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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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storm surge already causing huge issues in the jacksonville area and st. augustine in florida. and now all of this heavy rain is headed into georgia, south carolina and even north carolina over the wednesday. some areas could get up to 15 inches of rainfall. there's the latest stats on hurricane matthew. has winds at 110 miles per hour. moving north at 12 miles per hour. so the main threats now will be jacksonville, up into georgia and the carolinas over the next 48 hours, with coast flooding, storm surge, winds over 50 miles per hour. this is the latest track of it through the weekend, moving through the carolinas. then it makes a big dive down to the south as it weakens significantly. now closer to home, we have some beautiful weekend weather. other than one chance of some showers late saturday night into sunday, we're back to sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. more on matthew and the weekend forecast ahead. jean: hayley just talked about jacksonville, the power of this hurricane is being felt by an
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their new home. we spoke with them and we're live with more on what's happening there. reporter: jeff and debbie and they're two teenage daughters moved to jacksonville just last week. today they're being officially welcomed to the area by hurricane matthew. but they're taking it in stride. >> trees are starting to go ahead and blow, the wind's starting to whip up. the river's starting to get really, really nasty reporter: jeff and debbie's new home is located 18 feet above sea level. >> the surge, you know, is supposed to be somewhere around seven to 10 feet. we're pretty far inland. we're about 12 miles inland from the ocean. there's a choke point in jacksonville. so we feel like, you know, the surge is not going to be as significant this far inland. reporter: despite a flee by florida's governor to -- plea by florida's governer to evacuate, as a family they decided to hunker down.
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water, so we feel like we're pretty safe from that standpoint. reporter: but jeff says he does have some concerns about their new home, which is an older house. >> it doesn't have high impact glass. it doesn't necessarily have the latest hurricane construction. reporter: jeff says hurricane matthew is definitely creating some family time. >> we haven't brought the game boards out. i think there's some anxiousness. this is the first time that the rl traumatic event like this. we just talked to them about it and let them know that we're going to have a lot of high winds, going to have a lot of rain. reporter: they're also celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary and jeff says hurricane matthew will likely make this anniversary one that they will never forget. tom: if they're watching on the internet tonight, here is beautiful hampton beach, new
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thankfully a beautiful scene in the granite state. beautiful view in hampton tonight. foliage is peaking right now in the north country. columbus day weekend is the state's third busiest travel weekend, with more than 600,000 visitors expected. >> we've just been looking forward to it. it's something that's been on the do list for when you retire. we're retired and we're doing it. >> i don't think a picture can ever replace the human eye as to what you see. it's just so oranges and the reds. tom: the best part, those visitors are projected to spend $98 million this weekend alone. jean: right now a young child is critically hurt and the woman caring for her is charged with assault. lebanon police say kaelin cassidy called 911 to report a
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medical issue. the girl was taken to the hospital with critical head injuries. investigators say it was caused by cassidy shaking her. police say cassidy is the girlfriend of the child's father. tom: tonight the man charged with leading police on a high speed chase that was all caught on dash cam is behind bars. jean: today in court we learned what led up to him catching ate tension of officers and -- the attention of prosecutors and prosecutors say he could face additional charges. reporter: that's because authorities say the car that you see justin soeum driving inu his mother's. reported stolen. a prosecutor says he stole it and his license had been suspended in 2015. we're also learning firefighters may have saved soeum's life after the crash. >> on the ground! is there anybody else in the car? reporter: the video has been shared over and over again. police chasing justin soeum after authorities say he sped by an officer early wednesday morning, swerving across the yellow line.
