 am
after this from our abc
4:18 am
? ? that's one of their slower starts to one of the songs. they are great. dealt as the biggest pop stars in america right now, but many americans don't have any idea who they are.
4:19 am
was them. they are not composed of women, although vocalists featured are women. if you're still confused, we're up all nightline with nick watt. ? ? >> reporter: the chainsmokers, you may know them from the slightly irritating novelty 2014 break out hit. >> but first, let me take a ie >> reporter: from a splashy article, you get the impression they are bros bragging about drinking, talking about the size of their man hoods, and if they are the future of music, are we in trouble? >> you guys came across, like, real -- >> yeah. >> i wouldn't use the word. >> yeah. >> did they get you wrong or are you? >> parts that we do and don't like. i think we should have done a better job considering how hard we work on the music. >> we do 250 shows a year. we're back in vegas tomorrow.
4:20 am
>> reporter: they collaborate a lot. drew also sings, but do they play instruments? it's an old man question. >> we play all the instruments on our report. >> reporter: and they fuss with it on their laptops. >> play a bass guitar for the vibe, sound of a real bass, but i cut out the low end which is what a bass is for and add the sub under it so there's a super low synthetic feeling and get the indistinguishable, just sounds like a super -- >> reporter: yeah. i have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds great. >> okay, cool. >> reporter: the laptops can crash, and they have lost a trove of songs. >> don't let me down is one of the songs we lost, and i had to remake the song from scratch. ? ?
4:21 am
>> reporter: back to the song "selfie," 463 million youtube hits and counting. ? ? >> you made a decision, i'm done. i'm going to make what i want to make, what feels cool, i don't care if people can dance to it. i don't care -- i care, but, like, i just want to do what i like. and that was roses. ? ? >> reporter: roses and the rest made them the biggest pop stars in america by being themselves, making music they like. long live the chainsmoke. nick watt for "nightline" in west hollywood, california. >> i love their music. >> learning so much from this show today. all songs i love, and they thought they were women. no idea they were guys. >> absolutely fantastic, and they are young, and seem so
4:22 am
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time now for "this happened" spotlights wild and wacky moments on camera that really did happen. >> yes, they did. we're starting this morning with this lady. let's go to her picture. that is irna, the prime minister of norway, a very important job. >> all right. running an entire country is pretty important, even if it is only the size of california with a population of rougy brooklyn and queens, a lot of people. >> no disrespect. >> no disrespect. >> in a recent debate, she was caught doing this. she's playing pokemon go. >> well, it's not the first time a politician was playing the game during parliament. >> what is going on there? >> the leader of the liberal party caught playing it during a
4:26 am
>> maybe that's what they should be debating, what to do about the craze. >> i'm thinking somebody put a lure there inside of parliament, and so everybody's, like, all right. >> this is a pokemon go thing. i have no clue what you're talking about. i'm a married mom with two little kids. anything pop culture, unless it's like von dutch hat, that's how far back i am. >> you need barbara billings to come -- >> who? >> i speak pokemon. kindergarten, take your turn. this i know because i have a kindergartener. >> it's a life skill more essential on the highway. this is an example of two drivers in the philippines ruining it for everybody. they kept nudging side by side until they arrived at the toll booth, and then they apparently wedged themselves in between the curbs so that nobody else could get through and the police had
4:27 am
this is a game of chicken gone wrong. >> totally. >> yeah. they messed it up for everybody and traffic is screwed up thanks those jerks. next the case of the lost around found gopro. back in march 2013, this amazing jump skiing near yellowstone. if your name is axel, you have to do it. it was at the cost of his go pro that he lost in the jump. >> three years later, he returned to the scene to try to retrieve the camera, and amazingly, after all those years of extreme weather, it still worked. >> this somehow makes sen to me. i feel like the freezing it, it would be freezing it, like, it would preserve it in time, you know, like the dna of the dinosaur or something. >> exactly. and the video was right there. all preserved. >> fantastic. all right. >> pretty cool. that's all for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
making news in america this thursday morning -- breaking right now. hurricane matthew slamming the bahamas overnight. winds well over 100 miles an hour. tourists at the atlantis resort, hurried into the ballroom. where they're forced to ride out the storm. is the scenes there. pl, left behind in haiti, as a possible humanitarian crisis gets under way. and bracing for impact here in the u.s. people from florida to the carolinas are heading out. the mass evacuation as matthew marches closer. we have the latest track. donald trump praises mike pence for his debate performance. taking credit for what he calls a win. and the must-see reaction from first graders when trump makes a surprise visit. and busted. a country's prime minister playing a popular game while in


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