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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 15, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EDT

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how chilly it gets overnight plus when a warming trend takes temperatures back into the 70's. >> these guys deserve recognition because they don't get enough. >> the portsmouth man saved from a burning boat joins others tonight in saluting our heroes. >> starting right now at 11:00 the main section of the sarah long bridge it's a major step in the replacement of the historic span. good evening you to. i'm shelley walcott. >> i'm tom griffith. the rising tide is playing a key role in tonight's work. let's go to wmur's mark cronin who joins us live from portsmouth to explain. mike: let me just address the obvious. d.o.t. has asked us to wear protective clothing because we are so close to the work site
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pieces of metal. once they get done with that, then they will be able to move the bridge, which we're told is about a half an hour from now. this is a complex process and d.o.t. wants to make sure they're doing it carefully and safely. sparks are flying on the sarah long bridge as workers from new hampshire and maine prepare to move one of its major parts. >> it's a milestone in removal of the bridge, the first significant piece to be removed. where it aff navigational channel. >> at 2 million pounds, 250 feet long, the center span of the bridge is supposed to be gone by saturday. department of transportation workers are using the high tide to help get rid of it. the tide will move the middle piece off its bearings and then will be floated to the state pier. the plan was to remove it friday morning but all the preparations weren't done. >> very complicated. a lot of intricate work going into preparation for it. it's -- the primary focus is
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of care is being taken to make sure everything is done correctly. >> eventually the towers and rest of the bridge will be removed to make way for the new bridge, which is being built simultaneously as the old one is demolished. the $158 million replacement project means jobs for up to 150 people a day. >> administering the contract for this project we took turns on the bridges in new hampshire to administer the contract for replacement of the memorial bridge. >> the mechanical issue in august three months before it was scheduled to close anyway. the engineering feat is well under way marked by this big step. >> the project will be completed june 1 of 2018. the new bridge, we anticipate, will be open to traffic september of 2017. >> so again once that peefs the bridge is removed it is going to be brought over to this area of the pier where it will be kept for the time being. river traffic will be able to
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starting on monday. live in portsmouth, mike cronin, wmur news 9. shelley: thank you. new tonight three teenagers are recovering from mild hypothermia after their boat capsized in beaver lake in derry. when emergency crews arrived another boat was bringing the teens in back to their boat and back to shore. some gas did leak from the overturned boat so booms were used to clean it up. a man wanted in connection to a manchester murder is now in custody. u.s. marshals arrested 23-year-old billy britain, connecticut. police say he shot a 25-year-old man at the intersection of merrimack and beech streets in september. he is charged as a fugitive from justice and will return to new hampshire to face a second-degree murder charge. tom: the man wanted in connection with a shooting in belmont in custody tonight. a person recognized jason cuke oleo from the news and then called police. he is accused of shooting a
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car. shelley: a londonderry man faces charges after he allegedly took a 4-year-old to buy drugs at a manchester apartment. david emerson was arraigned on a possession of a controlled drug and endangering the welfare of a child. police say emerson went to an apartment in manchester and left the child in his vehicle for 20 minutes while he bought crack cocaine. an officer pulled over emerson shortly after he left the apartment. tom: tonight honoring those who wear the b dozens of first responders were recognized at the congressional law enforcement awards ceremony tonight. wmur's cherise leclerc is live with more on their actions and the touching salute tonight. cherise: whether it was making a difference in the state's heroin crisis, saving a fisherman from a burning boat, or helping return a kidnapped teenage girl to her family these officers received the thanks they seldom get. applause for men and women who
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this one. >> these guys deserve recognition. they don't get enough. cherise: joshua ford as fisherman forced to leap from his burning boat in portsmouth as it ignited in flames this past father's day. >> hung on to the stern of the boat and each other so we didn't get separated. these guys came around. cherise: those officers happened to be conservation officers. >> we're not here for recognition or awards but someone who drove up here to cherise: tales of bravery and dedication to the line of duty were common friday night like the unique and now celebrated approach to the heroin crisis that laconia police officer eric adams has taken using his cell phone as a 24-hour hotline for addicts in their darkest hours. >> it reenergizes me. you know?
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doing the right thing. cherise: this whole group including state and local police, f.b.i., and associate attorney general jane young were rewarded for their investigation into the abduction after teenager from north conway that led to the arrest of nathanial kibby. that's why those whose lives have been saved like joshua's say it is so important to thank them. >> they do it and they don't complain and usually don't get recognition. cherise: 28 law enforcement officials were r total. four agencies were also awarded for their work as a unit. live in the studio, cherise leclerc. wmur news 9. tom: a phone model with a record for catching fire now banned from u.s. flights. shelley: what could happen if you try to bring a galaxy on board the airplane. >> do we see much change by
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>> hi! get ready for friday night football on channel 9! ooh! >> and cheers from the golden tornadoes.