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charges. >> he recognizes that he does have a problem with alcohol and he's willing to take any additional conditions on the bail that would provide further security to the public. reporter: the prosecution also saying first responders may have saved his life after the whole ordeal. >> the my understanding that when the fire department administered narcan on the scene, he was taken to the hospital. reporter: now soeum could face even more charges, as police even more charges, as police say the car shown in the video reported stolen. >> for a young man he's established quite a record already in the last three years. reporter: the prosecutor detailed a list of offenses, going back to 2013. including thefts out of massachusetts, a drug charge, resisting arrest, and reckless driving. >> i believe his charge history has demonstrated he has willful disregard for the public and their safety and lives. reporter: soeum's attorney told
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around. >> he does recognize the severity of these charges given the circumstances of what happened in this case. reporter: if soeum posts bail, he can't drive or consume any alcohol or drugs. his trial is set to begin october 28. tom: thank you. commitment 2016 now. vermont senator bernie sanders is in the granite state right now to campaign for hillary clinton. a live look right now. this is bernie live in nashua. he also held a rally today in reporter: sanders is asking his many new hampshire supporters to look at the agendas being proposed by hillary clinton and donald trump and he says that the choice is clear. more than 500 watched him speak today at keene state college, mostly students. sanders says many of the values he stand for are shared by hillary clinton -- for are shared by hillary clinton, including raising the minimum wage, making public colleges
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tackling climate change. in a one-on-one interview, i asked sanders whether july's democratic national conential -- committee email leak, which ridiculed his campaign, is something that still bothers him. >> my job as an american citizen, as a united states senator, is to see that we have the best president that we can. i think on all of the issues facing working families, hillary clinton is far and away the superior candidate. you asked me a question, do hillary and i have differents of opi, but the differences are minimal compared to the differences that i have with donald trump. reporter: we'll have more on that rally in nashua later tonight. tom: our commitment coverage continues next. congressional candidate jim lawrence joined us today for a facebook live conversation. the questions he faced from our viewers. jean: plus the launch of a new program with the goal to make sure teenagers and their families don't go hungry on the
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meteorologist: hurricane matthew still causing big issues now in the southeastern part of the u.s. it won't come anywhere near us. we do get some showers. latest on that after the break. reporter: friday night football. a new hampshire legend returns to gill stadium where the field will be named after him. it's a great view from the top. just ask chris sununu. chris inherited a famous name and was given the top job at his family's resort, where, over the years, chris cut jobs and cut employees' hours to avoid giving them health insurance. so it's no surprise chris opposes the minimum wage because he never had to work for anything.
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and has not been authorized by any candidate. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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tom: candidate for congress was in our studio taking questions from voters. jean: he took part in our facebook live segment today. wmur political director fielded the questions. reporter: the first question for the air force veteran, jim lawrence, came from kathy,
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>> the first issue that i think really we need to rangel with and fix is veterans getting the v.a. health benefits they deserve. we promised them we'd give them a card so they could get health care and take that card and get it anywhere. and the service just still isn't working the way it's supposed to. reporter: connor wants to know about the plague of illegal drugs. what would you do to reduce the deaths caused by this crisis of addin i think this is really a role that the federal government should play, is to fight the influx of illegal drugs that are coming into this country. and coming into our state. reporter: a question from dale here, he phrases it this way, what would you do to help pass legislation for term limits for federal politicians? >> i'm a big believer of not being a career politician. but we need to be realistic.
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i do believe we should -- [inaudible] -- to talk about an endeavor of a constitutional amendment is a high bar and a whole lot of other things we need to fix. reporter: just a few of the questions from voters in the second congressional district. as the countdown continues to november 8, 2016, election day. tom: we're back tracking matthew. meteorologist: this has been a very interesting storm. thankfully the eye has remained off the coast. that's good for florida and even up into the east from meredith. just beautiful weather. how long this sticks around
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during vietnam i served on an aircraft carrier in the gulf of tonkin. never think you'll end up here, until you do. annie kuster is working hard to get veterans off the streets with affordable housing. and she's helped connect vets with jobs so they can get back on track. that means a lot to me. and i want to say, "thank you, annie." i'm annie kuster and i approve this message. colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. you can go online and read our plan
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first, we should cut inefficient state spending, just like a business. no sales tax, no income tax. we need to help small businesses and startups grow with less red tape. lower college costs and cut student debt. and expand clean energy. let's take the next step forward, and keep our young families here. vo: small businesses line main streets all over new hampshire - providing the products, services and jobs families depend on. maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, to help our local economy grow. but kelly ayotte helps big corporations. she voted with out-of-state corporates interests like the koch brothers - 90% of the time. billionaires and big corporations get tax breaks and she takes the campaign cash. kelly ayotte: taking care of billionaires, hurting new hampshire families. senate majority pac is responsible
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tom: helping hungry teens and their families is is the gell their families is is the gell goal of a new program. teenagers who may not have enough to eat. this program will create fully stocked pantries where teenagers can take food home on fridays for their families. along with the food, recipes and meal tips will also be provided with each bag. >> we really look at teens, there's not a lot of programming out there for them. the boys and girls club has become that safe place. more than just a place to hang out. it's their second home. jean: the goal is to help 300
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meteorologist: good friday evening, everybody. take a look at this gorgeous shot from warner. you can really see the tree colors popping, with the reds and the oranges. the still 70 degrees there. winds out of the south at about three miles per hour. another very pretty shot. 67 degrees there with calm winds and lot of color showing up there. take a look at these warm temperature tches. definitely didn't feel like the start of columbus day weekend, did it? look at these temps. near 80. 78 in conaway about 78. 76 in durham. lincoln, which i'm sure was a busy down today, got up to near 74 degrees. in concord we reached 77. now it wasn't a record. the record high for the day is 90 degrees but we were certainly above average. 64 degrees is the average for this time in october. and we were well above that today. here are the temperatures right now. we are falling quickly, especially with the sunsetting. 59 degrees now in plymouth.
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73 in manchester. down to 65 in nashua. if you have outdoor plans this evening, you want the light jacket for sure or a hoodie because when the clear skies, it is going to get cool quickly. you see we still have a lot of clear skies out toward the west. so we're going to start out the day tomorrow sunny. you see this cold front off toward the west. this is going to continue its trek off toward the east and, yes, it's going to increase our clouds tomorrow and it will bring us some showers as we saturday into sunday. in the meantime, have to show you the latest on matthew. look at this thing. still spinning. you can easily make out the center circulation, the eye there. and it has been so important that the eye has remained off the coast. because if it did make landfall, especially this eastern side of the eye wall, that's where the strongest wind gusts would be. up near 120 miles per hour now.
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and even those have caused damage. now the latest track has been moving up into georgia, south carolina, even north carolina over the weekend. then eventually it's going to continue its trek back to the south. a really bizarre track here. the good thing is, it will start to weaken significantly as it makes that big turn. so it doesn't look like it poses any more damage as it moves back down toward the south. here's what happens for us. overnight tonight, clear skies, star-filled skies day, the clouds are going to increase and rain showers start up for most people after dark tomorrow and continue during the overnight hours. on sunday we're back to sunshine, so really the weekend lookinging dry for the most part. overnight tonight, in the 40's, with maybe some patchy fog, but clear skies all across the area. here's your weekend planner. some morning sun to clouds on saturday, with showers after dark. temperatures will be the
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to cool down into the 50's and 60's. look at monday for columbus day. more sunshine, up near 60 degrees. the sunshine just continues on. we'll even warm up a little bit as we against into wednesday and thursday of next week. thursday is our next chance for some showers. tom: all right. jean: happy leaf peeping to everyone this weekend. tom: thank you. gill stadium tonight, another night of friday night football. reporter: it's a huge night at legend. here he is over here. he's already here. we're going to talk with jim schubert coming up live. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition
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a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. debate moderator: would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? kelly ayotte: absolutely. i would do that. donald trump: she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was-- it was a real problem. jim moret: donald trump called you miss piggy. y, miss housekeeping. moret: how did that make you feel? machado: so sad. trump: but here's a woman, and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. john berman: as you can see right there, he suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. trump: uhhhh, i don't know what i said. uhhhh, i don't remember! i mean, i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers. blood coming out of her... wherever. debate moderator: would you tell a child
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ole model?