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tom: in a little over 12 hours a complete ban on samsung galaxy 7 net smart phones will go into effect. the f.a.a. made the unprecedented emergency order today. this follows reports of several of the devices catching fire. the f.a.a. says it won't let the phones on planes at all even if they're turned off. passengers can be fined if they are found.
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commitment 2016 now. just a few hours and donald trump will be back in the granite state for a rally in portsmouth. tonight the presidential hopeful is responding to allegations of sexual assault. this as more women are coming forward. shelley: we want to warn you some of the descriptions of those events are graphic. we'll go to new york for the latest. chuck: donald trump came out swinging friday in both of his campaign rallies against more women accusing him of groping or kissing them mr. trump: these allegations are 100% false as everybody -- i think you know. it is a total setup. they're 100% made up. chuck: two more women came forward today after hearing trump talk about women on a bus. >> grab 'em by the --. chuck: kristin anderson says hearing trump talk about sexual assault explains what happened to her when she was sitting next to trump in a trendy night club in the 1990's. she told "the washington post."
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donald trump put their hand up my skirt. chuck: trump and his campaign dismissed the accusation and the one of a former contestant on his tv show "the apprentice" who told gloria allred at a news conference of an alleged sexual misconduct in 2007 after the run of the show had ended. >> he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and place his hand on my breast. chuck: she registered as a republicn hillary clinton did not address the new allegations when she blasted trump at a fundraiser in seattle. ms. clinton: if we do our job in 2016 --. okay. [cheering] chuck: president obama hitting the campaign trail for clinton went even further. president obama: democracy, itself, is on the ballot right now. chuck: abc news, new york. tom: we just learned bill clinton will return to new hampshire on monday to rally
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as well. mike: quite a few changes out there in terms of color over the past couple weeks and getting close to peak color right now in warner. we've reached peak across all of northern and central and western new hampshire. 50 to 80% elsewhere. a little bit less. still some nice color along the coast. what we're looking at right now on the map is the color of blue indicating cold temperatures. it is chilly, alreadyel northern new hampshire. take a look even in this region down to 32 in keene. jaffrey city actually 32, keene at 31. already some frost and 30's in concord. getting very close to frost levels right now in the state capital. a little warmer to the south and east but still quite chilly in the lower to mid 40's heading for about 33 or 34 by morning just cold enough for those temperatures taken right
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some frost even near the coast. we do have the wind chill overnight into early tomorrow morning. even though tomorrow is on the cool side, 50's to around 60, much more here. starting sunday, and lasting right through a good part of next week. so take a look at future cast. for tonight clear skies. plenty of sun during the day on saturday. fair and cool tomorrow night. not as cold as this night will be. then on sunday he changes. sunshine to start. then a blend of sun and clouds during the afternoon. even warmer. a good chance of a couple showers toward evening in northern and western parts of the state. but a good part of your sunday will be on the rain free side. now look at the temperature jump from tomorrow into sunday. starting off quite chilly tomorrow but we end up right around 60 degrees. a little bit cooler at the coast. then we get to sunday and it turns even warmer. mid to upper 60's to around 70 degrees.
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you'll enjoy what's heading our way beyond that for next week. here we go again. clear, cold for tonight. look at the warmth that builds in here for sunday. up near 70. a couple late day showers up north. we get into monday and tuesday and even wednesday. a good shot of getting well into the 70's. by tuesday we could make a run near 80. if all works out well and we get a lot of sun and notice a couple scattered showers here and there. the best chance of rain will likely be at the end of next week when itin down a little bit. tom: enjoy the weather before the snow flies. mike: enjoy the colorful leaves, too. tom: thank you. let's go to jamie tonight for friday night football. >> cavs pitching catcher and
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>> one thing i know about football.
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out, okay? it's time to show them what cougar football is all about. are we ready? are we ready? okay. cougar! let's go! hey, that's zach stevens and the cougars. they knew they were up against a tough opponent tonight in the huskies. they get us fired up for week seven of nff. >> air watching friday night football on channel 9. >> nice job. welcome everyone to week seven of the f.n.f. report. only three weeks to go in the regular season. tonight we start in division iii with two schools that made the playoffs in division two last year. >> one, two, three, go! >> undefeated and on the road. the huskies get on the road first. levi great all american running back took the opening kickoff
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7-0. then the ball again, will score again. this time from 36 yards out. look how fast this kid is. 14-0. huskies. four touchdowns rushing to go with that kickoff return. he is over a thousand yards rushing on the year. cougars will get on the board. scott matthews right up the middle. this will go for 66 yards. huge plays. in the end the huskies roll, 64-13. outscored their six opponents. this is the giants home with franklin battling for the knights of columbus football trophy. second quarter, 25-6, brady. franklin trying to cut into their lead. 3 yards. the golden tornadoes would turn the ball over on the next play. bishop brady gets on the board third quarter with moses morenzi 12-yard touchdown run.
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patrick for the four-yard touchdown pass. the giants roll. they're looking good this year and win in the capital, 60-12. let's switch to division i with the bright green f.n.f. stands. can't afford to slip up with dover and portsmouth right on their heels. the purple panthers, exeter at home. a touchdown for their quarterback. and then a nice little run here. third quarter braden lowry big run for touchdown to make it 21-0. braden ran for two touchdowns in this football game. and so did kyle after the band strikes up. he'll get his second of the night. 28-0. he'll play baseball at u maine next year. great athlete. third quarter miles johnson drives it into the end zone. exeter wins. 35-14. they are right back on track after losing a couple weeks
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north wins 24-14. jenkins over a hundred yards rushing. two touchdowns. big win for them. spalding, warriors 48-15-6. different players scored touchdowns for the warriors. that's parity. this is concord and timber lane in the owl's nest. first offensive play of the game the oils' jacob post. put him on -- the owls' jacob post. the cheerleaders liking that one. still first quarter concord's six-yard touchdown run tied it up 7-7. he had two rushing touchdowns. on the ensuing kickoff, he'll run it back for a touchdown. that made it 14-7. kind of a split kick there. back fired. the tide took control after that. a nice road victory for them. concord wins, 27-21.
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quarterback zach miles. a tough game tonight. they pull out a 23-16 win. this is how they did it. the cardinals' quarterback scored with 53 seconds to go in the game on a one yard touchdown. salem and londonderry blue devils 29-17. salem quarterback matthew sal doneo rushing touchdown and passing touchdown. the junior a rushing touchdown from 65 yards out. well, this was a crazy game. merrimack first a pink out to support breast cancer. opening drive merrimack starting. a massive night. merrimack touchdown 7-0. this was all about all that went wrong really. first quarter interception. he takes it 45 yards for a touchdown. tied it up 7-7. eichman, a one-yard touchdown. they hooked up three times for
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numbers on grassini probably the best ever against a pinkerton team. 509 yards. all in three quarters. 29 touchdown passes this year. six shy of the state record. merrimack rolls, 68-29. no playoffs for pinkerton for the first time in 14 years. bedford and memorial the bulldogs the only undefeated team in division i. they still roll 58-0. quarterback connor robert 107 well. bedford two touchdowns on defense. con val takes care of pelham at home. danny parker 112 rushing yards and two touchdowns also a 90-yard kick off return for a touchdown. laconia made the trip to north conway and that was a worth while one as they beat the eagles 14-7. jacob rushed for 198 yards in
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oh, doesn't that look delicious? you can tell it probably smells great too. third quarter, 21-0. zach king to owen clary run it in. 28-0. later in the quarter, got on the books. he breaks free. 57-yard touchdown. look at him move. 28-6 the lead for milford at that point. in the fourth quarter the spartans get another rushing touchdown. punches it in. milford, 149 yards and a touchdown in that victory for maverick. >> what do we do? >> win! >> hello. manchester west hosted hollis. cavs in white thfment he score right away. up the middle. thee yards. 8-0. watch out for that little concrete ledge there. he goes down but then he got right back up and got another
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touchdowns. west got on the board second quarter as the sophomore corner back goes right up the middle. touchdowns on a punt return and reception. hollis gets their fifth win of the year. they take it by the score of 50-20. undefeated hanover, kingswood. another long road trip. it was worth while as well. hanover 39 -- 31-9. putnam 27 rushes for 157 yards and two touchdowns. by the football games tomorrow will be collection sites for new hampshire tackles hunger, the game that is at campbell at a 7:00 start. a 1:30 start as they take on newport. if you bring a food item, you will get into that game for free. so far this fall, when new hampshire tackles hunger games they've collected over 52,000 pounds of food. a reminder now you can watch all of our friday night football shows on our website
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we'll have tonight's show loaded up before midnight tonight. you can follow us on twitter using the hashtag. that's it. how about week seven of friday night football already in the bag? big saturday ahead with 14 more games. that includes the undefeated teams plymouth and john stark going head to head. we'll cover that one tomorrow for sure. still to come much more in the world of new hampshire sports including the manchester monarchs playing their season opener. jim is
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>> hello again to the manchester monarchs. they played their season opener tonight against the thunder. we'll go to the arena for less than two left monarchs trailing 3-2. good transition play and good passing leads to an open quentin short for the goal. ties it at 3-3. they go to overtime and a shootout where adirondack takes it, 4-3. tomorrow's rematch starts at 6:00 p.m. unh hockey skated at number 15 st. lawrence tonight. the wildcats lost big again. 6-2. in their two losses so far this season the cats have been out scored 11-3.