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>> every fight can't be a big one. now go make some big plays. reporter: that's coach jim hue sbert with a gill stadium. the water bucket celebration after his team won the state championship for the fourth straight year. that was at gill stadium and that's where we're live. 14 games on the schedule. we'll talk about that and hear from coach schubert coming up live. let's check that red sox score right now as they go to the top of the fifth inning. and it is a 5-0 lead for the indians. shortest postseason start ever for david price who lasted just
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with a three-run homer. the red sox already down a game in the series. they're down 5-0 in this one. now let's check on the toronto blue jays. they're looking great in their series. former fisher cat kevin pillar with a solo home run in this one against the rangers. the jays have three solo shots off yu darvish in the fifth inning. the blue jays win 5-3. they are leading that series 2-0. we said it's a big night for jim schubert and he joins us if you look at that scoreboard behind you, coach, there's a black line on the bottom. little drapery. i have a feeling that's going to say jim schubert fieldfield by the end of the night. what do you think? >> i'm kind of overwhelmed. i'm very humbled. it's an honor. this is a historic site. i talked to my wife about it. i said, do you now how many great football players flade on this football field? reporter: we're talking chip
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the going to be named after you. >> you even go back farther than that, billy papis, don surrett, bo dickson, the bradley teams in the 1960's with dick powers. then the memorial teams with daryl buck and dr. kenny thomas. they had guys that were -- they were on this field and they just were unbelievable. the overwhelming. reporter: we have some videography you coaching. you had a great run in the early 2000's, four straight state titles. you look with the central teams? >> we built the system and the kids bought in. we weren't very -- we didn't win a lot of games at the beginning. we were 9-33. i thought butch joseph was going to fire me. he was the a.d. my mother told him to fire me. i thank butch a lot for. that it was tough. once we got the system going, got the kids to come out for football at central, we have a lot of talent. the kids were awesome did. a wonderful job.
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that name will live in pert fought to. we're thrilled because -- perpetuity. we're thrilled because you were so much fun to deal with. >> whatever that word means, perpetuity, i guess it's a good word. reporter: tom griffith taught it to me. coach jim schubert. let's check out the new hampshire college football schedule for this weekend. there's a game tonight. u.n.h. playing at elon tonight. that's a 7:00 start. they had to play if a game tonight because of hurricane matthew. moved up a day. dartmouth at yale, let's hear game. >> elon is a very strong physical football team who can run the football pretty well. big thing for us is stopping the run and offensively the huge challenge is, can we stay on track, keep the ball in our hands, make sure we stay on track to score points the way we did in the other game? reporter: good luck to u.n.h. that's it. live from what is about to be jim schubert field. back to you. tom: he'll live forever. tune in for new hampshire chronicle that follows world
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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it's a new hampshire success story. thousands of working adults earning a college degree to further their careers. i'm colin van ostern, and i helped launch college for america at southern new hampshire university. we've partnered with over 100 employers so their workers can get an associate's or bachelor's degree... most debt-free. as governor, i'll grow the economy by cutting college costs for students and families. a stronger workforce helps our businesses grow, too.
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tonight, breaking news. hurricane matthew slamming ashore. right here in jacksonville. the monster storm battering florida right now. the dangerous winds, blinding rain, downed power lines. the storm sparking fires. this home completely destroyed. more than a million people plunged into darkness. a possible hit on georgia and south carolina next. the life threatening storm surge. waves smashing right into homes. >> so please evacuate even if it's to a shelter. tonight, we fly you right into the eye of the storm with the hurricane hunters. inside the cockpit. their new warning tonight for millions in florida, georgia, and the carolinas. and the other breaking story tonight. explosive new audio discovered of donald trump. what he says about women. >> when you're a star, they let you do it.


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