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clarkson. to baseball, american league championship series. game one, blue jays, cleveland indians. lots of early base runners for toronto but they leave eight total stranded. the only two runs of the game come on this one play as cleveland's francisco lindor sends marco estrada's pitch over the wall for the home run. 11 former fisher cats -- estrada goes the distannd final 10-8. tomorrow the l.a. dodgers and chicago cubs. st. anselm college football was on the gridiron tonight at assumption and the hawks remain winless as they fall, 39-14. four turnovers in the loss for st. anselm. the defense allows a pass for 333 yards and three touchdowns. next week st. anselm will host pace. other new hampshire college
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james madison, dartmouth, towson, and plymouth state welcomes bridge water state. >> they got the quarterback and the receiver is a good space. top it off on offense they got five returning offensive linemen. three of four-year starters. >> it's always the most important thing to us is the next game. that's the next game coming up and they haven't beat us. very good team. the next one got to go him. the top 10 primetime matchup is 8:00 p.m. second ranked ohio state at eighth ranked wisconsin and of course all our high school games will have coverage as well. jamie definitely taking care of the high school games tonight. >> thanks very much. thanks to all of you for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00. >> jimmy kimmel is next >> jimmy kimmel is next followed by
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chris inherited a famous name and was given the top job at his family's resort, where, over the years, chris cut jobs and cut employees' hours to avoid giving them health insurance. so it's no surprise chris opposes the minimum wage because he never had to work for anything. chris sununu has no business being governor. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first and has not been authorized by any candidate. i'm maggie hassan, message. nothing matters more than our security. that's why i hired more state troopers... and strengthened plans for school safety. support aggressive action to destroy isis... and put our security before my party-- opposing president obama's plan to close guantanamo. narrator: all while kelly ayotte skipped nearly half her homeland security committee hearings on border security and drug trafficking. even attending a fundraiser right after she missed a hearing.
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when they finally have the time. or even worse, they fall and break something. and then forget it. they stop moving forever. >> yeah. you've seen those commercials where the old lady falls down and she can't get up. >> yes. >> so they sell her a speed dial... >> that thing that they wear around -- it's not attractive. >> she wears it around her neck. >> mm. >> well, we didn't want that. we wanted to find something that would keep us strong and improve our balance, and that's when we discovered tai cheng. we were shocked at how easy it was to master. dr. cheng developed a unique explains things in a way we can understand. >> and now you're holding a ball. don't hold this to your body like so, but hold it off your body. >> he really americanized learning tai chi. >> and because you get three viewing angles and an ingenious, simple foot-placement grid, you always know where to put your feet. it's foolproof. if regis and i can do it, believe me, anyone can. >> what dr. cheng has created here is truly amazing. tai cheng makes you more
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it takes away your aches, your pains. it makes you feel younger, stronger. it works! joy and i love it. but the big question is, why does it work? to help us with that, please welcome emergency-room physician dr. steve salvatore. welcome to dr. steve! [ applause ] dr. steve. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> great to have you here. dr. steve, i got to tell you -- tai cheng worked wonders for joy and i, but why does it work so well? >> you know, regis, i'm not tai chi has been around for literally hundreds of years. it's helped millions of people with flexibility and balance problems, make them feel younger and stronger. in fact, it's been clinically proven that doing these gentle movements will not only help strengthen your muscles and joints, it'll help improve your balance and mobility. tai chi is also proven to help relieve pain from arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, low back pain, many different types of joint pains. >> well, how did dr. cheng come
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tai chi master. he's a martial-arts expert, and he has a phd in sports medicine. so he knew about tai chi and he knew the benefits and he thought, "i want to put all these things together." he americanized it and put that into tai cheng, a simple, easy way to learn tai chi. >> here's the bottom line -- tai cheng worked for joy and i, and it could work for anybody. take a look at julie's story. >> i've had a knee injury, and it's been really pul nothing seems to help. my balance has gotten a little precarious over the years. and i took a fall, and i really hurt my lower back. i want to be more mobile and flexible, and i'm hoping that tai cheng will do that for me. it's amazing, the difference from the first week to now. i've gotten stronger. my knee doesn't hurt at all. and my posture is better. i also think my balance is a lot better. the tai cheng program is really well thought out. there's a reason for every move. the wonderful thing about


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